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Once AIESECer, forever AIESECer!

National Conferences and Events ILEAD 2012

OC ILEAD is working hard to make the most memorable conference ever. Stay

stunned with ILEAD!!! Survey (Important) (Please support OC to make it): Facebook: Website: Video:

Ignite 2012

Congratulate LC FTU HCM for being host of Ignite 2012. We firmly believe that you will make it extremely successful. Congratulate Tran Thi Ngoan - current VPF of FTU HCM for being selected as OCP of Ignite 2012. The full OC will be formed in coming time.

5 year Anniversary AIESEC has been operating in Vietnam for 5 years and an anniversary will be organized

in HCM city November this year to celebrate our achievements in past 5 years, as well as recognize the contribution of alumni and partners of AIESEC Vietnam. The participants of the event are partners, alumni and National Leadership Team (MC + EBs) Let’s give a big hand for OC of 5 year anniversary who have been chosen from 14 talented candidates.

OCP - Hoai Phuong OC P&D - Khanh Chi, Thanh Nga OC Logistics - Xuan Quynh, Nhu Ngoc

International Congress 2011

AIESEC Vietnam had 3 representatives at this year’s International Congress in Nairobi, Kenya. Scott (MCP), Giang (MCVP OGX) and Duong (LCP Hanoi) had the honour of joining 500 delegates from all of AIESEC’s 107 countries in learning more about AIESEC 2015. We also worked hard to build country partnerships for OGX and Projects which will greatly help us realise our 585 exchange goal.

Finally we gained a lot of inspiration and friendships through meeting amazing AIESEC leaders from around the world, definitely one of the great benefits of taking up a leadership role. If you’d like to know more you can read the MC IC report here MC Update

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3