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AIESECer’s From AIESECers Stories Vu Anh Kha

I love sharing my story. It’s endlessly healing.


The past August has been a mix of excitement, reflection and action. Coming back from

Ignite, the spirit and motivation still echoed in our mind, the powerful emotion and wonderful moments we had still lingered and somehow make us think deeper about our path in AIESEC. Followed by a brief summer vacation, we had time to reflect and to prepare for what is to come - the AIESEC Recruitment. Time flies so quickly, another generation is about to come, and everything seems just like yesterday. Only 4 months to go before the end of this term, and for so many of us, this is the last miles of our AIESEC journey, while there are still so much we want to accomplish. T his was w hen we decided we must not hesitate anymore. This was the time for action. Every functions straightened themselves out, focus on their responsibility, trying to achieve something that can be legacy for the next term, whatever small or big that legacy can be. In August, we killed every deadlines, we make things happen.

Phan Thao My (chuoi)


When it comes to July 2011, you properly know what happened then: Ignite

Conference. Things went so great! As any AIESECer here, I met, learnt, shared, get inspired and grew a lot. Ignite empowered me with enough vigour to rock my August to cook the biggest external event of AIESEC FTU Hanoi of 2011. I was OC Event of GLAD – Global Leadeship Activating Day. Things didn’t go as smoothly as we expected. Two weeks before the main event, we still got into troubles with offline promotion and legality, financial difficulties, venue finding and even some conflicts with interns. I got demotivated and even thought of breaking off the event. However, it was a miracle that we made it: GLAD was successfully held on August 27th, with the attendance of more than 600 students and international friends from more than 20 countries. I almost burst into tears at the closing plenery of the event: I was happy at GLAD’s success, but the last week of GLAD was also the first promotion week of X+L Fall Recruitment – and I was OCP of FTU Hanoi LC. As in GLAD, offline promotion in the campus these days was something out of reach. Also, leading a team of 6 members, in which everyone was older than me and no one had more than 6 months of AIESEC XP, was a real challenge for me. I tried my best to learn how to become a real leader, supporting OC members at my best in organizing a huge series of events along September: Regional IS, Local IS, AC, Pre-interview, Group work week, SRB and Final interview. After several months working together, we proudly brought 21 newbies and … new EPs to AIESEC FTU Hanoi. Living AIESECly to the fullest everyday is not something difficult. AIESECer Stories

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3