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omentum. This word best

fashion and culture magazine that

describes what the year

focuses on ethnic creative talent, as

2012 will be to the UK.

most magazines lack diversity and

The height of London being host to

don’t often cater to that minority.

the Olympics is to create a buzz of

Easy. Oh boy did I realize it weren’t

excitement for many. Excitement also

that simple. Little did I know that my

describes this year for me as 2012

design brief would change several

marks the year of a new beginning to

times. It was hard to just focus on

a fresh start of my life. For I have come talent based on ethnic minority as this industry has talented people

This student rollercoaster hasn’t been

outside of that group that needed a

an easy ride and I’m proud that I’ve

break also and I had requests coming

made it to the end in somewhat one

from all types of emerging talent. So

piece, but just like many I know that

I altered my brief a little and decided

the hard part is yet to come. The tasks

I would create an urban magazine

of getting noticed for my work and

for emerging talented people like

finding that dream job in the creative

myself and those that may need

industry wont be easy and that initial

more recognition to showcase their

thinking led me onto wanting to

work to a wider audience. A urban

create DUCE. This final major project

magazine that touches on fashion, the

has been challenging, however a

creative arts and culture, and would

challenge is what I wanted to embark

provide a platform and bridge a gap

and I decided to take myself out of

between the young, the new and

my comfort zone and take on the

the established in the creative arts

task on making a publication. To start

industry. So I would like to introDUCE

of with I believed my design project

to you Duce Magazine, here is the

would be plain sailing, create a pilot

beginning, new talent, fresh writers

and emerging creative individuals.

e l l i v n a l nnilia G

Enjoy and have a fantastic 2012. Thank you!



to the end of my student journey.

Duce Team Editor & Creative Director Annilia Glanville Art Director Samuel ‘IAmSam’ Sowemimo Senior Editor/Writer Ugochi C-Jones Cover Illustration Hayden Williams Contributing Writers Izabella Lomardini, Fehintola Betiku, Nicholas B Brown, Terrence ‘One Nigerian Boy’ Sambo , Paloma ‘Lolo’ Printed By The Bluwave Group. The views expressed in this magazine are those of the individual contributors and not the publisher. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. Copyright DUCE Magazine Ltd 2012



10 mins with Hayden Williams - An amazing artist who is already doing big things and it seems it can only get better


Loud Culture - A glimpse of Loud Cultures colourful SS12 collection




10 Condry Calvin Mlilo - The astonishingly



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gifted and cool London based fashion and beauty photographer Baby Isako - A Playwrite who seems grounded but has the wings to soar in the highest of circles Paper Weight - Zeke Designs create captivating and unique pieces all made from paper! Lolos Kloset - Paloma gives us style tips on incorporating new styles with a budget Ezekiel Udeafor - Meet the man whose amazing artwork has had the likes of Tinie Tempah knocking at his door.

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25 Englishman In New York - We catch up with

Hakeem, a fashion graduate, interning in New York city 26 From UEL to GFW - Inside exclusive with 4 hopeful university fashion graduates 28 Thank you’s & Contacts

Cover Illustration - Hayden Williams

Glamazon wears halter neck-draped dress with thigh high split. Gold cuff, ring, snake arm accessory and necklace, available from Hayden Williams. Digital artwork: Samuel ‘IAmSam’




ith his work being

What led you to the path of

recognised by the likes

fashion illustration?

of Rihanna and Kim

I started drawing at the age of 3 years

Kardashian, We won’t be wrong

old and haven’t stopped since! I was

in saying that this young fashion

a very artistic child, always creating

enthusiast is without a doubt on our

things with paper and art supplies.

