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Mum’s devastation as son’s care cut pital on a weekly basis to see a dietician, a paediatrician and a neurologist. In addition, he attends speech therapy and physiotherapy, despite doubts that he will ever walk or talk. “Jamie’s life is pretty much in the hospital,” Leona added. “He has to see so many specialists on a regular basis for pretty much everything. The concern is down to his immune system being so low which means he is more susceptible to getting sick. “I have to give him his food and medication through a tube attached to his stomach because when he was feeding through the mouth it was going down the wrong way and leaking into his lungs. That caused bad chest infections and breathing problems.” She added: “The last time I was out with friends was four years ago. I love my son to death, but I’ve cut myself off from friends, and friends have cut themselves off from me. Nobody knows how to be around Jamie because to people he’s not normal and they don’t know what to say. The home care helped me divide

THE mother of a severely disabled boy has told of her devastation over cuts to his vital home care help. Leona Burke (32), from Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, explained how she is dependent on the care provided to her son Jamie (3) who suffers from a rare defective disorder known as Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Jamie’s home care was slashed in half, from 40 hours per month to a mere 20 when children’s charity the Jack and Jill Foundation, which provided the care, was unable to secure e1.3 million in funding for this year. “My son was dependent on those 40 hours a month,” Leona said. “The cuts have come at a time when other assistance I was relying on was cut as well. A woman called out to my home on behalf of the assistance programme to offer a shoulder to cry on when things got really bad. It helped to deal with the isolation and the demands of Jamie’s condition. But now that help is gone, on top of half of the help provided by Jack and Jill.” Leona explained how Jamie’s condition is so debilitating that he has to be fed through a tube in his stomach. He also sometimes suffers severe seizures that can result in a starvation of oxygen to his brain. “Sometimes Jamie suffers 10 seizures a day,” Leona added. “There was one time in hospital when he stayed locked in a seizure for 45 minutes. It was terrifying because his fits restrict oxygen to his brain. There was a time when Jamie tried to talk, but since the fits got

by Martin Flanagan worse he can’t even speak. He suffers from delayed mental development, and his fits are likely to slow development even further in the long run.” Leona told how Jamie’s roundthe-clock care, coupled with cuts to his home help, have put a strain on her family relationships. “Jamie’s care is constant,” Leona explained. “My daughter Amber (14) has had to learn so much since she was 10 about how to take care of her little brother. “There was a time when we spent more time together, and the home care helped free up time for that, but now my relationship with Amber is under strain because we are practically housebound to look after Jamie. And both our social lives are almost non-existent. “The home care freed up time to get things done inside and outside the house. I was able to do my shopping knowing that Jamie was in safe hands when the help was there, but now everything is delayed and Amber has to help out a lot more.” Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome means that Jamie suffers from a litany of health problems such as ongoing epileptic fits, a heart murmur, eye and ear complications, and delayed physical and mental development. He has to attend Tallaght Hos-

my time and I got a lot more things done with the help.” Carmel Doyle, the communications director of the Jack and Jill Foundation, said that over the past two years donations to the charity had fallen by 25 per cent. The money it pays out to families for home nursing care and respite is up by 40 per cent with more babies than ever on its books. “As a result Jack and Jill is facing a shortfall of e450,000 in 2010 which will wipe out the last of its reserves,” she said. “We have had a number of talks with ministers and the HSE over the past six months and made a rock solid economic argument for more State support.” The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation has launched a national mobile phone text campaign asking people to give the price of a pint (€5) by texting the word PINT to 57034. The money donated goes directly to support home nursing care and respite for 300 children with severe neurological delay and brain damage across Ireland.

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 Little three-year-old Jamie Burke, from Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, suffers from a rare defective disorder known as Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Photo by Darren Kinsella

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‘Give me the drugs I need to live’ A SOUTHSIDE woman, who is the only person in the country who suffers from a rare fatal disease, has called on the Department of Health to make a decision on her application for funding for a new drug that would prolong her life. Margaret Whelan (51) from Bray works with the office of the Revenue Commissioners in Kevin Street, Dublin 2, and is the only person in the Republic of Ireland who suffers from the rare Pompe disease. The primary symptoms of the disease are muscle and respiratory weakness. Many patients end up on ventilators, and can die from respiratory failure.

Approval A drug called Myozyme was approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration in late 2008. Margaret's neurologist has been trying to get her access to the drug and in 2009 she formally applied to the Department of Health for approval to use it. If the department gives its approval, the State would have to spend e300,000 to e400,000 per annum on administering the drug to Margaret. Margaret explained that the condition means that her physical well being will deteriorate progressively over time and the disease will eventually kill her.

by Jamie Deasy “Initially the disease affects my physical mobility,” she explained. “I was someone who went out for a walk on the seafront in Bray in the morning and before I go to work. “Now I am confined to a wheelchair and can barely walk unaided. My balance is gone most of the time and if I fall I cannot get myself back up. “While the primary disease is in my legs it has progressed and it is now affecting my lungs. It brings on a lot of fatigue and sleep apnoea. This is a fatal condition but you don't know when it will kill you.” At the moment Margaret is only taking standard medication to alleviate the various symptoms of the disease but she believes that her quality of life would improve considerably if she was given approval to use Myozyme. “People who take the drug can walk significantly further distances and their vital capacity within the lungs will improve three to four per cent within a year,” she said.

However, Margaret said she has received no feedback from the department on the status of her application since she first applied for approval in March 2009. “Ireland is the only European country that hasn’t made the medication available to adult patients,” she claimed. “I would have expected to have heard from the department about this within 12 months of my application. “I appreciate the huge cost of it and the huge challenges for everyone to convince themselves that it is the right drug and is the right thing to do but at this stage the silence is deafening.

in her bid to have the treatment approved. He has lobbied the department on her behalf. “Since she has been diagnosed she has been confined to a wheelchair and her mus-

cles have been weakening away,” Mr Mooney said. “She will need full assistance to live in the home if she doesn't get the treatment soon. While at the moment she is working and has a high profile job and

 Margaret Whelan needs a drug called Myozyme to enable her to have a better life.

GREEN Party TD Ciarán Cuffe has welcomed the announcement of funding for initiatives to promote migrant integration to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council by the Minister for Integration, Mary White TD.


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lot of money for the treatment but you cannot put a price on quality of life.” Southside People contacted the Department of Health but they were unavailable for comment on the matter.

Letters “It is very difficult to find out from the department where my case is going at any point in time,” she added. “When I heard nothing from the department at the start of this year I started writing letters to them. They are not really responding to my letters and are only sending acknowledgements. “It is just frustrating when you see all the people in the UK getting the treatment and I am not getting anything. At this point I just want a decision, so I can plan my life around it.” Joe Mooney is the CEO of Muscular Dystrophy Ireland, which is supporting Margaret

Cuffe welcomes funding


she may not be in a position to continue that. “Then she would be left at home on an invalidity pension and she would not be contributing to society, while at the moment she is. So it is a


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Commenting on the allocation of e57,000 to Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Deputy Cuffe said: "This funding will help promote local activities that encourage integration and improve the quality of migrants' lives and experiences throughout the south Dublin area. “This money will go toward grants to community organisations, an ethnic minority integration forum, as well as strategy development.” He added: "Integration happens in our workplaces, our schools and throughout our communities. This funding will benefit projects and services that will help strengthen our local communities."

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Sick kids’ charity says thank you ONE of Ireland’s leading sick children’s charities has thanked everyone who supported their work last year. Children in Hospital Ireland completed 40 years of making hospital a happier place for sick children last year. As part of its Ruby celebrations the organisation announced the launch of its 20th PlayWell service. The organisation’s volunteer-based programme recruits, trains and vets volunteers from all around the country who provide play and happiness to sick children in their local hospitals. Dympna Mc Mahon, CHI’s Chairperson, commented: “It’s wonderful that people are so generous with their time. This generosity of spirit makes a hospital stay happier and easier for children and their families all around the country.” CHI has seen a significant rise of people wanting to volunteer with its PlayWell service. CHI has experienced a great interest especially from young people who are delighted to help. Many of these volunteers are unemployed and want to give their time to help with a great cause. Children in Hospital Ireland directly works with sick children to bring them fun, reassure them and help them cope with illness and being in hospital.

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Dreams to fly AFTER spending five years studying engineering in DIT and not getting a job in return, an ambitious Killiney man has decided to channel his energies instead into the extremes of downhill mountain biking. Gerard Wolfe (24) has told how his ambition to become a national champion in the demanding sport has succeeded at cancelling out all his recession blues. “Cycling has always been a passion,” he declared. “I got a bike in secondary school years ago and since then it’s become my life.” However, Gerard fears that if his goal to become a poster boy for national cycling doesn’t receive sufficient funding his dreams could go up in smoke. “In Ireland it is hard to get sponsorship for non-Olympic sports,” he explained. “My plan is to go to New Zealand and train for bigger events, particularly ones in Britain and back here in Ireland. I have enough money to cover

by Martin Flanagan New Zealand but if I don’t get sponsorship I’ll have to stay on there and I won’t be able to participate in events after that.” Gerard’s misfortunate in dedicating so much time and effort into trying to get a job in Ireland’s engineering sector is also reflected in the lives of his college peers. “Out of the 21 graduates who did the same course as me, only two went on to get jobs, and they were in London,” he revealed. “Six of them emigrated to Australia and three of them stayed on to do a Masters. “Most of my other friends are now on social welfare or working behind a bar. I

 Gerard Wolfe (24) hopes to become a big name in the demanding downhill mountain biking scene.

wanted something different from all that, something with thrill and a sense of adventure. In a sense my education has held me back and now I just want to ride out the downturn. It’s disheartening that we didn’t get jobs when we left college, but in the final year at DIT we resigned ourselves to the fact that there wouldn’t be any.” Gerard said that though his pursuits are only in the early stages of a bigger dream he hopes to one day carve out a career as a professional cyclist. “I hope to become a big name,” he said. “I want to become maybe a national champion or a poster boy for the Road Safety Authority in the sense that I could promote safety and cycling as something that is fun and doable for younger children to look up to.” He hopes to become a big sensation by capitalising on global cycling events and then going on to pursue his dream of becoming an international cycling champion. “It would be my dream come true if I could pursue this,” he added. “I’m only young once. I see an opening now rather than later.” Gerard received a scholarship for each consecutive year during his time in DIT. The scholarship provided Gerard with e2,000 a year to fund fitness classes and workshops that involved training for downhill mountain cycling, but now the funds have dried up and Gerard is calling for support to pursue his dream. “Of all the 2,000 emails that I sent to companies for funding I have pretty much received the same number in rejections,” he admitted. “It would just mean a lot to me, and any help at all would be welcome.” Anybody interested in funding Gerard’s ambitious dream of one day becoming a big name cyclist can contact him at wolferacing2011

