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LC Hanoi Local Chapter in Hanoi

TM Number of application form in total for 3 categories: 193 forms Number of new member: 30 Successful RTS on 9th, October


Learning partner: VEF, Capstone, CSip, Live and Learn, Pathways Venue partner: CFVG, BUV, CnR Financial sponsor: 2,200$ AIESEC Hanoi hosted an extremely successful event in September: Consultancy Breakfast.


Result of OGX team in Quarter 3 Raised 5 Matched 10 Realized 20

Comm & IM Run promotion campaign for

recruitment: the most effective channel is Facebook and email Internal channel: effective email

Project Earth and me project

The very first project of 2011 has successfully ended its run by this August, leaving many impressive figures. At the end, there were totally over 1000 applications, with 600 to be selected, the website received nearly 10000 hits and fan-page reached almost 1500 followers

Green Planet Day

Taking place on August 28th, Green Planet Day is the biggest event of Earth & Me project, a successor edition of last year’s Global Village. Beside elaborating on saving environment, the event was also a celebration of mixed cultures from all over the world. We were proud to have Ms. Akane Hanai, UNDP Program Specialist, deliver a speech about some specific matters of the climate changes. The event was a huge hit with 250+ attendees out of 760+ registered and 18 countries in total.

Spark project

Corporate with SPARK (NGO) to run project social enterprise capacity development LC Update

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3  

AIESEC Vietnam Newsletter Quarter 3