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1860 • United States •

Feb 22 – 20,000 Shoe-makers in Lynn, Mass and across New England strike for higher wages

March 27 – M L Byrn patented Cork Screw.

April 3 – Pony Express begins service between St Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, Calif.

April 23 – Democratic convention meets in Charleston, South Carolina and becomes divided over slavery, no nomination given.

April 27 – Colonel Thomas J Jackson (Stonewall) assigned command of Harper’s Ferry, Va.

May 6 – US Constitutional Union party holds convention, nominates, John Bell of Tennessee for President.

May 16 – Republican Party convention in Chicago, nominates Abraham Lincoln for President.

June 18 – Democrats nominate Stephen Douglas for president in Baltimore, MD.

June 28 – Southern Democrats in Richmond, Va. nominate John Breckinridge of Kentucky for President.

July 1 – Charles Goodyear, inventor of rubber vulcanization died, 60.

Aug – US population set at 31 million.

Sept 1 – Ulysses S Grant assumes command of Federal troops in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Sept – first English speaking kindergarten opens in Boston, Mass.

Nov 6 – Abraham Lincoln elected 16th president of US.

• World •

Jan 1 – Netherlands abolishes slavery in Indies.

May 15 – Battle of Calatafirmi, Giuseppe Garibaldi defeats the Army of Naples in Sicily, 2nd Italian war of independence begins.

May 27 – Garibaldi forces capture Palermo, Sicily.

July 11 – Mutsuhito becomes the crown Prince of Japan.

July 20 – Garibaldi forces defeat Papal Neapolitan forces near Messina in Battle of Milazzo.

Sept 7 – Garibaldi forces capture Naples.

Sept 12 – William Walker, former Maury Countian executed by Honduras Govt.

Oct 18 – first convention of Peking ends 2nd Opium War.

Oct 12 – British and French troops capture Beijing, China.

Dec 20 – South Carolina votes to secede from union.

Dec 26 – Major Robert Anderson under cover of darkness moves his federal troops into Fort Sumter, S C.

Nov – first explosive Artillery shells begin to replace cannon balls.

Dec 29 – First ocean-going all iron hull battleship launched by British, HMS Warrior. 174

• Maury


Jan – “Maury Press” newspaper founded by J.O. York, failed 62 days later.

Jan – State legislature chartered Santa Fe Masonic Academy.

Feb – Tennessee and Alabama Railroad extend line to Mt Pleasant.

March 14 – Columbia Gas Company incorporated by W.J. Dale, James Andrews, E. Kuhn, Nash H Burt and Samuel F. Mayes.

March – Giant meteor streaks across northern sky of Maury County, people see it as omen of prophesies of war.

April – Rev. W H Wilkes, a Methodist minister renames Pleasant Grove as “Culleoka”, an Indian word for “sweet water”.

May 4 – Philippi Church of Christ at Knob Creek organized.

June 27 – William J Polk died at his home “Buena Vista” (present day site of Columbia Academy)

July – Culleoka incorporated., William J Williams first Mayor.

Aug 1 – A .M. Burney made principle of McCain's Academy.

Aug 4 – Maury “Union Guards” organized with 80 men, Capt. A M Looney commanding, Nash H Burt; 1st Lieut., J G Anderson; 2nd Lieut.; J.C. Gordon, 3rd Lieut.; E.A.H. Foster, Orderly Sgt.; L.A. Boyd, Ensign; J.W.S. Frierson Jr. Secretary and Ed O’Neal, Tresurer.

Sept 5 – Cornerstone of present day St Peters Episcopal Church laid by Rev. Pise and Bishop Quintard, lot sold by Hilary Langtree of Garden street.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Four Dominican Nuns founded St Cecilia school for girls in Nashville.

May – University of South cornerstone laid at Sewanee, Tn.

Town of Culleoka


• United States


Jan – Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana vote to secede from union.

Jan 29 – Kansas admitted as 34th state of union.

Feb 1 – Texas votes to secede from union.

Feb 4 – Confederate States of America formed in Montgomery, Alabama.

Feb 9 – Delegates from seceding southern states elect Jefferson Davis, President of Confederate States of America.

Feb 23 – President Lincoln secretly arrives in Washington DC after assassination attempt in Baltimore, MD.

Feb 28 – Congress creates three territories in west, Colorado, Nevada and Dakota.

March 4 – Abraham Lincoln inaugurated President of US.

April 12 – South Carolina begins Civil War with shelling of Fort Sumter.

• World •

Jan 1 – Benito Juarez captures Mexico City.

Jan 2 – Fredrick Wilhelm IV of Prussia died, succeeded by Wilhelm I.

Feb 19 – Russian Czar Alexander II abolishes serfdom.

March 17 - Garibaldi proclaims formation of Kingdom of Italy, victor Emanuel II as King.

April 14 – Federal troops surrender Fort Sumter after 34 hours of shelling, President Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers to defend the union..

June 9 – Lebanon separated from Syria, re-united under Ottoman Empire governor.

April 27 – West Virginia votes to secede from Virginia.

June 15 – Benito Juarez elected President of Mexico.

May – Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina vote to secede from union.

July 21 – First battle of Manassas (Bull Run) won by Confederates in Virginia.

Aug 5 – Congress passes first income tax of 3 percent. • Sept 3 – General Gideon Pillow occupies Columbus, Ky., General Leonidus Polk invades neutral Kentucky.

Sept 16 - Mexico declares independence from Spain.

Sept 4 – General Ulysses S Grant occupies Paducah, Ky. Gains control of strategic mouth of Tennessee River.

Sept 5 – General Albert Sidney Johnson given command of confederate forces in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.

Oct 31 – Missouri votes to secede from union.

Nov 6 – Jefferson Davis elected, President of Confederate States of America.


1861 • Maury •

Jan 7 – Governor Isham G Harris called special session of General Assembly to consider secession.

• Tennessee •

Jan 7 – Governor Isham Harris calls a special session of General Assembly to consider calling a special convention for the purpose of considering secession from the union.

Jan 13 - Earthquake shakes houses in Columbia.

Jan 19 – General Assembly approves referendum vote of secession question. •

Feb 9 - Tennessee votes against secession on referendum.

March – St. Peter’s Episcopal church on West 7th street construction begins.

April 1 – Maury Press first published. April 5 – Nathaniel F Cheairs organized Company of 110 men, elected Capt. of the unit, begins drilling in Spring Hill.

March 4 – US Senator of Tn. , AOP Nicholson resigns from US Senate. Senator Andrew Johnson remains in office.

April 20 – Company D, 3rd Tennessee musters at Mt. Pleasant.

April – “Sulphur Dell” baseball field laid out in Nashville.

April 20 – Bigby Grays organized.

May 7 – Tennessee legislature votes to secede from union and puts issue to referendum vote of the people.

May 7 – Washington Curran Whitthorne of Maury County signed Tennessee Secession Ordnance passed May 6 and also signed ratification of the League of Confederate States.

May 16 – 3rd Tennessee organized in Giles County with 5 Companies from Giles County, 3 from Maury County and one from Lawrence County.

May 8 – “Johnny Reb Company”, AKA: Company H, commanded by Colonel Abe Looney, son of Judge Edmund D Looney marched out of Columbia to Nashvile with banners flying to martial band music playing “Dixie”

June 1 – Fort Henry laid out, named to honor Senator Gustauvs Henry of Confederacy.

Summer – Samuel M Arnell purchased Williamson log house at present day 1600 Hatcher Lane.

June 8 – Tennessee citizens vote to secede from union 104,913 to 47,238;

June 17 – East Tennessean’s meet in Greenville, home of Senator Andrew Johnson to consider calling a convention for the purpose of forming a new state within the union, a petition was presented to the state legislature, no action was taken.

July 31 – The provisional Army of Tennessee organized in Memphis under command of Gideon Pillow.

Aug - Isham Harris re-elected Governor of Tennessee, defeating William Polk , a unionist from Maury County.

Sept 1 – General Ulysses S Grant given command of union forces at Tennessee and Cumberland posts.

Oct 24 - New Tennessee legislature elects Gustauvs Henry and Landon C Hayes to Confederate Senate. 177

June 8 - Maury County voted 2731 to 58 to secede, 20 companies enlisted from Maury county.

June 25 – Bishop Leonidas Polk appointed Major General in Confederate Army.

July 4 – Gideon Pillow and Felix Zollicoffer, former newspaper editor, promoted to Brigadier General in Confederate Army, given commands in East Tennessee.

July 5 – Andrew Jackson Polk gathered friends to form “Maury County Braves”. Company F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry.

July – “Duck River Rifleman”, Company G. 24th Tennessee Volunteer’s Infantry, 112 men under Capt. J M Billington. Organized at “Old Napier Hole”, a noted place on Flat Creek, just east of Bear Creek.

Aug 24 – The “Duck River Rifleman”, Company G, 24th Tennessee Infantry moved to Camp Trousdale.

Sept – Gilbert Dowell. a slave accused of burning a barn in Maury County was lynched by a mob.

Oct 3 – Maury Light Artillery Company commissioned at Santa Fe, Capt. Robert P Griffith commanding.

• United States 1st


Jan 7 – Battle of Federal troops.

Manassas, Va., Confederate forces route

Jan 13 – President Lincoln appoints Edwin Stanton, Sec of War.

Jan 18 – Former President John Tyler died, 71.

Feb 1 – “Battle hymn of Republic” 1st published, lyrics by Julia Ward.

Feb 20 – Pres. Lincoln's 3rd son, Will ,died of Typhoid, 11.

Feb 22 – Confederate States of America constitution approved.

March 8 – Civil War Ironclads, USS Monitor & CSS Virginia (formally Merrimac) fought to stand off for 5 hours at Hampton Roads, Va.

April 25 – Admiral David Farragut captures new Orleans.

May 11 – Confederates scuttle CSS Virginia at Norfolk, Va.

June 15 – Confederate General “Jeb” Stuart and 1200 cavalry ride around General McClellan’s army disrupting supply lines.

July 2 – Gen. McClellan withdraws from Gaines Mill

July 12 – Congress authorizes Medal of Honor.

July 17 – President Lincoln signs bill creating National Cemeteries, including Arlington, home of Gen. Robert E Lee.

July 17 – Congress passes Confiscation Act, declares all Confederate rebels property including slaves as contraband.

July 24 – Former President Martin Van Buren died, 79.

Aug 18 – Sioux Indians kill 800 settlers in Minnesota.

Aug 29-30 – 2nd Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) fought, Federal General John Pope defeated.

• •

Sept 18 – Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) fought, General Robert E Lee defeated, 24,000 total causalities.

Oct 8 – Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith defeated by federal troops in Battle of Perryville, Ky.

Oct 3o – Richard Gatling patents machine gun.

Nov 5 – President Lincoln relieved Gen. McClellan for 2nd time, appoints Gen. Ambrose Burnside as commander.

Dec 10 – Congress makes West Virginia a State.

Dec 13 – Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. Burnside defeated.

Dec 31 – USS Monitor sinks of Cape Hatteras, N.C. in storm.

• World •

Jan 6 – French, Spanish and British troops arrive land in Vera Cruz, Mexico, beginning French intervention in Mexico.

May 5 – Battle of Puebla, Mexican army defeats French army, celebrated as “Cinco de Mayo.”

Sept 22 – Otto Von Bismarck becomes Chancellor of Prussia.

General Felix Zollicoffer killed at Battle of Mill Springs, KY.


• Maury •


Jan 19 – Confederate General Fekix Zollicoffer from Maury County killed in Battle of “Fishing Creek” near Mill Springs, KY. First confederate General killed in war.

• Tennessee •

Feb 6 – Fort Henry surrenders to General Ulyssis S Grant.

Feb 16 – Fort Donelson with 14,000 confederates surrenders to Gen. Grant . Major Nathaniel F Cheairs carries surrender flag to Grant and hears for first time , “unconditional surrender” terms.

Feb 16 – Railroad bridge over Duck River northeast of Columbia completed by Federals.

March 3 – A.O.P Nicholson retired from US Senate.

Feb 25 – Gen. Grant and federal troops occupy Nashville.

March 29 – Union forces under General Don Carlos Buell, Army of Ohio, led by General “Bull” Nelson crosses Duck River, enter Columbia enroute to Pittsburg Landing. 7th Brigade occupies Columbia, Brig. Gen. Negley commanding.

March 3 – President Lincoln appoints Andrew Johnson military governor of Tennessee.

March – Construction of Fort Negley in Nashville begins with labor supplied by former slaves.

March 15 – Confederate General John Hunt Morgan raids Gallatin, Tn.

March 16 – Columbia Bridge over Duck River burned.

April – Leftwich covered bridge burned by Federal troops.

April 6 – Maury County Duck River Rifleman company lost 9 men, 6 wounded in Battle of Shiloh.

April 1 – General J S Negley and Federal Troops occupy Columbia, Hdqtrs. in Athenaeum office.

April 8 – Military Governor Andrew Johnson reorganized Tennessee state government with antecedents Bailie Peyton, A.O.P Nicholson, Cave Johnson, William B Campbell, William H Polk and William B Stokes, all in favor of the union. (7th Brigade Journal)

April 6-7 – Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg landing) fought, Confederate General Sidney Johnson killed, 59. total of 24,000 causalities.

April 15 – General Negley issues G. O. 22, naming camp at Columbia as Camp Morehead in honor of Gen. Morehead.

June 6 – Memphis falls to Federal gunboats.

July 13 - Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest routs Federal troops at Murfreesboro, Tn.

July 24 – Confederate General Braxton Bragg assumes command of reorganized Army of Tennessee.

May 7 – John D Moore appointed Post Master at Columbia.

June 2 – Military Governor, Andrew Johnson spoke at Columbia, 13 Nashville rail cars from Nashville accompanied him.

July – David Lipscomb married Margaret Zellner of Maury County at Phillippe Church of Christ on Santa Fe pike on Knob Creek.

July 8 – Capt. Williams, leader of William’s Avengers attempted assassination of Lt. Colonel Foster in Mt Pleasant

July 30 – Anderson’s Confederate Guerrillas burn Culleoka Depot, robbed Dr. Thompson of $650.

Aug 2 – First skirmish fought between Federal troops and Confederate guerrillas near McCains on Pulaski Pike.

Aug 4 – Anderson’s and Napier’s Confederate guerrillas battle Gen. J.S. Negley’s federal troops for 4 hours at Kinderhook, 30 Confederates reportedly killed, 45 prisoners taken by Federals.

Aug 11 – Federal troops skirmish with Confederate guerrillas on Santa Fe pike, 10 killed and 27 taken prisoner by federals. Aug 16 – Federal troops burn Jackson College, withdraw.

Buell crosses Duck River Bridge at Columbia

Nov 8 – General William Rosecrans replaces General Buell in Nashville.

Dec 31 - Jan 3 – Union General William Rosecrans repels Confederate attacks at Murfreesboro, Tn. (Stone’s River) 179

• United States


Jan 1 – Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect, freeing all slaves in those states in rebellion.

Jan 25 – General Joseph (Fighting Joe) Hooker assumes command of Army of Potomac, replaces Gen. Ambrose Burnside.

Feb 28 – Four Federal gunboats sink CSS Nashville near Fort McAllister, Ga.

March 3 – President Lincoln signs conscription act, allows draftee’s to pay $300 for substitutes, ages 20-45.

May 1 – Confederate Congress passes act allowing execution of blacks in Federal Army, adopts “Stars & Bars” flag.

May 6 – Battle of Chancellorsville fought, General “Stonewall” Jackson wounded by his own men.

May 10 – Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson died of wounds, 39.

May 18 – Gen. Ulyssis S Grant begins siege of Vicksburg.

June 3 – Gen. Robert E Lee launches 2nd invasion of north.

June 25 – President Lincoln appoints Gen. George Mead to replace “Fighting Joe Hooker” as union commander.

July 1-3 – Battle of Gettysburg, Pa. ; confederate high water mark, 55,000 total causalities.

July 4 – Gen. Grant captures Vicksburg, Ms.

July 18 – 54th Massachusetts attacks Fort Wagner, S.C.

July 26 – Sam Houston, President of Texas died, 70.

Sept 20 – General William Rosecrans defeated at Battle of Chickamauga, Ga, by Braxton Bragg & Army of Tennessee.

Oct 16 – General Ulyssis S Grant given command of union forces.

Nov – US Capital Dome competed.

Nov 19 – President Lincoln gives Gettysburg Address.

Dec 8 – President Lincoln declares Amnesty and full pardon for rebels who pledge union loyalty.

• World •

Jan 21 – Adam Opel founded Opel AG in Germany.

Jan 22 – Poland, Lithuania & Belarus revolt against Russian occupation.

Feb 9 – International Red Cross founded in Geneva, Switzerland.

March 10 – Prince of Wales, Albert Edmund, married Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

March 30 – Prince Wilhelm George of Denmark chosen as King of Greece.

Aprils 30 – 65 French Foreign Legion soldiers fight 2000 Mexicans in battle of Cameron, only three survived.

Sam Houston

Nov 15 – King Fredrick VII of Denmark died, 54. His death begins 2nd Schleswig-Holstein crisis.

• •

Dec 20 – Lewis Carroll publishes “Alice in Wonderland”. 180

• Maury


Jan – Confederate General Joseph Johnston appoints Gen. Gideon Pillow in Columbia as head of new volunteers and conscript bureau for Army of Tennessee, Pillow adds nearly 10,000 new recruits by April.

Feb 20 – Confederate General Earl Van Dorn arrives in Columbia to assume command of cavalry 6000 strong, includes units of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest at Spring Hill.

• Tennessee •

Jan 2 – Gen. William Rosecrans defeats Confederates at Murfreesboro, Tn. (Stones River) Gen Bragg withdraws to Tullahoma, Tn. , 24,000 total causalities.

Feb 24 – General Nathan Bedford Forrest raids Brentwood.

March 10 – 20,000 federal troops force Gen. Van Dorn to fall back from Spring Hill, Federal withdraw March 16, Van Dorn returns to Spring Hill.

March 4 – Battle of Thompson Station fought by General Van Dorn & Forrest, defeating 4 regiments under Col. John Coburn.

March 26 – General Gideon Pillow reports loss of 409 Negros, 4 gin houses, 10,000 lbs bacon, 2000 hogs, 500 cattle, 2100 bales cotton burned by federals in Maury County and destruction of his home.

March 16 – Gen. Braxton Bragg court martial's Gen. John McConn for failing to complete wheeling maneuver at Murfreesboro on Dec 31, Army of Tennessee Generals petition President Davis for Braggs removal.

April 23 – Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest relocates to Columbia from Spring Hill because of argument with Gen. Van Dorn.

March 25 – General Nathan Bedford Forrest attacks Federal Garrison at Brentwood, Tn.

April 10 – General Earl Van Dorn attacks Franklin.

May 7 – Gen. Earl Van Dorn assassinated in Spring Hill in Martin Cheairs home by Dr. George B Peters over affair with his wife, Jesse McKissack Peters.

June 24 – Gen. William Rosecrans attacks Confederate line near Shelbyville at Hoover Gap. Bragg and army of Tennessee fall back to Chattanooga.

June 14 – General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Lieut. Wills Gould have gun fight/ knife fight in old Masonic hall in Columbia. Gould died of knife wound, Forrest wounded by pistol.

July 13 – Antoinette Polk, rides from Buena vista in Columbia to Ashwood Hall to warn confederates of approaching federal troops.

Aug 19 – Lucius E Polk, grandson of William Polk married Sally Polk in Columbia.

Fall – Capt. Henry B Shaw organized Company of Shaw’s scouts for Confederacy, operating in Maury, Williamson and Davidson Counties.

Nov 30 – 18 year old, Eli Akin, a former slave in Maury County joins Company A, 15th Colored Infantry regiment in Nashville.

General Earl Van Dorn

Nov 17 – General George Thomas begins battle for Knoxville, Tn.

Nov 24 -25 – Battle of Lookout Mountain and battle of Missionary Ridge fought at Chattanooga, Confederates withdraw to Chickamauga, Ga.

Nov 27 – Federals hang confederate hero Sam Davis in Pulaski.

Dec 20 – Confederate General Joseph Johnston assumes command of Army of Tennessee.


• United States


Jan – Confederate Gen. Patrick Cleburne proposed to enlist slaves in confederate army in exchange for their freedom.

Jan 31 – Congress passes 13th Amendment to constitution, sent to states for ratification, abolishes slavery in all states.

Feb 17 – Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley sinks “Housatonic” in Charleston, S.C. harbor, sinks in attack.

March 10 – General Ulysses S Grant assumes command of all union forces & Army of Potomac.

May 6 – Gen. Grant attacks Gen. Lee in Wilderness campaign in Virginia.

May 8 – Battle of Spotsylvania fought in Virginia.

May 11 – Confederate General J.E. B. Stuart killed at Yellow Tavern, Va.

May 15 – Gen. Joseph Johnston retreats from Dalton, Ga.

May 26 – Montana Territory created by Congress out of Idaho Territory.

June 3 – Gen. Robert E Lee beats Grant at Cold Harbor, Va.

June 10 – Gen Joe Johnston retreats from Pine Mt, Ga.

June 27 – Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. Forces Gen. Johnston to retreat after stopping Gen W.T. Sherman.

July 17 – Gen. Joe Johnston relieved of command, Gen. John Bell Hood assumes command of Army of Tennessee.

July 19 – Battle of Peach Tree Creek begins Atlanta campaign by William Tecumseh Sherman.

July 28 – Battle of Ezra church, Hood defeated.

Aug 5 – Admiral David G Farragut capture Mobile Bay.

Sept 1 – Gen. John Bell hood retreats from Atlanta.

Oct 28 – Battle of Fair Oaks fought.

Oct 31 – Nevada becomes 36th state in union.

Nov 8 – Abraham Lincoln re-elected President of US.

Nov 16 – Gen. William T Sherman begins march to sea.

Dec 27 – Gen. Sherman capture Savannah, Ga.

• World •

Feb – Louis Pasteur invents pasteurization, for wine.

General Patrick Cleburne

April 18 – Danish-Prussian war begins (2nd war of SchleswigHolstein) , Battle of Dybbol, Prussian defeat Danes.

June 10 – Archduke of Austria, Maximilian I, named Emperor of Mexico.

Aug 8 – Italy renounces claims to Rome, Florence becomes capital.

Sept 13 – First International Workingmen’s Association founded by Karl Marx.

Oct 30 – Denmark renounces claim to Schleswig-Holstein & Lauenburg area, ends 2nd war of Schleswig.

Nov 20 – Czar Alexander II launches Judicial reform.

Dec 8 – Pope Pius IX condemns Theological Liberalism, Rationalism and Socialism.


• Maury •


Feb 1 – Maury County union supporters call meeting at court house to consider restoring civil govt. in Tennessee. J.B. Frierson chaired meeting, A.M. Hughes, John W Mayes, Thomas Leftwich and Thomas Harris presented resolutions to support President Lincoln’s proclamation of amnesty who would lay down their arms and take oath of loyalty to union. US flag displayed by Mrs. Samuel Arnell, Mr. Samuel Arnell spoke passionately for accepting amnesty and restoring state to union. Resolution adopted unanimously by packed court room crowd.

• Tennessee •

Jan 8 - Nashville Union League Organized in Nashville.

March – US Colored Troops from Tennessee organized, over 24,000 in 22 Infantry and 8 Artillery federal units formed.

April 13 – Confederate troops of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest massacre 238 Federal negro troops after surrender at Fort Pillow.

March 11 – The 81st Ohio , 2nd Division, 16th Corp proceeded to Lynnville from Pulaski, TN. to relieve 3rd Brigade of 39th Iowa, guarding the railroad bridge above Reynolds Station. Remaining troops to guard trestle at Culleoka, per order of Brig. General T.W. Sweeny.

June 14 – Confederate General Leondias Polk killed at Pine Mountain, Ga.

Aug 11 – Federals allegedly shot Willis Emery and Jake Biffle in back after surrendering, buried in Pisgah church cemetery.

Oct 1 – Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest crosses Duck River at Hardison Mill, attacks railroad at Spring Hill, turns south and captures three railroad block houses, burns bridges. Lieut. J.F. Long of 7th Penn. Cavalry refused to surrender 4th blockhouse, Forrest encamped near Columbia.

Oct 2 – Gen Forrest threatens Columbia, burns bridges, encamps near Mt Pleasant, proceeds south to Alabama.

Nov 25 – Gen. John Bell Hood and Army of Tennessee approach Mt Pleasant, Federal Gen. Scofield withdraws to Columbia.

Nov 27 – Union forces withdraw from Columbia, Gen Hood and Army of Tennessee occupy Columbia.

Nov 28 – Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest crosses Duck River to the north at Hardison Mill and Huey’s Mill.

Nov 30 – Battle of Franklin fought, Gen. John Bell Hood ordered frontal charge, lost over 20 percent of Army.

Nov 29 – Gen. Hood and Army of Tennessee cross Duck river at Davis Ford, march to Spring Hill, Union forces slip by in night to Franklin.

Dec 7 – Gen. Hood encircles Nashville.

Dec 15 – Federal troops under Gen. George Thomas attack Hood, Battle of Nashville begins.

Nov 30 - Gen. John Bell Hood and Generals eat breakfast at Rippo-villa & marched to Franklin for battle.

Dec 16 – Gen. Hoods line collapses, Army of Tennessee in full retreat to Spring Hill.

Dec 17 – Army of Tennessee encamped between Spring Hill and Thompson Station on retreat from Nashville.

Dec 18-25 – Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest provides rear guard as defense against union forces pursuing Hood.

Dec 25 – Gen. Hood and Army of Tennessee cross Tennessee River near Florence, Ala.

Dec 20 – Army of Tennessee departs Columbia.

Dec 22 – Federal launch pontoons across Duck River above Ashton Mills to enter Columbia.

General John Schofield

General John Bell Hood


Battle of Spring Hill BATTLE OF FRANKLIN


Vice-President Andrew Johnson


General Earl Van Dorn


1865 • United States •

Jan – Confederate General John Bell Hood returns to Richmond, Va. And submits resignation .

Jan 31 – General Robert E Lee appointed commander of all confederate forces.

Feb 18 – General Sherman captures Charleston, S.C.

Feb 22 – Union forces under General John Schofield capture Wilmington, N.C.

Feb 23 – General Joseph Johnston appointed commander of Army of Tennessee.

March 4 – Abraham Lincoln inaugurated President of US.

April 1 – Battle of Five Forks, Va., Grant breaks siege at Petersburg, General Lee retreats toward Appomattox, Va.

April 9 – General Robert E Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox court house, Va.

April 14 – John Wilkes Booth assassinates President Lincoln at Ford Theatre, Andrew Johnson becomes president.

April 26 – General Joseph Johnston surrenders the Army of Tennessee at Greensboro, N.C.

• World

April 6 – German Chemical Company BASF founded.

May 1 – Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay form military alliance against Paraguay.

June 11 – Brazilian Navy defeats Paraguayan navy in battle of Riachuelo.

April 27 – John Wilkes Booth captured and killed at Port royal, Va.

May 10 – Confederate President Jefferson Davis captured near Irwinville, Ga.

July 1 – The Christian Mission, later renamed Salvation Army founded in London by William & Catherine Booth.

June 19 – General Gordon Granger lands at Galveston, Tx. and informs slaves of their freedom, event marks “Juneteenth”.

July 4 – Lewis Carroll publishes “Alice in Wonderland”.

July 8 – Eight conspirators convicted of President Lincoln’s assassination, Four hanged, including one women, Mary E Surratt.

Aug – President Johnson begins pardoning confederates, restoring confiscated land and property.

Sept – Congress overrides President Johnson veto on Freedman Bureau creation.

Dec 18 – 13th amendment to constitution ratified by states.

Dec 25 – Chicago Stock yards opened.

• •

Dec 10 – Leopold II becomes King of Belgium. 184

• Maury •


Jan 13 – Earthquake shakes Maury County for several minutes.

Spring – Port Royal Presbyterian church established by pastor Fred Thompson, 3 miles east of Spring Hill.

Aug 11 – Maury County Herald Est. (copy in Chicago Historical Society)

Sept – Sam Watkins returned from war and married Virginia Mayes of Zion community.

Pvt. Sam Watkins

• Tennessee •

Jan 9 – 500 Tennessee union sympathizers delegates meet in Nashville to adopt new constitution.

Feb 22 – Tennessee Constitutional Convention adopts new Tennessee constitution, prohibits slavery.

March 4 – William Gannaway “Parson” Brownlow and radical Whig-Republican state legislature elected, Samuel Mayes Arnell elected from Maury County as state representative.

April 5 – Tennessee Governor William G Brownlow inaugurated.

April - Tennessee state General Assembly ratified 13th amendment to US constitution.

April 22 – Steamer “Sultana” boiler explodes near Memphis with 1500 recently released Federal Anderson prisoners aboard, over 800 killed.

Aug – Tennessee Congressional elections held.

Sept 30 – General Clinton B Fisk issues directive to all Freedman Bureau agents to issue labor contracts for blacks hired by whites with rate of pay, terms & conditions and hold crops as lien against payment.

Dec 6 – Ku Klux Klan organized by 6 confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tn.


• United States


Feb 13 – First daylight US bank robbery occurred in Liberty, Missouri by Jesse James gang.

Feb 19 – President Andrew Johnson veto’s bill in extend Freedman’s Bureau, claiming freed slaves need to advance on their own merit.

March 2 – First US sewing machine needles made in US by Excelsior Needle Company in Wolcottville, Conn.

March 21 – Congress authorizes National Soldiers homes.

April 1 – Western Union gains telegraph monopoly after acquiring US Telegraph Company.

• World

April 4 – Assassination attempt made on Czar Alexander II in Kiev.

May 24 – 32,000 Triple alliance troops defeat 24,000 Paraguayan troops in battle of Tuyuti, 16,000 causalities.

June 8 – Canadian Parliament meets in Ottawa for first time.

April 6 – Grand Army of Republic organized by Benjamin P Stephenson, a former federal veteran, in Springfield, ILL.

April 6 – President Johnson orders end of all military operations in south.

April 9 – US Civil Rights act passes over President Johnson’s veto.

May 5 – First Memorial day celebrated in Waterloo, N .Y.

May 16 – Charles E Hires invents Root Beer. •

June 8 – Prussia annexes Holstein area.

May 21 – Methodist Episcopal church General Conference resolution allows “Colored Memberships” to form their own independent Ecclesialical body.

