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Jan 2 – First electric bus begins operation in New York City.

Jan 27 – Boxer Rebellion in China begins, revolt against foreign influence.

Jan 2 – Chicago canal opens, links Lake Michigan to Mississippi River via the Chicago River.

Feb 1 – British defeats Boers in South Africa.

Feb 9 - Dwight F Davis donates 36 pound silver cup as trophy to winner of Tennis tournament in England.

April 14 – World Expo open’s in Paris.

May 30 – British capture Johannesburg, Orange Free state capital.

June 21 – General MacArthur offers amnesty to Filipino rebels in effort to end revolt.

June 26 – US sends troops to China to join British, French, German, Japanese , Austrian, Russian and Italian troops to put down Boxer rebellion.

Jan 29 – American Baseball League founded in Philadelphia with 8 teams.

Feb 3 – William Goebel, candidate for Governor of Kentucky assassinated by Sec. of State, Caleb Powers.

March 13 – US gold standard ratified by Congress.

March 24 – New York City Mayor Van Wyck breaks ground on New York subway system.

May 11 – James “Jack” Jefferies knocks out James “Gentleman” Corbett in 23rd round to retain heavyweight boxing championship.

May 23 – Sgt. William H. Carney becomes first AfricanAmerican awarded Medal of Honor for action in battle of Fort Wagner (54th Massachusetts) in Civil war on July 18, 1863 near Charleston, S.C., wounded four times.

June 1 – Carrie Nation destroys 25 saloons in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

Aug – US population jumps to 80 million with immigrant surge.

Sept 8 – Galveston, Tx. Hurricane kills over 8,000.

July 2 – First successful flight of Zeppelin made in Germany.

Sept 17 – 100,000 hard coal anthracite miners strike in Pennsylvania.

Oct 24 – US announces plans to buy Dutch West Indies for $7 million.

July 9 – Constitution of Australia approved by Queen Victoria, unites New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia into Federal govt.

July 22 – Olympic Games open in Paris.

Nov – First movie houses open to public with picture “Vitescope Parlors”.

July 30 – King Humbert I of Italy assassinated by anarchist, son Victor Emmanuel succeeds him.

Nov 3 – First automobile show in US opens in New York City at Madison Square Garden by Automobile Club of American .

Nov 3 – Panama declares independence from Columbia.

Dec 1 – Nicaragua sells right to build canal by US for $5 million.

Dec 16 – France and Italy agree to secret treaty to allow France to retain Morocco in exchange for Italy controlling Libya.

Nov 6 – William McKinley re-elected President, Theodore Roosevelt Vice-President.

Nov 20 – Sarah Bernhardt, French actress arrives in New York City.


• Maury


Jan 3 – The Maury County Court reported bridge over Fountain Creek at Thomas Mill completed, cost $2290.

Jan 5 – Dr. McIntosh found 8 smallpox cases in the Mt Pleasant “Pest house”, one Negro died from it.

Jan 9 – “General Bragg”, the well known old Negro , stricken with paralysis for several weeks. He needs attention and charity of friends. It would be a pity that the old loyal & faithful body servant of Gen. Braxton Bragg was not taken care of in his declining years by the white folks of the city.

Jan 18 – “Old Bragg” died, the funeral held at Miss Ollie Alford’s who long sheltered and ministered his needs to the helpless old man. It was perhaps the most unique funeral ever to occur in Tennessee as white ladies and gentleman had the entire charge. The Daughter’s of the Confederacy and bivouac assembled to hear services. The procession was all white people to Rose Mount cemetery. Pall bearers were Col. A. Brown, Col. H.G. Evans, Capt. H,L. Hendley, Maj. W.J. Whitthorne, Maj. John Williamson and Mr. A.N. Akin.

Feb – Columbia City Council raised the annual saloon licenses fee to $200 each for the 18 Saloons in the city.

Feb 7 – Only two of the original 150 men who enlisted in Capt. William J Frierson’s Cavalry from Columbia to fight Indians in Florida remain alive today. They are Esq. S.D. Herndon 83 and Samuel Guilett 81, who recently met at the court house to talk over old times.

Feb 16 – The mammoth new building of McKennon, Anderson and Foster is nearly completed. The 1st floor is dedicated to dry goods and clothing. The ladies wear is on the right, gentleman’s to the left. The 2nd floor is exclusive to ladies, where there are retreats for rest and comfort, a toilet. The 3rd floor devoted to carpets, rugs and matting.

March 15 – Columbia feels earthquake that rattles windows.

March 15 – Negro laborers in Maury County are scarce as many are leaving for the iron furnaces in Lewis & Hickman Counties, where it is said they are offered higher wages.

• Tennessee •

March 16 – Mt Pleasant business district destroyed by fire; Tyer & Company, Gent Clothing, Lloyd Drug store, Grey & Hill grocery, Irvine Bros. undertakers, Harvard Bros. grocery, Adam Dry Goods, Chinese Laundry and Dr. Long’s home. $50,000 damage.

March 16 – The Tennessee State Board of Health declared a smallpox epidemic in Maury County with 141 cases.

March 30 – Miles Moses recently caught a beautiful Otter on the Duck River.

March 30 – A.G. Allen’s big original New Orleans Minstrels will play in the city. This being the largest, most widely known “Colored Minstrel Company” given by “Southern Darkies” for over 25 years.

March 30 – P.C. Charter opens store 3 miles NW of Williamsport on Gordon branch.

Jan – Tennessee General Assembly passed law requiring teachers be certified by local school Superintendents and pass tests.

Tobacco field worker’s Circa 1900’s

March 16 – Nashville city council approves $150,000 bond to build electric light steam plant.


• Maury


April 1 – James Percy Priest born near Carter’s Creek in NW Maury County. He later taught school in Maury County and became editor of “Tennessean”, elected US Congress in 1940, served 8 terms, died Oct 12, 1956. Refused to sign “Southern Manifesto” protesting Supreme Court decision in Brown v Bd. of Education.

April 3 – 150 men on horseback destroyed W.G. Rainey’s toll gate, one mile south of Mt Pleasant in dispute of ownership of road.

April 6 – Daily Herald publishes Maury County fact and Information booklet, Columbia cited as mathematical center of state.

May 29 – Hundreds view Columbia’s first annual Flower Parade and festival held, Mr. W.D. Woldridge Chief Marshall of parade, new fire truck decorated in roses.

June 6 – Columbia’s “colored” public school held graduation exercises, teachers Miss Phoebe Armstrong, Amanda J Dew, Lula Williams, Minnie White and J.H. Kelly, principle reelected.

July 11 – Complaints are being heard from all sides on the scarcity of “colored labor” in the area. In fact , some say it’s a strike. It seems a league exists among blacks to work only certain hours and for stipulated prices. People not abiding by these rules are boycotted by the “colored population” and farmers are greatly annoyed.

July 30 – The Students Club of Columbia reorganized by Miss Mary Carpenter and first President Mrs. W.P. Morgan, club meetings held on Garden street.

Aug 7 – Over the past two years the cocaine habit has increased at an alarming rate among negro’s. Several years ago the druggists kept very little of it, but now keep a large supply to meet the demand for it is very high. One druggist sold 500 packets of it at 10 cents per package in one month.

Aug 6 – Miss Ida Armstrong of Ashwood wins the Daily Herald Premium Phaeton by guessing 7550 votes in the sheriff’s election. The official vote count was 7566 total for Sheriff with R.W. Hight winning with 3857.

Aug 9 – The City Marshall Jackson has opened the “Rock Shed” at the city lock up and when arrested, the parties who are unable to pay their fines will be put to work busting up rock, to be used in macadamizing the city streets.

Aug 10 – The Daily Herald has obtained positive evidence that Sophie Neill, formally a beauty of Shelbyville, who lived in Columbia and taught school here is the wife of Bresci Gaetano, who assassinated King Humbert of Italy.

Aug 15 – W.J. Oakes Ad: Manufacturer, builder and dealer of carpenter supplies and building materials. Sash, Doors and blinds, flooring, ceiling, siding, molding, lathes, shingles, windows and door frames in stock. Stairs complete, handsome mantels, grill work, store fronts on north Main.

• Tennessee

April 29 - Jonathan Luther “Casey” Jones of Jackson, Tn. Killed in “Cannon Ball Express” Memphis to Canton, Miss. Run.

July 13 – The Pulaski board of Mayor and Alderman offered $100 reward for information leading to arrest of the miscreants who exploded a dynamite bomb under the house of Prof. A.T. Hill, the superintendent of the “colored” schools in Pulaski.

Aug – Tennessee population set at 2 million, Maury County at 42,703, Williamson County at 24,213, Columbia at 6,052 and Mt Pleasant at 2007.

Sept 7 – Union Station opened in Nashville.

Oct 26 – Tennessee State Board of Health orders quarantine of all Smallpox patients in Maury County.


• Maury


Aug – P.C. Charter opened store, blacksmith shop and gristmill 3 miles west of Williamsport on present day Highway 50.

Aug 22 – C.J. Davis chartered Star Milling company, erected Ashwood Mills, 500 bbl. Flour per day capacity.

Aug 31 – The Ashton Bros Mill steam boiler exploded, killing two workers.

Sept – Mt Pleasant population at 2007.

Sept 3 – The “colored” Primitive Baptist Association has been in session at the Baptist church at White’s Spring. Several trains have brought 6000 to 7000 participants from Nashville, Pulaski and Mt Pleasant.

Oct 1 – Dr. C.W. Hayes of the Federal Geological survey team has completed mapping the Columbia quadrangle area, including 1000 square miles of Maury, Williamson and Hickman County.

Oct 15 – Millie Bingham “colored” died, age 105, at her sonin-law home, Plummer Webster on Bigbyville pike. She was born a slave of the Webster’s and sold to the Bingham’s.

Nov – Horace Campbell, “colored” convicted of 2nd degree murder of Constable James Gilmer at Mt Pleasant, sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Nov 19 – Joe Voorhies, a negro with a bad reputation was found ill with smallpox at Knob Creek. The county health officer, Dr. Voorhies attempted to take him to the “Pest House” but he refused. The Negro bolted out the back door followed by the Doctor, firing his pistol and striking him in the back and was carried back to the house. The wound is not thought to be serious.

Nov 20 – The original McDowell school was destroyed by a tornado. The tornado killed 28 in Columbia’s “Happy Hollow White’s Spring area” and Maury County, 50 killed in Tennessee.

Nov 23 – The Mason’s of Columbia filed a $30,000 claim with the US govt. for burning Jackson College.

Nov 23 – A mass “colored meeting” was called at Golhston Hall for the purpose to aid the suffers of the tornado that passed through Columbia. H. Kelly elected President, G.G. White secretary and A.J. Armstrong Treasurer. It was unanimously agreed upon to raise $500 by volunteer subscriptions and contribution from the “colored people.”

Dec – The tollgate keeper and his wife of the Ogilesby Lane and “Lover’s Lane” and Mt Pleasant pike were killed by person unknown.

• Tennessee


• United States


Jan 10 – Automobile Club of America begins installing road signs on major US highways for travelers.

Jan 10 – Oil discovered at Spindletop, TX. ,begins creation of Gulf Oil Company.

Feb 1 – Cotton reaches 12.75 cents per pound, highest since 1890.

Feb 5 – J. Pierpont Morgan merges Rockefeller Iron mines & Andrew Carnegie Steel businesses to form US Steel Corp.

March 4 – William McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt inaugurated as President & Vice-President of US.

March 13 – Former President Benjamin Harrison died in Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 13 – Andrew Carnegie announced his retirement and intention to give his entire $300 million to build libraries.

• World •

Jan 22 – Queen Victoria died, 82; succeeded by her son Edward VII.

April – British launch their first submarine.

May 14 – Lord Salisbury , British Prime Minister voices opposition to Irish independence.

May 3 – Fire destroys 2300 building in Jacksonville, Fla.

June 12 – Cuba becomes US protectorate.

May 9 – Financial panic sweeps stock market.

June 24 – Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist exhibits his work for the first time in Paris.

June 1 – First motor powered bicycles introduced in Springfield, Mass.

July 4 –William H Taft inaugurated as Governor of Philippines.

July – Ransom E Olds predicts he will build and sell 400 curved-dash Oldsmobile’s by years end at $650.

July – Drilling for oil begins in Persia by British (Iran).

Sept 7 – Chinese sign treaty to end Boxer Rebellion and agree to pay $739 million to allied powers and allow allied powers to station troops in Peking.

Nov 18 – British and US sign 2nd Hay-Pauncefox Treaty to build canal across Central America in exchange for the canal to remain neutral and open to all ships of both nations.

• • •

Aug 9 – Over 2 million acres of Oklahoma territory opened to 6500 homesteaders in land grants.

Sept 6 – President William McKinley assassinated in Buffalo, N.Y. at Pan-Am exposition. Later died Sept 14, Theodore Roosevelt sworn in as President.

Oct 16 – President Roosevelt invites Booker T Washington to Whitehouse for diner, great public uproar heard.

Oct 24 – Anna Edison Tayer, 43 passed over Niagara Falls in wooden barrel safely in 158 foot fall, first to do so.

Oct 29 – Leon Czolgoszi, assassin of President McKinley electrocuted in New York.

Nov 28 – Alabama voters approve constitution requiring literacy tests and proof of grandfather's eligibility to vote.

Nov 30 – Boer guerrillas continue to resist British despite defeats.

Dec 2 – Gillette begins marketing replaceable razor blades.

Dec 10 – Sweden awards first Nobel prizes in Physics and literature.

Dec 30 – “Ragtime” jazz music becomes popular with Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag.”


• Maury

1901 2nd Ice

Jan 4 – A.B. Rains announces construction of a factory in Columbia at the Ashton Bros. property.

Jan 7 – The biggest Mule day sale ever with several hundred head sold.

Jan 9 – Maury County public school Superintendent Dodson reports white males at 4007, white females at 3691; “colored” males at 3011, “colored” females at 2988, total 13,697 of school age. Enrolled in school 8,178. white public schools 97, “colored” schools 58, total 155; Teachers employed white 102, “colored” 57, total 159. Average teacher salary per month $30.63, school property value $32,293.

Feb 1 – Prof. William Hughes announces charter and founding of Spring Hill Bank, $15,000 stock. E.H. Ayres major stock holder.

Feb 1 – New Methodist Episcopal church in Neopolis built.

Feb 6 – (editorial) : “Colonel F.H. Watkins of Columbia had a favorite expression, to wit ; “ Education destroys the common mind----”. The more you study the negro the more of a problem he becomes. The accepted theory has been that the best way to elevate him is educate him, but the facts in this article contradict this theory. The broad fact stated and proven statistically is the higher the education and richer they become up north the more lustful, murderous and criminal they become----”

Feb 13 – New McDowell school opened in Columbia on West End at Hampshire Pike with 124 students.

March – Bank of Spring Hill chartered, Walter Bailey, President.

March 1 – The Beechgrove school house near Jamison’s store burned.

March 1 – Ed Dotson, Norman Batts, Charley Notgrass, Will Overton, Lem Strong, Gano Spurlin, James Spencer and 1st Lieut. Robert Ragsdale returned to Columbia from tour of duty in the Philippines with 37th US Volunteers.

March 11 – Spring Hill incorporated second time, John S Odil, Mayor.

March 15 – Mr. Grant Courtright purchased the first horseless carriage in Columbia, 1.5 HP curved-dash Oldsmobile. He gave “Joy rides” at Fairgrounds for .25 cents.

March 29 – The President of the Louisville & Nashville railroad proposed building a new passenger depot station in Columbia.

April 5 – A committee of ex-confederates arrived in Columbia from Dryersburg, Tn. to disinter the remains of General Ortho French Stahl from St John’s cemetery to be buried in Dyersburg. Killed at battle of Franklin at gin house in Cheatham’s Corp.

• Tennessee •

Jan 15 – Edward Carmack elected US senator by state legislature.

Feb – First Tennessee black Odd Fellows Lodge 1701 organized , elected regular officers.

Bank of Spring Hill

March – Mr. C.A. Craig bought the National Sick & Accident company for $17,250 on the Davidson County Court house steps and formed the National life & Accident insurance company.

April – Chattanooga Glass company founded by Charles Rief to provide bottles for his brewery and the new Coca Cola bottling company.


• Maury


April 27 – Russell Henry Fleming “colored”, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Fleming of Columbia graduated from Tuskegee institute, preparing to be a professional nurse. He is the only male in the class after 3 years in school.

May – New McDowell school completed, 4 rooms, 10 grades, Mr. Jesse Tomlinson first principle.

May 17 – The Athenaeum property was divided into four sections and sold.

June 3 – Ewell Mill Company organized in Spring Hill, Walter Briley, President. 175 bbl flour capacity daily.

June 5 – The Maury County Board of Education re-elected principals and teachers. White principle’s salary is $80 per month. “Colored” principle’s salary is $50 per month. White teacher’s pay $50 per month, “colored” teachers $40 per month.

June 8 – Oil fever seeps Columbia, oil was discovered oozing out of the ground at White Spring’s near the factory. Columbia oil company charter applied for. Oil later discovered found to be waste leakage.

• •

June 27 – The Trial of Sam Massey ended in a mistrial. Massey was charged with killing Constable Walter Vaughn who was shot in Rosenthal’s Saloon in Mt Pleasant.

• Tennessee

June – East Tennessee “Good roads association” organized in Greenville, Tn. to break railroad monopoly on transportation of farm goods.

June – Trevecca Nazarene University founded in Nashville by Rev. J.C. McClurkan, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, for bible training at 5th and Johnson streets.

July 18 - A triple execution hanging for murder occurred in Davidson County of Babe Battise, Duser Thompson and Abe Petway, all “colored”.

July 26 – Attorney's for opposing clients have a shoot out in the Clarksville courthouse.

Oct 7 – A sensational shoot out occurred one mile north of Caney Springs in Marshall County between whites and blacks. There have been considerable ill feeling for sometime between white’s and blacks there. A body of blacks returning from a festival encountered a band of masked white men on the public road. The blacks reportedly opened fire upon the white hooded men with double barreled shotguns and the hooded horseman returned fire and rode off.

June 28 – The Columbia Water Company has been drawing water from the Helm’s branch for the past eight months according to city Alderman Payne. The Helm’s branch is the natural sewer for half the city and Payne discovered the water intake being used below the discharge into the duck river by Payne. July 11 – Record 106 degrees registered in Columbia.

July 20 – Sam Watkins, Confederate soldier and author of “Company Actch” died in Zion parsonage house, buried in Zion cemetery.

July 26 – Temperance day observed in Columbia, anti-saloon league elects officers.

July 29 – Congressman L.P. Pagett has secured one of the guns captured at Manila Bay by Admiral Dewey for Columbia.

Aug 12 – Richard Rey, a Negro said to be between 105 & 110 years old died in Maury County. He was brought here from North Carolina as a slave. He was twice married and has two children.

Oct 4 – Tennessee State Board of Health reports 2059 cases of Smallpox in Maury County, recommends charges be filed against Maury County Health officials for failing to report all cases.

Oct 4 – Spring Hill Knights of Phythas organized.


• Maury


Oct – Dr. Robert Pillow est. Pillow Infirmary on present day West 7th Street.

Oct 11 – W.C. and W.S. Renfro establish the Culleoka Nurseries, 3 miles east of Culleoka on 83 acres to grow shrubbery, fruit and ornamental trees.

Oct 17 – The Columbia Arsenal will be converted into a military post with eight companies of Artillery.

Oct 17 – Some of Columbia’s leading Negro’s met without white interference or meddling and endorsed the “Reform ticket”. The platform is “Law, Order and Economy.” They organized under the name “Good Government Club.” Rev. J.S. Gilmore elected President; Geo. W Zellner Secretary; R.D. Ward Assistant and Lewis Marshall Business manager. The purpose of the group was to elect a fair, firm and impartial mayor and Board of Alderman in Columbia.

Oct 25 – Annie Oakley visited Rev. W.T. Ussery in Columbia.

Nov – J.J. Savage opened General store at Cave Springs

Nov – B.O.P. Elks organized in Columbia.

Nov 13 – Hon. James a Smiser addressed a sizeable number of “colored people” at Gholston’s Hall in the interest of the Reform ticket. He said, that the Negro in order to accomplish anything must have a fixed purpose before him and the purpose must be a moral one. The Negro as a race or as an individual will not get ahead by supporting immoral issues.

Nov 20 – The Spanish gun awarded to the city of Columbia by Sec. of the Navy has arrived. The gun was captured by Admiral Dewey at Manila in 1898 and has a bore of 4-7-10 inches and weighs 5,000 lbs.

Nov 20 – The E. Yoest ticket wins the City elections. The Reformers were snowed under and the Nichols ticket was defeated.

Dec 24 – A white boy, Pharaoh Brewer 18, was shot by John Stephenson, a Negro. John Stephenson and his brother, Will had been to Mt Pleasant to buy Christmas goods and were returning home when a crowd of white boys, among them Brewer, handled the boys roughly, taking their wagon and goods. The Negro’s returned home and obtained a shot gun to retrieve their goods and it was said “forced to fire.”

Dec 27 – Congressman Padgett secured an order for the Post office Department to provide delivery of free rural mail in Maury County.

• Tennessee •

Nov – Anchor candy company founded by Howell H Campbell in Nashville, he later organized Standard candy company in 1903.

Dec – Less than one percent of Tennessee’s population born outside of Tennessee according to census.


• United States


Jan 1 –First Rose Bowl played, Michigan v Stanford.

Jan 18 – Walker Commission recommends Panama route for proposed canal.

Jan 29 – US Steel reports $174 million profit for 1901.

Feb 18 – Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweler died ,90.

Feb 22 – Major Walter Reed ands Dr. James Carroll publish a scientific report confirming that Yellow Fever transmitted by mosquitoes.

Feb 28 – Avalanche in Colorado buried 1000 miners.

March 4 – Nine automobile clubs across nation unite to form American Automobile Association, representing 23,000 automobile owners.

• •

• World •

Jan 7 – Aswan Dam opened.

Jan 30 – Britain and Japan sign alliance treaty on interest in China and Korea.

March 26 – Cecil J Rhodes, one of the British empire architects died, 48. founder of DeBeers Diamond Mining Company, dictator of Cape Colony of South Africa.

April 7 – Texas Oil company founded (Texaco) in Texas.

April 29 – US Senate votes to pass Chinese Exclusion Act, barring all Chinese immigrants to US for 10 years.

April 10 – Boer’s accept British terms of surrender in South Africa with Treaty of Vereeniging.

May 12 – 145,000 Pennsylvania coal miners (Molly Maguire's) strike.

April 13 – New automobile speed record set at 74 MPH by Uyleon Serpoller in France.

May 9 – Saint-Pierre, capital of French West Indies of Martinique destroyed by volcano eruption, Mount Pelee, killing over 30,000.

May 20 – Cuba gains independence from US.

May 31 – South Africa becomes British colony.

July 3 – Russian peasants riot throughout southern Russia, blaming industrialization for unemployment and starvation.

May 28 – Thomas A Edison invents new improved Nickel & iron in alkaline solution battery.

June 2 – Oregon introduces first voter initiative referendum vote to overturn legislative actions.

June 19 – President Roosevelt signs Newlands Reclamation Act allowing proceeds of western land sales to build dams, reservoirs and canals to irrigate arid land in west.

June 28 – US agrees to pay $40 million to France for right to dig Panama Canal, Columbia refuses to cede land in canal zone.

July 15 – Seven Renault autos win Paris to Vienna race.

Aug 9 – Edward VII crowned King of Great Britain.

Aug 3 – Oliver Wendell Homes, poet appointed US Supreme Court Justice.

Nov 4 – Panama revolt begins, rebels declare independence from Columbia, troops from USS Nashville land in Panama canal zone, US recognizes new Panama govt.

Aug 12 – International Harvester Corp. incorporated.

Sept 9 – Oil and Gold discovered in Alaska.

Sept 20 – George and Jay Gould and J.D. Rockefeller consolidate major railroads to from Transcontinental securities company.

Dec 9 – British and German warships seize Venezuelan Navy, both nations demand compensation for losses suffered in 1899 coup.

Dec 10 – Mile long Aswan dam completed in Egypt, forms 200 mile lake.

Oct 17 – Cadillac Auto company sells first runabout in Buffalo, N.Y.

Dec 21 – Marconi sends wireless message across Atlantic ocean.

Oct 26 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton, woman's suffragette leader died, 87.

• •

Dec 31 – Insurrection in Philippines ends. 296

• Maury


Jan – E.W. Gamble grocery store sold to J.A. Sloan

Jan 5 – The “Columbia Index”, the only African-American newspaper published in Maury County debuts. Dr. A.T. Braxton, Editor & Business manager; A.J. Morgan, reporter. Office located at 17 ½ South Main.

Feb 19 – President Roosevelt appoints Colonel A.M. Hughes Postmaster of Columbia.

March 17 – J.W. Harden, a Negro attorney is in the Maury County Jail for larceny and obtaining money on false pretenses. Harden who came here last August defrauded several Negro’s who served in the Federal union army during the Civil War by selling them “Land certificates” that were supposed to give them rights to 100 acres of land in Oklahoma. He charged .55 cents for each certificate.

March 20 – The Columbia Student’s Club decided to establish a public reading room to be open to ladies during the day. In the evenings it will be in the service of men and boys. The front of the Dunnington office on Garden street is being nicely furnished and will have 100 books.

March 28 – The Duck River flooded, washing out the Hardison’s Mill , post office and store.

April 4 – The Duck River flood continues, greatest flood since 1864, 5 trestles were carried away, Leftwich bridge carried away, Mt Pleasant flooded, Lillards Mill, Hardison Mill, Wilhoites Mill, Kennedy & Delk’s Mill all swept away. The Ashton Mill is the only one to survive the flood. Two school houses washed away at Cross Bridges with, 8 to 9 inches rain , flood water 8 feet over flood gauge.

April 18 – Howard and Ridley phosphate properties sold to Charleston Mining Company for $450,000.

May 8 – Columbia Depot construction begins.

May 9 – William Jennings Bryan visits Columbia, hundreds turn out to greet him.

May 12 – The Republicans of Maury County selected delegates to attend the convention in Nashville. Six whites and one “colored” selected at the Court house: Will Barker, L.C. Hickman, D.K. Minor, A.M. Hughes, Bunk Brown and Dr. Braxton, “colored.”

June 6 – A large grain elevator will be built by City Grain & Feed company at 11th and School street, 127 feet tall and it will hold 100,000 bushels of grain.

June 12 – The “colored” school teachers elected were: R.G. Johnson, Phoebe Armstrong; Amada Dew; Maggie Kelly; Golden Jones and Etta Jackson. One teacher received $40 per month, one $30 per month, the rest received $25 per month. Elected as substitutes were Lula Amis and Laura Dillard. Elected as janitors were London Mack; Sam Lipscomb and Henry Harris.

June – Chartersville Est. 3 miles west of Williamsport.

• Tennessee •

Jan 1 – National Life insurance company founded in Nashville.

March – Richard H Boyd, James C Napier and other negro’s in Nashville founded the Chapter of the Negro business League (NNBL) to promote black businesses.

April – Fire destroys Battle Ground Academy. School board purchased 10 acres south and west of Columbia Pike to rebuild school, burned again in 1910.

April 11 – Davidson County grants franchise for proposed electric rail line to run from Gallatin to Nashville to Columbia.

May 19 – Fraterville,Tn. mine disaster occurred near Coal Creek (Present day Lake city) in Campbell County, killed 184., miners entombed at Coal Creek mine explosion near Knoxville.


• Maury

1902 10th

June 19 – Brittian Tobacco Works erected at School and streets where packers, steam granulators and presses produce Brittian’s “Giltedge”, old Tennessee Royal fine brands of Brazil leaf.

July 5 – Lou Vaught, “colored” wife of Cary Vaught died at her little log home on Cemetery Ave, 75 , where the couple lived for 30 years. Yesterday when his wife died the old man got out his old deer skin pouch and took out $75 in gold coins he earned in North Carolina over 55 years ago as a slave. The coins were dated 1820 and 1850 and were used to pay Oakes & Nichols for his wife’s funeral.

July 20 – Lucratus A Green purchased Bunch’s Mill on Rutherford Creek.

Aug 21 – A large mastodon skeleton found on the Leon Frierson farm near Mt Pleasant 5/6 feet below ground..

Aug 22 – Columbia purchased 5 acres of the Athenaeum property for $15,000, includes old Study Hall, Davis Hall, Octagon room & 5 cabins.

Aug 26 – Direct Hal breaks trotter track record with 2:04 ¼ for the mile in Providence, Rhode Island, Pop Geer’s driving.

Sept – Bridge at Kettle Mills erected over Duck River.

Sept – Chartersville Post office Est., 3 miles NW of Williamsport on the Gordon Branch Creek. It has a blacksmith shop, Grist Mill and Saw Mill, Post office run by P.C. Charter.

Sept – Colonel J.A. Sloan of Nashville opens wholesale grocery sales in old E.W. Gamble store in Columbia.

Oct – Alsop Green who purchased the old Bunch Mill is adding a roller process for producing 40 Bls flour per day by the Burr process, warehouse also erected.

Oct 29 – The ‘colored” Baptists are preparing for the big baptizing Sunday at old ford above the pumping station (Bear Creek) where 40 converts were immersed by Rev. N.B. Bronaugh.

Oct 30 – One of Columbia’s most prominent “colored” citizens died in his home on Glade street, Rev. L.F. Buford, Pastor of the Church at Canaan. He will be buried at Rosemount cemetery with Masonic honors.

Nov 5 – Scores of one to three inch fish rained from the clouds on Columbia this morning, possibly picked up by a water spout down river and dumped on Columbia.

Nov 28 – The biggest game of football ever seen in Columbia was played between Branham & Hughes and People’s & Morgan of Fayetteville, Branham & Hughes won 18-15. A special train from Fayetteville brought 400 people. Captain Davis Thornton of Fayetteville was knocked out early in the game, game was a battle royal on Thanksgiving day.

Dec 4 – Bryant Milling comp. est., W.N. Garrett, President.

• Tennessee


Oct 10 – Nashville Street Car company agrees to donate land known as Centennial park to Nashville.

Nov 6 – James B Frazier elected Governor of Tennessee. Re-elected 1904, served as US senator 1905 to 1911.

Nov 14 – John Davis, alleged Negro murderer of Robert Adair was lynched by a mob of 200 in Lewis County. Davis was taken from the jail and hung from a tree in the Court house yard. The body was left hanging for the hundreds of curious to gaze upon.

Dec – Sterns Coal & lumber company incorporates, opens mines in Scott, Pickett and Fentress Counties.


• United States


Feb 1 – First American wins Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, Eugene H Lehman, 22 year old was Yale graduate.

Feb 14 – Congress creates Department of Commerce and Department of Labor to foster economic stability.

Feb 15 – Morris and Rose Mitchom introduce the “Teddy Bear”

• World •

Jan 1 – India proclaims King Edward VII as Emperor.

Jan 22 – US signs treaty with Columbia to build Panama canal.

Jan 30 – British complete conquest of northern Nigeria.

Feb 23 – Cuba’s Constitutional convention agrees to cede Guantanamo and Bahia Honda Naval bases to US in exchange for Cuban Govt. recognition.

March 5 – Germany and Turkey agree to build railroad from Constantinople to Baghdad.

March 21 – First Taxi appeared in London.

April 29 – French Govt. closes all monasteries as anti-clerical movements grow in France.

Feb 16 – Porcelain used for first time to fill teeth cavities and provide inlays.

April – Horiato Jackson and dog named “Bud’ drove from San Francisco to New York for first in 59 days.

April 24 – New York Stock exchange building dedicated at Broad and Wall street.

May 23 – Wisconsin adopts direct primary vote to chose Presidential nominee.

June – The dramatic movie “The Great Train Robbery” by Edwin Porters becomes national hit, 12 minutes long.

June 16 – Henry Ford forms Ford Motor Company with James Couzens and Dodge Brothers.

June 11 – King Alexander and Queen Draga of Serbia assassinated as part of revolution of Serbian army.

July 30 – John D Rockefeller becomes America’s first Billionaire.

June 19 – A young Italian teacher, Benito Mussolini investigated in Bern, Switzerland for plotting with revolutionary students of Karl Marx.

Oct 13 – First World Series played in Boston against Pittsburgh.

July 20 – Pope Leo XIII died.

Aug 4 – Pope Pius X elected Pope, succeeds Pope Leo XIII.

Oct 16 – International Tribunal rules in favor of US in awarding southeastern Alaskan boundary with exception of Portland channel going to Canada.

Aug 12 – Columbian Senate rejects Hay-Herran treaty signed in March by Panama for construction of canal, raises price to $25 million.

Nov 6 – President Roosevelt creates controversy in south by allowing 6 negro sailors to attend luncheon with him and other white sailors aboard ships “Mayflower” and “Sylph”

Aug 19 – Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionist movement calls for Jewish state in Palestine at Zionist Congress.

Nov 18 – US and Panama Govt. concluded treaty to allow US to control up to 5 miles on each side of Panama Canal and right to station troops in canal zone.

Sept 8 – Turkish troops massacred 50,000 Bulgarian men, starve thousands more women and children. Sept 15 – First Tour de France bicycle race.

Dec 17 – Orville and Wilber Wright fly first motorized airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

• • •

Dec 30 – Nearly 600 people died in fire at Iroquois theater in Chicago.

Dec 8 – US marines land in Panama Canal zone.

Nov 17 – Russian Socialist Democratic party splits in two, Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.


• Maury


Jan 5 – Maury County public schools annual report: white 8436, ‘colored” 5790, teachers white male 42, female 59; “colored” male teachers 7, female 46; School enrollment: white 4567, “colored” 2954; school houses 109, average teacher pay $29 per month.

Jan 9 – Construction of electric interurban from Columbia to Nashville begins, Est. cost $2.5 million.

Jan 23 – Andrew Carnegie offers $10,000 donation to help build Columbia library.

Feb 18 – Mr. W.T. Young of the American Bridge Company was awarded the contract to build a bridge over the Duck River at Kettle Mills for $9000.

Feb 19 – Major W.J. Whitthorne and Mr. Frank H. Smith will survey the Franklin Battlefield this summer.

Feb 27 – Senator Edward M Carmack speaking on the issue of President Roosevelt appointing a Negro postmaster in Indianola, Miss. and then closing the post office after white citizens of the city severely protested. He said, “I do not believe that the almighty ever intended that the two races so deeply and radically differentiated should inhabit the same country or share the same government.”

March – The Crystal Bottling works est. in Columbia.

March – US Post master closes 32 rural routes in Maury County.

March 9 – “Stump Porter” who has been a barber in Columbia for nearly 50 years died at his home in Macedonia. He was a good, honest, unassuming old time Negro and everybody liked him. Stumps father is still living and is the oldest person in Tennessee at 117. Stump was 65 and it was said he was stolen by Indians when he was young and kept for many years, buried at Rosemont cemetery.

April – Maury County jail renovated to accommodate Circuit Court, Clerk & Master, trustee and Reg. of deeds while new court house built.

April 3 – McClanahan Bros. Harness Manufacturing on 8th street burned, $7,000 loss.

April 12 – What a dollar will buy Ad at Harlan & Ritter, located at 19 South Main in Columbia: 19 lbs granulated sugar-$1; 22 lbs white rice-$1; 10 lb bucket of Jewel lard-$1; 10 lbs Best coffee-$1; 3 lb can pork & beans- 10 cents, 1 gallon can pie apples-25 cents, 2 lb Best crackers-15 cents,

April 17 – Mr. Winston Churchill, author of novels “Richard Carvell” and “The Crisis” spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Yeatman on Mt Pleasant pike to learn of the old south for his new book.

April 24 – US Stave & Lumber Comp. formed by G.W. Killebrew, M.E. Wheeler, F.S. Wheeler, E. Smith & C.Hutchins of Columbia.

• Tennessee •

Jan 7 – A determined mob entered the Lewis County jail and overpowered the turnkey and set free W.P. Hopwood and William Johnson. Two white men charged with the murder of John Davis, a Negro lynched some weeks ago.

Jan 14 The “Negro Clergy” in Tennessee are threatening to lead a revolt against the Republican party unless pensions are awarded to former slaves. The bill to award former slaves a pension was introduced into congress several years ago.

Jan 17 – Tennessee General Assembly voted to extend alcohol restrictions of the 4 mile law to all towns of 5000 or less that incorporates or re-incorporates. All but six cities in Tennessee voted to become dry.

Jan 20 – James B Frazier inaugurated as Governor of Tennessee.

March – The Chattanooga Bakery company founded, best known for production of “Moon pies” created in 1919.

April – Nashville Arcade opens, Nashville’s first “Mall”.

April 15 – Tennessee Legislature enacts law that declares all game and fish are property of the state.


• Maury


May 15 – Anti- Saloon League named Columbia as one of nine cities in Tennessee that still allowed saloons within city limits, Maury County named as one of eleven Counties out of 96 Counties in state to allow sale of liquor.

May 19 – Several Columbians will return from Tuskegee Institute where they have been attending school. Among them Miss Hallie Dickerson who graduated as a nurse and here at home she will likely prove very serviceable.

June 2 – New Spring Hill Bank building erected.

June 15 – Garnett Rainey received a Maury County Court Injunction to stop Messrs. John Thomas, John Mayberry, Sidney Estes, W.J. McDonald, E.W. Napier, E.G. Grant and Thomas McDonald from tearing down his Mt Pleasant Pike gate house.

June – Old Maury County Court House razed, sold to George Reagan for $1050..

July – Spring Hill Star newspaper first published, Editor Prof. Wm. Hughes.

July 6 – Babe Vaughn, a Negro on the Mt Pleasant train was struck on the head with a poker by flagman, T.L. Bumpass. The Negro got on the train and went into the coach reserved for whites and would not get out when ordered. Mr. Bumpass got a poker and hit the Negro over the head “deservedly so,” says newspaper.

Sept 4 – Horace Rainey assaulted Judge W.D. Gordon with a buggy whip over a long standing feud involving the toll gate and pike south of Mt Pleasant.

Sept 26 – Former Confederate General, John B Gordon lectured at the Columbia Opera house on “The first days of the Confederacy” saying “States Rights” was the real cause of the war, not slavery.

Oct 1 – Several hundred Knights of Pythias paraded in Columbia, led by Ex-Governor, Benton McMillian. The parade formed on east 6th street and proceeded to the Fair grounds at South park via Main street. Members of the order from Mt Pleasant, Culleoka, Spring Hill, south Columbia and Mooresville followed the band, mounted police, deputy sheriffs and governor carriage to the site. The principles of the order are to alleviate the suffering of a brother, secure the unfortunate, zealously watch at the bedside of the sick, soothe the dying pillow, perform the last rites at the grave of a brother, offer consolation to afflicted & care for widow & orphan.

Oct 23 – Columbia approves resolution granting Maury County additional land on the public square to build a new court house. Ed Carpenter, formally of Columbia, now of New York selected as architect of new court house.

Nov 25 – Hal Pointer, Maury County’s famous pacer died at age 17 near Buffalo, New York, 2:041/4 mile.

Dec 25 – An estimated 10,000 turkeys shipped from Maury County for the season.

• Tennessee •

May 7 – John Algood, “colored” rural route mail carrier was held up by masked men near Gallatin and threatened with death if he didn’t resign his postal position. Algood got the position because he placed fist in the competitive examination.

June – Tennessee General Assembly passed first state sales tax of 1 percent to support public schools.

July 1 – Fire destroyed W.F. Purdonis grocery store and nearly all of the west side of the Lewisburg square.

Aug – Tennessee General Assembly passes Adams law, prohibits sale of liquor within 4 miles of any city of 5,000 or less that charters or re-charters, 9 large cities and 6 small cities remain wet. Columbia re-charters to become dry.

Sept 18 – Dr. Samuel H Stout died,82 . Son of Nashville carriage maker, practiced medicine in Pulaski, became surgeon of 3rd Tennessee infantry 1861, placed in charge of the Gordon hospital in Nashville 1862, later supervised 60 confederate hospitals. Left 1500 pounds of records confederate medical records to University of Texas and Tennessee archives.

Sept 25 – A mob broke into the Lynchburg jail and shot to death in his cell, Allen smith. Smith being a Negro prisoner charged with the attempted rape of a white woman.

Oct 30 – Tennessee Railroad Commission issued order to Pullman Palace car company and Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis railroad to “prohibit Negros” from riding in the same sleeping cars and dining cars as whites.

Nov 18 – A Marshall County Grand jury indicted seven men accused of being “White Cappers” who badly beat a Negro, William Noblett and his wife near Farmington. They were later acquitted.

Dec – The Life and Casualty Insurance company founded by Andrew M Burton, Guilford Dudley Jr., Helena Haralson, Dr. J.C. Franklin and Pat M Estes of Nashville.


• United States


Jan 4 – Confederate General James M Longstreet died in Gainesville, Florida, 82.

Jan 12 – Henry Ford sets world speed record in Ford 999 at 91.37 MPH on frozen Lake St Clair in Michigan.

Feb 1 – Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso makes first recording in America.

• World •

Jan 7 – Russian fleet leaves Pro Arthur to intercept Japanese squadron.

Feb 8 – Japan attacks Russians at Port Arthur to begin Russian-Sino war.

Feb 10 – Japanese fleet destroys Russian fleet, 8000 Japanese troops land on Korean peninsula and begin march on Seoul.

March 1 – Rolls Royce Auto company founded.

Feb 5 – US turns over Cuban Govt. to Cubans.

Feb 12 – Great fire sweeps Baltimore and destroys 75 blocks and 2500 buildings in city.

Feb 19 – Prices for wheat-$1.09 bushel; eggs-10 cents dozen, Chicken- 10 cents lb; corn- $2.75 barrel; hams – 10 cents; man’s suit- $3.00; shoes- $2.25 pair.

March 12 – Tunnel under Hudson River between Jersey city and New York City completed after 30 years of digging.

March 14 – US Supreme Court upheld Federal Govt. claim the Northern Securities company represented an illegal merger between Great Northern and Northern Pacific railway companies.

March 31 – Japanese bomb Russian fleet at Vladivostok, Admiral Togo sank 7 Russian ships and tightens blockade of Port Arthur.

April 5 – Russians retreat as Japanese Army reaches Yalu River.

April 18 - Britain and France sign treaty to settle disputes on Morocco ,Egypt , New Hebrides and West Africa boundaries.

April 19 – Great Toronto fire destroys city.

July 1 - 3rd modern Olympic games open in St Louis with World’s Fair.

July 23 – Ice Cream cone introduced at St Louis World Fair and Expo.

July 29 – France and Vatican break diplomatic relations

July 31 – Trans-Siberian railroad completed, 4607 miles long from Chelyabinsk to Vladivostok, 13 years to build.

Oct 18 – 13 day battle at Cha River in Manchuria ends in stalemate as Russians lose 40,000 and Japanese lose 20,000.

April 21 – New York Polo grounds opened.

May 6 – Striking coal miners battled with Colorado militia at Cripple Creek, 22 killed.

June 15 – Excursion steamer, “General Slocum” becomes inferno, killing nearly 1000, mostly women and children in New York City.

July – New York City Broadway subway opened.

Sept 1 – Helen Keller, blind & deaf, graduates from Radcliffe College.

Sept – New York City policemen arrest women for smoking in public.

Nov 4 – Theodore Roosevelt re-elected President. Roosevelt announces he will not run again and endorses Howard Taft for next election.

Dec 2 – St Louis World Fair Expo closed, reports over 18 million visitors.

Nov 26 – 12,000 Japanese killed in 5th assault on Port Arthur Russian defenses.

Dec 31 – New Yorkers celebrate New Year with fireworks and opening of New times building on the square.

Dec 26 – Czar Nicholas II proposes reforms, including liberty for peasants, religious freedom and right of press to report on growing unrest. 302

• Maury


Jan 9 – Maury County 1903 annual financial report showed a total of $37,980 expenditures.

Jan 12 – Maury County Quarterly Court approves selling old jail and lot behind it on NE corner of 6th & North Main.

Jan – First PTA in Maury County formed at McDowell school.

Feb 12 – Elks Home est. in Columbia.

Feb 16 – Eugene Debs speaks to a large audience at the Howard Institute on “Labor Problems” in Mt Pleasant.

Feb 17 – Mr. N.F. Vaughn purchased the Planning Mill on South Garden street from J.R. Lamb for $1500.

Feb – Columbia Electric light company Est.

March 4 – The Columbia Military Academy charter issued, plans are to secure the US Arsenal property.

• Tennessee •

Jan 16 – One Cent Bank opened in Napier court building in Nashville, becomes Citizens Bank. The oldest continuously operating African-American bank in Tennessee.

Feb – Franklin to Nashville interurban rail company chartered.

Spring – The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) formed in Nashville.

March – The Carpenter Road Iron bridge constructed, named to honor T.B. Carpenter, built across Duck River between Jones Bend or “Tugas” and Sharp’s corner.

March – The Hughes bridge built across Duck River at Hunter’s Ford.

April 7 – A new town of 300 has sprung up in Maury County on the Williamson pike on the Allen Harlan place. The town is called “Century” and was started by the Century phosphate company. 60 new houses have been erected for the miners, foreman, superintendent and General manager. Leon Helm is the superintendent of the new mine. Century has a big company store and gets rural mail delivery.

April 22 – The Bank of Culleoka organized, $10,000 capital.

April 30 – After 47 ballots to elect a Principal for the Columbia city school by the board of education it adjourned with no decision. Mr. Frank Williams and W.E. Bostick are the two leading candidates.

May – Columbia Institute wins medal at St Louis World Fair Expo for educational work done by students.

May – US Govt. transfers deed of US Army Arsenal and 67 acres to Columbia Military Academy.

May – Jasper Daniel wins Gold medal at World’s fair Expo in St Louis for his “sour mash” corn whiskey.

May 12 – Gilbert Dowell, colored hung.

June 11 – The “Columbia colored school” closing exercise had three graduates: Mamie A Foster, Della Golden Penny and Ethel Louise Porter. Addressing the students was Prof. S.H. Archer of Roger Williams University in Nashville.

May – Capt. Tom Ryman died, builder of Gospel Tabernacle in Nashville, later home of Grand Ole Opry (Ryman Auditorium)

May – Lockeland Spring Water of Nashville wins prize at St Louis world’s fair exposition.

Carpenter road bridge

June 24 – Foundation of new Maury County Court house laid. •


• Maury


June 24 – Rally Hill pencil factory moved to Nashville.

July 2 – Bank of Culleoka incorporated, Jno. P Graham, President. He is principal of Culleoka school.

July 14 – Dr. Anthony L Pillow died 85, born in Maury County he was the County’s leading physician for 50 years. He had strong literary tastes and was untiring of his reading of Shakespeare. He had no church affiliation and never made any profession of religion, buried at Rose Hill cemetery.

July 19 – Andrew Sellers, one of Maury County’s road superintendents was beaten to death by Will Martin and Sam Sago of the chain gang working on the new road running between Santa Fe and Theta pike.

July 29 – Grand jury charges filed against Maury County Work-house superintendent, Andy Sellers. The prisoners according to the report are treated worse than animals and disgraceful living conditions were found.

Aug 5 – Jas. H Forgey elected Sheriff of Maury County over John Latta, 2311 to 1833.

Aug 24 – Prof. J.H. Kelly, principle of the “colored public school” returned from the St Louis World Expo fair.

Sept – Carpenter bridge over Duck River completed at Sharp’s corner.

Oct – Carpenter Road bridge erected over Duck River.

Oct 8 – The corner stone of the Maury County court house laid, the honorable James Sloan, Grand Master of Tennessee Masons performed the ceremony, time capsule enclosed.

• Tennessee

July – Nashville’s first Carnegie library opens at corner of 8th Ave and Union street.

• •

Prof. J.H. Kelly Aug – Nashville changed downtown street names to numbered streets.

Aug – Nashville’s first “skyscraper” constructed on SE corner of 4th ave north and church street.

Sept 24 – Dark tobacco district planters protective association of Kentucky and Tennessee Est. to protect Dark tobacco prices. Later formed “silent brigade” night riders to destroy property, tobacco fields and farmers to prevent excess tobacco growing.

Sept 24 – Head-on railroad collision at New Market , Jefferson County, Tn. kills 65 people , injurers over 100.

Oct 21 – Martin College in Pulaski , Tn. Totally destroyed by fire.

Nov 4 – John Cox (D) elected Governor of Tennessee.

Oct – Craig’s bridge erected over Duck River near mouth of Snow Creek.