Musical charity short listed for top award THE founder of the Musical Youth Foundation has expressed delight at being short-listed for the Better Together Awards. Southsider Chris Maher submitted a two-minute video entitled ‘Music Changes Lives’ on behalf of the foundation. The video was entered into the voluntary only category with the eventual winner decided by public vote. Voters expressed great interest in the Better Together video, which ranked among the highest entrants after it received an outstanding star rating. The overall winning entrants were decided by a judging panel and despite the foundation not getting through to the finals, it has given the participants confi-

by Martin Flanagan dence to enter similar competitions in the future. “We were delighted,” said Maher. “Over the moon. We didn’t expect to be short listed as we up against the other bigger charities that ran this year. “It shows that we are on the right track, and it is these little successes that give us the incentive to push ahead. The children are delighted, and the video has certainly captured that.” He added: “It really benefits every area of their life. “It’s like sport, the more

you practice the better you get. The project has really helped to improve the confidence, learning ability, focus, and reading skills of all the young people involved. It is a creative outlet and an opportunity to learn.” Chris told how he hopes to expand the foundation’s attendance rate from 30 children to 300 next year. “We are hoping that in the long run students who participate can come back and teach younger ones and tell them of their experiences. We might even produce the next Bono.” Anyone interested in helping Chris expand the inspiring musical project for young people can contact him at

People can also follow Gerard through twitter at

A Killiney graduate who failed to get a job after five years hard studying hopes to find success in an extreme sport instead





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 AN ENTERPRISING NEW INITIATIVE: John Teeling, the chairman of Cooley Distillery, is pictured with student Caroline Allen from ITT Tallaght and Declan Byrne, the director of Innovo Training & Development, at the announcement that 40 new places for unemployed graduates and industry professionals are being made available on the Enterprise Evolution Programme (EEP). Further details are available at




press office noted that thieves were particularly active over the festive season. “There will always be cases of theft at that time of year,” he said. “But it comes down to common sense and vigilance on behalf of homeowners. “We would advise people to have a home alarm system that will act as a deterrent to potential intruders and to avoid having expensive items on display in windows or in the hallway where people can see them. Nowadays, a lot of people have sheds out their back gardens so it would be worthwhile to install locks and make sure all doors are locked at night.” He added: “The Garda website details the different alarm systems on the market and offers advice on

 SAFETY Safe Stride


Treasured Times Website:

The warning comes following reports of break-ins in Fettercairn and Fortunestown. One young couple from Fettercairn, Tallaght, told Southside People that their home was broken into before Christmas. “Myself and my partner were out,” said the young woman who did not want to be named. “And when we got home we discovered the house had been broken into and my children’s computer games and some of our ornaments were stolen. "Thankfully we didn’t store our Christmas shopping in the house because I’m fairly certain that would have been stolen as well. “We’re gutted that it happened,” she added. The woman claimed that at least five houses had been robbed in the the Fettercairn area in recent weeks. In a separate incident, an elderly woman from Fortunestown told how her dog had disturbed an intruder. “My dog is a great little watchdog,” the woman said. “He rarely barks unless he has good reason. When he went ballistic at around six in the morning, I knew there was something wrong. I went downstairs and switched on the light in the room and looked out the window. “Whoever was out the back must have seen me and got a fright because I heard a noise and somebody ran by the window and jumped over my neighbour’s fence. “I have expensive lawnmowers out the back and my husband’s fishing gear was there. Thank God he was disturbed because he could have taken everything.” A spokesperson for the Garda

what’s best for certain people, so anybody with concerns should reference the site for more advice.” Cllr Pamela Kearns (Lab) warned that burglaries were becoming more common during the day, and warned that people should not become complacent by leaving doors unlocked – even if they’re only out in their back garden. “It seems obvious but people should check all the locks on their doors and windows before they go out,” she said. “Another important thing to remember is just because you are in the house during the day doesn’t mean burglars won’t strike.” According to Cllr Kearns, a detective recently told her that Halogen lights act as a strong deterrent against intruders. “No thief is going to want to rob your home if there’s a chance that they’ll be seen under a strong light,” she pointed out.


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Homeowners on alert after spate of break-ins GARDAI have issued a warning to homeowners to be on their guard after a spate of burglaries on the Southside.

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Department concerned at latest pier plan THE Department of the Environment has expressed concern about an application for retention planning permission that includes the previous demolition of historic structures on the 19th century mail boat pier in Dun Laoghaire. In September 2009, the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company demolished a number of derelict buildings on the Carlisle Pier in a bid to clear the site for a planned new promenade and concert area, as well as 100 pay and display car parking spaces. In May 2010, An Bord Pleanála ruled that part of the Victorian pier, which has considerable historic significance, should not have been demolished without planning permission. Some of the structures date back to the mid 19th century and formed part of the historic Carlisle Pier mail boat rail station. During the demolition, the Conservation Department at Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council said it did not believe that the removal of the buildings from the pier required planning permission but this view was later overruled by An Bord Pleanála. Deputy Ciaran Cuffe (GP) formally appealed the council's decision to allow the removal of the buildings without planning permission to An Bord Pleanala. Last November, over a year after the demolition, the Dun

by Jamie Deasy Laoghaire Harbour Company applied for retention permission for the demolition works. The application includes a proposal to reinstate some of the palisade fencing that was removed when the buildings were demolished as well as the development of 37 new pay and display parking spaces on the site. However, in a brief submission on the application, the Department of the Environment said it was concerned about the application. The department has directed the council not to make a decision on the proposal until the department has been able to carry out a review of the matter. “The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is not at this point in time in a position to complete an assessment of this application,” the submission states. “The department has concerns regarding this development. “Therefore, we consider it necessary that a final decision is not made by the council until this department has had an opportunity to complete its

 STEPASIDE WELCOMES NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE: An Cathaoirleach of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Cllr Lettie McCarthy, officially opened the new Belarmine Community Centre in Stepaside with Deputy Olivia Mitchell (FG), Cllr Neale Richmond (FG), Cllr Tom Murphy (FF) and some local children. PHOTO BY FENNELLS

PostPoint makes life easier for householders POSTPOINT is the electronic service provider of choice for more than 3,000 stores nationwide and works with An Post to make life easier for Irish householders. It offers a convenient free service which enables customers to pay all of their major household bills at their local shop - where they see the PostPoint sign, or at their local post office. Additionally, PostPoint and An Post provide a broad list of services including popular services such as Mobile Top Up, BillPay and Tolling. Visit for more information.

statutory remit by completing an assessment of the potential impact of this proposed development on this site.” In its own submission, An Taisce said they were “extremely disappointed” that the council had failed to take action to stop the demolition of the pier pavilion, despite the concerns they raised during the works. An Taisce also criticised the harbour company's proposal to reinstate some of the fencing that had been removed

from the site. The group added that the historic pier was unsuitable for car parking spaces. “The fencing proposed is unsuitable,” it stated. “The use of the site as a car park is inappropriate. Regardless to the temporary nature of the proposal, it is inappropriate for the site and contrary to proper planning and sustainable development for the area. Any new plan for the Carlisle Pier must include the full restoration of the heritage iron works and pavilion.”

A spokesman for the council said they were prohibited from commenting on live planning applications. The Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company was unavailable for comment on the matter. The Carlisle Pier was the point of departure for hundreds of thousands of Irish emigrants in the 19th century. It was also from where Michael Collins left in 1921 to negotiate the Treaty with the British Government in London.

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Rehab writers publish new books ARTISTICALLY talented clients of a centre for people with intellectual disabilities have succeeded in getting the funding necessary to publish their highly creative and unique new works.

John Cooney (62) from Ballsbridge and Deidre O’Brien (37) from Foxrock are both service users at the Rehab care centre in Clarence

Street in Dun Laoghaire. Both authors recently received funding from the National Lottery to finance the publication of their new

Pictured at the launch of A Seat at the Winter Flamenco and The Adventures of Monkey and Me are Clara McAuliffe, Community Services Manager, RehabCare Dun Laoghaire, poet John Cooney from Deansgrange, author Deirdre O’Brien from Foxrock and best-selling novelist, Sarah Webb, who launched the books.


Locations for disposal of Christmas trees from 6th – 15th January 2011 inclusive Lucan Beechpark open space Sarsfield Park open space Hayden’s Lane Car Park in Griffeen Valley (to replace the Green Waste Facility at Esker) Palmerstown Glenaulin Park Clondalkin Corkagh Park (St Johns Road entrance car-park) Corkagh Park (Green Isle car-park at Caravan Park entrance) Collinstown Park Quarryvale Park Foxdene open space Foxborough Park open space Grand Canal Park (junction Bawnogue and Lockview Rd.) Saggart Park’s Depot on Mill Lane

Tallaght Raheen Open Space (Opposite Raheen Shopping Centre) Seán Walsh Park – Storage area (behind Old Bawn Community College) near Parks Depot off Whitestown Way. Greenhills Tymon Park – Limekiln car park Tymon Park – Tymon North Road car park Templeogue Tymon Park – Willington Car Park. Old Bawn Aylesbury open space (beside shopping centre) Firhouse Car park at Cherryfield (off the link road between Firhouse Road and Spawell Roundabout). Rathfarnham Rathfarnham Castle Park – car park

Trees can be left at the above locations from Thursday 6th January to Saturday 15th of January 2011. The trees will be shredded for recycling. Web:

An evening of music and song for Ballyfermot THE Matt Talbot Community Trust in Ballyfermot is hosting ‘An Evening of Music & Song’ in the local civic centre on Saturday, January 8 at 7.30pm. The event will feature Kevin Doyle & The Valley Gospel Singers, along with internationally acclaimed awarded winning soprano and harpist, Marina Cassidy. Grainne Jennings, director of the Matt Talbot Community Trust, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this New Year’s concert, which promises to be an enjoyable start to the New Year. “We are looking forward to what will be a great evening involving all the

by Martin Flanagan community.” Established in 1986 by Sr Caoimhín Ní Ullachain, the Matt Talbot Community Trust is run by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers from the rear of the Church of the Assumption in Ballyfermot. Tickets costing e15 each may be purchased on 626 4899 or at Kevin Doyle’s Shop, Ballyfermot Road.

Jobs boost for Sandymount DEPUTY Chris Andrews (FF) has described the announcement of 155 new jobs at OSG, based in Sandymount, as “an extremely important development for the community and the wider Dublin region.” “OSG is hiring financial services professionals over the next three years as part of a e6 million investment that is supported by Enterprise Ireland,” he said. “The company is a leading provider of professionally managed service solutions to the insurance and financial services market and has demonstrated great confidence in Ireland with this commitment. “OSG already employs 245 workers in nine service centres across the country and offers services including claims management, sales, customer services and consultancy services.” He added: “The commitment being made by Enterprise Ireland will help OSG to improve competitiveness and target new global growth markets. It will also ensure the company can identify new business opportunities.’

by Jamie Deasy books. 'A Seat at the Winter Flamenco' by John Cooney, who suffered from mental health problems in the past, is the culmination of many years of thought and reflection. John has a very special gift for the spoken word and is a man with compelling stories to tell. The book reveals new truths and insights as each page is turned and reflects on themes of nature, spirituality, freedom and love and loss. John began writing poetry and prose when he was 23years-old and he has continued ever since. With the publication of this book he hopes to make a concerted impact and bring his work to a wider readership. “The poems express the things I feel about winter and autumn, which are my favourite seasons, and I wanted this to be reflected in the book,” John explained. “The title just grew out of that. I am also extremely interested in music; it does things for me, so I worked the idea of the Flamenco into the title as well. He added: “One thing I would think about my work, which is very important to me, is the spiritual content of the

poems. I hope this comes forward in the work.” John finds that writing is a great outlet to express his feelings and as a result the practice is highly therapeutic. “Poetry and art generally help me a great deal with regard to my particular disability,” he explained. “It helps me to get something outside of myself that might otherwise be locked away.” Deirdre O'Brien (37) from Foxrock has written the action-packed fantasy story 'The Adventures of Monkey and Me' that is at once exciting, entertaining and touching. Brimming from cover to cover with suspense and intrigue the book is also beautifully illustrated by her fellow Rehab service user Donal Byrne. The book tells the story of the abduction of a twin sister at birth and the quest of two siblings to be reunited, as both battle deception, evil and dark magic to overcome the evil

Zaranda. Deirdre, who suffers from a mild learning disability, explained that ‘Monkey’ was an imaginary friend that she has had since childhood. “I just started writing ideas about her when I was 18,” Deirdre explained. “I showed some of this to my parents and they thought it was really good, so it inspired me to write more. I have now finished the first book, typed out the second book and hope to write a third,” she said. The books are published by Choice Publishing, and are available direct from the centre and from selected bookshops, including Bookvalue in Dun Laoghaire. Both retail at e14.99 and the authors have agreed to make a donation from the proceeds of the sales to RehabCare’s Dun Laoghaire centre. Copies of the book are available on request and the centre can be contacted at 2020440.