‘Ones to watch’ list. DUCE caught up

My parents grew me up on Disney

with the artist recently, to find out

movies and I would sit there and

more about the very talented

sketch the female Disney characters

Mr. Williams

over and over again until it was an

Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you & What do you do? My name is Hayden Williams and I’m a British aspiring fashion designer and illustrator, currently studying Fashion at Ravensbourne University in London.

exact replica! The female characters were so much more inspiring to draw and I found the way Walt Disney portrayed women, with that almost unobtainable beauty to be very captivating! A personal favourite animated character of mine being the sultry Jessica Rabbit, who still influences my work today! Back then; I had no idea that my drawings could

any favourite trends for this

Versace, Dior & Jason Wu. They all

spring/summer season?

create designs that have a timeless

I’m not an avid follower of trends

quality and focus on celebrating/

in regards to my own style, and my

complimenting a woman’s body and

designs, but I am aware of them, and

making her look beautiful!

sometimes I may incorporate a trend into my sketches. My favourite for the

What inspires you as an artist?

in regards to my work, and me, it

S/S12 season has to be ‘Pastels’. It’s

As a designer and artist, women

appeals to such a broad audience.

something that comes back all the

mainly inspire me! Glamorous women

My sketches appeal to older women

time for SS & I love how fresh it looks

that love luxury, the woman that

and some younger girls that want to

for the season!

knows what she wants and how to

look like my sketches and wear my designs, but when I sketch wellknown faces, it appeals to a younger audience who live and breathe Pop Culture! Fashion photography won’t translate to fashion design because I

be replaced, but I definitely see

had no clue what fashion was at that

illustration becoming even more

age. Subconsciously though, I think


it’s always been there! All I knew back then was that I loved drawing

Being someone who

beautiful women.

does not particularly like to guidelines,

What is so great about fashion

Who are your favourite designers? There are 4 favourites that mainly stand out to me that have

get it! That’s the woman I envision when I sketch and whom I have in mind when I design.

influenced & inspired

Do you look to any fashion

me/my work the most! Elie Saab,

illustrators or illustrators in general for technique ideas or inspiration? Illustrators and designers definitely have inspired me over the years! Their style and what

do you have

illustration? I love it because it gives you total freedom! You can create whatever you want with no boundaries! I love illustrating beautiful sketches and designs that women will go crazy for. Do you think illustration is becoming more popular in the fashion world? And could it be replacing fashion photography? Definitely! I think 5

I find inspiring about their work has

say you should only learn from the

What steps have you taken to

online and I’m proud of the fan base

helped me shape my own style and

best! My favourite artists/illustrators

put yourself out there as an

that I’ve built up. I’m happy that my

I’m still perfecting/finding my style

are Rene Gruau, David Downton &

artist? I never realised how much

work is known on a worldwide scale,

each time I design and sketch. They

Robert Best.

people really love illustrations until I

which has been only further heightened,

put my work out and shared it online

as Rihanna is a fan of my work.

If you could have anyone as your mentor who would it be? That’s a tough question to answer because I’ve been inspired by many great people, and it would be hard to pick only one person to have as a mentor! I’d probably pick one of the designers that I mentioned earlier. I’ll go with Donatella Versace simply because she has gone from strength to strength with the house of Versace and it would be amazing to learn from such an influential and established woman.

so I use social media productively and used it to my advantage! I didn’t

Rihanna? A lot of my followers

expect my work to be so successful,

know about the Rihanna affiliation. I

but it’s amazing that I’m slowly

spontaneously forwarded an illustration

making a name for myself, and

I created of Rihanna to her via Twitter.

getting recognition on a mass scale.