June 14 – Austrians & some German states declare war on Prussia.

May 29 – US General Winfield Scott died, 79.

June 20 – Kingdom of Italy declares war on Austria.

May 30 – Freedman’s Bureau extension bill approved by Congress over President Johnson veto.

June 27 – Prussian’s defeat Austrian Hanover army in battle of Langensalza.

June 16 – Congress approves 14th amendment to US constitution, sent to states over President Johnson veto.

July 1 – first constitution of Romania adopted.

Aug – Alexander Gardner published book of Civil War photos, showing horror of death.

July 3 – Prussia defeats Austria under King Wilhelm in Battle of Koniggratz.

Aug 11 – World’s first roller Rink built in Newport, R.I. Sept 6 – Fredrick Douglas becomes first black delegate to National political convention, Republican.

Aug 23 – Treaty of Prague ends Prussian-Austrian war.

Sept 23 – New York city opens first Burlesque show.

Oct 12 – Treaty of Vienna ends Austrian-Italian war.

Dec 21 – Chief Red Cloud & Oglala Sioux attack and kill Capt. William Fetterman and 179 men at Powder River, Dakota.


1866 • Maury •

Jan – Dr. Absalom Thompson and wife, Mary B (Sanford) Thompson moved to Corinth, Miss.

Feb – Cottage Hotel (AKA: Teagarten Hotel) opened at corner of present day Parker and West 11th street near Depot. Note: Parker Street was formally Paleface street.

March 12 – Well organized band of outlaws operating north of Columbia in Bear Creek area conducting frequent highway robberies by Klansmen needs to be broken up by everyone who values life and property.

May – Capt. Wiley George constructs first 10 pin bowling alley in Columbia at corner of Embargo and East Market street. (Woodland & East. 7th street)

May 12 – (C.H. Editorial) “It is a fact established by reasoning that men and women who volunteer as teachers from the north in Negro schools established throughout the south are now and have all along, been exercising the most pernicious and dangerous influence over them. An influence that tends to disadvantage the Negros and the disturbance of peace and good order of our society---.”

• Tennessee •

Jan 9 – John Ogden, Superintendent of Tennessee Freedman Bureau, Erastus M Cravath and Edward Smith, former Federal Chaplin and field Sec. of American Missionary Ass. Est. a “beginners school” and College for blacks in Nashville, named to honor Gen. Clinton B Fisk.

April 12 – Tennessee Radical Whig-Republican General Assembly passes Franchise law prohibiting former confederates and sympathizers from holding office, introduced by Samuel Mayes Arnell of Maury County, only “Loyal men” prior to March 4, 1864 could vote.

April 30 – Two days of rioting by whites in Memphis erupt after black soldiers arrested and killed white policeman, 46 killed, schools and churches burned.

July 5 – Tennessee allows first leases of convicts to furniture manufacturing industry.

July 19 – Tennessee General Assembly ratified 14th amendment to US constitution, extends equality to blacks.

July 23 – President Johnson signs bill to readmit Tennessee to union, first southern state to rejoin union.


June 5 – Martin & Vaughan Hardware founded in Columbia.

July 11 – William Hardison, veteran of the War of 1812, owner of Hardison Mill died.

Aug 4 – Rev. Franklin Gillette Smith , founder of Athenaeum girls school died.

Aug – J.H. Ashton, an Englishman erected the Ashton Mill, one mile NE of Columbia on duck river. Flood swept mil away in 1874, mill rebuilt by S.F. Ashton.

Nov – Samuel M Arnell elected to Congress. Republican served three terms until 1871

• United States


Jan 8 – Congress approves suffrage for Washington DC blacks.

Feb 12 – University of Michigan student committee adopts maize & blue as school colors.

March 1 – Nebraska becomes 37th state of union.

• World •

Jan 8 – Japanese Emperor Osahito died.

Jan 11 – Benito Juarez becomes President of Mexico 2nd time.

Jan 30 – Crown Prince Mutsuhito , crowned Emperor of Japan, begins Meiji Dynasty.

March 2 – Moore house and Howard Colleges founded in Washington DC.

Feb 17 – First ship passes through Suez Canal.

March 2 – Congress Est. Department of Education.

March 6 – Congress passes first “Reconstruction” act, vetoed by President Johnson.

March 29 – British North American Act unites Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia under one govt., Bruce McDonald is first Prime Minister.

• •

March 23 – Congress passes Reconstruction act over President Johnson’s veto, Est. 5 military districts in south.

March 30 – Czar Alexander II sells Alaska to US for $7.2 Million.

April 1 – Singapore becomes British colony.

March 29 – Congress approves purchase of Alaska for $7.2 million and building of Lincoln Memorial.

May 11 – Confederate President Jefferson Davis freed from prison.

May 29 – Austrian-Hungarian Empire formed under compromise of Kiegyezes, Francis Josef becomes King of Hungary.

June 19 – First running of the Belmont Stakes in New York. •

June 19 – Firing squad executes Maximilian I of Mexico.

July 2 – First elevated railway in New York begins operation.

July 19 – Congress passes 3rd Reconstruction act, authorizes military governors in 5 districts, sets voter eligibility, excludes Tennessee.

July 25 – Wyoming Territory created by Congress Aug 12 – President Andrew Johnson suspends Sec of War, Edwin Stanton, impeachment process begins.

Sept 9 – Luxembourg becomes independent nation.

Oct 1 – Karl Marx published “Das Kapital”.

Oct 27 – Giuseppe Garibaldi troops march into Rome.

Nov 25 – Alfred Nobel patented “Dynamite”.

Aug 28 – US annexes uninhabited Midway island as coaling station for Navy.

Sept 7 – President Johnson extends scope of pardons and amnesty to all confederate soldiers and officers, except few.

Nov 20 – House Judiciary committee votes to impeach President Johnson for “High crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Dec 4 – “National Grange” organized to promote farming.

Dec 6 – Refrigerated rail car patented by J.B. Sutherland. •


1867 • Maury •

Jan 7 – James Edwin Ruethuen Carpenter born in Columbia, son of well to do Iron works owner. Draftsman on Columbia Military Academy. He became well known Architect designing over 200 high rise apartments and “Skyscrapers” in New York city. He designed the present day Maury County Court house, Hermitage Hotel and Stahlman building in Nashville.

April – J.P. Street & Company founded in Columbia, oldest hardware store in Columbia. Incorporated as Street, Martin &Vaughn in 1905. later became Martin & Vaughn at 11 public square.

June – Frierson & Gamble book store opened in Columbia.

June 29 – Mrs. Richard Ewell shipped first registered Jersey cows to Maury County, purchased through agent in Baltimore.

July – Neopolis Est. in Maury County.

Aug 6 – Samuel M Arnell and Maury County radical Republicans organized 1000 Union League black members in Maury County and marched in formation to court house to vote, Arnell re-elected to state legislature.

Oct 5 – Dr. J.M. Towler and family of Columbia returned home from European tour.

Dec – First organized KKK “Night Riders” appear in Maury County.

• Tennessee •

Jan – John Berrien Lindsley founded Montgomery Bell Academy.

Feb – Freedman and Radical Whig-Republicans Est. local chapters of the “Union League”, a political arm of Republicans to mobilize new black voters.

Feb 25 – Tennessee General Assembly passes Black franchise act, allows blacks to vote, but they cannot run for office.

March – Tennessee General Assembly approves Education act to reorganize schools with State Superintendent, County supervisors and separated Freedman schools. Little funding provided.

April – Whitebluff platted in Hickman county.

June 6 – Franklin race riot erupts between Union league blacks and whites, one white killed & 13 wounded, 27 blacks wounded.

June 14 – Tennessee General Assembly passes Franchise act prohibiting confederate soldiers from voting or holding office. Sponsored by Samuel Mayes Arnell of Maury County.

Aug 6 – Tennessee General elections held, William “Parson” Brownlow re-elected.

Aug – Yellow Fever sweeps West Tennessee and Memphis, 550 died.

Oct – Tennessee Manuel labor University for Freedmen Est. in Nashville by disciples of Christ church, closed 1874, no public support.

Dec – Federal troops abandon Fort Negley in Nashville.

Dec 15 – Tennessee General Assembly passed “Omnibus bill” to fund railroad construction with $3.7 million.


• United States


Jan 5 – Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony publish “The Revolution” calling for equal rights of women.

Feb 16 – The Benevolent Order of Elk organized in New York City.

Feb 23 – William Edward Burghardt Dubois born in Massachusetts, first African American to earn PHD at Harvard, Founder of NAACP.

• World •

Jan 5 – Brazil declares War of Triple Alliance against Paraguay over.

Jan 12 – British forces capture Magdala, Ethiopia.

Spring – Skeleton of Cro-Magnon man found in France by Louis Lartet.

Feb 24 – House of Representatives votes to impeach President Andrew Johnson.

Feb 24 – first US Mardi Gras parade with floats occurred in Mobile, Alabama.

April 6 – Brigham Young married his 27th wife.

May – Austrian schools freed from Church control.

May 16 – US Senate fails to convict President Andrew Johnson on impeachment charge by one vote.

May 26 – Last public hanging occurred in Britain.

May 20 - Republican National convention nominates Ulysses S Grant for President.

May 24 – Brigadier General Christopher “Kit” Carson and scout John Freemont died in Colorado.

June 1st – James Buchanan, 15th President of US, died.

June 20 – George M Pullman introduces dining car for railroads.

June – Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina readmitted to union.

July 23 – 14th amendment to US constitution ratified, blacks to receive full rights of citizens.

Aug 5 – John & Charles Deere incorporates Deere & Company in Moline, Ill. •

Aug 18 – Helium discovered by French Astronomer, Pierre Janssen.

Sept 25 – Queen Isabella II of Spain disposed, exiled.

Dec 6 – Brazilian forces engaged in Battle of Itororo against Paraguayan guerrilla's in War of triple Alliance.


Nov 3 – Ulysses S Grant elected President of US.

Nov 6 – Sioux War ends as chief Red Cloud signs Treaty at Fort Laramie, Wy. US cedes part of Wyoming as Sioux reservation.

Nov 27 – Gen. George Custer & 7th cavalry massacre chief Black Kettles Cheyenne on Washita River, killing 100 .

Dec 25 – President Johnson grants 35,000 confederate officers unconditional pardons.

1868 • Maury •

Jan – Culleoka Institute founded by Rev. A.C. Dinwiddie.

• Tennessee •

Jan 9 – Race riot in Pulaski kills two blacks, several injured and wounded.

Jan 5 – Samuel Winn, son of General Richard Winn and veteran of War of 1812 died.

Jan 9 – “Palefaces” Camp #1, a KKK off shoot, organized in Maury County, President, W.M. Voorhies Jr.

Feb – George Peabody Est. $2 million Peabody Education fund in Tennessee to aid education in 11 former confederate states, requires local matching funds.

Feb – Unidentified former slave lynched near Mt. Pleasant, caused unknown.

March – Culleoka 143 1.O.O.F. organized.

March – H.P. Seavy moved from Vermont to Columbia to open photographic shop in Brown building on public square. He later managed Grand Opera House and organized the Seavy Silver Helicon band.

March 20 – City of Dickson, originally called “Sneedville” platted and organized.

March – Pleasant Grove F&AM lodge 138 builds 2 story brick lodge, cost $3000.

Spring – First Lodge of Good Templars in Maury County est. at Southport by Rev. W.G. Hensley.

Spring – Rev. Dinwiddie opens school in basement of ole Methodist church in Culleoka, later taught by Webb bros.

June 10 – Tennessee General Assembly passes law making membership in KKK a felony.

April 17 – Henry Fitzpatrick, a Negro was lynched for alleged barn burning in Maury County at Sulfur Springs, not far from Columbia. The night riding KKK then shot him in the head and left him hanging.

July 4 – John Dunlap, teacher of blacks in Shelbyville , beaten by KKK.

July 18 – Ku Klux Klan members remove a Negro from Franklin Jail accused of alleged rape of a white women and shoot him. 50 to 75 blacks and some white men ambush the alleged rape victim’s brother and shoot him. Riot breaks out, Federal troops sent from Nashville to Franklin to restore peace

Sept 18 – University of South formally opened in Sewanee, Tn.

April 23 – The Ku Klux Klan in Maury County took two little Negro girls and two little boys from their log home 3 miles from Columbia and carried them off to a creek, threw them into the cold water and forced them to wade until they couldn’t move any more.

July 4 – 400 mounted KKK attack Wesley Alexander, a former black Federal soldier leading a group of black school children to celebrate the 4th of July at a picnic in City Park, several blacks wounded.

July 15 – Three indentified blacks lynched in Maury County, cause and names unknown.

Aug – Philippi Christen Church organized by R.B. Trimble, early preachers were David Lipscomb & E.C. Sewell. Located between Godwin and Timmons, called Bristow’s in 1870’s.

Fall – Frank A Burke and others organize the Methodist church in Glendale.

Fall – Stephenson Academy burned, new brick school erected by Moore and Gholson.

Fall – KKK break into Maury County jail, lynched John Pitts (white) for killing John Bicknell. •


• United States


Jan 12 – National convention of colored men Est. with Fredrick Douglas as President.

Feb 2 – James Oliver invents removable tempered steel plow blade.

Feb 6 – Harper’s Weekly publishes first picture of “Uncle Sam”.

Feb 15 – Charges of Treason against Jefferson Davis, confederate President.

Feb 26 – Congress approves 15th amendment to US constitution, sends to states, provides full citizen rights to blacks.

April 6 – First plastic, celluloid patented.

March 4 – Ulysses S Grant inaugurated 18th President of US.

March 12 – Knights of Labor founded by Uriah Stephens in Philadelphia. Union accepts skilled and unskilled, female and male, blacks and whites into union.

April 10 – Congress increases number of Supreme Court justices from 7 to 9.

• World

April 9 – Hudson Bay company cedes Territory to Canadian Govt.

May 1 – Follies Bergere opened in Paris.

June – First Post Cards introduced in Austria.

Aug 9 – Social Democratic Workers party of Germany founded.

May 10 – Union Pacific & Central Pacific Transcontinental Rail Roads meet near Salt Lake City to drive “golden Spike” connecting two railroads.

May 15 – Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form National Women’s Suffrage Association.

May 24 – Major John Wesley Powell begins 3 year exploration of Grand Canyon.

Aug – Horatio Alger publishes “Luck & Pluck”, first of popular dime novels about rags to riches.

Sept 24 – James Fisk & Jay Gould gold scandal causes financial panic on Wall Street, known as “Black Friday”.

Oct – First Transcontinental Rail service begins.

Oct 8 – Franklin Pierce, 14th President died, 64

Nov 17 – Suez Canal officially inaugurated.

Nov 6 – First football game in America under collegiate rules played between Rutgers and Princeton University.

Nov 23 – Last surviving Clipper ship “Cutty Sark” launched in Scotland.

Dec 24 – Former Sec of War, Edwin Stanton died, 55 •


• Maury


Jan – E.W. Gamble opened grocery store on corner of present day 8th and South Main. (South Main called Mechanic street)

Feb 20 – Tennessee Governor William Brownlow declares martial law in 11 Counties, including Maury County where KKK operates at night without interference.

Feb 25 – Columbia city charter amended.

March – A Bull Frog weighing 3.9 pounds caught at Indian Springs Camp in Maury County.

March 5 – Joseph A Cooper, General in command of Tennessee militia orders Lieut. Colonel Gamble to “suspend civil law in the district” for Maury, Giles, Lawrence and Marshall Counties due to KKK activities.

Spring – First National Bank opened, changed name to Columbia Bank in 1885. J.M. Mayes, President; J.C. Wooten, Vice-President, Lucius Frierson, cahier. Bank closed in 1893 with crash.

July 23 – Ku Klux Klan beat Wm Pointer “unmercifully” near Santa Fe, said to be a simple, peaceable harmless black man.

July 30 – F.M. Vaughn building bridge over Duck River at Huey’s Mill.

Aug 4 – Samuel Morrow, former Federal soldier, murdered by KKK.

• Tennessee

Aug – Mount Ararat Cemetery Est. in Nashville for AfricanAmericans.

Sept 1 – Union & Pacific Bank founded in Memphis, later reorganized as First Tennessee Bank in 1917.

Sept 5 – Nashville Freedmen hold their first meeting to discuss migration west to Kansas and Arkansas. To obtain land under Homestead act.

Aug 6 – Geo. Anderson and James A Thomason engaged in shoot out on Main Street in Columbia.

Sept – Ku Klux Klan holds last public meeting at Fort Negley, Nashville to officially disband.

Aug 6 – Camp Paleface organized at Hurt’s Cross Roads.

Sept 22 - Maxwell House Hotel opens in Nashville.

Aug 27 – Paleface Camp formed at Concord, A.C. Sealy, President.

Nov 6 – William C Brownlow elected US Senator for Tn. Dewitt Clinton Senter, Speaker of House inaugurated Governor of Tn.

Nov 17 – Lamb & Boyd Machine & Carpenter shop closes operations because of “Hard times” in Columbia. Merchants all over the county report inability to collect accounts due to hard times.

Nov 21 – Marshall County courthouse in Lewisburg burned, built by R.B. Moore of Maury County.

Dec 24 – Five men killed in Maury County, Frank Jordan, Hal Ray and two Negros by KKK. Erastus White shot and killed by W.J. Pearson for calling him a Yankee.

Dec 27 – Culleoka Masonic lodge organized.


• United States


Jan 2 – Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins.

Jan 10 – John D Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil of Ohio.

Jan 15 – Democratic party first represented in cartoon as donkey, created by Thomas Nast in Harper’s Weekly.

Jan 26 – Virginia rejoins the union.

Feb 3 – 15th amendment to constitution approved by Congress, sent to states for ratification, provides blacks with full rights of citizen.

Feb 9 – US Weather Bureau created by Congress.

Feb 10 – YMCA first founded in New York City.

Feb 17 – Mississippi readmitted to union.

Feb 25 – Rev. Hiram R Revels, first negro seated as US Senator, from Mississippi.

March 30 – Texas readmitted to union.

June – Maryland jockey Club sponsored first Preakness race at Pimlico.

June 22 – Congress creates Department of Justice.

June 26 – Boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J. opened for first time.

July 15 – Georgia readmitted to union.

Aug 14 – Admiral David G Farragut died.

Sept – production of paper from pulp wood first began in New England.

Sept – Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) expanded nationally as George Huntington & George Gilman purchase imports in New York City to distribute across US.

• World

March – German Federation states begin unification under Otto Von Bismarck.

April 22 – Vladimar Lenin, first USSR leader born.

May 12 – Canadian Province of Manitoba Est.

June 9 – Charles Dickens, British author, died, 55.

July 19 – Prussia and France declare War against each other.

July 21 – Josef Strauss, Austrian composer died, 42.

Aug – Vatican Council promulgates the dogma of Papal infallibility.

Sept 2 – Prussia defeats French in battle of Sedan, Emperor Napoleon III and 100,000 troops captured.

Oct – B.F. Goodrich begins manufacturing Fire hose in Akron, Ohio.

Sept 4 – Napoleon III disposed, 3rd Republic declared in France.

Oct 12 – Confederate General Robert E Lee died, 63.

Sept 20 – Unification of Italy completed with addition of Papal states.

Oct 25 – First US Post Cards issued by Post Office.

Oct 2 – Rome annexed by Italy.

Dec 12 – First black seated in House of Representatives, Joseph Rainey of South Carolina.

Nov 16 – Spanish Cortes Generales declares Amadeus I, King of Spain.


• Maury


Jan 15 – Bigbyville incorporated by state legislature.

March – St. Paul's becomes first A.M.E. Church in Maury County , Rev. Albert Algee. Church built on N. Frierson street in Columbia.

March – Hampshire Academy organized, principal is A.F. Aydelotte.

April 8 – Howards Mill named “Enterprise.”

April – Webb School organized in Culleoka by William Webb (Old Sawney) and brother John Webb.

April – Confederate General, John C Brown married Anne Pointer of Spring Hill. She died in 1958.

April 13 – 20 year old Maury County farmer, W. Alexander shot at by 400 or more mounted KKK to drive him from his home for playing his drum at “colored school barbecue.”

May – Judge Fleming reports finding a Poplar tree near head waters of Blue Creek, 4 miles from Cornersville, with 18 foot diameter.

May 6 – “Parkville” located on Silver Creek in Maury County honors George W Park. It has two stores, one Dry Goods store and one grocery store and a steam saw mill.

May 27 – The Maury County Confederate Memorial Association met in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for the purpose of raising money to commemorate the Confederate dead at Rose Hill cemetery. President Mrs. A.O.P. Nicholson, Mrs. T.J. Crosby vice-President; Mrs. M.B. porter treasurer and Mrs. J.W. Turpin as secretary.

June 10 – Mt Pleasant incorporated.

June 10 – new Hardison Mill erected on North side of Duck River, powered by “American Turbine” built by Stewart Mills and Temple of Dayton, Ohio.

June 19 – Gravel Hill church built by Rushton Williams.

Summer – Ewell farm est. as Stock breeding farm by General Richard S Ewell, later operated by Major Campbell Brown who married Susan Polk, daughter of Lucius Polk.

July – J.T.S Thompson married Mary L Cheairs, daughter of John W Cheairs. They had eight children, one of which was Fred Thompson, pastor of Spring Hill Presbyterian church.

July – D.G. Holcomb opens a store on Bear Creek Pike, later purchased by D.K. Minor in 1879.

Aug 12 – Old Campbell Stand, one mile south of Neopolis on old Columbia road said to be boyhood home of President James K Polk.

• Tennessee •

Jan 10 – Elected delegates to Tennessee constitutional convention meet in Nashville.

March 3 – Tennessee General Assembly passes law to protect Tennessee Rivers from over fishing by commercial fisherman.

March 26 – Tennessee voters approve new state constitution, 98,128 to 33,972.

April – Tennessee legislature creates Clay, Hamblin, Trousdale, Loudon and Lake Counties.

May – Martin College for women founded in Giles County.

June – First interdenominational Sunday school convention held at First Presbyterian church in Nashville.

June – State of Tennessee begins leasing convicts for mining work.

Aug – Tennessee General Assembly passed law to est. public school boards of educations, school superintendent and authority to levy property taxes, over two-thirds of Tennessee County’s refused to est. public schools.


• Maury


Aug – Maury County population at 36,289, Columbia at 2550.

Aug 3 – C.H. Ad: “Blackman Sulphur Springs”, 8 miles west of Spring Hill on Santa Fe pike has become a very popular camp site on 25 foot bluff, cabins available.

Aug 19 – 5 acre Whitakers Camp Ground deeded to church by Thomas Whitaker.

Aug 26 – “Grand Junction” at Mooresville, Pulaski, Campbellsville and Bigbyville roads Est. by Algie Hodge store, Hodge saloon and Farris blacksmith shop where roads meet.

Aug 30 – South Columbia Methodist church on Galloway lays cornerstone.

Sept – Dr. J.T.S. Thompson married Mary Cheairs, daughter of John Cheairs of Spring Hill

Sept. 8 – J.W. Kerr sold Kerr Mill on Ffountain Creek to T. Weaver

Sept 9 – “Sawdust” community founded by G.W. Kinzer.

Sept 9 – Miller’s Baptist Church erected on Rutherford Creek.

Oct 3 – Lucius Julius Polk died at Hamilton Place. He was buried at St. John’s Chapel.

Oct 20 – Neopolis Mill burned.

Oct 21 – Columbia Negro’s are mostly settling in “Webb’s Addition” now called “Macedonia.”

Oct 28 – New Bethany church built in Scribner neighborhood, Rev. John McKelsey pastor.

Nov 30 – Services held for disinterred body of General Patrick Cleburne at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, before being transported to Helena, Ark. Capt. Robert Smith of Athenaeum who rode with General Forrest allowed to keep a button from his uniform.

Dec 16 – A party was given at “Rippo-Villa” for the occasion of the marrying of Mr. Will Cheairs and Mary Lou Pointer.

Dec 16 – The new Skating Rink, “Hippodrome” is now open. The owner having installed a new floor in the old Hamner Hall. Ladies practice on Monday, Wed and Friday mornings.

Dec 16 – The new bridge across Duck River on Franklin Pike is completed. Two workers, John Tranthan and James Duke fell 30 feet from the bridge while taking the trestling down , Mr. Duke was badly injured, Tranthan slightly injured.

Dec 28 – Columbia Volunteer fire Department #2 organized.

• Tennessee •

Aug – US population listed at 40 million, Tennessee population at 1.2 million. Williamson county at 25,328.

Aug 6 – White Democratic “conservatives” suppress black vote in Tennessee to win control of state legislature, John C Brown elected governor, Washington C Whitthorne from Columbia elected to Congress.

Oct 22 – Henry Cooper from Columbia, educated at Jackson College, elected to US Senate from Tn.


• United States


Jan 3 – Henry W Bradley patented Oleo.

Jan 20 – 1st Negro Masonic lodge founded in New Jersey.

Jan 26 – US Income tax repealed from civil war era.

• World •

Jan 8 – Prussian troops bombard Paris.

Jan 18 – Northern and southern German states form Federation, King of Prussia, Wilhelm I named emperor.

March 3 – Congress creates Civil Service System for Federal Govt.

Feb 26 – France & Prussia sign cease fire at Versailles.

March 22 – William Holden, Governor of North Carolina impeached, first in nation.

March 26 – Parisian’s revolt against government.

April 1 – Alexander Graham Bell begins teaching his father’s sign language to deaf in Boston, Mass.

April 10 – Phineas T. Barnum opens traveling menagerie and hippodrome in Brooklyn, N.Y.

April 12 – Charles Pillsbury receives full title to flour mill in Minneapolis, Minn.

April 20 – President Grant signs Ku Klux Klan Act, making membership activities illegal.

May 10 – France surrenders to Prussia to end FrancoPrussian war.

May – The National Association of professional baseball players formed with League of Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Stockings, New York Mutual's, Cleveland Forest city’s, Fort Wayne Kekiongas, Rockford City City’s, Washington Nationals and Washington Olympics.

May 21 - French troops attack rebels in Paris Commune to crush revolt, 17,000 killed.

May 1 – US Supreme Court upholds “Greenbacks” as legal tender and redeemable for gold.

June 27 – The yen becomes Japan’s official currency.

May 12 – Segregated Street cars in Louisville integrated.

July 12 – Scotch-Irish Presbyterians and Irish Catholics riot during Scotch-Irish parade in New York City, killing 33.

July 25 – A Carrousel was patented by Wilhelm Schneider in Davenport, Iowa.

July 20 – British Columbia Province created in Canada.

Aug 19 – Orville Wright, aviator pioneer born in Dayton, Ohio.

Sept – US wheat exports soar to 50 million bushels.

Sept 19 – President Abraham Lincoln’s body transferred to permanent Tomb in Springfield, ILL.

• •

Oct 8 – Great Chicago fire started by Mrs. O'Leary's cow, 3 day fire leaves 100,000 homeless, destroys 18,000 buildings, kills 350 people.

Oct 24 – Mob in Los Angles, Calif. Lynches 18 Chinese.

Nov 3 – Henry M Stanley meets Dr. David Livingston in Africa, saying “Dr. Livingston, I presume.”

Oct 27 – Boss Tweed, Democratic leader of Tammany Hall in New York indicted on Fraud and Grand Larceny charges.

Nov 10 – Journalist, Henry S Stanley finds Dr. David Livingston in Central Africa, says “Dr. Livingston, I Presume?”


Nov 6 – Ulysses S Grant reelected President.

Nov 17 – National Rifle Association chartered in New York.

Dec 19 – City of Birmingham, Ala. incorporated.

• Maury


Jan 9 – Mrs. Frank G. Smith died, Sarah Ann Davis Smith, Principle & teacher at Athenaeum school, wife of Frank G. Smith, founder of the school. Over 4000 students enjoyed her competent instruction. She was said to have had superior natural endowments of intelligence and teaching gifts.

Jan 27 – The highest point in Maury County is said to be the knob called “The Big Hill” southwest of Mt Pleasant . A survey conducted by Leonidas Polk 30 years ago found this hill to be the highest between Nashville and New Orleans at 463 feet above surrounding Mt Pleasant. The knob is the “Father of the Bigbies” where the head waters of Big Bigby Creek begin. (Later proven inaccurate)

Feb 10 – The Spring Hill Drug Store operated by Mr. Jas H. Witt is called the Maxwell House drug store because of the elegant manner in which it is kept. Mr. H.M. Grigsby is the clerk. The town also has three Dry Goods stores, kept by Mr. A. McKissack and Harrison & Alexander. Four grocery stores kept by Reaves & Wallace, J.B. Stephenson, Finley & Glenn and T.H. Priest.. The Barber Shop run by John Marshall, “Colored”; The Livery Stable by Crafton & Reams, the ministers in the three churches are Rev. Fred A Thompson, Presbyterian; Rev. R. G. Malloy, Cumberland Presbyterian ; Rev. R.G. Truine, Methodist. Spring Hill has five Physicians, Dr. M. B. Malloy; Dr. C.C. Crump; Dr. A.C. White, Ds. V. Childers, Dr. T.O. Hardin. J.H.M. Blair, principle of the Female Academy & John Ferguson runs the saddle shop.

Feb 10 – Mr. W.A. Briley elected Justice of Peace in District 23 at Spring Hill to replace Esq. E.S. Butler.

Feb 10 – Capt. Thomas Gibson, former prominent wholesale merchant of Nashville has assumed control of his farm (Saturn property) and commenced buying the finest trotting stallion (Rattler) ever brought to Tennessee. Mr. W. B. Greenlaw formally of Memphis has moved into the neighborhood and proposes to raise Berkshire hogs.

Feb 10 – Colonel D.F. Wade of Ashwood Hall brought to town 70 very fine beef cattle and shipped them Buffalo, N.Y. 20 of these beeves averaged 1600 pounds each, the largest weighing 2300 pounds.

Feb 10 – Joseph Beard was charged with assault & battery by William Cox. Mr. Cox, a young man who sometimes takes to much drink and it “steals his brains” and becomes very happy when in that condition. Mr. Cox met Mr. Beard in Sheppard & Harrison's in Columbia and attempted to kiss him, but Mr. Beard resisted and struck him in the head with a 2 Lb weight.

Feb 10 – Mingo Booker, a “colored” tenant on the Booker farm on Big Bigby for 21 years pays his rent with 50 lbs of lint cotton per acre. After paying rent he realized $208. From 80 brls. of corn he raised to fattened and kill 8 hogs.