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 St John Bosco Youth Centre kids who participated in the Dublin Community Television (DCTV) project will see their work broadcast this month.

Young Southsiders see their new TV films broadcast A NUMBER of short films made by young Southsiders will be broadcast on a local community television channel over the coming weeks. Dublin Community Television (DCTV) recently launched four hours of material produced by the St John Bosco Youth Centre in Drimnagh in conjunction with DCTV. The material was produced by a number of young people from the Drimnagh area who are also undergoing training courses at the St John Bosco Youth Centre. The DCTV courses included a Fetac level 3 certificate in video expression, which was delivered to 18 young people in association with the youth centre. The training was financially supported by the Rathmines Pembroke Partnership and FAS. Niamh Foley from Drimnagh, who is currently taking part in an IT course with FAS at St John Bosco, was also one of the participants in the DCTV course. She said that those taking part in the course had learned a wide range of media skills

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by Jamie Deasy and some have since volunteered to do extra unpaid work with DCTV. “We studied directors and all the different work they do and learned all about the paper work that comes with making a film,” she explained. “Then we concentrated on coming up with ideas and expanding the different ideas into films and all different genres of films. “We learned how to use the equipment including the sound and the vision mixers and used cameras and mikes. We did set design and came up with our own ideas for films and then made a few short films. “It was great to learn what goes on behind the scenes,” she added. “I have done a bit of volunteer work for DCTV on one of the programmes they run called ‘Dole TV’. I have interviews with people who took part in the recent

Three new facilities for Ballybrack park THE Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Mary Hanafin, has cut the red tape on three new recreational facilities in Kilbogget Park, Ballybrack. The new full-size, all weather, floodlit pitch, developed on Cabinteely Community School grounds by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, will facilitate sporting activities in poor weather and during the evenings. It is expected to be well used by both the school and local sports clubs. A smaller, synthetic pitch situated next to the existing children’s playground has also been developed, and will be used for soccer, training, basketball and volleyball. In addition to the two pitches the building housing the Borough Boxing Club at Coolevin has also been refurbished.

anti-bailout march and I hope to come up with more ideas for the channel.” Barry Lennon, a producer at DCTV who was also involved in delivering the training courses, explained that they taught young people additional skills outside of those offered on the FETAC programmes. “The participants learned a lot of different skills,” he said. “And we try to facilitate them making their own media. “They are given the roles of directors and sound engineers so they can learn about all the different skills that go with those jobs. “It gives them a broad range of ideas. Then we always look at trying to do follow on projects to give them the opportunity to come back with their own projects.” The programmes will be broadcast on DCTV on Mondays at 7pm; on Tuesdays at 12.30pm; on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8.30pm and on Sundays at 11pm throughout January. For more information log on to

Search is on for Irish Billy AUDITIONS are to be held in Dublin later this month to find the new Billy Elliot. Dean McCarthy, who played the title role in the West End production in 2006, came from Dublin. The producers want to find another Irish Billy and are auditioning for the role as well as that of his best friend Michael. Boys must be aged from nine to 13 years and be of a maximum height of 5ft. To apply for an audition email Jessica Ronane at




Paddy’s Day cash boost for Dublin DUBLIN received a staggering e50.5 million cash boost from last year’s highly successful St Patrick’s Festival, according to the figures released by Bord Failte.

never underestimates the value of the Festival. “This year, it is more important than ever that Ireland sends out a signal that all is well, we are open for business, visitors will get a great welcome and the value to be had has never been better,” he enthused. “St Patrick’s Festival has traditionally signalled the start of the tourist season. Through the extensive national and international television coverage of the Festival, all

eyes of the world are on Dublin and I am confident it will kick-start the revival of Dublin tourism.” Meanwhile, David Harvey, Chairperson of St Patrick’s Festival, explained the year-on-year success of the event. by Catherine Blake “The festival is a platform for what is so special about Ireland and The survey revealed that 120,000 Irish people - it highlights the culoverseas tourists who travelled to tural and artistic attraction that we Dublin for the festival, now in its are known for,” he explained. 16th year, added e43.7 million to “Our aim in 2011 is to once the economy. That number again offer international and rose to e50.5 million when domestic visitors a positive and the spend by Dubliners atmemorable experience beyond tending was included. their expectations. The support Unsurprisingly, Dubs represented almost half of all of the business community adult attendees at the parade, each year has been fantastic, with 12 per cent travelling up and this year more than ever from outside the capital and we are dependent on this kind the remainder made up of of support to show the very overseas visitors. best that Ireland can be.” The Festival Ceili proved Speaking about the 2011 especially popular with Festival, he added: “The aptourists attempting their best pointment of our new Creative Michael Flatley impressions. Director, Verena Cornwall, will In addition to the healthy inject a renewed vigour to the cash boost by the influx of event, and we are very excited tourists (mostly to the hotel about the fantastic initiatives sector), the capital was also that will be part of next year’s showcased to the world via Festival. several worldwide broadcasts covering the parade; generat“The designation of Dublin ing further potential global as a UNESCO City of Literatourism for the city. ture is another cultural highIndeed in the midst of a light, and the two combined constant stream of negative mean that next year will be one news stories involving our ailto watch.” ing economy, the impressive St. Patrick’s Festival will figures couldn’t have come at take place in 2011 from 17 to a more opportune time. 20 March. See www.stpatricksFrank Magee of Dublin G Last year’s St Patrick’s Festival boosted the economy for details. Tourism stressed that he


by e50.5 million.


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Review of the Year PART 1 JANUARY - MARCH


 PARENTS on the Southside renew calls on the Department of Education to provide a multi-denominational Educate Together national school in the Dublin 24 area. As part of the Budget the previous December the Department of Education confirmed that they would not sanction the construction of more schools in Tallaght/Citywest next year. However, a campaign group set up by parents insists there is a pressing need for a multi-denominational educational facility in Dublin 24. Those who back them say they guarantee equality of access and esteem to children, irrespective of their social, cultural or religious backgrounds. Parents in Dublin 24 who are campaigning for an Educate Together school launch a petition that attracts the signatures of hundreds of locals.

Patrick Kilmartin of the Tallaght-Citywest Educate Together Association said: "We are encouraging parents to contact their local political representatives to urge them to ask the department to reconsider.  SOUTHSIDERS brace themselves for further major disruption as local authorities and schools struggle to cope with the problems posed by the unprecedented weather conditions. Three local authorities on the Southside – Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and South Dublin County Council - mix sand with rock salt to grit roads as the National Roads Authority (NRA) warns that supplies were running out. A spokesman for Dublin City Council tells Southside People that their supplies of salt had reached a "critical level". "We are not gritting es-

tates because we have a limited amount of salt supply,” he said. “Our salt supplies have reached a critical level, so we will be making a mixture of an aggregate of salt and other materials like sand and building grit, which will be going on the roads. He added: "We could be spreading anything in the region of 100 tonnes in one night. We have orders for salt in from basically anywhere we can get it.” The spokesman revealed that the council had used five times more salt in the past month than they would usually use during a normal year.  OPPORTUNISTIC criminals have been using the water crisis across the city to gain access to people’s homes, it has emerged. Warnings have been issued that bogus callers have been knocking on doors claiming to be employees from the Water

Services Division of Dublin City Council. The problem has been identified in the Dublin 8 area in particular although other scam artists have been targeting elderly people in other parts of the Southside in recent days. The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Emer Costello warns residents to be extremely vigilant after she received complaints from a number of householders in Dublin 8. “I urge people not to give anyone access to their homes without having completely satisfied themselves as to the caller’s identity,” she said. The Lord Mayor’s warning comes as thousands of householders across the city struggle to cope with the sudden loss of water supplies. Water to homes in many parts of the Southside is restricted as Dublin City Council attempts to repair extensive damage

Christmas Tree Recycling Christmas Tree Recycling will take place from Tuesday 4th – Sunday 16th January 2011 inclusive between 9.30am and 4pm at the following locations:

Blackrock Park Main Entrance

caused to its mains system during the recent cold snap.

 ALMOST 40 per cent of the total number of hospital bed days lost around the country last year as a result of the delayed discharge of patients occurred on the Southside, it emerges. According to new figures released by the Health Service Executive (HSE), some 272,000 bed days were lost in acute hospitals nationally due to delays in discharging patients. Patients who no longer need to be in an acute hospital and need less expensive step-down care but do not have access to it are categorised as delayed discharges. The figures provided by the HSE also reveal that 50,000 more bed days were lost nationally as a result of delayed discharges last year compared to 2008. And the figures also show that 105,607 of the bed days lost last year were as a result of delayed discharges from the five acute hospitals in South Dublin. This figure represents about 39 per cent of the 272,000 bed days lost to delayed discharges nationally.


 YOUTH workers will lose their jobs and one vital youth centre will be forced to close due to savage funding cuts in a number of Southside drug task

force areas. The workers join in protests during which calls are made on the Government to reverse the cuts that they say will severely reduce their ability to provide vital services to youths in some of the most severely disadvantaged areas of the country. The Department of Education has decided to cut funding to youth services in drug task force areas on the Southside of the city by some 33 per cent. The cuts mean that up to 15 youth workers in south Dublin will lose their jobs and one service will have to close completely. Youth workers warn that the cuts will have devastating consequences at a time when young people in severely disadvantaged areas most need help and guidance because of the recession.

 TELECOMMUNICATIONS company Meteor is to appeal a decision denying them permission to retain a mast at a Southside sports ground, despite fierce opposition from locals. The 18.5 metre high structure was erected on the grounds of TEK United Football Club at Rockford Park in Stradbrook by the Meteor mobile phone company without planning permission. Following an outcry by local residents, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council instructed the company to remove the mast but Meteor ap-

plies for retention planning permission and the structure remains in place. Locals launch a campaign opposing the application to retain the structure, which is located within metres of residential homes, local schools and a crèche. The local authority received 26 submissions from residents who were opposed to the development. In their decision to reject the application, the council said serious concerns existed that the structure proposed for retention was “visually obtrusive and as such has an adverse impact on the visual amenities of this area and is seriously injurious to the amenities of adjacent property”. A spokesperson for Meteor said they were planning to appeal the council’s decision in order to provide the customers in the area with access to better value high speed mobile broadband. “As with all installations Meteor fully complies with the public exposure guidelines recommended by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and this has been evidenced by the independent audits undertaken by ComReg [communications regulator].”