It was inspired by her LOUD album

Before my work went viral, I only

cover, which to me evoked Jessica

knew what my family thought of my

Rabbit. When she saw it, she instantly

work. They were always supportive

followed me on Twitter and sent me a

and amazed by what I could create,

direct message telling me how much

but that was partly the reason I

she loved the design and how talented

decided to use social media to see

I am! I created another illustration of

what people outside of my family

her a few months later. It was inspired

thought of my illustrations. I didn’t

by her S&M music video. Next thing

expect my work to be so popular

I knew, she used it as her Twitter icon

and that’s when my profile kind of blew keeps happening with my work is super very cool things in the works! I aim

love to be able to say in the future that

up a lot more! The icing on the cake was cool and more and more people are

to see the Hayden Williams Woman

I’m the most successful black fashion

getting to meet her after she personally

aware of my work because of it! Never

come to life one day! I have big plans/ designer to come out of London. I aim

invited me to the first of her 10 sold

underestimate the power of social

ambitions and I’m always thinking like to break down barriers and become

out shows at London’s O2 Arena. She


an entrepreneur, but I definitely need a a mainstream success and dress the

requested for me to bring my sketches

team to help me make them a reality.

likes of the Elite! Success like that

along! It was amazing meeting her!!

What do you hope to achieve

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to

doesn’t happen overnight, but I have

She wants to see my designs become a

this year? This year will be

what I do and I want everything to

the support of my family, friends and

reality so she can wear them and who

unpredictable and there are some

be the best it possibly can be! I would

even celebrities now! Most important

would say no to that??!!!

of all though, I’ve been blessed with a talent, and I have the determination

Have you created illustrations

and genuine passion to succeed! We’ll

based on other celebrities? Most

see how my plan for fashion world

recently, I created an illustration of the

domination goes...stay tuned!

Kardashian sisters which somehow got round to Kim Kardashian, which she posted on her Instagram for her followers to see. All of these

For more of Hayden Williams go to www. haydenwilliamsillustrations.

unexpected and amazing things that


Abi Fashesin and Ashley-Rae Tapping are the creators of LOUD (Live Out Ur Dream), Culture label which is a contemporary line inspired by Africa. Making use of African prints to create modern shapes and pieces, their ss12 collection is laden with beautiful colors and peek-a-boo details. There’s also loads of swimwear and a couple of maxi dresses. Go to to see more.


course of fashion design learning

current, he is a talent

the ways in which to produce and

becoming more recognised

design garments whilst continuing

by the day. Who could I be referring

his captivation with photography.

to? The astonishingly gifted London

Already maintaining his business

based fashion and beauty

CCM Photography and gaining

photographer Condry Calvin Mlilo.

more followers on twitter everyday, Calvin is making a genuine

Whilst Calvin has a strong

impression in the industry. In an

adoration for Take That, his main

exclusive interview, I will introduce

love is Photography. Originating

you to Condry Calvin Mlilo – a

from Zimbabwe, Calvin moved

name to seriously memorize.

to England when he was 14, and developed a fascination for visual arts. At college, he studied art and design but then moved on to a 10

Model: Nadine Silva Mendes Make up, Hair & Styling: Models own Photographer: Condry Calvin Mlilo ( )


ber cool and fantastically

Nadine silva mendes

Calvin, when was the exact

was strong enough I started testing

– the strongest person I know who

moment that you established

with small agencies and working

has struggled in life but never given

your keen interest in taking

my way up to those agencies with

up. She has overcome so much in



her life.

whilst studying Fashion design, I

What do you think makes a

Is there a particular designer

decided to do a photo-shoot with

great photographer?

or company that you would

a collection of jackets I had made.

I would say it is having a great

like to work with in the future?

It was at that exact moment after

understanding of the fashion and

I would love to shoot for Vogue

taking photographs of my best

beauty industry as well as cultural

eventually. In terms of designers,

friend modelling the jackets, that I

influence, honesty and hard work.