• United States


• World •

Jan 2 - Russian General Stoesels surrendered Port Arthur to General Nogi Maresuke, Japanese take 48,000 Russian prisoners.

Jan 22 – “Bloody Sunday” marked in St Petersburg as 100,000 Russian workers petition Czar Nicholas II for better working conditions, Czar orders troops to fire on protesters, 500 killed.

Feb 23 – Rotary International founded.

March 3 – Czar Nicholas II agrees to elect advisory Duma (assembly).

March 13 – Japanese troops roll up Russian flank forcing Russians to abandon Mukden and southern Manchuria, losing 200,000 men.

Feb 23 – Rotary International founded in Chicago, “Service above Self”.

March 24 – Jules Verne, fiction writer died, 77.

March 4 – Theodore Roosevelt inaugurated.

May – Greeks in Crete revolt against Turks.

April 14 – Body of American Naval hero, John Paul Jones, found in cemetery in Paris, removed and returned to US.

May 28 – Japanese fleet destroys 12 Russian battleships in Straits of Korea.

April 23 – Duke Power Company, owned by tobacco magnate, James B duke, begins operating first electric power plant in North Carolina.

June 30 – Albert Einstein publishes Theory of Relativity.

• •

July 3 – French separate church and state to end Concordant Signed by Napoleon and Pope Pius VIII in 1801.

July 8 – Japanese capture Sakhalin Island.

July 24 – Kaiser Wilhelm II meets Czar Nicholas II in Bjorkoe near St Petersburg to Est. defensive alliance.

Aug 13 – Norway voted to end union with Sweden.

Sept 1 – Alberta and Saskatchewan becomes Providences of Canada.

Sept 5 – Japan and Russia sign treaty of Portsmouth to end War.

Sept 17 – 1000 people killed in Baku oil fields as fighting between Armenians and Tartars erupts in Caucasus.

Jan 7 – President Theodore Roosevelt nominated a Negro as custom official in South Carolina, US Senate denied nomination three times.

Jan 30 – US Supreme Court rules Beef Trust a monopoly.

Jan 30 – 250 foreign and American automobile companies display 100 motor cars at Madison Square Garden auto show in New York City.

Feb 21 – 110 miners died in Birmingham mine disaster.

Feb 22 – At President Theodore Roosevelt’s personal request the 1sr squadron of the 9th Colored Cavalry Troop will participate in the Presidential inaugural parade in Washington DC for first time.

May 15 – Las Vegas founded on 110 acres in Nevada.

June 2 – President Roosevelt agrees to mediate RussianJapanese conflict.

June 27 – International workers of the world (IWW) organized in Chicago.

July 1 – 17 US meat industry leaders indicted for violation of Sherman anti-Trust law.

Aug – First Neon lights appear in New York City.

Oct 25 – President Roosevelt in a speech to 1500 black students at Tuskegee Institute said “The future of the south now depends on both races living up to the spirit of the law and working together.”

• Dec 9 – Intercollegiate football rules committee formed to eliminate unnecessary brutality and “render foul play unprofitable” to the game.

Oct 13 – Leon Trotsky and 26 worker leaders urge armed revolution and form soviets. (worker councils)

Oct 16 – Russian revolution erupts in Estonia, troops kill 94. Czar Nicholas II forced to accept new Russian Constitution.

Dec 30 – Bomb kills Ex-Governor of Idaho, Frank Steunenburg, Western Miners union officials charged.

Nov 28 – Sinn Fein (We ourselves) founded in Ireland.

Dec 30 – 150,000 workers revolt in Moscow put down with cannon fire, over 100 dead.


Dec 31 – One million immigrants enter the Us annually in 1905.

• Maury


Jan – Donald Davidson, writer & poet enters Branham & Hughes prep school in Spring Hill.

Jan 13 – Sowell’s Mill pike opened to public by Maury County court.

Jan 14 – A petition signed by citizens of the “Law and Order” movement in East Hill was presented to the Columbia city council. Several men were said to have expressed threats against Dr. Braxton and others as they crossed the cedar bridge after dark to prevent the presentation of the petition that calls for ending the evils of the East Hill area.

• Tennessee •

Jan 6 – Dynamite was exploded under the house of Joe Short “colored”, south of Petersburg, Tn. It was by a miracle that all the occupants escaped as the end of the house was blown away. One Short boy was fatally injured. The Shorts are very wealthy negros having been left a substantial portion of the estate of their former slave owners many years ago.

Jan 31 – Tennessee state legislature passes law prohibiting horse race betting.

Feb – Radnor College Est. in Nashville by Andrew Nelson Eshman, born in Mt Pleasant in 1865. a minister, educator and author and in Cumberland Presbyterian church.

March 9 – US Senator, William B Bate died, 78. Former Governor of Tennessee and Confederate General. At Spring Hill and Franklin.

Jan 15 – Fire started in a Negro cabin on Gay Alley in “Black Bottom” and spread to 15 cabins which were all destroyed, The fire left 200 negro’s homeless.

Feb 3 – Dr. F.B. Robbins and committee completed historical record of Maury County book of 200 pages, 3000 copies to be printed.

Feb 18 – Colonel Alfred S Horsely died at Confederate Soldiers home near Hermitage, buried in Rose Hill.

Feb 20 – Branham & Hughes school purchased the Martin Cheairs home (Ferguson Hall) and 57 acres from Laura Brown for $10,000, additional 10 acres purchased in 1920.

Feb – Alfred S Horsley, former editor of Columbia Herald died, 73 at old soldiers home in Nashville.

March 3 – A public announcement made that the Columbia Military Academy will open Sept 25 on US Arsenal grounds.

March 24 – The Lee Roundtree trail for the murder of Mr. Reaves in Spring Hill begins.

March – Tennessee legislature creates Department of Game, Fish and Forestry.

April 15 – The rebuilding of the Vaughn Manufacturing building after the fire on Helm’s Branch has resulted in the installation of a large steamboat whistle on the boiler for work signals.

April 17– Tennessee General Assembly adopts official three star Tennessee flag, designed by Capt. Roy Reeves, a Johnson City lawyer.

• •

April 25 – The handsome W.C. Whitthorne residence on Hampshire pike burned. The historic house originally built in 1848 by Elias J Armstrong.

April 21 – The main building of Vanderbilt University burned, built in 1876, loss $150,000.

May 23 – A train wreck at Dark’s Mill on Rutherford Creek occurred.

April 30 – Mrs. Samuel M Arnell died in Johnson City, Tn., formally of Maury county and Zion community.

June 15 – The Riverside Pleasure Park will have its Grand opening soon, a dancing pavilion is being constructed. A Merry Go Round has been installed. Owner, Mr. A.L. Blocker hired J.N. Fisk of Syndicated Amusements of Nashville to furnish amusements this season, including a high rise Japanese Balloon ascension ride to see Columbia from the air.

May 27 – Jas Stewart, a white farmer residing in Lewisburg shot and killed, Moss Henson, “colored” on the public square for insulting his daughter. Stewart armed himself with a shotgun and fired twice. The negro after being shot once didn’t run and said “You got the wrong man.” A 2nd shot killed him instantly, striking him in the head at close range.

June 15 – Dortch Publishing Company moved to new store opposite Post office at #8 Bethell block, published 17 song books, 2.5 million sold.

June 2 – African-Americans in Nashville organized a streetcar boycott to protest a new law requiring separation of races on electric street cars.


• Maury


16th annual

June 15 – The “colored” commencements were held at the “colored public school”. High school graduates were Bessie Burr Grissom, Allen Claiborne Nicholson, Bera Miller, Coarles Wilson Kelly and John W Brown.

June 17 – The recent reunion of the Ashley Brigade at Louisville, Ky. broke into a uproar as the old Columbia grizzled Negro, Felix Goodrum, entered the hall. Felix was mustered into the 9th Brigade as a body servant of his master from whom he took his name and served throughout the war. Known as “The General” here it was said he was a true confederate.

June 23 – The Columbia Canning factory opening opposite Columbia Mill & Elevator was announced, said to produce 20,000 cans per day, employ 60. Horace Raney, President

July 14 – The “colored” Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias of Tennessee convened in Columbia in the south Main street hall for a weeks session. About 100 in attendance with delegates from across the state. Dr. J.P. Cranford of Nashville presiding.

July 22 – John Trotwood Moore announced the “Trotwood” monthly magazine will be published Sept 10 and will be a high class farm monthly.

Aug 2 – Solomon Bunch, builder and owner of the Bunch Mill (Green’s Mill) died at his home on Mt Pleasant pike.

Aug 3 – Nathaniel B Cheairs, Democrat, died, said to be the strongest of personalities in local politics in Maury County.

Aug 15 – The Columbia YMCA secured a 5 year lease on the Rains residence on West 7th street, which has served as the associations headquarters. A gymnasium and bowling alley will be constructed in the back yard. A tennis court in the front yard. A large veranda will be constructed across the front and portion of the West side. The front yard will have settees and rustic furniture. The YMCA has over 800 members.

Aug 28 – The Columbia Military Academy opens on 67 acres with 150 students. Property formally owned by Sims Latta, donated to US Govt. for US Arsenal.

Sept 1 – Maury County Historical Society chartered by Dr. Frank Smith.

Sept 4 – Over 5000 Negro’s assembled on the grounds of White Springs for the annual old Baptists Association meeting here in Columbia for 3 days. Over 1400 “colored” citizens from Nashville arrived on a special train for the baptism and foot washing celebration.

Sept 11 – McCain’s Store, formally owned by Miss E.D. Hall, bought by Matthews and Lovell.

• Tennessee •

June 20 – Simon Ford, a “burly black brute” assaulted Mrs. Mary Stough, a young widow near Manme, Lewis County has met his fate Monday at the hands of 60 determined citizens who overpowered the Sheriff and took him from the jail. He offered up a prayer as at some 15 paces volley upon volley was fired into him by the self chosen avengers. It was estimated that over 500 bullets struck the negro, tearing him to pieces.

Summer- Moses McKissack III “colored” moved to Nashville and opened a construction business from Pulaski in Giles County. His first major construction project was the Carnegie library at Fisk University.

July 5 - Randolph Miler, ex-slave and founder of AfricanAmerican newspaper, “The Chattanooga Blade” launched a street car boycott and formed “black hack” lines to transport blacks in protest of “Jim Crow’ laws.

Aug 29 - The Union Transportation company chartered to provide public transportation for blacks in Nashville.


• Maury

1905 8th

Sept 11 – Morton Funeral Home est. on East


Sept 13 – Over 11000 people attended the Tennessee Fair Association event in Columbia on the first day in South side park. Governor Bob Taylor visited the event. Prof. Mack performed his balloon ascension act as he parachuted from the balloon at 400 feet. This has been the greatest Fair in Maury county’s history.

Sept 25 – The Columbia YMCA chooses its temporary officers: J.F. Brownlow, Pres; Jas a Smiser, Vice-Pres. And Rev. W.A. Provine, Sec & Treasurer.

Sept 26 – W.J. Towler and Matthew Gordon engaged in a street shootout on North Main street in front of the Towler house in Columbia. The gunfight caused by a long standing feud, 8 shots fired, Gordon wounded twice.

Sept 28 – First Maury County Historical Society meeting held.

• Tennessee •

Sept – Preston Taylor, African-American businessman in Nashville purchased land at corner of Spence lane and Lebanon road to Est. Greenwood cemetery for blacks.

Oct – Construction of the Hales Bar dam begins on Tennessee river near Chattanooga. (completed in 1913. TVA acquired dam in 1933, demolished 1968. Tennessee first major flood control dam.)

Oct – Webster-Locke Milling Company est. in Mt Pleasant.

Oct 6 – Noah Finnard, an aged well known “colored” preacher who lived behind the Jack Baugus place six miles north of Columbia was fatally shot in his home after returning from a tent meeting. A shotgun blast fired through the a partially open door struck him in the right side. There has been trouble among the Negro’s here for some time and threats were made against Finnard’s life.

Nov 3 – Interurban service between Nashville and Franklin begins.

Nov 3 – Modern Woodsman of America, Columbia Camp #11,928 organized.

Nov 4 – John Isaac Cox elected Governor of Tennessee.

Nov – D.P. Robbins completed Century Review of Maury County, Tennessee 1807-1907

Dec – Some 200 Maury County Civil war veterans met at the court house, Wm Trousdale Camp and Leonidus Polk Camp consolidated.

Dec 4 – Lee Roundtree faces 2nd murder trial of Mr. Reaves after hung jury.

Dec 7 – R.H. Guest elected Mayor of Columbia.

Dec 15 – Columbia secures Carnegie library donation if Columbia appropriates $1000 annually to support the library operation.

Dec 20 – Columbia Stockyard sales exceeded 6000 mules and horses this year.

Dec 31 – Popular Top formally called “Brown’s” where store operated there by W.R Brown now called Neopolis.


Columbia Female Institute basketball team 1908 Pop Geer and Star Pointer

Columbia Academy parade ground and football field

Columbia Depot station

Maury County Court house 1906

• United States


Jan – Baltimore & Ohio railroad introduce first electric freight locomotives in US into service.

Jan 12 – The Intercollegiate Athletic Association makes forward pass in football legal.

Jan 16 – Marshal Field, founder of first department store died, 70.

Jan 27 – Genaro Lombardi, a New York City street restaurateur introduces first pizza into US.

Feb 4 – New York City police begin using fingerprinting for identification.

March 13 – Susan B Anthony died.

March 29 – 500,000 coal miners strike for higher wages.

March 30 – Rev. Sam Jones died, fiery southern Methodist revival leader, know for his passionate sermons on selfishness, alcoholism and greed.

• World •

Jan 13 – Young Winston Churchill elected as one of 22 new representatives to British representatives of British Liberal party.

March 2 – Finland becomes first nation to give women right to vote.

March 10 – Mine explosion in Coumiers, France kills 1060 miners.

March 24 – British empire, includes 400 million people, onefifth of global population.

April 11 – Dr. Seale Harris, Prof of Medicine at University of Alabama told President Roosevelt that the ravages of “Consumption” (Tuberculosis) among negro’s of the south showed the death rate exceeded the birth rate and the black race in America was endangered of becoming extinct.

April 18 – San Francisco earthquake kills over 3000, destroys the city, 300,000 homeless.

May – “Typhoid Mary” found to be a carrier of typhoid incarcerated for life, (died nov11,1938.)

April 30 – Japan estimates losses in Russo-Sino war at 457,000.

May 12 – Standard Oil of New Jersey indicted for violation of Sherman anti-Trust law.

May 10 – Czar Nicholas II opens first democratic Duma (assembly).

June – Upton Sinclair publishes “The Jungle” to reveal the horrific conditions in meat packing plants in Chicago.

June – Britain forces Turkey to cede Sinai to Egypt.

June 30 – Pure Food and Drug act becomes law.

July – First radio program with music and voice broadcast in New York City.

July 21 – Captain Alfred Dreyfus, twice convicted in military court martial of treason receives Legion of Honor from French Govt.

Aug – US troops occupy Cuba to put down revolt.

Aug 18 – Earthquake hits Chili, killing 5,000.

Nov 2 – Leon Trotsky exiled to Siberia for life.

Aug 16 – The post master of Salisbury, N.C. ordered souvenir post cards of lynching scenes cannot be sent through US mail. Action supported by Washington office and President Roosevelt.

Oct 19 – Tidal wave hits Elliot's key in Florida, killing 2500.

Nov 3 – International agreement adopts SOS as distress call.

Dec 10 – President Roosevelt wins Nobel peace prize for work on Russo-Sino war.

Dec 14 – Germans first U-1 submarine put into service.

Dec 21 – Japan declares Korea a protectorate.

Dec12- Coca-Cola replaces cocaine in soda with caffeine. •


• Maury


Jan 23 – Charles Hunter died in Columbia, blind American Ragtime music composer, born in Columbia May 19, 1876 .

Jan 27 – The handsome new Confederate monument purchased several months ago will be erected on the Mt. Pleasant square, as the Mayor and city council have decided to move the Bell tower and allow the erection of the monument in its place. It was through the untiring efforts of Mrs. J. Tate Jenkins, President of the Bigby Gray‘s Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy convinced city fathers to erect the $1000 monument.

Feb 17 – The new Maury County Court House dedicated.

Feb 17 – The F.R. Gamble store advertized they now are selling the Reo runabout automobile machine.

March 16 – George Ethridge, a white boy living in Cotton factory town (Columbia) shot and seriously wounded Sam Turner “colored”, a driver for Anderson & company. The affair occurred on south Main street when Ethridge came to the store because he heard someone had accused him of stealing chickens and began to beat Pillow McCandless “colored” with a stick. Turner pulled Ethridge off, who went home and returned with a shotgun, shooting Turner in the right side of the face. Turner lost an eye and has severe flesh wounds.

March 19 – The Columbia Student Club will purchase the lot fronting West 7th street on the Athenaeum property for a new Carnegie library if the city approves funds required for operation as required by the Carnegie $10,000 donation.

March 28 – “Uncle” Richard Porter, former slave and the oldest man in Tennessee and maybe the US died in his Macedonia home at 120.

April 11 – The new board of Columbia Carnegie proposed library trustee’s found out recently that under the law there must be 9 trustee’s, not more than 6 must be of any one political party and none must be connected to city government. Revision of the new board will be necessary.

April 28 – Thousands welcomed Senator Edward Carmack home in Mt Pleasant. The Senator was warmly greeted at the train station and the crowd paraded some 2.5 miles to the Goodloe lawn where a special barbecue meat feast, pickles and breads was spread on scores of tables to feed thousands who followed his carriage in the parade.

May – The Mt Pleasant Record newspaper est. by M.B. Young.

May – Crystal Bottling Works purchased Maury Bottling works in Columbia.

May 19 – The committees of the various churches in Columbia to arranged for one big religious union tent meeting met at the YMCA building on west 7th street. The tent will be located on the lot next to Mrs. Hattie Jones place on 8th street between W 7th and Garden street. This is a meeting of the union of spirit, as all the local churches are participating in the event.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Henry Allen Boyd and three local businessmen founded the Nashville Globe, a black owned newspaper.

Feb - Brock Candy Company founded by William E Brock in Chattanooga.

March – Solvent Savings Bank and Trust of Memphis founded by Robert R Church Sr., one of Tennessee’s wealthiest African-Americans.

March 20 – A race riot breaks out in Chattanooga forcing the Governor to call up troops to keep the peace. The riot erupted after 25 white men overpowered the Sheriff and took Ed Johnson, a “colored”, from the court house and hanged him from the bridge over the Tennessee River after the judge announced that the US Supreme court granted his Appeal for a new trail for allegedly assaulting a white woman.

April 25 – Summertown incorporated.

Senator Edward W. Carmack

June 19 – Mr. Thomas A Edison visited Hickman County for the purpose of studying the recent discovery of Cobalt in great quantities from the Hurricane Iron & Mining company owned by Maury County residents and investors including Mr. A. Akin, John W Fly and the estate of the late Major Campbell Brown. Cobalt used to store electricity. 310

• Maury


June - Bear Creek Phosphate Mining Company founded , builds 5 mile rail spur east from Darks Mill to Beechland .

July – New 180 foot Iron bridge across Rutherford Creek on the Franklin-Columbia pike completed, replaces old wooden bridge destroyed by 1905 flood.

July 12 – Lyman T Johnson born in Columbia, Civil Rights leader, teacher. First black to enter University of Kentucky.

Aug 3 – Columbia voted to raise saloon license fee to $1000, 15 saloons still in the city limits.

Aug 3 – Columbia voters defeat referendum to provide financial support for the proposed Carnegie library here, as voters in the 3rd and 4th wards voted heavily against it.

Aug 24 – Dr. Frank Smith announced he will operate a public automobile line between Columbia and Mt Pleasant with his new Reo, and will make two trips per day.

Aug 31 – The last of the little frame stores, once so common on the public square of Columbia are being torn down on the NE corner of the square to make room for a brick building to be used as a automobile garage. These two little buildings were erected in 1854 by Sam S Cain just after the big fire on the square that destroyed Kessee & Pullman’s three story carriage factory. It is said that one of these buildings is where Andy Johnson, future President of US was alleged to have worked as a Tailor with Uncle Jimmy Shelton. F. Lanier had a bowling alley in the rear of one that extended north to the Nelson house. Esq. George W Hayes bought the two frame buildings and will use the material for putting up tenement housing in East Hill.

Sept 5 – A spark from the exhaust ignited a puddle of gas from Frank Smith’s new 12 passenger $1700 Reo at the Athenaeum garage and completely burned, no insurance.

Oct 11 – Fire destroyed 2 acres of buildings at the Columbia Stock yards near the Depot, 115 head lost, $57,000 loss.

Oct 12 – Fire destroyed 1.0.0.F. Hall; Andrews & Williams building; P.Garber & Sam wolf Clothing; T.J. Tucker Grocery; Louis Loeb Bakery; S.E. Callender Produce; F.G. Cook furniture; W.C. Addelotte Printing and Boyd Andrews saloon.

Nov 19 – Cobalt discovered near Mt Pleasant.

Dec 3 – Dr. T.A. Wharton spoke on the subject of “The Negro and the Church” at the First Presbyterian church in Columbia. Dr. Wharton said, “The Negro has his sympathy for he is not responsible for his present condition. The blame should be placed at the door of the people of New England who inspired in the Negro a desire for social and racial equality, things he would never achieve.”

Dec 26 – The Century Club building on West 7th street purchased by Dr. O.J. Porter from Bruce Cochran Jr. and John Cochran for $7500. The building is to be converted into an office, although there is speculation it could be the site of a new Federal Post office to be built here.

• Tennessee

Aug – David Lipscomb leads members out of Disciples of Christ church because of his opposition to Missionary societies, use of instrumental music in worship to form the Church of Christ.

1905 Reo in Coca-Cola ad

Sept 21 – A rail car filled with dynamite exploded and totally destroyed the town of Jellico, Tn. Leaving 12 dead, 200 injured.

Oct 7 – The Daughter’s of the Confederacy dedicated the Sam Davis monument in Pulaski.

Nov 4 – Malcolm R Patterson (D) elected Governor of Tennessee.


• United States


Jan – Pittsburg Reduction company changed name to the Aluminum Company of America, (ALCOA).

Feb 19 – Japan denounces new US immigration law restricting Japanese immigration.

March 14 – Stock Market on Wall Street crashes.

March 25 – A Florence, Ala mob of 300 dealt a summary justice to the Negro, Cleveland Hardin who attempted to out rage Mrs. B.F. Rice. He was captured about a mile form the scene and he offered no resistance. He was tied to a tree and Mr. Rice fired the first shot into him, with the rest of the crowd empting their pistols into his body. Over 1000 shots were fired into him. The Sheriff tried to persuade the crowd to surrender him, but refused. He was left tied to the tree.

May 9 – “Big Bill Haywood”, President of International Workers of the World (IWW) goes on trial for bomb murder of Ex-Governor of Idaho, Frank Steunenberg, who put down the miners strike in Idaho, Haywood acquitted.

• World •

Jan 19 – The Persian Shaw, Muzaffar Ad-Din died in Tehran, 54. He is succeeded by his son, Muhamad Ali.

Jan 22 – Earthquake kills over 700 in Kingston, Jamaica.

March 22 – Mohandas Gandhi, a young Indian lawyer living in South Africa organized a campaign of civil disobedience to protest a new law restricting Asian immigrants.

April 5 – Honduran and Salvadorian troops mass in Guatemala to resist Nicaraguan army advances.

April 15 – Japan completes withdrawal from Manchuria.

June 6 – Arab tribes revolt against Turkish Ottoman rule.

June 10 – Louis Lumiere develops a color photography process.

June 15 – Royal Dutch Shell oil company founded.

June 15 – Norwegian women win right to vote.

July 1 – South African Orange Free State granted self rule govt. by Britain.

July 19 – Korean agreement places Korea under full Japanese rule.

July 29 – Sir Robert Baden-Powell, a celebrated British General, founded the Boy Scouts organization in England.

Aug 4 – French troops land at Casablanca to protect French citizens from muslin attacks.

Aug 17 – British invade Venezuela.

Sept 7 – Pope Pious X and Catholic church recognize civil marriages validity for first time.

July 1 – US army forms Aeronautic Corp.

Aug 4 – Race riot rages in Harlem as first blacks move into area.

Aug 12 – US Telegraph operates strike nation wide.

Oct 1 – New York City Plaza hotel opens.

Oct 16 – Wall Street plunges in panic.

Sept 9 – Spain sends 7000 troops to Morocco to keep peace.

Oct 22 – Ringling Bros. buy Barnum and Bailey “Greatest Show on Earth.”

Sept 25 – New Zealand gains autonomy from Britain.

Oct 5 – Cuban rebels attack Americans in Havana.

Nov 8 – New invention allows transfer of photo’s by wire across country.

Nov 13 – Paul Cornu, a French inventor achieved the first vertical flight in helicopter.

Nov 28 – Control of Belgium Congo transferred from king Leopold II to parliament.

Dec 31 – 167 of 169 Russian Duma representatives found guilty of treason for signing Vyborg manifesto, calling for Russians not to pay their taxes or serve in army, all sent to prison.


Nov 16 – Oklahoma becomes State.

Dec 19 – President Roosevelt sends “Great White Fleet” around the world on show of force tour.

Dec 31 – American suffragettes open campaign to win right to vote for women in New York City.

• Maury


Jan 1 – Interurban rail line between Franklin and Columbia construction begins.

Jan 31 – The Worley Meat Market building on South Main street has been thoroughly overhauled to install a new electric powered theatre.

March 1 – A special committee finds Maury County’s asylum in deplorable conditions, the 125 acre facility lodges 36 inmates, mostly mentally deranged. A diet of coffee, corn bread, bacon and white beans is all that is supplied. The committee recommends closing the facility. March 1 – The Mt Pleasant turnpike dispute appealed to Tennessee Supreme Court.

March 1 – The Porter-Walker hardware company Est.

March 15 – The home long distance telephone company begins operation in Columbia, breaking Bell South’s monopoly. The long distance service to Birmingham, Chicago, Nashville and St Louis is now available.

March 15 – The Columbia Board of trade draws up a new city charter, police chief and City Marshall to be appointed, jurisdiction to be one mile outside the city to stop bootleggers, bawdy houses, dance halls, etc. The Charter to provide fro 3 wards, six alderman versus 4 wards.

March 22 – High grade phosphate found on old kite track property of Mr. D.B. Joyce on Hampshire pike.

March 29 – All saloons in Columbia and Mt Pleasant closed.

April 5 – Dr. Stevens, the “colored” physician bought the drug store on South Main from Dr. Braxton, also “colored”.

April 5 – Columbia’s new three story department store opened on West 7th street, McKennon, Anderson Bros and Foster.

April 18 – President Roosevelt removed Colonel A.M. Hughes as Columbia’s port master and appointed John W Jackson. Col Hughes went to Washington DC to obtain an appointment with president to reverse decision. June 7 – Dr. Stephens, “colored” appeared before the Mayor and Alderman to report there are 40 Negro homes in Columbia where 1 to 5 people have died of consumption (Tuberculosis). The people he says are ignorant and could not be made to understand the danger and need to have their homes fumigated.

• Tennessee •

Jan 1 – Passage of the Pendleton act extends the 4 mile law to large cities with Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville and Lafollette being the only wet cities in Tennessee.

Jan 25 – The permanent Headquarters of the Tennessee Anti-Saloon League opened in the Stegar building in Nashville.

Feb 22 – Governor John Isaac Cox signs bill to repeal Columbia’s city charter, introduced by State Senator Greenlaw to close the cities saloons.

March 15 – Knoxville votes to become a dry city.

March 19 – Tennessee’s Governor’s mansion purchased from John Gray Jr. for $32,500.

March 23 – Middle Tennessee railroad incorporated.

April 2 – Nashville’s first movie theater, “The Dixie” opens on 5th ave north , next to arcade.

April 22 – Giles County court house destroyed by fire.

May 12 – Luke Lea founded , “The Tennessean” newspaper, a ardent prohibitionist merged with ”Nashville America” in 1910 to become the Nashville Tennessean.

June 8 – Flooding in Kentucky and Tennessee kills 29.


• Maury


• Tennessee

June – Prof. John P Graham of Culleoka was made 1st Maury County Superintendent of Schools under new state law. He served until 1928. Previously, Maury County schools organized under district system, each district electing it’s own school board and having it’s own district school tax. District schools had no High schools, but had Primary grades 1 -5 and Secondary grades 6-8 . Total number of district schools was 136. Prof. Graham consolidated schools to 100 by 1910.

Aug 16 – Verse Kines, the Negro who shot Constable Kittrell near Mt Pleasant some weeks ago and in turn was shot in the arm, died at the County jail of blood poisoning.

Sept 12 – The “Colored” Fair horse show and Farmers Congress will be held at the South side park for 3 days, T.W. Stephens Fair manager.

Sept 26 – Daughter’s of the Confederacy dedicated monument to Confederate soldier's in Franklin.

Sept 10 – Freman Cooper of the Shaw construction camp, 4 miles west of Mt. Pleasant shot the Negro, Anderson Booker four times. The wounded Negro said, Cooper had been imposing on the labors of the camp for some time. Booker being afraid of him decided to leave and Cooper took out his shot gun and started shooting.

Oct 25 – President Roosevelt visits Nashville.

Sept 27 – Confederate monument dedicated at Mt Pleasant.

Nov 6 – US Steel purchases Tennessee coal , Iron and Railroad Corp.

Oct 25 – Wm Biddle defeated incumbent Mayor of Columbia, Robert Guest.

Nov 8 – Malcolm R Patterson elected Governor of Tennessee.

Oct 31 – A Jewish Society was organized in Columbia, 20 members elected Mose Lazarus President, Will Barker SecTreasurer.

Nov 7 – Maury County Clearing House issued scrip for two months because of bank failures.

Nov 8 – Maury County Court announced it will now accept checks for all fee’s and taxes as legal tender.


• United States


• World

Jan 1 – Ball signifying New Year’s day drops from Times Square building in New York City for first time.

Jan 1 – Georgia adopts prohibition law.

Jan 5 – Congress votes to make cocaine illegal drug.

Feb 1 – Portugal's King Carlos and the Crown Prince assassinated.

Jan 10 – Secretary of War, Presidential candidate, William Howard Taft agrees to untried campaign plan to include moving pictures for first time to be shown in 5 cent theater’s.

March – Crete proclaims union with Greece.

April 21 – Fredrick A Cook claimed he reached the North pole on this date. Later proven false.

Jan 11 – Grand Canyon national park created.

Feb 3 – US Supreme court rules union boycotts across state lines violates Sherman Anti-trust law.

April 1 – Yale offers first business courses.

April 26 – North Carolina becomes Dry state.

May 10 – Mother’s Day celebrated for first time in West Virginia.

May 28 – Former Confederate General Stephen D Lee died in Vicksburg.

May 26 – First oil strike made in Persia (Iran) by British company.

May 30 – Congress approves first Federal workers compensation law.

June 26 – Shah of Persia, Muhammad Ali, kills the members of his Parliament.

June 24 – Former President Grover Cleveland died in Princeton, New Jersey.

June 30 – Tunguska event impact occurred, believed to be a asteroid exploding over Russian Siberia, destroying 830 sq miles of forest.

July 22 – Albert Fisher Est. Fisher Body Corp to manufacture auto bodies.

July 6 – Robert Peary set sail for north pole.

Aug 12 – Henry Ford introduces first “Model T, Tin Lizzy” auto, cost $850.

July 13 – 4th Olympic games open in London.

Aug 19 – Belgium formally annexed the Congo.

Aug 21 – Orville Wright contracted to build first Army airplane.

Oct 8 – Serbia threatens war with Austria to gain freedom of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aug 30 – Former confederate General Alexander Stewart “Old Straight” died, 87 in Biloxi, Miss.

Nov 6 – Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid killed in Bolivia.

Dec – First Zionist colony Est. in Palestine.

Dec 2 – Pu Yi, 3 year old nephew of late emperor of China becomes last Emperor.

Dec 14 – First representative parliament in Turkey opened.

Dec 26 - Jack Johnson of Galveston, Tx. Becomes first Negro to win World Heavyweight boxing championship by knocking out Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia.

Dec 30 – Earthquake in southern Italy and Sicily kills est. 200,000 people. 315

Sept 16 – William Crapo Durant organized General Motors with Buick motor car company and Oldsmobile.

Sept 17 – Lieut. Thomas Selfridge of US Army Signal Corp killed in airplane crash piloted by Orville Wright, first such causality. 27th President,

Nov 3 – William Howard Taft elected defeating William Jennings Bryan.

Nov 27 – US post office purchased first automobile for rural delivery.

• Maury


Jan 3 – Columbia, Godwin and Santa Fe turnpike owners charge Judge W.O. Gordon with conspiracy to harass and close turnpikes.

• Tennessee •

Jan 10 – Nashville approves 2nd 100 acre park in East Nashville at cost of $12,000.

Jan 10 – Over 700 mules shipped from Maury County to southern cotton and sugar fields, average price $150, best pair of black mules sold for $525 and sent to Georgia.

Jan 31 - Tennessee Railroad Commission ordered Tennessee Railroads to lower passenger rates to 2.5 cents per mile.

Jan 24 – E.J. Parks of Culleoka loaded 26 cars of Tennessee Triumph seed Irish potatoes for points south and west at $1.75 per barrel.

Feb 4 – The people of Columbia will have the opportunity to see the production of “The Clansman” at the Grand Opera house, produced by Thomas Dixon Jr. This remarkable play shows the efforts of a devoted and heroic band to preserve the Anglo Saxon civilization. “No section of the South will the story of the Ku Klux Klan appeal more than this county.”

Feb – Night Rider’s of Reelfoot Lake in Obion and Lake counties begin imposing vigilante justice with violence over title to Reelfoot lake. Eventually six riders arrested and convicted for murder of Quinton Rankin, but over turned in Tennessee Supreme court. State acquired title to Lake in 1914 ending threat of private ownership.

Feb 19 – Brown Hal, Champion pacer died, 29 at the Cleburne farm in Spring Hill, owned, Major Campbell Brown & Capt. M.C. Campbell.

March – Abe Plough starts the Plough Chemical company in Memphis at age 16 with $125 loan from his father, Moses Plough. By 1920 he bought the St Joseph aspirin company and later merged with the Schering company to become Tennessee’s largest drug company.

• •

Feb 21 – Maury County’s “King of Bootleggers”, Joe M’Kibbon arrested in Columbia’s West side area.

Feb 21 – Maury County Court records show a historic high number of divorces, 65 in 1907.

March 10 – The Interurban begins operating between Nashville and Franklin.

March 6 – Maury County Republicans split into two factions, one supports the Hopkins-Brownlow ticket and the other the Jackson-Evans ticket.

March 25 – Middle Tennessee Railroad organized.

March 13 – Maury County Court votes to consolidate Williamsport and Sawdust schools.

March 13 – More than 150,000 dozen eggs shipped from Maury County this week, average price is 15.5 cents per dozen.

April 28 – Tennessee General Assembly passes General Education act, requires each County to Est. a High school, 25 percent of state gross income would go to Education fund.

March 20 – Over 400,000 tons of phosphate shipped in 1907 from Maury County at $50 to $60 per ton.

April 1 – President Roosevelt removes Columbia’s post master, John W Jackson for political activity and admitting to organizing the “Taft Club” in Mt Pleasant. Later reappoints Jackson to his office.

May 11 – A dozen Bigbyville citizens administered a lesson to Tom Booker “colored” who was said to have insulted the lady of a house there. She called her brothers who escorted Booker to the orchard for a through whipping and forced him to leave the state.

May 13 – The Hay Long College, a splendid educational building in Mt Pleasant has been offered to the city of Mt Pleasant by the trustee’s. The offer must be approved by the Presbyterian church who owns the property.

May 9 – The Negro, Elmo Howard charged with assault of Miss Claudia Allen, daughter of L.P. Allen was taken from the jail in Pulaski and hanged from the bridge across Richland Creek. From the beginning the Negro denied the charge. The Sheriff, John Holt said he didn’t desire to call any names. The body was cut down and turned over to his mother who watched the execution.

• •

May 22 – Branham and Hughes school at Spring Hill graduates 43 students.

June 5 – 3300 head of lamb shipped to St Louis this week from Columbia at 6.75 cents per Lb.

June 21 – Maury County celebrates Centennial. •


• Maury


July 3 – Maury County reports harvest of 150,000 bushels of Burt oats this year at .40 to .45 cents per bushel.

July 10 – Maury County Fair Association begins construction of several large barns for sheep, hogs, Cattle, mules and jacks and horses to display livestock at Fair.

• •

Aug 19 – The Riverside Planning Mill completely destroyed by fire, $20,000 loss. Plant was on North Main, a small house south of the plant caught fire also as did the residence of J.B. Phelps on East 6th street.

• Tennessee •

Aug 5 – Senator Edward Carmack defeated in heated primary election over issue of Prohibition by Governor Malcolm Patterson.

Aug 29 – The body of George Johnson, a young Negro who confessed to an attempted assault on a white girl in Murfreesboro is still hanging from the limb of a small Oak tree on the Nashville highway outside the city limits. Some 75 executioners took him from the Deputies enroute to Nashville.

Sept 2 – Construction begins on Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Edward Carpenter of Maury County is architect.

Aug 28 – Columbia Canning ships 350,000 cans of Tomatoes, employs 125 people.

Aug 28 – Harry Granberry on trial for murder of Washington Long 19, June 6 at Peter’s Pool Hall in Mt Pleasant. Granberry shot Long without warning several times for alleged insult to his wife. Washington never saw the murder coming. Defense alleged Granberry deranged because of venereal disease, found not guilty.

Sept 11 – Maury County school age population at 12,915, 7324 white and 5541 black.

Sept 11 – The City of Mt Pleasant Board of Education est. a free public school system after procuring the Hay Long College property. Prof. C.W. Johnson of Alabama is the new principal. The city also purchased property of the Howard institute & will be under the charge of Prof. James A Bostick.

Sept 21 – The Matthews Bros. Stable on E. 7th street swept by fire, destroying 12 horses , 11 vehicles, $15,000 loss.

Oct 31 – The Ringling Bros circus, “The Biggest Show on Earth” is in Columbia, set up in Riverside park area. 20 Camels pulled one Tableau, 651 horses, numerous nations represented.

Nov 4 - Phoebe J Armstrong “colored”, wife of A.J. Armstrong died at her home on E 10th street. She taught school at the “Columbia public colored school” and was held in high esteem by her race. Her husband is one of the foremost citizens of his race in Columbia.

Nov 17 – Jim Holder, a white man was arrested for making violent threats against the Jones Phosphate company Negro’s in the mines. Holder has been telling the Negro’s that night rider’s would beat them if they worked for less than $1.12 per day.

• •

Nov 18 - The director of the Geological topographic survey of the Franklin quadrangle is completed and includes Maury County.

Nov 27 – Construction of new Columbia Post office begins.

Dec 4 – Riverside Planning Mill Company dissolved.

Dec 25 – Maury County shipped 200,000 lbs of Turkeys over holiday season, at average price of $1.50 per turkey.

Howard Institute

Nov 4 – Malcolm Patterson re-elected Governor of Tennessee.

Nov 10 – Senator Edward W Carmack shot and killed in Nashville by Duncan Cooper and his son Robin Cooper, sentenced to 20 years, pardoned by Governor Patterson.

The Clansman , a play later made into the movie “ The Birth of A Nation” by D.W. Griffith in 1915.


• United States


Jan – “Teddy Bear” craze sweeps the country.

Jan 16 – New York city reports 444 killed by Street car accidents in 1908.

• World •

Jan 16 – Ernest Shackleton expedition finds magnetic south pole at 88 degrees 25 minutes south.

Feb 1 – Jose Miguel Gomez inaugurated as Cuban president.

Jan 29 – New York Metropolitan building completed, world’s tallest building at 50 stories.

Feb 24 – Serbia begins arming itself and demands AustrianHungarian troops leave Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Feb 4 – California law segregates Japanese school children from white children.

March – First “Permanent” waves given to women by London hairdressers.

Feb 12 – National Association for the Advancement of colored People (NAACP) founded by W.E.B. Dubois and others.

March 16 – Revolt breaks out in Cuba.

March 26 – Russian troops invade Persia (Iran) to support Shah Muhammad Ali.

April 6 – Commander Robert E Peary of US Navy plants US flag at North pole, accompanied by Matthew A Henson, African-American, after 31 day trek with 4 Eskimos.

April 13 – Albanian Army troops surround Turkish parliament, dispose of Hilmi Pasha.

April 14 – British petroleum-Persian oil company formed after discovery of oil.

April 18 – Joan of Arc named saint by Pope.

April 19 – Macedonian troops invade Constantinople, Turkey recognizes Bulgarian independence.

May – Michio Suzuki starts Loom works, later develops automobile in Japan.

June 25 – First successful airplane flight across the English channel made by Louis Bleriot.

June 26 – Shah of Persia, Muhammad Ali annuls electoral vote law.

Aug 6 – Catalonia, Spain in full revolt, 1000 killed.

Sept 2 – Dr. Fredrick Cook claimed he first reached North pole on April 21, 1908 before Robert Peary’s date of April 6, 1909, claim later proved false by investigative committee.

Oct 26 – Prince Ito, Japan’s greatest statesman , assassinated by Korean nationalist.

Nov – Civil war in Honduras erupted.

Dec 17 – King Leopold of Belgium died.

Feb 17 – Geronimo, Chiricahua Indian leader died, 80.

March 4 – William Howard Taft inaugurated President.

March 30 – Queensboro Bridge linking Manhattan and Queens opens.

April – Roanoke Rapids Paper company of North Carolina begins mass production of pulp paper Brown bags and wrapping paper.

June 1 – World’s Fair opens in Seattle, Washington.

July 12 – 16th amendment to US constitution ratified by the states, allows Federal govt. to levy income tax.

July 18 – Women nationwide reportedly are flocking to Reno, Nevada for divorces.

July 23 – Capt. William Banks Caperton, formally of Spring Hill, awarded command of new battleship USS Maine.

July 30 – Wright brothers deliver first Aircraft to US Army under contract.

Aug 2 – First Lincoln head penny minted.

Aug 21 – Barney Oldfield drove German Benz racer to 5 world speed records at Indianapolis speedway in 5-10-15-20 and 25 mile records.

Aug 28 – Glenn Curtiss wins International aviation cup flying 12.42 miles in 15 minutes.

Sept 9 – Halley’s Comet first sighted on photo plate.

Nov 11 – US navy Est. a Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Dec 17 – AFL labor union leader, Samuel Gompers declares war on US Steel Corp. over “open shop” policy.

Dec 26 – Fredrick Remington, sculptor and painter died, 48.


• Maury


Jan 1 – Columbia reports arrests fall from 709 in 1907 to 358 in 1908 because of saloon closings.

Jan 1 – United Wireless Telegraph company announced it will install a wireless telegraph in Columbia.

Jan 8 – 1000 mules sold Monday in Columbia, sets historic record for sales.

Jan 8 – Maury County school budget set at $16,498 .

Jan 15 – Maury County Democrats voted to demand prohibition of the sale and manufacturing of Liquor in Tennessee.

Jan15 – The Middle Tennessee Railroad reaches Leipers Fork.

Jan 22 – Mr. Charles Gamble of the E.W. Gamble grocery store announced he will now deliver goods to customers with his new automobile.

Feb 9 – N.J. Carter has purchased the Electrical Theatre on S. Main. Mr. Carter has been conducting the show at the Gem further up the street. He will change the name to the “Orphyuem.”

Feb 12 – The First National Bank of Mt Pleasant construction completed.

Feb 19 – Lieut. Upham and his crew of US Army surveyors arrived in Columbia to map Maury County for the War Department.

Feb 26 – Aunt Nancy Alderson, the oldest person in Maury County died at her home near Neapolis, 112. She was a slave owned by Natur Alderson from Virginia who settled near Leiper’s Creek. She was married three times, had 15 children and nursed Judge W.O. Gordon as an infant.

March 12 – The Negro Businessmen’s League of Columbia organized at Mount Lebanon Baptist church, A.T. Morrell elected President; Prof. J.H. Kelly Sec; Albert Wright Treasurer. The purpose of the organization is to “promote and stimulate business among the colored race.”

• Tennessee •

Jan 9 – Six Reelfoot lake “night riders” sentenced to death in Tennessee for murder of Capt. Quintin Rankin, Tennessee Supreme court later overturns conviction.

Jan 15 – Tennessee General Assembly passes “Holladay bill” to prohibit the sale of liquor and Est. of saloons in Tennessee, Governor vetoes bill.

Jan 26 – Tennessee General Assembly passes “Holliday bill” over Governor’s veto to outlaw all saloons in Tennessee.

Feb 10 – Cornerstone of state War Memorial building in Nashville laid.

March 19 - $1 million donation of Peabody fund given to Peabody college for teachers in Nashville.

March 26 – Columbia City alderman voted to compel property owners to pay two-thirds of the cost of sidewalks, the first 400 yards of sidewalk laid along West 7th street.

March 26 – Duncan and Robin Cooper found guilty of murder of Senator Edward W Carmack, sentenced to 20 years in prison at hard labor.

April 23 – Maury County Court voted to seek the “Normal College” after the Tennessee legislature passed the Education bill to Est. four Normal schools in the state. The schools will be 4 year colleges with 500 students, County to provide 25 percent of cost of support, no tuition for students.

April 12 – The Tennessee General Assembly passes the election reform bill over governor Patterson’s veto to provide an election commission and judge by a majority vote of County Commission.

April 30 – Over 400 “colored” crowded into Chancery Court in Columbia to hear the divorce of the prominent “colored” citizens of Henry and Nellie Sanders charged with infidelity.

April 30 - President Taft nominates Tennessee Judge Horace Lurton to US Supreme court.


• Maury


March 24 – George Killebrew & Paul Rose from Michigan are planting 20 acres of Asparagus in Mt Pleasant to inaugurate a new crop in the area. Colonel E.L. Armstrong leased the land on Ashwood. It takes 3 years for the crop to develop.

April 12 – Dr. T.A. Wharton preached his last sermon at the First Presbyterian church, leaving for Sherman, Texas where he accepted a call to serve.

April 27 – Major W.J. Whitthorne, a veteran of two wars died at his home of pneumonia, 64. Born in Bedford County in 1845, served as Pvt. In 1st Tennessee regiment in Civil war at 16. Served in Spanish-American war in Philippines.

April 30 – John B Ashton’s Ice plant, located ½ mile from the court house begins operation for first time.

May 4 – Mr. George W Kittrell , 84 of Carter’s Creek and Mr. Matthew Cooper 83 are the last two survivors of a company of 100 who fought Santa Anna in Mexican war from Maury County.

June 9 – L.J. Kimball who was captured by the Yankee’s in Columbia in 1864 in Columbia was placed in the Columbia Female College (Andrews school), used as a hospital being Kimball was wounded returned to see the place once more. He served in company G, 12th Louisiana of Loring’s division. Kimball was captured at the battle of Franklin and said two Columbia women, Mrs. William Littlefield and Miss Virgie Akin aided his escape and he owed them much.

June 23 – Maury National and Farmers & Merchants Banks merged, 1.5 million in assets.

June 25 – William Jack Oakes new furniture & chair factory begins operation in Riverside, this side of the Ashton Mill.

June 29 – Colonel A.M. Hughes phosphoric acid spring 7 miles east of Mt Pleasant is the only one of its kind in Maury County. Col. Hughes is receiving orders from as far as Washington for the water said to be good for stomach aliments. He is considering bottling the water for sale.

July 9 – Maury County approves $100,000 bond for state Normal school, Columbia offered the Athenaeum property and agreed to contribute $25,000 toward effort.

July 16 – Columbia sculptor, Frank Boardman was awarded the contract to construct a memorial monument to honor Senator Edward W Carmack on the Columbia public square for $5800.

July 22 – First baseball game played under lights in Columbia at Academy field, Chickasaw Indians came to play Louisville & Nashville railroad team.

• Tennessee •

May 1 – Tornado kills over 50 in Tennessee, 10 in Centerville and 20 in Pulaski.

Oakes Chair factory in Riverside

Senator Edward W. Carmack grave in Rose Hill cemetery

July 28 - The first session for Negro farmers ever held in US was held in Nashville at the state capital, B.J. Carr of Wilson County elected Chairman. Speakers addressed need for scientific farming improvements.


July 26 – Farmers & Merchants Bank reorganized under new state charter.

