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LC Danang Local Chapter in Danang



In quarter 3, ER got 2 venue partners which support effectively team meetings and recruitment center. Got 1 sponsor for the recruitment, many potential partners for upcoming events of the LC. A pool of learning partners ready to transfer knowledge to the young talented members

Set up partnership with UPM Malaysia. All members are equipped with adequate knowledge to do their task independently


Comm & IM

Achievement Promote AIESEC DN programs successfully via FB Way forward Comm is on the way to build a website to promote Exchange



Way forward Focus mostly on recent graduates to promote and encourage them to go before Tet

Way forward

Achievement Run a sustainable operation on a low budget with high effectiveness Way forward Run project, event to get sponsorship. Realize as many EP as possible

In next quarter, ER is keep looking for more venue partners. Need to reinforce members to ER




Achievement Finish master plan with timeline and ready to upload TN form Way forward Convince MC to accept 3 matched interns instead of 3 realized interns in the 3 criteria

LC Update

ICX got training on sale

Achievement Learning event, LC Meetings, LC bondings, 100% members involve in the Recruitment operation

Way forward Running more cross-team bondings, Buddy system, learning event which involves members from different team

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3