 FOOTBALL officials investigate claims that a 15year-old Muslim boy of Indian descent was racially taunted by a number of members of an opposing

Cabinteely Park Car Park Killiney Hill Car Park Marley Park, Grange Road Car Park Mount Anville Parks Depot, Goatstown Shanganagh Recycling Centre Car Park West Pier Car Park, Dun Laoghaire

Please do not leave trees before or after these dates or outside the designated areas. The provisions of the Litter Pollution Acts, 1997-2003 will apply.

Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown County Council, County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire.

 GREEN SHOOTS: Osebor Evbodghe from the John Scottus School in Ballsbridge is pictured with the school’s project 'Autumn fruits capturing light' at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in the RDS. Over 1,588 projects from a record number of 329 schools were submitted to the exhibition with 520 selected to take part in the final competition. PHOTO BY MARC O'SULLIVAN

2010 11


Review of the Year PART 1 JANUARY - MARCH

hope for hard-pressed business people. Over 2,000 people are expected to attend the 14 scheduled events that are being held during DĂşn Laoghaire Rathdown Enterprise Week which runs in various locations across the Southside.  THERE are calls for changes in the way Tallaght Hospital is managed following extraordinary revelations that some 58,000 X-rays at the health facility have not been reviewed by a consultant radiologist for the last four years. A total of 57,921 adult X-rays between 2005 and the end of 2009 should have been reviewed by a consultant radiologist. However, management at the hospital have admitted that the majority were re-

viewed by a non-radiologist. Minister of State Conor Lenihan (FF) calls for major changes in management structures at the hospital. He said an immediate management review at the hospital was essential to restore public confidence in the facility. Tallaght Hospital’s chief executive-designate Prof Kevin Conlon said last week that he only became aware of the problem when he was appointed on December 14 last year.  THE mother of a young woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis calls on South Dublin County Council to rectify a dampness problem at their home that she claims was caused by works carried out by the local authority. South Dublin County

Council admitted at its most recent full monthly meeting that it had received a “substantial� number of complaints from tenants who are experiencing problems with persistent damp in their homes. Council officials said the growth of mould as a result of dampness was a “major concern� for them. They have also acknowledged that the problem could have health implications for tenants, particularly if the situation is left unaddressed over a long period of time.  GARDAI investigate a number of suspicious approaches made by two men who allegedly attempted to lure young children into a van on the Southside. Local people in Ballyogan report that in several

separate incidents a number of young children between the ages of nine and 15-years-of age had been approached by two men in a white van who tried to lure them into the vehicle. Southside People understands that up to 10 children and their parents have been interviewed by gardaĂ­ about the incidents, which took place over several days near the Family Resource Centre in Ballyogan.

 A SCHOOL principal delivers a letter to a head shop in Dun Laoghaire to express her concerns about the adverse health effects of legal highs being sold at the premises. Mary Mitchell O'Connor, who is also a councillor at Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, drops the

 HAITI HELP: CEO of Dun Laoghaire based charity GOAL, John O'Shea is helped by his grand-daughter Rebecca to launch a Haiti appeal in conjunction with the MACE network of community retail stores after an earthquake devastated the Caribbean island.

team at an organised soccer match. The South Dublin Football League confirms they are looking into allegations of racist taunting that was allegedly perpetrated by an adult and some underage players at a football match in Marlay Park. It is claimed the racist taunts were directed at then 15-year-old Mohammed Mahomed who was playing an under-16 league match with his Ballinteer based team Broadford Rovers The brother of the victim of the alleged abuse, who attended the game, contacted Southside People to claim that members of the opposing team made reference to Mohammed’s ethnicity during the football match. He said they did this by chanting the Hindi phrase 'Jai Ho' every time he touched the ball during the game. The phrase – which translates as ‘be victorious’ – was popularised in a song of the same name in the hit movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Far from being a friendly gesture, Yaseer Mahomed believes the persistent chants were designed to intimidate his brother who was the only non-white foreign player on the pitch at the time.  DĂšN Laoghaire Rathdown County Council is left with over 100 affordable homes that cost e27.5 million to build after the housing market collapsed. The local authority is now considering using some of the units for social

housing. At a recent council meeting councillors were told that 120 affordable properties in Ballinteer, Sandyford, Stepaside, Loughlinstown, DĂşn Laoghaire, Leopardstown and Dundrum could not be sold despite price reductions. The properties were acquired by the council under the Planning and Development Acts that require developers to provide 20 per cent of any development to local authorities for social and affordable housing. All of these units were offered to applicants on the affordable housing list, with prices ranging from e132,000 for one-bedroom apartments and from e180,000 for two bedroom apartments. At the meeting it was noted that demand for affordable units in the county was high, reaching a peak in early 2008 with in excess of 4,200 applicants on the affordable housing list. However, council management revealed that they had spent e27.5 million providing the units and now the local authority was incurring management company fees and other costs including ongoing repairs while they remained vacant.


 A PROCESSING centre for asylum seekers on the Southside that had been described as “unfit for human habitation� by one of its residents is closed down by immigration offi-

cials. The Irish Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) which is part of the Department of Justice - confirms to Southside People that the hostel located in Kilmacud House, Upper Kilmacud, Road Stillorgan, has shut its doors. The hostel had been the subject of numerous complaints by one US citizen who had been staying there until recently. Patrick Downey, who is currently seeking political asylum in Ireland, said that poor basic sanitation at the hostel, including a lack of running water and unsatisfactory toilet facilities during the recent cold spell, rendered it degrading for those who were staying there. “We had been using buckets to bathe ourselves for approximately two months, apparently due to the current water shortage,� he said. A spokesman for RIA said that due to a decline in numbers all new applicants would be catered for at another reception centre located near Dublin Airport.  THE largest enterprise initiative in Dublin is set to tackle some of the issues behind recent devastating losses in the city’s retail sector. Following a week when the city saw the loss of the popular Hughes and Hughes book chain, the announcement that Postbank operations are to cease by the end of the year and the closure of Dunne Stores in Dun Laoghaire, Enterprise Week offers a ray of



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Review of the Year PART 1 JANUARY - MARCH



 ALL THE FUN OF THE FESTIVAL: Liquorice Allsort (Moe Coakley) and Candyfloss (Rachel Lally) from Artastic are pictured at the launch of 2010 St Patrick’s Festival which offered six days and nights of unmissable fun and entertainment.

shops, that it prompted her to write the letter. Health Minister Mary Harney (Ind) has indicated that the Government intends to enact legislation in June to ban some of the

The Dublin People Group of Newspapers presents

legal highs being sold in head shops. However, Cllr Mitchell O’Connor, who is principal of the Harold National School in Glasthule, said parents of local children

who were taking the substances could not wait that long. She called for Minister Harney to expedite the introduction of the legislation.

 TASTY: Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde are pictured at the launch of the Irish Traditional Ital-

ian Chippers’ Association (ITICA) based in Sandyford. The newly formed ITICA announces that National Fish & Chips Day is set to become an annual phenomenon reflecting the 125-year-old tradition of fish and chips.



letter into a head shop on George's Street. Cllr O’Connor said she was so shocked by the number of young people who have been affected by substances sold in head


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G Place door sweeps on exterior doors. These narrow strips of vinyl that attach to the base of a door can help reduce heat escape. Some home decor changes can also help reduce energy bills. Hardwood floors will feel warmer on bare feet when covered by accent rugs in the winter. And cosy throws draped over sofas and chairs make a design statement while helping your home's occupants stay snug and warm. Installing the right kind of window shade is another tactic that can reap significant savings. Up to 40 per cent of heat escapes the home through windows but using a dressing like Duette Shades from Luxaflex could provide an antidote to all that nasty heat loss. They come with the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry and save heat using the same technology as doubleglazed windows. The blinds are made of a soft honeycomb structure designed to trap heat and create an insulating layer of air during the winter months. Prices start at around e113 for a blind measuring 600mm width x 600mm drop. More details are available from Rearranging furniture can also help insulate your home. Place large items that no one sits on - like bookcases or entertainment centres - against outside walls. Their extra bulk provides additional insulation against drafts and the cooler temperature of outside walls. Reserve inside walls for seating; they’re slightly warmer and less likely to be drafty than outside walls. With a few simple improvements and decor changes, you can lower your home's energy costs this winter without sacrificing warmth or style.

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Tyres to suit all Cars – Vans – Commercials – 4X4’s FREE no obligation tyre safety check

AA TYREMASTER LTD Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 Ph 01 – 4565516 24hr 7 Day Emergency No: 086 2594669 Email: •

Tyremaster marks a new beginning Based on the Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12, Tyremaster have established themselves as a major supplier of tyres across South Dublin since they set up in business in 1994. With 12 satellite tracked mobile breakdown units covering the Greater Dublin area, and the capability to attend vehicles nationwide, their professional 24-hour, seven day a week breakdown service is second to none. They are also very proud of the after sales and emergency cover provided to their customers. In an effort to expand their business and at a time when most companies are cutting back Tyremaster embarked on a major refurbishment of their premises and are very proud of the result. Their new state-of-the-art car tyre and service centre on the Greenhills Road now includes a car/van workshop with fully trained mechanics on site. They supply and fit all car/4x4/van tyres in the workshop, along with servicing, brake and clutch replacements. Their top of the range wheel alignment system, ramps, and lifting equipment makes this one of, if not, the best tyre workshops in Dublin They also offer headlight alignment (which is a major cause of failure at NCT tests), so a quick call to Tyremaster before your NCT could be very beneficial. While Tyremaster is looking after your vehicle, you can relax in their comfortable waiting area, and have a read of the newspaper, safe in the knowledge that the professionals are carrying out your instructions to the highest standards possible.

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74 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6. Telephone 01 4970123





EDUCATION Good posture? It’s in the bag

PRIVATE, IN-HOME TUITION SERVICES HELP STUDENTS GET AHEAD Tips for the new year in school Every parent wants their child to enjoy school, achieve well and go on to lead a happy and successful life. Today however, more children than ever find school a stressful experience. In previous years parents may not have thought to look outside of school for extra support but now thousands simply see it as a natural part of their children’s education. Tutor Doctor is a rapidly expanding one-on-one, in-home tutoring service designed to help students of all ages by providing a private an easy way to catch-up or get ahead in school. With over a decade of experience helping pupils of all ages and abilities, Tutor Doctor offers supplementary educational support programmes designed to help each students fulfil their potential. By treating each student as an individual, Tutor Doctor puts the emphasis on a rebuilding the missing learning foundations, consolidatin current learning requirements and then working with the student ahead of expectations. For further information about how Tutor Doctor may be able to help you contact Mike Ward on 087-6532955, by e:mail on or log on to

Choose the right backpack - Look for the following:

 Wide, padded shoulder straps  Two shoulder straps – backpacks with one shoulder strap that runs across the body cannot distribute weight evenly  Padded back  Waist strap – a waist strap can distribute the weight of a heavy load more evenly  Lightweight backpack – the backpack itself should not add much weight to the load



* /(

/ & 7 &  / & 1 0  $"0 UI+BOVBSZ QNQN



 Rolling backpack – useful for carrying heavy loads but not as good as reducing the load itself!