Feb – Messrs. Vestal & Foster have a new steam saw mill on Snow Creek of the Lane & Bodley make that is the best in Maury County. They tested the mill and cut 18,496 feet of plank from sun-up to sun-down.

• Tennessee •

Jan 24 – The Tennessee General Assembly created Moore, Crocket and Houston Counties. Houston County believed to be the site of a huge Meteor impact with a 2 mile crater diameter called Well’s Creek Basin.

Feb – Fisk University Jubilee singers begin world wide tour to raise money for Fisk.


• Maury


Feb – Capt. Tomas Gibson and wife Lucy McKissack Gibson, daughter of Spivey McKissack completed construction on “Woodlawn” (Saturn site)

Feb 25 – Dam at Big Bigby Rockdale factory washed away by flood.

April 7 – Paten Sowell elected Mayor of Williamsport.

April 14 – Mr. William Cheairs of Spring Hill, who married Miss Lou Pointer had been keeping a bachelor's hall for past 2 years and has quietly improved his place “Tanglewood” on the banks of McCutchen Creek.

April 19 – A negro living on Colonel Thomas place, one and a half miles west of Bigbyville, Jordan Cheatham deserves special attention. He lost his eye sight a few years ago from a well blast but it does not hinder him as a wood chopper. A little boy leads him to work before dawn where he fells, measures off timber, whether cord or rail, stands the log and cuts away. Sets his own wedges & maul to cut cords.

April 21 – Columbians have always looked forward to the “Trout” run to Mill dams in March & April. This year scarcely a dozen trout have been caught . One of Maury County’s finest fisherman reasoned that the land along the river has been put to cultivation and when it rains the water is stained with clay. The trout cannot stand so much mud.

April 21 – Negro’s at Williamsport formed a debating society at J. Webster’s. They discussed the question of which is more profitable, Tobacco or Whiskey, each speaker obliged to speak 30 minutes on the subject.

April 21 – A terrible explosion occurred at White’s Spring Distillery in Columbia. Whiskey in a barrel was too hot and when Jim Halfarce “colored” examined it by candle light the hot gas exploded. Jim escaped injury in a room full of flames and threaten to burn down the Copper house.

May 12 – Gen. Richard S. Ewell has the largest farm in Maury county with over 4000 acres. Grazing over 1200 sheep, pureblood Southdown is his favorite for mutton. The Cotswold & Merino both pure breed can also be found. His clip of wool averages 4 pounds per clip. At present he has 250 head of cattle including the pure breed Alderney Jersey. He also has Berkshire and Chester white hogs and many mules.

May 26 – Mr. John W Mayes invited Maury County farmers club to a special meeting at his house, 8 miles west of Columbia on Hampshire pike to witness the test competition of different mowers and tedders in his fields. The “Buckeye” scored 275, “the Clipper” scored 285 and “the Champion” scored 185.

May 26 – Masonic Hall and school erected in Hampshire.

• Tennessee

May 12 – The old dilapidated frame house on the Southeast corner of the Lewisburg Square is now occupied by Frank Bridges as a Tin shop. In June 1844, former President , James K Polk was practicing law here when runners brought word from Columbia to inform him he was nominated for President by the Democrats.

Ewell farm in Spring Hill


• Maury


June 2 – St Peters church receives a handsome tower, promised by the ladies of the church.

June 12 – Oldest tree in Maury County found on the James farm on Mt Pleasant Pike, the Poplar tree is 33 feet in circumference and estimated at over 300 years.

June 15 – New St Peter’s church consecrated by Bishop Quintard.

July 14 – The old Jackson College lot was sold at public sale to build several residences. John Engle an excellent Taylor built a excellent storehouse near the junction of Pulaski & Campbellsville Pikes. J.B. Steele, Rev. S.G. Caruthers, Henry Cherry and Dr. W.H. Brown erected handsome houses here.

July 28 – J.B. Murphy secured Corinthian Hall to open Male High school.

Aug 3 – KKK burn several houses and church at Screamerville, Maury County.

Aug 13 – Methodist Church in Neopolis dedicated.

Sept – J.M. Davis, telegrapher at Ewell’s Station established a Bee Apiary. He sells 2500 Queen bee’s across the country yearly. He produced 14,000 lbs honey annually by 1901.

Fall – 2nd covered bridge over Duck River completed at Williamsport.

Oct 6 – Hampshire Turnpike Company working at improving the road long in disrepair.

Oct 8 – Pope’s Camp ground est., located 4 miles northwest of Spring Hill, named for Colonel Thomas Anderson Pope.

Nov – Young Men’s Christen Association founded in Columbia.

Nov 16 – Bob Beatty, “colored” hanged in Columbia for killing his wife, first court ordered hanging in 30 years.

Nov 30 – James McKissack goes insane, split skull of mother with axe, killed sister and slashed another sister’s face with knife trying to stop him (Mrs. Robert Moore), He then committed suicide by cutting his own throat.

Dec 15 – Five men in Maury County district 27 are drawing pensions from War of 1812, Elijah Rieves, Hugh Griffin, Bobby Jackson, Arthur Crafford and James Williams.

• Tennessee

St. Peter’s Episcopal church

Oct 2 – Cordell Hull, future secretary of state under President Franklin D Roosevelt and father of the United Nations born in Pickett county, Tn.

Oct 6 – Fisk University Jubilee singers begin National tour to raise money for Nashville African-American school.


• United States


Feb 13 – First Mardi Gras Rex parade & celebration held in New Orleans.

Feb – Indoor Roller Rinks become popular in US.

Feb 22 – Congress passes resolution fixing date of Congressional elections for 2nd Tuesday after 1st Monday of November, effective in 1876.

March 1 – Yellowstone National Park of 2.2 million acres created by Congress, first National park in US.

April 2 – Samuel B Morse, creator of Morse code, died, 80.

April 10 – Arbor Day celebrated for first time in US in Nebraska.

April 17 – Anson Stager and Elisha Gray founded Western Electric. Company.

May 22 – President Grant signs bill to restore full civil rights to Confederate sympathizers

• World •

Jan 12 – Yohannes IV crowned Emperor of Ethiopia.

May 29 – Switzerland constitution takes effect.

June 14 – Trade Unions legalized in Canada.

June – Charlotte E Ray becomes first Negro women to graduate from law school and pass the bar.

June 10 – Congress fails to renew Freedman Bureau act.

July 18 – Britain introduces secret ballot vote.

Aug – Aaron Montgomery Ward forms a mail make order house in Chicago.

July 18 – Benito Juarez, President of Mexico died, 66

Aug – John D Rockefeller 33, corners the Ohio oil refining industry.

Aug 19 – Charles XV, King of Sweden & Norway died, 56.

Sept – Luther Burbank introduces a new “Idaho” potato.

Sept 26 – First “Shriners” temple erected in New York City.

Oct 3 – Bloomingdale’s Department store opened in N.Y.C.

Oct 10 – Fiji Islands become British possession.

Oct 21 – US Naval Academy admitted first black, John H Conyers.

Nov 5 – Ulysses S Grant re-elected President of US.

Nov 29 – Horace Greely, Publisher and Presidential candidate died, 61.

Dec 11 – First black Governor, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback of Louisiana becomes acting Governor, served 35 days. Grandmother was black, described himself as quadroon.


• Maury


Jan 22 – Mrs. Lizinka Campbell Brown Ewell died, wife of General R.S. Ewell. Lizinka was the daughter of US Senator George W Campbell of Tn., former Sec of Treasury under President Madison. General Ewell and Mrs. Campbell, a widow, married after the war.

Jan 24 – General Richard S Ewell died.

Jan 29 – Dr. J.W. S. Frierson, elder in 1st Presbyterian Church for 40 years died.

Feb – Dr. A.L. Pillow will raze old residence of James K Polk to build new house. Sims Latta to build house on lot next to old Polk lot.

March – The Columbia Herald and Mail newspaper merged.

April 5 – Bob Beatty, “colored” found guilty for drowning his wife in Fountain Creek, sentenced to be hanged.

May – Nearly 90 African-Americans from Zion Presbyterian church organized a separate congregation named “Salem Presbyterian church” on 3 acres near the Zion church.

May – The “Colored” Agriculture Horticulture Mechanical and Live Stock society organized in Columbia for the purpose of conducting a “Colored Fair”.

June – T.J. Timmons opened General store in Godwin, later sold to W.O. Gordon, hence to Aaron Godwin in 1878.

Aug – Robert D Smith resumes publication of Athenaeum, The Guardian, six years after death of his father, Franklin G Smith

Aug 16 – Capt. James B Murphy opened a select school at Corinthian Hall in Columbia.

Sept 27 – Judge John T Wright purchased “Branch Place’ on Hampshire Pike.

Nov 13 – Poplar Top now called Neopolis.

Dec 14 – Marion Dorset born in Maury County, found cure for hog cholera.

• Tennessee

General Richard Ewell

March - Benjamin “Pap” Singleton, black leader in Nashville organized a Homestead Association to promote freedman settlement in Kansas where 160 acres of land could be obtained for a $10 filing fee and living on the land for 10 years to make improvements. He secured a steamboat and rail transportation for thousands of Tennesseans who left from Edgefield to settle in Cherokee County, Wyandotte and Topeka, Kansas.

July 2 – 40 Local County Tennessee Grangers convened to form a state Grange organization.

Aug – James C Napier . Elected Nashville City Council, first black elected, later appointed US Register of US Treasury from 1911 to 1913.

Nov – Methodist Episcopal church founded Central University in Nashville, later renamed Vanderbilt University.


• United States •

1873 •

Feb 11 – Spanish Cortes disposes King Amadeus I proclaims Republic.

March 22 – Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico.

Spring – First “Lawn Tennis” game played at Wimbledon, England.

May 23 – Canadian Parliament Est.'s North-West Mounted Police.

Summer – Color photographs invented by French, Louis Ducos du Houron.

Dec 16 – Heineken Brewery founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Feb 12 – Congress passes Coinage Act of 1873 to end use of Silver coins.

March 4 – Ulysses S Grant inaugurated President of US.

March 4 – First issue of Congressional record made to report proceedings of Congress.

April 14 – US Supreme Court rules 14th amendment does not protect civil rights granted by state constitutions.

May 1 – One Penney Postcards introduced for first time.

Summer – Gunsmith , E. Remington & Sons begins production of Typewriters.

July 21 – Jesse James and gang rob first train in Adair, Iowa.

Aug 1 – San Francisco gets first cable car in operation.

Aug 2 – Great fire of Portland, Oregon destroys 22 blocks of city.

Sept 20 – Financial panic hits Wall street.

Oct 18 – First Football conference held to draft standard rules for Yale, Princeton, Rutgers and Columbia.

Nov – Adolph Coors founded beer brewery in Colorado.

• World

Dec 14 – Congress passes bill to ban “obscenities” in US mail.


• Maury


Jan 1 – George W Kinzer, founder of Sawdust died, 38.

Jan – Smallpox epidemic hits Columbia.

Jan – The Webb school enrolls 103 students in Culleoka.

Jan 3 – The Columbia Mail, a new Columbia newspaper Est. , published by John E Hatcher & Capt. Jas. B Murphy.

Jan 6 – The Columbia Literary Society met and Mr. John B Bond read his essay on Byron.

Jan 6 – A severe lasting cold spell kills hundreds of local live stock, Duck River freezes over, temperatures since mid-Nov. remained below zero.

Jan 9 – R.B. Allen, Chairman of Maury County Court, reports total revenue from taxable property is $33,341 for 1873.

Jan 10 – R&J Holding Dry Goods & Martin & Davis Hardware and Grocery in Culleoka consolidated, buy out W.H. Wilkes to build new brick building for new business.

Jan 10 – Campbell’s Station is prospering with one steam saw & shingle mill, one grist mill & wool carding factory, one Dry goods store, one Grocery house, two saloons, a C.P. church and one “Christen” church called “Evergreen.”

Jan 10 – The Columbia Italian band plays “sweet” music on the public square, instruments were the Harp, Guitar, Clarinet and Flute.

Jan 10 – Columbia’s two hardware houses of J.M. Mayes & Andrew Mayes consolidated. Martin, Embry & Wright take over building on the square.

Jan 10 – Maury County Court approves $1600 to install a furnace in County Jail.

Feb 12 – First gas lights on Columbia square turned on to large and grand celebration.

• •

Jan – Tennessee General Assembly passes public school law to est. free public schools, both black and white required to attend same schools, provided 1 mill per $1 of property value funding, rescinded in 1875

Jan - Sampson Keeble, first African-American to serve in Tennessee General Assembly sworn into office.

Feb 14 – Cock fighters from across Middle Tn. met at White’s Spring with 20 prized Cocks in field of battle, only two Cocks killed.

Feb 21 – Messrs . James H Jamison & Jos. N Walker announced the opening of their new restaurant on NE corner of public square. They serve beef, shoat, eggs, butter, potatoes, cabbage, onions, turnips and other good things.

Feb 21 – Columbia authorized $100 to O.H.P. Bennett for completion of map of city with lots all numbered.

Campbell’s Station store today

Feb 1 – Matthew Fontaine Maury, re known oceanographer and author of several books on the sea, died. At age 5 in 1811 he moved to Williamson County, Tn. With his family, attended Harpeth Academy in Franklin. He was Superintendent of Navy Observatory, Commander in Confederate Navy, known as founder of new science of Oceanography.


Feb 14 – Capt. L.D. Walker announced he will install a steam engine in a large boat to operate above the mill dam to bring wood down to Columbia in the winter and carry visitors to Sulphur Springs in summer.

• Tennessee

• Maury


Feb 25 – McBlair school erected near Kedron.

Feb 28 – Dinwiddie Hotel in Culleoka operated by Dr. James M Locke.

March 14 – Columbia Foundry sold, manufacturer of agriculture implements, due to death of Mr. Wm. Stesehult.

March 21 – The “Colored citizens” purchased 16 acres of Holland tract west of city for cemetery, paid $500.

March 21 – Columbia reports more Societies than any other city in Tn., with over 20 listed literary clubs.

March 21 – The Columbia Herald reports the number of marriages since Jan 1, 1838 in Maury County is 11,350, “Colored” since 1865 at 2404.

March 28 – Mr. John B Bond purchased “Smouts” interest in the old Peter Holland tract west of Mt. Parnassus to erect a number of tenement houses. He has completed one row of seven houses, each affordable for the working class. More comfortable than “Margolonia” and “Black Centre” villages.

April 11 – Mr. Reese Adkinson & John W Neelly of Bigbyville were involved in a gun fight at the Martin, Embry and Wright store. Owing to some offensive remark by Mr. Adkinson, Mr. Neelly struck him with a cotton hook, where upon Mr. Adkinson drew out his pistol and began firing hitting Mr. Neelly in the neck, with Mr. Neelly firing several shots after him as Mr. Adkinson fled out the back door.

April 18 – Report of shipment by rail from Columbia since Oct, 1872 to date is as follows, 318 bales of cotton, 450,000 lbs of cotton seed, 8 rail car loads of wheat & corn, 38 car loads of Lumber for 250,000 board feet, 3000 lbs Tobacco. Note: some 100 bales of cotton shipped by wagon.

April 21 – The Lodge of Good Templers formed at Mt Nebo with 27 members to fight intemperance.

May 16 – A.C. Thompson & Bros. contracted to deliver 600,000 board feet to Cincinnati lumber merchants to be shipped from Campbell’s Station, calls for Walnut, Ash, & Popular, should bring $12,000

May 16 – Nat Jones says he was crossing Big Bigby Creek at Mt Pleasant Pike and was thrown with his mule into a big hole with no way out. Nat says he thought of praying but remembered General Whitthorne’s speeches and immediately rose to the surface.

May 30 – The County approves contract with Mr. F.M. Vaughn to repair Court house and install new slate roof.

Summer – Hurts Crossroads Post office moved to Glenn’s store.

Summer – Frank H. Smith and William A. Smith, sons of Franklin G Smith of Athenaeum est. free racially mixed public school, Columbia Male College in Columbia under new state education act. Later sold to Columbia in 1881.

• Tennessee

March 26 – Central University college renamed Vanderbilt University with acceptance of Commodore Vanderbilt $500,000 donation.

April 4 – Tennessee General Assembly passes law requiring County Courts regulate building and improving public roads and appoint three road commissioners from each district to attend to construction and repair of roads and bridges. The law provides for each district to require each land owner between 18 and 45 to be assessed to work on roads and bridges as required by the County court.

May 16 – the College of Methodist bishops viewed the proposed site for the new present day Vanderbilt College on “Litton Hill” in west Nashville and decided the 70 acres site of the late Ben Litton would be the best location for the school.

May 30 – Dr. T.B. Rains and John Frierson leased the Napier Furnace operation for 10 years.


• Maury


June 6 – First performance of the Columbia Dramatic Club given, “Wenlock of Wenlock”. Girls parts played by men.

June 13 – Cholera hits Columbia, 30 cases in two weeks, Webb school closes, Nashville reports 239 cholera deaths.

June – First Iron bridge over Duck River constructed at Crumbly Ford.

June 20 – The Maury County Poor House, located in 6th district, about 3 miles from Culleoka on the Columbia road consists of three buildings, the center one occupied by the keepers family, Mr. S.S. Green. The northern house a double log with hall between occupied by whites, two men and five women. The southern house has two rooms and hall, occupied by “colored”, three men and seven women and one infant. Of the “colored paupers” is one that is 103 years old and two are blind, county owns 100 acres here.

June 27 – The “colored” people of Columbia plan a grand barn dance at “Fleming’s Grove” on the 4th July with music, speeches and food.

July 4 – Capt. J.M. Hickey is the first to receive a new patented “Lawn Mower” he ordered after seeing one in Clifton, near Cincinnati, Ohio. It keeps the lawn in front of his residence nice and even and is pretty to look at.

• Tennessee •

June – 647 Nashvillians reported to have died of cholera.

July 4 – Daniel Andrews caught a 51 lb. catfish at Wallace's Mill. He brought it to town in a wagon and tied it off at the big rock in the Duck River, only to have the fish break lose.

Sept – Yellow fever epidemic kills over 2000 people in Memphis, Tn.

Aug 15 – The Booker ferry Est. across Duck River where RR crosses Santa Fe Pike, also known as “Frog trot”.

Aug 15 – J.P. Choate Est. post office at Bigbyville.

Fall – Belle Edmondson died, 33 probably of Yellow Fever. She was adept Confederate spy and smuggler of information and supplies to confederates near Memphis, Tn.

Sept 5 – Five acres of ground was bought by the “colored” people from Dr. W.I. Anderson for a cemetery for $800 to be named “Rosemont”, Columbia donated $250.

Sept 10 – The Curry school is erected near Cross Bridges.

Oct 3 – Mr. A.C. Hickey showed off his Strausburg variety sweet potato that measures 24 inches in circumference and weighed 8 lbs. First introduced by Mr. J.H. Stratton here.

Oct 3 – T.J. & S.P. Perry reportedly are running their new Gullett patent Steele-Bruch steam cotton gin with good success in Bigbyville.

Oct 10 – White’s Spring water discharge reports as follows: Basin 12x16x3 feet holds 4309 gallons water. Requires 2.5 hours to fill. City consumes 900 gallons per day. W.W. Cherry, superintendent of water works.

Nov – Memphis Cotton Exchange opened.

Oct 10 – Mr. Gordon, Superintendent of Maury County schools reports 97 schools operating with 6303 white students and 5774 ‘colored” students in public schools.

Nov – Grangers of Columbia first organized.


• United States •


Jan 1 – New York City annexes the Bronx.

March 8 – Millard Fillmore, 13th President of US died in Buffalo, New York.

May 16 – The Ashfield reservoir dam on the Mill river collapsed, killing 100 people in Williamsburg, Mass.

May 29 – First Civil Rights act bill passes US Senate.

June – Tennis introduced to US at Staten Island, N.y.

June 8 – Cochise, apache Chief died.

June 28 – Freedman’s Bank closed, African-Americans lose $3 million.

July 1 – First American Zoo opens in Philadelphia, Pa. on 42 acre site.

Aug – Lake Chautauqua, New York, the Rev. John h Vincent and Lewis Miller introduce bible study and Sunday school teacher training classes with musical instruments, lectures and recreation activities.

Sept 18 – Swarms of grasshoppers sweep across the Great Plains.

Nov 7 – The Elephant first used as political icon for Republican party in Thomas Nast cartoon in Harper’s weekly.

Nov 18 – Women Est. the National Women’s Temperance Union in Cleveland , Ohio.

• World •

Jan 23 – Duke of Edinburgh, 2nd son of Queen Victoria marred Grand Duchess of Russia, Marie Alexandrovna, only daughter of Czar Alexander III.

Jan – Napoleon III, disposed King of France, died in England.

Feb 12 – King David Kallakaua of Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) visits US and President Grant.

Feb 13 – Dr. David Livingstone died in Africa of dysentry.

March 24 – Harry Houdini, magician & escape artist born in Budapest, Hungary.

April 18 – Dr. David Livingstone buried in Westminster Abbey.

July – Alfonso XII, son of Queen Isabella, proclaimed King of Spain.

Nov 3 – Sir Winston Churchill born in Oxfordshire, England.

Dec 1 – Iceland granted constitution, limited home rule by Denmark.

• •

Dec 24 – Pope Pius IX proclaims Jubilee.

Nov 24 – Joseph Glidden receives patent for Barb wire.


• Maury


Jan 9 – Scribner & Briggs long line of mules arrived in Columbia from Napier’s furnace with 35 tons of pig iron enroute to McClanahan’s terminus on Hampshire Pike.

Jan – Columbia Helicon Brass band organized, sponsored by the Masonic Lodge and Odd Fellows, who purchased the instruments. The Band pledged to play at all parades, processions and funerals, free of charge.

Jan – Columbia purchased $50,000 in bonds to help fund construction of the Duck River Narrow Gauge Railroad from Fayetteville to Columbia as a branch of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis rail road line. (purchased in 1887 by N.C. & St Louis railroad.)

Feb 6 – A Grange was Est. at the Blanton Chapel with Joseph Sanders as master. Another Grange Est. at Knob Creek with John M Witherspoon as Master.

Feb 26 – Adam Cox, “colored” died near Mt Pleasant for want of attention, 120 years old, former slave to John Cox.

Feb 27 – The Temperance movement begins in Columbia with women of the city sending letters to the saloon keepers, J.N. Walker, C. Frierson, A. Hodge and Sam C Cook asking them to pledge not to sell whiskey.

March 6 – Santa Fe Grange Est. with J.T. Younger as Master, Concord Grange Est. with W.P. Cant as Master, Mt Pleasant Grange Est. with W.J . Jennings as Master and South Port Grange organized with R.E. McKnight as master.

March 6 – Messrs. Walker Bros., Cabler and Leonard announce they will erect a steam planning mill on the vacant lot behind Col. Powhaton Gordon’s residence.

March 27 – Capt. Jim Cundiff brought three cedar rafts down the Duck River composed of telegraph poles destined for Cairo, ILL. And St Louis, Mo. Tom Adams of Hardison’s Mill put 50 sacks of flour on Capt. Wilse Chapy’s raft who tried to land at Columbia for the Martin, Embry and Wright store.

April 6 – Maury County approved $1500 to erect a Iron bridge over the Rutherford Creek near Maury Mills.

April 13 – Maury County Turnpike Association organized for purpose of Est. and maintaining good roads in county.

April 17 – Nebo Academy erected near Nebo Methodist church.

April 20 – Duck River at its highest since 1847. Ashton’s Mill, just above town, the finest mill on the Duck River came down and struck the middle pier of the Nashville highway bridge. Part of the mill lodged at the water works and the remaining section went on to strike bridge at Santa Fe pike.

• Tennessee

Cedar raft float

April 20 – New Methodist Church destroyed by fire, built in 1837. (present day First United Methodist church erected) •


• Maury


April 23 – The Masonic Lodge of Columbia voted to tear down the old building and build a new Temple with 120 feet on Garden street and 78 feet on West 7th Street, first floor to house three elegant stores , 2nd floor to hold a concert hall and 3rd floor to be used for Lodge purposes.

May – Palmer Ferry Est. to cross Duck River just below present day John Harlan Willis bridge.

May 8 – Columbia’s May queen crowned at Hamner Hall, Miss Cobey Dunninton, proceeds of the affair go to buy a new organ for St Peter’s church.

June 17 – Neely’s School house erected 5 miles south of Columbia, near Bigbyville.

July 3 – Gas lines laid around Columbia public square for gas lights.

July 4 – First meeting of Maury County Trotting Association held at Fair grounds.

July 8 – Water Valley Post office Est.

July 12 – New stream mill located at Columbia depot begins operation to grind corn & flour, A.J. Kuhn Superintendent & Hd. Miller.

July 27 – Wm. H Blanton died 72, near Blanton Chapel.

Aug 7 – Mr. Ed Williams completes mammoth two story 188 x 45 foot building, fronting South Main & Mechanical street. Rooms with skylights, leased to company from Culleoka.

Aug 11 – Five day average temperature at Ashwood was 104 degrees, record heat wave.

Aug 14 – New Bethany Church built on Fountain Creek.

Aug 21 – Williamsport Academy nearly completed, Mrs. Wade to operate public school.

Aug 29 – The Great New York & New Orleans Zoological and Equestrian Exposition arrived in Columbia for first time, 60 freight cars of animals and exhibits.

Sept 11 – The Pearl Mills construction completed, Mr. William Shackett chief operator, located 5 miles west of Columbia on Hampshire Pike. Four story building has 70 HP steam engine built by J.B. Romans of Nashville. Three stones, the merchant wheat stone, the custom wheat stone and the corn stone. Mr. Shackett will soon be prepared to sell self-rising flour which requires not yeast or soda. James Barrett of Maury County is engineer.

Sept 25 – New organ installed in St Peters church, $1200.

• Tennessee •

May 1 – Vanderbilt University cornerstone laid.

May 8 – The “Colored People of Tennessee” held their convention in Nashville and denounce Senator Brownlow.

Williamsport Public school & Methodist church


• Maury


Oct 2 – Mr. John p McGaw entered partnership with Mr. John Ashton on Columbia Mills property. New building under construction, machinery installs by excellent millwright, J. Mack Cabler.

Oct 2 – Mr. Samuel M Arnell was one of three white Republicans attending the Republican convention in Chattanooga. Mr. Arnell is an avowed advocate of civil rights bill and mixed schools, he has great influence over Negro vote in Maury County.

Oct 2 – Prof. J.S. Beecher, Capt. R.D. Smith and Frank H Smith examined Indian mounds 6 miles from Columbia. The smaller mound was excavated and they found the bones of a large statured person. These two mounds were about 20 feet in diameter and seven feet tall , overlooking the Little Bigby Creek Valley.

Oct 2 – Spring Hill ad: Mr. Henry P Wade will sell the property of the late Mrs. Susan T Cheairs on Oct 5.

Oct 9 – United Friends of Temperance with 35 members near Bigbyville held their meeting at Cave Hill in the 8th district, near Neely’s school house, several different societies met there.

Oct 9 – Society: Dr. James R Moore and Miss Sallie R Cheairs were married, daughter of Major N.F. Cheairs. The ceremony performed by Bishop H.N. McTyerre at the residence of Major Cheairs, 12 attendants.

Oct 13 - Former President Andrew Johnson spoke in Columbia on behalf of the Republican candidates to a very large crowd.

Oct 30 – Mr. Samuel M Arnell and Mr. Orton opened a store near the Depot, patronized by all the “colored” people here.

Nov – Philadelphia Christen Church erected, services held in old Lick Skillet School prior to church being built near Andrews farm.

Nov 6 – Ashwood Hall burns down, home of Andrew Jackson Polk. The fire believed to have started in flue. The owner’s of the house, Mrs. Andrew J Polk and her daughters were in Europe at the time.

Nov 6 – Sam “Red’ Wallace and Aaron Ring built several large rafts at Big Springs on the Duck River just above the Hardison’s Mill. The location on the Duck River is the most noted place to build river rafts and float them down the river to the mouth of Big Bigby Creek.

Nov 13 – The Iron Bridge on Rutherford Creek is completed.

Dec 4 – Mr. Ed Green opened a new Confectionary and Bakery on the south side of the public square.

Dec 18 – The trustee’s of Columbia schools both white and “colored’ declared the attempt to sustain mixed schools a failure. They recommended a proportionate division of schools funds for maintenance of the public schools.

• Tennessee

Nov 5 – James Davis Porter elected Governor of Tennessee

Dec – Former President Andrew Johnson elected US Senator of Tennessee.


• United States


March 1 – Congress passes Civil Rights act to guarantee equal rights for blacks on transportation , accommodations , juries and Theaters. US Supreme Court stuck it down in 1883.

• World •

Jan 22 – Alfonso XII, son of Queen Isabella proclaimed King of Spain.

April 17 – Game of “Snooker” invented by Sir Neville Chamberlain.

May 17 – First Kentucky Derby held in Louisville, “Aristides” was winner.

May – US Army Corps of Engineers begin work on building canal and Dam system around Muscle Shoals at Tuscumbia, Alabama.

June 3 – Alexander Graham Bell and assistant , Thomas Watson send their voice over the telephone wire in Boston, Mass, “Mr. Watson, come here quick!”

June – Gustavus F Swift opens large Chicago meat packing company. • June – First baseball glove used in play by Charles G White, a first baseman.

July 26 – Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist & Psychologist born.

Aug – George F Green patents first electric dental drill in Kalamazoo, Mich.

July 29 – Peasants in Bosnia & Herzegovina revolt against Ottoman Empire.

Aug 2 – First Roller Skating rink opens in London.

Aug – First chewing gum introduced in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sept 1 – Molly Maguire's Radical miners union leaders convicted of murder of coal mine bosses in Penn.

Aug 25 – Capt. Matthew Webb becomes first person to swim across 35 mile English channel from Dover to Calais, France , 21 hours, 45 minutes, water temp 55 to 65 degrees.

Sept 11 – First cartoon strip published in newspaper.

Oct 30 – Mary Baker Eddy founds Scientology religion with publication of science & health based on key scriptures in Lynn, Mass.

Dec 4 – New York City “Boss Tweed” flees to Cuba.

Dec 30 – Carnegie Steel Mill begins using “Bessemer “ process.

Dec 10 – French begin construction of 350 foot shaft near Calais to construct tunnel to England.


