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Once AIESECer, forever AIESECer!


President’s address

Consider for a moment what you are currently a part of. Right now an organisation

run entirely by youth has set itself the objective of engaging and developing every young person in the world. Imagine what this would look like in your university, your city, Vietnam as a country! The greatest thing for us is that we are the ones who are driving this organisation to achieve this goal. So ask yourself, how am I contributing to this goal? Are you truly living AIESEC’s values on a daily basis? Do you share with your friends your dreams of making the world a better place and getting them excited about making a difference also? No doubt these are not easy things to do, but it will surely make the difference to AIESEC’s success in the long term. I am proud to be an AIESECer and I hope you are too.

Quarterly review The MC and the LC EBs have been conducting a review of our results in July-September. In the first 3 months of 11-12 we have 120 exchange realisations, 21% of our 585 goal. With AIESEC’s global focus now clearly on AIESEC 2015, the MC has adjusted some of our plans to ensure that AIESEC Vietnam moves strongly toward engaging an increasing number of Vietnamese students into our 4 Experiential Leadership Development programs. Tranings

Get to know how to use new! Are you finding it difficult to use the new system? Then this should not be the case! The new is actually easy to use! you just need to know how it works! This week we will be having entire week webinar trainings on how to use for various processes you have. For a schedule on the Trainings you can click here

MC Update


MC and LC start implementing new financial model

effectively. Critical financial processes and documents are standardized nationally. Upcoming event Finance leader team will conduct internal financial auditing for all full-member LCs in October

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3