To prevent injury when using a backpack, do the following:  Always use both shoulder straps  Tighten the straps so that the pack is close to the body. The straps should hold the pack two inches above the waist  Pack light  Organise the backpack to use all of its compartments  Stop often at school lockers, if possible. Do not carry all of the books needed for the day around with you all the time  Bend using both knees, when you bend down. Do not bend over at the waist when wearing or lifting a heavy backpack  Learn back-strengthening exercises to build up the muscles used to carry a backpack.

Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland t: (01) 239 4621 e:

1RGP&C[ 6JWTUVJ,CPRO Institute of Art Technology Design and Tech hnology

January Term for girls age 7 to adult. Small groups/Private

Ballinteer Area â‚Ź190 for 10 weeks Limited places available. To enrol or for more information contact: Cathy Vard on

086 8961087 or 01 2988198

Full & Part-Time Courses in:

Nursing Studies Special Needs Ed. Montessori & Childcare Sports & Holistic Massage Beauty & Nails Fashion Buying & Make-Up Business & Travel Facilities Management

D.1 | Dundrum | Templeogue For a Brochure text “COURSE� followed by your name to 51444 Portobello Institute, 43 Lower Dominick Street, Dublin 1. Tel: 01 892 0000 Texts charged at a standard network rate



 Improve efficiency Study Skills and Results  Experienced/Certified Tutors  All Ages, All subjects  Primary, Secondary, Third Level  Special Needs


WHEN it comes to taking care of your child’s physical health it’s all in the bag – the schoolbag that is. Research groups have discovered that some children are carrying as much as 20 per cent of their body weight in bags laden down with books and school equipment. A heavily weighed bag, or one that’s not carried correctly, may injure muscles and joints which can lead to severe back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as posture problems. So while your child or teenager may be looking for a stylish bag it’s important to ensure that it’s up to the job.

Padded Look for a bag with wide, padded shoulder straps. Narrow straps can dig into shoulders causing pain and restricting circulation and make it tempting for the child to carry the bag incorrectly. Choose a bag with a

padded back too. This protects against sharp objects and increases comfort. Research suggests weight limits for bags based on age. A limit of 3.7 kg is recommended for 12-year-olds while 17-year-old boys should keep below 6.2kgs and girls of the same age are suggested not to carry more than 5.5 kg. Local conditions and distance to and from school should also be taken into account. Remind your child to always use both shoulder straps as slinging a bag over one shoulder can increase the curvature of the spine.

Distribute Most bags come with several compartments so use them to help distribute the weight evenly. Pack heavier items closest to the centre of the back. Rolling bags are a good idea for children and teenagers who must carry a heavy load. But remember they still have to carried up the stairs and they aren’t much use in icy or snowy conditions.

20 travel


A winter wonderland you won’t forget in France WE MAY well be sick to death of the snow here in Ireland but in the French Alps it’s an entirely different story. While back home we are forced to trudge our way through icy sludge and drive in hazardous conditions, we simply can’t get enough snow when it comes to a skiing holiday. If you’re planning a winter break to escape the unrelenting misery of recessionary Ireland, then allow us to personally rec-

ommend a suitable homefrom-home in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, the biggest ski area in the world. Morzine is just one of the French and Swiss towns that makes up this world famous ski region. With 288 ski runs spread over 14 resorts, the Portes du Soleil is nothing short of a Mecca for winter

sports enthusiasts. The Lodge Morzine is located just one hour’s drive from Geneva, a route regularly served by Aer Lingus (check for the best prices). Offering luxury alpine accommodation in a traditional Haute Savoie building, The Lodge Morzine is just 1km away from the main town and all the ski lifts. To make life even easier, the complimentary shuttle bus passes right by its door.

The Lodge Morzine was originally built as a hotel in 1932 and has been redeveloped in recent years into 20 luxury apartments. There is a combination of one, two and three bedroom units that accommodate between two to eight people comfortably. All apartments are completed in a traditional alpine style, with homely furnishings throughout, giving a warm and cosy feel. Each apartment is furnished to a very high standard with bathrooms, open plan living and dining areas, spacious bedrooms with balconies and fully equipped kitchens with hot plates, fridge, mini oven and dishwasher. The apartments also have flat screen televisions with Sky TV and free WiFi access. The different size apartments mean that The Lodge Morzine can cater equally for everyone, from young families to couples to small groups. The self catering option is particularly suited to families travelling with young children, taking the pressure off Mum and Dad when it comes to containing mealtime tantrums. But the beauty of The

Crossword Across 1. An election where the result is pre-determined. (6) 5. A public procession. (6) 10. Positions with duties and responsibilities. (7) 11. Often found with snakes this time of the year. (7) 12. An artificial bait for catching fish. (4) 13. Smoked or salt pig meat.



The shaded squares spell out an area in Dublin. To be in with a chance to win e50 send the answer on a postcard, along with your name and address, to The People Crossword, 80-83 Omni Park Shopping Centre, Santry, D9.

(5) 15. A hawk and a flying frame. (4) 17. Down, as in spirits. (3) 19. An irrational fear. (6) 21. Emblems of allegiance to a club or group. (6) 22. Derived pleasure from. (7)

23. Someone who is physically dependent on a substance. (6) 25. A very troublesome child, sometimes holy as well! (6) 28. The powerful boat to pull you abruptly. (3) 30. Not difficult, requiring lit-

tle effort. (4) 31. Urgently needed, absolutely necessary. (5) 32. Travelled through water. (4) 35. A soft suede leather ideal for carwashing. (7) 36. Ironies just get louder. (7) 37. A red the colour of ripe cherries. (6) 38. Knocked down like a pack of cards. (6) Down 2. A raging fire. (7) 3. Oozy sloppy dirt. (4) 4. Dark and drab. (6) 5. Cushion for a sleeper. (6) 6. Communists under the bed. (4) 7. Cutting back on food. (7) 8. Turn up unhurriedly. (4,2) 9. People employed to conduct others. (6) 14. Type of palm which provides edible flesh and milk. (7) 16. A separate part of a whole. (5) 18. Walked through something heavier than air. (5) 20. Industrious insect. (3) 21. To stake on the outcome of an issue. (3) 23. A business that serves other businesses. (6) 24. Ill at the seaside. (7) 26. Compose the letter again. (7) 27. Marker of personal opin-

Lodge Morzine is that it offers the best of all worlds. Downstairs in ‘Base Camp’, the bar and restaurant, you can dine on a sumptuous four course meal or chomp away on a freshly cooked pizza – the choice is yours. Another major plus is that food from the restaurant can even be ordered up to your apartment. Breakfast is also available daily, if required. The bar is a great place to unwind after a day on the slopes, where skiers can swap their heroic stories or shoot the breeze over a game of pool. And yes – before you ask – they do have Guinness on tap. There are also excellent spa facilities available at The Lodge Morzine. All guests can relax their tired and weary bones in the sauna and Jacuzzi, indulge in a massage or avail of one of the day spa treatments. There is also gym for those who want to burn off some of that Christmas excess prior to hitting the mountains. The Lodge Morzine offers its own in-house ski hire service and you can book your skis, boots and poles in advance. This certainly beats wasting time in a packed ski hire outlet

by Tony McCullagh

when you could be out on slopes. There is also a secure ski locker room. The Lodge Morzine can even provide you with your lift passes if you book them in advance. Getting there couldn’t be easier. If you’re hiring a car in Geneva Airport, Morzine is very easily accessible (even without a sat nav, although it does help!). The Lodge Morzine can arrange competitively priced airport transfers to and from Geneva if you don’t want to hire a car.

One of the main attractions of The Lodge Morzine is the flexibility of the packages on offer. Even if you can’t afford to take a full week’s holiday, you can enjoy anything from a long weekend to a mid-week break (minimum stay is three nights). For full information on The Lodge Morzine and booking details, visit the website at, or alternatively email or phone 0033 (0) 450794734.

ion. (6) 28. Handkerchief of lies. (6) 29. Won something through one's efforts. (6) 33. Norse god of evil and strife. (4) 34. Metal used in galvanising iron. (4)

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, January 5, 2011 December 22nd answer:

PORTMARNOCK Winner will be announced in next week’s edition

 MARKING A YEAR OF CRAFT: The Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe, is pictured with ceramicist Karen Morgan at the announcement of details of the Year of Craft 2011. The Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) has designated 2011 as the Year of Craft to mark the 40th anniversary of the Crafts Council of Ireland. This year Dublin craft makers are invited to participate in a wide range of local and national events. Further information on Year of Craft 2011 can be found at




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It is recommended by your gas supplier & boiler manufacturer that your boiler should beserviced regularly by a Qualified Service Engineer

By law it is an offence for any person to carryout domestic gas works unless he/she is a registered gas installer

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Attic Conversion from

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ASSERTIVENESS (PART 1) Do you often find that others coerce you into thinking their way? Is it difficult for you to express your positive or negative feelings openly and honestly? Do you sometimes lose control and become angry at others who don't warrant it? A "yes" answer to any of the above questions may be an expression of a common problem known as lack of assertiveness. Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others. It’s suitably direct, open and honest communication which is selfenhancing and expressive. Acting assertively will allow you to feel self-confident and will generally gain you the respect of your peers and friends. It can increase your chances for honest relationships and help you to feel better about yourself and your self-control in everyday

situations. This, in turn, will improve your decision-making ability and possibly your chances of getting what you really want from life. Though there are times when it’s best to be passive and times when it’s best to be aggressive, in most situations it works best to communicate assertively. Assertiveness is often confused with aggressiveness. There is a big difference between these two concepts, however. It is useful to think of a continuum along which the whole range of human behaviour lies. Some behaviour is extremely passive (at one end of the continuum), some is extremely aggressive, and some (assertive) lies somewhere in between. So what keeps us from communicating assertively, and what's the problem if we don't? Most people report that what makes it hard to be assertive is a fear of hurting another person's feelings and perhaps risking rejection by that person. Relying on what we think others think of us for our self-worth makes it hard to be assertive. And the costs of not being assertive? Our self-worth may dwindle to almost nothing, and we feel uncertain about tackling the smallest challenge. The following are some of the main consequences of not being able to sustain assertive communication. Depression: from anger turned inward, a sense of being helpless, hopeless, with no control over life.

Resentment: anger at others for manipulating or taking advantage of me. Frustration: how could I be so weak? Why did I let someone victimise me? Temper/ violence: if you can't express anger appropriately, it builds up until it blows. Anxiety: which leads to avoidance. If you begin to avoid situations or people that you know will make you uncomfortable, you may miss enjoyable activities, job opportunities, relationships, etc. Poor relationships: non-assertive people are often unable to express emotions - negative OR positive. It's bad for a relationship when partners can't tell each other what they want and need and how the other person affects them. No one is a mind reader. The same is true for friendships and work relationships. Physical complaints: headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure. We all know what stress does to our bodies, and assertiveness, when it becomes a habit, is actually a great stress reliever. Parenting problems: children know how to test the limits their parents set for them. If parents aren't assertive and set boundaries, their children will usually take advantage! Next Week: (Part 2) Techniques for Assertive Behaviour Des Jennings, BA, MBA, MCIM, HG Dip, is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. For appointments contact : 085-7307557 or email:

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DIAL TO CELEBRATE DUBLIN 12 What do world champion Eamonn Coughlan, Dublin and Man United star Kevin Moran, actors Gabriel Byrne or Patrick Bergen or former Ireland soccer manager Brian Kerr have in common? They may all have achieved fame, from as far apart as Hollywood to the Faroe Islands, but their roots are firmly based in Dublin 12. Today, Dublin 12 continues to provides inspiration and backing to allow people to pursue their dreams and goals. A look through any local directory will list clubs and activities ranging from big bands to bingo.