1875 • Maury •

Jan 8 – Agents from Nashville in Columbia are “persuading Negro’s to emigrate to Kansas, offering flattering incentives, estimates of 500 leaving have been reported.”

• Tennessee •

Jan – University of Nashville, formally Cumberland College and Davidson College becomes State Normal College, later named Peabody College.

Jan 17 – New Presbyterian church in Columbia dedicated by Rev. William Mock, church originally founded in 1817 by Brother Blackhorn.

Jan 29 – Mr. John G. Horsely, proprietor of the Herald and Mail local newspaper died, 36. He was the 8th child of Rev. William & Catharine Horsley, born on Lytles Creek and left an orphan at age 12. He learned the printing business from Wm. G. Brownlow at Knoxville. He married Mattie Bradshaw in 1861. In 1873 he served on the Maury County Court and became Chairman of the court in Jan, 1875.

Jan 29 – A meeting was held at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Columbia to establish the objectives of the Young Men’s Christian Association. It was agreed that the first objective was to form a union prayer meeting of young men of different churches of the city, to have a place where young men can spend an evening away from billiards and salons.

Feb 6 – Governor Porter appoints former Confederate General Benjamin F Cheatham as Superintendent of Tennessee prisons.

March 23 - Tennessee legislature creates Unicoi County.

Jan 29 - Hamtown, capital of Greenfield Bend, elected Newton Choate Mayor.

Feb 6 – The Duck River was swollen by a “Freshette”, it allows large log rafts to come down river, destined for St. Louis.

March – Carter’s Creek incorporated.

March 5 – Lamb & Boyd are reported to be making a Hearse that cost $1000, with French glass on each side. Columbia can now boast it has the finest Hearse in the state.

March 5 – A Shakespeare Club has been organized in Columbia by John McClelland, R. Ransom, Dr. W. Frierson, W.D. Chapman, Dr. R. Pillow, W.H. Timmons and Robert McKay to study his works.

March 5 – Colonel D.F. Wade reports he has only three “colored” people left out of 70, as all departed for Kansas. Reports of another 60 from Mt Pleasant have also left.

March 19 – Mays, Dodson & Company contracted with Francis M Vaughn to build a two story brick livery stable on the lot next to the Nelson House, 50x150 fronting on North Main and running east to Free Street (Embargo)

March 19 – 27 young men of Columbia organized a baseball club, elected E.D. Wilson 1st Capt. and T.T. Looney 2nd Capt. They have secured a practice field near the Depot.

April 9 – The cornerstone of the new Columbia Methodist church was laid. A large procession led by the Helicon Silver Band marched up Market Street to Dr. Rains place across the street to the Whitthorne Place and back down Market to the church site. The first brick laid by Mr. Moore Gholson, “colored”, one of the best masons in the state. •


• Maury


April 9 – Columbia was astounded to see Prof. W. Webb and his Culleoka boys, “The Kangaroo’s” baseball club march into Columbia’s square to challenge the Columbia club to a ball game. They played the game on the north side of Mt Parnusus at 2PM. Culleoka Kangaroos won in seven innings.

May 7 – Block & Moore are building a 36 x 110 foot Livery stable of wood. F.M. Vaughn is doing the work and when completed will be one of the largest in the state.

May 16 – Porter’s Chapel dedicated by Rev. R.A. Young.

May 20 – O.W. Walker appointed Post Master of new Williamsport Post office.

May 21 – Jeff Rieves, Superintendent of the County work house is working to improve the old Shelbyville road as a Pike. The Rock Spring road follows the Shelbyville road for two miles which will take you to the lower Sowell Mill.

May 21 – Schools of Columbia listed: (white) Ingleside Academy- 40 girls, 10 boys; Miss Mary Gross school- girls 9, boys 10; Columbia Athenaeum - 15 ; Columbia Female Institute- girls 90, boys 7; Columbia Male High school- boys 80; Miss Hudspeth’s & Miss Powell’s school – girls 32, boys 28; Miss Rebbecca Frierson’s school- girls 14, boys 9. (“colored”) John Kelly’s school- girls 18, boys 25; Miss Mary Frierson’s school- girls 18, boys 14; Mount Tabor schoolgirls 79, boys 53.

May 26 – Today is Mecklenburg Centennial day. A party of gentleman met at Rattlesnake Falls, all sons, grandsons and great grandson’s of men who fought in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Sidney Fleming of South Carolina, Capt. Rufus Polk, great grandson of Thomas Polk, Sam Watkins family, Lucius E Polk family, Colonel D. F.Wade family, Clark Tindal & wife, John Wilson family, Colonel George Polk family and John Orr family all met to celebrate the day 100 years ago when the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence read to public..

June 3 – The Methodist Sunday school had its picnic in Capt. N.J. Vaughn’s beautiful grove one mile from Columbia. The games of croquet, grace hoops, jump rope and swing drafts were played. The baseball club had a fine game too.

June 18 – The prince of horse trainers, Billie Downing and 5 laborer’s using a harrow & scrapper putting in the Maury County Trotting Association track, assisted by Mote Patterson, a well known race-course engineer, two miles from the city. While there we saw the stables and the fine trotting stallion, “Maury Hambletonian”.

June 18 – The little village of “Winset” situated on Knob Creek, 6 miles NW of Columbia in a beautiful valley where 50 souls live. It has one Dry Goods store, one grocery store, one blacksmith shop, and one doctor. Mr. Ed Stone runs the grocery store “a cripple” and the blacksmith is R.H. Blackwell. Later called “Bristow.”

June 18 – Mr. John Shunley, popular steward of the Nelson House has retired, will take charge of the kitchen at Bailey’s Springs. He is succeeded by Mr. Jonnard, who had charge of the dining room at Linck’s, a popular hotel in Nashville.

• Tennessee


• Maury


• Tennessee

June 18 – YMCA officers elected were W.C. Aydelett, A.W. Figuers, W.A. Howard, A.J. Walker, William Williams and Josh C Bailey.

June 18 – The Votaries of Terpsichore enjoyed an elegant hop at the Nelson House, given by the young men of Columbia to the graduates of the Institute. Brilliantly lighted spacious parlors & large ballroom were filled with a throng of wit and beauty scarcely ever equaled.

June – New Porter Methodist Church 3 miles east of Mt Pleasant dedicated by Dr. R.A. Young.

July 2 – Society: the “Service of Song” conducted in the beautiful Athenaeum Grove was a very pleasant affair. The large crowd assembled under the shade of 15 grand Elms and like many gigantic black oaks to hear the songs.

July 9 – A train of seven coaches with “colored” people arrived at the Depot from Nashville. They came to attend the 4th of July meeting, which is held at College Hill. In all there were 800 in attendance.

July 9 – A.C. Thompson, the County’s great lumber merchant, received 400 Walnut trees from Giles county. He goes to Williamson County next week to receive 175,000 feet of lumber from T.H. Bond and J.C. Alexander.

July 16 – Frank Leonard, a machinist at Lamb & Boyd's has a model of an elevator he invented. He will install the same in Ed Gamble’s grocery store and one at Lamb & Boyd's furniture warehouse.

July 23 – 72,000 shad fish deposited in Cumberland river by US Fish Commissioner. First fish deposited in southern waters. The Columbia Herald being the only advocate for such practices in state as fish population in state depleted.

Aug – David Lazarus moved from Pulaski to Columbia, built a triple front two story brick store at 41, 43, 45 S. Main for Columbia Grocery store.

July 31 – Former President Andrew Johnson died, elected US Senator from Tn. In Jan.

Aug 27 – Mt Pleasant and 12th district school population listed by Commissioner, T.A. Harris: White males- 212, females- 190, “colored” males- 141, females- 138. Free schools in operation are school No. 1, S.D. Harmon, teacher at Stones Chapel with 76 students; school # 4 – Miss Jennie White, teacher at Camp Branch has 35 pupils; school #2Newton McLain, teacher at Mt Joy has 55 students ; school #3 – G.E. Davis, “colored” teacher at West Prong has 78 pupils; school #6- Annie V Bond, “colored” teacher at Mt Pleasant has 66 pupils.

Aug – State of Tennessee defaults on state debt.

Sept 22 – The contract for building Culleoka Institute awarded to Mr. Cline.

Oct – W.R. Elam opened hardware store in Columbia.

Nov – Major Campbell Brown elected to State legislature.

Dec 10 – Columbia Market- Bacon & Ham- .15 lb, butter- .20 lb, dozen eggs- .10, lard- .10 lb, New Orleans sugar- 10lbs @.13, corn meal- .50 bushel, flour- $4 for 100 lbs.

Dec 10 – General Nathan Bedford Forrest joined Cumberland Presbyterian church in Memphis.

Dec 10 – The Columbia 1st Presbyterian Church held a pound festival, Ladies and gentleman brought things that weighed a pound to sell by bid, unseen. A large turnip sold for .25 cents, a pound of sawdust cost .60 cents. The fun event raised $40 for charity.

Dec 10 – The Shakespeare Club entertainment included reading “Macbeth's Soliloquy” by John R McClelland, lecture on Macbeth by John Bond, readings from selections of “Julius Caesar” by Dr. Robert Pillow, readings from “Cárdenas Dream” by Hardin P Figuers Esq.


• United States


Feb 17 – Sardines first canned by Julius Wolff in Maine.

March 4 – Congress impeached Sec of War, William Belknap, for bribery.

March 7 – Alexander Graham Bell granted patent for Telephone.

April 2 – New National baseball league formed with eight teams.

May 10 – President Grant opens Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

June – Henry Heinz puts first ketchup in bottle.

June – The Banana becomes popular at Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

June 25 – General George Custer and 250 7th cavalry soldier’s killed at Battle of Big Horn.

• World

May 1 – Queen Victoria crowned Empress of India.

June – Nicolaus Otto, German inventor develops the internal combustion 4 stroke engine.

Aug 1 – Colorado becomes 38th state.

July 1 – Serbia and Montenegro declares war on Turkey.

Aug 2 – Wild Bill Hickok killed in Deadwood, Dakota territory playing poker.

July 8 – Reichstadt agreement between Russia and AustriaHungry Empire partitions the Balkan states.

Sept – John H Kellogg, seven day Adventist, develops new flaked cereals.

Aug 31 – Sultan of ottoman Empire, Murat V disposed, his brother Abdul Hamin II succeeds him.

Sept 19 – First carpet sweeper patented by Melville Bissell in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Sept 27 – Confederate General Braxton Bragg died, 59.

Nov 7 – Governor Samuel Tilden of New York loses by one vote in electoral college vote but wins popular vote. Electoral vote was Tilden 184, Hayes 164. 185 vote required to win .

• •

Oct 31 – Tidal wave of Megna River Delta killed 100,000 In India.

Dec 25 – Henry M Roberts publishes rules of order for deliberation, (Robert’s Rules of Order)

Nov 29 – Porfirio Diaz becomes President of Mexico.

• •


• Maury


Jan 14 – The Boiler of J.H. Conley’s Mill at Santa Fe exploded, killing Miller, George T Russell and young assistant Lewis Hutchinson.

Feb 20 – YMCA organized in Mt Pleasant.

Feb 25 – YMCA chartered and organized in Columbia

March 23 – A.O.P. Nicholson died in Columbia, born near Carters Creek 1808, former Editor of Maury Mercury, served Tn. Legislature & Senate, US Senator, Tn. Chief Justice of State Supreme court.

Spring – Flint Valley AME Church organized.

Spring – Chaffin Bros. groceries store opened on the Columbia public square.

May 14 – Grace Episcopal Church Est. in Spring Hill on plot given by Mr. & Mrs. Orville McKissack.

Spring – Lucius Frierson constructs house at 400 West 7th street in Columbia. AKA: Dr. Robert Pillow home.

Summer – Elmwood Academy est. behind Elmwood Place on Nashville Highway and Rutherford Creek, closed 1902.

June 30 – Dr. McMahon has measured a Sycamore tree at Gidden’s Spring near the residence of W.L. Wilkes of Spring Hill with a base circumference of 36 feet.

July 12 – The “Columbia Times” first published by A.M. Hughes Jr. and Wm. Hughes, a republican newspaper.

Aug 4 – Old Kerr Mill on Fountain Creek torn down, W.T. Moore to build a new one on the site.

Aug 4 – A Negro man and mule were swallowed up by a sink hole collapse on Colonel S.A. Pointer’s farm.

Aug 4 – Old Kean Mill on Fountain Creek torn down, N.T. Moore to build new one.

Sept – First services held in New Methodist Church present day building. (First united Methodist church)

Sept 22 – Irwin Bros & Odil opened a grocery store in a house formally occupied by undertaker, Irwin Bros. of Mt Pleasant.

Oct 6 – “Bristow”, a village between Columbia and Santa Fe in Knob Creek valley, formally called “Winsett” has one Dry Goods store, one saloon, one doctor’s office and one black smith shop.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Women’s Christian Temperance union formed first chapter in Memphis. By 1908 there were 183 local braches in Tennessee.

April 10 – Nashville Banner first published, William C Eastman , first President.

Summer – First large fresh water Pearl found in mussel on Caney fork river, find created “pearl run ‘ on Tennessee River’s.

Aug – jubilee hall, first building in US constructed for African-Americans higher education at Fisk in Nashville.

Oct – Meharry medical Department of Central Tennessee College (Vanderbilt) opened by Dr. George Whipple Hubbard.


• Maury


Oct 6 – The Iron bridge at Hardison Mill constructed.

Oct 8 – General Gideon Johnson Pillow died at Helena, Ark. He entered law partnership with former Tennessee governor Isham G Harris and moved to Memphis after Civil War.

Oct 14 – Joel Walker died, 93. He was former veteran of War of 1812, buried in Greenwood cemetery.

Oct 27 – Messrs: Tom Glenn, Joe Rieves, Buddy Dowell, Billy Johnson & 14 Oxen carried into town a Hickory tree 108 feet long, where with great effort they placed their liberty pole on the west side of the court house, where the old Ash Whig pole of 1844 stood. Later in the evening the Helicon silver band played and old glory was raised upon it.

Oct 30 – The windows of the new Methodist Church were installed, the front Rose window is in memory of President James K Polk, the 1st window on the right of pulpit for Rev. Austin Smith, minister of the Gospel for 16 years; the 2nd window on the right for “Sarah Ann Hamilton”; the 3rd window on the right for Rev. A.P. Green; 1st window on the left of pulpit for Rev. Isaac Miller, minister of the Gospel for 36 years, 2nd window on left for Sarah Ray Brown; 3rd window on left for Thomas R Maddin , DD, first stationed preacher here.

Nov 3 – 6000 attended the big Barbeque at the County Fair grounds to hear “old Eagle”, orator, Gustavos A Henry, speaking on the “Infamous history of Republicans”, N.F. Cheairs was Grand Marshall of the parade.

Nov 3 – The Whitthorne Guards paraded through Columbia with the following signs: “Good bye Rads”; “Farewell Gibbs”; “We want work, Vote for Tilden & Hendricks”; “Arnell, where is the Savings bank?”; “Down with the Bayonet”; and “We are all tired of Radical rule”.

Nov 10 – W.C. Whitthorne re-elected to US Congress, Maury County voted : Tilden- 3631, Hayes- 2589.

Nov 15 - W.P. Woldridge and Dr. Robert Pillow open drug store on West 7th street.

Dec – Sowell Mill Pike chartered for 5 miles F.M. Vaughn and Jas. Sowell

• Tennessee

Nov – Teachers State Institute of Tennessee founded in Nashville, purpose is to raise standards of Education for “colored schools”.


• United States


Jan 1 – The Florida state Supreme Court rejected a vote count that showed Rutherford B Hayes led Samuel Tilden by 218 votes and declared Florida's elector to Mr. Tilden.

Jan 4 – Cornelius Vanderbilt, US financier, railroad and shipping magnate died, 83.

Jan 25 – Congress begins attempt to determine Presidential election, Samuel Tilden (D) won popular vote, Rutherford B Hayes won electoral vote, but not majority.

Jan 29 – 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats of commission, formed by the US House of Representatives brokered a deal to elect Rutherford B Hayes President in exchange for withdrawing Federal troops from the south.

Feb 12 – First news dispatch by telephone made between Boston and Salem, Mass.

Feb 12 – US Railroad workers strike over cut in wages.

Feb 21 – 10 “Molly Maguire's” hanged for terrorizing coal mine company owners.

March 1 – US Supreme Court rules states have authority to regulate Interstate Railroad rates.

March 5 – Rutherford B Hayes inaugurated US President.

April 2 – First Easter egg roll held at the White house.

May 1 – Last of Federal troops withdraw from south.

May 6 – Chief Crazy horse surrenders to US troops in Nebraska.

July 9 – Bell Telephone company formed.

July 18 – Thomas Edison invents phonograph.

July 21 -27 – US troops break up Railroad strikes on orders of President Hayes.

Sept 5 – Crazy Horse killed at Fort Robinson, Neb., 36.

Aug 29 – Brigham Young, Mormon church leader died, 76.

Oct 5 – Nez Perce Indian, Chief Joseph & 418 survivors captured at Bear Paw, Idaho, says “I will fight no more.”

• World

April 12 – British annex Transvaal in South Africa.

April 24 – Russia declares war on Ottoman Empire.

May 8 – 1st Westminster dog show occurred.

May 21 – Romania declares independence from Ottoman Empire.

July 19-30 – Siege of Pleven by Russian against Turks forces them to surrender.

Dec 14 – Serbia joins Russia in war against Turkey.


• Maury


• Tennessee •

Jan 5 – Tennessee legislature elected former governor Isham G Harris US Senator, (D).

Jan 30 – Nathaniel F Cheairs elected Mayor of Spring Hill.

Feb 9 – Every first Monday of the month at the Columbia Jockey Club yard between Gamble’s & “The Ark” you can find dozens of men , horses & mules involved in trading.

Feb 15 – The American Association of Advancement of Science met in Nashville, first sure meeting in south since before the war.

Feb 16 – First Tennessee telephone call made in Nashville at AAAS meeting between Sarah Childress Polk home to nearby home of Adam G Adams.

Feb 16 – Yale Paleontologist, Othniel C Marsh, the featured speaker at the AAAS meeting in Nashville declared Evolution a scientific fact.

Jan 5 – Iron bridge at Hardison Mill completed.

Jan 10 – Duck River frozen over with minus 15 below zero and 20 inches of snow in the area.

Jan 12 – Bridge over Fountain Creek for narrow gauge railroad completed enroute to Lewisburg.

Jan 19 – General W.C. Whitthorne of Columbia elected US Senator on 70th ballot of state legislature.

Jan 19 – Gibsonville, located 2 miles south of Southport burned by KKK.

Jan 26 – Messr. Thompson and O’Brien announce they will start a broom factory near the Cumberland Presbyterian church.

Jan 26 – The Louisville and Nashville railroad announce they will sell roundtrip excursion tickets to New Orleans for $27.

Jan 26 – Colonel J.O. Milson of Nashville engaged the Masonic Hall in Columbia for Payson’s English opera troupe to perform2,“Martha”.

Jan 28 – New Cumberland Presbyterian church built in Southport, used old Hensley Chapel lumber.

• •

April 6 – W. I. Thomason convicted of murder of R.C. Jackson sentenced to be hanged, later pardoned.

April 6 – Narrow gauge Duck River Valley railroad from Columbia to Lewisburg opened.

April 12 – The charter of Carter’s Creek turnpike signed and brought to Columbia for filing. The signers are W.J. Jones; R. Gooch; Harvey Ken; R.C. Jamison; R.D. Lockridge; R.A. McKay; John C Alexander; O.C. Gordon and Moses Thompson.

Feb 25 – Tennessee legislature passes law prohibiting sale of liquor near schools.

March 12 – Chattanooga Pipe and Foundry Works founded by David Giles and Caleb B Isbester.

April 20 - Society: Billie Sowell, owner of the fish trap located on the east bank of the Duck River, opposite his father’s Mill, caught 88 pounds of fish of which he issued to his neighbors free of charge.

April 26 – The “Mary Clees” , a good sized steamboat makes regular trips to Centerville, only 31 miles below Columbia.

April 28 – Former Tn. Governor and US Senator, William G “Parson “ Brownlow died, 72.

April 20 : Merrs. Brink, McDonough & Company promise a responsive map of Maury County delivered as an Atlas as chosen.

April 23 – W.W. Coles, Great New York & New Orleans Zoological & Equestrian Exposition visits Columbia with 40 rail cars of animals.

April 26 – Dick Gault and Perk Priest returned from their fishing trip on the Duck River at Hardison Mill where they caught 40 three pound trout in one day and a half.

April – Columbia leases City water works to John Adkinson & David Grewer for $2500 for 10 years, $250 per year.


• Maury


April 26 – Maury County school Superintendent reports there are 11,716 children of school age in the county, with only half attending the 4 month session. Maury County tax rate for schools is .02 cents per $100 assessed property value. He reports other Counties school tax rate is at .15 cents, .20 cents and .25 cents per $100. He reported one session of the Maury County court costs more than the entire school year for Maury County and Maury County is listed as the 3rd wealthiest county in the state.

May 4 – Mr. R.A. Kennedy is building a mill on the Duck River on Kettles Bend.

May 4 – Society: one of Maury County’s most beautiful marriages took place in Mt Pleasant when Mr. J.W. Howard married Miss Mary Frierson. The bride was elegantly attired in a magnificent Tarlatan en train, Satin Bodice and Tulie veil. The groom wore a black suit and lavender gloves.

May 11 – A Columbia mob gathered to burn Governor Porter and the Tennessee state Supreme court justices in effigy last night in protest of commuting the hanging of W. I. Thomason convicted for murder here .

May 12 – The old Columbia jail burned, built in 1810 by Nicholson and Goodloe.

June 1 – The City Park, formally known as “the Sulpher Well” , opened in western part of Columbia. The drives and walk ways were laid out. A ten pin alley was established. Several summer houses are arranged for those seeking rest and repose. Many people have found the spring water a fine medical treatment. (Blackburn Lane area)

June 15 – Spring Hill’s wheat harvester’s are being paid $2 per day with a big dinner of ham, lamb, Pies, and whiskey rations for Cradler’s. Binder’s and Shockers receive $1.50 per day. Labor costs the farmers $1,50 per acre.

June 29 – Rev. George Becket constructs new home at foot of Mt. Parnassus, next to Armstrongs.

June 29 – Mr. Polk Hililard and Hildreth Weaver purchased new steam threshers.

June 29 – Duck Hunting has become Maury County’s most popular sport. The favorite resort for the sport is at Col. S.A. Pointer’s who entertains hunter’s from Nashville.

June 29 – The patrons of Prof J.A. Creighton who teaches at Stephenson Academy for the last 4 years , gave him a party at Sam H Armstrong's home. About 100 attended as he prepares to leave for Princeton, N.J. to prepare for the ministry.

July 4 – Columbia’s new Depot will be built of wood, 90 feet long, one story, with a ladies and gentleman waiting rooms., a “colored” waiting room 16x19, a ticket office and refreshment room.

July – Greenfield Bend school erected.

• Tennessee


• Maury


July 20 – Mr. D.C. Helm is tearing down the old James Akin corner and will build on the square to suit Dr. T.B. Rains for a drug store which he leased for several years.

Sept 7 – All Jewish stores in Columbia closed for the beginning of the Jewish new year.

Sept 7 – “Colored Marriages” listed in Herald & Mail were John Howard to Henrietta Armstrong; Henry Ogilvie to Sarah Jamison; Bob Childress to Bell Briley; Wash Burken to Bettie Richardson; Thomas Osborne to Sallie Dillard and Robert Braden to Alice Holt.

Oct 3 – Survivors of the 3rd Tn. Regiment held their first reunion in Lynnville, three companies from Maury County, five from Giles County, one from Lewis County, and one from Lawrence County. Gov. John C Brown, the 1st Colonel of the regiment commanded 200 survivor's and received a crowd of 5000. The three companies from Maury County originally commanded by Capt. D.F. Wade, Capt. W. Jones and Capt. H.P. Pointer.

Oct 12 – The 7th Congressional district convention met in Columbia. Col. Leon Trousdale, the Superintendent of the Tennessee Public Schools presided. The convention held in Hamner Hall , the helicon Silver band performed. Prof. W.B. Wood, Superintendent of Maury County schools presented a paper on the Tennessee school system.

Oct 12 – The convention of Good Templers & United Friends of Temperance met at Mt Joy’s Cave Hill church to elect Dr. W.A. Smith president, Col. E.W. Upshaw as Secretary. The group voted to send missionaries to address the people and lodges as follows: Brother Thompson to speak at Liberty, Rev. John B Hamilton to Culleoka, Dr. W.A. Smith at Rock House, R. Hock at Santa Fe. R.S. Watkins at Camp Branch and Notgrass and Groden to Mt Olivet.

Nov 9 – Mr. W.J. Andrews of Columbia, President of the Beekeepers Ass. Delivered the main speech at the Beekeepers convention in New York city.

Nov 9 – The Maury County “Colored” Fair reported it cleared $100 after this years event.

Nov 30 – Frank McGhee, a negro found guilty of attempting to violate Miss Bettie Templeton, daughter of Rev. Templeton of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was lynched on the Maury County Court house steps. After his trousers fell off a laughing crowd lowered his body, readjusted his pants and hung him 20 feet in the air off the court house.

Dec 7 – The 118 foot Cupola of the new Bigbyville church is completed.

Dec 14 – The “New York Graphic” & ‘Boston Police News” published the pictures of the lynching of George Roper in Columbia, Dec 5, 1877. Photos taken by H.P. Seavy of Columbia who sold them to publishers. Mr. Seavy continues to sell these pictures of such events. The “Wild Fire” recently published one.

• Tennessee

Oct 15 - Tennessee General Assembly passed law forming the State Board of Health.

Oct 29 – Former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest died in Memphis, 56.


• United States


Jan 28 – The first telephone exchange goes into operation in New Haven, Conn.

Feb 16 – The silver dollar becomes US legal currency.

• World •

Jan – Cleopatra’s Needle arrives in London from Egypt.

Jan 5 – Battle of Shipka Pass, Russians defeat Turks in Bulgaria.

March – Salvation Army organized in US.

Feb 2 – Greece declares war on Turkey.

March 22 – Albert A Pope forms US bicycle trust to control manufacture and sale of bicycles, files US patent on his bicycle.

Feb 7 – Pope Pius IX died, 85. He served as Pope for 31 years, defined immaculate conception dogma, recognized Confederate States of America.

April 1 – In Lincoln, New Mexico, “The Regulars”, including “Billy the Kid” ambushed and killed Sheriff William Brady.

Feb 20 – Pope Leo XIII elected holy See.

April 21 – The ship “Azor” left Charleston, S.C. with 206 blacks for Liberia.

March 3 – Russia and Ottoman Empire (Turkey) sign treaty of San Stefano, granting independence to Serbia. They also ceded control of Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina to end the war.

May 14 – Petroleum Jelly first sold under trademark brand name of “Vaseline”.

May 25 – Bill “Bojangles” Robinson , dancer born.

June 14 – William Proctor and James Gamble introduce “White soap”, later named “Ivory soap”.

June 4 – Turkey turns control of Cyprus over to British.

July 12 – Yellow Fever hits New Orleans, killing 4500. Aug – Nearly 40,000 blacks from the south, including Maury County move to Kansas as “Exodusteres” to settle on cheap land.

July 1 – Treaty of Berlin among European countries , completes recognition of independence of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

Aug 10 – John h Vincent, a clergyman introduces the idea of Chautauqua literacy and scientific circles to spread education and Christianity around the world.

Aug 21 – American Bar Association founded in Saratoga, NY.

Sept 1 – Emma Nutt becomes 1st female telephone operator in US, Boston, Mass.

Oct 15 – Thomas Edison incorporates Edison electric light company.

Nov 12 – President Rutherford B Hayes called upon to rule on land dispute between Paraguay and Argentina over Chaco grasslands, a track as large as Colorado. He ruled for Paraguay.

Nov 21 - 2nd Afghan War begins with British attacked in Khyber Pass.

Dec 9 – Joseph Pulitzer buys St Louis Dispatch newspaper for $2500.

Dec 20 – First US store installs electric lights in Philadelphia.


• Maury


Jan 11 – Maury County awards contract to build the Santa Fe Pike to S.H. Timmons, President of the Santa Fe Pike company, road took 3 years to build.

• Tennessee •

Jan 6 – First long distant telephone call made between Nashville’s Western Union office and Louisville, Ky. Western Union office, phones made by Braid and Janis Ross.

Feb 23 – A meeting at the New Hope church on Carter’s Creek considers extending the Carter’s Creek pike to the Williamson County line, present owner is Thomas Perkins.

Jan 15 - Vanderbilt University Trustee’s abolished the position of Prof. Alexander Winchell for his teaching of the Evolution theory.

March 1 – As a sign of the hard times in Maury County the Columbia Herald points to the reduced traffic on Bear Creek pike despite the .05 cent charge.

Feb 1 – Former Confederate General John Bell Hood, publishes his book on the Tennessee campaign, “Advance and Retreat”.

March 1 – Sheriff Alexander hosted a “Log Rollin” event. 50 men showed up and cleared 20 acres of woods.

March 1 – A Duck River “Freshette” allowed Andy Huey to bring a raft of Cedar logs down river, John Watson brought a raft of telephone poles, Andrew Lovett, a raft of firewood and John Wallace a raft of Cedar rails.

April 4 – Mr. Samuel Mayes Arnell proposed to Maury County Commission to raise funding to public schools. He pointed out that only half of the 11,716 school age children attend the 4 month school session. With 117 free public schools the average cost per student is .75 cents per month. In contrast, Columbia has 58 private schools with 1814 students receiving $1.93 per month per student.

April 19 – Carter’s Creek Station boosts 175 inhabitants, 5 Dry Goods stores, two saloons, two grocery stores, two blacksmith shops, one wood shop, one dentist and one doctor.

April 19 – A Negro named Jordon Cheatham living on the Colonel Thomas farm, one and a half miles west of Bigbyville deserves special attention. He lost his eye sight a few years ago in a well blast, but it does not hinder him from being a wood chopper. A little boy leads him to work before day light and leads him away when the tree falls. Jordon falls his trees, measures of his timber, whether cord or rails, stands on the log and cuts away, sets his own wedges, mauls and cords it.