I would like to do Calvin Klein

During my time at Barking College

decided this is what I am going to

Underwear and Armani campaigns.

study at university level. And the

What fashion photographers

I always enjoy Gucci Campaigns

rest is history, as they say.

would you say inspire you the

- I think they would push my


photography and I love a great

How would you describe your

I would say Gavin O’Neill because

challenge. I like classical black

photography in 5 words?

his work shows different beauty in

and whites, which is my area of

Sharp, Artistic, Vibrant, Inspiring,

unique ways. The colours and use



of natural light is just superb. He is genius. Also, Nick Knight because

Lastly, have you any hopes for

How long have you been

he is a free spirit and risk taker – I


working in this profession?

think he shoots the way he wants

I would like more editorials, more

I have been shooting since 2006

to and not the way people ask him

collaborations with great designers

but professionally started in 2010. I

to. His work is very artistic and quite

up and coming. I would also love

started shooting friends and artistic often produces masterful work that

to travel and work

things such as still life, landscapes

are remembered for years to come.

abroad this year.

with models, make-up artists

Have you any advice for

and designers to do photography

aspiring photographers?

focusing on fashion and beauty

Believe in yourself, be your own

more intensely. Everyone I worked

number one fan and work hard –

with was learning the ropes like

never give up, however difficult it

me, so we carried each other in a

may get.

etc. I then began collaborating

sense. I worked with designers such as Romero Bryan, Tsemaye Binite

Who are your role models?

and Arajo. Once I felt my portfolio

My mother because she is a fighter 15

Go peep this smashing online series at




o I am here to give you a

show. Baby not satisfied with just

bit of information on one

one successful show and great

of the ‘Creatives’ we have in

feedback decided to write a part 2

the UK. A lady who works

to the hit play (that one sold out

in the same field as me and goes

too). AND THEN went on to write a

by the Name of Baby (pronounced

pilot for a web series by the Name

Babi) Isako…. Iiiiiin West of Congo,

of Venus Vs Mars. It’s a mix between

born and raised, in the library was

Sex and the City, Diary of a Call

where she spent most of her days,

Girl and Babyfather. It is similar

chillin’ out, maxing, relaxing all cool

to her plays in the sense that it is

and had dreams of being a writer

about young people dealing with

straight outta school...Don’t quote me on that I just thought it would

“Based on university students and the complexities of their relationships with friends and partners.”

everyday situations and shown in a way that its audience can enjoy

be good if that did happen. It

and relate to. The protagonist is a

kinda, sorta did though if you think

strong willed woman named Venus

about it… She wrote a play after

and it makes for a good web watch

collecting a degree in Criminology

(its funny ^_^). I suggest you

and Psychology. The play was called

have a look online by searching

Love is a Losing Game play, based

on You Tube and follow the series

on university students and the

as it continues. So in a nutshell

complexities of their relationships

Baby Isako is a powerhouse writer

with friends and partners. Without

creating platforms for young actors

exposing much about the play I

and creating content that people

can tell you that it was a sold out

want to see. 17


hy did you decide

thought of something

that creating


jewellery was the

Ethical as in using material which

right avenue to channel your

was easily assessable and made in

passion for designing?


I love jewellery, but it wasn’t a case where I thought, “yeah this is the right Are there any specific pieces avenue”, it was more like I wanted to

of architecture or art that you

do it - so I did. (She laughs).

took great influences from?

How did you start creating your

interested in perforated designs in


buildings and how light is played

I started doing voluntary work with

with these shapes, especially Arabic

Christian Aid and I had to think of

architecture is very good at achieving

ideas to sell in order to raise money. I

this effect.

thought of something ethical and the rest of it was inspired by architecture,

How did you come about the

art and design.

name for your brand? I wanted a name which had a meaning

Can you explain what you

and the word ZEKE means ‘God will

mean when you say you

strengthen’which I thought was great.


Models: Symara Templeman (black) Cyan Cheung (asain) Heather Martin(white) Make-up: Rumel by Ruth Melbourne Photography: Mike Lin Hair: RFA beauty by Rachel F Adegeye

Within architecture I am very

What is it about Zeke Dsgns

Zeke British will be my new

that sets it apart from other

collection which is inspired by British

jewellery lines?

culture and fashion.