• Maury


Aug 6 – Dr. T.W. Stephens proposed that the ‘colored” raise funds to build a Manuel Training School for Maury County.

Aug 13 – Columbia passes speed limit ordinance for automobiles at 12 MPH.

Aug 20 – A new Columbia sub-division was announced, Highland Park for south Columbia, to be divided by Highland Park drive with 20 lots available on each side.

Sept – Athenaeum Davis Hall torn down, 300,000 bricks and $1000 of lumber sold to build Tennessee Orphan Home, later bricks used to build old Whitthorne Jr. High School on 8th street, present day Maury County school board site.

Sept 1 – Bishop H.B. Parks of the A.M.E. Methodist church will dedicate the “colored” St Paul’s church said to have been originally built in 1870 of stone, rebuilt in 1887 by Rev, G.L. Grigsby, but never completed. Three years ago Rev. L.L. Howard took charge and completed the task, now seating over 800.

Sept 17 – Dr. T.W. Stephens proposed holding a “Negro Maury County Fair.”

Sept 17 – The First Christian church announced plans to construct a state orphanage in Columbia, purchased two lots on West 9th .

Sept 17 – Walter Hal defeated Greer’s Direct in two heats, 2:13 ¼ and 2:16½ before large crowd at County fair grounds.

Sept 18 – James L Finney has leased the Columbia Herald and will take charge. Mr. Finney comes to Columbia from Brownsville, Tn. Where he published the “States Graphic.”

Sept 20 – First “colored” Fair opens at South Park. The Pulaski Tigers will meet the Columbia cubs in baseball game.

Sept 30 – Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Buffalo Bill Wild West show arrived in Columbia with 1500 people, hundreds of animals.

Oct 8 – W.A. Derryberry brought the first English Walnuts (125 lbs) to Columbia, grown in his grove planted in 1872, 9 miles east of Columbia on Bear Creek.

Oct 11 – The Maury County Court approved a $3000 expenditure for maintenance of a County High school. As a result the City High school will be thrown open to students from across the County.

Oct 29 – Dr. William Biddle elected Mayor of Columbia, Administrative ticket makes almost clean sweep, with negro’s almost entirely supporting the ticket.

Nov 11 – Davis Hall, 40 room building at Athenaeum razed for construction of orphanage home, Est. 300,000 bricks in old building.

• •

Nov 20 – Booker T Washington speaks at Columbia's Grand Opera house, “Balcony reserved for the colored.” Dec 31 – Over 30,000 turkeys shipped from Columbia over holidays, valued at $125,000.

• Tennessee •

Aug – Tennessee Supreme court finds law prohibiting manufacture of whiskey or wine unconstitutional.

Sept – Tennessee Normal school college site selection committee selects Murfreesboro over Columbia for new state college school.

King’s Daughters’ Hospital on West 9th

Oct 22 – Belle Meade with 400 acres sold to J.O. Leake, a Nashville capitalist for $110,000.

Oct 26 – The 43rd Tennessee conference of Methodist Episcopal church “colored” will convene in Columbia, presided over by Bishop H.B. Parks of Chicago and attended by 150 delegates from across Tennessee.

Dec 5 – The Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel opened, built around southern Railway terminal.


• United States


Jan 1 – Caruso sings first radio broadcast from Metropolitan Opera in New York city.

Jan 12 – Mann Act passed by Congress, prohibits white slavery, transporting women over state lines.

Feb 8 – William D Boyce, Chicago publisher filed papers to form Boy Scouts of America in Washington DC.

• World •

Jan 3 – British coal miners strike for 8 hour day.

Jan 25 – Rebel troops defeat Nicaraguan Govt. troops in bloody battle at La Liberatad.

Jan 26 – Paris flood threatens Louvre.

Feb 7 – Belgium, Germany and Britain agreed to fix borders of the Congo, Uganda and East Africa.

Feb 20 – Boutros Ghali, first prime minister of Egypt assassinated.

March 10 – Slavery abolished in China.

April 23 – World’s Fair opens in Brussels.

May 6 – King Edward VII of England died, 68 . King George V assumes crown.

June 22 – Zeppelin Deutschland becomes first Airship to transport passengers in Berlin.

June 24 – Japanese Army invades Korea.

Aug 13 – Florence Nightingale, humanitarian died, 90.

Aug 14 – Brussels World Fair burns, $100,000 loss.

Aug 22 – Japan annexes Korea.

Aug 28 – Montenegro proclaims independence, kingdom under King Nicholas I

Sept 3 – 50,000 dockworkers in Britain fired after striking.

• Oct 16 – Over 1 million immigrants enter US, led by 193,000 southern Italians.

Oct 4 Portugal rebels declare a republic, King Manuel II flees to England.

Oct 25 – Tidal wave in Gulf of Naples in Italy kills 1000.

Nov 27 – New York City Penn station opened.

Oct 27 – British troops land in Persia as revolt continues.

Dec 4 – Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science church founder died, 89.

Nov 10 – Revolt in Mexico begins against President Porfirio Diaz, revolt led by Francisco Madero.

Dec 6 – The US District Court of appeals ruled that 1/128 of Negro blood makes a person “colored”. The case involved 8 year old Isabel Wall who filed suit against the local board of education who had barred her from a white school. (one drop rule)

Nov 20 – Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer died.

Dec 17 – Union of South Africa hold first Parliament, under dominion status of Great Britain.


Feb 8 – D.W. Griffiths epic Civil War movie, “The Birth of a Nation” premiere’s in Los Angeles.

Feb 27 – Surgeons at Beth Israel hospital in New York City use first X-Ray machine to detect and remove nail from 9 year old boy.

March 18 – Oil discovered near Los Angles.

April 20 – Halley’s comet first observed by eye.

April 21 – Samuel Clemens, “Mark Twain” writer died, 74.

May 16 – US Bureau of Mines Est. within Department of Interior.

June 15 – First Father’s day celebrated in Spokane, Wash.

June 18 – Congress passed the Mann-Elkins act, bringing telephone, telegraph, cable and wireless firms under the umbrella of the Interstate commerce commission.

July 1 – Black and Decker company founded by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker.

Aug 27 – Thomas Edison demonstrates new talking motion picture at laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey.

Aug 31 – Theodore Roosevelt outlines progressive policy of new nationalism and “Square Deal” on 5000 mile speaking tour.

Sept 8 – Illinois Miners return to work after 5 month strike.

• Maury


Jan 14 – New Lasting Hope Presbyterian church completed in Carter’s Creek.

Jan 14 – Dobbins & Ewing lease old Caldwell Tanning yards on Embargo street to process 200 raw hides daily by steam, employs 20 people.

Jan 17 – The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that the Maury County Livestock law is constitutional. As a result, John T Akin clinches his job as Livestock inspector.

Jan 17 – The Nashville-Franklin Interurban Board of Directors elected J.H. Carpenter of Columbia, President of the Middle Tennessee railway line. Meade Frierson Sr. of Columbia elected General Manager.

Jan 29 – The Columbia Post office moved into a new building two blocks West of old location on West 7th street. The new building is commodious and beautiful and lighted with gas and electricity.

Feb 4 – New Post office in Columbia opens, has first revolving door in Columbia, cost $55,000.

Feb 7 – Cornerstone of Church of Christ Orphan home laid on West 8th street in Columbia.

Feb 11 – Construction of the new Christian Church State Orphanage begins on Galloway and West 9th street.

March – Middle Tennessee Railroad begins construction from Franklin to Mt Pleasant along Leiper’s Creek.

March 4 – New City Mill and Grain company plant begins steam operation to grind 300 barrels of flour and 500 barrels of corn meal per day.

March 18 – Star Pointer returning to Maury County, age 21 now at Rosewood stock farm, owned by R.W. Williams, located on Mooresville Pike. Star Pointer ran first sub-2 minute mile as pacer at 1:59 ¼ .

March 25 – Maury County trappers reported to trade $18,000 of furs, including 4 wild cats, 1 Otter, 21 Red foxes, 58 Grey fox, 40 house cats, 1610 skunks, 2000 opossums and 725 raccoons.

March 25 – Asparagus planting has increased to several hundred acres in Maury County.

March 30 – Tennessee horsemen vigorously opposed admission of Negro drivers to the state fair. John P McGaw, Secretary of the Maury County Fair Association and Hardin W Thomas of Columbia said in a passionate speech said that the Maury County Fair Association had banned all Negro’s from their Fair races and the state fair needed to also ban them.

April 1 – First Republican County convention held in Columbia, no blacks attended as they have shifted their support to Gov. Patterson.

• Tennessee

March 1 – The historic Battle Ground Academy destroyed by fire.

New Columbia Post Office

April 13 – Governor Patterson pardons Duncan and Robin Cooper for murder of Senator Edward W Carmack.

May – World’s first night flight of airplane occurs in Nashville from Cumberland park.


• Maury


April 1 – According to Mrs. Joe Fleming, March was the driest month in history over last 100 years with only ¼ inch for entire month.

April 4 – Hampshire toll pike sold for $8000 to Austin Harlan and John F Stephenson by Mrs. Alice Smith and Hughes estate heirs.

April 8 – The Tennessee Fair Association ruled that negro drivers could not appear on the track after Maury County Fair officials complained of their participation.

April 15 – Tornado hits south Main street in Columbia, it destroyed James Morton undertaking and back of gamble’s store.

May 6 – George P Webster of Cross Bridges died. He owned Webster’s Mill. Father of the Citizens Telephone company who constructed first independent telephone system here.

May 6 – Halley’s comet first visible in Maury county.

May 20 – The 75th diamond anniversary of the Columbia Institute celebrated.

May 20 – New Fry Brother’s Motor company formed and incorporated in Columbia. Horace Rainey, President; J.C. Parks, Vice-President; Andrew Dale, John W Fry, George E McKennon stockholders. New garage set up in old skating rink on South High street. New Buicks to be sold & serviced.

July 7 – Another Columbia baseball team has been organized among the “colored” people to be known as the “Black Socks”, managed by Harlan Green and it will have 8 of the original Columbia Cubs.

July 8 – Columbia city council votes to ban movies of Jack Johnson-Jack Jefferies fight.

July 15 – Columbia passes “Hitching Ordinance” to ensure all horses-mules secured in town.

Aug 26 – Christian Church of Columbia opens orphanage.

Aug 26 – Mr. Tube Miller found a large pearl near the Suck Island, sold it for $1200.

Aug 26 – “Suck Island’ dynamited with 20 cases of dynamite on Duck River after recent drowning of Miss Cristine Patton 19, and Mrs. Virge Patton,26. Blasting ordered by Colonel Jos. H Acklen state game warden to clear rocks and debris where victims have drowned.

Sept 2 – Maury Motors organized to succeed Fry Bros. Motor company.

• Tennessee

July – Boy Scouts in Tennessee Est.

July – Marathon Motor Car company begins manufacturing in Nashville, owned by Augustus H Robinson.

July 4 - Negro Jack Johnson retains the heavyweight boxing championship by knocking out James “Jack’ Jefferies in Reno, Nevada. The win caused fierce riots across the country, 8 Negro’s killed.

July 15 – the Lilly Mill at Franklin burned. The four story structure cost $23,000.

Aug – Tennessee census at 2 million.

Sept 12 – Appalachia Exposition opens in Knoxville, first held in south, theme is “New South.”

Sept 19 - New Hermitage Hotel opens, cost $1 million. John H Carpenter of Columbia, architect, builder and lessee of hotel. 324

• Maury


Oct 7 – Maury County reports largest cotton crop ever harvested, over 1400 acres.

Oct 8 – Robert Davis Smith died, age 68, son of Franklin G Smith and Principle of Athenaeum.

Dec 2 – The biggest hog killing day in Maury County ever occurred with over 8000 hogs slaughtered.

Dec 16 – Star Pointer died at the Rosewood farm. Mr. Williams will send the remains to the University of Chicago to be mounted. Star Pointer (1889-1910) sired by Brown Hal, out of Sweepstakes began racing at 5 years of age, first to break sub two minute mile in pacing with world record of 1:59 ¼ at Readville, Mass.

Dec 23 – The oldest person in Tennessee, Violet Hardison died at Rock Springs at 124 years old. A former slave, born in North Carolina in 1786.

• Tennessee •

Nov 5 – Ben W Hooper ( R ) elected Governor of Tennessee. Edward H Crump first elected Mayor of Memphis to begin his long career as Tennessee’s “Democratic political boss.”

Dec 2 – Tennessee Supreme court rules legislative ban on manufacturing is constitutional, as fight for “new south” intensifies.

Star Pointer at Yonker’s New York 1899


• United States


Jan 2 – President Taft recognizes rebel Govt. in Nicaragua and withdraws US troops.

• World •

Jan 28 – The “Hope Diamond” sold for $300,000 at 44.5 carets.

Jan 18 – First successful airplane take off and landing from a ship completed by US Army in San Francisco Bay.

Feb 21 – British Parliament, House of Commons votes to remove House of Lords veto power over legislation.

Jan 21 – Senator Robert LaFollette (R) Wisconsin forms National Progressive Republican League, favors direct election of US Senators, stronger Federal laws against corrupt business practices and election of delegates to party conventions.

Feb 24 – German Reichstag votes to increase Army by 515,000 .

Feb 2 – Minnesota doctors announce Tetanus can be cured by injecting Epson salts solution into spinal cord.

April – Armistice ends Mexican Civil war.

April 21 – French troops rushed to Morocco to aid Sultan Mulai Hafid against rebels.

May 1 – China in chaos as revolt grows.

May 21 – President Diaz of Mexico resigns, Madero signs peace treaty ending Mexican rebellion.

June 22 _ King George V of England coronated.

Feb 17 – Charles Kettering installs first electric automobile starter into a Cadillac.

March – Japan presents Washington DC with Cherry trees as gift and token of friendship.

March 12 – Dr. Francis Peyton Rous of the Rockefeller Institute discovers virus that causes infantile paralysis (Polio) .

March 15 – President Taft appoints James C Napier of Nashville as Registrar of Treasury, first African-American to high Federal post.

March 25 – Fire kills 146 young women at Triangle Shirtwaist factory sweatshop in New York City.

Aug 10 – British House of Lords yields veto power over legislation.

April 12 – Carnegie Foundation Est. with $135 million.

Sept 30 – Italy declares war against Turkey over control of Tripoli.

May 15 – US Supreme Court found Standard Oil Corp guilty of restraint of trade, orders its dissolution.

Oct 1 – Winston Churchill promoted to Naval minister.

May 30 – First Indianapolis 500 auto race held, Ray Harroun was winner, used rear view mirror for first time.

Oct 2 – Francisco Madero elected President of Mexico.

Oct 10 – Revolutionarys in China declare Republic.

June 12 – Congress votes to amend the US Constitution to elect US Senators directly, sends amendment to states.

Oct 20 – Italy plants flag over Tripoli, annexes it.

Oct 30 – Chinese Emperor Pu Yi and Regent Chun granted constitution to Chinese rebels.

Nov 4 – France gets Morocco in deal with Germany, France in exchange cedes 96,000 sq miles of northern French Congo to Germany.

Nov 11 – Russia invades northern Persia (Iran).

Dec 10 – Madame Marie Curie wins Nobel prize in Chemistry.

Dec 14 – Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen and four companions reach South pole.

• •

Dec 29 – Dr. Sun Yat-Sen elected President of China.

July 1 – Vitamins in food supply discovered.

Oct 2 – Johnstown Dam breaks, kills over 850 people.

Oct 29 – Joseph Pulitzer, publisher died, 74

Nov 1 – William C Durant, after losing control of General Motors, incorporates Chevrolet Motor Car company with Louis Chevrolet.

Nov 11 – First wireless transmission received in New York City from Marconi wireless in Italy.


• Maury


Jan 4 – The Columbia City Board of Education discussed vigorously the matter of pupils attending public school who smoke cigarettes after school hours. Board members consisting of Prof. R.L. Harris, city school Superintendent, W.B. Greenlaw and E. Yoest took the position that cigarette smoking by boys destroyed their intelligence and committed to the passage of an ordnance to deal with the issue.

Jan 6 – Columbia thermometer reads minus 11 degrees.

Jan 6 – Star Pointer remains shipped to Chicago, where owner John A Murphy received them. Its unclear if remains were donated to University of Chicago field museum for mounting as suggested by R.M. Williams.

Jan 13 – Culleoka “Negro school” received the first “colored Library” in Maury County. Maury County contributed $20 and the state added $10 to buy books.

Jan 13 – Columbia passes “privilege tax” of $1000 on all persons who bring stock into Columbia for the purpose of auctioning.

Jan 23 – Columbia holds an important place in the history of the Christian Church as one of its great leaders, Rev. Alexander Campbell was at one time the pastor of a church on South Main in Columbia 60 years ago and then moved to South High street where the congregation continued to grow.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Middle Tennessee state Normal college opened in Murfreesboro.

Jan 27 – Citizens of Highland Park and Riverside circulated petitions opposing annexation by Columbia.

Jan 27 – Ben W Hooper inaugurated as Governor of Tennessee, first Republican governor since 1881.

Feb 3 – John Trotwood Moore publishes “The Gift of Grass” as tribute to “Hal Pointer, Little Brown Jug, Brown Hal and Star Pointer.” The life story of Hal Pointer.

Jan 27 – Luke Lea elected US Senator of Tennessee by state legislature.

Feb 3 – Buster Brown and his dog “Tige” visited Figuers & Sons store in Columbia. The crowd exceeded 1000, souvenirs distributed.

Feb 10 – A record 1200 mules were sold Monday in Columbia, prices ranged from $150 to $300 each.

Feb 17 – W.H. Puryear, Maury County Trustee reports finding the oldest tax receipt for what would become Maury County, dated 1797. Found in his home in Glendale. The receipt made payable to Edmond Harris, signed by Edward Jones. The first tax collector for this area. Receipt dated, 10 Dec, 1797 for 69 cents as land tax paid in full for 1797.

Feb 13 – Ernie “Tennessee” Ford born in Ford town, Sullivan County.

Feb 24 – Macedonia school receives library donation of $20 from Maury County and $10 from the state. It is the 22nd school in Maury County to receive the funds. •

March 10 – Kings Daughter’s chartered hospital for Columbia, begins fund raising drive.

March 16 – 21 dead after wall collapses on workers at J.H. Falls store in Nashville. High winds caused collapse, “all killed but two were Negros”.


• Maury


March 9 – George Campbell Brown and his brother Dr. Ewell Brown sold their interest of the Ewell farm to their brother Percy Brown.

March 17 – The first “Pantaloom skirt” is demonstrated at McKennon, Anderson and Foster Department store, along with the new “Victore corset” by Miss Simmons from New York City.

March 31 – Construction begins on new Presbyterian Church Sunday school addition in Columbia, cost $12,000. Mr. William Tuckers home was torn down to make room for the new addition.

March 31 – The largest sweet potato on record exhibited in Phoenix National Bank in Columbia. Potato weighs 21 pounds, grown by Mr. J.W. B. Thomas in Mc Cains.

March 31 – Benjamin West born in Columbia, becomes Mayor of Nashville 1951-1963, died Nov 20, 1974. (He was instrumental Civic leader in defusing Nashville sit-in lunch counter demonstration in 1960.)

March 31 – 1910 census records show 10,703 white males over 21, 4,087 black males over 21 in Maury county. Figures show great exodus of blacks from County.

April 1 – Maury County reports operating 58 schools on budget of $11,000.

April 14 – The Brass Foundry begins operation by Dr. Frank Smith at rear of Athenaeum. He will cast two large bronze doors for Jackson Mausoleum at Mount Pleasant.

April 14 – US Post office orders Columbia post office to cease Sunday mail delivery.

April 21 – Columbia air show opens at Fair Grounds at South Park. Aviator Ben R Gates to fly his own bi-plane invention.

May – The Middle Tennessee Railroad line completed to Mt Pleasant by Hillsboro, (Leiper’s Fork) , Water Valley, South Hall, Boston, Bethel, Fly and Cross Bridges.

May 12 – State of Tennessee announces it will stock the Duck River with Black Bass.

May 12 – Fire destroyed the stock of McKennon, Anderson & Foster, Dobbin & Ewing, Woldridge company and damaged Rosenthals, Forge Stables and Oakes & Nichols undertakers all suffer serious losses estimated at over $300,000.

May 19 – Local Ginseng root harvest brings $4.50 per lb.

May 19 – Whitaker & Son opened a new Ice Cream factory at their Lytle Creek site to produce 100 gallons per week. Whitaker’s is known for Jersey & Berkshire production of butter and cream and will add ice plant to ice cream plant.

• Tennessee

Ewell farm in Spring Hill

Interurban Railroad

May 4 – Mine explosion in Cross Mountain coal mine near Briceville, Anderson County kills 84.


• Maury


July 1 – Silas Kelly 18, died as a result of an accident at Kettle Mills when he was thrown from a two horse run away with his head striking a gate post killing him instantly. His head was torn and mangled in a terrible manner and his brains knocked out and spattered all over the gate post.

July 6 – Work was inaugurated on the handsome new three story building erected by McKennon, Anderson & Foster, Dobbins & Ewing and the Woldridge company with the first nail driven by John B Dobbins as the timbers for the foundation were laid. The brick work will be completed by Tom Simpson of Columbia.

July 14 – Governor Ben W Hooper has appointed Mr. John Latta Coal oil inspector at Columbia to succeed A.O.P Nicholson. Mr. Latta for 50 years has been in every battle for home, sobriety and temperance. For 20 years he was the Marshall of Columbia and served as Mayor. He also served gallantly in the Confederate army.

Aug 9 – John Hackney “colored” was assigned as the driver of the wheel cart in the Columbia fire department in 1882 where he has served 29 years. In 1882 the fire house was located where the present jail is located on 6th street. In all these years John has never hurt anyone or had an accident on to many alarm calls to remember.

Aug 4 – Passenger service begins on Middle Tennessee Rail road between Mt Pleasant and Franklin.

Aug 22 – Columbia police raid the Owl Hotel near the Depot, arrest owner/Bootlegger Fred Hood.

Aug 19 – The old Merrit Helm place on SE corner of 10th & South Main was torn down. It was in this building that our present day Congressman L.P. Padgett was born Nov. 28, 1855.

Aug 29 – Squire Geo. N McKennon, while prospecting for phosphate on the NW section of the Kinzer farm, one mile west of Sawdust and near the new railroad from Fly’s store to Mt Pleasant has located the grave of General Richard Wynn, located in the center of an open field cultivated for several years. Squire McKennon and others hope to move the remains to the station on the railroad known as Dorset and have the remains interred in small park there.

Sept 2 – Mynders High school in Bigbyville opens.

Sept 16 – The last known old log school house in Maury county will close. The old Philadelphia log school with slab seats, puncheon floor, Cedar log building falls to new more modern facility.

Sept 22 - The “colored folk” are holding a church carnival at the Fair grounds in South Park. All denominations are participating. Vaudeville acts and automobile rides are some of the entertainment.

Sept 22 – The new Water Valley school dedicated, cost $2000 and is 60 x 48 a feet building. One-half cost donated by local community.

Sept 29 – Maury Motors begins construction of a new building on Garden street.

Sept 29 – Imported Jersey cattle have been brought here by Major George Campbell Brown of Spring hill to improve the grade of his Jersey cattle already here.

• Tennessee


• Maury •


Oct 1 – The Forepaugh & Selk Three Ring Circus comes to Columbia as thousands crowd the street to see the free parade.

Oct 13 – A Maury County Jersey cow named “Myrha’s Beauty” broke the world record for butterfat content at 7.86 percent, owned by R.P. Dotson of Columbia.

Oct 13 – Maury County lists 118 public schools, 48 designated white primary schools, 23 as white secondary schools. There are 42 primary “colored” schools and one secondary school according to school Superintendent, John P Graham.

Oct 27 – Texas ticks have been found on Maury County farms, believed to have arrived here via Western horses shipped here.

Nov – Middle Tennessee Railroad completed to Mt Pleasant.

Nov 24 – The National Corn growing contest winner is John Van Kibbon of Culleoka with a record breaking 167 bushels of corn on one acre.

Dec 1 – Kings Daughter’s selected a lot on the corner of 9th street and Campus (School street) at the Athenaeum Grove for their new hospital.

Dec 15 – Maury County cotton declared the “Best in the South” by experts for its above average lint content.

Dec 29 – W.H. Puryear discovers Maury County first tax record book dated 1808 with 200 pages included.

• Tennessee •

Oct 9 – Jasper “Jack” Daniels died from complications resulting from gangrene infection in his big toe after kicking his safe.

Nov 10 – President Taft ends 57 day speaking tour in Tennessee.


• United States 47th state


Jan 6 – New Mexico becomes

of union.

Jan 10 – World’s first flying boat built by Glenn Curtis makes maiden voyage in New York City harbor.

Jan 12 – Textile workers at Lawrence, Mass strike, troops called in, four workers killed.

Feb 14 – Arizona becomes 48th state of union.

March 1 – Albert Berry completes first in-flight parachute jump successfully over St Louis.

March 12 – Juliette Gordon Low organizes first American Girl Scout troop.

April 13 – Mississippi River floods and breaks levees in Arkansas and Louisiana.

May 17 – US Socialist party nominates Eugene Debs for President in Indianapolis.

• World •

Jan 18 – English explorer, Robert Scott expedition reaches south pole, only to discover Roald Amundsen had been there.

Feb 12 – Pu Yi, China’s last emperor abdicates.

March 13 – Bulgaria and Serbia enter secret military alliance against Austria.

April 14 – HMS Titanic hits iceberg and sinks on maiden voyage, 1500 people killed.

May 5 – First issue of Bolshevik political paper “Pravda” published in Russia.

July 2 - Greece signs alliance with Bulgaria and Serbia against Ottoman Empire.

July 6 – 5th Olympiad opens in Stockholm.

July 15 – British national health insurance goes into effect.

May 31 – US troops land in Cuba to protect US Sugar property.

July 26 – Albanian Nationalist revolt against Ottoman empire.

July 2 – Woodrow Wilson nominated for President at Democratic convention on 46th ballot in Baltimore.

July 30 – Japan's Emperor, Meiji Tenno died, son Yoshihito succeeds him.

July 5 – US govt. report shows 2517 men killed in mines in 1911.

Aug 7 – Russia and Japan sign accords determining spheres of influence in Mongolia and Manchuria.

July 10 – Theodore Roosevelt forms “Bull Moose” party to run for President after Republicans nominated William H Taft.

Aug 11 – Moroccan Sultan Hafid abdicates in face of internal revolt. French crush revolt.

July 12 – Prudential Life insurance reports 15,000 suicides in US in 1911.

Sept 7 – French aviator, Roland Garros, breaks world altitude record with 13,260 feet.

Aug 5 – “Bull Moose party” nominates Teddy Roosevelt for President in Chicago.

Sept 30 – Tension builds in Balkans, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece and Russia all mobilize armies ,insist Turkey give autonomy to Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.

Sept 13 – Mack Sennettt introduces “Keystone Cops” in silent movies.

Oct 8 – Montenegro declares war on Ottoman empire.

Oct 12 – New York times displays new electric lighted bulletin board in Times Square.

Oct 17 – Bulgaria and Serbia declare war on Ottoman Empire, 300,000 fighting in Balkans, Turks routed.

Nov 5 – Arizona, Wisconsin and Kansas grant women right to vote.

Oct 18 – Italy / turkey sign peace treaty, turkey cedes Libya to Italy, Italy agrees to remove troops from Aegean sea area.

Nov 5 – Woodrow Wilson elected 28th President of US.

Nov 5 – Greek Army defeats Turks at Venize, 20,000 Turks killed by Serbs at Monastur.

Nov 12 – F.W. Woolworth company incorporated 586 stores to found 5 & 10 stores.

Dec 5 – Italy, Austria and Germany renew Triple alliance.

Dec 1 – US Supreme court orders dissolution of Union Pacific and Southern Pacific rail merger.

Dec 7 – Bust of Queen Neferti discovered in Egypt.

Dec 25 – Italy lands troops in Albania after declaration of independence. 333

• Maury


• Tennessee

Jan 26 – Mrs. James M Dedman, mother of Joseph Dedman, proprietor of the Bethel hotel and Mayor of Columbia displayed a copy of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence dated May 20, 1775, printed on white satin, signed by 24 citizens of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Mrs. Dedman, 80 years old remembers as a child that it hung on her fathers wall. The document has been authenticated by Spencer's history.

Jan 3 – Tennessee Academy of Science founded.

Feb 2 – “Jimbo”, the Columbia fire Departments mascot, age 12 failed to answer the recent fire call and passed away after declining health.

Feb – General Robert Baden-Powell visits Nashville to begin Tennessee Boy Scouts of America organization.

Feb 2 – Cotham Bros. Jeweler's will move from their store on the Court house square to West 7th street, recently occupied by Woldridge company and Brooks-Latham Drug company earlier.

Feb 9 – Columbia Bank and Trust to vacate the old Tennessee State Bank building at West 7th and Garden street and will move to the Court House square where Cotham Jewelry was located, previously was the old Farmers and Merchants Bank. The old State Bank will be occupied by Dr. T.A. Allen, dentist and W.G. McAdams of the Columbia insurance company.

March 8 – Columbia adopts house number system for 1200 homes. •

May 3 – A.H. Johnson, Jeweler at Cotham Bros. Jewelry just completed building and designing a flushing value for water closets, lavatories and other places where flushing is necessary. The device patent pending is adjustable to regulate discharge of a few ounces to several gallons of water.

April 11 – Old Natchez Trace marked by huge bolder at corner of Hillsboro and Del Rio pikes by Tennessee Daughter’s of the Revolution at Forest Home, 6 miles west of Franklin.

May 10 – April rainfall in Maury County has been the highest since 1879 at 15.5 inches, measured by J.W. Fleming at Ashwood.

May 7 – Chattanooga Railway and Light company dedicated the states first major hydroelectric plant , Ocoee #1 to supply electricity to the city.

May 24 – Oakwood Heights subdivision begins construction on Mooresville pike at McKay and Fairview street’s, 54 lots offered on the property of W.Y.C. Grant.

May 24 – Houston and Liggettt of Lewisburg leased the south yards of the old pump factory of the Louisville and Nashville railroad to manufacture pencils, it will employ 75 to 125 hands.

June 7 – Branham & Hughes school announces the construction of a new alumni hall in Spring Hill, cost $30,000.

May 30 - Goo Goo candy bar created by Standard Candy company in Nashville.


• Maury


June – First Maury County High School class begins in Athenaeum while new High School built.

June 7 – Columbia Military Academy announced it will add a cavalry troop to the school this fall.

• Tennessee •

June 4 – Nashville Est. Hadley Park, first city owned park for blacks opened.

June 19 – Tennessee A & I Normal school begins operation on 450 acres in Nashville, later named Tennessee State University.

June 14 – Maury County Lamb crop produced more than 7500 lambskins this year.

June 26 – Columbia will begin to enforce the “Anti-screen” ordinance to prohibit the use of screens or blinds to obstruct the view of the public of any soft drink stand.

July - Tennessee Progressive party formed to support Theodore Roosevelt for President, holds convention in Nashville.

July 26 – Ground has been broken for the Kings Daughter’s Hospital on the old Athenaeum property. A three story hospital with 16 rooms facing West 9th street.

Aug – Hume-Fogg High school built on Broadway in Nashville , still in operation today.

Aug – West Tennessee state normal school founded, later renamed the University of Memphis.

Aug 9 – Mr. F.F. Everett announced that several hundred feet of movie picture show taken in Columbia at six locations, including Woldridges Drug store; Dobbins and Ewings; Cotham Bros. Jewlery; Reggen & Zelter; Columbia Bank and Evan Parkers & Moore and the fire company of Columbia in action near the Bethel hotel will be shown at the Dixie picture show theater.

Sept 4 – The Columbia Reds will play the Lynnville team at Riverside Park. Columbia has one of the best Negro ball teams in the state. The “colored” Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias will also play at the Riverside park.

Sept 10 – The first airmail in the state of Tennessee comes to Columbia, brought by aviator Horace Kearney, Ariel postal #627001.

Sept 11 – 100 working hands at the Columbia Canning company are currently producing 30,000 can of tomatoes per day.

Sept 13 – Mr. Horace Kearney flew 44 minutes and climbed to 9700 feet over southern Maury County from the Fair grounds, he distributed flyer’s for the Fair.

1910 Buick Model 16

Sept 13 – General Robert Baden Powell, British founder of Boy Scouts visits Nashville, speaks at Ryman auditorium.

Sept 13 – William & Clarence Fry returned yesterday from Huntsville, Ala. After traveling 275 miles in their Buick Model 16 without incident by traveling to Murfreesboro to Shelbyville to Huntsville and returned.

Sept 19 – James D Vaughan Est. company in Lawrenceburg, Tn. to publish gospel music.

Sept 20 – Eddie Polk wins Maury County three mile car race at the Fair grounds in under 36 HP category in 4 minutes, 28 seconds.

Oct 25 - Sarah Colley (Minnie Pearl) born in Centerville, Tn.

Sept 20 – Mr. W.P. Ridley, owner and proprietor of Clifton Place sets record by producing 1000 bushels of sweet potatoes on one acre of land.

Nov 5 – Woodrow Wilson elected 28th President of US.

Nov 5 – Ben W Hooper re-elected governor of Tennessee.

Dec 18 – Morgan Hall in Columbia destroyed by fire.

Dec – George S Lannom Jr. founded the Worth company, a family owned sporting goods business in Tullahoma. 335

• United States


• World

Jan 7 – William Burton receives patent for first “cracking” process to convert oil into gasoline.

Jan 15 – First telephone line between New York city and Berlin inaugurated.

Jan 11 – First Sedan type auto introduced by Hudson motors car company.

Jan 17 – Ramón Poincare elected President of France.

• •

Jan 27 – Jim Thorpe stripped of Olympic medals after confessing to playing professional baseball.

Jan 22 – Turkey agrees to Balkan peace treaty, cedes Adrianople, young Turks revolt.

• •

Feb 3 – 16th amendment to US constitution ratified allowing Federal govt. to have income tax.

Jan 31 – Young Turks Nationalist seize Govt. in Coup de’ tat , determined not to cede Adrianople.

• •

Feb 14 – Women suffragettes march from New York City to Washington DC to demonstrate for women's right to vote. The 16 women wore brown cloaks and hoods, distributes 20,000 leaflets of information along 230 mile journey.

Feb 9 – President Madero of Mexico forced to flee in face of Diaz forces.

Feb 10 – The bodies of Robert Scott and team found 10 miles from base depot shelter of North Pole expedition.

Feb 19 – President Francisco Madero of Mexico arrested at National palace.

Feb 23 – President Madero of Mexico shot in Mexico City.

March 18 – Greek King Georg I assassinated, Constantine I succeeds him.

March 26 – Balkan allies take Adrianople, Bulgaria. Russia, Serbia, Greece and Albania are at war with Turkey.

May 19 – Panama Canal opened.

May 30 – Balkan war ends with signing of peace treaty at St James Palace in London. Turkey recognizes Albanian independence.

July 1 – Rumania invades Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia declare war on Bulgaria.

• July – First residential Air-conditioner installed in Minneapolis, Minn. Mansion of Charles Gates.

July 28 – Baghdad to Constantinople railroad construction begins as British, Germany and Turkey reach agreement.

Aug – Henry Ford begins operating new Highland Park assembly line to build cars.

Aug 25 – President Huerta of Mexico orders all Americans to leave Mexico.

Sept 7 – Germany, Austria and Hungary sign Triple alliance defense agreement.

Sept 23 – French aviator Roland Garros flew 558 miles across Mediterranean sea.

Dec 13 – ‘Mona Lisa” recovered from thieves undamaged in Florence, Italy.

March 4 – Woodrow Wilson inaugurated President.

March 7 – Kenyon Webb liquor law passed by congress over President’s veto, prohibits interstate shipment of liquor through dry state.

March 10 – Harriet Tubman, abolitionist died, 92.

March 14 – Southern states hit by electrical storms, killing 100.

March 31 – J.P. Morgan, Wall street wizard died, 76.

April 8 – 17th amendment to US constitution ratified, allows US Senators to be elected by direct popular vote verses State legislatures.

April 19 – California passes law prohibiting Japanese from owning land.

Oct 3 – Federal income tax act signed by President Wilson.

Nov – Charlie Chaplin makes film début in “Making a living.”

Dec 23 – Federal Reserve act passed by Congress Est. Creates Federal Banking system, deposit insurance and has 213 banks join.


• Maury


Jan 24 – Columbia property tax rate set at $1.50 per $100 valuation, Poll tax at $1.

Jan 24 – Mr. Robert Taylor secured a Ford auto agency for Maury County at the Southern Auto Supply company. He will also Est. a gasoline pumping station at the corner of west 7th and Garden streets.

Feb 7 – Mr. Louis Loeb, the well known Columbia baker has become Tennessee’s Peanut roasting center by increasing his operation to 10,000 packages of 5 cent peanuts per day. Mr. Loeb is considering the installation of a coffee bean roasting operation.

Feb 7 – Mt Pleasant leaders are proposing the forming of a new county from parts of Maury, Lewis, Lawrence and Giles counties. The idea was rejected by Lewis County residents at a recent meeting.

Feb 14 – J.A. Sloan company bottling works, located at the corner of 10th and School street will operate year around to supply soft drinks to several local stores.

Feb 21 – The articles of incorporation for the new Mt Pleasant Opera house were filed at the county court house. The stated purpose is to erect a Opera house in Mt Pleasant.

Feb 28 – Pathe Movie picture company has asked Mayor Dedman to film the mule market on Monday, to be show in national theaters.

March 7 – The Maury County Board of Education has granted teachers vacation time and announced the election of teachers for April 4.

March 13 – A tornado hit Culleoka, 4 killed, the railroad station was destroyed, Pleasant Grove, Glendale and Match were also hit.

March 13 – Mrs. Edward W Carmack appointed Post master of Columbia by President Wilson.

March 14 – The Columbia Shirt & Garter company is hiring women, can earn $4.50 to $9 per week.

March 14 – Kings Daughter’s hospital opened. Dr’s Gant Wilker, J.G. Williamson Sr., J.G. Williamson Jr., Otey J Porter, Robert Pillow, C.A. Forgey, J.L. Voorhies, P.O. Biddle and P.H. Faucett on the staff.

March 28 – Several new brick buildings erected on Garden street between 6th and 7th streets by W.S. Fleming and Mrs. S.G. Dunnington. The Smith & Cunningham Undertakers will occupy one building, Dry Cleaners and the law office of W.S. Fleming and son in others.

• Tennessee •

Jan 24 – William R “Sawney” Webb elected US Senator by Tennessee legislature, to serve until March 3 to fill vacated spot and finish term.

Feb 21 – John B Kennedy died, the last of the six original Ku Klux Klan organizers from Pulaski, including John Lester, Cal Jones, Frank McCord and Jim Crow. All of which had no thought of the KKK as its organized today.

Feb 21 – Tullahoma to get Federal maneuvering grounds, rifle and artillery range for militia of southern states. 5000 acre tract donated to US for use.

March 3 – John K Shields elected US Senator from Tennessee, last to be elected by state legislature.

March – The Bethlehem house opened in Nashville, a interracial cooperative among southern women in joint effort by Fiske University and Methodist training school and church. The interracial participants worked to learn a variety of education and skilled training.

• •

May 2 – The first operations were performed at King’s Daughters’ hospital, both successful. One a Gall stone removed from Miss Ann Frierson “colored” and the other on C.C. Shelton. •

King’s Daughters’ Hospital April 1 – Hales Bar dam completed near Chattanooga, first flood control dam on Tennessee River, transferred to TVA in 1939, torn down in 1967 and replaced by the Nickajack dam.


• Maury


• •

June 13 – Columbia awarded a Local Boy Scout Charter, three patrols of 10 boys each.

July 11 – C.R. Denton of Groveland sets record yield of wheat with 50 bushels per acre.

July 18 – The Cumberland Telephone company announced it will remove telephone poles and bury unsightly wires in downtown Columbia next year.

July 18 – Columbia’s first “electric mixer” introduced at “Live and Let Live” Drug company.

July 18 – Fire destroyed the Fenton Campbell & Buckeye Livery stable in Spring Hill, 4 head of horses lost.

July 25 – Columbia approves first motorized fire truck, American La France. The old horses will be assigned to haul garbage.

July 25 – J.B. Martin of Neapolis demonstrated his new Oil tractor for breaking ground, he prepared 15 acres in one day.

Aug 15 – Maury County and Columbia applied for a charter from the Humane Society to enforce the code against cruelty to animals.

Aug 22 – Columbia to get Cigar factory, Est. by Mr. J. Donavan of Southfield, Mich.

Sept 5 – Fire sweeps Columbia downtown, the Evans store, Parker & Moore, Maury Dry Goods, Bogatzkie & Bauman, C.H. Sharp, Dobbins & Erwin all destroyed, Est. $250,000 loss, cause unknown.

Nov 7 – J.L. Fitzpatrick of Culleoka Est., a Ginseng farm to ship directly to China. Price is $7 per lb, it will take 5 years to mature plants for harvest.

Nov 14 – The Columbia street Department unearthed an old gun factory along School street to between 9th and 10th streets. Gun parts found were believed to have come from the factory in operation here between 1861-1862.

• Tennessee •

April – Tennessee legislature passes a series of reform bills on food and Drugs, worker protection, loan regulations, on the job accident reporting, child labor, milk quality and standardization of election of County commissioners to end corruption.

Columbia fire truck

Aug 1 – Tennessee passes Compulsory school act, requiring all children to attend school.

Sept - The Dixie Mercerizing company introduces mercerizing, giving cotton yarn a fine silk finish, developed into Dixie spinning Mill Corp in Lupton City, Tn. Owned by John T Lupton.

Dec 13 – Sumner A Cunningham, founder of Confederate Veteran magazine died, 70. He was born in rural Bedford County in 1843, served with company B, 41st Tennessee infantry, CSA.


• United States


Jan 1 – The married women's property act goes into effect in US, provides married women with same property rights as unmarried women, changing 1000 years of English common law practice.

Jan – Hollywood becomes new film production center.

Jan 5 – Henry Ford announced he will pay his employees a minimum wage of $5 per day and share profits.

Jan 9 – Sec. of Navy announces aircraft will now be part of US naval force, Aeronautical training center to be Est. in Pensacola, Fla.

• World •

June 28 – Serbian Nationalist, Gaurilo Princip 19, assassinates Austrian arch Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, heir to Austrian- Hungarian throne, begins World War I.

July 15 – Franciso Carbajal succeeds Mexican President Huerta.

July 22 – British troops invade Dublin to disarm rebels.

July 28 – Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia, Russia joins Serbia, mobilizes 1.2 million troops.

Jan 11 – Former Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner died in Lexington, Ky.

Aug 1 – Germany declares war on Russia, Russia invades Germany, England declares war on Germany.

Jan 13 – Wright Bros. win airplane patent court fight with Glenn Curtis.

Aug 2 – Germany declares war on France, Germany invades Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Aug 4 – Germany invades Belgium.

Jan 14 –Pancho Villa and rebels attack Ojinager, Tx.

Jan 17 – US Marines detained by Mexican authorities over diplomatic incident involving Mexican President Huerta refusing to salute US flag raising.

Aug 6 – Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia, Serbia declares war on Germany.

Aug 12 – France and Britain declare war on Austria-Hungary.

April 25 – US Marines land at Vera Cruz, 200 Mexicans killed, 6 marines died, Mexican President Huerta apologies and agrees to salute US flag.

Aug 20 – Pope Pius X died.

Aug 23 – Emperor of Japan declares war on Germany.

April – Foxtrot dance introduced by California Vaudeville actor Harry Fox.

Sept 3 – Pope Benedict XV elected.

• •

• April 7 – President Woodrow Wilson sets aside 100 years of precedent by delivering his State of Union address to Congress in person.

Sept 10 – First battle of Marne in France ends after 6 days of fighting, Germany and France both lose 250,000 men each.

Sept 15 – General Paul Von Hindenburg and General Wilhelm Ludendorff defeat Russians at battle of Masurian lakes in East Prussia, Russians lose 125,000 men.

July 15 – Mexican President Huerta disposed by General Oberson with US assistance.

Oct 4 – First German Zeppelin bombs London.

Oct 9 – Germans capture Antwerp, Belgium.

Oct 15 – German U-boats Wolf packs attack shipping.

Oct 23 – British troops invade Middle East.

Aug 6 – Cruiser USS Tennessee sets sail for Europe with gold to assist Americans caught there in European conflicts.

Aug 15 – President Wilson declares US neutral in European conflict.

Sept 15 – President Wilson orders US marines home from Mexico.

Oct 29 – Turkey declares war on allied nations, annexes Egypt

Oct 15 – Congress passes Clayton act to allow organized labor the right to strike and picket.

Nov 5 – Britain, France and Russia declare war on Turkey, Britain annexes Cyprus.

Oct 20 – Margaret Sanger flees US after being charged with violating Comstock law for distributing birth control literature.

Dec 25 – First airplane combat fought over England.

Dec 31 – After 5 months of fighting each side reports over 1 million causalities.


• Maury


Jan 9 – The Columbia Grocery store owned by the Lazarus Bros. sold to A.D. Sloan grocery company, started in 1875, one of Columbia’s oldest businesses.

Jan 9 – There are 35 cases against Maury County Bootlegger’s scheduled for court.

Jan 9 – The Sip Bottling company will invest $10,000 in bottling and Ice Cream operation located on Garden street, located next to the Citizens Telephone company, north of 7th street, leased from Mrs. S.C. Dunnington.

Jan 11 – Bell South begins construction to rewire Columbia, new brick exchange building erected on Garden street.

Jan 23 – Robinson-McGill Company begin manufacturing buggies on South Main street and 8th.

Jan 30 – New building construction begins for Maury Dry Goods, Bogatzky & Bauman, Parker & Moore on West 7th street.

Feb 6 – 750 mules sold Monday in Columbia, sales exceeded $200,000.

Feb 6 – One of the driest January's on record just occurred, only 1.62 inches rain recorded at Ashwood meteorological station, 3.32 inches below normal.

March 13 – The Columbia Orchestra decided to disband because of no local support, Joe Greenfield, director.

April – Bethel school built.

April 1 – The Polly bus line between Columbia and Mt Pleasant begins operation.

April 3 – Crescent Amusement company requested Dr. Walter Woldridge’s permission to film the mammoth Maury County stock show April 4. The picture’s to be shown in theaters across the country.

April 12 – Columbia accepts new motorized La France fire truck.

May 5 – Columbia schools adopts 12 year school course, instead of eleven. High School to begin at 9th grade.

May 8 – Over 5000 “Negro’s “ assemble at White’s Spring Baptist Church for ceremonial foot washing celebration.

• Tennessee •

Jan 2 – Tennessee anti-narcotic law implemented, restricts sale of cocaine, morphine and other drugs without prescription. Penalty is $50 to $500 fine and 30 days of hard labor in convicted.

March 27 – The Methodist church bishops ousted from control of Vanderbilt, state Supreme court rules Vanderbilt board is self-perpetuating. Decision secures $1 million donation from Andrew Carnegie for library. Bishops rejected donation because of conditions attached.

April 7 – town of Alcoa incorporated after company purchased 750 acres, erected Aluminum smelter plant.

May 8 – Tennessee County Agriculture extension offices Est. in land grant colleges with passage of Smith-lever act in congress.


• Maury


May 22 – The Tennessee Orphan home acquired the Frierson farm, 4 miles west of Columbia on Williamsport Pike, farm to be utilized to teach boys farm skills.

May 29 – Hog Cholera epidemic hits Maury County, vaccine campaign began.

May 29 – W.B. Greenlaw announces construction of new picture show building, to be called the “Vogue picture show”, located next to the Elks Club. It will seat 400 on 1st floor, 250 in Gallery.

June 5 – Maury County trustee’s value 10 biggest turnpikes in Maury County at $38,600. Revenue contributed to County $505 annually, includes Mooresville, Bear Creek, Nashville, Santa Fe, Hampshire, Campbellsville, Sowell mill, Culleoka, Pulaski and Williamsport.

June 12 – New Columbia Cheese factory started operation to manufacture full cream American Sheldon cheese.

June 12 – 1700 Sheep shipped from Columbia stockyards.

June 12 – Fred W Alexander of Maury County invents new milk pail with concave lid to prevent spills.

June 26 – Maury County wheat crop reported at over 1 million bushels.

July 3 – The average weekly high temperature in Maury County recorded at 105 degrees at Ashwood.

July 15 – Total Maury county property valuation set at $12 million.