April 19 – Dr. T.O. Hardin has torn down his old residence, preparing to erect a new more modern house in its place. The old house was long the residence of Dr. Spivy McKissack, who erected it in 1820, it being the first house in Spring Hill. There are hallowed memory’s with these old house’s. There is the old residence of Capt. James P Peters, that was a half century old that was moved and converted into a steam gin house. The residence of his father, the founder of Methodism in this county has been taken in pieces and put up as negro cabins.

Bigbyville DeBeers 1878 map


• Maury


April 23 – A tornado swept across Maury County, destroying buildings in Mt Pleasant, Columbia and Spring Hill. Over 1000 trees were blown down on Capt. Thomas Gibson’s place across from Major Nathaniel F Cheairs.

May 3 – About one-quarter of the public square in Columbia on the southeast corner was in danger of being destroyed by fire. The fire started in George D Hodges business houses. The alarm brought Capt. J.H. Andrews, fireman Russell Andrews, Hugh Cook, Scott Stephens and 100 men who brought the fire under control with their steam pumper.

May 14 – Grace Episcopal Church completed in Spring Hill on land donated by Mr. & Mrs. Orville McKissack. Consecrated by Bishop Charles Todd Quintard.

May 30 – Columbia purchased a new fire engine for $3600, it will arrive from Cincinnati, Ohio shortly.

June 7 – Romeo and Juliet play performed at Athenaeum Hall by Nashville players to a huge crowd.

July 5 – The DeBeers map company men are in town , Maury County citizens will see these men with small wheelbarrows and instruments called “Odomatuis” that allows engineers to map our county.

Oct 8 – General Giden J Pillow died of Yellow Fever in Memphis 72, a former confederate General and veteran of the Mexican war, he was born in southern Williamson County, June 8, 1806 (Maury County) , practiced law with James K Polk. He was bankrupt after the Civil war and moved to Memphis as the law partner of former Tennessee governor Isham G Harris. He married Mary Elizabeth Martin of Maury County. She died in 1869 and he remarried in 1872 to Mary Trigs of Louisiana.

Nov – Street, Embry and Company formed with W.F. Embry joining J.P. Street and J.M. Mayes in partnership of Hardware store in Columbia.

• Tennessee

Grace Episcopal church in Spring Hill today

July 2 - The Chattanooga times, first published, under ownership of Adolph Ochs.

Sept – Oct - Yellow Fever epidemic sweeps Tennessee, eventually killing over 5000 people in Memphis, Tn.

Nov 7 – Albert Smith Marks (D) elected governor of Tennessee, from Winchester, Tn.


Columbia 1878 DeBeers map



• United States


Jan 1 – US redeems Greenbacks in gold on demand.

Feb – P.T. Barnum & James a Bailey join in partnership to form “Greatest Show on Earth.”

• World •

Jan 11 – Zulu war against British begins in South Africa.

Jan 22 – Zulu warriors massacre British troops in Battle of Isandlwana at Rorke’s Drift.

April – Yellowstone National park Est.

March 28 – Zulu’s defeat British in Battle of Hlobane.

April – Benjamin “Pap’ Singleton from Nashville founded African-American colony at Dunlap, Kansas and Nicodemis, Kansas.

March 29 – British defeat 20,000 Zulu’s in Battle of Kabula.

May – Frank W. Woolworth opens “Five & Ten” store in Lancaster, Pa.

May 16 – Treaty of Gandamak between Russia and Britain sets Afghan state.

May 8 – George B Seldon applies for patent on horseless carriage unsuccessfully.

June – French Panama Canal company organized.

July 4 – Battle of Rorke’s Drift treaty ends Zulu war

Oct 12 – British troops occupy Kabul, Afghanistan.

Aug 30 – Former Confederate General John Bell Hood died of Yellow Fever in New Orleans, 58.

Oct 21 – Thomas A Edison successfully succeeds in development of electric light blub with filament of carbon cotton thread.


1879 • Maury •

Jan – Woldridge Drug store est. by Dr. W.P. Woldridge in Columbia.

Jan – Samuel Mayes Arnell appointed Post master of Columbia.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee legislature creates Pickett County.

Spring – Tennessee legislature Est. University of Tennessee as land grant University.

March – Tennessee legislature creates Chester County.

April - Memphis lost city charter due to 5000 deaths from Yellow Fever and decline in population.

Summer – Chattanooga Medicine company founded by Zebbin C Patten, who first produced “Black Draught” , a senna-based laxative. Became the largest producer of Krations during WWII. Today known as Chattam company.

Nov - Albert Smith Marks elected Governor.

Spring – Flint Valley Church organized.

May – Sowell Mill Pike constructed by F.M. Vaughn, 5 miles long.

• •

Summer – Tennessee state Sunday school convention held In Columbia.

July – Yellow Fever kills several in Maury County.

July 14 – Columbia establishes City Board of Health.

Oct 24 – The “Colored Fair” began yesterday, The white folks should attend today and encourage the “colored people” in their progressive efforts.

Oct 24 – Dr. Samuel W Frierson died from a stroke,51, having practiced medicine here for 30 years. He attended Jackson College and was a class member with General & Governor John C Brown. He married Laura Barner of Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1871.

Nov 21 – Maury County Livestock & Agriculture Association chartered by Major Campbell Brown, Thomas Gibson, Will Polk and A.N. Akin.


• United States


Jan 6 – Tom Mix, silent screen Cowboy actor born in Mix Run, Pa.

Jan 26 – Douglas MacArthur, US General born.

Jan 27 – Thomas Edison receives US patent on electric incandescent light

Feb 2 – Wabash, Indiana becomes first city to install electric street lights.

Feb 12 – John L Lewis, American labor leader born.

March 4 – First half-tone photograph engraving published in New York Graphic newspaper.

March 10 – Salvation Army Est. in New York City.

April 1 – Canned fruit & meats first appears in New York City.

April 17 – American Bell Telephone company founded with merger of Western Union and National Bell.

June 6 – Kansas becomes first state to “Go Dry”.

July 23 – 1st Commercial hydro electric power plant begins operation in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Aug – US population reported at 50.1 Million, 6.5 million black, 36 percent of southern farmers are tenant farmers.

Oct 2 – Blizzard of 1880 sweeps northern US, killing dozens.

Oct – Sherwin Williams manufactures first house paint with standard formula.

Oct 5 – First Ballpoint pen patented by Alonzo Cross.

Oct 17 – Safety Razor invented by Kample brothers in NYC.

Nov 2 – James A Garfield (R) elected 20th President of US.

Nov 4 – first Cash register patented.

Nov – Novel “Ben Hur” published by Lew Wallace.

Nov 11 – Samuel Thomas creates “English Muffin” in NYC.

Nov 12 – President Hayes signs Chinese exclusion treaty with China to place strict limits on Chinese entering US.

Nov 12 – Sarah Bernhardt makes her debut in New York City.

Dec 20 – New York City’s Broadway Ave. becomes known as the “Great White Way” because it is lit with electricity.

• World •

Jan 1 – French begin construction of Panama Canal.

Jan – Game of Bingo developed from Italian game of Tumbula in Italy.

March – France annexes Tahiti.

May – French stop dig of English Channel tunnel after 1.5 miles of tunnel completed.

Dec 31 – Boer’s declare a Republic in Transvaal, South Africa.


• Maury


• Tennessee

Jan – Carter’s Creek Pike chartered, extended to Williamson County in 1883.

Feb – Columbia’s first Ice factory Est. at White’s Spring.

March – Second National Bank Est. in Columbia.

April 9 – Nathan Vaught, Maury County master builder died, built Jackson College, Bank of Tennessee, Clifton Place & much more.

May 24 – Bethel Hotel chartered by P.C. & W.D. Bethell, Lucius Frierson, Eugene Pillow, J.M. Mayes and L.W. Black.

June – 1st Disciples of Christ organizational meeting held at G.A. Reynolds & wife, Eita Reynolds home with 20 members.

July 26 – Columbia approves est. of public schools.

Aug – Maury County pop. at 38,112, Columbia at 3400.

Dec 9 – Columbia Post master, Samuel M Arnell announced renovation of the post office. The Masonic Hall will receive a new handsome edifice, new furniture & new P.O. boxes.

May 20 – Nashville Centennial held.

Dec 17 – Major Bolling Gordon died at his home in Williamsport. Major Gordon moved to Maury County in 1812. In 1826 he was elected state representative (D) serving until 1834, twice elected state Senator .

Dec 17 – Ex-Sheriff Sims Latta and his two sons, Edgar & Herbert joined the Cumberland Presbyterian church at a great revival last week.

Dec 17 – E.W. Gamble’s large & commodious warehouse next to the store is completed. This week he bought a load of J.M. Gray’s “Hall’s seedlings”, the best apple grown. He also bought and shipped 2500 Turkey this season.

Aug – Tennessee population set at 1.5 million.

Oct 5 – Rugby, a Victorian village was dedicated in Morgan county, Tn.

Dec 17 – Ware & Bones are two “colored” men whose business is to clean clothes. We can testify they do it well and their charges are reasonable. They remove grease and make dirty clothes look clean & fresh. They are located behind Hamner Hall.

Grave of Nathan Vaught in Rose Hill cemetery

Dec 17 – A meeting held at the Court house by a number of gentlemen to forward the movement for a public school in Columbia. It was agreed to call a public meeting of the businessmen of the city to consider the matter.

Dec 17 – The Columbia Mayor & Alderman re-elected. According to time honored tradition a banquet given by Sam Cook over the spacious & elegant hall over the “ticket office”. Re-elected was the old recorder, F.B. Hemphill, City attorney E.W. Carmack, City Marshall John Latta, policeman E.L. Lansdown, J.B. Dowell and James Frich. Judge John Wright and Mayor Black who sat at the head table and made the speeches for the evening.

Dec 9 – Dan Smith, a 22 year old Negro was lynched at Pulaski this week. He was charged with assault of a white orphan girl with intent to rape. After being sentenced in court to 21 years in prison, a mob rushed the court room, dragged him out pell-mell to Richland Creek bridge and swung him off.

Dec 18 – Prof. J.H. Kelly, a Negro, elected principal of the “colored school” in Columbia.

Dec 17 – Giles County cotton yield this year will be 18,000 bales, averaging 500 lbs per bale and bring $50 per bale. 229

• United States


• World

Feb 5 – City of Phoenix, Arizona incorporated.

March 4 – James A Garfield inaugurated as 20th President of US.

March 16 – Barnum & Bailey Circus debuted in Madison square Garden as the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

April 28 – Billy the Kid held in Lincoln County jail, New Mexico for the killing of Sheriff William Brady escapes.

March 4 – South African President Kruger accepted cease fire with British to end 1st Boer War. AKA: Transvaal.

May 21 – Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in Washington D.C.

March 13 – Alexander II, Czar of Russia assassinated by anarchist, 62. He is succeeded by his son Alexander III.

June – New York’s Coney Island becomes a popular vacation spot.

July 2 – President James A Garfield shot by Charles Guiteau for being rejected to a appointment, shot in Baltimore & Potomac railroad station in Washington DC.

July 4 – Tuskegee Institute opened with Booker T Washington as President, 20 students attended the “Normal School” and Industrial institute.

May 16 – World’s first electric tram goes into operation in Berlin, Germany.

Oct 25 – Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter born.

July 14 – Billy the Kid, AKA: William Bonney, killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in New Mexico.

July 20 – Sitting Bull, Sioux Chief who led Indians against Gen. Custer’s last stand at Little Big Horn surrender’s to Federal troops at Fort Buford, Canada.

Aug 8 – The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor unions (AFL) created in Chicago, Samuel Gompers, President.

Aug 13 – First African-American nursing school opened at Spelman college in Atlanta, Ga.

Sept 19 – President James a Garfield died, Chester A Arthur becomes President.

Oct – gold discovered in Alaska.

Oct 26 – Wyatt Earp and two brother’s, Virgil & Morgan with Doc Holliday have gunfight at OK corral with Billy Clanton and brother’s , Frank & Tom with Frank McLaury killed at Tombstone, Ar.

Nov – Uncle Remus tales written by Joel Chandler Harris published and become popular.


• Maury


Jan – Maury Building and Loan Association Est., Mr. J.P. Street, President.

Feb – Kennedy Delk & Company established by R.A. Kennedy in Kettle Mills.

March – Frank and Jesse James visit Columbia, stay at Nelson Hotel.

April – The Berea church organized, five miles east of Columbia on the Bear Creek Pike.

May – “Morgan’s tunnel” on narrow gauge railroad to Lewisburg completed.

June 16 – Columbia Board of Education for Public Schools organized, city purchased Columbia Male College from Frank H and William A Smith and renamed school Andrews school.

Summer – Nicholson school est. on land donated by Nat Nicholson

July – City of Columbia purchased Corinthian Hall and several buildings as the new “Andrews” public school.

Sept 12 –Andrews public school opened in Columbia.

Oct – Second National Bank chartered, R.Q.A. Oglivie, President; R.M. Mckay, Vice-Pres.; Geo. Childers, cashier. Bank closed in 1893 with crash.

Oct 26 – Maury Bank & Trust organized, R.W. Ridley, President. Named changed to Maury National bank in 1898.

Dec – Spring Hill Male College chartered and managed by Prof. Morton. Later became Branham & Hughes school in 1897.

• Tennessee

June 15 – Tennessee General Assembly passes “Jim Crow” legislation to separate first class railroad cars from Negro’s.

Nov 7 – Alvin Hawkins elected Governor of Tennessee.

Dec 14 – Tennessee Bar Association founded by 81 lawyers.


• United States


• World

Jan 2 – Standard Oil organized as a trust by John D Rockefeller

Jan 30 – Franklin D Roosevelt, 32nd President born in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Feb 2 – Roman Catholic church founded Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Conn.

Feb 7 – John L Sullivan wins heavyweight Boxing Championship in Mississippi City, Miss; defeating Paddy Ryan.

March 24 – German scientist Robert Koch, discovered bacillus, responsible for tuberculosis.

Feb 25 – Congress passes reapportionment Act to expand House of Representatives from 293 to 325 members.

April – Hague convention adopts 3 mile limit to territorial waters.

April 13 – Anti-Semitic League formed in Prussia.

April 19 – Charles Darwin died, 73.

June 2 – Giuseppe Garibladi, Italian revolt leader died, 65.

July 11 – British troops occupy Suez Canal.

March 9 – First false teeth patented.

March 24 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, US poet died.

March 25 – First demonstration of pancake making occurred in New York City department store.

April 3 – Outlaw Jesse James shot in back by Bob Ford in St Joseph, Mo.

April 27 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, US poet died.

May 22 – US signs treaty with Korea to recognize Korean independence from China, Russia and Japan.

June 6 – first electric Iron patented.

June 25 – Rich Copper ore discovered in Anaconda Range of Montana.

Sept 3 – French battle Vietnamese and Chinese in Hanoi.

July 16 – Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln died.

Sept 5 – First labor day celebration held in New York City.

Sept 13 – British defeat Egyptians forces at Battle of Tel-elKebir, enter Cairo.

Oct – Belle Starr found guilty of horse stealing, sentenced to prison.

Nov 6 – Lillie Langtry débuts in New York City.

Nov 10 – Alexander Graham Bell, a Canadian, becomes a US citizen.

Dec 22 – First electric lighted Christmas tree débuts in New York City for first time, displayed by Thomas Edison.


• Maury


Jan 15 – Rev. Charles M Gray installed at Grace Episcopal Church in Spring Hill, served 11 years.

Jan – Stiversville school erected, Prof. T.F. Hill assisted by Mrs. Sallie Gilmer with 85 students.

Feb 2 – Columbia Gas company organized.

Feb – Columbia’s Grand Opera House opened next to Bethel hotel, seats 850, playing “old Shipmates.”

Feb – Lamb and Boyd sells Riverside Planning to W.J. Oakes.

March – First Dry Goods store in Kettle Mills opened.

March – Kedron/Spring Hill pike built by Mr. A.M. Parham.

April – Columbia Herald founded.

Spring – 1st Baptist Church at 8th and S. High street.

May – Bethel Hotel opens in Columbia, cost $125,000, 3 stories, fronting West 7th street 170 feet and Garden street 200 feet, 60 rooms, T.W. Keesee manager.

• Tennessee

1st Baptist Church

June – Nashville gets first electric lights.

June – Archibald Sinclair constructed the Christian Church on 810 South High street, precursor to West 7th street Church of Christ.

July – Maury Democrat publishes first paper, associated with Blue Sky temperance party movement.

Aug 4 – A happy reunion of the Dunlap family was held southeast of Spring Hill on Rutherford Creek, one of the earliest settlers here. They were joined by the Stephenson’s and Crawford’s. All families are related and emigrated from South Carolina with the Frierson’s, Stephenson’s and Fleming’s who settled with the Zion community here. Samuel Dunlap’s wife was a “Miss Stephenson, a sister of James Stephenson.

Aug – Kedron & Spring Hill Pike built by Wm. Parham.

Oct 16 – Monteagle Sunday school assembly chartered to train Sunday school teachers in Tennessee.

Fall – Present day site of Goshen United Methodist Church erected.

Oct 23 – Women’s Christian Temperance Union founded in Nashville.

Sept 23 – Santa Fe Baptist church dedicated.

Oct – S.P. Payne opens a marble works at Embargo (Woodland street) and 6th streets, later purchased by T.C. Brittain in 1898.

Dec 12 – Bigbyville dissolved incorporation.

• •


• United States


• World

Jan 16 – Congress passes Pendleton Civil Service Act requiring candidates to be judged on ability and merit instead of party affiliation.

Feb – Ohio river floods to 64 feet, thousands homeless in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Feb 13 – Richard Wagner, German composer died.

Feb 16 – 70 coal miners died in Wilmington Coal field near Braidwood, Illinois as coal mine floods.

Sojourn Truth, Civil Rights leader died.

Spring – First “Skyscrapper” construction begins in Chicago, 10 stories high.

April 23 – Texas buys the Alamo from the Catholic church. •

March 14 – Karl Marx died, 65.

May 9 – Joseph Pulitzer buys New York world newspaper. •

May 17 – William F Cody, “Buffalo bill”, founded the “Wild West Show” in Omaha, Nebraska.

Spring – Germany under Otto von Bismarck begins compulsory Health insurance for entire nation.

May 25 – John A Roebling’s Brooklyn bridge opens, son Washington Roebling finished construction after his father suffered from “Cassissons disease.” AKA: “the Bends”

June – First “Malted Milk” shake developed by William Herett in Racine, Wisconsin.

June 2 – First baseball game played under the lights in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

July – George S Parker creates game he calls “Banking” (Monopoly) in Salem, Mass.

Sept 3 – Northern Pacific Railroad founded, runs from Minneapolis, Minn. To Tacoma, Wash. •

Aug 26- 28 – Volcano Krakatoa erupts, 36,000 killed.

Sept – John L Montgomery, 26 year old teacher designs and fly's first heaver than air glider in San Diego, Calif.

Oct 15 – US Supreme Court strikes down the Civil Rights Act of 1875, ruling the 14th Amendment does not empower Congress to enact laws prohibiting discrimination in privately owned accommodations.

Sept 21 – First Telegraph line in Brazil opened.

Oct 4 – Orient Express begins operation.

Oct 22 – New York Metropolitan Opera house opened.

Oct 20 – Treaty of Ancon signed by Peru and Chili , Peru cedes province of Tarapaca.

Nov 18 – US and Canada divided into four time zone system.


• Maury


Jan – First McDowell school opened on Mt Pleasant Pike (Trotwood) just south of second railroad bridge, one teacher, one room school on land donated by Colonel Edward C McDowell.

Feb – Alexander Methodist church built, named to honor land donor, Eben Alexander.

March – City Grain and Feed Company of Columbia founded by E.E. McLemore. Mill burned in 1904, rebuilt.

• •

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee Prohibition party organized in Nashville.

Spring – Governor William B Bate and fellow low tax Democrats enact the “Compromise of 1883”, calling for funding the state debt at par into 5.25 percent interest bonds

Summer – University of Tennessee Est. Experimental farm station in Knoxville.

March – Southern Bell Telephone company Est. in Columbia.

Spring – Columbia F&AM #31 mason’s construct new lodge building at corner of Garden and West 7th street, three stories, cost $57,000.

Spring – Cumberland Telephone Company Est. in Columbia.

April 3 – Columbia City Council passes ordnance to construct water reservoir on Mt Parnassus by Columbia Water Works, 300 feet above Duck River.

April 30 – Columbia Gas and Water Company organized Henry Cooper, A.W. Stockwell, E.W. Gamble, J.L. Jones and H.D. Fitch.

June 1 – First telephone installed in Columbia by Home Telephone company, 18 installed by years end.

June 13 – Columbia passes ordinance creating a fire district from corner of Embargo & 6th, south to 8th street, west to Garden, north to 6th street and east to Embargo. All construction to be of brick.

June 13 – Columbia Police Department Est. by city council, a Chief and two officers.

June 14 – Columbia first steam powered Fire Department Est.

July 14 – Property lot #109 on Bridge Street & East 6th purchased for construction of new water works.

Aug – J.D. Dobbins joins W.R. Elam as partner in hardware business in Columbia.

Aug – Isom school erected.

Sept 8 – Culleoka & Mooresville Pike chartered Wm. Bryant.

Nov – First telephone installed in Spring Hill. •


• United States


Feb 14 – Theodore Roosevelt’s wife, Alice died giving birth to Alice Lee Roosevelt and his mother died the same day.

Feb 14 – Ohio River floods to 71 feet, tens of thousands homeless.

Feb 19 – Dozens of tornado’s across seven southern states, including Tennessee kill 800 people.

March 3 – US Supreme Court rules US Govt. has authority to print “Greenbacks” in peace time.

March 13 – Coal mine disaster in Pocahontas, Virginia kills 112.

March 30 – 8000 storm Cincinnati jail to lynch William Berner, who was convicted of manslaughter but was in Columbus, Ohio at the time of the crime, 56 people killed in riot, troops called in to restore peace.

May 8 – Harry S Truman born near Lamar, Mo.

June – Mark Twain published, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

June 16 – First Roller Coaster begins operation at Coney Island, N.Y.

July 3 – Dow Jones average report begins with 11 stocks.

July 26 – Electric Street cars used for first time in Cleveland, Ohio.

Aug – Charles Taze Russell and six others charter International Bible Students Association. (Jehovah Witnesses.)

Aug 5 – Cornerstone of Statue of Liberty laid in NYC.

Aug – George Eastman invents flexible rolls of films for camera's

Oct 6 – US Naval war college opened in Newport, R.I.

Nov 4 – Grover Cleveland (D) elected President of US.

Dec 6 – Washington Monument completed.

Dec 16 – World Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition opens in New Orleans.

• World

March 13 – Ten month siege of Khartoum begins, British General Charles Gordon leads Egyptian troops against Sudan Moslem Mahdi troops.

June – Germany adopts first Worker Compensation law.

June 23 – French defeated in battle of Bacle, Indochina by Chinese troops.

July 5 – Germany takes possession of Cameroon, Africa.

Summer – Oxford English dictionary published.

Nov 5 – Berlin conference ends, agreements made to divide up Africa in territories governed by France, Britain, Germany and Italy.


• Maury •


Jan 14 – The new Carter’s Creek Academy, formally the Beech Grove school, will open under the supervision of William Anderson.

Feb 9 – Columbia Cotton Mill Corp. chartered by J.P. Street, W.C. Jones, J.M Mayes, A.W. Stockell, Geo. Childress and G.T. Hughes. Directors purchased 20 acres adjoining plant and built cottages for 160 people working in plant (Cottontown). Plant had 8500 spindles, 175 cloth looms and 24 bag looms. J.P. Street, President; Meade Frierson, General Manager.

Feb 14 – Century Club organized and chartered.

• Tennessee •

Jan – W.E.B. DuBois (William Edward Burghardt) entered Fiske University in Nashville on a scholarship, graduated in 1888.

Feb 19 – Tornado’s kill scores across Tennessee

Feb – J.R. Miles organized first local Agricultural Wheel Society in Weakly County, Tennessee. The national Agricultural Wheel Society advocated currency expansion through free coinage of silver , a end to National Banks, popular election of Senators, regulation of Railroads, a nonpartisan organization supporting any candidate that supported farmers interest . Merged with Farmers Alliance in 1889 and renamed Farmers & Labors Union.

Spring – Ida B. Wells, teacher in Shelby County, Tn. Challenged segregated public accommodations in law suit against Chesapeake , Ohio & Southwestern Railroad after being forcibly removed from 1st class coach. Circuit Court ruled in her favor awarding $500 in damages. The Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the decision in 1887.

April – Almira S Steele founded Steele Home for Needy Children in Chattanooga, Tn. It was south’s first AfricanAmerican orphanage and closed at her death in 1925. It sheltered and educated over 1600 children.

March – New Maury County jail erected at foot of Embargo (Woodland) & East 6th street, cost $22,500.

Spring – Santa Fe Institute founded.

May – Nashville Spoke & Handle Company founded in Theta, S.A. Epperson, manager.

Summer – Samuel M Arnell appointed Superintendent of Columbia schools, served until 1886.

May – The Toussaint L’Ouverture cemetery opens in Franklin. (African-American cemetery)

June – Mt Pleasant charter abolished.

Summer – Financial panic hits Tennessee.

Summer – Pigg School House built 3 miles South of Santa Fe on land donated by Robert Whitaker, new school donated by Henderson Pigg to replace old log school. •

July – Century Club organized in Columbia, purchased lot #68, G.L. Thompson, President.

Aug 10 – A local mob in Lewis County attacked a group of Mormons Missionaries who settled at Cane Creek. Four Mormon men killed, several wounded in “Tennessee Massacre”.

Aug – Walnut Grove Church est. (Theta Baptist Church)

Fall – Milberry Cates died at Maury County Poor House farm after 48 years of residency, described as “foolish girl” in records.

Oct – Five story Harris and Cole Bros. Planning mill erected, E.W. Harris, President. Mill burned in 1904.

• •

Old Maury County jail on East 6yh street Nov 4 – William B Bate re-elected governor of Tennessee.


• United States


Jan 4 – 1st successful appendectomy performed by Dr. William W grant on Mary Gartside in Davenport, Iowa.

Jan 26 – US Senate rejects treaty that would have authorized the building of a canal across Nicaragua.

Feb 21 – Washington Monument dedicated by President Chester Arthur.

Feb 28 – American Telephone & Telegraph company incorporated.

March 5 – Grover Cleveland (D) inaugurated as 22nd President of US.

May 2 - Good Housekeeping magazine goes on sale for first time.

June – Westinghouse Electrical company incorporated.

June 17 – Statue of Liberty arrives in New York from France.

July 14 – Sarah E Goode, African-American receives patent for Hide-Away bed.

July 23 – President Ulysses S Grant finishes memoirs and died, 63.

Sept 4 – First Cafeteria opens in New York City.

Sept 15 – Train wreck kills P.T. Barnum giant elephant, Jumbo.

Nov 19 – Reform Jews in Pittsburgh, Pa. declare independence from major Hebrew congregations.

• World •

Jan 5 - King Leopold II of Belgium Est. Congo Free state.

Jan 26 – Mahdi troops of Muhammad Ahmad captures Khartoum.

Feb 26 – Congress of Berlin gives Nigeria to British.

March 26 – Prussia govt. orders expulsion of non-citizen Poles and Jews.

April – Fingerprints first used in Britain to identify people.

May - Louis Pasteur develops vaccine for Rabies.

Sept 6 – Eastern Rumelia joins Bulgaria, completing unification.

Nov – First hockey league formed in Kingston, Canada.

Dec – Karl Friedrich Benz invents first operable automobile with internal combustible engine in Germany.


Dec 1 – Dr. Pepper tonic introduced in Waco, Tx.

• Maury


Jan – Oakes Chair Company Est. in Columbia by Mr. W.J. Oakes.

Jan 22 – Columbia Business Exchange chartered by W.J. Andrews, E.W. Gamble, A.B. Rains, W.R. Elam, George W Walker, A.D. Frierson and H. Harold.

Feb – Grant Bros. started a nursery on 65 acres along Mooresville Pike on old Fred Watkins place, just SE of Columbia.

Spring – Columbia Public High School opens.

Spring – Columbia’s North Main street Duck River Iron Bridge construction begins.

April 12 – Ebenezer Presbyterian Church burned.

May 21 – Phintias #37, Knights of Pythias founded in Columbia. Organization based on principles set down by actor, Justis H Rathbone and based on drama of Damon & Pythias, principles of bravery, charity, humanity and unselfish friendship.

Summer – Mr. John Trotwood Moore moved to Columbia from Alabama to serve as Teacher/Principle of McDowell school, served until 1894.

July 10 – Cornerstone laid by “colored” Masons and Odd Fellows of Columbia for Missionary Baptist Church at 8th & Glade street.

Sept 4 – Prof. Robert D’Shield Robertson opens preparatory school , Robertson Academy in large bluegrass field between Columbia Mills and Elevator plant.

• Tennessee •

Jan – State General Assembly Est. Secondary Public School system, requires “Municipal Corporations to levy taxes to establish financial support for graded schools.

Spring – Athletic Park Est. in Nashville, and enclosed wooden baseball park at Sulphur Springs in Bottoms near Capital with minor league baseball teams playing.

Summer – W.E.B. DuBois advocates the uplifting of black elite, ‘The talented Tenth” in paper.

Aug – Horse drawn street car trolley union in Memphis, Tn. For higher wages.


• United States


• World

Jan 1 – First Tournament of Roses held in Pasadena, Calif. by the Valley Hunt Club.

Jan 1 – Burma presented to Queen Victoria for birthday present, annexed by Britain.

Jan 19 – Congress passes Presidential succession Act, which puts the Sec. of State in line of succession, if President and Vice-President died.

Jan 29 – Karl Benz patents gasoline driven automobile.

Feb 14 – First California Oranges shipped from California to New York City.

Feb 23 – electrolysis used for first time to manufacture aluminum by Charles Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa.

March 6 – Charles Westinghouse demonstrates alternating current electrical system in Great Barrington, Mass.

March 3 – Treaty of Bucharest ends Serbia- Bulgaria War in Balkans.

May 1 – 100,000 workers go on General strike for 8 hour day with no cut in pay in Chicago, ill.

May 4 – Haymarket Square riot erupts in Chicago labor rally after bomb explodes and kills seven policeman.

May 8 – John s Pemberton, Pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia introduces “Coca-Cola” beverage of carbonated water.

May 10 - US Supreme Court rules Corporation has same rights as citizen under constitution.

May 15 – Poet Emily Dickinson died.

