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Underwriting is the name of the game. A common way to increase your overall event income is to increase cash sponsorships. Below are some tips that can help you with this. Your DUC Fundraising Manager can also provide further aid with some underwriting strategies.

Six Sure-Fire Methods to Grow Event Sponsorship:


Start planning before your event • Assign a sponsor chair.


Underwrite the event (or parts of it)

• Set a committee goal for total sponsors – your goal should contain growth.

• Set up an event sponsor schedule and get a sponsor for one or more of the following: w Meal Sponsor

• Identify last year’s cash sponsors.

w Silent Auction Sponsor

• Look at all of last year’s attendees and new attendees for new candidates.

w Wine Sponsor

w Happy Hour Sponsor

• Your FM can also help you with lists of previous sponsors and their total giving history.

w Underwrite the “Pick of the Litter,” “High Flyer” or other high-end raffles and name them after the sponsor.

• Split the target list between volunteers – everyone owns a contact list.

w Hang a sponsor banner above one of the bars (e.g. Kelly’s Saloon).

• Ask face-to-face if possible. • Pre-assign someone to work a sponsor sign-up table the night of the event. • Start selling now!


Use the merchandise catalogue as a tool to underwrite your event • This catalogue can help you obtain sponsorships. • Beside each item there is a space for you to list the sponsor’s name, amount of the sponsorship and a contact (usually the volunteer who obtained the sponsorship). • Have the sponsor chair keep a “master catalogue.” Every time a sponsorship is received, the volunteer will contact the chair and advise what item has been sponsored. • This saves problems with duplicate sponsorships on items.


Event night sponsorships • Set up a special sponsor recruitment table or area. • Make sure those working the table have enough information to really sell the sponsorships.


Highlight your sponsors • Ensure sponsors are recognized at the event by putting them in the program, on your PowerPoint or even on a banner. • Read out the names of the cash sponsors the night of the event and introduce the new sponsors to the attendees. • Give sponsors a special ribbon or button to wear. • Call sponsors up to the front to receive their print or recognition gift.


Exclusive access at the event • Special seating section for sponsors • Special sponsor bar • Special sponsor check-out table • Additional raffle tickets to the general or other raffles


Ducks Unlimited Canada Artist of the Year MBNA – National Sponsor of DUC’s Artist of the Year

Denis Mayer – Master of the North A1201 – Framed dimensions: 381/2” X 32” The filtered light and cool shadows provides camouflage for this timber wolf as he surveys his snowy domain. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Robert Bateman – On the Edge - Tiger A1202 – Framed dimensions: 361/2” x 291/2” Bateman’s depiction correlates the power of this magnificent beast to the force of the rushing water. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Lucas Seaward – Arctic Cuddle A1203 – Framed dimensions: 401/2” x 271/8” A cub lovingly nestles into a nap with mom. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Phillip Crowe – Coming Home A1204 – Framed dimensions: 30” x 37 3/4” The sunset’s waning light creates a vibrant background for this flock. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Olaf Schneider – Dad’s Favourite Place A1205 – Framed dimensions: 401/2” x 31” Mother Nature’s dramatic display of intense autumn colour and soft mist combine to make Dad’s Favourite Place. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Dan Smith – Arctic Alliance A1206 – Framed dimensions: 441/2” x 353/4” This pack of arctic wolves keep a careful and silent watch on the scene below. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Patricia Pepin – Guzzlers and Gobblers A1207 – Framed dimensions: 421/2” X 301/2” A curious turkey trio checks out a rusty relic. Sponsored by: Amount:


Jim Killen – Great Beginnings A1208 – Framed dimensions: 31” x 36” Killen pays tribute to the waterfowling tradition that inspired DUC’s very first wetland conservation effort. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Fred Buchwitz – Winter Canopy A1209 – Framed dimensions: 34” x 321/2” The home-spun warmth of this cabin provides a counterpoint to the majestic snow-topped landscape. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Tim Donovan – Awaiting Your Arrival A1210 – Framed dimensions: 341/2 X 271/2 This little chocolate pup is patiently waiting for you to come home to him. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Richard Mravik – Winter Excursion A1211 – Framed dimensions: 461/2” x 301/2” This lynx stands alert as he sights for prey. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

