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AIESEC Logo Booklet


This document should be followed in all circumstances when any office of AIESEC or any other entity is using the AIESEC logo.

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The AIESEC Logo The Global Descriptor Color Combinations Clear Space Logo Placement and Size

The AIESEC logo Introduced in 1991, the AIESEC logo remains a relevant and important component of the AIESEC brand identity. The logo Design shows • •

Young people gaining definition as they come out of the blue Mass Young people forming themselves as individuals for the future

In short, it represents how AIESEC enables young people to discover and develop their potential and head towards their future with a clearer and stronger vision for themselves. The logo should not be modified in anyway and should always be used according to the guidelines in this section. • • • • •

The Logo symbolizes Young people shown through carrying of book Walking forward represents walking towards the future Increasing definition represents forming/developing as individuals Emerging from the blue mass represents building your own path or moving towards your personal vision

The logo will continue to appear on all AIESEC media and materials in all circumstances.

The Global Descriptor The Global Descriptor is preferred to accompany the AIESEC Logo. The descriptor supports the AIESEC logo in people understanding more about the organization at first view itself. Global – reinforces and describes the nature of the AIESEC experience

Youth-driven – most accurate description of the element of the AIESEC brand promise

The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

Represents the different opportunities we offer – it addresses Connecting and brings out the self-driven aspect of Activating Leadership

Explore and develop is a distinguishing feature of the AIESEC experience and Activating Leadership

The use of the logo under the Logo is optional. However, the descriptor can only be used under the Logo.

Color Combinations The logo can be used as a powerful tool for communication if communicated consistently and with repeatedly. Being the most powerful visual element within our brand we can strengthen our overall brand by representing it on the right backgrounds. Blue




Web (HEX)



MS Office (R/G/B)



Professional printing (Pantone)

The examples here illustrate the correct use of the logo in positive and reverse formats. Any of these combinations can be used in any medium of communication, i.e. print, web, etc. Any other combinations or changes to the typeface should not be used.

Short logo

Long logo with descriptor

Long logo without descriptor

Clear Space To protect the strength and integrity of the logo, a clear space, free of any other visual elements, should be maintained. This includes additions of country/LC names, changing background colors, or adding a shadow. The only exception is with the global descriptor. In the example below, the unit of measurement for clear space equals the height of the people. The clear space on the right side is 1 unit. The clear space on the left, bottom, and top is 0.5 units.

Logo Placement and Size – for MS Office, web and promotion tools The recommended placement for the logo is to bleed off the left or bottom side of the page and cover 80 percent of the page. The logo should be placed prominently on any materials and should not be placed as a background, within text, or underneath text or images.

On A4 pages – both portrait and landscape – the height of the logo should be at least 8 millimeters. We recommend 1.5 units from the logo to the upper or lower edge of the page (see illustration). For other page sizes, follow the 80% recommendation and use the downloadable vector format (.wmf) to resize at optimal proportions and without quality loss. The use of the descriptor under the logo is optional however when you decide to use one, always use the global descriptor.

AIESEC Logo Booklet  

AIESEC Logo Booklet

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