The obvious being the designs are made from paper (she laughs) and

Have you got any special

then second the design itself. The

projects coming up?

shapes are geometric and are rather

Yes, I am currently working with

abstract, and I guess they don’t look

animators making an artistic video

like anything you see on the high

for Zeke.

street which again makes it unique. What are your hopes and With launching your own brand aspirations for your brand? I what has been your biggest

want Zeke to be well known and to


change the way people see design.

Getting the brand out there and letting people know what Zeke is all

What has been the best thing

about, it was difficult because I was

about creating the pieces for

starting something from scratch.

your brand?

Which meant starting a fan base

Seeing people wearing my designs

from the bottom up but due to social for sure has been one of the best networking sites, such as Twitter and

things, and getting so much

Facebook, has made things much

interest from British collaborators,

easier to create and let people know

publication and buyers.

more about Zeke. What can we look forward to seeing from Zeke Dsgns in 2012?




he high street shops have

tear speak to the manager about

wear out of the item. Remember

Fashion is meant to be fun and a

all these trends with

discounting the item, marked or

your body type and don’t over

reflection of your personality, be

items ranging from £13 to

damaged items are non refundable

purchase items because they are

conscious of who you are and your

£90. When shopping on

so make sure you love the item. If

marked down or cheap as the

budget and enjoy summer.

a budget it is essential for you to

you decide to make a high value

saying goes quantity over quality,

take your time to visit all the shops

purchase ensure that the material

ultimately the till total will bring

to ensure you have the best buys

is durable and you can get as much

you back to your budget reality.

for your money. If you’re a student don’t forget to carry your NUS card so you take advantage of discounts. If an item is marked or has a small

Please visit my blog loloskloset. and my YouTube channel


It’s not everyday you meet a man who has created the artwork for a worldwide, successful music artist such as Tinie Tempah and presented it to him at the Tate Gallery in London. Well luckily for me I was able to speak to the man himself Ezekiel Udeafor, an artist whose cultural influences and colourful ideas have led him to a path of continuing success and a promising future. Hi Ezekiel, when was the exhibitions I have put on or been

piece of art work. Which in the past

particularly proud of though; the

moment that you realized apart of, but I’m a perfectionist

wasn’t very often. When I do, I feel

piece I did for Tim Campbell for

you wanted to be an artist? and very critical of my own work.

like the vision in my head was fully

the smoothness of the work, two

I did not come to any conclusion Therefore I would have to say that

released and executed correctly.

different pieces of children where

that I wanted to be an artist to be it’s when I feel satisfied with a

There are four main pieces that I’m

you can really see the emotion

honest. I always had a pencil in my

in them and I think the one that

hand from nursery. When I was in

tops them all at the moment is the

primary school my teacher told

Reflection of Africa piece - its the

my parents (knowing that they

one that started me on symbolic art

had they African mentality, and

and my own style.

would try to steer me into more conventional avenues like being

How did you feel producing

a doctor, banker or accountant)

art for Tinie Tempah?

that I had real talent and to let me

Congratulations on this!

take it as far as I can. So my parents

Thank you. I was more than

just let me be free, resulting in me

humbled to be asked to do the

expressing myself through art.

piece and nervous because the

What would you say has been the highlight of being an artist so far? I would like to say one of the 22

time constraints to do the work

master. I find inspiration in everything.

were very short and it was to be

For example looking a light bulb

presented to him at the Tate Gallery.

could be the start of a piece about

I restarted it about four times as I

the relationship of a fly and the bulbs

wasn’t pleased with the end results.

fake light. I’d call the piece ‘False Hope’.

But Tinie Tempah really liked and

Now I’ve started sketching! Or seeing

appreciated it, which was very

a bee move from flower to flower and

over whelming. It’s also one of the

I might end up calling it ‘Transfer of

highlights to see the recipient of the


piece. I was very pleased with what Have you got any hopes that

I had done..

you’d like to achieve this year? What exhibitions have you

Black History month called “Get

Meaningful, colourful and thought-

This year I just want to understand

done so far and where?