David Maass – Mission Accomplished A1212 – Framed dimensions: 30” x 373/4” Winging past the cairn marks a successful journey into the safety of a marsh for these canvasbacks. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Adeline Halvorson – An Honest Day’s Work A1213 – Framed dimensions: 361/2” X 301/2” These gentle giants wait patiently to be released from their harnesses and collars after their day in the field. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Trevor Tennant – Monarch of the North A1214 – Framed dimensions: 371/2” x 321/2” The muted application of colour adds to the calm quality of this truly Canadian scene. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Glen Scrimshaw – Prairie Sentinel A1215 – Framed dimensions: 331/2” x 40” This towering timber building, that once represented prosperity and stability on the prairie landscape, now stands alone. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Paul Calle – Winter Morning

Joseph Koensgen – Calm

A1217 – Framed dimensions: 301/2” x 351/2” Calle depicts an era when rugged outdoorsmen lived off the bounty of the land.

A1216 – Framed dimensions: 44” x 28” A quiet moment in the marsh shows an almost perfect reflection of these two mallards on the pond’s glass-like surface.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:





Ducks Unlimited Canada Waterfowl Stamp & Print

Ducks Unlimited Inc. Waterfowl Stamp & Print

Derek C. Wicks – Shallow Surfers A1218 – Framed dimensions: 17” x 17” This year’s Stamp and Print artist, Derek has created a beautiful piece showing a pair of scaups bobbing along in the wavy water.

Jim Hautman A1220 – Framed dimensions: 17” x 17” The flamboyant colouring of the male wood duck eclipses his dowdy mate in Ducks Unlimited Inc.’s Stamp and Print.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:






Polar Rock Polar Bear Sculpture M1201 – This sculpture, the latest installment in our popular series, depicts a resting polar bear. Complete with DUC medallion and plaque. Measures 15” long by 7” tall. Photo not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact: The design concept for the Polar Rock sculpture was based on an actual photograph taken at a 2010 DUC event in Churchill, MB.

Wild & Free Whitetail Sculpture M1202 – These white-tailed deer are running wild and free in this 11” tall sculpture. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Taber Bluebill Decoy M1203 – The distinct colourings of the bluebill (scaup) are featured in this carving by the late Tom Taber, complete with medallion. Decoy measures 14” long by 8” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Big Brother Horse Sculpture M1204 – This limited edition bronze-finished patina sculpture captures the patience of a big brother guiding his little sister on the old family horse. Measures 13” long by 9” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Proud Moment Lab bust with Mallard M1205 – A fabulous bronze from the Marc Pierce Signature Series displays a proud lab returning its fetch to his master. Stands 11” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Mallard Decoy M1206 – You’ll love this highly detailed wooden mallard decorative decoy. Measures 16” long by 7” tall with DUC logo burnt into bottom. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Chickadee Pair M1207 – Enjoy the beauty of the chickadee with this life-like Marc Pierce Signature Series sculpture featuring a DUC plaque. Stands 7” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Final Approach Canada Goose Sculpture M1208 – Wings splayed and landing gear outstretched, this goose is preparing for a splash landing. Artist Marc Pierce designed this sculpture, which features a bronze patina finish. Stands 18” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Youth /Greenwing Rocking Chair M1209 – What better way for a youngster to read a book than in a rocking chair. Stands 30” tall. Sponsored by: Amount:


Sand Cast Mallard M1210 – Enjoy the striking beauty of the mallard with this unique 6” tall sand cast sculpture. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Ottoman M1211 – This 35”L x 17” W x 16”H multipurpose ottoman can act as a foot rest or – by simply flipping the lids – a table surface. Also features two stools within. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set M1212 – Food preparation has never been so easy! Slice and dice your way through the kitchen with this set of DUC knives. Also comes with a sturdy box so you can put them on display. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Mail Box M1213 – Proudly display your support of DUC with this metal mailbox. Measures 16” long by 12” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Ladies Leather Purse M1214 – A girl can never have too many purses! Add one more to the collection with this attractive, double-compartmented leather beauty that features an adjustable shoulder strap. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Carafe with Stemless Wine Glasses M1215 – Wine has never looked so good! Serve your next bottle using this 34 oz. DUC-engraved angle-cut carafe and four 16 oz. stemless wine glasses. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Lazy Susan M1216 – Make passing the salt and pepper easy with this 14” solid wood lazy susan. Salt/pepper mill not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Phone Stand M1217 – A handsome addition to any home, this Canadian-made night/phone stand is made of solid wood and features our duck head logo. Measures 17.5” wide by 17.5” deep by 26” tall. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Coir Door Mat Set M1218 – Make sure your shoes are clean with these DUC coir (coconut fibre) mats. With rubber backing, measures 36” by 24”. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Watering Can M1219 – Shower your garden with attention and tend to your plants with this antique-looking copper 21/2-gallon oval watering can. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Padded DU Trunk M1220 – Stylish storage! This faux-leather trunk features brass accents and a padded lid. Measures 26” long by 16” wide by 17” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Wooden Trunk M1221 – This solid wood trunk with removable tray provides plenty of storage space for your memorabilia. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Camo Throw M1224 – Stay warm with this DUC camo fleece throw. Measures 54” x 68”. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Ladies Fleece Bathrobe M1225 – Here’s one for the ladies! They’ll stay toasty warm in this fleece bathrobe. One size fits all. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

DU Checkers / Storage Box M1226 – It puts the “fun” in functionality! This checkers board doubles as a stylish storage box. Measures 15” long by 9.5” wide by 4.5” tall. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Stacking Trunk M1227 – Spice up your storage space with this striking set of stacking trunks. Large trunk measures 23”W x 16”H x15”D. Medium trunk measures 20”W x 14”H x13”D. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Hallmark Knife with Display Box M1228 – This 3.5” hallmark knife comes complete with a wood display box that features a beveled glass, drawer and knife sheath. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Double Soft Side Gun Case & Shell Bag M1229 – This double gun case and shell bag may be soft-sided, but it’s tough! Crafted from 600 dernier material, it will stand up to bad weather and rough treatment. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Outdoor Wall Clock / Thermometer

Rechargeable Flashlight

M1230 – Form and function at its finest! One side of this copper weatherproof beauty features a clock and the other side a thermometer. Metal hanging bracket included.

M1231 – In case of emergency…use this rechargeable DUC flashlight. Comes with wall and car charger. **Batteries not included.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:






Hydration Pack M1232 – You won’t go thirsty with this pack. The padded, adjustable, load-bearing shoulder straps (and removable!) and deluxe padded waist belt will ensure a comfortable fit. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Collapsible Cooler M1233 – This extremely light cooler has a rigid wall system that will fold flat for easy storage. Features four-layer thermal technology, and padded handles for easy carrying. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Double-sided Memory Foam Pet Bed M1234 – Fido has never had it so good with this double-sided mossy oak memory foam pet bed. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Lodge Chair M1235 – Kick back and relax in comfort. The 16mm steel frame boasts a padded foam seat and back plus features an insulated cup holder. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Dry Bag M1236 – Nothing feels as good as changing into clean, dry clothing! This dry bag features a full wrap-around zipper and shoulder straps that function as a backpack. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Automotive Accessories Package M1237– Duck your truck with these DUC MAX-4 camo automotive accessories. Includes steering wheel cover plus two front and two rear floor mats. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Camp Cot M1238 – This is the solution to perfect outdoor lounging. The 19mm steel frame boasts a foam padded sleep area, adjustable headrest and wide “duck feet” for stability. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Men’s Fossil Watch & Tin M1239 – A must have for the modern man! This sleek analog Fossil men’s watch comes with custom DUC tin. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Handlers Bag M1240 – Pack all of your grooming tools in this 16” tall handlers pack featuring multiple storage pockets and a padded shoulder strap. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Ladies Fossil Watch & Tin M1241 – Perfect for everyday wear, this classic Fossil women’s watch mixes a sporty silhouette with sparkle. Comes with a custom DUC tin. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Filet Knife Combo M1242 – Here fishy, fishy. Prepare your daily catch with this two-knife filleting set that features 7” folding 10” straight blade lengths, a double sheath, sharpening stone plus rolls up into a Cordura case. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Greenwing Camp Set M1244 – Kick off camping adventures for kids with this great 5-piece combo. Includes an easy-to-set-up roomy dome tent, sleeping bag, folding chair, backpack and rolling suitcase. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Crosman Phantom .177 Air Rifle M1245 – This spring-piston breakbarrel air rifle is lightweight – only 6 lbs! – so you can easily shoot it for hours without getting tired. 45” in overall length, this .177 caliber, 495 fps gun features an all-weather synthetic stock and forearm and fiber optic sights. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Cattail Lantern M1246 – Get mesmerized by the soft shadows created with this 17” tall patio lantern. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Jumbo Flask M1249 – It may be a hard to take a discreet nip from this flask that holds 128oz and is 14” tall but you are sure to be popular wherever you take it. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Leather Ottoman & Chair S1201 – Now this is comfort! Sit back and relax in this sleek leather ottoman and chair. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Hall Entry Bench Assembly required (20 minutes)