June 3 – President Grover Cleveland 49, marries Frances Folsom 23, in White House.

July 31 – Franz Liszt, composer died.

Oct 7 – Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba.

June 29 – Congress passes law allowing Labor unions to incorporate.

Aug 20 – Hurricane destroys Indianola, Texas, kills 250.

Aug 26 – Eight anarchists found guilty of Haymarket Square bombing.

Sept 4 – Apache leader, Geronimo and his band surrender after 30 years of fighting at Fort Bowie, Arizona.

Oct 28 – President Grover Cleveland dedicates Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Nov 18 – President Chester A Arthur 21st President died, 56.

Dec 8 – American Federation of Labor (AFL) organized in Columbus, Ohio, Samuel Gompers elected President, 150,00 members in 25 unions.


• Maury


Feb – Two to three feet of snow and minus 10 degree temperatures hit Maury County.

Spring – New Hope Methodist church at Hurt’s Crossroads moves to Glenn’s Store and renamed Glenn’s Chapel.

Spring – William “Sawney” Webb and his brother John, announce they will move the Webb school to Bell Buckle, Tn. After having their lives threatened because they opposed Culleoka being a “wet town.”

• Tennessee

Spring - First congregation of the Church of God Est. as Christian Union at Barney Creek, Monroe County, Tn., Richard G Spurling Sr. preacher.

Aug- Nov – The “War of the Roses’ fought in Tennessee when two brothers, Robert L Taylor (D) and Alfred Taylor (R) ran for governor of Tennessee. Robert Taylor elected, severed two terms

Sept – Vanderbilt University organized first Tennessee college varsity football team.

Sept 4 – Former Confederate General Benjamin Franklin Cheatham died in Nashville, 76; Postmaster of Nashville and Superintendent of Tennessee prison system.

Fall – The Wallace University school founded in Nashville.

Nov 5 – Robert Taylor elected Governor of Tennessee.

Summer – Akin academy est. 2 miles west of Water Valley.

Fall – William Webb opens the Webb school in Bell Buckle.

Oct 3 – Columbia first regulates burial in Greenwood cemetery to white people only.

Oct – William Shirley discovered phosphate on Gholston Hill near Columbia.


• United States


Jan – Bicycles become popular in US.

Jan 20 – King of Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) granted US a lease of Pearl Harbor for naval coal station.

Feb 2 – First Ground Hog day celebrated in Punxsutawney, Penn.

Feb 3 – Congress passes Electoral College Count Act to avoid disputes of national election of President.

Feb 4 – Congress passes Interstate Commerce Act to regulate Railroads.

Feb 8 – Dawes Act passed by Congress, allows Indians to live off reservations and gives them rights as citizens.

Feb 8 – first US ski Club formed in Aurora Ski Club in Wing, Minnesota.

March 2 – American Trotting Association founded in Detroit.

March 4 – William Randolph Hearst, 23 buys San Francisco Newspaper, “The Proprietor”.

March 4 – Congress passes Hatch Act, provides for Agricultural research Centers in States to help control overuse of land and erosion.

April 10 – President Lincoln reburied with his wife in Springfield, Ill.

April 26 – Huntsville, Alabama forms electric power company to sell electricity.

June 5 – Iron ore discovered in Mesabi range of Minnesota.

Aug 21 – Mighty (Dan) Casey strikes out at bat for New York Giants, poem later immortalized the event.

Aug 31 – Thomas Edison patents “Kinetoscope” movie camera device.

Nov 8 – Doc Holliday, died of Tuberculosis.

Nov 11 – Seven Haymarket anarchists hanged in Chicago.

Nov 15 – Georgia O’Keefe, American painter died.

Nov 25 – 10,000 Negro Knights of Labor sugar cane workers strike in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Militia called out, 30 killed

• World

March - Yellow River in China floods, killing over 1 million Chinese.

March 4 – Gottlieb Daimler introduces first automobile in Europe.

May 23 – First Canadian Trans -Continental train arrives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

June 21 – Britain celebrates Queen Victoria’s golden Jubilee with 50 years of reign.

Nov 2 – Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale soprano died in London, 67.

Nov 23 – Boris Karloff , English actor who played Frankenstein in movies was born.

Dec 1 – First Sherlock Holmes mystery published, “The Study in Scarlett.” 242

• Maury


Feb 12 – R.P. Dodson purchased the Bethel Hotel in Columbia.

Feb 12 – Geo. E. and W.E. McKennon open McKennon Bros. Store on west side of public square, later joined by Eugene Anderson and U.H Foster in partnership

• Tennessee •

Feb 10 – Tennessee Temperance alliance held convention in Nashville to organize County Temperance committees state wide.

March – Tennessee General Assembly amended 4 mile liquor law to forbid sale of liquor within 4 miles of any county school, virtually banning sale of liquor in Tn.

May 2 – Preston Taylor, African-American businessman and Nashville religious leader purchased 37 acres at Elm Hill and Spence Lane in Nashville to Est. Greenwood Cemetery.

Nov 15 - William Bate, former Governor of Tn. And confederate General elected US Senator , served until 1905.

Dec 13 – Alvin York, WWI hero, born in Pall Mall, Tn.

Dec 13 – First Farmers Alliance organized in Wilson County,Tn.


• United States


Jan 3 – Marvin C Stone awarded patent for drinking straw.

Jan 12 – Fierce blizzard sweeps across Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas kills 400.

Jan 27 – National Geographic Society founded in Washington DC by Cosmic Club.

March 1 – Richmond, Virginia begins operating first electric street cars in US.

March 5 – Louisville, Ky. Uses secret ballot for first time in municipal election.

April 26 – Baptists report 2.9 million members in US.

April 30 – Eastman Kodak company, founded by George Eastman received patent for “Kodak” box camera.

June 3 – Poem “Casey at the Bat” published by Ernest l Thayer.

June 13 – Congress creates Department of Labor.

June 23 – Abolitionist and Civil Rights leader, Fredrick Douglas received one vote from Kentucky Republican delegation for President at convention in Chicago, making him the first Negro to be nominated for President. Benjamin Harrison nominated.

July 4 – First American “rodeo’ held in Prescott, Arizona.

July 23 – John B Dunlap applied for patent on pneumatic tire.

July 27 – Phillip Pratt introduces first electric automobile.

Sept 4 – George Eastman patents flexible roll film for Kodak camera.

Oct 1 – First National Geographic magazine published.

Nov 6 – Benjamin Harrison elected President by electoral college, Grover Cleveland won popular vote.

Nov 15 – Susan B Anthony organized the Congress of Women’s rights in Washington DC.

Dec 3 – Fraternal order of Moose founded in America.

• World

March 18 – Kaiser Wilhelm I died, Wilhelm II becomes Kaiser.

May 15 – Slavery abolished in Brazil completely, over 4 million slaves freed.

Aug 6 – “Jack the Ripper” kills his first victim, Martha Turner in London.

Aug 15 – T.E. Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia” born in Wales, England.

Oct 15 – First women’s beauty contest held in Belgium.

Dec 23 – Painter Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear in fit of rage.


• Maury


• Tennessee •

Jan 20 – C.D. Vaughn of Tipton County organized Tennessee’s first Farmers Alliance and labor Union. Later in year the Alliance and “Colored Wheel” counted a combined 421 lodges in Tennessee.

Feb 16 – LaSea School of “Rock Seminary” Est., Miss Mattie Allmond, teacher.

Feb 22 – United Confederate Veterans Association of Tennessee founded.

Feb 23 – New Post Office of Andrews Est. at Morgan’s Hill. Walter H Estes Post Master.

March 30 – Gospel Tabernacle construction begins in Nashville, completed in 1893. Later renamed “The Ryman Auditorium.”

Feb 23 – The Maury Rifles “colored company” began drilling several nights per week on County Court House square and reportedly very proficient.

March 30 – Washington Cooper, renown Tennessee portrait painter died.

March 25 – Columbia reports one week egg production record with 5640 dozen eggs shipped.

March 31 – A race riot erupts in Franklin over alleged rape, several blacks killed.

March 25 – Duck River floods, Columbia Electric and Water Company engine room has 16 feet of water in it.

April 1 – Stiversville school constructed.

April 5 – Maury County Sheriff reports 25 prisoners in jail, “all colored except three.”

April 5 – Maury County Farmers and Breeders Association purchased grounds for County Fair to be located at “terminus of Street railway line” on Pulaski pike, cost $5699, Fair date set for Oct 2.

April 19 – An excursion train will run from Nashville to Cincinnati, Ohio and return for $5 fare, two days and three nights in first class coaches.


Feb – Workman digging under old Jones Academy, 4 miles south of Columbia discover the bodies of two federal picket soldiers. The school was built over the graves dug in November, 1864.

Feb 16 – Columbia installs new 12 inch sewer pipe along 7th street and Garden street.

April 5 – A number of log rafts of various kinds landed at Columbia on the Duck River, which flooded to 30 feet.

April 19 – The Bigbyville “Maury Guards” have changed their name to the “Cooper Rifles” to honor Duncan Cooper.

April 19 – The renting of Pews at the First Presbyterian church has been done away with, so there will be no discrimination in Gods Temple.

April 19 – The foundation of the A.M.E. Methodist church was laid in Columbia, Pastor J.L. Grigsby presiding.

April 19 – The cornerstone to the “Margaretta Bowles Hall”, an addition to the Columbia Institute has been added.

April 26 – US Senate passes bill to appropriate $200,000 for establishing a arsenal in Columbia, President Cleveland is expected to sign the bill.

May – Atkerson & Dalton open General store in Broadview.

May 2 – A huge crowd filed the Columbia opera house to show support for Columbia’s newest educational movement, the new Chatautaqua event held later this year.

• Maury


May 9 – Mr. Horace Rainy awarded the contract for building and grading the new race track on the new Fair grounds.

May 15 – William Shirley discovered Phosphate Rock on Gholson Hill.

May 31 – “800 darkies” attended a city wide Sunday School picnic sponsored by several different Columbia churches, held at City Park.

May 31 – Columbia Elevator Company to build a new elevator and building near the depot, capital stock of $15,000 contributed by McLemore Bros.

June 20 – Tennessee Chautauqua and normal school opened in Columbia.

June 28 – The Chaffin Bros. in Columbia offered pure northern great lakes ice for 1 cent per pound.

June 28 – Railroads announced three trains connect at Columbia, “The Cannon Ball”, going north, the “Morning Express” going south to New Orleans and the “Little pony” from Fayetteville, Tn.

July 4 – Maury County School Superintendent J.A. Smiser held examinations for teachers throughout County, assisted by Prof. Thomas Kelly. They introduced a written exam to replace the old short oral exam, formally in vogue.

July – Walter Steele bought Hal Pointer for $250, chose Pop Greer to train him, a former plow horse.

July 11 – Workman begin tearing down the old Presbyterian church in Spring Hill and begin constructing a new one.

July 11 – A beautiful memorial window was donated to the Episcopal church in Spring Hill by the Beechcroft school in memory of Mr. H.B. Estes.

July 18 – A permanent Republican Club was organized in Maury County. W.R. Conner elected Chairman, Samuel M. Arnell and Marshall McKissack secretaries, 60 members enrolled.

Aug 23 – Oakes & Sarven announce they will double their production of furniture at their Columbia factory.

Aug 27 – Culleoka Academy, the old Webb school destroyed by fire.

Aug – Andrews school opened in Columbia

• Tennessee

May 31 – Round trip ticket from Nashville to Chicago for Republican National convention will cost $13.65.

Aug 16 – Amos Miller, Negro lynched at Williamson County Courthouse in Franklin by mob for alleged rape of white women.


• Maury


Sept – Saint Paul's A.M.E. church opens black public school.

Sept 17 – Columbia votes to install electric power to citizens of the city and install electric street lights.

Sept – Witt Rifles organized by Capt. Ira C. Witt, a award winning military drill team.

Oct 2 – Maury County Fair opens on new Fair grounds south of city of Columbia, President H.B. Harlan.

Oct 11 – Maury County Fair declared a great success, Floral Hall construction completed for exhibits with one-half mile pacer track for racing.

Oct 28 – Mr. Theodore Roosevelt is visiting Spring Hill and stayed at Major Campbell Brown to research his book, “The Winning of the West“, and is writing about the American Mocking bird here.

Nov 12 – Mrs. Annie White (Mother White) called 10 women together at Mrs. W.C. Grace home on 8th street to form King’s Daughters circle. Motto: Be Ye ready for Good work. Mrs. Walter P Woolridge, President.

Nov 12 – Kings Daughter’s Circle organized in Columbia at home of Mrs. W.C. Grace, whose motto was “Be ye ready for every good work.”

Nov 26 – US Govt. purchased Buena Vista property in Columbia to build US Arsenal, former house of Lucius Eugene Polk, house razed in 1889.

Dec 13 – South Garden street widened to 20 feet as city purchased section of Hodge place.

Dec 20 – State reports Maury County ranked #1 in production of Irish potatoes.

Des 23 – New Spring Hill Presbyterian Church dedicated.

• Tennessee •

Sept 21 - Nashville begins converting horse drawn Trolleys to Electric powered street cars.


• United States


Jan 8 – Dr. Herman Hollerith, a statistician working for the US Census Bureau received a patent for a adding machine.

Jan 23 – Provident Hospital incorporated in Chicago, to become the first Negro training school for nurses.

Feb 3 – Belle Starr, outlaw died

Feb 15 – Department of Agriculture becomes cabinet position to President.

• World •

Jan 30 – Crown Prince of Austria commits suicide.

Feb 11 – Meiji Constitution of Japan adopted.

March 31 – Eiffel Tower opens in Paris.

April – Moulin Rouge opened in Paris.

Feb 22 – Congress passes bill to allow North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington states to join union.

April 20 – Adolf Hitler, German Nazi leader born in Braunau, Austria.

March 4 – Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as 23rd President of US.

May 1 – First May day celebrates Socialism in Europe.

March 18 – Capt. Fredrick Pabst buys Philip Best brewery and renames it Pabst brewery in Milwaukee.

May 2 – Emperor of Ethiopia, Menelik II signs treaty of Amity with Italy giving Italy control of Eritrea.

March 23 – President Harrison signs bill opening Oklahoma Indian territory for white settlement.

June – Diet of Japan formed.

Summer – Yellow fever stops work on Panama canal.

Nov 14 – Nellie Bly, the pen name of Elizabeth Cochran begins her 24,899 mile trip around the world in 72 days, a world record.

April 15 – Asa Philip Randolph, Negro labor leader born.

April 22 – Oklahoma land rush officially begins.

April 30 – The George Washington bridge between New York City and New Jersey opened.

May 1 – Bayer company introduces aspirin.

May 10 – Sherman anti-trust act passed by Congress.

May 31 – City of Johnstown, Pa. destroyed by 40 foot wall of water when dam collapsed, over 200 people died.

June 11 – electric lights installed in White House.

June 12 – Federal govt. passes game law to protect remaining 551 Buffalo.

July 8 – Dow Jones Company begins publishing Wall Street Journal.

Nov 20 Edwin Hubble, American Astronomer born, later proved existence of other galaxies.

Dec 6 – Jefferson Davis, former confederate President died in New Orleans, 81. •


• Maury


Jan 3 – US Govt. purchased 67 acres to construct a US Army Arsenal in Columbia. 38 acres purchased from Mr. Simms Latta and 24 acres from Col. E.C. McDowell, W.O. and R.C. Gordon.

Jan 10 – Carter’s Creek new depot completed.

Jan 17 – Oakes & Sarven dissolves their partnership, Mr. Sarven takes the furniture store, Mr. Oakes takes the factory.

Feb 14 – Williamsport Methodist Church has new 600 lb Bell installed.

• Tennessee •

Feb 10 – Holland N McTyeire, Methodist Bishop, founder of Vanderbilt University died, 65.

Feb 15 – Tennessee legislature passes Poll tax as prerequisite for voting.

Feb 19 – Tennessee legislature chartered the Ladies Hermitage Association and conveyed Hermitage and 25 acres to the Hermitage Association for preservation.

Feb 15 – Columbia Herald newspaper reports 14 different passenger trains pass through Columbia on a daily basis.

March 31 – Tennessee Sunday school convention held in Columbia.

Feb 25 – Electric Trolley’s replace horse drawn street cars in Nashville.

April 4 – Tennessee Milling company chartered in Columbia by H.A. McLemore, Wm. Baird, R. Ashton with $50,000 in capital.

March 10 – Tennessee Farmers Alliance created to represent the small farmers in Tennessee politics.

April 22 – Pulaski gets its first Telephone service.

April 18 – Tennessee legislature repeals Carter’s Creek city charter.

April 19 – Dr. Robert Pillow, Columbia health officer reminded citizens to clean and white wash their outhouses and spread Lime in them for the summer. May 17 – Construction of the US Army arsenal in Columbia begins with razing of old houses on the property.

June 19 – John Sevier, first Tennessee governor re-interred in Knoxville Court House yard. Died Sept 25, 1815 in Alabama.

June 9 – First Scotch-Irish Congress held in Columbia, est. permanent National Organization here. June 9 – Tennessee Milling company begins operation in Columbia, later becomes Buck’s Milling company, subsequently reorganized as Columbia mill & Elevator.

July 20 – Fund raiser in Franklin for Confederate monument raises $1876.

June 13 – 16 diplomas awarded at Andrews High school in Columbia.

Aug 17 – Former Governor of Tennessee, John C Brown died, 67, buried in Pulaski.

June 13 – Colonel J.W. Ridley, Maury County’s “Mule King” sold 143 head to Louisiana Sugar plantation for $25,000 and still has 217 head on hand. •

Aug 2 – Athenaeum gets remodeled, now has steam heat installed in all rooms.

Sept 3 – Battleground Academy opened in Franklin on 6 acre tract once the center of the Battle of Franklin.

• •

Aug 22 – New ice factory begins operation at White’s Spring.

Oct 21 – Tennessee General Assembly passes Hunting and Game Act, requires license and imposes hunting limits on game.

Aug 29 – 3rd annual “Colored Fair” announced for Oct3-6 in Columbia.

Sept 21 – Columbia sells City water works to land improvement company, includes Columbia Gas Works and Light plant. •


• Maury


Sept 28 – Central Primitive Baptist church organized by Chas. D. Dunston on Galloway above 9th Ave, Columbia.

Oct 14 – First circulating Library opened in Columbia.

Oct 14 – Mr. W. T. Ross, General manager of Tennessee Phonograph company announced he will be in the Bethel hotel with Mr. Edison's latest invention, the phonograph to record your words and play them back to you.

Oct 21 – Work on the new 300 foot Iron and Steel bridge across the Duck River in underway. The north side approach will be 140 feet, Maury County appropriated $21,000 to build it.

Nov – Groveland Post office Est., W.M. Denham Postmaster.

Nov. – Ben Post office est. 6 miles NW of Columbia.

Dec – Santa Fe College established with merger of Santa Fe Institute and Bryan school, Prof. J.W. Patton, President.

• Tennessee

First Steel bridge over Duck River at Columbia


Maury County Court House 1810-1848

DeBeers map 1878 Northeast Maury County

Battle of Spring Hill map, Nov 29, 1864


• United States


Jan 23 – The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad train sets American speed record of 78.1 MPH.

Jan 25 – United Mine Workers union founded.

Jan 31 – James Duke forms American Tobacco company and is named “King of tobacco” manufacturing.

Feb 18 – The National Women’s Suffrage Association and American women’s suffrage Association merge with Elizabeth Stanton 73, as President.

March – “Jim Crow” legislation increases across the south to promote segregation and discrimination.

March 27 – Tornado hits Louisville, Ky., kills 76.

April 11 – Ellis Island designated by US as Immigrant station.

• World •

Jan 1 – The Kingdom of Italy Est. Eritrea as a colony.

Jan 18 – King Amadeus I of Spain died.

March 20 – Kaiser Wilhelm II fires Otto Von Bismarck for outlawing the Social Democratic party in Germany.

May 2 – Congress created Territory of Oklahoma, formally known as Indian territory.

May 19 – Ho Chi Minh , future communist President of North Viet Nam born.

July – “Age of Invention” proclaimed as total US patents in 1889 reported at 23,360, against 19,585 in 1888 according to US patent office.

May 24 – George Francis Train completes around the world trip in balloon in record 67 days, 13 hours.

July 27 – Vincent Van Gogh kills himself.

Nov 23 – King William III of the Netherlands died, Princess Wilhelmina becomes Queen, causing Luxembourg to declare its independence.

July 2 – Sherman Anti-Trust act passed by Congress.

July – Idaho and Wyoming become 43rd and 44th state of union.

July 14 – Sherman silver purchase act passed by Congress, requires US Govt. to buy 4.5 million ounces of silver each month to mint coins.

Aug 6 – First Electric chair execution held in New York.

Aug – National carbon company markets first commercial dry cell battery under “Eveready” brand name.

Sept 24 – Farmers Alliance and Greenback party merge to form “People’s party” demanding increase of silver coinage to help farm mortgage debt.

Sept 25 – Congress Est. Yosemite National park.

Oct 11 – Daughters of American Revolution founded.

Oct 14 – Dwight D Eisenhower born.

Nov 29 – First Army-Navy football game played, Army 24Navy 0.

Dec 15 – Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull and 11 members of other tribes killed in South Dakota in fight with police.

Dec 29 – US 7th Cavalry massacres over 400 men, women & children in Ghost dance at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. •


• Maury


Jan – Buena Vista, the historic house razed to start construction of US Army Arsenal in Columbia ground breaking.

Jan 3 – Columbia’s new arc lights illuminate public square in demonstration.

Jan 18 – Waverly Jackson born in Maury County.

Feb 13 – Columbia approves contract for $3000 per year with Electric Company to install 35 arc lights in Columbia, the company agrees to install free arc lights in city hall.

Feb 20 – Young Men’s Christian association re-organized in Columbia, President Jos. Towler.

March – Columbia Street car fare reduced to .02 cents per trip, Mr. I.M. Sullivan Superintendent. Passenger’s can transfer from South park line to Depot line without charge.

March 20 – 2nd Tennessee “Chautaugua” opened in Columbia, one of the first cities to sponsor the event.

March 27 – The new Iron bridge across Duck River at Columbia completed.

April 2 – Cornerstone for new US arsenal laid.

April 3 – Athenaeum builds gymnasium and ten pin alley for amusement & exercise of girls.

April 10 – Farmers and Labors Union in Maury County reports 2000 members, Luther Frierson, Chairman.

April 24 – Mr. John Thomas Wright of Columbia awarded two patents for corn planter and churn power, over 2000 corn planters sold, 500 in Maury County.

April 24 – Rockdale furnace work continues, railroad lines from mines to main line of N.F. & S railroad under construction, says General manager, G.M. Killebrew.

May 8 – Spotted fever epidemic hits Pleasant Hill.

May 15 – 130 “colored Baptists were baptized in the Duck River, hundreds lined the bank of the river to witness the immersion above the bridge. “colored Methodists” held their baptism at Bob Bates farm below the bridge.

May 30 – Five students graduate from Andrews High school, diplomas awarded at Opera House.

June – Census shows Columbia at 5370; Mt Pleasant at 466, Maury county at 38,112.

• Tennessee •

Feb – Fredrick Gates, a New York wealthy real estate developer, founded the City of Harriman in East Tennessee. Property deeds stipulated no alcohol on property or lose property title.

March 6 – All Nashville street car lines consolidated into new company called “United Electric Street Railroad with $2.5 million in bonds, installed 40 miles of new track.

March 27 – Grubbs Candy & Cracker company of Nashville on Market street burned, largest in the south with a capacity of 200 barrels floor per day for crackers, 16,000 lbs candy per day, 700 varieties, 240 different kinds of cakes and employed 150 people.

May – Nashville General hospital opens with 60 beds.

June – Tennessee population set at 1.7 million.


• Maury


June 5 – George Warner, a “mulatto Negro” 25, lynched at Columbia bridge by mob for alleged rape of Mrs. John Paul of southwest Columbia, near Helm’s pond. Judge E.D. Patterson condemned the lynching.

June 5 – Tom Hal, great pacer died at Rockdale farms near Buford Station.

July 3 – Luther T Frierson, Maury County’s “Potato King” shipped 750 barrels of Tennessee rose potatoes to north western markets, Culleoka continues to ship Irish potatoes by the car loads.

July 10 - A new water line has been installed from the reservoir on Hampshire Pike.

July 10 – The Tennessee Milling company of Columbia surrendered their charter to become “Bucks Milling Company”, William E Baird, President.

July 17 – Society: The young people of the Zion neighborhood gathered at the “Denver House” on Mr. D.F. Walkers farm to engage in dancing from 8:30 PM until Midnight.

July 17 – “Over 1200 Negro’s” gathered at the Columbia Depot to see six bodies of their race, formally of this County, killed by explosion on the steamer “Tioga” in Chicago.

Aug 7 – Maury County named top producer of Irish potatoes and Mules by the state, with over 400 car loads of potatoes. One car equals 500 bushels.

Aug 14 – Columbia’s new ice machine company produces 20,000 lbs ice per day at White Spring’s.

Aug 14 – The Maury Mill Company at Carter’s Creek is back in operation after a fire, 400 barrels of flour per day.

Aug 14 – Mr. W.T. Ussery elected principal of McDowell School, assisted by Miss Effie Laurie and Miss Mary Beecher.

Aug 21 – 4000 Confederate veterans from across Tennessee meet in South Park in Columbia. The veterans denounce the “New South” idea and claim the old south still exists. General Lucius E Polk makes the key address, 1st Cavalry, 9th Battalion and Maury Artillery present.

Sept 4 – The Rockdale furnace starts up, 40 tons per day capacity.

Sept – The Duck River Station, 4 miles north of Columbia renamed “Godwin’, to honor Colonel Aaron Godwin, who served as station agent for many years.

Fall – Isaiah Gholston, former slave of Anthony Gholston, a brick mason and Preacher laid the corner stone of Isaiah Gholston Church at corner of Glade and Helm Street. (Helm Street is present day 11th Street, Bethel AME Church occupies today.) Church completed in 1892 and had Masonic Lodge on 2nd floor, later called Gholston Hall.

• Tennessee •

June – Nashville Trades and labor council organized, composed of different delegates from Nashville unions.

July 17 – Tennessee legislature adopts new Poll Tax law.

Aug – 19th Century Club founded at the Gayoso Hotel in Memphis to promote white female Intellectual and Spiritual well being state wide.

Aug 19 – Chickamauga and Chattanooga National military Battlefield park created with President Benjamin Harrison signing bill.

Aug 21 – 5000 gather in Lawrenceburg to witness laying of cornerstone for Davy Crockett monument.


• Maury


Oct 3 – Miss Clara Louise Kellogg performs at Columbia opera house, America’s prima donna of opera draws huge crowd.

Oct 23 – The cornerstone of the new “colored Methodist” church laid on Glade street, to be called the “Isaiah Golston church.”

Nov 1 – U S Army Arsenal main building completed.

Nov – Mt Pleasant Bank and Trust opened by J.P. Brownlow, Bithal Howard and others. Later renamed Farmers and Merchants

Golston Methodist church site is Bethel Chapel AME today

• Tennessee •

Oct – Vanderbilt and University of Nashville played first intramural football game.

Nov – Vanderbilt plays Peabody College in Nashville in intramural football game.

Nov 7 – John Buchanan (D) of Williamson County elected governor of Tennessee, supported by Farmers Alliance, first elected farmer as Governor.


• United States


Jan 3 – Sioux Indians attack supply train at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 6 hour fight.

Feb 7 – Great blizzard of 1891 hits mid west.

Feb 14 – Union General William Tecumseh Sherman died, 71.

March 3 – Congress approves creation of Federal Court of Appeals to reduce work load on US Supreme court.

March 3 – President Benjamin Harrison signs the Forest reserve act, allows President to set aside Forest land for conservation.

March 14 – A mob in New Orleans lynches 11 of 19 defendants found not guilty of the murder of the police chief.

March 21 – Former confederate General Joseph Johnston died in Washington DC.

April 1 – The Wrigley Company founded in Chicago, Ill.

April 7 – Nebraska adopts 8 hour day.

May 5 – Carnegie hall opens in New York City.

May 16 – George a Hormel introduces Spam meat product.

July – Whitcomb L Judson invents zipper in Chicago.

Aug 5 – American Express issues first Travelers Checks.

Sept 9 – Negro Cotton pickers strike in Arkansas for $1 per day wage.

Sept – Dr. James Naismith at YMCA training camp develops rules for basketball in Springfield, Mass.

Sept – Gold rush begins at Cripple Creek , Colorado.

Sept 22 – President Benjamin Harrison opens an additional 900,000 acres of Oklahoma Indian Territory to settlers.

Sept 28 – Herman Melville, author died, 72.

Nov 7 – Comanche, sole survivor of Custer’s last stand at Little Big Horn died, 31 at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Nov 25 – National Brotherhood of Electrical workers union founded.

Dec 29 – Thomas Edison invents his own Radio transmission and receiver signals.

• World •

Jan 1 – Social Security begins in Germany.

Jan 23 – Portuguese Republican erupts in city of Porto.

Jan 29 – Liliuokalani proclaimed Queen of Sandwich Islands, (Hawaii).

March 18 – Triple alliance between Germany , Austria and Italy renewed.

April 23 – Jews expelled from Moscow.

Summer – Wide spread famine sweeps Russia.

Sept – Eugene DuBois , Dutch anthropologist discovers “Java man”.

Sept – Trans-Siberian railroad construction begins.

Nov 15 – Edwin Rommel , WWII German Field Marshall born.


• Maury


Jan 2 – Fire destroys southwest corner of public square known as “Brown’s block”. Fire destroyed 5 brick store houses, Negro barbershop, saddle & harness shop, five saloons, five brick houses and tenement houses built in 1830’s, fire started in Joe Neely’s saloon.

Jan 2 – Columbia passes ordnance prohibiting mules & horses from blocking streets, and Jockey yard to be moved south outside city limits.

Jan 4 – Ashwood school for girls burned.

Feb 6 – Class of telegraphy, shorthand, and typing training offered at the residence of A.H. Shields on South Main , 12 people attending.

Feb 10 – Record breaking temperatures of minus 17 below zero recorded in Columbia.

Feb 13 – Columbia new city charter approved.

March 20 - Mr. Henry Watterson, Editor of the Louisville Courier, lectured in Columbia on money and morality at the Opera House. He also visited Major Campbell Brown’s and William Cheairs place where he spent considerable time of his early life in Maury County.