Up, Stand Up” at Open the Gate. In


the business and politics side of

I held my 1st exhibition in 2007 with 2011 I was part of the Diana Prince

the art world. I’d like to find a good

the help of an organization called

Experience. Diana is a vocal singer

What style do you feel your art

art agent who understands my art

WYEC, the exhibition was called

who put on ‘music and arts’ nights.

represents? How do you find

and the direction I want to go in, in

Childish Emotion in the Wandsworth

The theme for that was beauty and

your inspiration and ideas to

the hope that next year I can find

Youth Enterprise Center. In 2010 I

strength in black women.

produce works of art?

a piece of mine hanging in a major

My artwork now represents journeys

gallery or museum.

worked on a joint exhibition with two very talented artists, Terrence

How would you describe your

and emotions. Ones that we all have

Adegbelne and Dapo Adeola for

art in 3 words?

to go through, deal with and need to

ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK FASHION GRADUATE CATCH UP - AN INTERNS VIEW ON NEW YORK Who are you and what is it that you do? My name is Hakeem Balogun...And I am the creative love child of Prince and Bobby Brown..Pre Crack..I am a story teller, who wants nothing more to communicate beauty, ideas and imagery..whether that’s through fashion or art! I’m a romantic that likes to make things!

What made you go to New York? I wanted to sp end a focused amou nt of time doing nothin g but internships, and I lo ve the city.

? s you e t a v ti l t mo potentia a h W lfilled Unfu res you? i p s n i o Wh er My broth On an a verage day wh at do you do? No day is currentl the same. I’m y intern in differen g for three t peop On an a verage d le. ay I wak and hop e for the e up best.

you gain d i d w o H k? ern wor t n i r u o y hard. I worked

Where do y ou hope to see yourself in the next 5 years? Hopefully not in retail.

g ost rewardin m e th n e e b s What’ New York? in g in rn te in f aspect o my university t a th g in w o n K Be validated. andy. lly coming in h a u ct a is n o ti ca edu What tren ds do you prefer no w? I’m not inv olved in fashion for trends. Do you pla n to migr ate? I wouldn’t migrate, bu tI would min d being bicoastal.

ew York? Highlight of N The people.

NFW Who at ? your eye caught No one

place in e t i r o v Fa k? New Yor Brooklyn

What do yo u love about New York? The boldness of the people and th e energy of the city.

work culture How does the ome? differ from h s hard and no Everyone hustle . unlike England one complains, Where ar e you from ? England. B ristol

How does be

ing in Ne w York make you feel? Quiet

Any a d looki vice for p ng to eople h York for a ead to N e fashi on re w l ated caree r? Nope

Is there any one one you ’d particular li ke to work fo r? Riccardo Tisci. I think what h e has done w ith Givenchy is a mazing. Describe New York fashion industry in 3 word s? Boring, com mercial, dr y. I’m not really a fan of the in dustry as a whole , but there is money here and a lot more op portunities for sm all busines ses, which I really resp ect.

Most of your answers are very vague Hakeem. No love for the Big Apple? I just think the New York interning experience will be different for everyone who tries it. LOL. Nah in all fairness it’s great. The best thing I have learnt here is to value you your own wealth and knowledge and know what you bring to any and every situation! Also be open to the numbers different roads to your dreams. Trust your gut the rest is just fancy! We catch up more with Hakeem in the next issue... 25

Designer. Sola Obebe

Designer. Henry Marire

Name of Collection. A beautiful thing is never perfect.

Name of Collection. Sons of Men (The hero edition).

Describe your collection in three words. Strong, Ethereal, Beauty

Describe your collection in three words. Classic, Forefathers, Edgey

What inspired your collection? I often go back to the same imagery year after year, I just redefine the ways I communicate the idea. The things I find most inspiring are images of rural and indigenous people. This can be anything from farms in Africa to the tradition of geishas in Asia.