S1202 – Add some extra seating to your entryway with this padded bench. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Bresser Binocular & Laser Range Finder with Case S1203 – These compact 8 x 42 optics make great travel companions! The waterproof binocular delivers brighter images at dusk or dawn and the 4 x 21 rangefinder will tell you how close you are to objects with an 800 yard range. Both units in a convenient carry case. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Grandfather Clock Wine Center S1204 – Store your personal reserve in this stately, multipurpose grandfather clock wine center. Stands 71” tall. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Book Shelf S1205 – A lovely addition to anybody’s home library, this solid wood bookshelf is Canadian-made and measures 32” wide x 13.5” deep x 30” tall. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Terry Redlin – Night Flight S1206 – This classic Terry Redlin canvas print depicts Canada geese winging their way to a safe haven. Framed dimensions: 33” by 45”. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


King of the Marsh Moose Sculpture S1207 – This 20” tall sculpture featuring a bronze-patina finish portrays the majesty of a Canadian icon. Sponsored by:

Rotary Liquor Cabinet


S1208 – Store and pour your favourite drinks from this rotary liquor cabinet. Also features wine glass rack. Contents not included.


Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Rossi Matched Two Barrel Set S1211 – This will become your favourite gun! The highly reliable .22 rifle quickly swaps barrels to become a single-shot .410 shotgun. Features a black synthetic stock and matte nickel finish. Comes with softside take down case. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Collectors End Table S1210 – Display your prized collectibles in this 2-piece set of wooden end tables featuring feather pull out drawer. Stand 21” tall. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Assembly required (20 minutes)

Savage Axis Combo Stainless Rifle S1212 – This .270 caliber rifle has an all-weather synthetic stock, a stainless steel barrel and comes not only with a 3-9x40 scope, mounted and boresighted 22”barrel but also a detachable magazine. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

DU Garden/Utility Wagon S1213 – Make carrying your next load a lot easier with this wagon! Features DUC name plates on removable side slats and pneumatic front wheels. Contents not included. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:

Project Webfoot Mascot M1148 – Make wetland education possible for children in your community! For a donation of $300 or more, you can take Juno – our newest Project Webfoot mascot – home and personally select a class to receive an interactive learning kit. Your generosity will allow children in communities like yours to learn the value of wetland habitats and how they can help conserve them. Sponsored by: Amount: Contact:


Help save the wetland areas that are so important to our environment.

To signify your commitment to wetland conservation, you can receive your choice of:


A special personalized, framed sponsor certificate*. This memento includes a commemorative mini-print of DUC’s 2012 Stamp and Print image by Derek C. Wicks, a replica feather and a sponsor medallion. A framed sponsor art print †, Redoux, by artist Pierre Girard.

For more information: • Refer to the sponsor brochure • Contact your Fundraising Manager * Bronze level sponsors must provide additional $50 cash to receive a framed certificate † Bronze level sponsors must provide additional $100 cash to receive a framed art print

Ducks Unlimited Canada 2012 Event Catalogue  

Ducks Unlimited Canada 2012 Event Catalogue

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