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University of Pittsburgh presents:

Triunfar Sobre el Colonialismo, Sobrevivir al exilio y combatir la Dictadura. A Lecture by:

Francisco Zamora Loboch

Francisco Zamora  Loboch  is  one  of  the  most  mature  and  talented  of  the  independence  era  Equato-­‐Guinean  writers.  He  is  a   poet,  novelist,  musician,  essayist  and  sports  writer,  and  was  part  of  the  original  group  of  intellectuals  exiled  by  the  first   Nguema  dictatorship  in  1971.  He  was  also  a  participant  in  the  many  attempts  by  his  compatriots  in  exile  to  organize   political  resistance  to  the  dictatorship  from  Spain.     Date: Monday, November 4, 2013 Time: 4:30 pm Location: 208A Cathedral of Learning

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Francisco Zamora  

Literatura Hispanoafricana Guinea Ecuatorial/España