The Funnel - Corporate Innovation Magazine | Autumn 2018

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s a business grows, there’s always a need for additional quality manpower to accelerate and support the growth of the company in its future endeavors. Finding the right candidate is not an easy task and it often requires significant time and money, without any guarantee that you’ll get the best possible candidate for the job. Recent studies conducted by HR experts show that an average company needs to spend anywhere from 4000 up to 7000 dollars in order to hire a single person. Adding the time to screen through all the CVs, check references, perform secondary screenings, etc. All of which can take more than a month to accomplish, leaving us with the feeling that there should be a way to cut the costs and the time needed to hire people, especially if there’s a need to fill in more than one position.


When Lior Romanowsky, 31-year old Tech entrepreneur from Tel-Aviv, Israel decided to hire a Product Manager for his AI and AR tech company, he realized that it would take forever to screen through more than 200 applicants that sent their CVs to “Spartans” company. Spartans is a rocket ship propelled by the innovation and creativity of its crew. They build smart solutions using the latest technology. Therefore, the team decided to explore possibilities

which would help them with their current situation. Lior and his associates felt there was a need to speed up the process so they could reach the top candidates faster without leaving any CV out. They needed a way to automatically screen the candidates, filter those that meet the requirements and select the best few people that would be worthy of the call to a live job interview. Since they were unable to find a suitable solution on the market at the time, Lior and his team decided to build a software solution that would be able to filter out the best candidates quickly and effectively. In two weeks, the team was able to try out their own design which allowed automatic screening of all candidates. The initial solution was a chat software that would be able to ask specific questions, relevant to the position the candidates applied for, and filter out those who don’t fit the requirements. Their effort rendered CVs completely unnecessary, because the candidates were able to answer real-life questions instead of filling out some generic questionnaire, allowing Lior and his team to focus only on those candidates that could bring actual value to the company. This simple solution showed real potential, so the next logical step was to improve it and make it more reliable, smarter, faster, and then bring it to the world.