Too often, however, the hard won successes of clubs like Good Counsel or Crumlin Boxing Club or the famous orchestras and choirs of St. Agnes’ Primary School and Rosary College are overshadowed by the activities of the small minority of people who are involved in drugs and crime. Dublin 12 Local Policing Forum & Local Drugs Task Force knows that there is so much more to Dublin 12 than crime related headlines. Its Positive Dublin 12 campaign is about making the area a safer place for people to live, bring up their children and go about their

business. Dial to Stop Drug Dealing - a safe, free hotline for people who have information about or know of drug dealing - plays an important part in empowering people to keep their streets and neighbourhoods safe. FREEPHONE 1800 220 220. See back page advert for details. “Dublin 12 is made up of lively neighbourhoods and estates with good, caring responsible residents,” said Cllr Eric Byrne of the Dublin 12 Local Policing Forum. “People say to us all the time that they want to do something about the

activities of the few who give the area a bad name but they are reluctant and fearful about reporting anything.” Dial to Stop Drug Dealing is a free, safe, confidential and completely anonymous hotline. Callers are never asked for any information that might identify them. The person answering their call will not know them. The phone number is not operated by An Garda Síochána. However, information gathered is passed on directly to the Gardaí to feed into ongoing inquiries.

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The main components break down into mechanical causes of back pain, muscle dysfunction, nerve impingement, weakened back muscles and perhaps surprisingly, faulty learned pain behaviour. In terms of faulty mechanics in the spine, wear Lorraine Carroll and tear, degeneration, Q. After years my arthritis or the presence of ongoing back pain, my disc bulging or prolapse, all New Year’s resolution is to alter movement of the lower get rid of it for once and back region. Physiotherapy, for all in 2011. What could manual therapy and physiotherapy offer me? flexibility exercise, along Ms. M.McC. Roebuck with relearning better Chronic ongoing or movement patterns can episodic back pain is address mechanical back extremely common but pain successfully. nowadays in many cases, If ongoing nerve pain, or very treatable with sciatica, is part of the reason conservative management. for your symptoms, the pain Research teams around the may come from local nerve world have given us scarring from old injury. clinicians working in chronic Nerve pain can cause what back pain better information the pain researchers term about how and why some central sensitization. This back pain keeps coming complex problem responds back. to a multi-targeted approach The first thing from a including physiotherapy and physiotherapy viewpoint medication. Often a form of would be to assess your back psychology known as and work out the individual Cognitive Behavioural components of your pain. Technique can be valuable This allows us to assess in also. CBT challenges pain detail the different beliefs to allow a person components of an move on with less fear of reindividual’s presentation and injury or avoidance of devise specific treatment actions that might have strategies that work to been thought to be harmful, optimise function and control but in fact are not. pain. Specific exercise for back

Low call 1890 711 711 or 01-8970700 Neal: 087-686 0768 Fax: 01-897 0701 or Email: Website:

Post in with payment to: Private Ads, Dublin People, 80 Omni Park, Santry, Dublin 9

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Therapy Matters

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TEL: 8162902 FOR DETAILS *TGI (BMRB’s Target Group Index) is a leading provider of marketing and media surveys

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pain has been demonstrated to be highly effective in longstanding low back pain. Focussing on the lumbopelvic area, based on regaining ‘core stability’, physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of how to retrain these muscles, usually on a oneto-one basis initially, then progressing to a rehabilitation environment. We find excellent results progressing back strengthening via Pilates classes, which in turn gives confidence about having a stronger more, supple spine. The scientific evidence in chronic low back pain supports a combination of medication, manual therapy, pain relieving techniques such as acupuncture or electrotherapy, rehabilitative exercise and lifestyle advice as achieving good long term outcomes. So, why not make 2011 the year you banish your back pain for good. Queries may be emailed to mountmerrion@therapyxper Lorraine Carroll and the team of Chartered Physiotherapists at TherapyXperts Mount Merrion can be consulted at 01 283 4303 © TherapyXperts. All rights reserved



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Osteopathy HEADACHES

Headaches. It’s been said that at least 90% of occcasional headaches are a result of nervous tension. While that may be true, it is also misleading and possibly dangerous, because a surprising number of environmental factors entirely unrelated to the state of your nerves may be the real culprit. Most people at some time in their lives have experienced headaches. Headaches can vary from the infrequent and

trivial nuisance, possibly from too much drinking the night before, to a symptom of serious disease. Headaches is a broad term covering pain found in the neck, face, scalp, nose, throat and teeth. With headaches, other types of discomforts can be experienced such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, visual disturbances, hearing problems and difficulty with balance. A single episode of severe headache that has not been experianced before, or headaches that accompany

vomiting should be checked by a medical professional. This type of headache might have a serious cause.If a headache comes after a trauma or blow to the head then a consultation with a medical professional is also required. Serious headaches though only constitute a small percentage of headaches generally experienced. Recurring headaches that have occured over several months or years may have been treated with painkillers or anti inflammatories with varying degress of success. But have the causes been addressed and treated? Osteopathically there are different kinds of headaches which have various causes. Tension headaches are frequently linked to stress. Contraction of the muscles around the neck squeeze and irritate some senstive nerves at the base and around the skull. Taking painkillers will dull the pain but, would treating the tension in around the neck and therefore treating the cause of the headache not be better? Gentle osteopathic treatment can help the tension and pain and provide longer relief, reducing the need for medication. Pain which goes across the forehead or in the scalp could be due to irritation of the joints at the base of the neck. Irritation of these joints can also lead to other feelings of nausea or an irritable bowel. Improving the movements of these


the simple beauty behind the treatment

joints will help reduce this kind of headache. The ostepath is not just interested in the joints, but also why the joints are not working properly. For example age and degeneration, whiplash type injuries that have not been properly treated, and posture could lead to stresses on these joints and thus cause pain. Any misalignment along the spine can lead to accumulated stresses in the neck and give headaches. Treating the misalignment of the spine will provide longer periods of pain relief as the underlying causes are being treated. Improper blood supply to and from the head can lead to migrainous types of headaches and sinus congestion. Blood needs to flow freely to and from the brain which is very sensitive to changes. Mechanical blockage by misalinged spine or tense muscles may impede blood flow and lead to some of the most uncomfortable types of headache. Adjusting these mechanical blockages to

allow free flow of blood will help reduce if not stop this kind of headache. Other causes for headaches include improper diet, not drinking enough fluid, poor body position at work, visceral disturbances or hormonal imbalances. With so many types of headaches and different causes it becomes clear that headaches and their causes are unique to the individual. This requires the osteopath to take a detailed case history and examination, which will help to identify what is causing the headaches. The osteopath will then offer a personalised treatment plan. This would possibly lead to less headaches and because the causes may have been identified, long term relief and better quality of life will be experianced. For queries any of the Articles contact Tony O’Brien or Chris Campbell at the Littlejohn Clinic, 122A Cromwellsfort Road, Walkinstown.

Would you like to Quit Smoking in One Session? Imagine an easy way to stop smoking, without the nasty side-effects such as irritability and weight gain. So Consider These Questions:Do you want to stop smoking quickly and easily? Would you like to stop smoking without gaining weight? Would you like to stop smoking without the craving’s ? Are you worried about what smoking is doing to your health? Have you tried quitting before and failed? For more information or to book your appointment today see or call 01 484 7834 or 086 1786809 now

Telelphone: 01 4560300. Tony also has a private clinic in Swords and can be reached at 087 2992899 or 01 8021748.

E-mail Website:


Tony O’Brien D.O. M.O.C.I. M.A.O.I. M.I.C.O.

including Osteopathy in the “Cranial” Field (O.C.F.) FOR BACK, NECK, LIMB PAIN, ARTHRITIS & SPORTS INJURIES, SINUS PROBLEMS

Working from The LittleJohn Osteopathic Clinic Walkinstown

Tel: Tony (087) 299 2899 or (01) 8021748 or (01) 4560300 Covered by most Health Insurers • Member of the A.O.I.


See Clinics in Dublin 7 and Dublin 4 To Book Your Appointment Today

Call now on 01 484 7834 or 086 1786809

HYPNOSIS AND SMOKING Are you sick and tired of

coughing and sputtering, paying a cigarette mortgage each month? If you have finally made a decision to be free from smoking and you want to kick the habit the easy way then Irish Hypnosis could be your solution. Irish Hypnosis Ltd has helped thousands of smokers quit smoking and take back control. When smokers try to quit with will power alone, it can be successful as long as they remain one hundred percent committed to stopping smoking but the second that will power dwindles they reach for a cigarette.


ON 1890 252 567

Hypnosis makes quitting smoking easy, the habit of smoking and the psychological dependence on smoking are stronger than nicotine and are controlled by your Subconscious Mind. Hypnosis is the only reliable method of directly accessing your Subconscious Mind to enable you to make the changes you want quickly and easily. In fact for most people it is a pleasure to quit smoking using hypnosis. Irish Hypnosis prides itself with changing smokers into nonsmokers in one single session. It is an extremely relaxing experience and most people are amazed at the end of the session at how easy it is to quit smoking. For further information you can contact Irish hypnosis on low call: 1890 252 567 or email at

26 health & beauty


Losing Weight as a New Year’s Resolution With the New Year in full swing now, many of you will have already decided on your new year’s resolution. For those of you who are determined to lose weight this year you are not alone, as a whopping 1 in 3 people

will look to select this as one of their New Years Resolutions. While many will decide on committing to annual gym memberships, there will also be many that will look at Xipisan™ as a convenient solution to losing weight naturally. Xipisan™ is Ireland Best Selling Natural Fat Binder for Weight Loss and can help you reduce your body fat so you can achieve a healthy shape. Xipisan™ is a natural slimming aid that works by reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs from the foods that you eat. Containing a unique vegetal ingredient, Xipisan™ is there for those

who are trying to reduce their weight for a better life. If you are male and also wanting to lose weight, then there is a specific weight loss aid just for men called Xipisan™ Plus. Xipisan™ Plus for Men contains a vegetal ingredient that helps reduce body weight, helps reduce calorie intake, and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and heart. Whether you are overweight and want a little help, looking to shift the hard to budge post Christmas pounds or simply hoping to loose

weight as part of your New Years Resolutions then why not ask your local pharmacist on how Xipisan™ or Xipisan™ Plus can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Xipisan™ and Xipisan™ Plus is available nationwide at your local pharmacy and health store

Note: Xipisan™ and Xipisan™ should be used as part of a balanced lifestyle.

place & pay



The Dublin People Group of Newspapers presents


JANUARY 19th, FEBRUARY 9th, SEPTEMBER 7th & 14th 2011 Your Wedding Guide Specialists 429,000 WEEKLY READERS