Aug 14 – Maury County approves building new jail for $8000.

Aug 14 – J.H. Denning constructs new road from Nashville pike to Kedron road.

Oct 1 – Maury County Confederate reunion held in South Park.

Oct 9 – Collier & Smiser Drug store install new soda fountain.

Dec 25 – Columbia awards contract to build new Central High school to W.T. Willerford of Nashville for $58,300.

Dec 25 – 45,000 Turkey’s shipped from Maury County for the season at $2.25 per head.

• Tennessee •

May 15 – Maury county turnpike law held to be constitutional by Tennessee state Supreme court. Law passed in 1913, vested authority in new County road board over old County turnpike commission. Law provided for complete highway system of construction, repair and operation of Tennessee turnpikes. Case brought to court by Horace Rainey of Maury County.

June – The Julius Rosenwald fund, a northern philanthropist begins funding construction of rural black schools in Tennessee. Funding continued until 1927, contributed to various Tennessee communities with matching funds provided by communities. State contributed $890,000 over same period.

Sept – James Clark McReynolds appointed Associate Justice to US Supreme court by President Wilson, served 26 years.

Nov 4 – Thomas Clarke Rye elected Governor of Tennessee


• United States


Jan 9 – Pancho Villa signs peace treaty with US General Scott to halt border conflict.

• World •

Jan 3 – Russians decimate Turkish army at battle of Sarikamas, killing 77,000.

Jan 15 –Congress Est. US Coast Guard as military service.

Jan 13 – Earthquake in Central Italy kills 30,000.

Jan 25 – President Wilson first to speak on TransContinental telephone line from Washington DC to San Francisco .

Jan 31 – Germans first to use poison gas on Russian Eastern front.

March 30 – US protests British blockade as interference to legitimate trade rights.

Feb 2 – Turks attack British at Suez Canal.

Feb 4 – Germans begin submarine blockade of Great Britain, all ships to be sunk.

Feb 21 – Second Battle of Masurian Lakes ends with Russians losing 200,000 men to Germans.

April 25 – Germans use poison gas on western front.

April 5 – Jess Willard knocks Jack Johnson out in 26 round to win World’s heavyweight boxing championship in Havana, Cuba.

April 7 – Charlie Chaplin’s, “The Tramp” movie debuts.

April 30 – President Wilson makes “Teapot Dome” a naval oil reserve.

May 7 – German submarine U-20 torpedoes Cunard liner “Lusitania”, 1198 killed, 124 Americans.

July 2 – German Erich Muenter explodes bomb in US Senate reception room.

May 23 – Italy declares war on Austria, leaves Triple alliance.

July 21 – US Supreme Court finds Alabama “Grandfather voting law” unconstitutional.

May 23 – Lloyd George made British minister of War.

July 24 – Steamer “Eastland” capsizes in Chicago River, 844 killed.

May 25 – British halt German advance at battle of Ypres.

June 17 – Turks massacre thousands of Christian Armenians.

July 29 – Rear Admiral Caperton landed 400 US Marines at Port-au- Prince, Haiti to stop revolt.

June 21 – Germans win battle of Argonne with poison gas.

Aug 24 – Great Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers flood, displaces tens of thousands.

June 25 – General Emiliani Zapata defeats Carraza forces in Mexico.

Oct 6 – President Wilson announces his engagement to Mrs. Norman Galt.

Aug 6 – Germans capture Warsaw, Russians withdraw.

• Nov 1 – Pancho Villa defeated near Douglas, Arizona.

Aug 26 – Italy declares war on Turkey.

• Nov 14 – Booker T Washington, founder of Tuskegee Institute died, 57.

Oct 6 – Austria, Germany and Bulgaria invade Serbia.

Oct 7 – French and British land at Salonika, Greece.

Oct 16 – British declare war on Bulgaria.

Oct 19 – US recognizes Govt. of Mexican President Venustiani Carranza.

Dec 10 – Albert Einstein publishes special theory of Relativity in Berlin.

Dec 15 – General Joseph Joffre becomes commanding general of French army, Field Marshall Douglas Haig made British commander.


Nov 25 – Colonel William J Simmons, a Methodist minister, re-established KU Klux Klan at Stone’s Mountain after being inspired by the film “Birth of a Nation.” Dec 3 – President Wilson expels German diplomats for spying.

Dec 18 – President Wilson married Mrs. Edith Galt.

Dec 24 – Henry Ford abandons peace mission to Europe.

• Maury

1915 2nd

Jan 1 – Columbia circulating library opens on floor of Maury Dry Goods store with 200 volumes purchased from donations.

Jan 22 – President Wilson appoints Colonel James A Smiser of Columbia as US Attorney for the District of Alaska.

Feb 5 – Hog Cholera spread by Turkey buzzard says Maury County veterinarian, Dr. J.P. O’Conner.

Feb 9 – Fire sweeps through Spring Hill, destroys onequarter of the town, 9 buildings.

Feb 26 – Maury County Court announces that the latest model of the Elliot-Fisher book typewriter has been installed in the office of the Court Clerk to transcribe records.

April 17 – Mrs. C.A. Brown is first woman in Maury County elected to public office, elected Notary Public. Women for the first time can now be elected under new Tennessee law.

April 23 – Dr. Woldridge announced that because of a lack of support there will be no Maury County Fair this year.

May 28 – Columbia Alderman and Mayor agree to pave 2 miles of Columbia streets with new “asphaltic concrete.” June 4 – Maury County League of Equal Suffrage chapter organized, Mrs. Fredrick Hardy, President.

June 11 – Mt Pleasant purchases first new auto fire truck, cost $4500.

June 11 – “Direct Hal” sire of “Walter Direct” died, 19. He set pacer record with 2:04½ .

June 11 – Maury County begins work on deeded road from Rally Hill to Kedron to Neopolis.

June 25 – New movie production of Sam Davis life shown in Columbia at new Grand theater, written by Mrs. Lillian Nicholson Shearson of Nashville.

July 30 – Columbia gets “filtered” water and 8 inch main for first time with new contract negotiated with Columbia Light and Water company, City also to get 80 street lights.

Aug 6 – Maury County new jail opens at 6th and North Main streets.

Aug 13 – Culleoka and Columbia Pikes purchased by Maury County for $800 per mile, total $4000 each.

Aug 13 – Columbia public square paved for first time.

• Tennessee •

Jan - Governor Rye and Tennessee legislature passes “ouster act”, allows removal of appointed or elected officials who fail to uphold the law.

Feb – Tennessee Highway Department created .

Feb 23 – Tennessee General Assembly charters Tennessee Polytechnic Institute on grounds of old Dixie college in Cookeville.

April 2 – Former Governor of Tennessee, A.J. Nichols died, former Mayor and Treasurer of Columbia, owner of Columbia Dry Goods company, born in Carter’s Creek, June 18, 1856.

April 3 – Dixie highway Association organized by Governor Tom Rye in Chattanooga, part of ‘good roads” movement.

May 14 – Tennessee legislature passes law requiring teacher’s to be certified.

June – Tennessee State librarian, John Trotwood Moore distributes questionnaire to 1200 remaining confederate and union veterans native to the state to collect information.

July 30 – Dr. Emma R Wheeler, founded the Walden hospital in Chattanooga to provide health care for AfricanAmericans, closed in 1952.

July 30 – Mr. Robert Vaughn appointed administrator of City of Nashville by Court as city placed in receivership bankruptcy.


• Maury


Aug 13 – Hampshire residents discover “Big Foot print” in ancient rock formation believed to be prehistoric man who lived centuries ago. Foot print measured 17 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

Aug 20 – Maury county purchased Sowell Mill Pike for $500 per mile, total $5000.

Sept 22 – New County High School formally opens, cost $65,000, William P Webb (old Sawney) speaks at dedication.

Sept 24 – Maury County reports 150 new Silo’s erected in 1914.

Oct – old Nelson House renovated renamed Wayside Inn.

Nov 12 – Columbia orders South Garden street paved to Depot.

Nov 26 – Fox Hunters parade brings largest crowd in history of Columbia with estimated 15,000 plus people watching.

Nov 26 – Spring Hill Depot burned, sparks from train ignited it.

Dec 3 – First Presbyterian church burned at corner of north Garden & West 6th street, the Bell was saved. (Region’s Bank Property today)

Dec 8 – Frank H Smith died, age 67, son of Franklin G Smith and Principle of Athenaeum, director of Silver Halcyon band.

Dec 24 – Maury County automobile owners required to purchase licenses for first time by Dec 31, 250 autos in Maury county at $7.50 per year.

• Tennessee •

Sept – National Baptist Sunday school publishing board incorporated in Nashville.

Oct – Mayor E.H. Crump of Memphis removed from office for corruption by new “Ouster law”, Mayor Hilary E House of Nashville resigns when charged.

Oct 17- Tennessee Ornithological Society formed at Faucon’s Restaurant at 409 Union Street, Nashville.

Nov 5 – Tomas C Rye re-elected Governor of Tennessee, E.H. Crump re-elected mayor of Memphis, immediately resigns after being sworn into office.

Nov 19 – Giles County wins court case against Marshall County to reclaim 5500 acres in dispute.

Dec – State Senate impeached Shelby County Attorney General for failure to enforce 4 mile liquor law.


Columbia Central High School

• United States •


Jan 1 – Rose Bowl football resumes after 14 years with Washington State and Brown University, first Rose bowl played in 1902 between Michigan and Stanford, Michigan won 49 – 0.

Jan – First Kiwanis Club founded in Detroit.

Jan 10 – US Justice Department ruled baseball leagues do not violate Sherman anti-Trust laws.

Jan 10 – Pancho Villa and Mexican rebels execute 16 American engineer’s.

• World •

Jan 13 – Montenegro overrun by Austrian army, sues for peace.

Jan 16 – Pancho Villa executes 18 Americans on train near Chihuahua, Mexico.

Feb 21 – Germans launch major offensive at Verdun.

Feb 26 – General Henri Philippe Petain takes command of French forces at Verdun.

March 9 – Germany declares war on Portugal.

Jan 24 – US Supreme court rules Federal income tax is constitutional.

March 9 – Britain and France agree on partition of Ottoman Empire.

Feb 2 – US Senate votes independence for Philippines to be effective 1921.

April 24 – Sinn Fein society rebellion breaks out in Dublin, British declare martial law.

March 9 – Pancho Villa attacks Columbus, New Mexico, killing 17 Americans. General Pershing pursues Villa with 1000 troops.

May 31 – German fleet and British fleet battle in Jutland area of North sea. British lose 6907 men and several ships.

April – The Campbell's Soup kids introduced to market soup.

June 6 – Lord Kitchener, British Minister of defense killed aboard HMS Hampshire.

June 1 – National Defense act increases US National Guard to 450,000.

Aug 6 – Italians launch 6th attack on Turks at Isonzo and are repelled again.

June 11 – Federal aid act provides financial aid for first time to state highway programs.

Aug 27 – Italy declares war on Germany.

June 15 – US Congress awards Boy Scouts of America a charter.

Aug 27 - Kaiser Wilhelm appoints Field Marshall von Hindenburg, Chief of German General staff.

July 22 – Federal Farm loan act passed by Congress.

Sept 1 – Romania joins Allied forces and declares war on Austria-Hungary-German Alliance, commits 1 million men.

Aug 18 – Edward “Pop” Geers, veteran horse trainer sets world pacer record for mile with “Napoleon Direct” at Columbus, Ohio with 1:59 ¾ mile.

Sept 15 – British introduce Tanks in Somme battle .

Sept 8 – Congress passes Federal Revenue Act, Income tax set at 2 percent on income over $2 million, also provides for death tax on inheritance.

Nov 13 – Battle of Somme ends, 650,000 Germans killed, 195,000 French and 450,000 British killed.

Nov 30 – Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph died, 68.

Sept 12 – Congress Est. 8 hour work day for Railway workers.

Dec 3 – Frances General Joffe dismissed after failing at Battle of Somme.

Sept 29 – John D Rockefeller becomes America’s first Billionaire.

Dec 6 – Germans capture Bucharest, Rumania.

• Nov 7 – Woodrow Wilson re-elected President. Jeannette Rankin elected first woman to congress, ( R ) Montana.

Dec 10 – David Lloyd George forms new British Government.

Dec 12 – Albert Einstein publishes General Theory of Relativity.

Dec 15 – French defeat German’s at Battle of Verdun, over 700,000 killed.

Dec 30 – Russian monk, Gregory Rasputin, killed by nobleman.

Nov 30 – US places Santo Domingo under martial law.

Dec 12 – US purchased Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million.


• Maury


Jan 7 – Over 1000 mules sold in Columbia, valued at $175,000.

Jan 14 – “Walter Direct” World Champion pacer 2:05 ½ mile sold at auction for $1475 to James Hazelton of Frankfort, Indiana, age 13.

• •

• Tennessee

Jan 14 – Maury County reports 500 automobiles registered in the County for $1 license fee.

Jan 14 – Joseph Dedman inaugurated as Columbia’s Mayor for third term.

Feb 4 – “Birth of a Nation” shown in Columbia movie glorifying KKK by D.W. Griffith.

Feb 4 – First Presbyterian church votes to build new church on lot located on West 7th and High street, lot owned by John W Fry.

Feb 12 – The Lincoln League founded by Robert Church Jr. in Memphis, a Republican African-American political organization.

Feb 19 – Fannie Rose Shore (Dinah Shore) born in Winchester, Tn. To Jewish immigrant parents, moved to Nashville in 1923.

March 23 – Fire destroys 21 blocks in Nashville, estimated loss $2 million. Over 500 homes destroyed, over 700 building in total destroyed in East Nashville, 3000 homeless. The fire started at corner of 1st street and Oldham street.

July 1 – The Mille E Hale hospital for African – Americans opened in Nashville with 12 beds on 7th ave north. Hospital grew to 75 beds by 1923 and served as a training center for local nurses, administered by the Fiske University and New York City of nurses graduate, Millie E Hale.

July 12 – Julius Morgan a 22 year old Negro accused of assaulting a white girl becomes the first to die in Tennessee in the electric chair.

Feb 25 – Whitehouse Barrel company of Columbia received order for 120,000 barrels to be shipped to Florida.

March 31 – Tennessee State Highway Commission announced it will build highway from Columbia to Mt Pleasant, (Jackson highway).

May 14 – William Hughes of Branham & Hughes school died.

May 26 – First Central High School graduation in Columbia, 12 boys and 8 girls. J.P. Choate is Valedictorian and James Cecil is Salutation.

June 16 – Maury County Pike owners, Mr. Looney and Mr. Rainey accepted $1000 per mile offer made by the Maury County court to purchase the 12 pikes of Hampshire, Santa Fe, Nashville, Williamsport, Pulaski, Bear Creek, Campbellsville, Rally Hill, Spring Hill, Bigbysville, Kedron, Culleoka and Mooresville pikes, cost $70,000.

June 16 – Columbia changes Embargo street to Woodland street.

June 26 – 20,000 lambs shipped from Columbia since first of year, average $7 per head.

Aug 4 – Work on “College Hill colored city school” building annex begins, cost $5200 for 86 X 34 foot brick annex, 750 students expected to enroll.

Aug 25 – Fry Bros. announced the arrival of the redesigned 1917 Ford with a streamlined hood and fenders.

Sept 29 – The Maury Milling company of Mt Pleasant lost to fire, $15,000 loss.

Oct 2 – Maury County buys the Columbia-Franklin pike, all toll gates removed. •

Walter Direct


• Maury


• Tennessee

Oct 6 – Record Mule day sales event in Columbia, 10,000 people came to purchase 2000 mules.

Aug 3 – A mill dam broke on Big Barren Creek in Claiborne County and killed 24 people.

Dec 3 – Spring Hill constructs first sidewalks.

Sept - First Girl Scout troop in Tennessee formed in Memphis, not affiliated with national organization.

Sept 11 – Clarence Sanders opened the first “Piggly Wiggly” self-service store, with no clerks in Memphis. By 1923 he had 1268 franchises in the south.

Oct – The Dixie Foundry founded in Cleveland, Tn. It produced cast iron Holloware, fire grates, teapots etc. Later began making Coal and wood ranges for the kitchen in 1924, “Majic Chef “products.

Nov – Kenneth Douglas McKellar, elected US Senator from Tennessee by popular vote, served 6 terms.


• United States •


Jan – The “Jazz Age” begins in New Orleans with “Nick La Rocca’s original Dixie jazz band”, a all white band that becomes a sensation in New York City.

• World •

Jan 9 – British push Turks out of Sinai peninsula.

Jan 16 – Germany secretly approaches Mexico to attack US in exchange for Texas, Arizona and New Mexico in Zimmerman telegram, German Foreign minister.

Jan 10 – William F Cody, “Buffalo Bill” died, 71.

Feb 23 – First Rayon manufactured from cellulose in Roanoke, Va.

Jan 31 – Germany resumes unlimited submarine warfare on neutral ships in war zone, 134 ships sunk in three weeks.

Feb 24 – The “Zimmerman note” released, shows Germany attempted to set up alliance with Mexico and launch attacks against US in exchange for territory.

March 11 – Baghdad falls to British forces.

March 2 – Congress passes Jones act, makes Puerto Rico a US territory.

March 16 – Czar Nicholas II of Russia overthrown, made prisoner of new revolutionary Govt.

March 22 – US recognizes Kerensky’s govt. in Russia.

March 5 – Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as President.

April 4 – President Wilson proposes Declaration of War on Germany to Congress.

April 10 – Lenin returns to Petrograd after 11 years in Siberian exile.

April 20 – French offensive at Chemin des Dames, results in lose of 120,000 men.

May 12 – Italian troops begin 10th assault at Isonzo, Italians lose 157,000 to Austrian 75,000.

April 6 – Congress declares war on Germany and Turkey.

May 18 – Congress passes Selective service act.

June 27 – Major General John “Black Jack” Pershing and first American troops arrive in France.

June 12 – King Constantine I of Greece abdicates under pressure from Russia.

July 2 – St Louis race riot erupts, 48 killed, 75 shot.

June 19 – Britain gives women over 30 years right to vote.

July 27 – Henry Ford introduces mass production of Fordson tractor in Dearborn.

July 14 – Finland declares independence from Russia.

Aug 5 – US National Guard called up into Federal service.

Aug 14 – Chinese parliament declares war on Central power’s, Feng Kua chang becomes President.

Aug 10 – Herbert Hoover named food administrator to ration supplies.

Sept 15 – Alexander Kerensky proclaims a Russian Republic.

Aug 24 – Quartering Negro Regiment at Camp Logan in Houston, Tx. Starts riot, 17 whites killed, 13 blacks lynched, 41 blacks receive life sentences for involvement.

Oct 15 – Matahari, Dutch dancer executed by French for spying.

Oct 27 – Brazil declares war on Germany.

Sept 18 – 50,000 Longshoreman strike in San Francisco, President Wilson’s plea ends strike.

Nov 2 – British Foreign Minister, Arthur Balfour announces British support for Zionist call for a Jewish state in Palestine.

Oct 10 – Charlie Chaplin signs first $1 million movie contract to make eight films.

Nov 6 – 3rd battle of Ypres cost British heavy losses.

Nov 30 – Colonel Douglas Macarthur with 42nd “Rainbow” division arrives in France.

Nov 7 – Vladimir Lenin and Trotsky lead Russian revolt to place communists in power in Russia, defeating Alexander Kerensky forces.

Dec 7 – US declares war on Austria-Hungary.

Dec 18 – Congress passes Prohibition amendment to US constitution, sent to states for approval.

Nov 21 – British offensive at Cambrai by Field Marshall, Douglas Haig breaks Hindenburg line, first successful use of tanks.

Dec 26 – President Wilson nationalizes Railroads in US.

Dec 16 – Russia signs separate armistice with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey., breaks with allied nations. 348

• Maury •


Jan 8 – Hundreds parade in Columbia to celebrate the dedication of the “Andrew Jackson Military Highway.” Several thousand hickory sticks with red tags bearing the inscription, “Maury County, The Dimple of the Universe, Garden spot of the World for good roads and anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans” given out.

Feb 2 – Robinson and Pigg furniture company offers “New 44 piece high quality aluminum ware” pots and pans set for $8.75, guaranteed

Feb 9 – Aetna Oil and Gas Company begins drilling for oil near Hampshire.

March 5 – Methodist church of Columbia announces opening of a public rest room for women, open 7 days a week with matron on duty.

April 13 – Maury County approves offering $100,000 to University of Tennessee to locate agriculture center station here, vigorous campaign expected.

• Tennessee •

Jan 26 – Tennessee auto license fee set at $7.50.

Jan 31 – Tennessee legislature abolishes highway fees, adopts law to Est. state highway fund.

Feb 2 – Tennessee “Bone Dry” law enacted, prohibits importing liquor into Tennessee.

• •

April – 80,000 volunteer’s join US Army and Navy for World War I.

April 20 – The new Rally Hill to Kedron to Neopolis road completed, 10.5 miles long, 2 years to complete.

April 2 – United Daughter’s of Confederacy (UDC) dedicated memorial at Shiloh.

April 27 – The Columbia Credit Association organized, H.A. Porter, President.

April 6 – DuPont purchased land to construct Old Hickory power plant and town, will produce 500,000 pounds of explosives per day.

April 27 – 5 cent bread raised to 10 cents in Columbia because of flour shortages.

April 27 – Lieut. Webster and 75 soldiers of Company L ordered to report to Belle Meade mobilization camp at once.

May 18 – Tennessee Selective Service begins, selecting men 21 to 30 by lottery.

June – Maury County selective service organized.

June 8 – 2817 registered for military draft in Maury County, ages 21 to 30. •

July 4 – First NAACP in Tennessee Est. In Memphis.

June 21 – Maury County chapter of Red Cross organized by Miss Elizabeth Whitthorne, Rev. J.H. Barber, J.I. Finney, Sam holding, Mrs. John s Frierson, Mrs. F.F. Everett, W.C. Salmon and W.S. Fleming.

July 18 – General Order #95 created Tennessee National Guard as 30th division, Old Hickory Division. It participated in “all American drive” on Sept 12 on the St. Mihiel Salient leading to Meuse-Argonne offensive in France.


July 13 – Maury County offers several sites, 500 minimum, for Tennessee Agriculture experimental station, Governor Rye selects Maury County as site.

July 27 – Maury County drafted first 193, Ed Long selected as first draftee with #258.

July 27 – Battery “F” of 1st Tennessee field Artillery mustered into Federal service, 182 men.

• Maury


Aug 17 – Aetna Oil and Gas company announced they struck oil at 2200 feet near Hampshire.

Aug 24 – The Cantaloupe crop surpasses all records in Maury County with 27 car loads harvested.

Aug 31 – Figuers Reality announced it adopted a new innovative idea to market property by taking pictures of farms being sold for advertizing.

Aug 31 – C.D. Hill company of Evansville, Ind. Begins systematic dredging of the Duck River from Hardison Mill to Iron bridge for live mussel shells for manufacture of pearl buttons, tons upon tons of live mussel shells taken, dead shells not useable.

Sept 7 – The University of Tennessee Experimental Agriculture Station selected 650 acres, includes Mrs. Culberhouse’s farm of 106 acres, C.P. Hatcher farm of 87 acres, J.H. Carpenter farm of 155 acres, George McFall farm of 85 acres, the Bligh tract of 29 acres, the Crowell farm of 88 acres and W.D. Hastings farm of 102 acres. All West of Columbia Military Academy along Mt Pleasant and Hampshire pike.

Sept 14 – 50,000 cans of tomatoes processed per day at Columbia Canning company, employs 150.

Sept 21 – Admiral Caperton sent his ship flag off the USS Pittsburg to the Women of the Navy Comfort League in Columbia. The flag was flown on his ship is now on display at the Maury County Dry Goods store.

Sept 28 – Rev. Bob Jones evangelist, begins a three week revival at Columbia Tabernacle tent, seating 1200, thousands attend.

Oct 19 – Maury County draft quota for 93 “colored men” met, Marcus Springer of Santa Fe and Dale Nicholson of Columbia were first two selected.

• Tennessee •

Aug - Tennessee election reform law goes into effect , requires candidates of political parties to be nominated by Primary election for congressman and senators.


• United States


Jan 8 – President Wilson presents his 14 points for post war peace and settlement.

Jan 16 - President Wilson orders all industries not involved in Food production to conserve coal.

Feb 19 – New “domestic blend” Camel cigarettes introduced because of Turkish tobacco shortage.

March 4 – The “Rainbow Division” reportedly defeated the Germans in first battle near Belgium.

March 20 – President Wilson signs Daylight savings time bill, clocks moved forward 1 hour in April to conserve fuel.

March 25 – New Browning automatic 30 caliber rifle introduced to US Army units.

March 29 – Bernard Baruch appointed War industries board Chairman by President Wilson.

April – First Spanish Flu hits US Army base in New Jersey.

May 31 – Germans attack across Aisne River, repulsed by Americans at city of Amiens.

June 4 – French & American troops halt German offensive at Chateau-Thiery on the Marne River.

June 16 – Eugene Debs, American socialist, sentenced to 10 years in prison for violation of Sedition act for anti-war speech made in Canton, Ohio.

• World •

Jan 28 – Leon Trotsky, Russian revolutionary forms Red communist army.

Feb 20 – Soviet Red army seizes Kiev, capital of Ukraine.

Feb 20 – German-Russian armistice ends, Germany attacks Ukraine.

March 5 – Soviets move Russian capital from Petrograd to Moscow.

March 31 – Germans launch massive offensive on Western front near Somme River.

April 6 – Japanese troops land in Vladivostok, claim eastern Siberian territory.

April 21 – German “Red Baron” ace, Manfred Von Richthofen, killed at Battle of Somme.

June 26 – Germans “Big Bertha” cannon resumes shelling Paris, 800 killed.

July 16 – Bolsheviks execute Czar Nicholas II and his family.

Aug 15 – Russian and US break diplomatic relations, US Marines land in Vladivostok to aid White Russian army.

Sept 6 – Germans in full retreat across Aisne River with British in pursuit.

Sept 15 – Austria-Hungary sue for peace.

June 30 – Americans join counter attack at Belleau woods.

Aug 2 – Over 1 million American women working in factories for war effort.

Oct 6 – Germans send President Wilson peace message and acceptance of his 14 points.

Oct 9 – Americans take Argonne forest.

Aug 15 – American troops now at 4 million in Europe.

Oct 30 – Turkey surrenders, signs Armistice.

Sept 13 – US troops take St Mihiel, France.

Nov 4 – Austria signs Armistice.

Sept 26 – Meuse-Argonne battle launched with 1 million American troops.

Nov 8 – Cease fire called, Germans accept terms of armistice, 8.5 million killed , 21 million wounded total

Oct 20 – Capt Eddie Rickenbacker downs his 26th German plane.

Nov 9 – Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates, Germans declare a Republic.

Nov 7 – Billy Graham, American Evangelist born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nov 11 – Germans sign Armistice, war ends.

Nov 23 – US War Department reports 53,169 Americans soldiers killed in War effort.

Nov 30 – Hapsburg Empire ends.

Dec 13 –President Wilson arrives in France, receives conquering hero’s welcome in Europe.

Dec 1 – Denmark approves Iceland independence, Armenia declares independence from Turkey.

• •

Dec 25 – Revolt erupts in Berlin. 351

• Maury


Jan 4 – Columbia enacts first “Closed Sunday law” prohibiting businesses from opening on Sunday, except hotels, restaurants and prescription drug stores. The resolution presented by the “Christian Men’s League” to city council.

Jan 11 – 17 below zero temperature with blizzard 11 inches of snow and ice hit Maury County.

Jan 18 – Maury County purchased the Spring Hill to Kedron pike for $3000, 5 miles long.

Jan 18 – Mrs. J Polhill demonstrates “Dutch Oven cooking” at home of Mrs. Park Morgan, method conserves fuel.

Jan 25 – Maury County and Columbia restaurants and boarding houses observe meatless and wheat less Mondays and Wednesdays in accordance with the Food Administrations call to support the war.

Feb 1 – Columbia High school girls basketball team defeats Hume-Fogg high school 20-6 in two fifteen minute halves. Columbia’s line up was Annie Dugger, center; Eleanor Barker and Elsie Sims as forwards; Virginia Scott and Pattie Hillard as Guards.

Feb 11 – 40 Internal Revenue men are in Columbia to collect the Income tax for the first time, due in 1917, 2 percent of income for unmarried who earn over $1000.

March 1 – Columbia Water & Power take options on Ashton Mills site to construct a water power facility.

March 1 – Dr. S.R. Hardison (dentist) and brother J.B. Hardison purchased the old Presbyterian church lot on Garden and sixth street to construct a $20,000 Garage and auto sales building.

April 1 – Remaining section of Parham Pike (Kedron road) sold to Maury County.

April 5 – South Park now is home to two fastest harness stallions in the world, Napoleon Direct, at 1:59 ¾ and Ess-HKay, at 2:00 ¼.

April 6 – Coal now subject to rationing in Maury County.

May 3 – One of Columbia’s largest “colored crowds” gathered at the Court house square to say farewell to “96 colored soldier’s” called to duty by Local draft board, including John W Brown, leader; Moses Kennedy, George Williams, Allen Hodge, Robert Williams, Walter Hughes, Creamhill Osborne, Jonas Allison, Richard Harris and Jim Willie Ewing.

• Tennessee

Jan 29 – DuPont and Federal govt. agreed to build a massive explosive manufacturing plant and town on Hadley’s Bend of Cumberland River to produce gun powder.


• Maury •


May 5 – Lieut. Clarence Fry reportedly killed in Aero plane accident while training in England, first from Maury County to die serving his country. June 7 – All egg and poultry dealers in Maury County required to have a license issued by Federal food Administration and must perform candle test on every egg before shipping or lose their license.

July 18 – Herbert Griffin, first Maury County soldier to fall in battle, Company L, 1st Tennessee.

July 19 – Joe B Warren of Spring Hill killed in Action at Chateau-Thiery, France.

Aug 1 – Lieut. James C. Wooten Killed in Action in France .

Aug 2 – 615 Maury Countians inducted into military service for war to date.

Aug 23 – Lieut. Leoline Crane of Maury County killed in Action.

Aug 29 – Capt. Meade Frierson, City editor of Herald, killed in Action.

Sept 13 – Lieut. James Wooten on Maury county killed in action.

Sept 20 – 3856 registered for draft in Maury County.

Oct 2 – Judge J.T. McKnight died of Spanish flu, Judge W.C. Whitthorne appointed to replace him.

Oct – Spanish flu sweeps Maury County, 75 reported died.

Oct 5 – Columbia KKK chapter organized.

Oct 11 – Maury County / Columbia doctor’s report “Influenza epidemic” but “no cause for alarm”, like old fashion “Grip”.

Oct 13 – Pvt. Richard Wainwright, first “colored soldier” from Maury County killed in Action.

Oct 19 – Henry Hill, first “colored soldier” from Maury County to die at Camp Sherman, buried in Greenwood cemetery.

Dec 13 – Jim Granberry, 2nd “colored soldier” from Maury County killed in action, was from Mt Pleasant.

• Tennessee •

June 2 – The Dupont “old Hickory” power plant on Hadley’s Bend begins operation.

July 9 – The Dutchman’s grade train collision near Belle Meade kills 101 people, one nation’s worst. It occurred near Harding pike and White bridge road, West bound #4 and Memphis to Atlanta #1 collide, over 100 injured.

July – 66,000 Tennessean's reported for duty in US Army and Navy.

Grave of Lieut. James C Wooten in Rose Hill cemetery

Oct 8 – Sgt. Alvin C York captures over 174 Germans in the Chatel-Chehery of the Meux-Argonne sector of the battle.

Oct 19 – Chattanooga reports 5848 deaths from the Spanish influenza.

Nov 5 - Albert H Roberts elected Governor of Tennessee.


• United States


Jan 3 – Restrictions on Sugar removed.

Jan 6 – President Theodore Roosevelt died, 60.

Jan 16 – Nebraska ratified Prohibition 18th amendment to US Constitution for enactment.

• World •

Jan 25 – European allies adopt President Wilson’s League of Nations plan.

Feb 6 – Friedrich Ebert elected President of German Republic.

Feb 14 – United Parcel Post incorporated in Oakland, Calif.

Feb 25 – Oregon introduces first gasoline tax, one cent per gallon for road construction.

March 4 – Lenin forms 3rd Communist International organization with goal of World revolution.

March 2 – President Wilson announces support for Jewish state in Palestine.

March 14 – Korea and Ireland appeal to Paris peace conference for Independence from Japan and Britain.

March 23 – Benito Mussolini organized his political party, “Fascidi Combattimento” to fight Communist influence if Italy.

April 17 – Romanian army occupies Transylvania.

April 30 – USS Tennessee Battle ship launched from New York shipyard, carries 14 inch guns. (sunk at Pearl Harbor).

April 18 – British and White Russians push Bolsheviks Red Army out of Petersburg.

May 10 – Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur named commandant of West Point.

April 18 – Japan demands racial equality in League of nations construction, US objects.

May 21 – Congress passes Suffrage 19th Amendment to US Constitution, sent to states for ratification.

June 6 – USSR and Finland war begins.

March 15 – American Legion founded in Paris.

April 17 – Four film stars form United Artists film company in Hollywood; Charlie Chaplin, D.W, Griffith, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

July 4 – Jack Dempsey defeats Jess Willard for heavyweight boxing championship.

June 21 – Germans scuttle their navy to avoid allied nations taking ships.

Aug 1 – Chicago race riot kills 38, 537 injured. 25 race riots across the country break out, called “The Red summer.”

June 28 – Germans sign peace treaty of Versailles to officially end World War I, League of Nations founded.

Aug 11 – Andrew Carnegie, Steel magnate died, 83.

July 13 – British Dirigible R-34 crossed Atlantic Ocean both ways.

Sept 2 – Congress passes bill outlawing Railroad strikes. •

Sept 12 – Adolf Hitler joins German Workers party.

Sept 4 – Senate Foreign Relations Committee adds 38 amendments to Treaty of Versailles, refuses to ratify it.

Sept 28 – Lady Astor becomes first woman elected to British Parliament.

Oct 21 – Leon Trotsky and Red Army defeat White Russian Army.

Nov 19 – British approve Egypt’s new constitution.

Dec 23 – British publish new constitution of India.

Dec 31 – British Economist , John Maynard Keynes predicts that Treaty of Versailles reparations terms to Germany will cause German economic collapse.

Sept 22 – 279,000 Steel workers union strike.

Sept 25 – President Wilson collapsed on speaking tour in support of Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations formation. President had stroke.

Oct 29 – Federal troops put down rioting of striking steel workers in Gary, Indiana.

Oct 31 – National Coal strike paralyzes country. Injunction invoked. Miner’s win $14 per month increase.

Nov 19 – Senate votes down Treaty of Versailles, 55 to 39.

Dec 12 – President Wilson wins Nobel peace prize.


• Maury


Jan 7 – Franklin G Smith Jr. died, age 48, son of Robert Smith of Athenaeum , chemist who worked for DuPont, founder of Maury County Trust

Jan 10 – Maury County Spanish flu death rate at 75 since October 1918, per death records reported by Daily Herald.

Jan 24 – South Park sold to private interest, James J. Fleming, who plans to build handsome residence upon property in grove where old Floral Hall stands, several lots available. Park has been one of the states best Fair grounds for over 40 years, worlds fastest trotter’s competed here.

Jan 24 – Corporal Erwin E Parson returned home, one of 11 men to survive in 250 man company, 55th company of 5th Marine Regiment at Belleau Woods. He was wounded twice where 8000 Marines stopped 40,000 Germans June 3, 1918.

Jan 24 – John Clagett, Maury County’s oldest citizen died at the old “colored Masonic Home” near Nashville, 107. He served in Federal army in 1864 at age 47, a former slave of the Clagett family near Hampshire, blacksmith by trade.

Jan 31 – Hardison Motor Company has received new machine to install pneumatic tires, also expects new shipment of 1919 Oldsmobile's.

Feb 7 – Maury County sent 873 men into armed services with 7,097 registered, excludes volunteer’s.

Feb 7 – Anderson & Foster’s Department store has installed public drinking fountain’s on each floor for customer’s

Feb 14 – Mt Pleasant now furnished electric power from the big hydraulic power plant, two miles northwest of Columbia on the Duck river. Mt. Pleasant Electric Light and Power company at Ashton Mill site was first plant to provide power to rural area of state.

Feb 14 – Columbia paves 8th street between Garden and High streets.

Feb 14 – Lieut. Monte McDaniel, twice wounded at Argonne, company L, 326 infantry returned home. (Note: He taught at Central High for many years.)

Feb 21 – A tractor demonstration held at the Experimental Station, Hardison Motors company displayed work of Cleveland tractor.

Feb 28 – John Trotwood Moore appointed state librarian by Gov. Roberts.

Feb 28 – Maury County farmers introduce “white sweet clover” for first time to restore soil after tobacco planting.

• Tennessee •

Jan 6 – Albert H Roberts inaugurated as Tennessee Governor.

Jan 10 – Tennessee ratified Prohibition amendment as 21 st state.

Jan 23 – Tennessee Historical Commission Est.

Feb 1 - Tennessee Farm bureau first Est. in Blount County, Tn.

Feb 13 – “Tennessee Ernie Ford” born in Bristol, Tennessee, country singer.

Feb 28 – Tennessee legislature passes Maury county road law, provides for three road commissioner’s, one road superintendent and wheel tax to fund road construction and maintenance. All efforts of “Good Roads Association”.

Feb 28 – Public utilities will be regulated by state commission for first time under new law.


• Maury


• Tennessee

Feb 28 – Lovell’s ice Cream manufacturing and milk Depot installed new ice cream and butter equipment in increase production to 300 gallons per day, all from jersey cows.

Feb 28 – 5000 hogs slaughtered in Maury County, Hardy Skelly killed 520, average of 300 pounds per hog.

March 7 – Cigarette vendors in Maury County are warned by state Attorney General that sales of cigarettes are illegal and state law will be enforced.

March – “Hampton field” becomes Nashville’s first airfield.

March 14 – The Business Women’s Association of Maury County will place memorial trees at Rose hill cemetery to honor the 61 men of Maury County who gave their lives for their country in the war. A maker will be placed at each tree to commemorate each of the 61. The tree’s will be Sugar Maples will be placed along the new driveway. Trees will also be planted for the Negro soldiers in the Negro section. (Rose Mount)

March 15 – Proffitt’s Department store founded by D.W. Proffitt in Maryville, Tn. It became the 4th largest Department store in US by 1992.

March 14 – Lieut. James Wooten, awarded Croix de Guerre for service to France, killed in dog fight with seven German planes, died from wounds to head Aug 2, 1918. Award presented to his father, John T Wooten in Washington DC.

March 21 – The Pleasant Grove Academy, an ancient landmark of Maury County, was sold at auction, purchased by M.B. Tomlinson for $400. Originally known as the Fountain Creek Academy and Est. in 1835 was the original home of the Pleasant Grove Masonic lodge. It was also the first home of the Maury County Ku Klux Klan and remained empty for the last 40 years.

March 15 – John Trotwood Moore takes offfice as state Librarian and Archivist, from Maury county.

March 28 – Vice-Admiral Caperton retires from the Navy.

March 28 – Over 300 carpenter’s in Maury County were called to the Court house square by P.T. Tullous to form a union here.

April 2 – Tennessee Governor Albert Roberts signs bill to create Tennessee State police.

• •

March 30 – Maury County Farm Bureau Est.

April 4 – The Fry Bros. held a two day demonstration of the Fordson tractor at the experimental station.

April 11 – Hundreds of Maury Countians welcomed member’s of the 114th Regiment, Company F at the Columbia depot.

April 18 – Mr. William Tolley recently purchased “Woodlawn” from J. Price Martin, former home of Tom Hal Jr., formally owned by Capt. Tom Gibson 40 years ago. The Hal horses moved to “Woodlawn” from Hampshire.

April 25 – “200 Negro soldier’s” returned to Maury County, welcomed by the “colored citizens”. Thousands attended a banquet in their honor.

May 9 – Capt. Meade Frierson received the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously for actions in France, eulogy given and a memorial was proposed. •


• Maury


May 23 – The Herald reports several new steam pressure canners have been sold in Maury County.

July 4 – 787 vehicles receive Wheel tax tags issued by Maury County, average of $5 per automobile.

Aug 15 – American Legion Herbert Griffin Post 19 Est. in Columbia.

Aug 15 – First 6 Maury County women register as voters in 9th District; Mrs. D.D. Little first, followed by Mrs. W.P. Morgan, Miss Willie Biddle, Mrs. R.S. Hopkins, Miss Carolyn Williams and Mrs. W.T. Glagon. All the women required to give their age under protest. A total of 198 women registered in Maury County.

Aug 22 – Four masked bandits robbed the L & N passenger train south of Columbia and escaped.

Aug 29 – Maury County Auto owners meet to form a chapter of the Tennessee Automobile Owners Association.

Aug 29 – The remains of James C Wooten II reinterred in cemetery at Plaissy, France, having been removed from Couley, France by his parents, now buried near Joe B Warren of Spring Hill and john Overton of Nashville.

Aug 29 – Women will officiate at the next election for first time, appointed to the election committee were Miss Irene Cheairs of Spring Hill, Mrs. F.O, Derryberry, Mrs Robert Church and Mrs. John S Frierson of Mt Pleasant.

Sept 5 – Austin Motor company opens a garage across from the Depot on South Garden street.

Oct 24 – Thousands brave wet weather to honor over 500 veterans of three wars in a parade, 40 confederates, 70 Spanish American and 390 world war I veterans.

• Tennessee •

June 21 – Peerless Chemical company announces it will construct a large plant on Pulaski pike to crush 400 tons of rock per day, cost $100,000.

July 4 – Sheriff M.H. Stephens of Williamson County killed by two road gang prisoner’s on Wilson pike, slayer’s escaped.

Aug 30 - Knoxville race riot erupts when Maurice Mayes, a well known mulatto political figure was arrested for murder. He was electrocuted in 1920 despite increasing belief in his innocence.

• •

Aug 30 – Kitty Wells born in Nashville, (Muriel Deason) Pioneer country singer.

Oct 11 – 250 members of Amalgamated Association of Street and Electrical Railway union strike in Knoxville.

Nov 21 – Columbia faces sugar famine, 2 lbs per household.

Nov 28 – Motor mail route to Culleoka started.

Dec 5 – Lieut. Thomas J Jackson has brought home a new French war bride to Maury County, Madame Rayone Vercouter Jackson, a real French beauty.

Dec 5 – The “colored American Legion post” named for Cpl. Jim Grandberry Est., killed Sept 28, 1918 at Argonne-Meuse.

Dec 5 – Columbia stores close by 6 PM, open at AM to conserve coal by order of regional coal committee.

Dec 7 – General John J Pershing visits Columbia Military Academy by train.

Dec 12 – “Oaklawn” sold at auction for $114,600 with 747 acres, estate of J.H. Dinning near Spring Hill.

Dec 12 – Columbia Mill and Elevator destroyed by fire.

General John J Pershing Dec 31 – Spanish Flu reportedly killed 7,721 Tennessean’s in 1919. 357

• United States


Jan 3 – “Babe Ruth” sold by Boston Red Sox’s to New York Yankee’s for $125,000.

Jan 4 – The National Negro Baseball League organized, first black baseball league.

Jan 5 – Radio Corporation of America, RCA founded.

Jan 16 – National prohibition takes effect.

Jan 19 – US Senate votes not to join the League of Nations.

• World •

Jan 14 – Berlin, Germany placed under martial law to stop bread riots.

Jan 16 – League of nations holds first meeting in Paris.

Jan 23 – Dutch refuse to extradite Kaiser Wilhelm II.

March 7 – Bolsheviks invade Poland.

March 10 – British pass home rule law for Ireland, dividing Ireland into two parts.

Jan 24 – 3000 Americans arrested in scores of US cities as alleged communists, hundreds deported.

March 11 – Emir Feisal becomes King of Syria after Congress in Damascus proclaims independence from Turkey.

Feb 20 – President Wilson reportedly had a stroke, paralysis on one side and permanently damaged brain.

March 20 – Bolsheviks attack Finland.

Feb 28 – President Wilson signs bill returning rail roads to 230 corporate owners.

April 1 – German Workers party changes name to National Socialist German workers party, (Nazi).

March 19 – US Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles 2nd time.

April 7 – French troops occupy Ruhr basin & Frankfort, Germany.

April 7 – 50,000 rail workers strike in Chicago.

April 20 – 7th Olympic games open in Antwerp, Belgium.

April 11 – Short skirts at the knee for women are in ladies fashion.

May 9 – Mexican rebels capture Mexico City.

April 14 – Tornados in Alabama and Mississippi kill 219.

May 21 – Mexican troops kill President Carranza in Vera Cruz. Adolfo de la Huerta becomes President.

May 19 – 6000 Socialist at Madison Square Garden nominate Eugene Debs for President.

June 4 – Hungary signs Treaty of Trianan with allies, ceding territory from 125,000 square miles to 36,000 sq miles and population from 22 million to 8 million.

May 28 – Soldiers Bonus bill introduced to Congress.

June 15 – Germans cede North Silesia to Denmark.

June 1 – American Farm Bureau formed in Chicago.

Aug 20 – Detroit opens first daily broadcast radio station (WJR).

July 4 – Siberian Govt. cedes rich coal and oil Sakhaln Island to Japan, US protests.

Sept 5 – Comedian film star, “Fatty Arbuckle” accused of raping and murdering Virginia Rappe at a California party.

July 24 – French troops occupy Damascus after fierce battle with King Feisal's troops.

Sept 16 – Bomb rips Wall Street financial district, killing 35, injuring 300, anarchists blamed.

Aug 10 – Turkey signs peace treaty with allies, cedes Greece, Dardanelles and Bosporus straits that will be under international control.

Sept 30 – Census shows US Urban population exceeds Rural population for first time.

Sept 1 – France proclaims Lebanon as independent nation.

Nov 5 – Warren B Harding elected 29th President, Calvin Coolidge Vice-President.

Sept 3 – Polish army defeats Russian Red army near Lithuania.

Nov 7 – Eugene Debs, Socialist leader jailed for espionage.

Oct 6 – Russians sign armistice with Poles, recognizes Poland's independence.

Dec 20 – Bob Hope becomes US citizen.

Nov 1 – Turks massacre 10,000 Armenians in town of Hadjin.

Dec 31 – “Man of War” race horse great retired.

Dec 13 – League of Nations Est..International court in Hague.


• Maury


Jan 11 – “Uncle George Knott”, former slave of William Knott of Williamsport, died at 112 years. He made baskets and chair bottoms for a living, married 6 times, father of 36 children. At 96 he married a bride of 18.

Jan 16 – Maury County property assessed at 4 times the 1919 rate, $9 million. In 1920 it will be $39 million.

Jan 16 – Maury County teachers vote to join State Teachers Association, salary raised from $45 to $60 per month.

Jan 16 – Bogatzky & Bauman selling men’s wool suits for $16 men's lace shoes for $4.98, duck head Nob overalls at $2.50.

Feb 20 – Dr. Robert Pillow, Columbia city health officer reports 146 cases of Spanish flu this week in Columbia.

April 2 – Columbia Water & Light company offer home owner’s two months free lights if they allow their homes to be wired.

April 2 – Columbia’s Kiwanis Club founded.

April 2 – 1500 automobiles registered in Maury County.

April 9 – Thomas English of Enterprise introduces the first Holstein cows into Maury County.

May 7 – State of Tennessee approves contract to Knoxville company to pave 12 miles of Spring Hill to Columbia new Jackson highway.

May 7 – “Walter Direct” died at Tolley Farms. (present day Haynes Haven on GM property)

May 21 – New Methodist church in Williamsport dedicated.

May 28 – Maury County Farm Bureau organized with assistance of County agent, Mr. Evan McLean. 35 members joined. J.F. Porter is first President.

July 2 – The Ewell Farm sold at auction for $150,000, includes main residence and 165 acres. Also sold were two 51 acres tracts for $19,000 each.

July 2 – Blasting and drilling continue at Rutherford Creek Hill for new Columbia to Spring Hill Pike, workers cut 22 feet from hill to 5 percent grade and straightened the highway.

July 9 – Maury Motors company installed the first double faced electric sign displaying the famous Kelly Springfield auto tire.

• Tennessee •

Jan - President Wilson officially declared Federal lands at head waters of Tennessee River a national forest, 626,480 acres along Tennessee/North Carolina state line.