Spring – The Maury County kite shaped race track constructed on Hampshire Pike by W.C. “Buck” Jones, 2.5 miles from Columbia, rated as one of the fastest tracks for pacers.

Spring – William Shirley discovered stratified blue rock phosphate deposits near Knob Creek in northern Maury County, forms the Tennessee Phosphate Company.

April – Maury Bank & Trust opens in Columbia.

April 3 – Columbia Est. a “Commercial Club” to promote the “New South” business expansion effort. E.W. Gamble elected President. The organization was encouraged by George H Armstrong of Nashville.

April – Maury County Building and Loan Association founded, J.P. Street, President.

May 1 – Society: A large party from Columbia picnicked at Rattlesnake Falls, the group traveled in three wagons, games & strolls were enjoyed by all.

May – The Lanton school Est. on Greens Mill road.

May 14 – Old “Kent House” torn down to erect Main Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

May 15 – Martin T Cheairs, former Mayor of Spring Hill died.

May 17 – Glenn’s Chapel Methodist church dedicated by Rev. T.A. Kerley.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee General Assembly passes General education act, provides funding to public education.

Feb – Tennessee General Assembly passes Confederate Pension act.

Rattlesnake Falls post card early 1900’s


• Maury


May 25 – J.B. H. Fly shot three times while plowing near Concord, Green Wells, a Negro accused. Fly died two days later.

May – Mr. Luther Frierson’s Mt Pleasant invention of a selflocking barrel hoop for cooperage won National fame in the National Cooper’s journal. The invention doubles a Cooper’s output, company formed with $500,000 capital.

May 29 –Green Wells, a negro, was lynched in Columbia for alleged murder of John B Fly. The Columbia Herald editorial calls the lynching “a disgrace.” He was took from jail by mob of 500 and hung from bridge over Duck River.

June 5 – A mass meeting at the Maury County Court house denounced mob rule by resolution. Speaking for the resolution was W.J. Webster, G.T. Hughes, P.H. Southhall and E.D. Carder. Speaking against the resolution was James Dooley and W. J. Whitthorne. July – Holy Comforter Mission church founded on Embargo street by Mr. T.J. Brown, a “colored student” of the Hoffman hall at Nashville. Brown came to Columbia to form a Sunday school with “85 colored students” attending. He presented a graduating class to Bishop Quintard last October.

July – Taylorville Store Est. by Notgrass Taylor on Cathey’s Creek.

July 19 – Mrs. Pattie Lochridge 30, wife of Tom Lochridge, shot her three children of 4 yrs, 3 yrs and 4 months and herself in her home 3 miles SE of Spring Hill, left letter.

Sept 21 – William Curran Whitthorne died at his home in Columbia, a former US Congressman and US Senator.

Sept – The Howard Institute opened in Mt Pleasant., named to honor Bithal Howard. J.A. Bostick is principal

Oct 16 – The Polk family sues to obtain possession of the old Polk home in Columbia, Mrs. G.W. Fail contests the Polk will and seems determined to retain possession.

Oct 23 – Bank of Columbia fails.

Oct 26 – Maury National Bank & Trust opens, J.W.S. Ridley, President.

• •

Oct 26 – 5000 Maury Countians watch the $3000 match race between Direct , a California pacer driven by George Star and Hal Pointer driven by Pop Geer on the Columbia kite track Direct wins the three race match, breaks world record with 2:08 ¾ mile.

Dec 25 – Columbia announces the old jail on the southeast corner of 6th street & North Main will be remodeled to house the keeper and his family and a workhouse, there will be a city lockup and rock breaking shed downstairs and in the rear.

Dec 28 – Several businessmen of Columbia protested of the unfair and high freight rates charged by the L&N railroad.

• Tennessee •

May – Tennessee General Assembly gives counties the “option” of est. secondary schools and facilities.

July 14 – 300 armed miners revolt and surround the Tennessee Coal & Iron company compound and force the release of leased convicts used in mining. Start of “Coal Creek war”

Aug 2 – US Supreme court denied Mr. R.M. King of Memphis his appeal of his conviction of plowing his field on Sunday. Mr. king being a seventh day Adventist.

Aug – University of Tennessee organized a varsity football team.

Aug 14 – Mrs. Sarah Childress Polk, wife of President James K Polk died in Nashville.

W.C. Whitthorne

Oct 5 – David Lipscomb and James a Harding Est. the Nashville Bible school, forerunner of Lipscomb University.

Nov 6 – John Price Buchanan elected Governor of Tennessee.

Dec 2 – Nashville Bridge company founded in Nashville by Arthur J Dryer.


Confederate Memorial at Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, TN. 259


• United States


Jan 1 – First immigrants arrive at Ellis Island.

Jan 20 – First official basketball game played at YMCA in Springfield, Mass.

Feb 12 – Abraham Lincoln birthday declared a National holiday.

March 26 – Walt Whitman, American poet died, 73.

April – First Hawaiian pineapples in a can arrive in US.

April 15 – General Electric company founded with merger of Thompson-Houston company and Edison Electric company.

April 22 – Meyer’s mechanical voting machines first put into use in Lockport, New York.

June – Charles & Frank Duryea build first American gasoline powered automobile in Narragansett Park, Rhode Island.

• •

June 17 – Steelworkers begin strike at Homestead, Pa.

June 27 – Chicago World’s Fair and Columbian Expo opens.

Summer – Boll Weevil first appears in Texas cotton fields.

July 6 – Pinkerton strike breakers kill 10 steel workers on strike at Homestead, Pa.

July 26 – Henry C Frick, President of Carnegie Steel Corp. assassinated in Pittsburg, Pa.

Aug 4 – Lizzie Borden family found murdered in Fall river, Mass.

Aug 4 – Thomas Edison received patent for two way telegraph.

Sept – Report on lynching says 226 lynched in 1891, 155 of them Negro’s.

Sept 7 – Gentleman Jim Corbett defeats heavyweight boxing champion John L Sullivan, in New Orleans in 21 rounds.

Oct 5 – Bob Dalton and two others of Dalton gang shot and killed in Coffeyville, Kansas, Emmett Dalton severely wounded.

Oct 12 – First “Pledge of Allegiance” recited in all US schools to celebrate 400th year of Columbus discovery of America.

Nov 8 – Grover Cleveland re-elected President.

Nov 20 – Pennsylvania state troopers break Homestead steel strike.

• World •

Feb 27 – Rudolf Diesel applies for patent on his compression ignition engine.

March 20 – First ever French Rugby football championship game played in Paris.

May 22 – British troops defeat Ijebu infantry in Nigeria to gain control of country.

July 8 – Great fire of 1892 destroys St John’s Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dec 18 – Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” premiered in St Petersburg, Russia.


• Maury


Jan 3 – Society; Columbia’s event of the season, a masquerade Cotillion given by the young ladies of the German Club at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Roberts on 6th street.

March 17 – Columbia reports 18 inches of snow.

April 8 – Maury County Court revokes the charter for the Pulaski Pike, approves forfeiture of Horace Rains Maury County Turnpike Company.

April – John Trotwood Moore begins writing for Columbia Herald, entitled “Trotwood Talk” on horses and farming.

April 21 – Isaiah Gholston “colored” completed church on corner of Glade & Helm street, Masonic Hall in upper story.

May 27 – Tennessee State Supreme Court sets aside the lawsuit brought by Tasker Polk and heirs of James K Polk who wanted trust of Presidents estate now owned by adopted daughter of President, Mrs. G.W. Fall .

• Tennessee •

Jan 8 - Nashville fire burns dozens of buildings at Church & Union street, three “colored fireman killed”, $500,000 loss of Webb & Stevenson company warehouse, Columbia fireman called to respond to help control the blaze.

Jan – Joel Owsley Cheek developed a rich blend of coffee and convinced the Maxwell House hotel to serve it exclusively.

April 29 – Tennessee State Supreme Court upholds Maury County court decision to forfeit Mr. Horace Rainy’s Maury County Central turnpike charter.

May – Farmers Alliance and Labor union split in two, some joining the People’s Party (Populists) and supporting John P Buchanan for Governor and others supporting the new south Democrats and Peter Turney for Governor.

May – Union Gospel Tabernacle completed, now called the Ryman auditorium.

July – Judah Rosenthal Victorian house at present day 207 West 8th street constructed, work and design completed by J.E.R. Carpenter, later architect of Maury County Courthouse and “Father of modern day apartments” along 5th Ave. in New York City. House built for J. Rosenthal who arrived in Columbia in 1866 from Poland, spoke no English, worked as pack peddler for 2 years to save money to open store at 117 West 7th street. Present day Law office of Courtney, Fleming, Holloway and Flynn.

May 12 – Tennessee Confederate Soldiers home and cemetery opened near Hermitage.

May 15 – Three mile cantilevered bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis opens.

Summer – Edward Emerson Barnard, Nashville astronomer, discovers fifth moon of Jupiter.

July 12 – N.F. & S freight train wreaks near Mt Pleasant after hitting cow, brakeman George Pyle killed.

Aug – Coal miners of Grundy County revolt at two sites operated by the Tennessee Coal and Iron company over leased convicts used in mining.

July 23 – Columbia Odd fellows Lodge #3 laid cornerstone of 3 story brick building.

Aug 2 – Columbia Herald reports baseball becoming very popular in Maury County.

Aug 19 – Striking coal miners of Coal Creek, Tn. Surround 150 prisoners and guards at Oliver Springs, Tn. To stop convict contracting. Tennessee militia ordered into area.

Aug 9 – Maury County citizens and Columbia Herald call for “Good Roads” and free toll roads.

Aug 18 – Hal Pointer with Pop Geers at the reins breaks the world pacing record with mile at 2:10.

Sept 1 – Black Sulphur spring well discovered on farm of Mrs. J. K. Timmons in Knob Creek area, 6 miles from Columbia.

Sept 21 – Sulky’s use pneumatic tires for first time on Maury County kite track.

• •

Hal Pointer Nov 5 – Peter Turney elected Governor of Tennessee.

Sept 28 – Prof. Brownlee’s school and McDowell school play for West End championship.

Oct 20 – “Dark’s Mill” bridge constructed over old Civil War fort, many relics found. •

Dec 2 – General Lucius Polk died at his home in Mt Pleasant.


• United States •


Feb 1 – Thomas A Edison opens a motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey.

• World •

Jan 13 – Labour Party founded in United Kingdom.

Feb 23 – Rudolf Diesel receives patent for Diesel engine.

Feb 24 – Philadelphia and Reading railroad files for bankruptcy.

March 3 – Hawaii proclaimed a Republic in Coup, annexed by US.

March 4 – Grover Cleveland inaugurated as 24th President, also served as 22nd President.

March 10 – Ivory Coast becomes French colony.

March 25 – Sherman Anti – Trust law first used against union leaders.

April 5 – Lord Stanley donates hockey cup to Montreal Amateur Athletic Association as trophy.

March 27 – Stock market crash leads to panic, 600 banks and 74 railroads closed.

April – France acquires Laos after brief conflict in FrenchSiamese war.

April – Henry Ford begins experiments with internal combustion engine in Dearborn, Mich.

April 13 – US Marines occupied Hawaiian islands to end coup.

May 1 – Columbian Exposition opens in Chicago.

May 15 – US Supreme court rules Anti-Chinese immigration act unconstitutional. •

June 20 – American railway union formed with Eugene Debs as President, first industrial union of railway workers.

June 7 – Gandhi commits his first act of Civil disobedience in India.

June 21 – Trail of Lizzie Borden axe murder of mother and father begins, found innocent. •

June 21 – First Ferris Wheel premieres at Chicago Columbian Exposition.

July 11 – Kokichi Mikimoto perfects method to grow cultured pearls in Japan.

July 22 – Katherine Lee Bates writes song “America the Beautiful” in Colorado.

Sept 19 – New Zealand becomes first nation to grant all women the right to vote.

Aug 22 – Hurricane hits Savannah and Charleston, over 2000 killed.

Sept 16 – 100,000 white settlers rush to claim 6 million acres of Cherokee land in Oklahoma, some “Sooners” don’t wait.

Oct 1 – Hurricane kills over 1800 in Mississippi and Louisiana with tidal surge.

Oct 6 – Nabisco Foods introduces Cream of Wheat.

Nov 7 – Colorado becomes first state to grant women the right to vote.


• Maury


Jan 8 – George Washington Polk died at rectory of St John’s church.

March 3 – Columbia Kite track sold at auction to Mr. W.L. Grandville for $7500.

April 14 – Columbia Athletic club demonstrates acrobatic skills at the Opera House.

April 21 – Maury County & Santa Fe Turnpike company in court to settle who is responsible for repairing the Godwin bridge over the Duck River.

April 21 – J.P. Hood opened restaurant where meals can be obtained at any hour in Columbia for 10 cents to $1.00. Located in old Bucket shop, 2nd door from A.D. Frierson’s book store.

May 4 - 2nd National Bank in Columbia closed.

June – Maury Courier newspaper est. in Mt. Pleasant by Barrow & Haywood of Summertown.

• Tennessee

March 4 – Howell Edmunds Jackson of Jackson, Tn. made Associate Justice of US Supreme Court.

March 28 – Edmund Kirby Smith, last surviving full General of Confederacy died at Sewanee, Tn., 69 March 30 – Lynnville fire destroys town, fire started in McQuige brothers saloon, $40,000 loss.

Spring – Confederate Veteran magazine founded by Sumner Archibald Cunningham in Nashville.

June 9 – Colonel John McGavok died in Franklin.

Summer – President James K Polk and wife Sarah Childress Polk re-interred in Tennessee State capital.

Aug 8 – Donald Davidson, Poet ,writer and Social critic born in Campbellsville, Tn. Educated at Lynnville academy and Branham & Hughes in Spring Hill. A member of the “Fugitive” poetry magazine from 1922 to 1925 and coauthor of “I’ll take My Stand.”

Sept – Memphis University school founded by E.S. Wert and J.W.S. Rhea.


July 20 – The Columbia City Water Company installs new intake supply pipe above Helm’s branch.

Aug 24 – Tennessee Perfection Stave Company broke ground in Mt Pleasant, capitalized with $10,000. F.M. Rickets and Luther Frierson are owners.

Oct – “Webster’s Grove” becomes political stump meeting place on old Hampshire road, 2.5 miles west of Columbia.

• United States


Jan 8 – Fire destroys the Chicago world Fair and Columbian Exposition, $2 million loss.

Jan 17 – Congress repeals the Sherman silver purchase act.

Feb 4 – The New York World prints the first color comic strip.

Feb 8 – Congress repeals the election enforcement act of 1871, leaving states in full control of elections.

April 14 – Ten Edison “Kinetoscope“ parlors open in New York City.

• World

March 4 – First Sino-Japanese war begins.

April – Guglielmo Marconi builds first successful Radio receiver.

May – New Zealand passes first minimum wage law.

June 24 – President Carnot of France assassinated by Italian César Giovanni Santos by stabbing him several times.

Aug 1 – Japan & Korea declare war on China.

May 11 – Pullman rail car strike begins.

June 21 – William Jennings Bryant speaks on merits of unlimited silver coinage at Democratic convention in Omaha, Nebraska.

June 26 – 130,000 members of the American railway workers union strike to support the Pullman strikers.

June 28 – President Cleveland signs bill making Labor day a National holiday for Federal employees.

July 6 – President Cleveland sends 2000 troops to Chicago to break Pullman strike.

Aug – Milton Hersey introduces the “Hersey Bar” in Lancaster, Pa.

Aug 27 – President Cleveland allows the Wilson-Gorman tariff act to become law without signature. Law provides for income tax to balance deficit of Federal Govt.

Sept 1 – Forest fire in Hinckley, Minnesota causes hurricane winds, killing 500, burns 100,000 acres.

Sept 13 – US Congress passes 2 percent income tax on all income over $4000.

Oct 15 – French Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus arrested for spying on false evidence.

Sept 14 – 12,000 Tailors strike in New York to protest sweat shop working conditions.

Nov 1 - Russian Tzar Alexander III died, succeeded by his son, Nicholas II.

Nov 27 – US and Japan sign treaty of commerce.

Dec 14 – US troops clash with Pullman strikers, 13 killed, 53 wounded.

Dec 22 – Dreyfus affair begins, Alfred Dreyfus a Jew convicted of treason in France.


• Maury


Jan 11 – Walker and Frierson Dry Goods store forced to close in Columbia.

Jan 11 – Tennessee Supreme Court rules Maury County not obligated to repair the Godwin bridge in appeal by Horace Rainy in Santa Fe turnpike case.

Feb 8 – Maury County Grand Jury reports that Poor House & asylum is in “admirable condition”, with “14 white male lunatics and idiots; 18 white female lunatics and 5 female idiots; 16 colored male lunatics and 3 idiots; 10 colored females lunatics and idiots.” The Superintendent and family of 3, total of 14 cattle on hand, hogs 8, 100 barrels of corn, flour 3 barrels, sugar one barrel, one barrel coffee, 500 lbs tobacco and 700 lbs bacon.

March – Phoenix National bank opens in Columbia, J.P. street, President; J. W. Frierson, Vice-Pres.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association formed with seven members, including Vanderbilt and Sewanee Universities.

March 22 – Athenaeum Grove received an additional 20 different varieties of trees as 100 trees planted on the grounds by Capt. Frank Smith.

March 22 – Tennessee state fishing law goes into effect, controls net fishing traps, baskets and boxes which are restricted to 1.5 inch openings.

March 29 – Mt Pleasant Bank & Trust merged with Lynnville Bank & Trust, reorganized as Farmers & Merchants Bank, relocates to Columbia, moves into old Bank of Columbia building, recently occupied by 2nd National Bank. J.W. Fry, President.

April 15 – Bessie Smith, blues singer born in Chattanooga, Tn.

April – Hay Long Seminary est. on 5 acres donated by William H Long to Mt Pleasant Presbyterian church, later converted into Hay Long College in 1898, Hay Long city public school in 1908.

April 5 – The Bigbyville business district was destroyed by fire, 5 buildings burned including the Masonic Hall, N.R. Holden house and Saddle shop, J.W. Faires house, Dr. Thomson’s office and the Pender brothers store house.

April 12 – Tennessee Phosphate Company organized by W.J. Whitthorne, D.B. Cooper, J.T. Crake and H.R. Arnold, first to ship commercial phosphate from Mt. pleasant field.

April 19 – Farmers and Merchants opened in the 2nd National Bank, purchased the banks furniture and fixtures. B. Howard, President of Mt Pleasant Bank & Trust turned over all assts to the new owners.

April 19 – Maury County Education Association founded.

April 19 – The Bethel Hotel sold, Richard L Granberry purchased hotel from R.P. Dobson., including bus line.

April 19 – First Phosphate company in Maury County chartered by Colonel D.B. Cooper in Mt Pleasant, the Tennessee Phosphate Company.

May 1 – Columbia Water Works defaults on Bonds. •


• Maury •


June 14 – Society: The Bethel Hotel hosts the annual June “German” given by young men of Columbia to honor graduates of the City schools, entertaining music played by celebrated Italian band from Nashville.

July 4 – 2000 people assembled at Carter’s Creek barbeque to celebrate the 4th of July.

July 11 - Satterfield & Dotson Hardware Company founded, located on West 7th street

Aug 30 – Mrs. A.O.P. Nicholson (Caroline O’Reilly) died.

Sept 6 – Columbia passes ordnance prohibiting male citizens from frequenting with prostitutes, fine is $2 to $10, if convicted.

Oct 4 – The Barnum & Bailey circus arrived in Columbia, 12 tents, 1200 people, 400 horses, 30 elephants on 4 trains.

Oct 25 – Columbia adopts local board of education system to operate schools, school board actions subject to city alderman and mayor approval.

Nov. – Hay Long College chartered by Rev. John Stephenson Frierson, pastor of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian church. College named to honor daughter of William Hay Long, who donated 80 acres on commanding hill adjoining city.

Nov 29 – Columbia Board of Trade organized, 36 members, George McKennon, President.

• Tennessee •

Sept 10 – United Daughter’s of Confederacy (UDC) founded in Nashville by Mrs. Caroline Meriwether Goodlett.

Sept – The Memphis Commercial newspaper and the Appeal merge to from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Nov 1 – Republicans and Populists join together to form the “Fusion” party to defeat the Democrats in Tennessee.

Dec 27 – Shiloh National Military Park established by Congress

Dec 12 – Columbia Water Works to be auctioned Feb 15, property bounded on east by Bridge street, south by east sixth street, north by Duck River, lot 109 with pumping station, purchased July 14, 1883, includes reservoir property on Mt Parnassus.


!878 DeBeers map of Macedonia area of Columbia Phosphate mining near MT. Pleasant circa 1900



• United States


• World

Jan – J.C. Wooten, E.W. Gamble and Lucius Frierson bought Columbia Ice Company and moved plant from Burns spring to white’s spring at ot of Frierson street.

Jan 5 – Alfred Dreyfus , a Jew, sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island by French military court for alleged treason.

Feb 11 – Congress establishes Gettysburg National Military Park with 2400 acres, includes cemetery.

March 4 – Japanese troops capture Liaoyang and Taiwan.

• •

Feb 20 – Fredrick Douglas, Civil Rights leader and abolitionists died, 78.

April – Cuban revolution for independence against Spain erupts.

• •

March – George Vanderbilt completes 250 room Biltmore estates built on 125,000 acres in North Carolina in Blue Ridge mountains.

April 17 – China and Japan sign treaty of Shimonoseki, China cedes claims to Korea and Taiwan.

April 11 – US Supreme Court declares Federal income tax unconstitutional.

Summer – First motion picture, “The arrival of the Train in Station” shown by Lumiere brothers in Paris.

Sept 28 – Louis Pasteur, chemist died, 73.

Oct 1 – French troops capture Antanarivo in Madagascar.

Nov 8 – Wilhelm Rontgen, German discovers X-rays.

Nov 27 – Alfred Nobel signs last will and testament to Est. the Nobel prize before his death.

July 20 – US intervenes in Venezuelan crisis with Great Britain over border dispute.

Aug 19 – John Wesley Hardin, outlaw gunned down at Acme saloon in El Paso, Tx. by Sheriff John Selman.

Aug 26 – Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant built by Westinghouse goes into operation.

Sept 3 – First professional football game played at Latrobe, Pa.


• Maury


Jan 17 – Secretary of the Treasury approves $8000 to complete iron fence enclosing the Columbia arsenal.

Feb 7 – Matthew Calloway and Mary Walters “colored” found guilty of murder of Jim Walters of Santa Fe, sentenced to be hung April 20.

March 29 – Columbia votes to approve the Frierson & Lipscomb Telephone club who will install telephone lines, poles and equipment in the city.

April 11 – The Columbia Board of Education voted to abolish the Superintendent position and presented a budget of $6300 to the Mayor and Alderman.

April 11 – Tennessee Sales agency in Columbia announced it will sell a splendid collection of roadsters, fancy saddles, matched teams and combined teams of 300 horses in South Park.

April 19 – Sheriff Ragsdale upon court order hung Matthew Calloway, a Negro at the City jail for the murder of Jim Walters, Mary Walters commuted to prison.

May 16 – George Childress pleads guilty to 23 counts of embezzlement, causing the 2nd National Bank to fail in 1893. He stole $140,000 and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Aug 8 – 54 car loads of potatoes were shipped from the Clawson & Stevens farm, the average of 150 barrels per car for 8100 barrels total.

Aug 8 – Edward W Carmack, editor of the Memphis Commercial Appeal spoke in Columbia on the silver standard at the Opera House, claimed that the money question is the most important question before the nation.

Sept – Maury Dry Goods Company organized by S.T. Maxwell, Jno. T. Wooten, J.E. Walker, W.J. Dale and J.E. Littlefield.

Sept 19 – The Tennessee Confederate reunion was held in Columbia, 20,000 visitors and citizens paraded from the Athenaeum to Morgan’s grove on Mooresville pike. Thousands watched from hillside as Jones Cavalry goes through maneuvers, Governor Turney was main speaker.

Oct 3 – Miss Lottie Wilkins voted most popular lady in Columbia at Alcorn’s drug store contest.

Oct 11 – The Columbia Arsenal fence installed by Dobbins & Ewing and Cardwell & Simpson contractors.

• Tennessee

Spring – The National Baptist convention in Nashville unites four different denominations to delegate specific types of religious work to various Baptists boards and agencies.

May 9 – Joint General Assembly of Tennessee legislature declares Peter Turner Governor by plurality, Turner 94,794; Evans 92,400; Mims 23,088.

Aug – Tennessee anti-saloon league founded.

Sept 18 – Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park dedicated, 100,000 acres, monuments erected.

Oct – National Medical Association for African-American physicians co-founded by Dr, Miles Vanderhorst Lynk, son of former slaves and born in Brownsville, Tn.


• Maury


Oct 15 – W.H. Wilkes, founder of Culleoka, struck and killed by a train in front of Masonic Hall.

Oct 20 – Fence at US Arsenal completed, cost $20,000. Cardwell & Simpson of Columbia did stonework, Dobbins & Ewing did Iron work.

Oct 28 – Ringling Bros. Circus arrives in Columbia, 4 trains, 1000 people and three ring circus.

Nov – Draper House Hotel est. in Spring Hill by Pink Caperton.

Nov 7 – Tests confirm citizens of Columbia can talk long distance by telephone to Chicago and New York.

Nov 28 – New Columbia city reform ticket elected to Mayor and Alderman positions, Mayor A.J. Nichols promises to lead change.

Nov 28 – Several wagons loaded with emigrants passed through Columbia enroute to Lewis County where 10,000 acres of land was purchased by 250 families who will settle there.

Dec 5 – Fire destroys the “Brown block” on SW corner of the public square, $35,000, Hood Hotel, A.J. Johnson saloon, Cook & Sons fruit stand, Ruttles stable, offices of John L Jones, Eugene Pillow and W.W. Frierson.

Dec 12 – The Columbia Gas plant and properties on Lot #50 bounded by Division & 5th street, east of Duck River, west of North Main with franchise to be sold at auction.

• Tennessee •

Nov 17 – First Swiss settlers arrived by train in Lewis County where 13,000 acres purchased to form a colony, new town laid out (Hohenwald) meaning “High Forest” of new Switzerland. Named changed to Hohenwald in 1897 when it became the new County seat.

US Arsenal Guard house and fence, Columbia Academy today.

Dec 31 – Ida B Wells completes the first statistical pamphlet on lynching in Memphis, Tn. , entitled “The Red Record.”


Bethel Hotel at NW corner of West 7th and Garden street

Maury County Court House on Livestock day on Public square in Columbia circa 1900

• United States


Jan 4 – Utah becomes 45th state of Union.

Jan 20 – George Burns born, comedian.

Feb 13 – Carnegie Steel company begins use of Electric motors to carry hot billets of steel from furnace to rollers at Homestead, Pa. plant.

March 16 – Major boundary dispute between Texas and Oklahoma settled in US Supreme court.

April 10 – First needle factory in US opens in Chicago.

May 18 – US Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson introduces “separate but equal” doctrine in public accommodations, opens the door to “Jim Crow” legislation.

May 26 – Dow Jones Industrial average first reported by Charles Dow in New York city.

May 27 – 3rd most deadly tornado in US history kill 255 in St Louis, Mo.

May 31 – US National debt reported at $1.8 million.

June 4 – Henry Ford completes first experimental “quadricycle” automobile in his Dearborn, Mich. Workshop after two years work.

June 19 – Southern Highway association formed and meets in Washington DC.

July 9 – William Jennings Bryan makes his “Cross of Gold” speech at Chicago Democratic convention to win nomination for President.

Aug – Diamond Match company introduces “book matches”.

Sept – John Philip Sousa composes “Stars and Strips Forever.”

Sept 17 – New steel making Bessemer test process in Birmingham, Alabama reported a success at new Jefferson steel plant, process will lower cost of steel to $5.50 per ton.

Oct 1 – US Post office offers free rural delivery of mail (RFD) in Virginia for first time.

Nov 15 – Niagara falls hydroelectric plant #1 begins first long distance power transmission of alternating current to Buffalo, New York.

• World •

Jan 3 – French company in Paris begins production of butter made out of coconut oil, called ‘coco butter.”

March 1 – Ethiopia defends its independence from Italy in Battle of Adwa.

April 6 – The opening ceremonies of the first modern day Olympics conducted in Greece , first since 393 AD.

April 10 – First exclusive woman’s magazine “The Ladies Diary” published in England.

June 15 – Earthquake and tsunami in Japan kills 27,000.

Aug 16 – Gold discovered in Klondike in Yukon.

• •

Dec 10 – Alfred Nobel died. 272

• Maury


Jan 2 – New Columbia militia company formed, “The Columbia Light Infantry”. Officers were Capt. F.R. Gamble, 1st Lieut. F.A. Shoup; 2nd Lieut. W.W. Moore with 32 members, later admitted to Tennessee militia 1st regiment.

Jan 2 – Hundreds of Negro’s parade through Columbia to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the emancipation of slaves.

Jan 16 – Williamsport Turnpike company formed, stockholders elect W.J. Russell, President; report 8 miles of road completed, new toll gate installed.

Jan 20 – Society: Leap year masquerade ball given at the Masonic Hall by Columbian girls society, Misses Minnie Towler and Louise Frierson presenting quests.

Feb – Judge S.O. Weatherly discovered “Brown rock” phosphate near Mt Pleasant on Jennings farm (High grade).

Feb 13 – Maury County “Turner Normal and Industrial school” reports a daily average of 55 “colored” students. Classes in Carpentry rank highest, needle work, cooking and house work classes also do well, Mrs. F.A. Turner, President and principal.

Feb 13 – Society: Maury County Court house bell to be rung every night at 10 PM, except Saturdays to warn all whiskey dealers and 11Pm to close all establishments.

Feb 20 – Columbia Water Works, Gas Works and Electric Light company bought at auction by Mr. Charles Bigelow of New York.

Feb 27 – Maury County Tennessee Centennial Committee appointed.

March – Columbia Mill & Elevator Company formed, formally Tennessee Milling Company and bucks Milling Company, W.A. Dale, President. Blue Flour is brand of flour.

March 5 – Rabbi Isidore Lewinthal addresses Hebrew school class, speaks on “Reform Judaism” at Columbia Masonic Hall.

March 19 – The stockholders of Citizens Telephone Company met at Columbia city hall for temporary organization. Dr. Robert Pillow elected President, John A Oakes, treasurer. The company will provide telephone service at one-half the cost of Bell telephone company and has 107 telephone orders.