Contact 01-816 2900



local services Professional Floor Sanding


• 100sq ft Strong Attic Flooring €170

DUST FREE SPECIALISTS Special Offer 3 for 2 Richard Butler •

House rewiring to highest standard. Immersion heaters, timers, Cookers, Security Lighting, Showers Supplied. Free Estimates • Fully Insured New Fuse Boards to replace old & upgrade • All Work Guaranteed

Tel: 087 2373928

Tel: Office 2806592 - 087 2663750 (Southside Only)

ON TAP PLUMBING • Burst Pipes • Cold Water Storage Tanks Replaced • Basins/Bath Taps Replaced • Bathroom / En Suites • Fully Insured


• Shower Installations • Extra Radiators Fitted • Outside Garden Taps Supplied & Fitted €80 • Reasonable Prices • REGISTERED GAS INSTALLERS

Contact Mark: 085 124 8527 / 01 855 24 Hour Service/Qualified Tradesmen

Call Now For a Free Estimate

0872• 272•8 41


Roofing & Cladding Ltd. Flat Roofs Tiled / Slate Roofs Storm Damage (Insurance Work) All Guttering & Fascia Grant Work

No canvassing calls Tel: 01-4434319 Mobile: 087 7693426 Email:

SLATING & TILING • NEW & OLD ROOFS AND ALL REPAIR WORK COVERED 10% off Estimates free • Written guarantee with this advert Est 23 yrs Recommendations available

Fully Registered C2 & Insured Free Quotes. Instant Service Covering all of Dublin

868 2774

Northside Construction Complete Building & Renovation Specialists. Extensions Designed & Built. Interior renovations, walls, paths, fences, decking. Paving of driveways and gardens. Pebble stones, Water Features. Attics, Kitchens, Toilets. Gardens cleaned & maintained. Insulation specialists. Electrical & Plumbing. Phone: 01 2345678 Mobile: 086 123 4567

*prices stated are inclusive of vat

Gold Northside Construction Complete Building & Renovation Specialists. Extensions Designed & Built. Interior renovations, walls, paths, fences, decking. Paving of driveways and gardens. Pebble stones, Water Features. Attics, Kitchens, Toilets. Gardens cleaned & maintained. Insulation specialists. Electrical & Plumbing. Highly experience with References available. Phone: 01 2345678 Mobile: 086 123 4567 Email:

Name & Address Landline Company Name Service Type

(i.e. Building, Carpentry, etc.)

087 6209446

Package Deal • Aluminium Attic Ladder with safety rail • Wired in Florescent Light, • 100 sq ft of Strong Flooring

€349 inc VAT

Call John: 087-2591069 Fully Registered & Insured



Other Services:


087 6182221 Tel: Fax 01 820 4902 Don't replace tired/worn floors



Free Estimates


Northside Construction Complete Building & Renovation Specialists. Extensions Designed & Built. Interior renovations, walls, paths, fences, decking. Paving of driveways and gardens. Pebble stones, Water Features. Attics, Kitchens, Toilets. Gardens cleaned & maintained. Insulation specialists. Electrical & Plumbing. Phone: 01 2345678 Mobile: 086 123 4567

€30 per wk

€25 per wk


A Complete Roofing Service from a Professional Family Business All Roof Repairs

€40 per wk

• • • • •

• Wired in Florescent Light €49 • Quality Attic Insulation Average 3 Bed Semi Supplied & Fitted €299





• Aluminium Attic Ladder with Safety Hand Rail€149


as seen on RTE’s “Show House”



Varnishing • Staining • Three Coats Free Estimates • Fully Qualified


087 6737497

TRADE & SERVICES DIRECT discount advertising coupon Send this booking form to: Trade & Services Direct Dublin People Group, 80 - 83 Omni Park SC., Santry Dublin

Please tick the type of ad, term & paper

Advert Bronze (€25pw) Silver (€30pw) Gold (€40pw)

Advertisement Text - 50 Words for Bronze & Silver ads. 60 Words for Gold.

Period 6 Weeks 12 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks

Paper North East North West Southside All 3 Papers


Tel no. to appear in ad

I enclose a Cheque/PO (payable to Dublin People Group) for the amount of € Please charge my visa/laser/master card for the amount of € Card No. Expiry CVN No. Card Holders Address

28 southside


trade & services direct Advertise in this section for as little as €25 per week. contact: 816 2902

ARCHITECTS DARREN MURPHY DESIGN Full planning application service for domestic extensions and single dwellings. Planning permission for extension = €1697, Planning permission for single dwelling = €3497, both inclusive of all expenses, planning fees, no VAT charged. Also available certificates of compliance. Offer subject to terms and conditions. TEL: 014203755 MOB: 0879477853

BER CERTS LOW COST BER CERTS Energy rate your home and get a detailed advisory report pin-pointing the most cost-effective ways to cut your heating bills. · Apartments / 3-4 Bed Houses €150 all inclusive · 5+ Bed Houses - €180 all inclusive · No hidden extras · Fast professional service · SEI registered. No: 103343 · Further discounts available for multiple orders Contact Kevin O'Shaughnessy: Mob: 086 2567 194 Email:

BOILER SERVICING BOILER SERVICING BY QUALIFIED SERVICE ENGINEERS Breakdowns, Repairs, Pumps, Replacement Boilers Heating Installations, etc Mobile: 086 8091780

BRICKLAYER AVAILABLE SPECIALISING IN RESTORATION AND POINTING OF OLD BRICKWORK. All brick and block work undertaken. Free estimates, reasonable rates Contact Liam on 086 3053813

BUILDING CILLIAN CONSTRUCTION • Extensions, Conservatories, Sunrooms • Attic conversions & Renovations • New Build • Garden walls & Pillars • Kitchen & Bathrooms All painting, Decorating, Plumbing, Tiling, Electrical & Carpentry work all undertaken To suit all types of budgets M: 087 238 9977 T: 01/5220756 E: No canvassing please PARK AVENUE CONSTRUCTION • Complete Building & Renovation Specialists • Sunrooms & Conservatories • Replacement windows & Doors in PVC & Aluminium • Small Builds • Fully Insured and time served tradesmen Free Quotations Tel. 01-2870148 Email:

BUILDING SURVEYOR ADVANCED SURVEYING • Structural Surveys/Reports • Bank Valuations • Snag lists • Builder disputes • Boundary disputes • Project Management Chartered Building Contractors & Surveyors. Fully Insured & Registered Surveyors Declan Donohoe, BSc (Hons) MCIOB, MIEI Tel: 087-2695036 email:

CARPENTRY BOYLE CARPENTRY · Doors & Floors · Stairs & Decks · Roofing & Attic Conversions · Sliding Wardrobes · Kitchens & Wardrobes · Kitchen Revamped Big discounts on all Decks Will beat any other price on all work!! Tel: 0876393995

CLASSES LE LIVRE D’OR An Leabhar Orga French & Language School, Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, Co.Dublin. Now offering tuition for Leaving Cert and Junior Cert honours, French & Irish. Course delivered by excellent teacher/dept of education examiner/ corrector, with proven track record of top results. read testimonials@ Contact Siobhan 087 933 3131

COMPUTER SERVICES COMPUTER SERVICE @ YOUR HOME Special €88 deal: Full computer reinstall+antivirus+firewall+ office+multimedia+download managers+network setup+updates+Documents and photos transferred+Printers and camera's drivers installed. All together for only €88. Minor computer repair - €30-60. Any hardware and software problem solved. No catch - fixed service prices! Call us now 087-888 8888 Or visit

CARPET UPHOLSTERY AND FLOOR CLEANING DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR MULTIPLE ROOM AND COMBINATIONS ROOMS/FLOORS/FURNITURE AVERAGE SITTING ROOM €70/€80 • Enviro Dri carpet cleaning - no drying time • No chemicals, no water , no waste • Restore your floors like new • Clean, seal and polish • Amtico, Marmoleum, Stone, Tiles, Marble etc. Frank Kierse Cleaning Established over 20 years Tel: 01 2808605 or 087 2769964 web:

ABSOLUTE CLEANING Carpet & upholstery cleaning specialist 10 years experience Satisfaction guaranteed We clean carpets, upholstery, leather, rugs, curtains, Carpets & Upholstery scotchguard available CHRISTMAS PROMOTION clean all your carpets for €199 (up to 100 sqm) web: email: Tel: 01 442 3653 mob: 085 702 1347

DIVORCE DIY DIVORCE Let me help you obtain a divorce for a reasonable fee. Fast, friendly, efficient service! All work carried out for you No running around involved centrally located office As seen on TV3 Telephone Sheila on 01-213 6766 or 087 642 3935

DOG TRAINING AND KENNELING DOG TRAINING AND KENNELING. Residential training in obedience and behavior problems I.e. pulling on lead, house training, aggression, recall, chewing , jumping up etc. Also personal protection training. Over 20 years experience, having trained in the UK , USA and Germany. Qualified master dog trainer, veterinarian and dog shelter recommended. References available, trained security dogs for sale. Watch our dogs in action on or phone 087 051 4467

DRIVING LESSONS ADAMS SCHOOL OF MOTORING • ADI Approved Instructor • 40 Years Experience Duel Control Car Pre-Test Specialist Excellent Success Rate Nervous Drivers Welcome Lessons available 7 days weekly Pick up, Drop off, Office or Home Phone: 01-4941169 Mob: 086-2502494 E-mail:

STAR DRIVING SCHOOL Local RSA Approved Driving Instructor. Beginners to test level. Bulk discounts. All areas covered. Contact Kevin at 085 7280946 e-mail:

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR PETER O'NEILL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LTD. • Free Smoke Detectors included on all house rewires • Free Energy Savings Inspections • Specialists in house rewiring • L.E.D. lighting • Energy Saving Bulbs • New fuseboards • Immersions/Showers • Sockets & Switches • Timeclocks • C.C.T.V. • Security, and Garden Lights • Fire alarms • 24 hour service • R.E.C.I. registered • All areas covered Office: 2892284 Peter: 087-2529815



FLYNN ELECTRICAL SERVICES 15% DISCOUNT FOR NOVEMBER Fuse Board Up Grade was €450 Now €250 Electric Showers Supplied and fitted from €600 Immersion Time Clocks €110 Rewiring- Upgrade existing/install CCTV. All indoor/outdoor lights. TV, Phone Points & sockets. HEATING SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE • Free Estimates • Free Energy Reduction Consultation ECCSA Reg • Fully Insured Contact Vinny Flynn Email: Mobile: 087 274 6863 OUR PRICES WON’T BE BEATEN

KELLY MONUMENTAL Headstone's Additional Inscription's Renovations All Cemeteries covered Free Estimates Over 40years experience Phone: Jimmy Kelly at 2822457 Mobile 086 8756600

ELECTRICIAN PAUL MCMAHON ELECTRICAL Established 1972 House rewiring to highest standard. RECI Approved Immersion heaters, timers, Cookers, Security Lighting, Showers Supplied. Free Estimates New Fuse Boards to replace old & upgrade All Work Guaranteed. Fully Insured Office : 2806592 or Mobile: 0872663750 southside Only


FREE TO AIR SATELLITES DIGITALTVIRELAND.COM No MORE Bills with Free2air satellites and IRISH digital channels Extra TV points for Sky Sky contracts on request All Audio-Visual installations All Service calls Reasonable prices Fully insured Michael 0861266196

GARDENING GARDEN MAINTENANCE. Hedge & Grass Cut. Garden clear outs. Green waste removed. Mature Shrub & Hedging supplied. Ph 4943050 or 0876318984.