• •

March 12 – Tennessee legislature passes Worker’s Compensation law.

May 18 – Tennessee League of women voters Est. in Nashville.


• Maury •


July 9 – Southern Cities Power announced new electric power lines from Hales Bar Dam will be brought to Columbia.

• Tennessee •

July 16 – Memphis firemen strike, militia called in to protect city.

July 17 – Eastman Kodak’s new plant at Kingsport, Tn. To produce Cellulose Acetate film.

Aug 6 – Tennessee population at 2.3 million, increase of 150,000 since 1910.

July 22 – Maury County Bar association founded.

July 23 – Tennessee Highway Commission awards contract to Nicholson and Eskew for $524,000 to construct a 16 foot wide “Beeline Highway” from Columbia to Pulaski with bridges.

July – William C Branham of Branham & Hughes school died in Spring Hill.

Aug 2 – The Dimple Mill Est. by Mr. Roy Forster and C.D. Parks to provide “Bonnie’s Best” and ‘Twins” self-rising flour.

Aug 2 – The body of Melvin E White, 23 was returned to Columbia. He died in France Nov 2, 1918 in the service of his country, as member of Pioneer Division, Company M. He will be buried in Santa Fe.

Aug 6 – The first mile of asphalt laid on new Jackson Military Highway at Spring Hill.

Aug 6 – Columbia’s population at 5564 compared to 5750 in 1910, the white population gained 300.

Aug 13 – The Dimple Ice Cream and Creamery produced 3600 pounds of Ice Cream last week. Demand for Dimple Ice Cream is increasing Birmingham and New York City.

Aug 13 – Maury County approved the purchase of the old Branham & Hughes school property for $10,000 to build the Spring Hill High school, Spring Hill contributed $5000.

Aug 26 – Tennessee legislature ratified the 14th amendment to US Constitution by one vote, Rep. Henry Burns decided to support the amendment, women win right to vote in US.

Sept 1 – First Nashville symphony orchestra organized.

Oct 15 – Nashville’s “Old Hickory” powder plan expands with $3.5 million facility.

Nov 6 – Alfred Alexander Taylor elected Governor of Tennessee.

Oct 15 – The Jersey cow herd at the Ewell farm sold at auction.

Nov 12 – The Women’s Auxiliary of the American Legion voted to build a “Memorial building” to honor Maury County soldier’s and sailor’s who served in World war I.

Nov 12 – The Maury County census shows a decline of farms from 3.228 in 1910 to 2942 (white) in 1920, overall 4000 farms to 3700 or a 8 percent decline.

Dec 17 – Capt. Meade Frierson remains arrived in Columbia from France. He will be buried in Rose Hill. He was killed in action Aug 25, 1918, Graduate of Columbia Military Academy.

Capt. Meade Frierson grave Rose Hill cemetery

Dec 17 –J. Bedson Redding of Culleoka is first dairyman in Maury County to install milking machines.

• •

Dec 31 – Tennessee lists 500 miles of paved roads.


• United States


• World •

Jan 3 – India’s first parliament convenes.

Jan 24 – Allies decide Germany owes $56 billion in reparations for war.

Feb 2 – Airmail opens between San Francisco and New York City. •

Jan 31 – Millions unemployed and starving in Europe.

Feb 17 – US reported 9 million automobiles on the road in 1920.

Feb 9 – Russian-Polish conflict ends with signing of Rigor Treaty, Poles cede Ukraine.

March – Northeastern Textile Mills begin relocating to south.

Feb 25 – Democratic Republic of Georgia occupied by Russian Bolsheviks.

March 4 – Warren G Harding inaugurated as 29th president of US.

Feb 26 – Costa Rica troops invade Panama.

March 9 – First commercial regular radio program in US transmitted on KDKA in Pittsburg, Pa.

March 18 – 60,000 Red Army members crush Anti-soviet rebellion of Sailors in battle of Kronstadt on Finnish border.

• •

March 28 – President Harding appoints former President William Howard Taft as Chief Justice of US Supreme court.

March 31 – Britain declares state of emergency with coal strike.

April – White Castle hamburger company founded by Walter Anderson in Wichita, Ks. April 22 – Thousands face starvation in Alabama due to coal strike.

June 28 – British coal strike ends.

June 30 – Mao-Tse-tung forms Chinese communist party.

July 27 – Discovery of Insulin made by Canadian, Fredrick Banting and Charles Best.

July 29 – Adolf Hitler becomes President of National Socialist German workers party, (Nazi).

Aug 2 – Enrico Caruso, famous Italian tenor died.

• •

June 1 – 95 killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma race riot, 10,000 blacks homeless after homes burned. June 4 – first radio broadcast in US of baseball game from Polo grounds in New York City. June 10 – Congress passes act to set up Bureau of Budget and General Accounting Department.

June 11 – Penn State graduates first woman American engineer.

Aug 4 – Lenin appeals for Russian aid as 18 million reported starving.

July - 8 million American women hold jobs, 50 percent teachers.

Aug 23 – King Faisel crowned King of Iraq in Baghdad.

Sept 30 – Rosco “Fatty” Arbuckle, film comedian star acquitted of murder of Miss Virginia Rappe.

Oct 4 – League of Nations refuses aid to Russia, blames communism for starvation.

Nov 11 – American unknown soldier lies in state in Capital Rotunda, killed in France 1918.

Oct 11 – Serbian crown Prince Alexander, abandons Yugoslav crown.

Nov 25 – Henry Ford offers to buy Muscle Shoals Nitrate plant in Alabama.

Oct 21 – Ex-Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Charles I attempts Coup in Hungary but failed.

Dec 13 – Washington conference ends with US, Britain, France and Japan signing trade agreement.

Nov 4 – German mark collapses.

• •

Dec 20 – Democrats filibuster to block passage of AntiLynching law.

Nov 7 – Benito Mussolini renamed Fascist party as National Fascist party and named himself “El duce” (Leader).

• •

Dec 29 – President Harding commutes Eugene Debs 10 year prison sentence.

Dec 5 – Lloyd George reaches agreement with “Sinn Fein” for Ireland to become a free state within Britain. 361

• Maury


Jan 14 – Alumni Hall at Barnham & Hughes Military Academy school in Spring Hill burned, $75,000 loss.

Jan 21 – Butter making has become Maury County’s leading Industry, Dimple Ice Cream and Creamery and Maury County Co-operative Creamery made 112, 869 gallons in 1920.

Feb 1- Helm’s Jewelry & Gift shop opened for business in the Bethel Hotel, owned by Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Helm. It later moved to West 7th street.

March 18 – Maury County’s first auto show held at the Oliver garage, Vito’s orchestra of Nashville provided music.

April 7 – The Boston Braves played at Pillow Park for Grand opening. Dr. Robert Pillow threw out first ball, 1200 people attended.

April 8 – The remains of Walter S Yarbrough returned to Columbia, died of wounds in captivity received on Nov 9, 1918. he was buried at Rose Hill cemetery. Grandson of Capt. Tom and Lucy Gibson of Spring Hill.

April 30 – Highland Park and Riverside annexed by Columbia despite protests.

May 6 – “Brookhaven” destroyed by fire, home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shegog.

May 6 – Oil Boom mentality hits Maury County as leases taken in Hampshire and Lick Creek area.

May 6 – Cpl. Eugene W Huckaby’s body returned to Columbia, killed in action Sept 22, 1917.

June 3 – Bathing in the Duck River becomes popular, Men and Women are going to the popular “Vaugh’s Landing”, Dimple Beach on Santa Fe pike also opened, later called “Little Coney Island” at old Dr. Otey Porter place at Duck River and Rutherford Creek mouth.

June 10 – John Harlan Willis born, Maury County Medal of Honor winner.

Aug 5 – First car load of pink meat Cantaloupe shipped from Maury County.

• Tennessee •

Jan 20 – Alfred Taylor inaugurated Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 28 – Tennessee legislature repeals cigarette law, adds privilege tax to sales.

Feb 26 - John E Edgerton of Lebanon, Tn. A textile manufacturer elected President of National Association of Manufacturing, served until 1931.

April 10 – Tennessee legislature votes to award pensions to blacks who served in Confederate army, 280 applied.

April 12 – Tennessee General Assembly Est. Tennessee Vocational school for “colored” girls on 66 acre site near Tennessee A & I state college.

April 26 - George Smiley , Center fielder for Knoxville pioneers makes triple play single handedly.

June – Tennessee Farm Bureau insurance program organized.

Grave of Lt. Walter Yarbrough & Lucy Gibson in Rose Hill cemetery


• Maury


• Tennessee

Aug 5 – Fry Bros. demonstrate grass cutting with new Fordson tractor mower, cuts 7 foot path.

Aug – University of Tennessee football stadium dedicated, named Neyland Stadium in 1926.

Sept 16 – 2000 automobiles registered in Maury County.

Sept – Blackwood Airfield at Hermitage replaces Hampton Airfield at Nashville.

Sept 23 – Columbia Ku Klux Klan announces official disbanding.

Sept 23 – First Columbia to Nashville truck service begins operation.

Sept 30 – C.W. Helms Jewelry store moves to South Garden street.

Oct 1 – Pvt. Bernard Vestal’s body arrived in Columbia from France, killed in action, buried in Santa Fe.

Oct 12 – New Jackson Highway between Spring Hill and Columbia, 12 miles of paving completed.

Oct 28 – The Dixie Bus Caravan service from Chicago to New Orleans arrives in Columbia to mark first new mode tourist and commercial travel route.

Dec 2 – Maury County’s largest Dairyman retires, Colonel Joseph A Chapman of Dark’s Mill, milks over 100 Jersey cows, all which will be sold.

Dec 9 – Tennessee proposes to purchase the ancestral home of President James K Polk.

Dec 4 – Cigarette’s sold openly in Columbia for first time.

Dec 4 – Columbia Elk’s unveil there own war memorial, a bronze standing Elk, facing east, 7 foot tall and mounted on marble base.

Dec 22 – Henry Watterson born 1870, student at old Jackson College and journalist, proponent of new South idea’s, editor of Louisville-Courier-Journal, Nashville Banner died, 81.


• United States


• World •

Jan 22 – Pope Benedict XV died.

Feb 2 – Ford motor company buys the Lincoln motor company for $8 million.

Feb 3 – Gandhi sentenced to 6 years in prison for civil disobedience.

Feb 5 – First Reader’s Digest published by Dewitt Wallace of St Paul, Minn.

Feb 12 – Cardinal Achille Ratti elected Pope Pius XI.

March 22 – Ku Klux Klan holds mass initiations in Tulsa, Ok.

Feb 28 – Britain recognizes Egypt as sovereign state under King Fuad I.

March 29 – US census reports 11 percent of US population speaks no English.

March 15 – Sultan Ahmed Fued Pasha proclaimed himself King of Persia. (Iran)

April 28 – Mississippi River floods New Orleans after levee breaks.

April 3 – Lenin appoints Joseph Stalin General Secretary of Communist party.

May – The bobbed hair style for women called “The Flapper” becomes popular.

May 5 – Chinese civil war ended with General Wpei-fu driving General Chang Tso-lin out of Peking.

• •

May 30 – President Harding dedicates Lincoln memorial.

May 27 – US & British reach agreement on treaty regarding Jewish state in Palestine, Pope Pius XI protests treaty.

July 14 – 400,000 coal and railroad workers strike, cripples nation.

June 1 – Lenin suffers stroke, Triumvirate rules Russia while Lenin recovers.

July 15 – US Senate rejects Henry Ford’s offer to buy Muscle Shoals Dam.

June 11 – First insulin administered to diabetic patient in Canada, a 14 year old boy .

July 20 – Cost of Living 50 percent higher than 1914 according to Govt. report.

July 24 – League of Nations approves British right to rule Egypt and Palestine.

Aug 2 – Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone died, 76.

July 26 – League of Nations approves Frances possession of Syria.

Sept 1 – US Govt. gets injunction against striking rail and coal workers.

Aug 1 – Italian Fascists crush Socialist General strike, dispose Govt. in Milan.

Sept 13 – Striking rail and coal workers returned to work.

Aug 5 – Albert Einstein flees Germany.

Sept 19 – President Harding vetos Soldier’s Bonus bill.

Aug 26 – Japanese troops evacuate Siberia.

Oct 7 – Rebecca Latimer Fulton of Georgia, 87 elected first US woman Senator, elected for 1 day to fill vacancy.

Aug 30 – All of southern Russia in revolt against Bolsheviks.

• •

Nov 4 – Postmaster General orders all homes to get mail boxes or relinquish delivery.

Oct 30 – Benito Mussolini’s Fascist’s handed power by Italian King Emmanuel III in face of full retreat.

• •

Nov 19 – US Marines withdrawn from Vladivostok, Russia.

Nov 4 – 2000 year old Ottoman rule in Turkey ends with ouster of Sultan Mohammed VI by National Assembly.

Nov 24 – 82 miners died in Birmingham, Alabama coal mine disaster.

Nov 26 – 3300 year old tomb of King Tutankhamen opened by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter in Egypt.

Dec – The King Oliver and seven piece band and his 2nd new trumpet player, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong become new Jazz band hit in Chicago.

Dec 30 – Vladimir Lenin proclaims the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, (USSR). 365

• Maury


Feb 3 – Gold reportedly found on the J.P. Johnson farm near Santa Fe.

Feb 3 – The US Department of Agriculture reports that in 1921 Maury County had 81,300 acres of corn, producing 2.3 million bushels; 16,072 acres of wheat for 192,864 bushels; 17,000 of Oats for 391,000 bushels; and 28,000 acres of hay for 32,000 tons of Fodder.

Feb 10 – 1200 mules shipped this week from Columbia, average $120 per mule.

Feb 17 – The Webster Mill at Cross Bridges restarted operation by new owner’s, O.R. Graves and B.A. Abrams of Waynesboro to grind corn and Wheat.

Feb 17 – Cpl. Herbert Griffin’s body arrived home in Columbia, killed in action July 18,1918. Enlisted in July, 1916 in old 1st Tennessee infantry, served duty on Mexican border, killed in 2nd battle of Marne. The American Legion Post 19 named in his honor.

March 10 – H.H. Jackson, manager of Grand Theater and local breeder of White Leghorn chickens formed partnership with J.H. Hood to form states largest poultry farm along the new Jackson Military Highway. They will build 10 new big poultry houses to be erected, to be called Riverside poultry and have 3000 layers.

March 10 – Meade Frierson Sr., General Manager of Middle Tennessee Railroad announced a new bus route from Mt Pleasant to Franklin and will begin operating April 1.

March 15 – The new Hay Long High school approved in Mt Pleasant.

March 15 – Construction of new two story McDowell school in Columbia begins.

March 31 – 2500 acres has been set aside along the Duck River from Sowell Mill down to the mouth of Fountain Creek to preserve the land, property leased to Clarence Watson for Fish and Game preserve.

April 14 – A Maury County historic jury was selected with the first women serving on a Bootlegger liquor court case. The first women selected were Mrs. Margret Brown and Mrs. Henry Wantland.

April 14 – “Napoleon Direct” the World record pacer with 1:59¾ mile, returned to Tolley Farm (Haynes Haven) in Spring Hill after purchase.

April 28 – New McDowell school dedicated, a large two story brick building.

May 4 – 2nd McDowell two story school on West 7th street formally dedicated.

• Tennessee •

Feb – The Nashville Interurban railroad leases the Middle Tennessee railroad track to run electric engines. It operated until 1929.

Hay Long football team

March 31 – 150,000 coal miners in Ohio, Illinois ,Kentucky and Tennessee strike.

April – First issue of “The Fugitive”, a poetry magazine written by Vanderbilt students, John Crowe Ransom, Donald Davidson, Sidney Hirsch and Walter Curry.


• Maury


May 5 – Maury County reports 944 miles of roads in the County, 470 of Clay, 346 of gravel, 120 miles of Macadamized, 46 miles of Chert and 12 miles of paved.

May 19 – Citizens Telephone company installed a new modern switch board. Callers need not ring the bell now when calling control.

May 19 – The First Christian church split into two factions, a new church will be certain.

June 2 – A new road will be built through the UT Experimental farm from Mt Pleasant pike, leaving Jackson Highway at Charles Hatcher lane and will run through the center of the farm with a underpass planned to cross the railroad.

June 9 – Mrs. W.B. Gordon of Route 5 of Columbia named Champion butter maker of United States by Southern state Dairy show with best tasting pound of butter.

June 23 – Women of Mt Pleasant organized to plant Sugar Maple trees along the new Jackson Military Highway from Spring Hill to Rockdale as perpetual memorial to Old Hickory. Mrs. J Tate Jackson is the leader of the group, Dr. Claude Clarke, Chairman.

June 30 – Work has began on asphalting of Hampshire pike from city limits to Columbia Military Academy, cost $8000.

July 7 – Southside Park subdivided into 25 lots, 5 streets. Maury county’s old 35 acre historic Fair grounds.

July 21 – Work begins on new Hay Long High school.

Sept 1 – The Federal Govt. refuses to pay Tennessee for the work on the new Jackson Military Highway unless the toll gates are taken down by owner Tom Johnson. The Spring Hill to Franklin toll gate has been removed.

Sept 15 – Southern Cities Power constructs a line along the Columbia-Franklin highway to the old Commodore Lovelace place near Spring Hill to the American Phosphate company. The new line allows farmers along the route to get power.

Nov 12 – William Austin Smith died, age 77, son of Franklin G Smith of Athenaeum, home built on School street.

Nov 15 – The “Colored hospital” opens at Dr. Braxton’s place on East 7th street.

Nov 17 – Fire on the NE corner of the Columbia square guts four buildings, the Maury Café, two Globe furnishing buildings and the spot cash shoe store, loss $40,000.

Dec 22 – The Highland Park women raised $400 to improve the Highland Park road.

• Tennessee •

May – Clarence Sanders, father of self-serve grocery shopping and founder of Piggly Wiggly constructed a 36,500 sq foot Georgia marble “Pink place” in Memphis. He was forced into bankruptcy in 1923 and donated house to city of Memphis, which was converted into a museum.

May 27 - Tennessee Power Company, Chattanooga railway & Light and Chattanooga & Tennessee river power companies merged to form the Tennessee Electric Power company (Tepco). A major source of Tennessee electric power.

June 10 – Cathrine Sherill Sevier, known as “Bonnie Kate”, wife of John Sevier reinterred next to her husband on Knox County court house lawn in Knoxville.

July 7 - Tennessee reports 83 percent of all pure breed cattle in the state are Jersey cattle, highest in the nation.

Nov 5 – Austin Peay elected Governor of Tennessee.


• United States


• World

Jan 10 – US withdraws last of troops from Germany.

Jan 4 – Lenin asks for Stalin's dismissal for repression of his comrades.

Feb 2 – Ethyl gas anti-knock sold for first time in Dayton, Ohio.

Jan 11 – League of Nations authorizes France to occupy remaining Ruhr Industrial region because Germany failed to make its reparation payments.

• Feb 9 – The AF of L union opposes old age pension legislation in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Jan 13 - Adolf Hitler denounces German Republic govt. and marches 5000 “Storm Troopers” through Berlin.

March 9 – Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin suffers another massive stroke, retires from office.

March 5 – Montana and Nevada pass nations first old age pension act, pays $25 per month.

March 29 – Sarah Bernhardt, humanitarian died in Paris.

April 14 – Dance marathons becomes the rage in US.

April 4 – Earl of Carnarron, discoverer King Tutankanham’s tomb died of insect bite, 56.

April 15 – The first sound motion picture commercial screening occurs in New York City.

June 9 – Bulgarian army overthrows Govt.

June 18 – Mt Etna erupts in Italy, 30,000 flee.

June 22 – German mark declines, 136,000 marks to $1.

July 20 - Pancho Villa killed by six gunmen on the road, 46.

July 24 – Turkish-Greek war ends by treaty.

Aug 7 – German mark hits 3.3 million to $1, bread riots erupt in Dresden.

Sept 2 – Adolf Hitler attacks Weimar Republic Congress in Nuremburg.

Sept 6 - Great earthquake hits Tokyo and Yokohama, 300,000 killed, 500,000 injured, 3.5 homeless.

Oct 29 – Turkey proclaimed a Republic, Mustafa Kemal elected President.

Nov 6 – One loaf of bread in Germany costs 140 billion marks.

Nov 8 – Adolf Hitler attempts Coup proclaiming himself chancellor, Ludendorff dictator. Hitler arrested and imprisoned.

Nov 15 – German mark goes to 4 Trillion to $1.

Nov 23 – German President Stresemann resigns.

• •

Dec 18 – Greek military exiles King George II.

Feb 8 – Mine explosion entombs 122 miners in Dawson, New Mexico.

April 18 – New Yankee stadium opens with 74,200 attending.

May 1 – First nonstop airplane flight across the US from Long Island to San Diego by two army pilots.

May – First permanent birth control clinic opened in New York city by Margaret Sanger. Her first one forced to close in 1916.

July 1 – Alfred P Sloan takes over General Motors as President from Pierre Du Pont.

July 4 – Tri-state KKK meeting in Kokomo, Indiana draws 50,000.

Aug 2 – President Warren G Harding becomes sick in San Francisco, died 7 days later. Aug 9 – President Harding died of Food poisoning, President, Calvin Coolidge sworn in as President.


Sept 6 – Tidal wave hits California from earthquake in Japan.

Sept 15 – Martial law Est. in Oklahoma to protect blacks from KKK.

Oct 15 – “Teapot Dome” scandal hearing begin in Washington DC.

Nov 19 – Governor of Oklahoma, J.C. Walton impeached and removed from office for efforts to get rid of KKK.


• Maury


Jan 12 – Columbia’s “Hello Girls” will be trained as “Operators” at the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph exchange school building.

Jan 12 – Maury County workhouse is completed on Santa Fe pike. The new prison sleeping quarters will be connected to the dining room by a concrete covered walk way.

Jan 12 – Maury County Court approved new schools for Hampshire and Santa Fe, cost $15,000 with $7500 provided from the citizens of Hampshire and 60 percent paid by the citizens of Santa Fe.

Jan 26 – The first building to be erected at Columbia’s new district Fairgrounds will be sponsored by First Farmers and Merchants bank. The 50 X 120 foot structure will house poultry and merchant exhibits.

Jan 26 – Maury County Memorial Association began its campaign to raise funds to construct a memorial for the memory of our soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for the service to their country, Mr. Beasley, President.

Feb 3 – The Tennessee Orphan Home reported it admitted new children, re-admitting 22 and placed 98 children in 1922.

March 2 – Proposed annexation meeting of Highland Park, West End and Riverside draws large crowd and opposition.

March 2 – More oil found at 2200 feet in Hampshire.

March 16 – Columbia agrees to pay one-third of cost to pave Cemetery Ave to Rose Hill.

March 16 – Historic Bigbyville Academy and the Masonic hall sold at auction, funds will go to build the new “Mynders” school.

March 29 – Women’s Club of Columbia plants several Oak shade trees on the Court house lawn.

June 23 – Maury County reports a record 70 divorces filed in 1922.

June 23 – The new J.A. Sloan three story concrete and steel building completed, fronts 11th street overlooking rail yard.

June 29 – The new Telephone system completed, no longer call “Central”, instead answer “operator” who asks “number please”, no longer use names.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Scarritt College for Christian workers moved from Kansas City, Mo. To Nashville to train women missionaries to become teachers. Affiliated with George Peabody College and United Methodist church. (In 1980’s it became Scarritt-Bennett Center of United Methodist women’s division of Methodist board of Global missions)

Tennessee Orphan’s Home at Galloway & West 9th

Feb 2 – Bessie Smith of Chattanooga, Tn. Makes her first “Blues” song recording.

Feb 3 – Governor Austin Peay reorganized state government, creating 8 departments out of 64 and appointed commissioner’s accountable to him. The departments are Education, finance, Budget, Highways, Public works, Health, Insurance & Banking, and Labor & Agriculture.

March – The Mayfield Dairy Farms company Est. in McMinn County, Tn.

• •

June 30 – Tennessee reports 244 miles of paved roads. 369

• Maury


July 27 – 2341 automobiles registered in Maury County.

Aug 24 – First “Army worms” reported to have appear in Maury County.

Aug 31 – Tourist traffic along the “Beeline Highway” to Florida increasing with tourist camping at “Pillow Park.”

Sept – “The Human Mill” movie filmed at Cheairs Rippavilla and Franklin. The Civil war film on Battle of Franklin, book by John Trotwood Moore.

Oct 12 – Columbia historic first, baseball fans hear the World Series on the radio at Fry Bros. garage on North main and 6th street.

Nov 9 – Maury Dry Goods company announces new fashionable women's fall suites for $24.95, Dresses $9.95.

Nov 16 – Maury County voters approve $492,000 highway bond for new road construction.

Dec 7 – The old jail site at the corner of 6th street and North Main to become a modern Standard Oil Company filling station.

Dec 28 – The new Christian church site on West 7th street approved by the congregation. The handsome new edifice on the Frank Smith lot will be built on the 100 X 150 foot lot.

• Tennessee •

July – Edward Terry Sanford of Knoxville, Tn. appointed US Supreme court Justice by President Harding.

Sept – The Tennessee Cotton market Co-operative Est.

Sept 6 – Universal life Insurance company founded in Memphis, the 2nd African-American company in US to attain $1 million in capital.

Oct 9 – The Tennessee vocational school for “colored” girls opens in Nashville.

Nov 6 – Austin Peay re-elected Governor of Tennessee.

Dec 21 – The Farmers in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana form the Dark Tobacco Grower’s Association Co-Operative.


Culleoka base ball team

• United States •

Feb 3 – Former President Woodrow Wilson died.


• World •

Jan 21 – Vladimir Lenin, soviet founder died, 54.

Feb 8 – The gas chamber used for first time in US execution for murder in Nevada.

Jan 23 – Ramsey McDonald organized first Labor Govt. in English history.

Feb 14 – Thomas Watson founded International Business Machine company (IBM).

Jan 24 – Benito Mussolini abolishes Labor unions.

Feb 29 – The “Teapot Dome” congressional hearings open in Washington DC.

Jan 25 – First winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France.

Jan 26 – Petrograd renamed Leningrad.

Feb 1 – Britain recognizes USSR.

Feb 4 – Mahatma Gandhi released from prison.

March 25 – Greece proclaimed a Republic.

April 4 – Adolf Hitler sentenced to 5 years in prison for attempted Coup.

April 17 – Major film merger of Goldwyn Mayer becomes Metro-Goldwyn corp.

April 28 – 128 miners killed in Benwood mine explosion at Wheeling Steel in West Virginia.

May 3 – President Calvin Coolidge veto's soldier’s Bonus bill.

May 10 – Edgar Hoover appointed director of FBI.

May 19 – Congress overrides President Coolidge’s veto of Soldier Bonus act.

May 26 – Japanese Govt. protests new US immigration bill that bars Japanese.

June 1 – Congress passes bill to extend citizenship to all native born Indians in US.

June 4 – London conference approves Dawes report to remove German reparations form sphere of political controversy.

July 7 – Calvin Coolidge Jr., 16 year old son of the President died of blood poisoning from cut he received on his foot playing tennis.

June 13 – Pan-American treaty signed to prevent South American conflicts.

Aug 13 – The Federal Govt. now requires female employees to use their husbands name, not their maiden name.

July 6 – Brazilian rebels capture San Paulo, 3000 killed.

July 12 – Egypt’s Premier Pasha assassinated.

July 30 – Summer Olympics held in Paris.

Aug 16 – French agree to withdraw troops form Ruhr.

Aug 30 – Germans introduce currency reforms

Sept 28 – Gandhi goes on hunger strike for 21 days to protest Muslin and Hindu Feuds.

Oct 28 – France recognizes USSR.

Nov 6 – Labor Govt. in Britain falls, new Prime Minister is Stanley Baldwin.

• •

Aug 26 – Henry Ford defends KKK as “patriots”. Sept 5 – Insecticides introduced for first time to control crop infestation.

Sept 9 – 1100 marines land in China to guard citizens in Shanghais as civil war breaks out.

Sept 25 – US hails three army pilots who flew around the world in 5 months and 22 days.

Oct 5 – The Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) declared a monopoly by Federal Govt.

Nov 4 – Calvin Coolidge elected president of US. • Dec 11 – Trinity college renamed Duke University, after tobacco magnate, James B Duke.

Nov 30 – Last of French troops depart Ruhr.

Dec 13 – Samuel Gompers, President of AF of L union died, 74

Dec 10 – Dutch Physiologist, Wilhelm Einthoven wins Nobel prize in medicine for inventing electrocardiograhm.

Dec 20 – Adolf Hitler released from prison after 8 months.


• Maury


Jan 8 – Graymere County Club chartered.

Jan 9 – The Loveless & Turner mule barn burned, formally R.F. Moore and sons stable, fire killed 57 mules and 2 horses.

Feb 8 – The “Piggly Wiggly” grocery store opened on the corner of West 7th and Garden streets, formally “The Smart shop”. Colonel D.A. Vaughn and E.P. Turner owners.

Feb 21 – The Columbia Rotary Club holds its first meeting at the Bethel hotel, group organized by the late Will R Manier, Walter D Hasting Sr. ,Daily Herald publisher and E.E. Loftin. L. Z. Turpin, elected President.

April 11 – New Columbia sub-division of “Academy Height’s” with 200 lots auctioned off. Located at intersection of Hampshire Pike and L & N railroad, opposite Columbia Military Academy.

April 11 – Columbia’s first radio broadcasting station begins operation, called the “Radio Den”, owned by Mr. Otis Draughton. He broadcast news and music at night.

April 25 – B.A. Satterfield and company hardware store on West 7th street moves to north side of Public Square into old Wallace Smizer Drug store.

May 20 – Thomas L Porter died, 90. He was son of Nimrod Porter, Sheriff of Maury County for 24 years.

May 23 – Riverview Heights auctions 220 lots, located on 80 acres of Mr. Rainey’s property.

May 23 – Rotary Club in Mt Pleasant chartered.

June – Maury County’s most severe drought begins, no rain for 179 days, June to December.

June 20 – Toll gate of road between Spring Hill and Franklin opened by court order, owner Mr. Tom Jackson. State takes over all of Jackson Military Highway.

June 20 – Columbia to build a new fire hall on North Main.

June 25 – Maury County “Colored hospital” chartered, Trustee’s: A.J. Armstrong; Dr. C.E. Jones; will Brown; Albert Wright; Henry Sanders; Albert Morrel; Prof. J.H. Kelly; Prof. R.G. Johnson; Rev. W.A. Anderson and Rev. W.H. Limpley.

• Tennessee •

Jan – The Jarman shoe company Est. in Nashville, owner Maxey Jarman. He later expanded to 148 manufacturing facilities and re-named Genesco with 1750 retail stores and 6500 employees.

June 13 - Tennessee’s worst flash flood occurred in Carter county when 15 inches of rain fell in an 8 hour period. 11 people killed when a 10 foot wall of water surged through the valley.

July 24 - Governor Austin Peay dedicates the Meriwether Lewis monument park in Lewis County, land was donated by Mr. Clinton Moore of Columbia. 372

• Maury


Aug – Mrs. Saidee Fall Grant, Great grand niece of President James K Polk founded the James K Polk Association to preserve artifacts and the legacy of the President.

Aug 1 – New Woolworth 5 & 10 store opened in Columbia, in old Satterfield building.

Aug 8 – Maury County Memorial Association purchased the Conner Akin home and property for $6150 and lot south of home for $21825. Mr. Beasley, President of the Association made no announcement of its use.

Aug 15 – The Cook Furniture Manufacturing Company will lease the building on the corner of 10th and School to build furniture and toys, formally occupied by Coca-cola bottling works.

Aug 15 – State awards contract to Foster-Creighton of Nashville to pave Columbia to Mt Pleasant Jackson Military Highway of 10.1 miles, cost $324,142.

Aug 22 – The public utilities commission agrees to close Dark’s Mill station at the request of the L & N railroad.

Sept 3 – Pop Geers died of injuries received in accident racing in Wheeling, West Virginia. He will be buried in Rose Hill cemetery.

Sept 19 – A record crowd over 20,000 attended the Maury County Fair.

Oct 24 – The horse breeders of the region proposed a $50,000 memorial to “Pop Geers”.

Oct 31 – The Chamber of Commerce organized in Columbia for first time.

Nov 20 – The new Hampshire school gym opened.

Nov 28 – 5000 hear Billy Sunday sermon at the Princess Theater, he preached the Gospel of heaven and hell, no in between.

Dec 5 – Maury County reports over 3000 automobiles registered.

• Tennessee

Aug 15 – The Old Hickory powder plant destroyed by fire in Nashville, 45 million pounds of powder burned.

Nov 4 - Austin Peay re-elected, Lawrence D Tyson elected US Senator of Tennessee.

Dec 26 – Tennessee legislature passes gas tax raise from 2 cents per gallon to 3 cents per gallon 373

• United States •


Feb 13 – President Calvin Coolidge signs proclamation to make the Meriwether Lewis burial site a national monument.

• World •

Jan 5 – Mussolini purges political opposition from Govt.

Jan 16 – Leon Trotsky ousted as war minister by Joseph Stalin

Jan 20 – Japan recognizes USSR, returns northern half of Sakhalin Island to Soviet Union.

Jan 27 – Feb 1 – “The Great race of Mercy “ dog sled relay to move diphtheria anti-toxin across Territory of Alaska.

Feb 21 – First issue of the New Yorker magazine published.

March – Crossword puzzles become popular in US.

March 4 – Calvin Coolidge inaugurated as president of US.

Feb 27 – Adolf Hitler reorganized the “Nazi Party”.

April – Female fashion lifts skirts above the knee and includes “Cloche” hats.

March 7 – Communist Red army occupies Outer Mongolia.

• •

April 15 – John Singer Sargent, American painter died, 69.

March 12 – Sun-Yat-Sen, Chinese leader and father of Chinese independence died, succeeded by Chiang Kai-Shek.

May 22 – Silk stockings comes into women’s fashion.

April 25 – Field Marshall Paul Von Hindenburg elected President of Germany.

June 6 – Walter P Chrysler forms Chrysler Corp, former President of Buick Motor company.

May 1 – Cyprus made British colony.

June 18 – Senator Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin died, 70.

July 16 – First Iraqi Parliament opened in Baghdad by King Feisal.

July 27 – William Jennings Bryan died.

July 18 – Adolf Hitler publishes “Mein Kompf” .

Aug 8 – 40,000 Ku Klux Klan march in Washington DC.

Aug 28 – Muscle Shoals Hydro electric plant begins operation.

July 25 - The Telegraph Agency of Soviet Union (TASS) founded.

July 31 – Britain passes Unemployment insurance act.

Oct 7 – Josephine Baker becomes smash hit in Paris in the “Negro Review.”

Aug 31 – 150,000 coal miners in Pennsylvania strike.

Sept 3 – US Navy dirigible “Shenandoah” crashes in storm near Cadwell, Ohio, killing 14.

Oct 16 – France and Germany sign peace treaty.

Sept 4 – Automobile sponsored by AAA competes TransContinential trip in 4 days, 21.5 hours.

Oct 18 – French fleet bombs Damascus, Syria to put down Druze revolt.

Sept – Newest dance craze, “The Charleston” becomes popular.

Oct 22 – Greek troops invades Bulgaria.

Oct 16 – US census reports 75,000 fewer farms in 1925 than in 1920.

Oct 30 – John L Baird, Scotsman broadcasts first movimg television pictures.

Nov 1 – Colonel Billy Mitchell court martial by Army after accusing his superior of treason for failing to support air defenses.

Oct 31 – Reza Khan becomes Shah of Persia, disposing the Qadjar dynasty.

• •

Nov – New “Flapper” dress comes into fashion.

Nov 20 – Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, wife of King Edward VII died.

Dec 10 – Ten percent of Coast Guard court martial (1700 out of 9000) for misconduct and “treating with bootleggers.”

Dec 10 – British foreign Secretary, Austen Chamberlain and American Vice-President, Charles Dawes share the Nobel peace prize for their works on German reparations.

Dec 25 – 20 million automobiles registered in US.

• •

Dec 26 – Great Sphinx of Giza unearthed. 374

• Maury


Jan 16 – US Department of Agriculture reports Maury county leads state in value of all crops produced with $3.8 million.

Jan 23 – “Graymere Golf and Country Club” to open this spring. The Club has 500 members who pay $200 each per year.

Jan 30 – Governor Peay signs bill extending Columbia city limits to West end, Highland Park and Riverview Heights. Columbia’s population now 7500.

Feb 6 – Mr. Herbert Shipley of Elizabethton arrived in Columbia, selected as the new director of the Chamber of Commerce, set up in the Bethel hotel.

Feb 20 – Department of Agriculture reports Maury County leads state in hog production with 32,378 in 1924.

Feb 27 – Columbia purchases old Loveless and Turner mule barn lot on East 7th street to create a Farmers Market, cost $5000.

March 13 – Columbia prints first city directory.

March 27 – Aunt Charlotte Bell died at her home near Blue Springs on Duck River, 113, former slave of General Leonidus Polk.

April 14 – Tennessee State Supreme court rules that the Christian Church of Columbia must pay $3000 to “Anti’s” or build another church. The issue involves split over “Instrumental music” being played in services.

May 1 – The Yellow Cab service begins operation to Columbia from Nashville with four cars.

May 26 – Columbia purchases the property on West 7th street from Horace Rainey Sr. for a park and “Pop Greer Memorial”, cost $50,000.

May 26 – Water, lights and modern toilet system installed in the Maury County Poor House, cost $3000.

May 29 – Historic Rally Hill home burns, Colonel John M Crowe, formally home of Colonel Duncan McCreary, member of Tennessee Senate.

June 5 – New first concrete bridge at Columbia to be constructed across the Duck River to replace the old land mark wooden bridge. The new bridge has three spans of 100 feet each. It will be the longest of its kind in the state.

• Tennessee

Feb 6 – Federal Govt. designates the Meriwether Lewis monument, a National monument.

Feb 27 – Tennessee state tobacco tax of 10 percent passed on cigars and cigarettes.

March 13 – Governor Austin Peay signs anti- evolution bill, outlaws teaching evolution in Tennessee schools.

March 18 – Tornadoes sweep across the Mid-West and northern Tennessee, 689 people killed, 15,000 homes destroyed, 25 people killed in Sumner County.

May 21 – John T Scopes trail begins, Tennessee teacher in Dayton teaching the Darwin theory of evolution, Clarence Darrow representing Scopes and William Jennings Bryant prosecuting.

June – Army Corp of Engineers completes the Wilson Dam on the Tennessee River.


• Maury


June 5 – King’s Daughters’ hospital installs new electric elevator, announces hiring of Miss Katherine Herborn of Fairmont, Virginia as the first X-Ray technician.

June 5 – The Rainey Bros. ship the first car load of Cherries in history of Maury County on L & N railroad.

• Tennessee •

July – Small Pox reported in 48 Counties of Tennessee, including Maury County.

July 21 – John T Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution, fined $100.

July 27 – Giles County approved funds to construct new highway from Maury County line to Pulaski.

Sept 2 – Peabody hotel opened in Memphis.

Sept 16 – Vanderbilt dedicates new medical school, nurses home, Alumni, Memorial Hall, Auditorium and Stadium.

Oct 6 – WSM radio station founded by Edwin Craig of National Life and Accident Insurance company.

July 21 – Contract awarded to pave Mt Pleasant to Rockdale Highway of 5.8 miles.

Aug 14 – Mr. Shipley announced that Columbia will be placed on new Govt. highway map, showing the Beeline Highway from Nashville to Franklin to Columbia to Pulaski. Tourist traffic expected to increase as a result.

Aug 21 – Culleoka approves new Gymnasium for school.

Aug 28 – Spring Hill and Mt Pleasant announces record crowds for community fairs.

Sept 11 – Columbia’s average daily high temperature for first 8 days of Sept is 103 degrees.

Sept 25 – Herbert R Shipley quits Chamber of Commerce, bad health cited.

Sept 25 – Columbia names street from Mt Pleasant pike to city limits “Trotwood ave” to honor former resident John Trotwood Moore, state librarian, author and historian.

Sept 25 – New concrete Sowell Mill bridge completed, replaces old wooden covered bridge.

Sept 25 – Record number of Negro registered to vote in 9th district (Columbia) newly annexed area.

Oct 16 – Maury County drought ends with first rainfall since May, Duck River at record low level.

Nov 13 – William J Webster Jr., Maury County’s leading authority on Pacers has written a book entitled, “The Origins of the Tennessee Pacer.”

Nov 27 – Vanderbilt Alumni hall room dedicated to honor Capt. Meade Frierson, killed in action , Aug 29, 1918.

Nov 27 – Rippavilla sold to P.D. Houston and Paul M Davis of Nashville.

Nov 28 – First broadcast of “National Barn dance” with Uncle Jimmy Thompson , later changing name to “Grand Ole Opry” on WSM radio.

Dec 1 – First scheduled flight operations in Tennessee begins between Atlanta and Evansville with stop in Chattanooga.

Dec 4 – Construction on State War Memorial building begins.

Dec 25 – Columbia announces new shirt factory to locate here, to employ 400.

Dec 26 – Fountain Creek Mill destroyed by fire.


• United States


Jan 27 – US agrees to join World Court at Hague.

Feb 8 – Walt Disney builds first studio in California.

Feb 12 – US anthracite coal strike settled after 165 days.

March 7 – First Trans-Atlantic Telephone call made between New York City and London. March 16 – Robert Goddard launched first US liquid fueled rocket in Auburn, Mass.

April 9 – Congress approves bill to provide headstones for all US soldiers unmarked graves, includes sailors, marines and Army nurses. May 3 – US marines land again in Nicaragua after departing 9 months ago because of rebels.

• World •

Jan 6 - Lufthansa Airlines founded in Germany.

Jan 26 – John Baird demonstrates television publicly for first time in England.

Feb 11 – Mexico nationalizes all church property.

Feb 18 – British extend control over Persia (Iran) for 25 years in new Treaty.

April 10 – Chinese President Tuan disposed in Peking.

April 21 – Future British Queen Elizabeth II born.

April 25 – Reza Khan, former soldier in Persian army crowns himself Shah in Tehran.

May 19 – French shell Damascus, Syria, killing 600.

May 26 – Republic of Lebanon proclaimed.

May 8 – A. Philip Randolph organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters union.

May 9 – Admiral Richard Byrd makes first flight over North pole.

June 13 – Marshal Joseph Pilsudski Est. a Polish dictatorship after an armed revolt.

May 20 – Congress passes law giving Department of Commerce authority to license pilots.

• • •

June 25 – American Bobby Jones wins British Golf open.

May 22 – President Coolidge accepts donated land to form Smokey Mountains National park.

July 25 – French crush Druze uprising in Syria.

June 12 - World’s Fair opens in Philadelphia.

Aug 23 – Rudolph Valentino, silent film star died, 31.

July 2 – Congress creates Army Air Corps.

Aug 24 – Three month coal strike ends in Britain.

July 10 – Navy munitions plant explodes in New Jersey, 19 killed.

Sept 6 – Chiang-Kai-Shek drives forces toward Hankow in northern campaign in Chinese Civil war.

Aug 6 – Gertrude Ederle, 19 from New York becomes first woman to swim the English Channel.

Sept 8 – Germany admitted to League of Nations, Spain quits in Protest.

Aug 10 = Northwest Airlines incorporated in Detroit.

Sept 23 – Gene Tunney defeats Jack Dempsey in 10 round decision for heavyweight boxing championship.

Sept 25 – Henry Ford announces 8 hour day and 5 day week in auto plants.

Oct 7 – Mussolini abolishes all political opposition in Italy.

Nov 12 – Java nationalist revolt against Dutch.

Nov 19 – Leon Trotsky expelled from Russian politburo by Stalin.

July 23 – French Franc collapses.

Oct 10 – Great Tennessee, Mississippi and Cumberland Rivers flood.

Oct 20 – Eugene Debs, Socialists died, 74.

Oct 31 – Harry Houdini escape artist, died in Detroit, 52.

Dec 5 – Claude Monet, French painter died, 86.

Nov 15 – National Broadcasting company (NBC) begins radio broadcasting on 26 stations.

Dec 17 – Lithuania revolt Est. dictatorship.

• •

Dec 26 – Hirohito succeeds his father as Emperor of Japan. 377

• Maury


Jan 1 – Fountain Creek Mill recently destroyed by fire will be rebuilt. The Mill was constructed in 1806 by David Love and the oldest in Maury County. The waterwheel was undamaged and is one of the largest found anywhere with a capacity of 60 HP. Two large granaries were saved. The owners, Beverly Jennette, J.O. Cheek Jr. and F.M. Lander say they will rebuild the mill this spring.

Jan 1 – Engineers from the state highway Department are in Columbia to begin work on the huge project to construct the state and Federal highway from Columbia to Giles County.

Jan 1 – First meeting of the Mt Pleasant Phintias Lodge, Knights of Phythias held.

Jan 1 – The streets of Riverside will be illuminated for the first time by a battery of lights, says Southern Cities power company. Superintendent Clarence Watson. Mr. Watson also announced the completion of laying fire plugs in the West End district.

Jan 1- Musicians from Columbia Kiwanis Club will play on the WSM radio broadcast in Nashville in early January. Squire Orr, President of the club will set the date.

Jan 1 – J.I. Finney, Editor of Daily herald retires and turns job over to John W Finney. Mr. Finney is a graduate of Central High school, Class of 1919 and University of Tennessee 1923. John W Finney, at 16 years volunteered for service in the Great war and served 19 months.

Jan 1 – The original stones from the 1806 Fountain Creek Mill, erected by David Love are now at the home of the late Representative, Cord C Denton in the 5th district. David Love was the grandfather of late Capt. Joe Love of Culleoka who lived for years at the Denton place. The Fountain Heights grade school was recently constructed near the mill .

Jan 1 – Columbia will have a big three day poultry show to be held in the Perry building on the Public square.

Jan 8 – Columbia Herald begins the “Know Maury County and Columbia” campaign with 52 articles dealing with community resources.

Jan 8 – Mrs. Eva Nelson of Culleoka plans to continue her drive to sell Stone Mountain memorial coins. She sold 60 coins for $1 and 50 cents goes to fund the carving of the permanent memorial to the Confederacy outside Atlanta.

Jan 8 – Mr. Eugene Anderson applied for a charter of Columbia's new $50,000 company to build a factory building 65 x 200 feet, a two story building with a basement “to be loaned” to the Volunteer Manufacturing Shirt Company.

Jan 8 – The fire that destroyed the Fountain Creek Mill on Lewisburg pike is believed set by incendiaries. Mrs. F.M. Landers said she was awakened by her dog barking and upon investigation saw a light at the warehouse. A moment later a fire flashed as if someone applied oil to a match.

• Tennessee

Jan – Horace Greenly Hill incorporated several of his H.G. Hill Grocery stores in Nashville.


• Maury •


Jan 8 – Two Columbia patrolman, R. Whit Hight and Willis White entered the J.K. Troop barber shop to discover two Negro bandits. A gunfight erupted with Officer Hight and a “Two gun desperado Joe Fields shooting it out.”

Jan 10 – The Columbia Symphony Orchestra organized.

Jan 15 – The Hampshire Parent- Teacher Association began providing hot lunches for students at the Hampshire High school at cost. It is the first rural school to do so.

Jan 15 – Over 2300 people attended the Fiddler’s contest at the Fry Bros. garage. 1500 people were turned away because of no room. Commodore Loveless of Spring Hill was the winner of the $20 first prize, a free trip to Nashville to participate in the Middle Tennessee fiddler’s contest..

Jan 15 – Mr. P.D. Houston has moved into the “old Cheairs Place” on the Jackson Highway. Mr. Houston is President of the American National Bank and Trust company of Nashville. His daughter, Mary D Houston, deceased was a teacher at Columbia Central high 1918-1919.

Jan 22 – The Columbia City budget was approved at $99,950.

Feb 5 – Mr. Albert Shields of Columbia received his 50 year badge for loyal service to the L & N railroad.

Feb 5 – The West End district received 26 street lights, 20 lights are also planned for the Highland Park area and a 6 inch water line will be installed to Riverside.

Feb 12 – The Columbia Central High School was rated as one of the best in the State by inspector, H.A. Bars. Graduates of the high school are accepted by colleges without exam, he said. One of Tennessee’s best A-1 High schools.

Feb 12- Society: Mrs. Tom Friel was hostess to a beautifully appointed Valentine dinner at her home on 8th street. The home was decorated with roses, narcissus and ferns. Place cards were attractive Valentines with small hearts shaped boxes of candy nearby. After dinner quests played hearts.