March 19 – The Cumberland Presbyterian church selects Columbia as the site of their new orphanage. The site to be on the old Columbia College lot, 10 acres, now owned by Capt. Joe Fussell. Construction to begin in June, $10,000 cost and will accommodate 500 to 1000 orphans.

March 26 – Columbia & Williamsport Pike built from Arsenal to Williamsport.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee Federation of Women's clubs organized.


• Maury


April 2 – A Grand bicycle race for girls and young ladies at South Park announced. The event sponsored by the Daughter’s of the Confederacy, race set for May 1.

April 9 – Little Bigby Turnpike company granted right of way from south terminus of Campbell’s Pike to run 5 miles south as extension of Little Bigby Turnpike.

April 10 – Columbia Herald calls for “Free roads” system in Maury County.

April 16 – Water Valley consists of two store houses, a Post Office, church, school house, blacksmith shop, doctors office and several homes.

• Tennessee

April 17 – Hog Cholera epidemic rages across Tennessee

Spring – Horace Greenly Hill opened his first H.G. Hill grocery store. He pioneered self-service, cash & carry and newspaper advertising. He soon had over 500 stores in Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama.

Summer – Mary Eliza Church Terrell of Nashville founded the National Association of colored Women (NACW) to champion race and equality

April 16 – Leftwich contains one store run by F.L. Patterson, blacksmith shop of Will Sharp and John Hardison horse shoer.

April 19 – Hickman County approves $4000 to build bridge across the Duck River at Gordon’s Ferry.

April 25 – Bear Creek turnpike built by Horace Rainey.

May 7 – Dobbins & Ewing of Columbia announce they have the newest bicycles with 28 inch wheels from $50 to $100 each.

May 9 – First Maury County Sunday school convention called for all ministers in Maury County at First Presbyterian church.

May 14 – Mr. Henry Pointer finds Skelton of union soldier one-half mile north of Spring Hill along washed out section of McCutheon’s Creek. He will rebury the body on the farm.

May 14 – Columbia passes ordnance to prohibit sale of liquor on Sabbath, playing billiards or Ten Pin. Businesses required to close on the Sabbath.

May 20 – Central Phosphate company organized to operate in Mt Pleasant.

May 22 – The Turner Industrial school teachers and 85 students picnicked at the City Park grove near the arsenal.

May 22 – Georgia Evangelist, Sam Jones preaches in Columbia against greed and whiskey to hundreds in attendance at tent meeting.

May 28 – 30 Coopers in Columbia strike Perfection stave & Barrel company, demanding increase of 4 cents per barrel increase. Barrels currently selling for 18 to 20 cents.

June 4 – Tens of thousands of people attend opening dedication of Centennial Exposition building in Nashville.

June 3 – Ice Cream and Coca Cola costs 5 cents at Alcorns Drug store in Columbia.

June 3 – The “colored teachers” institute meets in Columbia, Prof. D.W. Kennedy, President.

June 10 – R.H. Boyd founded the National Baptist Publishing Board for African-American music. First black music publishing company in US.


• Maury


June 11 – The Turner Normal and Industrial school announced it has enrolled 109 students ,7 teachers and graduated 16 this year.

June 15 – The Lanton Christian church organized.

July – Telephone lines extended to Mt Pleasant.

July 23 – Columbia repeals the charter of the Columbia Street railway company.

Aug 7 – Columbia Power, Water and Light company installs 12 intake pipe for the reservoir near the Lime kiln above Helms branch.

Aug 6 – W.W. Moore, Superintendent of the Columbia Water Works and Lights reports installing two 100 HP steam engines and boilers and generators at pumping station to run pumps electric motors.

Aug 9 – McLemore Milling company closes, the Columbia Milling company chartered and incorporated, will rent the McLemore property.

Sept 4 – Citizens Telephone company reports 120 subscribers, service costs $1 per month.

Sept 11 – The Columbia Herald endorses silver standard over gold, supports William Jennings Bryant for President.

Sept 11 – Maury County’s Turner “colored” Normal and Industrial school re-chartered as the “Tennessee State Normal and Industrial school, announces its ready to meet of needy “colored” teachers and pupils from across the state.

Sept 21 – Columbian Phosphate company organized

Sept 24 – Andrews school in Columbia has largest enrollment in history with 567 students.

Oct 1 – Society: The Culleoka Literary Society holds its first meeting at the home of J.T. Amis to study Shakespeare's “Merchant of Venice”

Oct 1 – Pleasant Garden Methodist church destroyed by fire in Culleoka.

Oct 8 – Frank Johnson, a “mulatto” found guilty of axe murder of Austin Rye in front of Dunnington house on West 7th street, sentenced to be hung on Nov 27th.

Nov 26 – Major Greer at the US Arsenal planted 600 selected Hollies, Magnolias, Red buds, Elms, Mountain Ash, Oak, Dogwood, Weeping Birch, Silver Maple and Hickory trees, also installed electric lights around the new fountain.

Nov 27 – Frank Johnson, 17 year old “mulatto” hung behind Maury county jail by Sheriff Webb. The body sent to his mother in Franklin at his request.

• Tennessee

Sept – The first horseless carriage automobile driven in Nashville.

Oct 26 – Adolph Ochs, 38 publisher of Chattanooga Times purchased New York Times.

Nov 4 – Robert Love Taylor (D) elected Governor of Tennessee.


• United States • • •

Jan 1 – New York City annexes Brooklyn.

Feb 17 – National Congress of mother’s founded in Washington DC, forerunner of national PTA.


• World •

Jan 22 – 82 British soldiers held off attacks at outpost of 4000 Zulu warriors in Battle of Rorke’s Drift in South Africa, Movie :”Zulu” depicted event.

Feb 18 - British troops torch Benin in punitive expedition for resistance to British control.

April 3 – Johannes Brahms, German composer died.

Jan 14 – “National Good Roads” conference meets in Orlando, Fla. To promote National highway improvements.

March 4 – William McKinley inaugurated as President.

March 17 – First championship boxing match filmed in Carson City, Nev. Between Bob Fitzsimmons and Gentleman Jim Corbett, Corbett won.

March 22 – US Supreme Court ruled 18 railroad companies violated Sherman anti-trust act by banding together to fix rates.

April 19 – First Boston Marathon ran.

April 7 – Turkey declares war on Greece.

April 22 – Ulysses S Grant’s tomb dedicated in Manhattan, New York.

May 14 - Britain signs peace treaty with Emperor Menelik II of Abyssinia.

May 18 – Dracula, a novel by Irish writer, Bram Stoker published.

June 22 – Queen Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

June 16 – US signs treaty to annex Hawaii.

July 24 – Amelia Earhart born in Kansas.

Aug 21 – Ransom E Olds builds first “Oldsmobile” in Lansing, Mich.

Sept 1 – Boston subway opens, first underground Metro in US.

Sept 2 – “McCalls” magazine first published.

Sept 3 – First world Zionist Congress organized by Theodore Herzl.

Sept 11 – 75,000 coal miners in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia strike for 8 hour day.

Sept 20 – Greece and Turkey sign peace treaty to end 30 day war.

• •

Sept 21 – New York Sun writer, Francis P Church replies to little girls letter, Virginia O’Hanlon, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Sept 25 – William Faulkner, American writer born.


• Maury


Jan 7 – 850 mules sold in Columbia, $60,000 value is high water mark for mule sales.

Jan 14 – Newly chartered Columbia Creamery purchased a lot in the city to construct a new building, says L.P. Padgett, chairman.

Feb 9 – Jane Knox Chapter of DAR organized at home of Mrs. Douglas Robinson.

March – Harlan phosphate mines opened by Central Phosphate Company.

March 4 – Columbia passes ordnance requiring saloons to sell and serve all liquor in the front room of the building on the 1st floor, no screen, curtains or stained glass to block the public view.

March 4 – Star Pointer sold by W.B. Fasig & company at Madison Square garden New York for $15,600.

March 16 – Columbia approves $16,000 in bonds to construct incandescent light plant. City charter amended to own and operate a light plant.

May 27 – Citizens Telephone company announces new lines to Hampshire, Isom, McKnights sawmill and Kettle Mills.

June 3 – Columbia city council grants Southern Telephone company a license to operate in the city, starts “Telephone Wars.”

June 10 – Fire in Columbia destroys several buildings on northeast block of public square. Fire discovered in Jacob Barrel factory on Embargo street, spread to J.P. Street warehouse, Cohen store, Edwards shoe store, Baker Warehouse and Harlan brothers livery; $11,000 damage.

• Tennessee •

Jan – Tennessee General Assembly passes anti-lynching law.

March – Hohenwald made County seat of Lewis County.

May 1 – Tennessee Centennial Expo opens with Parthenon as center piece, draws 1.8 million in 6 months, Negro days set aside for attendance of blacks.

Parthenon in Nashville

June 24 – Masonic Temple at corner of Garden & west 7th street will observe “St. John’s the Baptist day.”

July 8 – Former Tennessee Governor and US Senator Isham G Harris died.

Aug – Branham & Hughes school opens in Spring Hill, moved from Nashville campus school near Vanderbilt.

Aug 5 – P. Henry Ragsdale, former two term Maury county Sheriff appointed warden of Nashville penitentiary, known as “old prison.”

Aug 29 – Star Pointer breaks world record mile as pacer at 1:59.25 in Readville, Mass.

Sept 2 – New Masonic Theater opens in Nashville.

Sept 16 – Drinking water becomes scarce in Columbia as wells, springs and cisterns dry up from drought.

Sept 23 – Miss Janier Trimble of Columbia displayed an excellent copy of Sam Davis bust, boy hero of confederacy. •


• Maury •


Sept 23 – Society: one of Columbia’s finest dinners was held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. George Thomas. Mr. Thomas is President of Columbia Mill and Elevator company. At the dinner Mr. Thomas announced the engagement of his nephew, Mr. Robert L McKinney to Miss Mary Adean Wilkes.

Sept 25 – Some 1500 Maury county Democrats take the 8th annual excursion and picnic to Summertown in Lawrence County.

Sept 30 – The Spring Hill School sold. It was under foreclosure, sold to Branham & Hughes for $1436.30.

Oct 7 – Columbia City Reform party nominated H.P. Figuers for Mayor and Oakes, Ritter, Ruttle and Ray as alderman.

Oct 14 – The “Merchant of Venice” played at Columbia Opera house to packed house.

Nov 18 – E. Yoest defeats H.P. Figures for Columbia Mayor by 26 votes. People’s party defeated Reform alderman.

Dec 30 – Southern Telephone Company defaults on $10,000 bond.

• Tennessee •

Sept – Tennessee General Assembly Est. three man state railroad commission elected state wide, one from each state division to fix rail rates.

Sept – Nick Melfi, opens first Chili parlor in Nashville.

• •

Nov 4 – Tennessee Centennial Expo closes.

Nov 6 – Thomas B Turney elected Governor of Tennessee.

Nov 11 – President James K Polk library collection goes to Tennessee state library according to will of Mrs. Polk.


Columbia alone the Railroad tracks circa 1900


• United States


Jan 1 – New York City annexes Queens, Bronx & Staten Island.

Feb 1 – Travelers Insurance issues first automobile policy.

Feb 15 – Episcopal Bishop, Charles Todd Quintard died in Meridian, Ga.

Feb 15 – USS Maine explodes in Havana harbor, Cuba, killing 260 sailors.

March 4 – Theodore Roosevelt and Rough Riders arrive in San Antonio, Tx. to train.

March 28 – US Supreme court rules children born in US to immigrants are US citizens.

April 9 – Paul Robeson, black athlete, singer , actor and civil rights leader born.

April 22 – USS Nashville captures Spanish ship “Buena Venturia.”

April 25 – US declares war on Spain, US begins blockade of Cuban ports. USS Nashville captures Spanish merchant ship “Argonaught”, and fired the first shot of the war.

May 1 – Admiral George Dewey destroyed the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, Philippines.

• World •

Jan 13 – Emile Zola writes open letter “J’Accuse” exposing Alfred Dreyfus as Anti-Semitism.

Jan 14 – Lewis Carroll , British author of “Alice in Wonderland” died.

April 8 – British General Horatio Kitchner defeats Khalifa, Sudan leader in battle of Atbara.

June 9 – China leases Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years.

June 12 – Philippine Nationalists declare independence from Spain.

June 13 – The Yukon territory formed by Canada, Dawson is Capital.

July 30 – Otto Von Bismarck, German chancellor died, 73.

May 12 – US bombards San Juan, Cuba.

June – President McKinley appoints a Negro Post master in Lake City, S.C., sparks riot, postmaster and family lynched.

June 20 – US Navy seizes Island of Guam in Pacific.

July 1 – 1000 Rough Riders overrun San Juan hill, Cuba with Theodore Roosevelt, supported by 10th colored cavalry.

July – Caleb Bradham, pharmacists in New Bern N.C. invents “Pepsi Cola”

Aug 13 – Island of Crete declares independence from Ottoman empire.

Aug 13 – Pierre and Marie Curie discover Radium.

Nov 29 – C.S. Lewis, British author of “Chronicles of Narnina” born.

July 17 – US captures Santiago, Cuba.

Aug 13 – Admiral Dewey captures Manila in Philippines.

Aug 15 – Spanish-American War ends, Spain cedes Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines and Spanish Islands of West Indies.

Dec 10 – Treaty of Paris signed to officially end SpanishAmerican war. US lost 379 in combat, over 5000 to disease.

Dec 31 – US Govt. reports 6859 people killed by railroad trains, 47,884 injured for year. Of these, 32,000 were railroad employees. •


• Maury


Jan 6 – Society: Major Greer and Mrs. Greer entertain a large number of guests at their spacious and well appointed arsenal mansion. “Whisp” was the evening past time. Dr. Robert Pillow was the leader among the gentleman and Miss Harwood of St Louis won the greatest number of games among the ladies.

April – Latta Post office Est. on Santa Fe pike.

April 26 – Maury County militia mustered up, (55 men and officers), departs Columbia for induction center into US Army at Nashville .

April 28 – Capt. W.J. Whitthorne; 1st Lieut., E.S. Fowler with 80 men of Company B depart for Cherokee Park in Nashville. Columbia US Arsenal ships 742,000 rounds of ammo to Texas and Florida. Capt. Whitthorne was former Confederate in 1st Tennessee regiment.

June 9 – 106 boys of Maury County Company B of 1st Tennessee departs Nashville for San Francisco, Columbia ladies present battle flag on departure.

June 16 – Columbia Arsenal employs 20 harness makers for cutting straps for 50,000 haver sac’s. 150 women hired to use power sewing machines to sew haver sac’s.

June 30 – Walter and William Evans and Charlie Paul, all white, took charge of a Negro canoe up river at the Slanting Rock swimming hole and proceeded to enjoy the Duck River. Houston Jones, William Evans, Mace Harris, Charlie Harris, Killis Dickerson, Wash Barnett and Will Hunter, “all colored”, soon appeared and laid claim to the canoe. Words led to blows, with sticks and rocks. The “colored” forces were too numerous for the whites and soon had the battle won. Walter Evans is nursing a broken head and the two are cut and bruised. The police rounded up the “colored” and took them before Judge Erwin.

July 7 – Society: Columbia Country Club gave a delightful entertainment of the year at “Oakwood Hall”, the home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Granbury. The Grand old house was decorated in trailing mosses and cut flowers. Sweet strains of music filled the air. (Rattle and Snap)

July 7 – J.A. Sanders constructs a wooden bridge over the Rutherford Creek at Bunch’s Mill. (Greens Mill)

July 7 – Ad: Colored Laborers wanted at M.G. Riche’s phosphate mines, Ridley station, near Mt Pleasant. $1 per day. Regular work, shacks for all, paid every Saturday.

July 14 – 70 Negro volunteers from Maury County were mustered into the 8th Colored Regiment of Tennessee and departed for Cincinnati, Ohio. Over 1000 negro’s assembled at Nashville depot to bid them farewell.

July 21 – The Columbia US Arsenal ships 50,000 rifles and over 10 million cartridges. 35 Singer sewing machines are in use to make 400 Haver sac’s per day.

July 28 – Benjamin B Ballanfont of Culleoka, Company D, 16th Infantry reported wounded in leg at Santiago, Cuba.

• Tennessee •

Jan 1 – Anna R Stokely formed the Stokely Brothers Canning Company in Cocke County, Tn. Along the Broad River and first shipped food products to Knoxville. In 1933 the firm became Stokely-Van Camps and developed a national market.

March – Nashville Union station constructions begins, designed by L & N engineer, Richard Montfort in Romanesque style.

April 22 – Commander Washburn Maynard of gunboat “Nashville”, a native of Knoxville, Tn. Orders firing of first shot of Spanish-American war.

May 26 – The 1st Tennessee Regiment mustered into federal service at Nashville’s Cherokee park. Served in Philippines in 1899, mustered out Nov. 22, 1901.

July 1 – The black 10th US cavalry, the famous “Buffalo Soldiers” charged San Juan Hill in Cuba. Sgt. Alfred M Ray of Jonesborough, Tn. Planted the American flag on top of San Juan hill after all his white officers were killed.

Polk Hall at Columbia Academy , former US Arsensal


• Maury


July 28 – The Columbia City Council allocated $725 to build a stone fence in front of the Andrews School.

Aug – Union school erected on Bear Creek Pike hill, Duke Amick 1st teacher.

Aug 4 – The Maury County boys of Company B were joined by 17 recruits in San Francisco at Camp Merrit. Those from Maury County being Norman Batts, Guy Higley, Jim Jackson, Martin Taylor and J. G. Wilson. The boys of the First Tennessee are highly gratified to have regular Army Capt. Chas. King as commander.

Aug 11 – Lovettsville store Est. on Bear Creek pike, 11 miles east of Columbia, owned by Wm. Lovett.

Aug 18 – Maury County Company B of 1st Tennessee shipped out for Manila, Philippine’s.

Sept 7 – Mr. Will Booker, “colored trooper” of 24th US Infantry arrived in Columbia for 30 day furlough after fighting in Battle of Santiago.

Sept 15 – The vote to incorporate Mt Pleasant fails 216 to 97. Two-thirds needed for approval.

Oct 6 – Maury County Court reports 22 offenders appeared before court this week. Seven “colored” for shooting craps were fined $5 each, 14 young white men for riding rails south were put to work repairing county roads to work off their $8 fine each, one drunk and disorderly.

Oct 6 – The 1st and 2nd Mississippi Regiment is encamped at South side park. 225 soldiers Est. Camp Hamilton. They are all from Camp Lauderdale, Miss.

Nov 3 – Star Pointer sold to ex-Congressman W.J. White of Cleveland for $15,000 by owner James A Murphy of Chicago.

Nov 3 – Maury County company B of 1st Tennessee shipped out aboard transport “Zealander.”

Dec 15 – Mississippi Regiments stage grand parade up Garden street, west on 6th street, south on Armstrong, east on West 7th street to public square, out South Main street to South Park and Camp Hamilton.

Dec 24 – The new gate at Rose Hill cemetery installed. The white stone pillar and fence come from Dobbins quarry.

• Tennessee •

Aug – The Tennessee Central Railroad line between Knoxville and Nashville completed.

Sept – Tennessee begins building new state prison in Cockrill Bend area of Davidson County.

Sept 2 – 18th annual reunion of Nathan Bedford Forrest staff meet at Bell Buckle in old Webb school. Dr. J.W. Hanna, Pastor of the Methodist church was main speaker. He said, “South in waging war was right politically, but wrong morally’ and “God intended Negro’s to be free.’

Nov 4 – Benton McMillan (D) elected Governor of Tennessee


Columbia stock day on West 7th street Maury County Court house 1846- 1903


• United States


Jan 1 – Theodore Roosevelt inaugurated as governor of New York.

Jan 17 – US takes possession of Wake Island.

Jan 24 – Rubber heels for shoes patented by Humphrey O’Sullivan.

Feb 4 – Philippine – American war begins in Manila, 4324 American died between 1899-1913.

Feb 14 – US Congress approves use of voting machines in federal elections.

March 2 – Mount Rainer National park Est. in Washington.

March 6 – Aspirin patented by Felix Hoffmann, Bayer becomes registered brand name.

March 30 General Arthur MacArthur takes initiative against Filipino nationalists north of Manila.

• World •

Jan 1 – Spain transfers Cuba to US.

Jan 21 – Opel Motors incorporated in Germany.

March 27 – First international radio transmission between England and France achieved by Italian G. Marconi.

May 18 – First Hague peace conference opened in Netherlands.

July 17 – Capt. Alfred Dreyfus (Jew) returned to France from Devil’s Island to be re-tried for treason.

June 12 – Butch Cassidy and “Wild Bunch” rob train in Wyoming of $60,000 with Harry Longabaugh (Sundance Kid)

June 16 – James “Jack” Jefferies defeats Robert Fitzsimmons in world heavyweight boxing championship.

July 27 – Overhead Trams replace cable trolley’s in Chicago.

Aug 5 – Henry Ford forms “Detroit Automobile company”

Sept 9 - Capt. Alfred Dreyfus found guilty of treason for second time.

Sept – Ragtime becomes popular with Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag.”

Sept 12 – Cornelius Vanderbilt died.

Sept 15 – Largest ship ever built, “The Oceanic” 704 feet long, sailed from Liverpool, England with 1500 passengers on maiden voyage.

Sept 15 – Gen. Arthur MacArthur reports 36 percent of officers and 25 percent of enlisted men sick with dysentery and malaria fever in Philippines.

Sept 28 – Capt. Alfred Dreyfus pardoned because of public opinion.

Oct – Britain wins claim to Guyana from Venezuela in international tribunal decision.

Oct 11 – 2nd Boer War begins in south Africa Transvaal between Britain and Dutch Boer's of Orange Free state.

Dec 1 – First major battle of Boer War fought at Battle of Modde River, 8000 Boer killed.

Dec 2 – Germany, Britain and US agree to divide Samoan Islands among themselves.

Oct – Carrie Nation starts Anti-saloon drive in Kansas.

Oct 14 – President McKinley rides in Stanley Steamer automobile, first president to ride in auto.

Nov 24 – US troops take Luzon in Philippines.

Dec 1 – President of Philippines surrenders to Gen. MacArthur.


• Maury


Jan 6 – Joe Dugger, a local white carpenter was arrested for drunken murder of W.T. Alexander, a Mississippi soldier whose mind was gone in the city jail. Dugger arrested for drunk and disorderly struck him in the head while in jail after Alexander made some lewd comment.

Jan 27 – The Maury Dry Goods company and A.B. Rains Drug store destroyed by fire. The “Colored fire company” from College Hill was called to assist.

Jan 12 – Maury County largest real estate deal in history occurs with Tennessee Phosphate Company purchased two tracts of land for 73,000 and $50,000 near Mt Pleasant.

Jan 19 – Mt Pleasant Chronicle 1st published by R.C. Jackson.

Jan 19 – Capt. William J Whitthorne appointed Adjutant General of 1st Tennessee in Manila.

Jan 19 – Bell South boasts it has over 500 subscribers in Maury County.

Jan 26 – Fire on West 7th street destroys several buildings, including Maury Dry Goods and Shoe Company, A.B. Rains Drug store, Dobbins & Ewing Hardware, Figuers Shoe store and 2nd /3rd floor of Maury National Bank, $75,000 damage.

Jan 26 – Whitthorne block on West 7th street sold. Lot 100x116 purchased by Messrs. McKennon, Anderson and Foster, Dobbins & Ewing and Walter P Woldridge for $15,250, construction of three story building to begin.

Jan 20 – Benton McMillin inaugurated as Governor of Tennessee.

Jan 27 – Rich deposits of phosphate found in Sumner County.

Feb – Coal shortages in Nashville causes hundreds to seek shelter in public buildings because of cold temperatures.

March 3 - A bill was introduced into Tennessee legislature to incorporate Mt Pleasant.

Feb 17 – Maury County temperatures fell to 17 below zero with 6 inches of snow, a record cold spell.

March 6 – First Tennessee regiment engaged in battle of Manila, Colonel W.C. Smith and three others killed in action.

March – The Citizens Telephone company extends telephone lines to Water Valley.

March 6 – Tennessee legislature passes 4 mile law, prohibits sale of liquor with 4 miles of cities of 2000 or more.

March 30 – Martha White Foods incorporated by Richard Lindey , owner of Royal Flour Mills who pioneered self-rising flour, named company for his 3 year old daughter.

April 13 – William Vanderbilt donates additional $100,000 to Vanderbilt University for student dormitory.

• •

April 27 – Tennessee legislature incorporates Mt Pleasant. 285

Feb 3 – Brothers Frank and Dick Owen met in the street between the Mt Pleasant square and depot in a heated argument, they drew pistols and had a shootout, Frank Owen killed, Dick Owen wounded.

Feb 6 – Lieut. Robert Ragsdale, Company B of 1st Tennessee captures first prisoner of war in Battle of Manila.

Feb 16 – Society: Coasting in Columbia has become very popular. Snow on West 6th street has become the most popular slide. Bankers, doctors and lawyers all take part in the fun. Lots of pretty girls found space on the coasters.

March – Port Office Est. at Watch, Tn. (Pottsville)

April – Culleoka Produce Company est. by E.J. and T.H. Park.

April – Columbia passes ordnance prohibiting cattle and hogs from running at large in the city.

• Tennessee

April 18 – Mt. Pleasant incorporated, J.M. Hunter, Mayor.

• Maury


April 27 – Columbia City Grain and Feed company fire destroys two grinding mills, loss $12,000.

May 4 – Mt Pleasant quarantined for smallpox, 10 cases reported.

May 25 – Mr. Horace Rainey extended 11th, 12th and 13th streets west through John Smith’s place to cut lots for buildings on each street.

May 25 – Columbia's oldest Cedar log building torn down at corner of High and west 7th street.

May 25 – Society: Miss Meroney gave a strawberry and ice cream supper to honor her cousin Miss May Brazeal of Knoxville at Dark’s Mill. The front yard of the home was brightly decorated with Japanese Lanterns and flowers in the Parlor and dining room.

May 25 – The Columbia Pump factory was destroyed by fire, loss $60,000, also destroyed by fire was the four story 80 x 80 Planning Mill, two story warehouse, 40 x 148 drying house and 30 x 125 barn.

June 8 – Fire destroyed Hurts Restaurant, Bailey Regan’s saloon and the Harris barber shop on the west side of the public square.

July 20 – Fire destroyed the Taylor Voss Confectionary and Bakery building in Columbia.

July 20 – Columbia purchased a new chemical fire engine and Hook & Ladder engine from Charles Holowell & company of Baltimore for $1650. The new wagon carries 1000 feet of fire hose.

Aug – Mt Pleasant Phosphate boom begins.

Aug – Present day Pleasant Mount Church cornerstone laid.

Aug 18 – The largest fresh water pearl found by Mr. Tobe Miller in the Duck river near Williamsport, sold to dealer for $1200.

Aug 24 – First Columbia Chamber of Commerce organized, John W Fry, Chairman.

Aug 31 – Bank of Mt Pleasant chartered by Bithal Howard, $25,000 capital, G.W. Killibrew V.P., Cashier D.W. Shofner.

Sept – Oak Hill School erected between Groveland and Fountain Creek on Wright farm, Lula Wright is teacher.

Sept 14 – The phosphate companies near Mt Pleasant are working day and night , 80 rail cars per day, employing nearly 8,000, $2 million payroll. The Howard place has 800 hands employed, Mr. Howard receives $1500 per day from phosphate.

• Tennessee •

May – Tennessee legislature passes law requiring the Est. of facilities for secondary education in each county and empowered counties to levy special taxes for est. of and support of County high school. Two school systems evolved, one white and one black.

July 21 – Three Chattanooga businessmen , Benjamin F Thomas, Joseph B Whitehead and John T Lupton secured exclusive bottling rights to Coca-Cola. ( Joseph Brown Whitehead was Grandson of Joseph Brown of Maury County)


• Maury


Sept 22 – A 1800 pound phosphate “rock” was shipped to the Paris exposition as part of the US exhibit from the Harlan farm.

Sept 22 – R.E. Nichols joined A. Barr and Jno. A Oakes as Jr. partner in undertaking business

Sept 28 – The Cumberland Presbyterian church selected the old J.H. Fussell Place as the location for the orphanage home.

Sept 29 – The Columbia Herald begins publishing the Daily Herald newspaper in Maury County.

Sept 29 – The Columbia Chamber of Commerce proposes chartering a electric street car line to run from Columbia to Mt Pleasant.

Sept 30 – Jackson Phosphate Company builds large house and commissary and hundreds of small houses for miners. Shipping 2500 tons or 80 car loads per day, payroll over $450,000 per week in Mt Pleasant, employs 2000 workers.

Oct – Broadview Academy est. , Prof. R.A. Doster is master, assisted by Sophronia Baird.

Oct 19 – The new Maury County National Bank, Maury Dry Goods store and Rains new drug store re-opened on West 7th street.

Oct 20 – Constable James Gilmer and B. Ladd were returning with a Negro from Mt Pleasant who was arrested at the Tennessee phosphate company mine when they were fired upon, Killing constable Gilmer and badly wounding Ladd.

Nov 16 – The 1st Tennessee Regiment returned to San Francisco. Columbia and Maury County agree to award Major William J Whitthorne a gold medal for service, to be presented by John Trotwood Moore.

Nov 23 – Coca Cola sign painters are painting the walls of the Frierson & Embry store, Dr. A. Samuels office, G.W. Nichols and E.W. Gamble grocery store with Coca Cola signs.

Nov 30 – Columbia and Maury County welcomed the 1st Tennessee volunteers home at the train depot. Hundreds cheered their arrival, factory whistles blew, church bells rang, hats and cheers of hoo-ray were thrown up in the air. Major W.J Whitthorne was presented with a gold service medal by John Trotwood Moore.

Dec 22 – First issue of the Spring Hill News newspaper published.

• Tennessee

Nov 4 – Benton McMillian re-elected Governor of Tennessee.

Nov 17 – Tennessee Supreme Court upholds state law prohibiting sale of manufactured cigarettes.

Nov 30 – The Daughter’s of Confederacy dedicated Confederate monument in Franklin , Tennessee.


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Duck River Valley Chronicle 1860 - 1899  

Years 1860 to 1899

Duck River Valley Chronicle 1860 - 1899  

Years 1860 to 1899