What inspired your collection? The war era! Looking at archives of war clothings in the museum, has inspired me a lot. It made me realize how much details and simplicity means when it comes to creating a beautiful menswear piece or collection.

Stand out piece. I don’t think theres one piece that stands alone. I see the collection as a well tuned orchestra. Any stressful moments? I often find it hard to translate my abstract designs into functional garments. Who is your muse? Daul Kim What are your future aspirations? I’d like to take some time out to travel and submerse myself in the traditional oriental arts while continuously and pushing forward my own artistic signature. If you won the lottery how would you spend the money? Make sure my mum and brothers are very comfotable, and then travelling and exploring the world. Contact email.


Stand out piece. I don’t have a stand out piece yet, because every piece in my collection tell different stories. Any stressful moments? Every moment has been stressful in different ways, like running out of fabrics, and not being able to source the same fabric due to supplier glitch. Who is your muse? I don’t have a particular muse; I am inspired by people and men everywhere who has an individual sence of style and approach to life. What are your future aspirations? To be the best at any and everything I do, after the disappointments of course. If you won the lottery how would you spend the money? Buy out an industrial estate and convert it to a Sons of Men H,Q, recording studio and party central for like mindetd designers and lifestyles. Contact email.

DUCE gets an inside exclusive with 4 hopeful University of East London Fashion graduates aiming to get a chance to showcase their collection at Graduate Fashion Week this June. GFW Celebrates the work of more than a 1000 of the finest BA degree Fashion students from 40 Universities across the UK and overseas, and these hopefuls give us an incite into their collection and what they can bring to the runway. Designer. Tiffany Baron

Designer. Terri-Leigh Finnegan

Name of Collection. Persistence.

Name of Collection. Liberte ou La Morte (Liberty or Death)

Decribe your collection in three words. Sporty, Luxe, Confident What inspired your collection? Tropical Frogs, extreme sports wear, modern fabrics, and confident young women. Stand out piece. Bright green puffa jacket with frog inspired printed leggings combined with a pink and black neoprene cropped top. Accessorised with a neon PVC visor with hand sowned laser cut frog shapes. Any stressful moments? Many! For instance when my puffa coat shape would not go right and I could not work out how to do it for ages. Having a design set in your mind and not being able to follow this through to construction becomes so frustrating.

Describe your collection in three words. Awkward, Raw, Voodoo What inspired your collection? Haitian Revolution. Use of natural materials such as raffia, cotton and wool. Haitian people created characters based on a fusion of voodoo, ancestral memory, political satire and personal revelation Stand out piece. Black fringed trousers and white shirt. They are fully fringed hand cut black leather. The shirt is sharply cut with darts thrown in different directions. The sleeves are fully corded jersey and were my perception of African beaded corsetry. Any stressful moments? Cording! I decided to cord jersey because it looked brilliant, little did I know that one sleeve would take me two days.

Who is your muse? Jourdan Dunn

Who is your muse? Maria Carla Boscono - her pale skin, thick black hair and awkward, unusual appearance fit in well with my collection.

What are your future aspirations? Be my own boss, have my own company with a great team within the fashion industry that will make an impact and that’s recognised.

What are your future aspirations After university, I am going it alone. Bunmi Koko really inspired me and gave me some brilliant advice so I’m going to continue designing, in aim of getting into fashion weeks.

If you won the lottery how would you spend the money? I would just go mental and buy all my family houses, cars and stupidly indulging shopping sprees then ill come back to London and set up my own fashion events and PR company and live in my little fashion bubble with a poodle named George. :-)

If you won the lottery how would you spend the money? Hmmm. The obvious answer is that I would go absolutely crazy in Dover Street Market, but then I would invest half of it into my brand. I don¹t think it would change much as I could never ‘not work’. I love challenges and it would just make life much sweeter I guess ;)

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Contact email.

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