Feb 12 – Maury County Hog production is near the top says State Department of Agriculture with 27,099 hogs with average price of $11.80 per hog. Also Est. 5654 horses in County, 9903 Milk cows, 14,580 sheep and 10,458 cattle.

March 11 – Maury County historian and Civic leader, Miss Alice Wright, born at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Columbia, Tn., later married Mr. Ruben Algood.

March 12 – The shareholders of the old Citizens Telephone company voted to merge with Southern Bell Telephone.

March 16 – The old covered bridge at Glendale demolished by the Holland Transportation truck.

April 2 – The Dimple Mill sold by Mr. Cord P Park to Commodore D Loveless and Leonard B Hughes.

• Tennessee •

Jan – WLAC , Nashville radio station Est. by Life and Casualty Insurance company.


• Maury


April 9 – Southern Cities Power company announced it will build a new dam, just below the old dam in Riverside, The new dam will generate 1000 H.P.

April 16 – Mr. John Witt of the Chancery Court of Lee County, Miss. He wrote to say he found a confederate grave in Tupelo, Miss. The grave marker said “Isaiah s Perry, born Maury County, Tn. Dec 18, 1823; died Tupelo, Miss. July 8, 1862.“ It is believed he died at the battle of Shiloh.

April 23 – Society: The May Fete at Columbia Institute will be held May 4th under the direction of Miss Mary Penn. The Fete opens with groups of garland dancer’s. Miss Frances Harris has been chosen queen of the Fete. Each nation appears before the Queen. First comes the Pearl dancers of Japan, followed by the Amethysts from Scotland, the Emerald dancers from Ireland and a special dance by Miss Carrie Bell Thomas representing Diamonds of Russia, the Rubies of India by Miss Edna Lewis. The public is invited.

June 11 – The Geer Memorial 22 ton shaft is set in place after considerable effort by the Dean Marble company.

Aug 27 – Hundreds greeted the arrival of the Christy Bros Circus in Columbia. The big 5 ring circus has 11 Elephants, 12 Camels, Zebra’s, Water Buffalo and reindeer.

Sept 24 – The largest crowd in the history of the Columbia District Fair Association turned out to hear Mrs. John Swain, formally Miss Mary Bryan Powers of Mt Pleasant sing, now the Grand opera star of New York City.

Sept 24 – The old Nicholson school split log benches were replaced by modern desks. The Smithsonian Institute and new Rosenwald Institute in Chicago are both interested in the old benches. The benches built in 1881 by Daniel Williams. Prof. Baker prepared history of the school ,taken photos of the benches for publication in “The Seater”, a trade publication sponsored by American Seating Company.

Oct 22 – The Edward Franklin “Pop” Geers obelisk dedicated before a large crowd at the Princess theater, ceremony at the park afterward. $18,158.20 collected by donations.

Nov 5 – Mt Pleasant opens “Great White Way” with twelve 250 watt Globe lights in the public square.

Nov 20 – The building formally known as home of “Ananias Club” and “Little Tammany” Hdqtrs. of Maury County Govt. was razed to erect a 3 story, H.G. Hill store on W est 7th street including the historic “Political Alley.”

Dec 24 – The Pulaski road opened for traffic, new 6 miles of asphalt 20 feet wide laid to Giles County line.

Dec 24 – Maury County mourns the death of W.R. “Old Sawney” Webb, founder of the Webb school in Culleoka, 84. He Est. first Webb school in basement of old Methodist church in 1870, built 3 room school where Culleoka High school is today, moved to Bell buckle in 1886.

• Tennessee

May – University of Tennessee hired Robert Neyland Jr. as head coach of Volunteer football team. Served as head coach until 1934 when he was assigned military duty in Panama. Returned in 1936 to 1940, served in WW II, returned in 1946 and remained until 1952. His overall record was 173-31-12 (.829) over 21 years of coaching.

May 22 – President Calvin Coolidge signs bill committing Federal Govt. to administer 150,000 acres donated to nation in Tennessee and North Carolina as a National Park, eventually grew to 423,000 acres and known as the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Oct – North American Rayon Corp and American Bemberg Corp begin manufacturing “artificial silk” or Rayon at new Plant in Elizabethton, Tn.

Nov 5 – Austin Peay re-elected. Governor of Tennessee.


• United States


Jan 5 – Fox Studios introduces “Movietone”, a new invention to synchronize sound and motion pictures.

• World •

Jan 1 – Chaing-kai-Shek Est. Chinese Nationalist Govt. in Han Kow.

Jan 5 – National Geographic publishes world’s first underwater color photos.

Jan 24 – 12,000 British troops sent to Shanghai to protect British interest due to China’s rebellion.

Jan 13 –First women seated on New York Stock exchange.

Jan 31 – Allied military control of Germany officially ends.

Jan 15 – The Dumbarton Bay bridge opens in San Francisco.

Feb 23 – Chinese Nationalist led by General Chang-kai- shek advances on Shanghai.

March 7 – US Supreme Court finds Texas law prohibiting Negro’s the right to vote unconstitutional.

March 21 – General Chang-Kai-shek captures Shanghai.

March 8 – Pan American airlines incorporated.

March 24 – Chinese communists seize Nanking and break with General Chang-Kai-Shek.

March 16 – Elsie Eaves becomes first woman elected to the Society of Civil Engineers.

April 15 – New Communist Chinese Govt. denounces ChangKai-Shek and declares war on Nationalist Chinese.

April 6 – President Coolidge veto’s Filipino Plebiscite calling for independence from US.

May 1 – Adolf Hitler holds first Nazi meeting in Berlin.

May 13 – German economy collapse.

May 20 – British acknowledge Saudi Arabian independence in Jedda Treaty.

April 17 – First successful Television broadcast test held in New York City.

May 18 – 15,000 Louisiana Arcadians flee 30 foot tidal wave.

May 18 – Michigan man blows up school in Bath, Mich. Protesting high taxes, 42 children killed.

May 24 – British break diplomatic relations with USSR, charging a plot to foster a communist revolt in England.

May 20 – Charles Lindbergh flys solo the “Spirit of St Louis” from Roosevelt Field on Long island to Paris, France in 33 hours, 39 minutes. 100,000 Parisians cheer Lindbergh's touch down at La Bourget field.

May 27 – Japanese troops block Chinese Nationalist advance on Peking.

Aug 7 – Vice President Dawes opens “Peace bridge” over Niagara River linking Canada and US.

June 4 – Indonesian National party founded by Akhmed Sukarno.

Aug 10 – President Coolidge dedicates unfinished Mt Rushmore monument.

June 6 – USSR breaks diplomatic relations with Chang-KaiShek Chinese Nationalist Govt.

July 15 – Revolt breaks out in Vienna, Austria.

Sept 30 – Babe Ruth hits 6oth home run.

Oct 1 – USSR signs non-aggression pact with Persia. (Iran)

Oct 6 – Al Jolson stars in “The Jazz Singer”, first talking movie.

Oct 15 - Iraqis discover oil reserve in Kirkuk.

Nov 13 – The Holland Tunnel between New York city and new Jersey opens.

Oct 23 – Joseph Stalin expels Leon Trotsky from communist central committee.

Nov 21 – New York City Metropolitan area created, population 9.5 million.

Oct 29 – Russian archaeologist, Peter Kozloff discovered the tomb of Genghis Khan in Gobi desert.

Dec – Laurel and Hardy comedy team becomes popular.

Nov 29 – Russian crush Ukraine revolt, 5000 killed.

Dec 2 – Henry Ford introduces Model “A” car.

Dec 12 – Communist Chinese seize Canton.

Dec 4 – “Duke” Ellington and band begin playing at Harlem Cotton Club in New York City.

Dec 14 – Britain recognizes Iraqi independence.


• Maury


Jan 7 – A large crowd turned out to see Richard Mantell and Genevine Harper perform, Local favorites who played in Macbeth at the Princess Theater.

Jan 7 – Maury County Red Cross nurse, Miss Mabel Schuckman, announced a drive to record all births in Maury County over the past year. Cards will be distributed to all school children in the County schools to register all babies born at home.

Jan 7 – Mr. Dave Anglin, resident of Hill town in the first district of Maury County, came to Columbia for the first time in 14 years. The last time he was in Columbia was in 1913 to sell a load of corn. Mr. Anglin said, “A good farmer has to keep his mind on his business. All a farmer can do in town is loaf.” Mr. Anglin was in town on legal matters.

Jan 14 – The Tennessee state surveyors are working to complete a survey on the Hampshire pike grade crossing at the Columbia Military Academy to determine the cost of a proposed underpass at the Louisville and Nashville railroad line. The crossing has recorded 5 deaths in the recent years.

Jan 28 – The Dimple Ice Cream and Creamery captured first prize for its butter at the Tennessee State Creamery association convention in Nashville.

Jan 28 – Culleoka High school will begin serving hot lunches in the cafeteria. No food article sold by the PTA will cost more than 4 cents.

Feb 9 – Mt Pleasant is set to annex land west of the city, which will add about 600 people to the present population of 2,079.

Feb 11 – Fire destroyed the Dimple Mill located near the tracks of the Louisville and Nashville rail line in Columbia, loss $38,000.

Feb 25 – Mt Pleasant paves main street.

Feb 25 – Bells Mill, a Culleoka land mark and one of the states oldest mills collapsed into Fountain Creek after the recent flood. The Mill was built in the 1820’s and owned at different times by Holt, Young, Ballanfant, Dugger, Bell and Hall. The property is now owned by Jack Hall.

March 11 – Society: The Women’s Clubs of Maury County have sponsored a total of 70 local year around gardens in 17 Maury County communities. There are 17 women leaders in the garden clubs and 35 active girls.

April 15 – The Duck River flood crested at 34.5 feet, the bridge at Cross Bridges washed away. Over 5 inches of rain fell in a few hours. April 15 – The Borden Milk Company took over the Maury County Creamery Co-operative. They will remodel the plant and install a 50 ton refrigerator, milk coolers and tanks.

• Tennessee •

Jan – The Fraternal and Solvent Savings Bank and Trust company created by the meager of two black-owned Memphis banks who were instrumental in launching and supporting African-American businesses between 19101920’s, failed in 1930,s.

Feb 9 - Gold was discovered in Giles County along Anderson Creek. Recent surveys shows $6 per ton of gold.

March – North Carolina and Tennessee state legislatures each committed $2 million to purchase additional land to donate to Federal Great Smokey Mountain National park.

March 3 – Stone’s River battlefield and national cemetery created by Congress.

March 16 – Percy Warner Park Est. in Nashville.

April 12 – The new owners of the Nashville baseball club constructed a new steel and concrete baseball park, “Sulpher Dell” and played their first game in it. (Park closed in 1963)


• Maury


April 15 – Ten rural schools closed in Maury County; Isom, Graham, Union Grove, Cross Bridges, Beechland, Sullivans, Zion, Neapolis, Nicholson and Beech Grove.

May – Maury County reports it has 78 schools with 12 having electricity.

May 20 – Work begins to remodel the Nicholson school road which connects Rock Springs on Sowell Mill pike to the Hardison’s store at Bear Creek pike. The Nicholson end of the road will be changed from the present location to a strip one quarter mile from the present right of way. The road is considered one of the worse in Maury County.

June 1 – The Middle Tennessee rail line from Franklin to Mt Pleasant closed down.

June 10 – The Tennessee Orphan’s Home report says they have cared for 565 children, 111 are placed in homes after 10 years in Columbia.

June 10 – The Daly Herald announced it will produce a two reel movie comedy in Columbia. Hundreds of extras and Maury Countians will play roles in the movie. The Herald has secured Mr. Charles C Fetty, a former cameraman and director to make the film. The streets of Columbia will be converted into a movie lot for shooting the film.

July 1 – The 3rd Maury County women’s Home Demonstration camp is underway at Beaver Dam in Hickman County. The three day event has 150 women delegates representing 16 Maury County women’s clubs. Demonstrations in cooking, dress making, pottery painting, refinishing furniture and other demonstrations were given.

July 1 – The average pay for a teacher in Maury County is $93.60 per month for 31 male teachers. The average pay for the 93 women teachers is $76.50 per month, says Superintendent G.H. Turner.

July 1 – A huge meteor streaked across the Maury County sky and was seen by a number of Columbians. The meteor streaked low in the sky southeast to northwest as a great orange fire ball with a red tail. One citizen, Mr. W.B. Reese, said a large black substance fell from the sky west of Hardin Road and made a noise like an airplane. One smaller piece hit the railroad track near the 8th ave crossing. Mr. George Canfield swears he can still smell something burning. Hundreds of Nashville citizens saw the event as well.

July 1 – Maury County School Superintendent, Mr. G.H. Turner reports 22 one teacher “colored schools” with 959 Negro children in operation. There are 459 girls and 500 boys enrolled. This compares to 1252 children last year. Nine of the schools have libraries, seven have no toilets of any kind, only one has a sanitary toilet of any kind for boy s and girls. The best building is Poplar Creek valued at $1000. The poorest is Penny Hall built before the Civil war, valued at $25.

Aug 12 – Esq. Charles Jackson donated $10,000 to the King’s Daughters’ Hospital. This is the 2nd gift donated by him.

• Tennessee •

April 15 - Ten Tennessee River flooded , 150 killed, 75,00o homeless. The Mississippi, Ohio and Arkansas Rivers also flooded.

April 26 – Austin Peay state University founded as “Normal school” in Clarksville. Named to honor Governor Peay of Clarksville.

May – Nashville purchased 131 acres in West Nashville for McConnell airport, 2nd airport for Nashville.


• Maury


Aug 19 – Pillow Park will get a 75 x 150 foot swimming pool, says Dr. Robert Pillow. The pool will be located near the big Fair building on the upper side of Pillow Park. A ladies dressing room will be located in the present Agriculture building.

Aug 19 – Borden Milk Company has began construction on its $100,000 plant in Columbia.

Sept 23 – The new “colored school” opens at Hills Chapel, cost $1000. It has two sanitary toilets, a coal house, new single desks and a teachers desk. Mrs. M.L. Hunter, the wife of one of Columbia pastor’s is the teacher.

Sept 30 – The US Dept. of Agriculture reports Maury County has 3899 farms in 1925, with 1518 owned by white farmers. Corn is grown on 80 percent of the farms, only 493 farms grew wheat, white sorghum grown on 1034 farms and sow beans on 337, 1900 farms grow apples.

Sept 30 – The new Athendale school is completed, the two room structure has a modern circulating air heating system, single seats, book cases, two sanitary toilets, a coal shed, shades, screens and a pony shed. Two new “colored schools” at Hills Chapel and Parks Station competed as well. The Negros of the community purchased the land and helped construct the buildings.

Oct 21 – Scores of Maury County homes are being named with a campaign conducted by the home demonstration agent to “name your home”. More than 200 homes were named in Maury County during the campaign.

Nov 18 – New schools opened at Theta and Isom-Taylorville. The Isom-Taylorville school has 5 class rooms, a large auditorium, indoor toilets, modern plumbing and heating, cost $10,000.

Nov 18 – Rev. T.N. Carruthers of St Peters Episcopal church calls for all Maury County citizens to stand for law and order and characterized the recent mob action as murder. A vigorous denunciation of the lynching in Columbia Nov 11 was also made by the Columbia Herald, Daily Herald and Judge Taylor. J.W. Finney denounced act of lynching a 18 year old boy accused of assaulting white girl as disgraceful”.

Dec 2 – The Maury County Grand jury adjourned without an indictment of anyone for the lynching of the 18 year old Henry Choate. All witnesses examined failed to identify anyone involved.

Dec 4 – Power lines have been extended to Mt Pleasant, Spring Hill and the Armour mines. Southern Cities Power company says it will soon extend power to Culleoka, Hampshire and Cross bridges.

Dec 9 – The “Beeline Highway” changed name to “Polk Highway” by Good Roads Association.

Dec 30 – Maury County has 2500 phones installed, says Southern Bell Telephone Company.

• Tennessee •

Aug – P.V.H. Weems, International known navigator, former student at Barnham & Hughes in Spring Hill, published “Line of position” air navigation textbook, He taught Charles Lindbergh navigation. (died 1979)

Oct 2 – Tennessee Governor Austin Peay died in office from a stroke. Henry Horton, speaker of the House sworn in as Governor.

Nov 5 – Balloonist, Capt. Gray, found dead in Tennessee treetops, killed by lack of oxygen at 44,000 feet ascent.


• United States


Jan 1 – Five US Marines killed and 28 wounded in battle with Nicaraguan rebels, US sends 2000 more troops into area.

• •

• World •

Feb 2 – Chang-Kai-Shek elected President of Nationalist China.

Jan 1 – Stalin begins five year communist plan program.

Feb 15 – Scholars complete Oxford English dictionary after 70 years of work.

Jan 4 – Millions hear Will Rogers and other stars on National Broadcasting Company (NBC) hook up with 48 radio stations across the country.

Feb 20 – British create Transjordan as a buffer between Palestine and Arabs, given limited autonomy by Britain.

Jan 13 – General Electric makes first television broadcast in Schenectady, New York.

March 5 – Hitler’s National Socialist’s win majority in Bavaria.

March 10 – Gary Cooper movie star, debuts in adventure film, “Legion of the Condemned.”

March 6 – Communist Chinese attack Peking, 3000 killed.

March 13 – St Francis dam in Los Angles breaks, killing 400.

March 12 - Island of Malta becomes British dominion.

March 21 – President Coolidge awards Charles Lindbergh the Medal of Honor.

April 12 – River Thames floods in England , kill 168.

April 9 – The Turkish National Assembly denies Islam as the state religion, adopts English alphabet instead of Arabic.

April 19 – 5000 Japanese troops occupied Shantung, China.

May 11 – Japanese and Chinese Nationalist troops clash, 1000 killed.

June 7 - Chinese General Chang Tso –Lin killed by Nationalist Chinese.

May 18 – William “Big Bill” Haywood, founder of IWW union died in exile in Soviet Union.

July 1 – General Alvaro Obregon elected President of Mexico.

May 28 – Dodge Bros. and Walter P Chrysler Corp. merge to form Chrysler Corp.

July 17 – Mexican President elect assassinated in Mexico City.

July 28 – VIII Olympiad games open in Amsterdam.

Aug 9 – Volcanic eruption in West Dutch Indies kills 1000.

• •

Sept 21 – Hurricane hits West Palm Beach, 800 killed, 15,000 homeless.

Aug 27 – France, Britain, Germany, US , USSR and 11 countries sign Kellogg-Briand treaty to outlaw war.

Oct 12 – First Iron Lung used on girl with infantile paralyses (Polio) in Boston.

Sept 15 – Alexander Fleming at University of London school of Medicine accidently discovers Penicillin.

Oct 15 – Graf Zeppelin arrives at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Sept 28 – Prussia lifts public speaking ban on Adolf Hitler.

Nov 1 – New York Times installs first moving electric sign around Times square.

Oct 7 – Ethiopian King Ras Tafari crowned , Ali Sallasi.

Nov 7 – Herbert Hoover elected US 31st President.

Nov 10 – Japanese Prince Hirohito 27, crowned Emperor of Japan.

Nov 18 – First successful Walt Disney cartoon “Steamboat Willie” starring Mickey Mouse premiered in New York City.

Nov 30 – Emilo Portes Gil sworn in as new Mexican President.

Dec 28 – NAACP reports 10 lynching's in 1928, lowest in 40 years.

Dec 21 – President Coolidge signs Boulder dam bill to construct dam on Colorado River.


• Maury


Jan 6 – Mr. O.W. Whatley, leased and remodeled the old Brittain Tobacco building on School street and announced he will begin manufacturing home made bed spreads, quilts and mattresses at the plant. He expects to hire 30 workers with an average pay of $22.50 per week.

Jan 13 – The new creamery of Kannon, Denham and Pinkston will open behind J.J. Underwood meat market on the public square. The new company called “Jersey Pride Dairy” installed a pasteurization plant in the building. Mr. Granville Pinkston of Bryant station will operate the plant, formally of Borden company in Fayetteville.

Jan 13 – The Maury County Court is considering a appropriation of $10,000 to construct a underpass at Columbia Military Academy on the Hampshire pike for the Louisville and Nashville rail line. Some members of the court are proposing a “Cut off” road between Mt Pleasant and Hampshire pike.

Jan 13 – A charter has been awarded to the Whatley Quilt and Mattress company, $15,000 capital. Mr. O.W. Whatley owner is formally of the Columbia Cotton Mills.

Jan 20 – The new Columbia City budget set at $100,200. salaries are $10,600; streets are $22,500; Fire, Water and Lights are $24,500, Schools are $9040 and sinking fund is $25,000.

Jan 20 – Everett Derryberry, star athlete of the University of Tennessee, son of Mr. & Mrs. F.O. Derryberry and graduate of Columbia Central high school has been selected as a “Rhodes Scholar” for Oxford university in England. (Later becomes President of Tennessee Tech for 34 years.)

Jan 20 – The new Methodist church to be completed soon, cost $15,000. It has a modern kitchen and dining room.

Jan 27 – Mrs. Thurston H Neely of Maury County named “Master farm woman” by the state home demonstration organization in Knoxville.

Feb 17 – Maury County school board votes to build 7 new Negro one teacher school buildings and 2 one teacher white school buildings. The 7 Negro schools are Hampshire, West Brook, Perry Hill, Rocky Glade in the 9th district and Santa Fe, Samaritian and Gant. The two white schools are Johnson and Lucketts in the 1st district.

Feb 20 – An earthquake rattles Maury County.

March – The Glendale Academy burned.

March 2 – Columbia Women’s Club announced they will plant 50 Sugar Maple’s along Cemetery Ave.

March 9 – Three new brick veneer building are being constructed on West 7th to replace the three lost to fire earlier in January, Hendley & Thomas and W.L. Fraser & Sons have renewed leases from owner Mrs. Mary Moses.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee Farm Bureau offers auto insurance for first time.


1928 • Maury •

March 30 – Dean Marble Company in Columbia completes its expansion project with installation of a 6 ton crane, a 36 x 50 workshop and 20 x 870 blacksmith shop. Dean Marble employs 20 hands and has a annual payroll of $45,000.

April 20 – Society: The second production of the Maury County Drama League presented “Icebound” at the Princess Theater. A large crowd was present to see miss Katherine Wilson play “Julie” and Mr. Bruce Huff play “Ben” as the two leads. The play was presented and directed by Miss Lark Taylor.

April 20 – The Culleoka High school water system is completed. Water from the cold spring on the J.B. Farmer place will be piped into the school building.

June 15 – The new Spring Hill Community cabin is completed, the log structure was erected near the center of town where civic groups could meet.

June 22 – The life of Lieut. James Wooten, Maury County World War I hero, will be published in the Dallas News, featured in a series on the life of Capt. William Erwin, one of Wooten's war “Buddies”. Lieut. Wooten was killed serving as an observer in a airplane in 1918.

July 6 – William Galloway of Culleoka has completed a Maury County survey on his thesis at the University of Tennessee. Mr. Galloway's survey includes an economic survey, schools, soil map, road map, rail lines, electric transmission lines and mineral resources in the county.

Aug 3 – Maury County School Superintendent, G.H. Turner says the 85 schools in Maury County are in better shape. The state rural fund and Rosenwald Institute have provided funds for 10 new school buildings. Many schools have been remodeled. New White schools are at Neopolis, Johnson and Luckett. The Darks Mill school is under construction. White schools remodeled are : Beechland, Campbell station, Dry Creek, Mynder’s, Culleoka, Santa Fe, Stiversville, Sylvan heights and Water Valley. New Negro schools are at : Gant, Consolidation of Flint Valley and Lotts chapel, Hampshire, Penney Hill, Webster (old Rocky Glade) in the 9th district, Samaritan (renamed as Santa Fe) and West Brook. According to Mr. Turner the only white schools not in good shape are Concord, Leftwich, Philadelphia, Sunnyside, Union and Union Valley. The negro schools in bad shape are; Campbell Station, Dry Fork, Glendale, Pleasant Union, Rocky Glade and Smith’s Chapel.

Aug 3 – A meeting of the Polk Association was held in Nashville to discuss the Est. of a permanent James K Polk memorial home of either the parents or home of the President called by President Mrs. James Caudwell. The State Farm Bureau is occupying the Presidents West 7th and High streets home, formally known as the Reagan property. Mrs. Rollin P Grant of New York kinswomen to the President has offered valuable furniture and portraits and a sizeable donation to the home selected. The state will give $7500 to purchase the property

• Tennessee

June – Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain opens to public.

July 13 – A new monument was dedicated in Chapel Hill to Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, erected by Dean Marble Company, cost $2500.


• Maury


Aug 17 – The first Girl Scout troop organized in Columbia.

Aug 24 – The state of Tennessee will give $7500 toward the purchase of the Polk Memorial home called the “Reynolds property” on the corner of West 7th and High streets, rather than the later home of the president. Mrs. R.P. Grant will donate $2500, furniture and portraits.

Aug 31 – 32 car loads of Cantaloupe were shipped from Culleoka this season, estimated at $400 per car load. Culleoka has been growing cantaloup for 20 years now.

Sept 14 – Columbia’s newest and most modern “Filling station” will be erected at the corner of 5th and North main streets by Sam Caperton. The new station will be built on the lot below W.O. Cherrys, the blacksmith shop on 5th street, est. cost $4500. Mr. Caperton said it will be a “Drivein Service station located near the bridge on what is known as “Automobile Row”.

Sept 28 – Bell’s Bakery, Columbia's newest business opened. Mr. M.L. Bell, owner of the new store in the Perry building on the NW corner of the Public square says he is able to bake 350 loaves of bread every 45 minutes with his new ovens.

Sept 28 – Columbia Central high school has won National recognition for its High standards by Phi Beta Kappa scholastic society.

Oct 5 – “Old Henry”, the best educated horse in Maury County died at age 30 in Culleoka. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. John P Graham said, “old Henry” has visited every school in Maury county. Mr. Graham is the Superintendent of Maury County schools. He will be buried on the lawn of “Hill Crest” in a beautiful grove of trees. Old Henry seemed almost human said Mr. Graham, “He had qualities to be envied by humans.”

Nov 23 – Society: Central High School auditorium was packed to see the three act play, “Whose Little Bride are You?” The audience was swept with laughter as members of the Central high school drama club displayed their acting skills. The lead was played by Miss Margret Kennedy and Newton Emerson, with Miss Angeline Morris and Jamie Thomason supporting. The plot centered on several old couples trying to appear young so as to improve their chances of marrying. Directed by Miss Myrtle Thomas.

• Tennessee

Dec 15 – Fort Donnellson Military Park created.


• United States


• World

Jan 7 – Sheffield Farms in New York is first to use wax paper cartons for milk delivery, instead of bottles.

Jan 6 – King Alexander of Yugoslavia dissolved Parliament and makes himself dictator.

Jan 13 – Wyatt Earp, Gunfighter died, 80.

Jan 15 – Afghani King Amanullah abdicates, succeeded by Inaya Tullah.

Jan 15 – Martin Luther King Jr. born in Atlanta. •

Jan 30 – Leon Trotsky, expelled from Turkey.

Jan 29 – Mr. James W Garside, President of DeForest radio company & Jenkins Television company predicted that transmission of moving pictures into homes not far off.

Feb 3 – Albert Einstein presents Theory of Relativity.

Feb 15 - Presbyterian churches in Scotland unite to form Church of Scotland.

March 4 – Mexican Army revolts, rebels seize Vera Cruz.

April 4 – Carle F Benz, German auto engineer died, 84.

Feb 14 – St Valentine’s day massacre in Chicago kills 6 gangsters by machine gun.

Feb 15 – President elect Hoover tours hurricane area of Florida, 2000 died near Lake Okeechobee when high water pushed lake water into houses in storm last Sept.

Feb 19 – The American people asked to help rebuild the historic frigate “USS Constitution” or “Old Ironsides”, sitting in Boston Navy shipyard, $190,000 required to rebuild.

May 19 – World’s Fair opens in Barcelona, Spain

Feb 22 – Seven women elected to 71st Congress.

June 12 – Anne Frank born, young Jewish writer.

March 4 – Herbert Hoover inaugurated as 31st President .

June 27 – German President Von Hindenburg refuses to pay WWI reparations.

March 17 – General Motors buys Opel AG in Germany.

July 9 – 38 nations protest high US tariffs.

March 18 – 300,000 homeless in Georgia & Alabama flood.

July 25 – Pope Pius XI is first Pope to leave the Vatican in 59 years.

Aug 8 – “Graf Zepplin” airship begins flight around the world, completed in 21 days.

Aug 24 – Yasser Arafat, future leader of PLO born.

May 16 – First Academy Award presented to “Wings” for best picture.

Aug 31 – Moslem Arab riots break out in Jerusalem, 100 Jews killed, British troops battle rioters.

May 27 – Colonel Charles Lindbergh married Miss Anne Spencer Morrow in Englewood, New Jersey.

Sept 30 – Fritz Opel , auto maker makes first rocket plane flight (jet) in Germany.

June 27 – Bell laboratories in New York City broadcast first color television pictures.

Oct 3 – Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia formed into nation of Yugoslavia.

Nov 24 – George Clemenceau, French president died, 88.

Dec 7 – Turkey grants women right to vote.

Dec 22 – Soviet Troops leave Manchuria after signing treaty with China. 389

April 1 – Astronomer Edwin Hubble measures red shift of light in distant galaxy.

April 6 – Louisiana Governor Huey Long indicted on 19 counts of “Misconduct” by state legislature.

• • •

Sept 3 – New York Stock market reaches $381, all time high. Oct 23 – New York Stock market crashes, “Black Friday”. Dec 26 – Dr. Isadora Falk, Prof at University of Chicago developed first Flu vaccine.

• Maury


Jan 1- Maury County Laundry & Dry Cleaning company remodeling is completed with new equipment, it will employ 50 men and women.

Jan 4 – Columbia announces that the Caldwell Silk Hosiery Mill company will locate a plant here.

Jan 4 - Lieut. Commander P.V.H. Weems of Maury County, a graduate of the Barnham & Hughes school invented a new radio navigation system for aircraft, the invention has been endorsed by Colonel Charles Lindbergh.

Jan 5 – Adams-Patterson Inc of Columbia on North main is offering the new Chevrolet coach for $595.

Jan 8 – The Lovell Pinkston, Floyd Barber shop and H.L. Sowell grocery store were on the SE corner of the square were badly damaged by fire.

Jan 12 – The state of Tennessee purchased the Polk ancestral home from Mr. & Mrs. George Reynolds for $7500.

Jan 12 – The old Wakefield Hotel remodeled to become 17,000 sq foot Ironall factory to make overalls.

Jan 15 – Congress is considering a bill to sell the 67 acre old Columbia Military Arsenal to the Columbia Military Academy for $10,000.

Jan 31 – H.G. Foster Dodge Bros. company will open a used car lot on North main street across from city hall.

Feb 9 – Standard Oil Company of Columbia erected a 10 x 30 foot lighted sign spelling “Columbia” with an arrow pointing to the “Gray landing field”, 2 miles away to help airplanes find the field.

Feb 13 – Wm. Tolley died, owner of the famous Hal horses, a nationally known breeder living at the old Capt. Thomas Gibson place in Spring Hill.

Feb 20 – The new “Anne Granberry Jackson Memorial home” for nurses of the King’s Daughters’ hospital is completed. Squire Charles S Jackson of Mt Pleasant donated $20,000 to King’s Daughters’ for the facility located on the corner of West 8th and School streets.

March 25 – The Duck River flood reached 44 feet, highest since 1902.

April 2 – The Princess Theatre installed the latest “Vitaphone” equipment to show the first talking movie in Columbia, “The Glorious Betsy”, starring Dolores Castell and Conrad Nagel who play two lovers that defy the world.

April 8 – The Caldwell Company announced it will open the Cadet Hosiery Mill in Highland Park area, formally a part of the old Southside Park, if provided property.

• Tennessee •

Jan – US Dairy experimental station Est. in Marshall County as demonstration farm.

March 12 – Margaret Bowen led 523 unorganized women workers at American Glanzstog company in Rayon City Tn. Strike for better wages. (company fired strike leaders, settled strike May 25 without any recognition of union.)

March 18 – 800 workers at Bemberg Rayon plant join the strikers at Glanztog Rayon plant in Elizabethton, Tn. Governor calls in state troopers.

April 5 – Tennessee legislature passes new cigarette tax of 12 cents on every 10 cent package of cigarettes.


• Maury


April 10 – The Culleoka cantaloupe crop reported to be smaller this year with only 125 acres planted.

April 10 – Saunder’s Grocery Ad: Chuck Roast- 10 cents Lb, Pork Chops – 24 cents lb, spare ribs – 17 cents lb, round steak – 28 cents lb, and 3 lb Maxwell House coffee - $1.34.

• Tennessee •

April 12 – WLAC radio station, owned by Life & Casualty Insurance company of Nashville denied full time use of wave length by Federal radio commission. It was required to share the frequency and time with WBAW, owned by Waldrum Drug Corp.

May 10 – John Trotwood Moore died 71, teacher, author, historian and Tennessee State Librarian and Archivist. Mary his 2nd wife continued historical work.

April 13 – The Caldwell Knitting company announces 7 acre site selection in old Southside Park for Cadet Knitting Company with construction of 105 x 400 building and 50 knitting machines.

April 13 – Columbia YMCA organization approved by state YMCA of Middle Tennessee. Mr. R.L. Billington appointed temporary Chairman. He will call a meeting of citizens at Presbyterian church on Garden street to inform people.

April 19 – State survey team recommends constructing a underpass for L & N railroad crossing on Hampshire pike.

May 13 – Total Maury County taxes collected in 1928 was $325,149.

May 18 – Milt Tolbert Tent Theatre Company playing comedy drama “Honest Hearts” with 10 piece orchestra on Warfield’s lot, adults 25 cents, children 15 cents.

May 18 – Governor Henry Horton threatens martial law in Elizabethton, Tn. Strike.

May 27 – A Daily Herald reporter counts 1200 cars in one hour on Sunday traveling on West 7th street, 5PM to 6PM.

May 22 – Mrs. Mary Daniel Moore, widow of John Trotwood Moore named Tennessee state librarian by Governor Horton. (she retired in 1949)

May 28 – “Beeline Heights” auction to sell 23 large lots on 15 acres, fronting the “Beeline Highway”, located one mile south of Columbia by owner Mr. Eugene Thomas.

May 31 – Work on paving from Spring Hill to Franklin on the Jackson Highway begins.

June 1 – Columbia’s “White Way” expanded by southern cities Power company, 8 concrete posts and street lights to be installed on the square, company will repair 36 lights and expand street lights on north Main to 6th street with 10 posts.

June 11 – State Highway Department lays out new Highway 50 route to Lewisburg. It would leave Columbia on East 7th street to Glendale, hence to Culleoka, to Mooresville, hence to Lewisburg from the old Thomas place.

June 15 – The Memphis Municipal Airport opened, named Berry Field to honor Colonel Harry S Berry.

June 28 – New state barber law requires all barber’s to be certified, barber’s must be 18 years old, good character and apprenticed for 12 months, beauty parlors exempt from law.


June 19 – Maury County Court finds Miss Adel Black of Pontiac, Mich. guilty of unlawful co-habitation with Mr. Raymond McKee of Columbia.

June 27 – Dr. O.J. Porter will build a large public swimming pool center on his 5 acre natural amphitheater on his farm “Oceolo” on Bear Creek pike, one-quarter mile from Jackson Highway.

July 4 – Over 500 Maury County women of the Home Demonstration Club met at the Memorial Building. Mrs. John Stephens, President of the Hampshire Club has 17 members. All committed to improving rural farm life.

• Maury


July 11 – First $2 bill appears in Columbia, picture of Thomas Jefferson on the face.

July 11 – Fire forces King’s Daughter’s hospital to evacuate 10 patients, $15,000 damages.

• Tennessee •

July 15 – John D Rockefeller Jr. donated $5 million to purchase additional land needed to complete the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

July 18 – Columbia approves purchase of new Ahrems-Fox fire engine and disposed of the 16 year old American La France engine.

July 25 – One of Columbia's ancient landmarks razed, The historic Guest House on South Main street. Formally, the Hamilton House, purchased as a residence in 1855 and converted to a two story hotel with two additional wings added by Rev. J.B. Hamilton.

July 25 – The “Fair Store” incorporated by A.J. (Babe) Williams and Frank (Deacon) Smith. Opens on Public square and South Main , formally the Pigg store.

Aug 1 – Santa Fe and Culleoka white schools both get mammoth Gyms of 90 x 44 feet, cost $3000 each.

Aug 1 – The Butler Mill on Woodland street street recently completed an addition, cost $15,000, called a model of efficiency and owned by W.N. Butler

Aug 22 – Mr. L. M. Parrish representing the Black & White Bowling company of St Louis leased the old Democratic building on North Main street in Columbia to use as a Bowling Parlor.

Aug 24 – Tennessee Senator Lawrence D Taylor of Tennessee died in office, Governor Horton appointed William E Brock.

Sept 4 – Olivia Jenkins Hardin, first Maury County female Attorney admitted to Maury County Bar Association.

Oct 3 – The Commerce Union Bank opens a branch in Columbia.

Sept 19 – Franklin secures the Allen Manufacturing Corp. when local businessmen purchased $100,000 in stock of company.

Oct 10 – Nashville’s new “Sky Harbor” airport opens 23 miles from city on 188 acre tract.

Oct 13 – Allen Stove Manufacturing company begins operation in Franklin. (closed 1932)

Oct 10 – Southern Cities Power Company sells out to Tennessee Electric Power company, Hdqtrs. to be in Woldridge building in Columbia.

• •

Oct 17 – New Gymnasium for Branham & Hughes school In Spring Hill constructed.

Oct 24 – The Fly Manufacturing company starts operation of Big Tuf-Nut factory in huge plant on South Main street to manufacture pants and overalls.

Nov 28 – Polk ancestral home dedicated, Governor Henry Horton and Judge Wm. C. Whitthorne give speeches.

Dec 5 – The Century Club of Maury County selects All-Star football team: Harry (Sitting Bull) Houston as sports writer; Judge Jack K Lytle, Champion announcer; Left end- Bert (Hug) Dedman; Left tackle- George (Morefeet) Buchau; Left guard- Ira (Wilson) Cunningham of CMA fame; Right guardHarry (Bull) Sowers; Right tackle- Knox (Tall Pine) Petway; Right end- Clarence (Weaver) Joyce; Quarterback- Johnny (Dodd) Lowman; Right half- Hugh (McEver) Webster; Left half- Robert (Lenard) Shelton; Center- Bird (Sharpe) Stephenson; Manager- Allison (Maru) Webster.


• United States


Feb 3 – Former President William H Taft resigns as Chief Justice of US Supreme court.

Feb 26 – New York City installs traffic lights.

March 3 – Congress officially adopts “Star-Spangled Banner” as National anthem.

March 8 – Former President William H Taft died, 72.

March 13 – Arizona scientists find 9th planet, Pluto.

March 17 – Empire State building construction begins.

• World •

Jan 5 – Joseph Stalin starts Collective Agriculture system.

Jan – France begins building “Maginot line.”

Feb 5 – Sonja Henie, Norwegian is crowned as World amateur single skating champion.

March 12 – Mahatma Gandhi leads thousands to the sea on salt march to protest British law to allow monopoly on salt production.

March 28 – Turkish city of Constantinople changed to Istanbul.

April 1 – Great drought of Mid-West states hits with only 35 percent of normal rainfall.

April 16 – Communist Chinese launch major offensive against Chiang-Kai-Shek’s Nanking nationalist Government.

April 4 – US Congress approves $300 million for road construction public works.

May 4 – Mahatma Gandhi arrested for making salt by British.

April 21 – Prison fire in Ohio kills 355 prisoners.

May 22 – France grants Syria a constitution.

April 24 – US House of Representatives authorized the sale of the Columbia Arsenal property for $10,000.

May 27 – India erupts in riots over Gandhi arrest.

May 15 – The first Stewardess, Ellen Church, begins work.

June 13 – Al Capone arrested on perjury charges in Chicago.

June 22 – Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh are proud parents of new son in New Jersey. •

June 30 – Last of Allied troops withdrawn fro Rhineland.

July 1 – Northern Transportation company extends Bus service across nation, renamed Greyhound.

July 3 – Congress Est. Veterans Administration.

Aug – US census reports 55 percent of southern farms are “Tenant Farms”, average income is $189 per year, 26 percent of blacks born in the south migrated north, US population is 122 million.

Aug 7 – Revolt in Brazil, Getulio Vargas becomes new President.

Sept 2 – Thomas Edison tests 1st US electric passenger train.

Aug 12 – Persian’s and Turks launch offensive against Kurds.

Sept 23 – First commercial flash blub introduced.

Sept 4 – Hurricane destroys 90 percent of Santo Domingo, 300 killed, thousands homeless.

Sept 25 – Wheat prices drop to 25 year low, .85 cents bushel.

Oct 10 – Transcontinental and Western Air inc. (TWA) founded with merger.

Sept 14 – Adolf Hitler’s nationalist socialist party captures 107 seats in Reichstag, becomes Germany’s 2nd largest political party.

Sept 30 – German President Hindenburg asks Reichstag for dictatorial powers.

Oct 22 – Communist Chinese kill 8000 in Shanghai.

Dec 17 – Revolution in Spain begins.

Nov 30 – Mother Jones, labor leader, died 100.

Dec 31 – Jobless rate reaches 4 million in US, President Hoover asks Congress to create jobs through public works.


• Maury


Jan 3 – The Hardison Motor company sold to Standard Oil Company of Louisiana for use as a service station. The corner lot is at Garden and west 6th street.

Jan 3 – Society: Several hundred members of the Cotillion Club had a brilliant dance affair at the Bethel Hotel. The guests enjoyed dancing from 7 PM to 3 AM.

Jan 3 – Construction of the Cadet Hosiery Mill completed.

Jan 3 – The Columbia Airlines organized by John Jackson at “Graymere airport.”

Jan 10 – The total number of divorces granted in Maury County in 1929 was 48. Desertion was the main cause for divorce, with cruelty as the 2nd highest cause.

Jan 10 – The US War Department has awarded 1st Lieut. Walter Yarbrough the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously for “extraordinary heroism” in leading a patrol of 15 men from Company F, 555 infantry, 89th division across the Meuse River on Nov 9, 1918, only a few hours before the Armistice was signed. He was wounded, captured and died of wounds Thanksgiving day. (Grandson of Capt. Thomas Gibson and Lucy McKissack of Spring Hill)

Jan 17 – The Board of Trustee’s on the Maury County “Colored hospital “ are planning to add four rooms at a cost of $1500.

Jan 24 – 30 plants in Columbia City limits employ 1123 people with an annual payroll of $1.2 million. There are four feed, meal and flour mills, Two chair factories, two marble plants, three Milk, butter and cream plants, two garment factories, one hosiery mill, one tobacco warehouse, one cloth and bag plant, three dry cleaning plants, one laundry, one cotton gin, one mattress factory, four produce houses, one water pumping station and one hydro electric plant with two sub stations, two meat packing plants and one bakery and cake plant. Average wage $20 per week.

Jan 24 – A charter has been filed to Est. the Middle Tennessee Bank, Capital $150,000.

Jan 31 – Oakes & Nichols sold to Mr. J.E. Howard of Thompson Station and T.F. Williams, general salesman of Standard Oil Company. The business was started 70 years ago with A Barr. Later became Barr & Lamb and Barr & Oakes. At the death of Mr. Barr, R.E. Nichols bought the interest of the Barr estate and it became Oakes & Nichols for the past 29 years. The new owner will install a rest room for comfort.

Jan 31- John B Jackson, President of Columbia Airlines filed for a charter in Nashville. Mr. Jackson recently purchased a Lincoln 5 place airplane and 7 place Fairchild plane. The 100 acre Graymere Airfield located on the west side of the Jackson Highway is south of Columbia and will serve as a base of operation.

• Tennessee

Jan 25 – Colonel James S Hutton died in Nashville. Mr. Hutton a noted artist painted the scenery in Columbia’s old “Grand Theater” in 1880, now “The Princess”. He assisted in painting scenery’s of many local productions here in Columbia.


• Maury


Jan 31 – The Automobile Radio Corp announced that Willard's Service Stations nationwide will sell, service and install Transitone radio’s in motor cars. The Columbia Auto Supply company, agents for Willard's in Columbia will sell and install the radio’s.

Feb 3 – Fire destroyed all the Jenkins block in Mt Pleasant, $75,000 damages in 5 buildings, 3 offices including the Dixie theatre, new City Drug Store, Electric Power company, W.W. Owen Barber Shop and the Model Shoe company.

Feb 7 – Columbia was selected as one of 8 district Hdqtrs. For the Tennessee State Highway Patrol. (Maury, Giles, Lawrence, Hickman, Wayne, Perry and Lewis Counties) Jerry Holt Jr. of Culleoka is taking training and will certainly be on patrol here.

Feb 13 – The Tennessee Gas company is remodeling its office on the public square and announced plans for a gas pipeline loop to convert homes between 11th street and the L & N underpass.

Feb 13 – Maury County dairy products set a new record in 1929 with a $600,000 value, an increase of 40 percent. The largest buyer was Borden’s and Dimple creamery.

Feb 27 – The Columbia Cotton Mills will close. The mill has 7000 spindles and 210 looms and manufactures cotton sheets. It will move to Shelbyville. The mill started in 1890 and employed 150 people with a weekly payroll of $2200.

March 6 – 10 Gold Star mother’s of 48 (white) Maury County boys killed in the World War are eligible for a trip to Europe to visit their sons grave sponsored by the US Govt. Among the 60 Maury Countians losing their lives in the war were 12 “colored.” The following is a list of boys from Maury County buried on foreign soil: Joe Baker Warren 23, E.F. Fouragere, Leslie O Crane 34, Osey Jones 27, Thomas A Mitchell of Glendale 22, James W Wilson 30, Lon (dick) Brown 23, Tom Workman 27, Robert a Hayes 24, Lester Allen Barnet 24, and Earl Flowers 28.

March 20 – Two wolves were killed near McCain’s, only 5 miles from Columbia. (Coyotes) The wolves have been in Eugene Thomas woods for several years.

April 3 – Columbia Military Academy closed with a graduation of 140 Cadets and marks 25 years of existence here. Financial difficulties being the reason for the closing. The remaining students will transfer to Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon.

April 19 – Henry Carlisle opens store in Betal on banks of Liepers Creek. Operated over 50 years with Mrs. Merle Carlicle operating after her husbands death in 1975.

April 24 – The Columbia Brick company started operation to turn out 25,000 brick per day at the old Simpson brick yard in Riverside, managed by Dixon Sowell.

April 24 – Mt Pleasant population at 2,010; Spring Hill at 416; Maury County at 31,776, compared to 35,405 in 1920.

• Tennessee

Feb 6 – The governors of Tennessee and North Carolina presented 150,000 acres of the Great Smokey mountains to Secretary of Interior, Ray L Wilber to Est. a National Park.

March 3 – 12 Vanderbilt “Agrarians” published, “I’ll take my Stand,” a series of essays condemning Industrial progress.

May 12 – Franklin C Mars, founder of Mars Candies, purchased 2800 acres in Giles county. He is constructing a Tudor revival style house, “Milky Way Farms”. Later “Gallihadion” winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1940 was born here. 395

• Maury


May 15 – The old Columbia Bank remodeled to make room for the new Middle Tennessee Bank.

May 22 – Mr. D.M. Myers will be new headmaster of the newly chartered Columbia Military Academy which will reopen. $25,000 capital raised by CMI alumni including J.A. Sloan, E.R. Walker & Hugh Shelton. Oscar Oertel, President.

June 1 – First case of polio in Maury County reported.

July 31 – The Columbia Minister’s Association sent a resolution to the Columbia Mayor and Alderman to abolish the operation of slot machines called “Huckey Bucks.”

Aug 7 – July was hottest in Maury County since 1901 with a mean temperature of 81.7 degrees. 10 days in July were above 100 degrees and one day tied the record at 107.

Aug 26 – The new “Harlan Consolidated Colored school”, 3 miles from Columbia on Carter’s Creek pike will open. Built with financial aid from Rosenwald fund, cost $20,000. schools consolidated were Carter’s Creek, Lott’s Chapel and Flint Valley.

Sept 4 – Columbia schools open with 623 enrolled at Andrews and 426 at Central High school, highest ever.