HEATING & PLUMBING ATTENTION HOME OWNERS!!!! For all your plumbing needs: Specialising in Gas Central Heating, Gas Appliance Installation, New Bathrooms Fitted, Electric Showers Installation, Tank Replacement, Garden Tap Installation etc etc. All Plumbing requirements met. Free estimates. Very competitive rates. RGII registered. Fully insured. Ph: Joe on 087 9536779.

ALL HEATING & PLUMBING REPAIRS & INSTALLATIONS Oil boiler service & repairs Taps fitted, leaks repaired Free Estimates - Reasonable rates No Job too small Qualified Professional plumber Fully insured Call Chris 087 099 6369

HYPNOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY QUALIFIED HYPNOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER of energy medicine, Theta Healing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Do It Now. You can allow the power of your mind to help you over come your problems the easy way. Stress, Panic Attacks, Weight Loss, Smoking, Fears and phobias, Lack of Confidence, Public Speaking, Sexual Problem, Exam Stress, Sport Performance, IBS, Insomnia, Migraine and other problem. For Appointment Phone Anne MICHIP on 0872516587 / 014544181 No 12 Priory Hall Beside Stillorgan Park Hotel

ARTHUR LYONS Painting & Decorating 30yrs Experience Domestic & Commercial Free Estimates - Keen Rates Tel: 01 - 4941052 / 0868547185

PAINTER & DECORATOR Painter & paper hanging Interior & exterior Hall, Stairs, Landing, Walls & Ceilings including Paint €240 Choice of colours available 30 years experience Telephone Tom on 01-445 8636 or 087 277 1181

PROFESSIONAL DECORATOR WITH 20YRS EXPERIENCE. All Aspects of trade covered. Paper Hanging Feature Walls Interior & Exterior Clean & Tidy Free Estimates "Best Rate Around" Call Rodney Deegan 087 2952165 01 8362391

PLASTERER PETER CARROLL AND SONS LTD. PLASTERING CONTRACTORS All your plastering needs covered. No job too big or small. Clean, prompt & reliable service. Local, family Company with 40 years experience. FREE ESTIMATES & EXCELLENT PRICES CALL James on 087 2303483 / Peter on 086 1671128 Home - 2825298

PREMISES TO LET SECURE CONCRETE YARD. Approx 3000 sq ft to let. 10 minutes drive south of Bray. One mile from N11 motorway. Rent e350 per month. Tel John at 086 8253536.



7.5 TON TIPPER & MINI DIGGER. Experience in all types of groundworks, demolition, landscaping, driveways & footpaths. All grades of broken stones, sand, gravels & top soil, Supplied & delivered. All rubble & unwanted soil taken away. Competitive rates Call Andrew on 087 255 0361

DKM REMOVALS & COLLECTIONS Moving House / Premises Furniture Collection All Areas Covered Excellent Rates Tel. David 087 2272841

PAINTING & DECORATING P&P DECORATORS All Aspects of painting covered. Commercial & Private Interior & Exterior Top-class work Keen rates, free quotes Call 087-6188229 or 4551501

SURVEYOR ADVANCED SURVEYING • Structural Surveys/Reports • Bank Valuations • Snag lists • Builder disputes • Boundary disputes • Project Management Chartered Building Contractors & Surveyors. Fully Insured & Registered Surveyors Declan Donohoe, BSc (Hons) MCIOB, MIEI Tel: 087-2695036 email:

Advertise in Trade & Services Direct for as little as € 25 per week . Contact : 816 2902

29 southside


trade & services direct Advertise in this section for as little as €25 per week. contact: 816 2902

TV & SATELLITE SYSTEMS FOR ALL YOUR DIGITAL TV NEEDS SPECIAL OFFER FREE TO AIR WITH IRISH CHANNELS €249 Free2air, Freesat, SkyHD & Sky+ -Extra boxes, Dishes Moved/Realigned -Supply & fit TV's, Wall mount your own TV -Wireless phone jacks, replacement dishes, rewiring. -All service & maintenance Guaranteed! -Fully Insured Phone John 086 8479848

WINDOW CLEANING FREE WINDOWS PAINTED Southside based window cleaning company Avail of our friendly reliable local window cleaning services and for FREE - every year we will paint your sills and reveals. Your outside Windowsills and reveals re-painted for free every year. To avail of our great offer contact Peter on: 2952989 or 087 6128126

THE DUBLIN PEOPLE GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS reserves the right to decline, omit, suspend or alter any advertisement in any of its publications or to terminate any contract and will not be held responsible for any loss caused thereby. No liability is accepted for any loss caused thereby. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage caused by an error in the printing of any advertisement. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage alleged to arise through delay in forwarding copy.

Public Notice Section

UPHOLSTERY • ABBEY VIEW UPHOLSTERY Beside Loreto abbey Rathfarnham. All suites recovered like new Antiques a speciality 4th generation Craftsmen Large selection contract fabrics. Estimates FREE Call Simon / Paul 4932505 web:

Dublin City Council Planning Applications

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WORKING FOR YOURSELF Limousine / Chauffeur business to include regular client list with introductions to clients and after sale advice. S class Mercedes licenced, NCT for year included. Ready to start earning immediately, owner retiring €15,000 plus or minus outstanding accounts. Contact Thomas on 087-2413816

(Domestic only. New Build not accepted)

• • • • •

Fingal County Council Planning Applications Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Planning Applications Tenders Public Notices Liquidation Notices, etc

WATER FILTERS WATER FILTERS Undersink Water Filters for your home Clears bad odours, Sediment, Bad Taste and Chlorine. Free Quotes and Installation Fitted by fully qualified Plumber All areas covered Call Adam 0851836056

Situations Vacant

To advertise Tel. Mary Fulton (Planning Department) 01-816 2903 or email: Fax: 01-862 1625 Minimum Charge €12.00 (inc. VAT per insertion)

QUALIFIED CHEF QUALIFIED CHEF required with some in experience in baking. Send C.V. to: PS Catering Ltd, Edmundstown Golf Club, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

TRAINED CARERS REQUIRED TRAINED CARERS REQUIRED Experienced, professionally trained carers required. People Handling Certificate advantageous as is own transport. Call Private Home Care today on 01 6219101

HOW TO PLACE YOUR AD Minimum charge €12 1. Place & Pay on-line at placeyourad 2. E-mail 3. Telephone 8162999 4. Post in with payment to: Private Ads, Dublin People, 80 Omni Park, Santry, Dublin 9

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Friendship Property Aboard Pets Lost & Found Prayers Births/Deaths Anniversaries Birthdays

YOUR PREPAID PRIVATE ADS COUPON PLANNING PERMISSION ADS Private ads DO NOT include planning applications To publish your planning applications call Mary on 8162903

Your private ad will be inserted in NORTHSIDE PEOPLE EAST or NORTHSIDE PEOPLE WEST or SOUTHSIDE PEOPLE with a combined circulation of 125,000 COPIES to homes, businesses and selected pick-up points and will also feature on our website at Please tick  heading which your ad is to appear: Articles for Sale  Articles Wanted  Motoring  Houses For Sale  Houses to Let  Apartments to Let  Rooms to let  Friendship  Property Abroad  Pets  Lost & Found  Prayers  Births/Deaths  Anniversaries  Birthdays 

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jobfinder Healing the trauma of rape and sexual abuse

LEOPARDSTOWN Would you like to assist with the elderly?

Part-Time Carers required Experience an advantage. Good English essential. Live-in & Part time work available Full Clean Drivers Licence/Transport essential

Call Home Instead Senior Care at 01-2068027 or Email us at

Are you interested in joining the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre as part of our Volunteer Service? We are currently recruiting volunteers for training as: ❥ Telephone Counsellors to staff our 24-hour

Counselling Line outside office hours ❥ Support Personnel who will be available on a rota basis to attend the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit in the Rotunda Hospital. Full training will be given to selected applicants.

Applicants must be a minimum of 25 years old and reside in the ‘01’ telephone area.

place & pay

Please contact

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 70 Lr. Leeson Street, Dublin 2 for application form. Tel. (01) 661 4911 or email: Closing date for Applications – Friday 21st January 2011

Are You Looking for Staff?

... think local Find local people for local jobs by placing an advertisement in the JOBFINDER section of The Southside People. The JOBFINDER section enjoys a very high readership and advertisers consistently report a very favourable feedback

CARERS REQUIRED IN THIS AREA • Are you caring, honest and reliable looking for a rewarding career? • No Experience required as full training provided. We have the following position available.


(You tell us the hours you can work) If you are interested in our position, then contact Louise on 01 8178617 to find out more or send your CV to us at Comfort Keepers, Deverell Place, Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1. Or via email to

jobfinder To advertise Tel: Eimear @ 8162904


planning notice DUN LAOGHAIRE RATHDOWN COUNTY COUNCIL FURTHER INFORMATION/REVISED DRAWINGS We, Tom & Amanda Moran of No 40 Redesdale Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin wish to seek Planning Retention Permission for the previously constructed single storey, pitched roof with rear gable extension to the rear of our house in addition to the works outlined in application reference no D10A/0572. The significant further information and revised plans in relation to this application have been furnished to the Planning Authority and are available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices The Planning Authority, County Hall, Dun Laoghaire during its public opening hours. A submission/observation in relation to the further information may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee of 20euro not later than 2 weeks of receipt of the newspaper notice and site notice by the Planning Authority.


Ring Mary at


To find out more phone Eimear or Keith at


e-mail: Southside People Edition Issue: 5 January 2011

31 southside

place & pay

APARTMENT TO RENT PORTMARNOCK Stunning 2 bedroom ex-show apartment available to rent from January/February in Seabrook Manor, Portmarnock. Opposite Dart Station and close to beach. Property fully furnished with master ensuite and includes 2 balconies and garden verandah on 2nd floor. €1,000 per month. Contact 086-8208207 ARTICLES FOR SALE TWO large cream leather couches for sale, €250 euros for both. TEL 01 8380542 or 087 2416783

HOUSE contents for sale, great condition, Baldoyle area. PH 085 7736250 LOST DOG LOST DOG - LAKELAND TERRIER CROSS in St Annes Park Raheny on Monday the 18th of October. Dogs name is SALLY, she is tan in colour, is neutered and micro chipped. She is the pet of a five year old broken hearted boy. Reward offered. Please can you look out for her and if you find her can you please call the following number. PH 087 2742707 PRAYERS DEAR SACRED HEART of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours this time I am asking for this special one (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your broken heart where your Holy Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication, never known to fail. For favours about to be received. D.T. DEAR SACRED HEART OF JESUS in the past I have asked for many favours this time I am asking for this special one (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your broken heart where your Holy Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication, never known to fail. For favours about to be received. A.N. DATING Women seeking Men Female 44, brown hair, 5ft 4ins, seeks Mediterranean/South American male. Tel No: 1570 999 042 Box No: 373424 45yr old single lady, professional, likes outdoors, travel, animals, nature, seeks attractive, tall, professional, fit male, 38-46 for friendship,

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BIGGEST EVER SALE!!! 'Ralph' 3' single bed was €325

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Walstein Upright Piano was €2,975

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