Oct 9 – Maury Dry Goods Company, Columbia’s Department store going out of business after 35 years, John T and W.B. Wooten owners.

Oct 9 – 102 survivors of the Confederacy from Maury County registered for 41st annual reunion here.

Oct 23 – University of Tennessee Poultry expert, Burley Winton purchased 40 acres of the Alexander farm on Mt Pleasant pike to construct a chicken farm. He plans to raise 4000 white leghorns and Plymouth Rocks.

Nov 27 – One-seventh (14%) of Maury County property is owned by women according to tax records. 1261 women pay property taxes on $2.2 million of total of $15.1 million.

Dec 26 – Cadet Hosiery Company placed in receivership.

Dec 26 – Koson’s Department store in Mt Pleasant placed in receivership, fire had destroyed building at corner of Broadway and Columbia ave.

Dec 26 – Tuf-Nut plant closes, owned by Fly Manufacturing.

• Tennessee

Nov 5 – Cordell Hull elected US Senator of Tennessee.

Nov 24 – Caldwell & Company in Nashville collapses, causes the Bank of Tennessee and hundreds more banks to fail, charges of fraud and conspiracy against Governor Henry Horton filed. The impeachment of Gov. Horton failed.

Dec 25 – Fort Nashborugh reconstructed, dedicated in Nashville.


• United States


Jan 3 – 500 farmers in England, Arkansas, storm into Town Hall demanding food for the children who were starving.

Jan 13 – George Washington bridge between New Jersey and New York City opened.

Feb 1 – Bela Lugosi stars in “Dracula” vampire film.

Feb 5 – Erskine Caldwell published “Tobacco Road.”

Feb 24 – US Supreme court rules Prohibition constitutional.

Feb 27 – US Senate overrides President Hoover’s veto of Soldier Bonus bill.

March 3 – President Hoover signs bill making Francis Scott Keys, “Star Spangled Banner”, the National Anthem.

March 22 – US census reports per capita income at $2977.

March 31 – Knute Rockne, Norte Dame football coach killed in airplane crash at Bazaar, Kansas, near Kansas City, Mo.

March 31 – 9 Negro Scottsboro, Ala. boys ages 13-19 convicted of raping two white women, no evidence presented.

• World •

Jan 2 – Revolt in Panama overthrows Government.

Jan 20 – Unemployment in Europe soars to 35 percent.

Jan 27 – Mahatma Gandhi released from prison by British.

March 3 – British Viceroy, signs Delhi pact giving the Indian people the right to make salt.

March 11 – USSR bans the sale of Bibles.

March 31 – Managua, Nicaragua destroyed by earthquake, 1100 killed ,earthquake in Panama kills 2000.

April 14 – King Alfonzo flees Spain, Spain declared a republic.

April 30 – Chaing-Kai-Shek fights communists on two fronts.

May 28 – Prof. Auguste Piccord of Switzerland soared to 52,462 feet in Stratosphere balloon flight.

May 31 – Pope Pius XI denounces Mussolini Fascist’s.

June 18 – Indochina communist leader Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) arrested by British in China.

April 9 – US reports 6 million unemployed.

July 1 – Trans-African railroad completed.

May 1 – Empire State building completed, 1245 feet tall.

July 15 – Two British physicists build first atom smasher.

June 1 – Henry Ford contracts to build 90 steel plants in Russia, Walter Reuther and brother go to help build plants.

Aug 3 – 200,000 killed in massive floods along Yangtze River in China.

June 16 – Al Capone charged with income tax evasion.

Aug 8 – Goodyear Corp in Akron, Ohio produced first two dirigibles for navy, 785 feet long.

Aug 27 – First air passenger dirigible, Dornier Do-X completes first Trans-Atlantic flight with 100 passengers.

Sept 18 – Japanese seize Manchurian railroad.

Nov 8 – Landslide on Panama Canal closes traffic through canal.

Sept 4 – Jimmy Doolittle sets US cross country air record in 11 hours, 16 minutes.

Oct 18 – Thomas Alva Edison, inventor died, 84.

Oct 24 – Al Capone “Scarface” sentenced to 11 years in prison, fined $50,000 for tax evasion.

Nov 19 – Vitamin D-1 crystals produced for first time by Dr. Gottinger in Germany.

Nov 28 – Japanese halt offensive in Manchuria.

Nov 29 – Spain seizes large estates for land distribution, charges King Alfanso XIII with high treason.

• Dec 10 – Jane Addams, first American woman to win the Nobel peace prize.

Dec 10 – Niceto Alacam Zamora elected first constitutional President of Spain.

Dec 18 – “Legs Diamond” shot and killed in Albany, New York.

Dec 12 – Under pressure, Chaing-Kai-Shek resigns as President of Nanking Chinese Govt.

Nov 5 – Mrs. Hattie T Caraway (D) from Arkansas becomes the first woman elected by popular vote to US Senate.


• Maury


Jan 1 – Maury County to get a full time Health Director, Dr. H.C. Busby.

Jan 8 – Columbia gets new coffee roasting plant, “The Blocker Coffee Company”, operated by Curtis Blocker, located on Woodland street just off East 9th street, roasting 2400 lbs per day.

Jan 29 – New census reports 3640 farms in Maury County, Dairy and Burley farms grew in numbers, average farm is 94 acres. March 19 – Hundreds watch as Canadian war ace, Earnest Robinson 37, failed to pull out of a loop over Grassmere Airport in Air show and crashed, killing him.

April 2 – The Columbia Garden Club planted Dogwood trees in Geers Memorial Park.

April 9 – “Aunt Fanny” Pointer, a ex-slave of the Pointer family reported to be 107 years old died. She will be buried in Gravel Hill cemetery near the Jamison's store, with 136 descendents in attendance.

April 16 – Mr. Isaak Walton plans to drain the upper lake of W.P. Ridley to replant bass, crappie and perch in the Duck River above the power dam. Its estimated there are 30,000 bass in this lake. The transfer will be conducted by Deputy Game Marshall, Mr. Leon Thomas.

April 16 – The 5th state convention of the King’s Daughters met in Columbia.

April 30 – The Louisville & Nashville railroad will close Carter’s Creek station and operate only three stations on the line, one in Spring Hill, Columbia and Mt Pleasant.

April 30 – Work on the new CMA dormitory, Maury Hall has began on the two story red brick structure. The new building will house 42 students. Building No 5, the dormitory that housed Robert Black, beloved Cadet who died as a result of a football injury last year will be named “Black Hall” in his honor.

• Tennessee •

Jan 3 - Arnaud W Bontemps, Fiske head Librarian and Harlem Renaissance writer published his first novel, “God sends Sunday” and later wrote The Broadway musical, “St Louis Woman.”

Jan 21 – Henry Horton inaugurated as Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 29 – Caldwell Associates of Nashville closed doors.

Feb 9 – 5000 people attended the new 2600 acre Milky Way open house owned by Frank C Mars, Chicago candy magnate and horse breeder.

March 25 – Ida B Wells Barnett, Civil rights leader and publisher died in Memphis, 69.

Pop Geer’s memorial on West 7th Street

• •

May 7 – The Cadet factory will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

May 14 – The Columbia Lime Company began operation of a new lime kiln in Riverside. It will employ 15 men and manufacture 20,000 barrels of lime per day at the Columbia Brick manufacturing plant site.

May 22 – Prof. Donald Davidson a Vanderbilt poet and author debated Dr. William Knickerbocker of Southern University at the Columbia Central high school on the value of “agrarianism” and the question, “Shall the south go Industrial?” Debate presided over by Judge Wiliam C Whitthorne.

• •

May 3 – Parthenon reopened in Nashville as permanent building.

Poet and Agrarian Donald Davidson 398

• Maury


May 22 – W.N. Butler & Company broke ground on a new large warehouse on the L & N railroad line near old City Mill and Grain Company, corner of Galloway street. Mr. Butler already has a General store in Pulaski and Lawrenceburg. He recently opened a General store in Spring Hill. He also has a warehouse in Carter’s Creek.

May 22 – Maury County’s first charter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution has been awarded and organized in Columbia with 50 charter members.

June 11 – The Massachusetts Knitting Mills of Boston purchased the Cadet Hosiery plant for $153,000. The new company will begin operation immediately.

June 18 – The Victor Chemical company of Chicago acquired the Globe Phosphate company and 2300 acres of land near Mt Pleasant between Porter’s Chapel and Southport.

July 23 – The Mt Pleasant American Legion opened its new 25 x 50 foot swimming pool built for children. Built on Mt Pleasant grammar school grounds, cost $1000. It will cost 10 cents per swim or $100 for the season.

Aug 6 – The Columbia Produce Company is seeking 100 “chicken pluckers” to work.

Aug 13 – James I Finney, publisher of the Daily Herald, former editor of the Tennessean died suddenly. 30 years in journalism, he twice served his country as a soldier in the Spanish-American war and Great World War, 54.

Aug 13 – W.A. “Joe” Gann and W. Elmer Terrell were convicted of robbing the Hampshire Bank, aided by Dutch Cooper, all members of a gang.

Aug 20 – Maury County census shows 34,016 people, only 59 foreign born, Columbia at 7882.

Oct 22 – The Maury County drought continues as rainfall is 18 inches under last year.

Nov 2 – The Phoenix National Bank closed.

Nov 5 – The city of Columbia installed a traffic light at South Main & 9th street, and another light at 6th and North Main.

Dec 24 – Washington Manufacturing company will double its workforce at Ironall factory. The factory currently makes 12 different pants with 85 employees on Depot street.

Dec 24 – All time Columbia High School grid iron players named by Athletic Boosters: Robert L Harris Jr. (Left-end); James I Finney Jr. (Left-Tackle); Carl Pilkinton (left Guard); Ernest Hardison (Center); Earle O Bryan (Right Guard); Homer Owen (Right Tackle); Merton Derryberry (Right End); Tommy Rayburn (Qtrback); Everette Derryberry (Left halfback); Jimmy Adkisson (Right halfback) and William Owen (fullback)

• Tennessee

June 4 – Tennessee legislature continues four day debate on impeachment of Governor Henry Horton, vote 58 to 41 dismissed charge of conspiracy on Bank fraud.

July 2 – Tennessee legislature passes gas tax to 6 cents per gallon, gas price is 18.5 cents per gallon.

July 2 – New Maury County road law goes into effect. Law permits for first time borrowing up to $30,000 for road construction, also abolishes old district road commissioners system, eliminates old practice of collecting wagon and commuter taxes in the district and requirement to spend the money collected in the district collected.

Sept 24 – The Tennessee Society of the United Daughter’s of 1812 War announced they will place appropriate markers along the old Natchez Trace route in Tennessee.

Massachusetts Kitting Mill 1930


• United States


• World •

Jan 4 – Mahatma Gandhi and members of Indian National congress jailed for ordering boycott of British goods.

Jan 7 – Japanese army invades China, attacks Shanghai and Manchuria.

Jan 7 – US Department of Agriculture reports farm income fell 25 percent in 1931.

Feb 11 – Benito Mussolini and Pope Pius XI meet at Vatican to mend split between church and state.

Jan 10 – Huey Long, Governor and Senator of Louisiana first presented his “Share the wealth” speech in US Senate.

Feb 28 – Aristotle Onassis 25, buys his first six Greek ships.

Jan 12 – Oliver Wendell Holmes resigns from US Supreme Court, 90.

April 10 – Paul von Hindenburg receives 57 percent of German vote to Adolf Hitler’s 37 percent for President.

Feb 4 – Winter Olympics opens in Lake Placid, N.Y.

March 1 – Charles and Anne Lindbergh's , 20 month old boy, Charles Jr. kidnapped from their home , near Princeton, N J.

May 16 – Hundreds died in India as Moslems and Hindus battle.

March 6 – John Phillip Sousa, March King died , 77.

March 10 – Ex-Olympic Gold medal swimmer, Johnny Weissmuller plays “Tarzan” in film.

June 16 – Ban on Nazi Storm troopers lifted by Von Papen Govt. in Germany.

March 24 – 10,000 homeless, 319 dead from Tornados that hit 5 southern states, 256 killed in Alabama, 17 in Tenn.

June 29 – King of Siam abdicates absolute monarch authority.

March 23 – Norris-LaGuardia act passed by Congress to restrict use of injunction in Strikes.

• •

July 17 – Chaing-Kai-shek opens counter-offensive against communists, 10,000 killed.

April 4 – Chemist, C.C. King isolates vitamin “C”.

May 12 – The body of Charles Lindbergh Jr. found.

July 18 – Belgium makes French official language in Walloon provinces, Flemish in Flanders.

• •

May 21 – Amelia Earhart becomes first women to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

July 20 – Von Papen removes Socialist Premier in Prussia, declares martial law.

• June 21 – Fed gas tax of 1 cent per gallon goes into effect.

July 31 – Nazis double number of seats in German Reichstag.

• July 28 – General Douglas MacArthur drives ex-servicemen out of Washington DC demonstrating in Bonus march.

Aug 13 – Marconi successfully tests Short wave radio.

Aug 30 – Nazi leader Hermann Goering elected President of Reichstag.

Sept 12 – German Chancellor Von Papen dissolves Reichstag after vote of no confidence.

Sept 24 – Hindus and untouchables sign Poona pact, allowing representation of untouchables in government, Gandhi ends fast.

Oct 1 – Paraguay and Chili clash in border war.

Oct 3 – Iraq gains independence from Britain.

Dec 2 – Kurt Von Shleicher named German Chancellor.

Dec 19 – British Broadcasting company (BBC) begins broadcasting to overseas locations.

Dec 26 – 70,000 killed in China earthquake.

Jan 7 – The Mississippi River breaks Levee’s and floods 75,000 acres at Glendora, Miss., 1200 homeless.

Jan 7 – Julius Rosenwald, humanitarian / co-owner of Sears & Roebuck died,72. Contributed $25 million to education.

July 30 – Summer Olympics opens in Los Angles. Aug 22 – 11 million jobless in US.

Oct 13 – President Hoover lays cornerstone for new US Supreme Court building. 35th President.

Nov 8 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected

Nov 11 – Tomb of the unknown soldier dedicated by President Hoover.

Dec 31 – Savanna-Sabinia bridge over Mississippi River opens.


• Maury


Jan 7 – Columbia City school budget set at $57,310.

Jan 7 – New phosphate fields opened near Bear Creek pike, five miles from Columbia. John Walton of Spring Hill and Will Hackney of Mt Pleasant are owners. The field was originally opened 20 years ago but abandoned. Now supported by railroad line to field, employs 35 men.

Jan 7 – 1931 proved to be the driest year on record with only 31.47 inches of rain, 12.59 inches below normal.

Jan 14 – Maury County Health of 1931 reports: Diphtheria=26 cases; Gonorrhea=10 cases; Malaria=18 cases; Measles=27; Pneumonia=42; Scarlet Fever=20; Syphilis=54; Tuberculosis=35; Typhoid=25; Whooping Cough=32 and Chicken Pox=9.

Jan 21 – Walter Mabee of Mt Pleasant awarded the “Silver Beaver” for work with Boy Scouts.

Feb 4 – The Commerce Union Bank takes over the Phoenix Bank.

Feb 11 – According to E.N.B. Rieves, age 92, “N---- Creek” (Negro Creek) in the 24 district was named as such because a slave of Tommy Gilliam, Maury County’s first slave owner, drown there. He also says the first Union Grove church was built in 1807 on the present property of Mrs. George Ferguson.

Feb 18 – Three young Oak trees were planted in the Maury County courthouse yard by the Boy Scouts Troop 101 and 102.

Feb 18 – A contract was awarded to W.A. Patton and company to grade and pave 5.3 miles of the new state highway from Culleoka to Columbia. The road branches off Highway 50 some 5 miles east of Columbia by way of Glendale through Culleoka, cost $25,819.

March 10 – Columbia’s newest undertaker firm, Padgett & Ligon, will lease the 10 room modern brick residence of Frank Cook on West 7th street.

March 17 – The Florence #34 train and Mt Pleasant local #5 collided near the Rainey residence, several injured.

March 17 – Abe Bauman Dry Goods store placed in receivership, located on West 7th street. Mr. Bauman was the partner with David Bogaisky, who moved to Nashville.

April 17 – Columbia paves the Public square.

April 20 – Maury County’s Blue Ribbon parade Est. to promote good health in children.

April 20 – The Columbia Female Institute will be liquidated by the Episcopal church due to the depression.

April 25 – Barnham & Hughes school in Spring Hill closed.

• Tennessee

Numbers 1755 & 1829 in Mt Pleasant

Feb 2 0 – Tennessee Supreme Court rules state income tax unconstitutional in Evans vs. McCabe case.

March 24 –The Highland Folk school Est. near Monteagle, Tn.

April 21 – WSM radio in Nashville goes to 50,000 watts clear channel.


• Maury


June 11 – Edward R Carpenter Jr. died in New York City, 65. A nationally recognized architect born in Mt Pleasant. He designed the current Maury County Courthouse in1903. He designed and built several New York City buildings and Nashville “skyscrapers”, including the Stahlman building, Vanderbilt Kirkland Tower and Hermitage Hotel.

July – Miss Katherine Cushman of Columbia chosen as Miss Tennessee.

Sept 1 – The State Highway Department announced it will move Bear Creek pike as much as 500 feet from the creek to lessen the danger of flooding and also straighten the old road.

Sept 1 – Columbia’s first Hobby Fair for boys and girls will open, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, prizes offered.

Sept 1 – The McLemore Mill property was transferred to the new City Mill and Grain company for $23,500, located on School and Depot street.

Sept 8 – The “Maury Mules” defeated the Alabama Hosiery Mill Nine by 8-1 in Pillow Park before a very large crowd.

Sept 22 – The Hagey Packing plant in Riverside will be enlarged with two new cooling rooms, a hipping room and new shipping dock.

Sept 22 – The Tennessee Power Company and City of Columbia completed the one million gallon water reservoir on Knob Hill.

Sept 28 – “Two small Negro boys” recently found in the Duck River a old iron anchor and brought it to Shaw Looney Walker at Porter-Walker hardware company. The anchor is believed to be from an early Keel boat that frequented the river.

Oct 20 – Remodeling has began on the new A&P store. The store formally occupied by Frank Anderson & Witherspoon Barber shop are being combined for the new store on the square.

Oct 20 – The Columbia Canning company finishes 2½ months work for 37 car loads of Tomatoes. 1.1 million 2 lb cans processed.

Oct 20 – CMA student strike ends, petition for better food and Seniors to be allowed to inflict punishment on Jr’s. was denied by Colonel W.O. Batts.

Oct 27 – Washington Pants Factory closed, 197 employees out of work.

Nov 11 – The A&P store opens on south side of public square in Columbia.

• Tennessee •

July 15 – Stone’s River National military park opened in Murfreesboro, Tn.

Oct 24 – Krystal Hamburger company founded by Robert Davenport and Glenn Sherrill in Chattanooga, Tn.

Nov 6 – Hill McAlister elected Governor (D) Tennessee.

Nov 24 – New WSM radio tower of 828 feet, weighing 650 tons, sits on 18 feet concrete with cables completed in Williamson County, Tn..

Dec 8 – Tennessee’s first Congress woman, Wilma B Eslick of Pulaski sworn-in to 72nd Congress.


• United States •


Jan 5 – Former President Calvin Coolidge died of a heart attack in Massachusetts, 59.

• World •

Jan 10 – Revolt in Spain spreads.

Jan 12 – Congress votes to award Philippines independence in 10 years. (occurred July 4, 1946)

Jan 30 – Adolf Hitler made chancellor of Germany by President Von Hindenburg.

Jan 23 – The Norris “Lame Duck” 20th amendment to US Constitution adopted. Changes Presidential inauguration to Jan 20, from March 4.

Feb 17 – Japan withdraws from League of Nations, invades China.

Jan 30 – First episode of Lone Ranger broadcast on radio station WXYZ in Detroit.

Feb 27 – German Reichstag Parliament building burns, Nazis blame communists.

Jan 31 – US jobless rate increases to 15 million.

March 3 – Tidal wave kills 3000 in Yokohama harbor.

Feb 15 – President elect Franklin D Roosevelt escapes assassination attempt in Miami, Fla. By anarchist, Joe Zangra. Mayor of Chicago wounded, later died.

March 23 – Adolf Hitler made dictator by German parliament.

April 5 – World Hague Court condemns Norwegian occupation of Easter, Greenland.

May 2 – Hitler bans Trade Unions, arrests union leaders.

Feb 20 – Congress passes repeal of Prohibition constitutional amendment, sends it to states for ratification.

Feb 21 – Senator Cordell Hull (D) Tennessee nominated by President elect Roosevelt for Secretary of State.

May 8 – Mahatma Gandhi starts 2nd hunger strike to protest repression of untouchables.

March 4 – Franklin D Roosevelt inaugurated 32nd President of US.

May 10 – Paraguay declares war on Bolivia.

March 5 – King Kong movie débuts.

May 10 – Nazis burn “un-German” books in giant bonfire.

March 21 – Congress votes to legalize beer to end 13 years of “Bone Dry” era.

May 27 – World’s Fair opens in Chicago.

• April 4 – Airship “Akron” crashes off New Jersey coast, 73 killed, 3 survivors.

May 31 – China and Japan sign truce.

June 19 – France grants Leon Trotsky political asylum.

April 19 – President Roosevelt removes US from gold standard.

July 22 - Nazis ban all political parties.

May 12 – US Agriculture Adjustment act and Emergency Relief act signed by President Roosevelt.

July 26 - Nazis pass law to “purify” German race by sterilization

June – Series of “New Deal” legislation begins passage by Congress, including Unemployment , Federal Securities act, NRA, TVA, CCC, etc.

Aug 2 – Martial law declared in Nicaragua.

Aug 5 – Poland signs peace treaty with Nazis in Danzig.

June 6 – First “Drive-In” theater opens in Camden, N.J.

Aug 13 – Revolt in Cuba ousts President Machado.

July 17 – One million US workers receive minimum wage.

Aug 23 – Gandhi released from British prison.

Sept 18 – Ghazi I crowned King of Iraq with death of King Feisal

Oct 14 – Germany withdraws from League of Nations.

Nov 10 – Austria declares martial law to block Nazi takeover.

Dec 23 – Pope denounces 400,000 German Nazi sterilizations

Oct 1 – AFL union ranks explode to 1.3 million with help of NRA legislation.

Oct 12 – Alcatraz, a Federal prison opened.

Nov 17 – US recognizes USSR.

Dec 5 – Prohibition ends with adoption of 21st amendment.


• Maury


Jan 2 – Maury National Bank and Commerce Union Bank merger completed. Mr. E. Hanes Ayres, longtime head of Commerce Union bank in Spring Hill will take charge of the new bank, $10 million in resources available.

Jan 2 – Mr. Hint Orr, wrestling match maker, announced “Chief Marvin” will return to Columbia to wrestle “Dynamite Joe Dillman.” local middle weight favorites, Freddie Knichel will meet Billy Haddock of Detroit. A six round boxing match between “Two colored boys”, Jimmy Gant and Newt Galloway has also been scheduled.

Jan 3 – 1932 was the wettest year in Maury County since 1900. Rainfall in 1932 was 60.27 inches, normal rainfall is 50.06 inches.

Jan 16 – Wm. J Webster, Maury County’s leading attorney, pioneer Jersey cow breeder and historian died, 85. He was born in Cross Bridges in 1847 and associated with M.C. Campbell of Spring hill in the early jersey cattle breeding in Tennessee.

Jan 18 – The Washington Manufacturing Company opens several months after of being closed. The operation will employ 90 people and make overalls in Columbia.

Jan 24 – Two state crews of 20 each and two Maury County crews of 15 each begin work on Maury County roads. They will be paid $1.80 per day by the “Reconstruction Finance Corp.”. More than a 1000 men applied for the jobs. Work on Bear Creek road, Rockdale Hill road, Scott’s Hill road and Enterprise road are underway.

Jan 24 – Society: Miss Glen McClellan, Maury County Home Demonstration agent, demonstrated Waffle making to Maury County Home Demonstration club members.

Jan 31 – Mr. G.B. Shivey of the University of Tennessee Forestry Extension announced 20,000 trees will be replanted on mined phosphate land in Maury County. The trees are Black Locust, Lob-Lolly Pine and Yellow Poplar.

Feb 1 – Marshall Ledbetter Sr. Trucking company starts Victory Van lines at 4th and Garden street.

Feb 1 – Governor Hill McAllister removed the Maury County Relief committee appointed by former Governor Henry Horton who were Dr. G.C. English of Mt Pleasant, Henry T Cook of Columbia and Kelly Faris of Rally Hill. A new committee will be named in the near future.

Feb 2 – Lex Watson Furniture store goes bankrupt in Columbia.

Feb 8 – Massachusetts Knitting Mill now back at full workforce with 475 employees.

Feb 9 – A blizzard and record cold wave hit Maury county, 11 degrees below zero with two inches of snow.

• Tennessee

Jan 16 – Hill McAllister inaugurated Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 21 – President elect, Franklin D Roosevelt, accompanied by Tennessee Governor Hill McAllister and Gov. B.M. Hill of Alabama visit Muscle shoals and Wilson Dam on Tennessee River. President and tour led by Carlton Martin and Columbia Military Academy band through Sheffield and Florence, Alabama.

Mill Worker


• Maury


Feb 9 – Maury County’s “colored hospital” collected $974.45 last year, expended $943.32 according to A.J. Armstrong, manager and Albert Wright, Treasurer

Feb 10 – Society: Miss Doris Black, representing the Black & Derryberry Drug store was selected as Miss Columbia for 1933 at the Princess Theater. 43 attractive Columbia girls representing a local merchant entered the contest. (Note: married Mr. Cal Kibbons, still living at this writing.)

Feb 15 – The Washington Manufacturing to hire 50 more men to add to its 215 employees. 45 new sewing machines added. Production is 200 dozen pairs of overalls per day.

Feb 21 – The Maury Dry's are opposed to the repeal of Prohibition. Colonel W.O. Batts, Superintendent of the CMA was elected president of the new group formed to defeat ratification of the new repeal amendment.

March 4 – All Maury Banks tightened restrictions on cash withdrawals, not to exceed 5 percent of deposits. Commerce Union Bank began issuing $25 script.

March 20 – Maury County Negro teachers go unpaid, white teachers pay is due soon. The state owes Maury County $52,000. No funds are available. Maury County already has borrowed $100,000 to make payroll and at its legal limit.

March 25 – The Maury County Negro schools annual exhibit shown at Silverman’s Dry Goods store on S. Main. College Hill, Arrow Mines, Campbell Station, Canaan, Center Star, Chapel Hill, Clark Training, Culleoka, Dry Fork, Gant, Glendale, Godwin, Harlan, Hills Chapel, Hoover-Mason, Kinderhook, Park Station, Popular Creek, Rocky Glade, Samaritan, Sandy Hook, Smith’s Chapel, Spring Hill, Theta, Webster and Westbrook students used materials such as grass shucks, old inner tubes, willow switches, bottle tops, flour sacks, cellophane materials used to make useful items.

March 27 – The Rockdale blast furnace restarted, it will employ 115 men after 23 months of being idle.

April 3 – The beloved Maury County teacher, Mrs. Carrie W “Granny” Mitchell died. She taught English at Columbia Central high for 39 years before retiring in 1929. Born in Columbia and a graduate of the Athenaeum in 1872.

April 4 – The Columbia Lions Club chartered, 35 members.

April 15 – Columbia alderman voted to amend city charter to allow sale of 3.2 beer, Mr. James Adkisson voted “no”.

May 11 – Only 12 confederate veterans listed in Maury County: Sims Latta-93, E.N.B. Rieves-94, M.B. Tomlinson-93, Dave McMaury-93, John Davidson-98, T.E. Liscomb-88, W.H. Liscomb-90, Tobe Liscomb-90, Thomas Williams-89, William Temple-87, T.N. Figuers-86 and Green Maxwell-90.

May 11 – Blue mold or “Downy Mildew” has invaded Maury County. The new disease is badly damaging Burley tobacco. First reported in Lincoln county.

• Tennessee

March 14 – Tornado slams into East Nashville, 450 homes destroyed, 10 killed, 52 killed in state.

Rockdale furnace

May 3 – President Franklin D Roosevelt signs Tennessee Valley Authority bill into law. TVA created.


• Maury


May 11 – Maury Countians for the first time are seeing the new diesel motored train on the L & N rail line.

June 1 – About 200 men and women of the Massachusetts Knitting Mill in Columbia met with the President in Pillow Park, Mr. J.S. Gordon, regarding a pay increase. Mr. Gordon said he’s willing to meet with the employee committee to discuss the issue, mill is partly shut down because some refused to go back to work.

July 27 – The Massachusetts Knitting Mill agreed to reduce the work week from 55 hours to 40 hours and granted a pay raise of 20 to 40 percent in accordance with the NRA law.

July 27 – Maury County petitioned the state to move Santa Fe pike to higher ground. The proposal would move one mile of the road in the flood plain of the Duck River to higher ground.

Aug 17 – Columbia now has over 200 “Blue Eagles” businesses signed up for the NRA certificate code compliance. Spring Hill has 13.

Aug 24 – Washington Manufacturing Company announced it will remodel the mill and install a swimming pool for the employees. 36 employee houses on site will be remodeled.

Aug 31 – The Armour Fertilizer plant will open and employ 200 men. The Illinois Agriculture plant in Mt Pleasant opened , employ 150 workers and have a $60,000 payroll.

Sept 7 – Maury County’s “Big Foot” print exhibited in the Fariss Museum. The footprint was cut from the McClanahan Branch Creek bed at Hampshire by Mr. Russell Akin. The foot print is 16¾ inches long and 7 inches wide and is of a prehistoric man who walked here thousands of years ago.

Sept 7 – The Kiwanis Club contest has 150 entries for the Columbia slogan. The committee has narrowed them to five. Voting by citizens will select one.

Sept 14 – An agreement between Maury County and the Branham & Hughes receiver, Harry P Ambrose of Nashville will allow the use of one of the schools buildings for a Spring Hill High School.

Oct – J.B. Beeson constructs the B-Line Tourist Camp on Pulaski Pile, just south of Massachusetts Knitting Mills

Dec 21 – Several Maury County citizens were subpoenaed to appear before the Davidson County Grand jury to testify about the lynching of Cordie Cheek 18, a Negro suspected of raping an 11 year old girl in Glendale. The Negro had been moved to Davidson County for protection. Cheek was kidnapped form his uncle’s house after being released from the jail. He was found hanging from a cedar tree near the corner of Lewisburg pike and Culleoka road. A $1000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest.

• Tennessee •

July 1 – Harriman Hosiery Mills vote to strike in Harriman, Tn.

Aug 7 – T.O. Fuller state park created in Memphis, 2nd state park in Us created for use by African-Americans on 1138 acres.

Tennessee Lynching courtesy National Archives collection

Oct 3 – Harriman Hosiery Mills strike broke with lock out of workers that began June 25.

Oct 3 – TVA begins construction on the Norris dam on the Tennessee river near Knoxville. (completed 1936)

Oct 12 – Tennessee legislature adopts the Mocking bird as official state bird.

Nov 3 – Thomas Sigismund Stribling wins Pulitzer prize for the novel “The Store”, first Tennessean to win the Pulitzer prize.


Dec 28 – Nearly 400 workers are employed by the CWA in Maury County, 37 are working mosquito control, 14 women began a rural farm survey, 15 men building sanitation facilities. Over 2000 applied for these jobs.

• United States


• World •

Jan 26 – Germany signs 10 year non-aggression pact with Poland.

Feb 22 – General Augusto Sandino and two aides assassinated in Nicaragua by rebels.

March 21 – Adolf Hitler plans 900 mile long network of 4 lane limited access highway in Germany, called the “Autobahns.”

Feb 15 – Congress passes Civil Works Emergency relief act.

April 25 – Martial law declared across Spain.

March 3 – John Dillinger breaks out of Tucson jail with wooden pistol.

May 3 – Saudi Arabian King Ibu Saud invades Yemen.

• •

April 18 – First Laundromat “Washiteria” opens in Fort Worth, Tx.

May 24 – Paraguay army offensive against Bolivian army killing 6000 in 3 year war.

• •

May 18 – TWA begins Commercial air service in DC-2.

June 27 - Saudi King, Ibn Saud and Iman of Yemen sign peace treaty to end desert war.

May 23 – Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker killed near Sailes, Bienville parish, Louisiana.

July 9 – SS Commander Heinrich Himmler takes charge of concentration camps in Germany.

June 4 – President Roosevelt asks Congress for $525 million for drought relief in Midwest.

Aug 2 – President Hindenburg of Germany died in Berlin.

• •

June 6 – Congress creates Securities and Exchange Commission.

Aug 19 – Germans elect Adolf Hitler “Fuhrur” (Leader) of Germany.

• •

June 13 – Max Baer defeats Primo Carnera for heavyweight boxing championship.

Aug 31 – Chang Kai-Shek takes command of Chinese Nationalist troops to crush communists uprising.

Sept 26 – Queen Mary ocean liner launched in Scotland.

June 19 – Congress creates Federal Housing Administration and Federal Communication Commission.

Oct 7 – Revolt in Madrid put down by royal army.

Jan 28 – John Dillinger, Bank robber, captured in Tucson, Arizona.

Jan 31 – President Roosevelt devalues American dollar to .60 cents and prices gold at $35 per ounce.

Feb 2 – President Roosevelt establishes Export-Import Bank to expand foreign trade.

July 22 – FBI shoots john Dillinger in Chicago at “Biograph” Theatre.

Oct 9 – King Alexander of Yugoslavia assassinated by Croatian in Marseilles, France.

Aug 31 – Textile strikes sweep US, 650,000 workers strike.

Nov 1 - Mao and Red Army abandon southern China, as Chaing Kai-Shek nationalist encircle them.

Sept 7 – Huey Long made “dictator” by Louisiana State legislature.

Nov 11 – Paraguay captures 10,000 Bolivians in Chaco war.

Sept 20 – Bruno Hauptmann arrested for Lindbergh baby kidnapping and killing.

Dec 5 - Italy and Ethiopian troops clash at Ualual over disputed Somali-Ethiopian border.

Oct 22 – Federal agents and “Pretty Boy Floyd” have shootout in Ohio, Floyd killed.

Dec 29 – Stalin purges rivals after assassination of aide Sergei Kwin.

Nov 28 – “Baby Face Nelson”, Bank robber killed by FBI.

Dec 29 – Japan formally renounces Washington Naval treaty of 1922 with US.


• Maury


Jan 4 – Columbia Chamber of Commerce declares first Monday of April “Mule Day”. Advertisements sent to several southern states. This month some 200 mules were shipped from Columbia, $75,000 value. Event to be organized by Dr. W.D. Hastings.

Jan 4 – Major Horace Frierson of Columbia has taken the oath of office as the Middle Tennessee US District attorney. Mr. Frierson is one of the leaders of the Democratic party.

Jan 18 – CWA County Administrator, William J Oakes reports over 400 CWA workers in Maury County drawing a $5000 weekly payroll. He says 14 women are now involved in a rural farm survey in Maury County.

Jan 18 – Society: The Columbia Writers Study club met at Mrs. Ulna Piggs house on 6th street. Mrs. R.S. Hopkins is President of the club. Original poems were read by members, followed by a general discussion and helpful criticism. The enthusiastic club members meet twice a month.

Feb 17 – The Maury County Demonstration Club year book is completed. It was compiled by Mrs. Glenn McClellan and financed by Mr. Joseph A Chapman. It’s a constructive guide to activities of 22 Demonstration clubs in Maury County with over 700 members.

March 1 – Mr. David Gordon in cooperation with the Princess Theatre will conduct a spring fashion show. The Pigg Bros. will introduce the newest style of suits. Mr. Gordon has recently purchased the latest fashion of dresses, hats, gloves and accessories for the show.

March 1 – Columbia will get a new Stave Mill, operated by Mr. Van Shapard, former cashier of Middle Tennessee Bank. The new mill will be located on 10th street near the Columbia Mill and Elevator company.

March 22 – The Butler Mill burned, $25,000 loss. Mr. William Butler’s mill on Woodland ave and east 7th street was constructed a few years ago, cause of fire unknown.

March 22 – CWA Maury County farm survey completed. 3511 farm homes surveyed, 3246 of these say they still “carry water” to the house. The survey completed by Mrs. W.J. Lamb shows 62 percent of Maury County farms have a well or Cistern that is “not convenient” to the house. The report shows 2802 farms occupied by whites, 709 farms by Negro families. 1763 farms are occupied by renters or tenants, 341 farm houses constructed of logs, 35 farm houses have their own :lighting plant”, only 250 farms have electricity and only 59 of those have electric refrigeration.

• Tennessee

Jan 20 Chickasaw State park created by Tennessee legislature between Hardeman and Chester Counties. The 13,104 acre park is one of 20 new Deal state parks developed form eroded land.

Feb 20 – The Civil works Administration (CWA) begins work on the Cumberland Homestead project built on 10,250 acres. The co-operative plan includes 351 farms on 10 to 160 acre plots to be worked by families.

Butler Mill on Woodland and East 7th street

March 29 – Milky Way horse sale draws big crowd for auction. Buyers came from 15 states.

April 19 – Mr. John Langston of Columbia Machine Works has purchased the old mammoth concrete and steel building on East 6th street, formally occupied by H.G. Foster Company. Mr. Langston will move his modern machine plant from 11th street to this larger more convenient location •


• Maury


May 10 – Headquarters Troop 109th Cavalry will move to Graymere farm. Capt. Willoughby P Jackson said the 109th has leased Graymere County Club property on Mt Pleasant pike and will move from Pillow park. A 50 x 90 foot building will be constructed to house 24 horses. The Troop known as the “Columbia Troop” will conduct monthly drills on the grounds.

June 7 – Maury County’s early apple crop will be over 20,000 bushels. The current price of apples is $1.75 to $2.25 per bushel.

July 5 – Columbia Alderman vote to approve $60,000 loan to build a new Armory.

July 5 – Adams and Patterson auto company offers new Chevrolet Sports Roadster for $465, car has new “Knee action” patent suspension, 80 HP value in engine 6 cylinder.

May – TVA builds Norris Freeway in Knoxville with limited access, first in Tennessee.

Aug 4 – Lynch mob burns Bedford Court house in Shelbyville in retaliation for national Guards being called out to protest a young black, E.K. Harris who was moved to Nashville for protection.

Nov 5 – Napoleon Direct, champion pacer died at Haynes Haven farm. (Tolley farm) Ex-plow horse first to break 2 minute mile.

Nov 5 – Hill McAllister re-elected Governor of Tennessee, Nathan Bachman elected US Senator.

Nov 5 – TVA forms first rural electric co-operative, The Alcorn County Electric power Association in Corinth, Miss.

Dec 6 – Tennessee orphan home board votes to purchase the Barnham & Hughes school in Spring Hill for $25,650.

Dec 6 – Middle Tennessee Bank acquires assets of Bank of Culleoka, adding $40,000 to local bank deposits.

Nov 22 – President Roosevelt visits Nashville, 200,000 welcome him, he visits James K Polk tomb and meets with Polk Memorial Association members. 409

Aug 30 – Lynching of Cord Cheek case re-opened by Davidson County, Mr. Jeff McCarn appointed prosecutor.

Aug 30 – US Department of Education reports 10 percent of Maury County’s population (2603) are illiterate. 1930 census showed 18,887 whites 10 years or older with 951 of these unable to read.

Sept 13 – JC Penny company leased the former old Maury Dry Goods building on West 7th street. The store has 65 feet frontage and is 160 feet deep. The building was recently occupied by Lex Watson furniture.

Sept 27 – The International Agriculture Corp in Mt Pleasant will reopen the phosphate plant and is expected to employ 150 people.

Sept 27 – General Sims Latta, commander of the Tennessee Division of United Confederate Veterans died, 94. This gallant soldier had served as Maury County Sheriff during reconstruction period. He served in Company E, Tennessee cavalry with General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Oct 11 – The Tennessee Daughter’s of the Confederacy held their 39th annual convention in Columbia at the Bethel Hotel, convention dedicated to Senator Edward Carmack.

• Tennessee

• United States


Jan 8 – Elvis Presley born as twin in Tupelo, Mississippi.

• World •

Jan 1 – Cyrenaica, Tripoli and Fezzan, all Italian colonies unite to form Libya.

Jan 16 – Federal agents kill “Ma Barker” and son, Fred in Florida after fierce gun battle.

Jan 7 – French Govt. and Benito Mussolini sign agreement on Partition of Africa.

Feb 13 – Bruno Hauptman found guilty of kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby.

Jan 17 – The League of Nations votes to return Saar basin to Germany.

Feb 28 – The Dodge 4 wheel trucks are to replace the Army’s mules. The Us ordered $4.5 million for the 1 ton trucks.

Feb 23 – Paraguay quits League of Nations.

Feb 28 – 35,000 Italian troops invade Ethiopia.

March 16 – Adolf Hitler renounces treaty of Versailles.

March 22 – Persia renamed “Iran”.

April - Robert Watt, invents radar in England.

April 1 – The US Supreme court ordered a new trial for “Scottsboro boys” in Alabama.

April 11 – US Mid-West hit by severe dust storms

April 16 – Pan Am air service launches Clipper seaplane to Orient from San Francisco.

May 1 – Boulder dam completed after 5 years work.

May 6 – Works Progress Administration (WPA) created by executive order of President Roosevelt.

May 19 – Colonel T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) died from injuries in motorcycle accident.

May 30 – Earthquake in Pakistan kills 26,000.

May 18 – TVA act signed by President Roosevelt.

June 10 – Japanese troops seize Nanking, China.

May 27 – NRA shutdown after US Supreme court declared unconstitutional.

July 18 – Emperor Haile Selassie urges Ethiopians to fight Italians to last man.

June 10 – Alcoholics Anonymous organized in New York City.

July 26 – Chinese Blue River floods, killing 200,000.

June 19 - Social Security act passed by Congress.

July 5 – The Wagner act (National Labor Relations Act) signed into law by President Roosevelt.

Aug 2 – British separate Burma from India with passage of approval of forming Indian Govt.

Aug 6 – Mussolini calls up 300,000 men for war in Ethiopia.

Aug 16 – Will Rodgers and Wiley Post killed in airplane crash in Alaska.

Sept 3 – Malcolm Campbell breaks land speed record with 300 MPH run in British “Blue Bird.”

Aug 30 – Congress passes Revenue act, raising inheritance tax.

Sept 15 – German Reich adopts Swastika as national flag.

Aug 31 – Secretary of State Cordell Hull charges Soviets aim to overthrow US Govt.

Oct 2 – Large Italian force invades Ethiopia.

Nov 9 – Japanese troops invade Shanghai.

Sept 8 – Senator Huey Long of Louisiana assassinated by Dr. Carl A Weiss.

Nov 14 – Manuel Luis Quezon sworn in as Filipino’s first President.

Nov 9 – John L Lewis, United Mine worker union President forms the Committee of Industrial Organization union (CIO)

Nov 25 – Greek’s vote for King George II to return.

Dec 6 – TWA begins first “Airline Hostess” in DC-2.

Nov 27 – Japanese troops move into Peking and Tientsin Province.

Dec 23 – Charles Lindbergh and family moved to England.

Dec 1 – Chiang Kai-Shek named Chinese Nationalist President.


• Maury


Jan 10 – 1500 mules jammed into the public square as business begins to return to normal. 750 mules sold, valued at $130,000 or average of $175 per mule.

Jan 10 – The “Grand Ole Opry” unit appeared at the Dixie Theatre. The WSM stars will be headed by Uncle Dave Macon, the Dixie Dewdrops, Paul & Bert, the Gully Jumpers, Deford Baily, the harmonic wizard and the Delmore brothers.

Jan 10 – The Dixie Manufacturing company has leased the building at the corner of South Main & 8th streets to manufacture dresses and pants. The new $10,000 enterprise was chartered by A.H. Warren and Clark Cochran. Mr. Warren was the manager of Washington Manufacturing for the past 4 years. The plant will start with 60 machine and 50 people who will earn 30 cents per hour.

Jan 10 – The Tennessee Electric Power Company is offering the 4 cubic foot Frigidaire electric refrigerator for $79.50 on terms with $3.50 down.

Jan 10 – Columbia Motors at 614 North Main has new Dodges for $645 with “Air Glide ride” and “Synchromatic Control”, 85 MPH plus.

Jan 17 – R. Douglas Greenlaw elected President of The Columbia Chamber of Commerce at the Bethel hotel, succeeding Mr. E.E. Johnson.

Jan 24 – The Porter-Walker Hardware store will show a talking motion picture as a special attraction at its annual John Deere farm equipment show on the square, featuring the new model “A” tractor with adjustable wheels and four forward speeds and standing platform.

Jan 24 – Maury Burley tobacco tops market at Lexington, Ky. With average of $34.80, consigned by John S Garrett and F.S. Wilson of Columbia.

Jan 24 – The Andrews School had a doll show, more than 150 entries judged. All models of dolls were femininely depicted in the latest fashion creations by the owner’s. Typifying the dignity & charm of southern femininity of long ago were two 76 year old dolls, “Miss Aggie” and “Sis” who were entered by Miss Susan Ogilvie. They were originally owned by Miss Cornelia Mack who died in 1868 at the age of 17, now owned by Mrs. D.D. Little.

Jan 31 – Mr. F.C. Sowell Jr., associate Editor of the Maury Democrat joined J. Truman Ward of Nashville to purchase radio station WLAC from Life & Casualty Insurance.

Jan 31 – The Columbia Packing Company chartered by N.J. Foster, E.V. Foster and C.R. Mumms for $50,000 and will replace the Foster Packing company operation.

Jan 31 – The Tennessee Episcopal Dioceses ordered the sale of the Columbia Institute. Indebtedness said to be $45,000 to $55,000. Built in 1835 by Bishop James Otey and Leonidaus Polk.

• Tennessee •

Jan 5 – Tevecca Nazarene University moved to present location on Murfreesboro road in Nashville.

Mule Day sales on Columbia square


• Maury


Feb 7 – King’s Daughter’s Hospital installs the latest X-ray machine, cost $5000.

Feb 7 – Columbia’s 1935 budget of $74,759 approved.

March 7 – The recent Will Rodger's article on the Columbia mules has put Columbia on the map.

March 14 – 2500 Maury County children marched in the “Blue Ribbon” children's health parade. Heading the parade as Grand Marshall was T.L. Cunningham who was accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Galen Smith of Milky Way farms, music played by the Columbia Military Academy band.

• Tennessee •

Feb 13 – Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration Est. in Shelbyville.

Feb 19 – Harlinsdale horse farm est. north of Franklin , Tennessee Walking horse farm.

Feb 19 – Tennessee legislature votes to retain anti-evolution law.

March 15 – Construction of Pickwick dam begins in Hardin County, completed in 1938.

April 11 – The Milky Way horse, “Calumet Armistice”, a bay gelding sold for $7000 to Mr. M.F. Young of Spindletop stables in Beaumont, Tx.

March 21 – A new canning factory will be built at Culleoka. The plant will employ 60 people and turnout 25 and 30 car loads of Tomatoes per season, says manager Pat Baker.

April 4 – 25,000 people watched the Columbia Livestock Parade, several newsreel pictures were made of the event. The parade was broadcast over WLAC radio with F.C. Sowell at the microphone. There was a 3 mile procession. 55 million will see the newsreels in movie theatres.

April 4 – The US War Department orders the disbanding of Headquarters Troop 109th Tennessee cavalry in Columbia.

April 4 – Prof. Robert Lee Harris elected Superintendent of the Columbia school for the 26th year, assumed his duties in 1909.

April 9 – Miss Mary Jane Doris chosen as Miss Maury County.

April 18 – The assets of the defunct Phoenix Bank estimated at $90,815 compared to reported book value of $530,790 says receiver, George E Farmer.

April 11 – Two new stores opened on the public square, “Adkisson’s market” and a clothing store, “The Square store”, managed by Jim Cummings. They are located in the former Jim Andrews hardware store.

April 12 – Columbia voter’s approved a $20,000 bond to build a new Riverside Elementary school.

April 18 – The Pigg Bros. store thieves carted off $5000 worth of merchandise in break-in, 250 suits.

April 20 – Montgomery Bell state park construction begins in Dickson County.

April 25 – Admiral W.B. Caperton USN retired, a distinguished Maury Countian will speak at the Columbia Rotary club at the Bethel hotel.

May 21 – John Terrill Majors born in Lynchburg, Tn. He became University of Tennessee head football coach in 1977.

May 9 – After considerable protest, the 109th Tennessee Cavalry Headquarters Troop company will be re-organized under Capt. Waverly H Jackson.


• Maury


June 6 – A grave marker has been dedicated at Greenwood cemetery on the grave of Mrs. Jane Knox Polk, mother of President James K Polk by the Tennessee chapter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution. She was born in North Carolina, daughter of James Knox, a revolutionary war soldier. She married Samuel Polk, son of Ezekiel Polk, a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

June 13 – The Columbia Military Academy has won the coveted “Honor School” ranking by the US War Department. The Academy becomes one of the very few to win this award. The award means CMA will have the right to name one additional candidate to West Point.

June 27 – Mr. W. Cheatham of Spring Hill purchased 275 acre Tenn. Orphan home on Williamsport road for $8550.

June 27 – Over 100 TERA workers are on the job constructing the new Spring Hill High school. The old building was torn down and material from this old Barnham & Hughes building will be used in the construction of the new school. The new building will be two stories and accommodate both high school and elementary school students. The school has an auditorium that will seat 900. Total costs for the school is $37,000, Maury County costs are $10,000. Federal TERA money is being used.

Aug 29 – Mr. Clarence Watson donated 12 acre tract of land at Rattlesnake Falls to Boy Scouts of Maury County. He will also donate lumber to build several buildings.

Sept 8 – Clock on the Maury County Court house electrified.

Sept 19 – Maury County ranks 2nd in Tennessee for sheep production with 30,235 sheep.

Sept 19 – Colonel E.N.B. Rieves, a gallant soldier of the Confederacy died, 96. Served in 48th Tennessee infantry.

Sept 19 – The “Busy Bee” café opened on public square, formally occupied by “Dainty Kitchen”, Fred Burks owner.

Oct 10 – Society: Dr. & Mrs. Robert Pillow were honored at their 50th wedding anniversary. Dr. Robert Pillow Jr. and Mrs. Gordon Cowie, the only son and daughter honored the couple at the Pillow house on School street with 100 friends.

Oct 10 – Nearly 1000 people assembled at the Enterprise school auditorium for the Tennessee Country Singers Convention.

Oct 17 – The city of Columbia acquired a building site in Pillow Park for the new Riverside school, cost $36,000.

Nov 14 – Tennessee Electric Power company will extend power lines to serve Hampshire and Santa Fe.

Nov 21 – Thomas Norfleet Figuers, Confederate veteran died, 89. One of the owners of Figuers, McEwen and Dale Dry Goods store in Columbia. Mr. Figures moved from Williamson County to Columbia in 1877.

• Tennessee

June 15 – The Great Smokey Mountain National park dedicated by President Franklin D Roosevelt, over 500,000 acres. Park purchased with private donations and given to US Govt.

Polk family graves in Greenwood cemetery

Nov 5 – The National Association of Free Will Baptists founded in Nashville.


• United States


Jan 6 – US Supreme Court finds Agriculture Adjustment act unconstitutional

Jan 9 – US Supreme Court declares Farm Recovery act unconstitutional, Tennessee farmers received $17 million under the program for crop reduction programs.

Jan 23 – Heywood Patterson sentenced to 75 years in prison in Scottsboro case, Ozie Powell defendant shot trying to escape.

Jan 29 – First members of baseball Hall of Fame elected in Cooperstown, N.Y. They were Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth.

Jan 31 – “Green Hornet’ radio shows débuts.

Feb 13 – First Social Security checks mailed.

Feb 27 – The “Columbia method” becomes the south’s economic strategy by providing tax exemptions and leased buildings to industries who move south. Method developed by Hugh L White of Columbus , Miss.

March 19 – Floods sweep Mid-west states, 134 died, over 200,000 homeless.

• World •

Jan 20 – King George V died, 70. His son succeeds him as King Edward VIII, 41.

Jan 21 – Paraguay and Bolivia sign peace treaty to end “Chaco war.”

Feb 26 - Ferdinand Porsche develops “People’s car” (Volkswagen) in Germany.

March 7 – Adolf Hitler sends troops to occupy the Rhineland.

March 1 1 – Paraguay est. first Fascist Govt. in South America.

March 19 – USSR signs pact to defend Mongolia against Japanese aggression.

March 29 – Italians firebomb city of Harar in Ethiopia, 40,000 homeless.

April 15 – Leftist execute 733 priests in Madrid, Spain.

April 3 – Bruno Hauptman, convicted kidnapper of Lindbergh baby executed.

April 28 – Prince Farouk becomes King of Egypt, 16. after death of father, King Kuad Farouk.

April 6 – Tornados sweep across south, killing 421.

April 30 – Ethiopian defenses crumble before Italian forces.

May 9 – Mussolini annexes Ethiopia.

June 11 – Congress approved $20 million for reconstruction of old Natchez Trace.

June 19 – Max Schmeling knocks out Joe Louis in New York City for world heavyweight boxing championship.

July 4 – The League of Nations abandons Ethiopian cause, lifts sanctions against Italy.

June 25 – American Airlines conducts first Commercial DC-3 flight.

July 17 – Spanish civil war begins.

July 19 – Spanish army rebels led by Franco land at Cadiz, 2500 killed.

July 14 – US heat wave kills over 3000.

Aug 6 – Jesse Owens wins 100 yard dash in Berlin Olympics.

Aug 1 – IV Olympic games open in Berlin, Germany.

Aug 6 – Duke Ellington and Count Basie's “Swing” dancing becomes popular.

Sept 9 – France signs treaty with Syria and Lebanon and promises independence in three years.

Oct 1 – Spanish rebels name Franco dictator.

Sept 2 – Vatican censures right wing radio priest, Father Charles E Coughlin.

Oct 23 – Hitler sends Condor military units to assist Franco in Spain.

Oct 25 – Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini announce the “Berlin Axis.”

Nov 25 – Germany and Japan sign alliance pact.

Dec 6 – Mexico grants Leon Trotsky political asylum.

Dec 11 – King Edward VIII abdicates to marry divorcee, Mrs. Wallis Simpson. 414

Nov 3 – Franklin D Roosevelt re-elected president of US.

Nov 23 – Henry Luce purchased “Life” magazine, reorganized into photo publication.

Dec 30 – Seven General motors plants shut down by United Auto workers in Flint, Mich. In “Sitdown” strike.

• Maury


Jan 2 – Dean Marble Company on South Garden street is planning another expansion. Mr. W.M. Dean, President said the plant will be extended 54 feet for more work shop area.

Jan 30 – Maury County veterans will receive $422,478 as a result of the override of the Presidential veto of the soldier’s bonus bill.

Feb 27 – Monsanto will build a giant plant on Estes Bend, Green Lick section, 8 miles NE of Columbia. Monsanto acquired the Ira Baird property.

March 5 – “Coast to Coast” radio hook up is scheduled for the Columbia Mule Day celebration. Over 100 radio stations will broadcast the featured event across the country with millions listening.

March 5 – Columbians voted to allow showing movies on Sunday. Mr. A.E. Shortley of the Princess Theatre said the straw vote was 1315 to 655 for Sunday movies. 4/5 of City council required to approve proposal.

March 12 – Columbia to get a new stock yard. The Brooks property will be the new site on Mt Pleasant pike. The property was also known as the old McDowell school site. A new building 96 X 200 will be erected.

March 26 – Monsanto buys 213 acres from Armour Fertilizer Company and a tract of land known as the S.H. Polk land for $55,000 and the George Goodwin place for $10,000 , with options on Estes place for $40,000.

March 26 – an Injunction stops Stockyard work. The petition cites nuisance of stench, flies and bawling calves by Mr. Charles Hatcher and Horace Frierson.

March 26 – Tickets for Shakespeare‘s, “Summer’s Night Dream” on sale at the Woldridge Drug store. To be seen at the Princess Theatre.

April 4 – An explosion in the Columbia Central High school chemistry lab kills one student and teacher.

April 16 – Columbia voted to appropriate $5000 for a city park in the old Pillow Park property. The Alderman and Mayor also voted for condemnation of the “old auto bone yard” on the old Simpkins Brick company property across the Jackson highway from Pillow Park. The $5000 will supplement the $8000 furnished by the WPA for labor and material to be used in the new park. The plan calls for a Grand Stand, baseball diamond, football field, playground and Tennis court.

April 30 – The historic Columbia Institute will formally reopen as a home and school for girls. Bishop James Maxiun dedicated the facility for the “community transfiguration” to serve all.

• Tennessee •

Jan 19 – Daniel Earle McGugin, Vanderbilt University most successful football coach died in Nashville. 57. His career record of 197 wins-55 losses-19 ties and he won ten conference championships

Feb 17 – US Supreme court rules TVA is constitutional.

March 4 – President Franklin D Roosevelt turns “Golden key” to open the Norris dam in Knoxville.

Pillow Park today


• Maury


April 30 – The Stockyard will move to a new site and will sell the site recently purchased on the old McDowell school site for $22,500.

April 30 – The WPA project extended West 6th street 4000 feet when completed.

May 7 –The new Columbia Tobacco Warehouse will be built on the old Cal Fielder home site just off Mt Pleasant Pike and northwest of Nashville, Florence and Sheffield railroad. The 64 acre site will soon be a tobacco warehouse.

May 14 – Power lines are being extended to Glendale and Fountain Creek area. Another extension has been completed to the Bear Creek area.

May 21 – The Rockdale plant will make a “Blow in” of the iron furnace after two years of idleness. Employment of 200 men is expected.

May 21 – Monsanto will build a huge plant here in Maury County to produce “Phosphoric Acid”. Three new electric furnaces to be installed, plant to employ hundreds.

June 11 – A huge crowd attended the opening of the new Columbia stockyard across from the railroad Depot, thousands attended the dedication.

June 25 – Many Maury County Democrats assembled on the public square to hear President Roosevelt on “loud speaker’s” accept the Democratic nomination for President at the convention.

July 2 – TVA buys Maury Phosphate land for $75,000 in three tracts for a total of 275 acres on Greenlick Creek near the Monsanto plant.

July 9 – Society: The Girls Cotillion club dance was the gayest summer event in Columbia. The dance given at the Graymere Country Club was decorated with Palms, Ferns, White Gladioli and Southern Smilax. Paul Pitts and the Southern Colonels provided the music.

July 16 – The Columbia softball league will begin under the lights for the first time in Pillow Park. The first game is between the Columbia Lions Club and Crack Pigg Bros. Aggregation. The 2nd game is between the Massachusetts Kitting Mill and Morrow Service station.

July 16 – Workmen of the E.D. Wells company excavating the new home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Gray on 6th Ave in Riverside dug up a skeleton of a man believed to be a union Federal soldier who was buried during the Civil war. A military uniform indicates US insignia on the buttons. No markers on the grave.

• Tennessee •

May – Fall Creek Falls state park construction begins, 19,864 acre park located between Van Buren and Bledsoe Counties on the upper Cane Creek Gulf watershed.

Columbia Monsanto plant


• Maury


Aug 6 – Maury County Fair at Santa Fe to be the biggest ever say organizers.

Aug 27 – John L Haynes, wealthy oil man of Louisiana purchased the Tolley farm for $90,000. For years the farm has been the “Home of the Hals”. The farm is located 8 miles north of Columbia on the Jackson highway and has produced some of the finest pacers and Tennessee Walking horses in America. The farm was also known as the Gibson Plantation “Woodlawn” and produced the best wheat crops in the state. The farm was sold to the late Brice martin.

Sept 3 – Columbia approves TVA bond issue for $300,000 by vote of 969 to 936 in special election. The campaign was bitterly fought between TVA and 14 Columbians opposed to city debt. The decision makes Columbia a TVA city who will supply electricity.

Sept 24 – A big tobacco warehouse to be built on East 7th street and Glade street on property purchased from the city of Columbia by the Maury County Tobacco Company. The building will be 207 X 235 feet.

Sept 24 – Armour Fertilizer purchased the Peerless Chemical company plant, south of Columbia built in 1919 on the Dixie Beeline highway. Armour also will acquire the mineral rights to old O.L. Dortch and H.O. Perry tracts.

Dec 10 – Columbia to get a Cheese factory says Mr. Charles Munn of Columbia Packing Company. The plant will produce 5000 to 6000 lbs of cheddar cheese per day.

Dec 17 – The Princess Theatre will be remodeled says Mr. Shortly.

• Tennessee

Oct 5 – Memphis College of Art opened. It is only independent Art college in south accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and national association of schools of Art and Design with classes in drawing, painting, sculpting and crafts.

Oct 13 – American Record company (Later renamed the Columbia Record company) recorded Roy Acuff for first time in Chicago.

Nov 7 - Gordon Weaver Browning elected governor of Tennessee, re-elected 1948 and 1950.


• United States •


• World •

Jan 19 – Howard Hughes sets new world record with flight from Los Angles to Newark, New Jersey in 7 hours and 23 minutes.

Jan 2 – Britain and Italy sign Mediterranean peace agreement.

Jan 30 – Adolf Hitler guarantees Belgium and Holland neutrality.

Jan 20 – Franklin D Roosevelt inaugurated for 2nd term as President of US.

Feb 12 - Poland refuses to return Danzig to Germany.

May 12 – King George VI crowned in Britain.

June 3 – Duke of Windsor marries Mrs. Simpson.

July 13 – Japanese troops battle Chinese in Peking.

July 26 – Tens of Thousands killed in revolt battle for Madrid, Spain.

Aug 2 – World Zionist Congress endorses British plan for Palestinian independence and dividing the areas between Jews and Arabs.

Aug 8 – Japanese capture Peking, China. Set up military rule.

Aug 22 – Japanese bombard Shanghai in heavy fighting.

Aug 25 – Japanese blockade Chinese coast, bomb Nanking.

Jan 27 – 1 million homeless in Mississippi Valley and Ohio River valley worst flood in history.

Feb 5 – President Roosevelt proposes Supreme Court reform plan, to add 6 Justices.

Feb 11 – General Motors “Sit-down” strike ends, CIO UAW union recognized.

Feb 16 – DuPont Corp. patents new Nylon thread.

March 2 – CIO United Steel workers union wins recognition from Carnegie US Steel Corp.

March 6 – Rubber workers stage a “Sit-down” strike in Akron, Ohio.

March 18 – Propane gas explosion in New London school kills 519 children and teachers.

April 16 – New Boeing warplane “Flying Fortress” B-17 introduced.

Sept 8 – Pan-Arab conference rejects “Peel plan” for dividing Palestine, insists on Arab state.

May 1 – President Roosevelt signs “Neutrally Act”, requires any belligerent nation purchasing non-military goods in US to pay cash and transport goods on US ships.

Sept 25 – Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini meet in Munich, Germany.

May 3 – Margret Mitchell wins Pulitzer prize for writing “Gone with the Wind.”

Sept 29 – Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao-Tse-Tung unite to fight Japanese forces.

May 27 – Golden Gate bridge opens.

Oct 31 – Italy and Germany announce mutual defense treaty.

June 22 – Joe Louis defeats James J Braddock to win World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.

Nov 2 – Lord Halifax visits Hitler; beginning of policy of appeasement.

July 3 – Amelia Earhart and navigator, Capt. Fred Nuenan reported lost over South Pacific, fate unknown.

Nov 4 – Italy withdraws from League of Nations.

July 24 – Four “Scottsboro boys” freed pending new trial, three sentenced to death, one to life imprisonment.

Nov 4 – Mexico nationalized oil Industry, takes over Standard Oil facilities.

Sept 10 – New Wheeler Dam in Alabama dedicated.

Nov 29 – German courts approve plan to take away children from parents who refuse to teach Nazi ideology.

Oct 2 – USS Nashville launched at Camden, N.J. (Lt Cruiser)

Dec 1 – Japanese recognizes Franco Govt. in Spain.

Dec 10 – Walt Disney débuts “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” cartoon movie.

Dec 12 – Japanese sink US gunboat, Panay in Yangtze River, 5 dead. Five Standard oil ships also sunk.

Dec 21 – Lincoln tunnel in New York City opened.


• Maury


Jan 2 – The Duck River is at near record flood level. The TEPCO Power house flooded, 4 inches of rain in 18 hours caused rapid flooding to 38.8 feet, highest since 1929.

Jan 5 – Safe crackers attempted to rob the Hampshire Bank. Telephone lines were cut but the safe wasn’t cracked.

Jan 11 – National Carbon company has bought 177 acres of W.P. Morgan farm on Santa Fe pike. The plant will manufacture Carbon Electrodes for electric furnaces at the Monsanto plant, cost $2 million and employ 50 people.

Jan 11 – An agreement has been reached between the Massachusetts Knitting Mills and the workers there. Worker’s had demanded a 10 percent raise and improved working conditions. All workers have returned to work.

Jan 23 – W.H. Lipscomb, Civil War Confederate veteran died, 93.

Jan 30 – Maury County’s American Legion Posts and Columbia collected $3500 for the flood victims and prepare to receive 250 flood refugees.

Feb 1 – Stephens School near Isom burned, $12,000 loss. The school had a large auditorium and 4 class rooms, music room, cloak room and large hall. Prof. R.T. Wallace principle, Miss Laura Whiteside teacher of 1st & 2nd grades; Miss Bess Morrison 3rd & 4th grade, Miss Margret Farris 5th & 6th grades; and Mr. Robert Pogue teacher of the 7th & 8th grades.

Feb 3 – Columbia’s Headquarters Troop 109th cavalry with 43 men and officers called to duty on the Great Mississippi River flood, commanded by Capt. J.C. Jackson, Lieut’s. Luther Fleming and Randolph Pigg.

Feb 9 – Graymere Country club to be reorganized and rechartered, plans to add a swimming pool and other recreational activities to attract more members.

Feb 15 – Contractor E.D. Wells will remodel the Tolley farm house for Mr. John L Haynes, oil millionaire. Mr. Haynes bought the 544 acre Tolley farm for $90,000, which is said to be the best farm land in Maury County. His brother, Crocket Haynes bought the John Walton place also known as the Peery farm south of the Tolley farm.

Feb 19 – Former Columbian, Lawrence “Lollie” Barker, testified before the Senate Committee that he was one of the Pinkerton Detective agencies undercover operatives in Lansing, Mich. Who informed on union activities. Mr. Barker, 26 years old, was a graduate of Columbia Military Academy, a star football and basketball player. He worked at Fisher body plant in Lansing for two years and served as Vice-President of the local union in “Sitdown” strike.

• Tennessee •

Jan 1 – Tennessee State Museum founded.

Jan 7 – The “Tennessean” newspaper sold on steps of Nashville Courthouse for $850,000 to Stillman Evans Sr.

Jan 15 – Gordon Browning inaugurated as Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 23 – The Cumberland River floods, 1200 homeless in Nashville and Clarksville.


• Maury •


Feb 27 – Resolutions to change Columbia’s form of government to a city manager type and reduce the number of alderman was approved. A city charter change will be required, with state legislature approval. The effort was launched by the city’s business community.

March 4 – The Maury County Natural Resources Corp. announced it will start a campaign to advertize Maury County by selling 60,000 stamps to “Tell the World” of Maury County’s resources. Mr. Hugh L Webster, President of the organization says individuals and companies can purchase the stamps and place them on letters. Stamps cost 1 cent each.

March 4 – Dr. Watt Yeison, prominent surgeon and doctor in Columbia has invented a method to put oxygen into the body, instead of inhaling it. The machine is being manufactured in Chattanooga and demonstrated in New Orleans hospitals.

March 11 – The Maury County Board of Education voted to purchase the Tennessee Orphans Home property for $9000 as part of a plan for Home Economic facilities at Columbia High school.

March 11 – Columbia city engineer, C.J. Akin began work on a new city map of Columbia for the Chamber of Commerce. All new territory, including the Riverside extension, Pillow park, the Ellis addition in West End, CMA heights, 5th street extension and Mt. Parnassus development by Mr. Mora H Fariss will be shown.

March 27 – The CIO union organizers claim they have 600 phosphate miners signed up in Mt Pleasant, Local union 278 Master Phosphate Worker’s union formed.

April 5 – 25,000 see Columbia’s livestock 2 mile parade broadcast to millions over 61 NBC radio stations, 14 mule drawn floats entered the parade, 3 of 5 movie newsreel companies filmed the event.

April 17 – 3500 elementary school children of Maury County march in the Blue Ribbon parade for perfect health.

April 19 – The Godonsburg mine closed after 35 years of operation. Some 135 men move to the Arrow mines for work. The Blue Rock phosphate mine opened in 1902.

May 20 – Over 600 rural homes along the TVA “beltline” will get power in Darks Mill, Jamison store area, Theta, Kettle’s Mill, Water Valley and other areas, cost $155,000.

May 21 – Haynes remolded home, “Woodlawn” burned, a total loss. A blowtorch used by the crew caused the fire. Woodlawn built in 1866 by Capt. Tom Gibson and wife Lucy McKissack Gibson was a 3 story 20 room mansion.

May 22 – 200 black CIO union workers have struck Federal Chemical mine for better wages and working conditions.

• Tennessee •

March 1 – Fire destroyed the Nashville “Insane Asylum” at Bordeaux, “410 inmates flee”, none injured.

March 8 – 175 girls at the W.E. Stephens plant in Pulaski took possession of the 2nd floor of the plant in a “Sitdown” strike and demanded wage increases to $15 per week. The girls now work piece work.

March 10 – The Tennessee legislature passes the new marriage law prohibiting any marriage under 16 years of age. The provision may be waived by the local County judge. A written application must be applied for before a license is issued.

April 23 – Tennessee US Senator, Nathan Lynn Bachman died in office.


• Maury •


May 25 – Maury County’s first woman’s softball game played at Pillow Park between the Ironall girls and Massachusetts Knitting Machine “Cassies”, MKC won.

June 24 – Rockdale Furnace plant reaches agreement with CIO union, 250 men return to work, 500 Maury County union men remain on strike at other plants.

June 30 – Alonzo Blocker, veteran real estate man announced plans to build Fair grounds and race track on old Ogilivie Lane. Mr. Blocker was developer of Riverside.

July 8 – Society: Over 40 4-H girls modeled the dresses they made for a dress contest staged at Anderson’s and Foster’s store. Miss Nellie Gray Thompson and Dorothy Kelly won first prize of $2.50 in senior and Jr. division.

July 10 – Rin Tin Tin appeared at the Princess theatre.

July 14 – Phosphate mine strike in Mt Pleasant ends, settlement of $3 per day minimum wage for 10 hour day.

July 17 – Victor Chemical will build a plant of 130 acre old Jennings tract 2 miles west of Mt Pleasant, cost $1 million.

July 24 – Over 600 Maury Countains watched the first women's wrestling match in Columbia. Several people were hurt when the Grand stand collapsed in the Barr building as the crown got very excited during the match between Betty Lee and Mae Weston.

Sept 1 – Daily Herald begins “Popeye” cartoon series.

Sept 10 - $340,000 approved for new US Federal building and Post office in Columbia.

Sept 24 – New Macedonia “colored” school dedicated, school has 4 grades with two teachers on Hill street.

• Tennessee •

June – Berry field airport in Nashville opened, 340 acre site with three story terminal , control tower and paved runway.

July 8 - Tennessee National Guard sent to East Tennessee to keep peace at Alcoa strike, martial law enacted.

July 12 – TVA completes most accurate map of Tennessee Valley area, covers 41,016 square miles. Aerial photos used to make 783 Quadrants to chart map.

Aug 14 – TVA awarded service contract to Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) for aluminum production.

Sept 10 – Cedars of Lebanon State Park opened.

Sept 26 – Bessie Smith, Blues singer born in Chattanooga, Tn. Killed in auto accident outside Clarksville, Miss.

Sept 30 – “Billy Direct”, John L Haynes owner sets World record pacer mile in 1:58 for 3 year olds in Lexington, Ky.

Oct 14 – Clerk and Master, Mora B Farris offers to donate museum collection to library, over 1000 articles.

Nov 3 – “Lover’s Lane” to be widened for sale of lots, also known as “Hatcher’s Lane”, or “Ogilvie lane,” leads from Mooresville pike to Mt Pleasant highway. For years this was most popular “Lover’s Lane” in horse and buggy days. Auction of “Southwest Park” 65 acres with 600 lots set.

Nov 20 – Princess Theatre remodeled, brings Broadway to Columbia now on West 7th street with new “Da-Lite screen installed. Former Opera house was show place of south, later called “Grand Theatre” for movies in early 1900’s.

Dec 7 – The “Tennessean” and “Nashville Banner” enter a joint operating agreement to combine business operation to reduce costs.

Dec 23 – Mr. William Shirley, discover of phosphate in Maury county in 1878 at age 14 died destitute, 73.

Dec 8 – New Davidson County Court house completed.


• United States •

Jan 1 – US census shows 8 million still jobless.

• •


• World •

Jan 4 – Britain postpones partition of Palestine.

Jan 3 – March of Dimes campaign against polio organized.

Feb 20 – Adolf Hitler demands self-determination for Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Jan 19 – General Motors begins mass production of Diesel engine.

March 12 – German troops enter Austria, Adolf Hitler hailed in Vienna.

March 17 – Rebel air raid kills 1000 in Barcelona, Spain.

March 19 – Polish troops force Lithuania to sign peace agreement.

Jan 21 – US Supreme court upholds constitutionality of TVA.

March 2 – US claims Marshall Islands in Pacific ocean.

March 13 – Clarence Darrow, lawyer died, 72.

April 22 – Eddie Rickenbacker, US World War I flying Ace buys Eastern Airlines for $3.5 million.

April 4 – The Lincoln-Washington battalion fighting in Spain wiped out by rebels.

May 17 – Congress passes the Vinson Naval act to authorize construction of two naval ocean fleets.

April 6 – US recognizes German annexation of Austria.

• •

May 29 – Police break Goodyear Rubber worker strike in Akron, Ohio, 100 injured.

April 14 – Japanese defeated in Taiachwang, China, 40,000 killed.

• •

June 2 – Fair labor Standard act passed by Congress, 40 hour work week, minimum wage of 25 cents per hour Est.

July 14 – Japan abandons plans for 1940 Olympics , Finland selected as alternative site.

Aug 2 – Soviets and Japanese clash near Korean border.

June 22 – Congress passes Chandler act to Est. first Bankruptcy law in US.

Aug 10 – USSR and Japan sign truce to end border conflict.

June 22 – Joe Lewis defeats Max Schmeling in 2nd world boxing championship fight.

Aug 27 – Britain warns Hitler that any attack on Czechs may bring total war.

June 23 – Congress Est. US Civil Aeronautics Authority.

Sept 15 – Neville Chamberlain, British prime Minister flies to Berlin to meet Adolf Hitler.

July 10 – Howard Hughes sets world record by flying around the world in 19 hours, 17 minutes.

Sept 18 – France and Britain offer Hitler appeasement, ask Czechs to give up German speaking Sudetenland.

Oct 9 – New airplane instrument, the “altimeter” introduced in demonstration in New York.

Sept 27 – HMS Queen Elizabeth launched on maiden voyage.

Oct 30 – Orson Wells broadcast “War of the Worlds” on radio, causes panic across nation.

Sept 30 – Four European powers, France, Britain, Germany and Italy sign accords allowing German occupation of Czech Sudetenland.

Oct 1 – Poland annexes Silesia and Teschen.

Nov 12 – Kate Smith sings “God Bless America” for first time, a Irving Berlin song.

Nov 13 – Mother Cabrini becomes first American saint. •

Oct 3 – Hitler marches into Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.

Dec 10 – Pearl s Buck wins Nobel prize for literature, “The Good Earth.”

Oct 19 – Adolf Hitler decorates Charles Lindbergh with service cross.

Dec 12 – US Supreme Court rules University of Missouri law school must admit blacks.

Oct 29 – Germany demands all lost colonies it had before WWI.

Dec 6 – Germany and France sigh peace treaty.

• •

Dec 17 – Italy renounces 1935 treaty with France.

• •

Dec 15 – The Jefferson Memorial ground breaking occurs. Dec 17 – New hero, “Superman” introduced by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster.


• Maury


Jan 13 – Gene Autry with his horse “Champion” appears at Princess Theatre, cowboy movie star.

Feb 3 – New bridge over Duck River at Godwin planned. The new location just down stream from old bridge.

March 3 – Columbia to get new Federal building at South Garden and 8th street. Property purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Anderson for $23,000, includes vacant lot to north of residence. Property has 125 feet frontage on Garden street and 190 feet on 8th street.

March 17 – New 25 ton Ice plant to be built in Columbia, operated by Tennessee Ice and Coal company with Dr. Roy Hardison, Mrs. A.F. Thomas and Paul F Bumpus owners. Construction has begun on property obtained from Martin & Vaughn and O.B. Nicks on Woodland street, plant will extend from Woodland to city’s Haymarket lot.

March 31 – Society: The Bachelors Club dance at the tobacco warehouse will attract hundreds. The warehouse has been converted into a southern plantation with bales of hay, cotton and sacks of grain. The room will be lighted with old fashion lanterns. For the first time the “Mule Trot” dance will be performed and is destined to replace the “Big Apple.” Leaders organizing the “Mule Trot” are Miss Sarah Ann Ridley and Mr. Blake Campbell.

• Tennessee •

Feb 5 – Roy Acuff first appeared on Grand Ole Opry singing “Great Speckled bird.”

Columbia Federal building

April 3 – Donald Davidson writer, publishes “The attack on Leviathan.”

April 7 – 40,000 see the great livestock parade in Columbia. King Mule crowned at public square by Miss Norma Parks.

April 21 – Maury County School ranks 24th in state. The orphan home property purchased by the County will be remodeled as a Jr. High school with over 300 students.

May 3 – The Davis store opens on the public square.

May 12 – Maury County and Columbia are to be featured in the November issue of National Geographic magazine.

May 5 – Nashville WPA begins construction of Percy Warner Steeple chase race course.

May 18 – Natchez Trace parkway dedicated at beginning of construction.

June 9 – 22,376 Tennessee citizens receive old age federal social security pension with average $13.55 per month.

June 2 – Columbia City Park Commission announces the completion of the new 8 acre park for “colored people” on East Hill on Iron Bridge road.

June 12 – Air conditioning has been installed in the Maury Theater in Mt Pleasant.

June 23 – The Oakes Chair plant burned, $15,000 loss. The chair factory in Riverside opened in 1909 and is operated by Mr. Albert F Oakes.

June 30 – The new Cheese plant in Columbia is growing. It operates in the old Maury County Ice Cream company building on East 7th street and is producing 200,000 lbs of Cheddar Cheese per month. Mr. Emmett Foster has bought out the interest of Charley Munn and has added an addition to the plant because of rapid sales increases.

July 1 – The new Social Security office opened in Columbia, in the Woldridge building. The new office will take over the functions handled by the post office.


• Maury


July 1 – History was made at the Culleoka cannery with the canning of Maury county beans at J.A. Gillespie company canning plant.

July 1 – Columbia Military Academy will construct a new brick dormitory to house 72 students. The new building will be 40 X 129 feet and two stories, 16 rooms with two baths on first floor and a four room apartment an d bath for a married teacher and family. The 2nd floor will have 20 rooms and two baths for cadets.

July 1 – Mr. Clifford Parsons with W.W. Evans and company for 25 years has purchased an interest in the Maury Pigg Bros. store to become a partner. Mr. Maury Pigg, a native of Maury County began his mechanizing career with the old Maury Dry Goods company in 1906 and moved to Rosenthal’s in 1910. Mr. Will Pigg having joined Adkisson Bros. in 1913 joined his brother in purchasing an interest in Adkisson’s, moving into a new building in 1929 on West 7th street.

July 5 – 2500 people saw the horse show at Pillow Park. The John L Haynes horse “Breezing Through” topped the Britt Davis Walking horse sweep stakes and won the Maury County class with “Mountain view Mist.”

July 12 – Mr. Bill Frazer and Lipe Pogue purchased Bells Bakery. The bakery is one of the largest in Middle Tennessee started 12 years ago. It makes bread, cakes and pastries and has a fleet of four trucks for delivery.

July 13 – Mr. A.F. Oakes, owner and operator of Oakes chair company will purchase the old City Mill and Grain company on School street, cost $7000. Mr. Oakes said he plans to manufacture chairs on the new site, since his old chair factory burned in Riverside. The property consists of a four story brick building, a 40 X 80 sheet Iron building and fronts 114 feet on south School street and 231 feet on the L & N railroad.

July 18 – Society: Miss Evelyn Morgan is crowned “Miss Maury County”, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James F Morgan. She will represent Maury County in the Queen of Middle Tennessee contest.

July 26 – Columbia votes to locate South Columbia school on 7 acres of the Denham property, cost $35,000 bond approved to construct the school.

Aug 2 – Dimple Park subdivision will be est. on 10 acres fronting 15th street West. The center will be Dimple Park and will not be sub-divided. Lots $150 to $350.

Aug 9 – The new picture show on South Garden named “Ritz”. Located in old Warner building.

• Tennessee •

July – Booker t Washington state park created in southeast Tennessee, 2nd African-American recreation area.

July 20 – Pickwick dam in Hardin County completed by TVA.


• Maury


Aug 17 – Work started on the new bridge over the Duck River on the Santa Fe pike. The bridge will be steel with concrete floor and 180 feet long, with approaches it will be 672 feet long, cost $64,000.

Aug 19 – The new theater on South Main nears completion and will be called the “Lyric” says manager, Al Shortly. The theatre will seat 650 people on the main floor and 250 in the gallery for “colored” people.

Aug 24 – President of Maury County Tobacco Warehouse, Tom Napier says he will double the floor space of the warehouse in handle the increase in tobacco production in Maury County, making a total of 94,552 sq feet. The Columbia warehouse between East 6th and East 7th streets will be expanded to 208 feet X 400 feet.

Sept 7 – 34 alumni of the Robertson High school honored Prof. R. D. Robertson at the Rock Rest tavern. Prof. Robertson founder of the Columbia City school system and who operated a boys school here that opened Sept 7, 1885. The Robertson Academy operated three years with 70 boys. Prof. Robertson closed the school in 1888 to start the Columbia public school system.

Oct 1 – A leading advertising agency, Meyer Both company of Chicago named the Daily Herald “The paper of the month” in its trade publication, “Plan and Pointer’s”. The award was for outstanding presentation of ads and advertising growth during the depression.

Oct 4 – “Billy Direct” sets a new world record mile in 1:55 in Lexington, Ky. The 4 year old pacer formally of the Tolley farm in Spring Hill, son of “Napoleon Direct”.

Oct 6 – The Piggly Wiggly store will move to the old Vogue Theatre building. Mr. E.P. Turner, owner operator is planning a complete remodeling of the building.

Oct 18 – Confederate Veteran, Mr. James David McMurry died 98, at his home in Campbell Station.

Oct 24 – Dr. Robert Pillow died, 86. Former mayor of Columbia and Director of the Maury County Health Dept.

Nov 7 – Spring Hill businesses burned, $50,000 loss. Fire started from small oil lamp in Buford Roddy’s living quarter’s. Building destroyed were Porter James café, Wes Winchester meat market, City Hall, Wade Derryberry barbershop, Watson’s shoe store, Hullands store, James Burch garage, Eugene Erber café and filling station, and Wilson & Holland mechanical shop.

Nov 12 – The Lex Watson’s “Littlest Mules” will be featured in the Universal Newsreel. The youngest is 8 weeks old, 26 inches tall and weighs 40 lbs.

Dec 9 – W.J. Allen and Eugene Loftin announced they will erect a modern service station and Greyhound Bus terminal at the corner of 5th street and north Garden, cost $20,000 .

• Tennessee •

Aug 19 - 20,00 see Big Dairy parade in Pulaski.

Aug 20 – Dortch Stove factory strike continues, union claims 320 members out of 437 employees in Franklin company.

Aug 31 – Tennessee Electric Power company worker’s strike continues, power lines cut, 23 towns without electricity.

Sept 1 – Cumberland Home Co-operative project near Crossville Est. on 27,802 acres by Federal Govt.

Oct 3 - The Presbyterian Synod purchased Beaver Dam springs resort and 750 acres and re-named it Na-Co-Me.

Nov 5 – George Berry elected US Senator from Tennessee, William Prentice Cooper elected Governor, from Bedford County.


• United States


Jan 16 – President Roosevelt asks Congress to extend Social Security act to widows and children.

Feb 1 – Nylon stockings first introduced into market.

Feb 27 – US Supreme Court rules “Sit-down” strike illegal.

• World •

Jan 11 – British Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, meets Italy's dictator, Benito Mussolini.

Jan 26 – Thousands welcome General Franco and Spanish rebel troops into Barcelona, Royal Govt. falls.

• Feb 27 – Daughter’s of American Revolution refused to allow Marion Anderson (African-American) to sing at constitution Hall in Washington DC. Mrs. Roosevelt arranged for concert on Lincoln memorial.

Jan 28 – First atomic experiment releases 200 million volts electricity, German physicists Otto Hahn conducted experiment.

Feb 10 – Pope Pius XI died,81.

March 14 – John Steinbeck published “Grapes of Wrath.”

Feb 13 – Mexico seizes American United sugar Corp.

April 26 – 8 million Methodists unite into one body, delegates to convention in Kansas city, Missouri voted to unite Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal southern and Methodist Protestant into “Methodist church”. Schism caused by slavery issue.

Feb 14 – Germany launches battleship “Bismarck.”

Feb 27 – British recognize Franco Govt.

March 2 – Cardinal Paceli elected Pope Pius XII.

April 1 – Britain and Poland sign mutual aid treaty.

April 4 – King of Iraq killed in auto accident, 3 year old son, Amir Faisel, proclaimed King.

April 5 – Hitler conscripts all German youth 10 to 18 years.

April 30 –World’s Fair opens in New York City, President Roosevelt opens event in Flushing Park, a former rubbish dump. 800,000 attend “World of tomorrow” exhibit. May 15 – Six Harlan, Ky. mines opened by 200 militia, protesting rights of workers against CIO United Mine Workers union given as reason. 11,000 non-union miners return to work.

June 12 – Byron Nelson wins US golf open title.

April 8 – Italy invades Albania.

June 21 – Lou Gehrig forced to quit baseball due to illness.

July 10 – Pam Am “Yankee Clipper” crosses Atlantic, lands in London from New York City.

May 23 – British parliament approves independence for Palestine in 10 years, area divided into Arab and Jewish sectors.

Aug 7 – Standard Oil corp. drills for Arabian oil and pays King Saul royalties.

Aug 23 – Germany and USSR sign non-aggression treaty.

Sept 1 – German troops invade Poland, Danzig ceded to 3rd Reich, World War II begins.

Sept 4 – Britain and France declare war on Germany.

July 13 – 100,000 WPA workers strike for more money. Strike forces Pres. Roosevelt to eliminate union scale relief work and cut 650,000 WPA workers from federal roles.

July 26 – US renounced 1919 trade agreement with Japan.

Aug 2 – Congress passes Hatch act, forbids federal employees from working in Federal campaign for office.

Aug 14 – President Roosevelt changes Thanksgiving holiday to 3rd Thursday of November.

Nov 28 – Full German Naval submarine blockade of England begins.

Aug 18 – “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” movie premiered, starring Judy Garland.

Dec 1 – Soviet Union bombs Helsinki, Finland. Russian troops land at Liinahaamri.

Aug 26 – First “Professional” baseball game televised in US.

Dec 14 – League of Nations expels USSR for invasion of Finland.

Nov 4 – President Roosevelt signs amended “Neutrally Act”, lifting embargo on arms sale to Europeans.

Dec 11 – US Supreme Court rules use of wiretaps as evidence without a court order illegal.

Dec 18 – “Graf Spree”, German battleship scuttled by her crew in Uruguay harbor at Montevideo. Ship was badly damaged by British war ships after 14 hour fight at sea. Capt. Hans Langsdorff committed suicide as result.


• Maury


Jan 12 – Monsanto to acquire additional 930 acres from William Howard Ewing.

Jan 17 – Virgil H Moore, formally of Columbia has purchased the Franklin laundry in Franklin. Mr. Moore who lives in Riverside has moved to Franklin and will employ 12 people.

Jan 20 – Spring Hill voted to erect a new fire hall and purchase new fire fighting equipment.

Feb 9 – The Ben Franklin store locally owned by Mr. Z. Safely will relocate his store to the old Kuhn store on West 7th. A modern fly proof counter will be installed at lunch counter.

Feb 14 – Mr. Archie Haynes purchased the old Percy place on Jackson Highway near Spring Hill. 356 acres adjoining his brothers, John L and Crocket Haynes farms, cost $35,000.

Feb 15 – Six WPA workers killed, 15 injured when their truck overturned on Sowell Mill pike. It’s the worst accident in Maury County’s history.

Feb 17 – The Columbia Institute fire forced 100 young women to flee. Firefighters fought the fire 4 hours. Its believed the fire started in the kitchen.

March 4 – Columbia's Alderman voted “No” on Sunday movies.

March 6 – Maury County’s last Confederate, Capt. Merritt Bocker Tomlinson died at his home in Culleoka, 98. He served in the 48th Tennessee.

March 27 – Miss Maury County “Mule Queen “ chosen by the Columbia Lions club, Miss Dolly Tuell. A celebration dance will be held in the tobacco warehouse on East 7th street with Jack Shock and the Missouri Mountaineer’s, playing, a old time fiddle contest will be held.

March 30 – The new home of John L Haynes, “Haynes Haven” nears completion.

March 30 – The D.A.R. project of improving Greenwood cemetery is underway. The cemetery is believed to be the original site of a Indian burial ground.

March 31 – J.A. Sloan sells his home parent store to Ragian and Potter wholesale grocery men. The site bought in 1901, the old E.W. Gamble store on West 8th and south Main.

April 3 – 50,000 people see the biggest Mule day parade ever. The goal of 1000 girls with 1000 mules was exceeded as 1500 mules paraded. WSM broadcasted the event as the parade passed a cheering crowd for 45 minutes. Miss Dolly Tuell crowned “King Mule” assisted by Missie Alexander and Miss Anne Ruth Peck, Governor Prentice Cooper officiated.

April 4 – Mr. J.C. Penny of New York was the guest of John L Haynes for Mule Day parade. Both attended the Lions Club dance and Bachelors Club Mule Ball.

• Tennessee •

Jan 4 – William Prentice Cooper inaugurated Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 8 – Natchez Trace State park created from 12,096 acres of reclaimed and eroded land in East Tennessee.

March 2 – Tennessee legislature passes law to allow Counties and Cities to allow liquor sales if referendum vote approves.

• •

Haynes Haven AKA: Saturn site April – The Aviator Corp of California constructs factory on Berry field on Murfreesboro pike in Nashville, $1 million plant to employ 7000, purchased by Vultee Aircraft in 1940 to build P-38 aircraft.


• Maury


April 8 – Columbia’s Alderman reversed their decision, voting to allow Sunday movies.

April 10 – The Maury County Quarterly Court vote to approved the new Armory to be used by the 109th Cavalry of the Tennessee National Guard. $30,000 funded by Federal Govt. and $10,000 by the state, total cost $50,000.

April 19 – New Phone system to be installed in Spring Hill. Culleoka, Williamsport and Southport. The new Maury County phone directory shows 2135 phones in Columbia, 87 in Culleoka, 78 in Hampshire, 460 in Mt Pleasant, 118 in Santa Fe, 42 in Southport and 116 in Spring Hill. The Columbia exchange as 6 to 10 girls working on the board at any one time.

April 19 – Columbia began paving West 7th street from the city limits to Columbia Military Academy.

April 22 - Columbia’s renown dance team honored, Miss Elizabeth Fariss and Mr. James Dedman were recalled to the Princess Theatre for the opening of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodges film. The Maury County dance team were booked throughout the state before World War I, often performing at the old opera house. The youthful couple were said to be as graceful as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers and danced the “Castle Walk, Castle Waltz, The Famous Maxi, the Tango and many other dances. Later the couple taught dancing classes at Columbia and Mt. Pleasant.

April 26 – The “Cleburne Stock farm” on Carters Creek and Cleburne roads has been sold by Mrs. Allen Campbell to Mr. Will Smith. The 179 acre farm sold for $17,500. The tract once owned by Capt. M.C. Campbell was purchased from Colonel Allen Brown in 1890, who purchased it from Capt. Tom Gibson. On the old farm are the graves of Brown Hal, 2:12¼ mile pacer. The bones and hide of the famous horse donated to the state museum for mounting. Brown Hal found in Marshall County was purchased from a Negro for $40 and became the Sire of the Hal line. Tom Hal and Little Brown Jug also buried on the farm where Ed “PoP Geers” did his first training on the small track on the farm

May 26 – Columbia’s new Greyhound Bus Depot opened, first Greyhound buses arrive.

June 3 – Santa Fe pike returned to Maury County, no longer a state highway.

June 5 – The popular Arrowhead Lake near Mt Pleasant will be administered by division of state parks. 25 new boats will be bought and fish stocked.

June 9 – Maury County property assessed at $15 million.

June 10 – Mr. E.N. Fox has purchased the corner lot on West 7th and High street to erect a new modern filling station to be leased to Gulf oil. The historic house to be torn down. The four rooms of the house are original cedar log and is one of the oldest in the city, says owners Mr. Leonard Hughes and Mrs. Charlotte Tolley.

• Tennessee

April 21 – Beaver Dam Springs will become the assembly ground for Southern Presbyterian Synod of Tennessee, cost $10,000 for 500 acres, site abandoned several years ago.

May 12 – Davidson County votes to approve sale of Liquor in referendum vote.

Arrow Lake in moon light


• Maury


• Tennessee

June 27 – Capt. F.F. (Bowser) Frakes, leader of the “Dynamite Demons” recently formed a business in Columbia to exploit flying stunts. An airplane is being constructed at the W.C. Lynn place on Woodland street to be used to “crash” into houses. A stunt car also is being prepared for crash and rollover stunts. Rehearsals will begin at the landing field near Mt Pleasant.

July 10 – Mr. B . Hardwick erecting a large building on 12th street to be used as a skating rink and dance hall.

July 13 – The old logs of the Whitthorne home on West 7th and High streets will be moved to the home of Mr. Will Bass on the Jackson Highway north of the city. The newly constructed home will be exactly the same as the old Whitthorne house except the two downstairs will be made into one room with a chimney at one end, the chimney is made from the same brick torn down from the old chimney. One of the mantels will be used downstairs. Mr. Bass said he may live in the old cedar log house or rent it out. (Editor’s note: house believed still standing and in use off Bass and Riverside drive.)

July 15 – Monsanto’s magazine has a three page article on Columbia’s Mule Day event, July issue. Among the pictures are Monsanto’s employee’s Riley Broadwell, Joe Whiteside, R.L. Moore, H.E. Crarne and Fred Ayres.

July 26 – Columbia Female Institute paintings, library books, and two piano’s loaned to the University of South in Sewanee by Episcopal diocese. Some 200 books were chosen by University librarian, 14 religious paintings, one Wainwright painting and portraits of early Bishops including Leonidus Polk, Charles T Quintard and John H Otey.

Aug 2 – James Allen Sloan, esteemed retired grocery wholesale dealer died, 97.

Aug 7 – “Old Maude”, a 36 lb catfish legend caught in famous hole above the Sowell Mill Road bridge. She is on display at the Shelton café.

Aug 18 – 45,000 attend Dairy festival in Pulaski. Columbia wins first place in float competition.

Sept 16 – Columbia purchased the Riverside lot of Mrs. P.R. Massey for the new Armory, cost $1200.

Set 7 – National Walking horse “Celebration” begins in Shelbyville, Tn. , “Strolling Jim” first Champion.

Nov 26 – Anna Mae Bullock (Tina Turner) born in Nutbush, Tn., child of sharecropper.

Dec 10 – “Gracelawn” constructed on 14 acres for Ruth Toof, purchased by Elvis Presley in 1957.

Oct 6 – Two employees of Arrow Mine company robbed of $7700 payroll returning from Mt Pleasant bank.

Nov 3 – Four Maury County tenants chosen for govt. loans to buy farms under new Govt. program. Mr. B.L. Cooper of Spring Hill, B.L. Luckett of Columbia, Irwin Reed of Carter’s Creek and Joe Flavers of 4th district receive 40 year no down payment 3 percent interest loan.

Dec 15 – Columbia’s College Hill the “colored high school” went undefeated on gridiron this season. The “Bulldogs” scored 166 points to opponents 18 in seven conference games. Leading this years team were Captain Patterson, CoCaptain Hogan and Halfback Horne. The “Mule Pasture” is being prepared for the Christmas day game between the Bulldogs and Alabama team.


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