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Local post office is set to close Jack Gleeson AN POST is proposing to close the Finglas East Post Office in the Spar shop on Glasnevin Avenue next month. It’s planned to move customers who collect social welfare payments to a yet-to-be determined post office in the area and later give them the option to transfer to another one of their choice. It’s understood the local postmistress has told An Post that she wishes to resign and the proposed closure is not related to recent claims by postmasters that 400 post offices around the country are to be shut down. However, local Dublin North West TD has described the proposal as “unacceptable” and has vowed to fight the plans. “I will be leading a significant campaign to oppose this closure,” he told Northside People. “It is a nonsensical and opportunist approach to closing post offices regardless of how well they're doing, and it simply makes no sense.” “I have received a number of calls relating to the closure and residents are worried about services being moved across the area.” “I will be fighting this proposal tooth and nail – and would urge people to join the campaign on this.” Deputy Rock is calling on An Post to acknowledge the need for the local service to remain Continued on page 2


AN IMPULSE decision to get a pup ended up helping save the life of a Finglas photographer. Frank Malone told the Humans of Dublin Facebook page last week that he was feeling unwell and struggling with his mental health when he decided to get Sam. “Within five years I had lost one of

my best friends and found my uncle dead in his house, and they were both very close to me,” he said. “I never really talked about it. I kept it to myself and because of that, I didn’t get to grieve. My mental health was up and down and to put it bluntly, I was struggling.” Continued on page 2

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11 OCT 2017

Local post office is set to close Continued from page 1 in the area and says closing the post office will have a knock-on effect for local residents. However, An Post officials have pointed out that the area is already served by a number of other post offices at Clearwater, Finglas Village and Ballygall Road. “Not all residents, including those of the older generation, are able to travel far distances to either use the postal services provided to collect social welfare payments including pensions,” said Deputy Rock. “I am certain that another local shop would be more

than suitable to take over the postal services which are for residents in the Finglas East catchment area.” The Fine Gael TD has raised the issue with Minister for Communications, Denis Naughton. “I believe it is crucial that the Minister is aware of the facts,” he said. “These include the fact that the Finglas East post office has one of the highest footfall figures of any of the local offices. “The Finglas East Post Office is as safe as a post office can be, having been built from the ground up to accommodate the highest security standards. It’s no coincidence that since this

Man’s best friend Continued from page 1

rebuild, it has suffered zero robberies. “Finally, there is interest from other parties to take over the services provided at this post office. These alone should be enough to prevent this needless closure.” An Post intends to close Finglas East Post Office as soon as the current postmistress officially resigns next month. “We appreciate that this will be the cause of inconvenience to a number of customers who regularly use the Finglas East Post Office but we would hope to put measures in place to ensure that they can access services in convenient offices nearby,” an official said.

Frank bought Sam, a thoroughbred Collie, from a Longford farmer back in 2008. Since then, both of them have come on in leaps and bounds, but back then it was a difficult period for Frank. Sam gave his owner hope and Frank was able to do for his friendly, furry friend what he couldn’t do for himself at the time. The two bonded, even though Frank was still experiencing dark moments. “One day, I was stopped in traffic on the Samuel Beckett Bridge,” he said. “It was a terrible, grey, rainy day. I was about to get out of the car and jump off the bridge. “The tide was high and all I was thinking was how long it would be before I was no longer breathing. But my pal was with me, looking at me as he does. He depends on me for food and lodging, everything. I didn’t jump that day because of him. He saved me many times… man's best friend.” Frank is a qualified physcotherapist, a yoga teacher and a professional photographer, but his candid story of when he was struggling struck a chord when it was posted on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page. It’s been viewed close to 200,000 times on Facebook and over 12,000 times on Instagram and has attracted supportive comments, including many from people who have shared that their canine companion is also their lifesaver. “I was quite moved by some of the comments about people and their dogs,” Frank told Northside People. “I got Sam because I knew that no matter what was going on for me, I’d have to look after him. Things happen to people, they don’t talk about it and they get unwell. People are struggling everywhere and there’s an epidemic of suicides but there’s always, always, always help available. Talk to someone: a friend a colleague, a professional - anyone. People won't know what's going on with you unless you tell them.”


▪▪ Sam when he was just a few months’ old.




Due to the reorganisation of their business model we have received instructions from Wind Rás to sell


▪▪ If you have been affected by this story, call the Samaritans 24 hour freephone helpline on 116123, Pieta House on 1800-247247 or text help to 51444. See also and




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Dublin 15 high-tech jobs boost Jack Gleeson A NEW multi-million euro hi-tech centre in Dublin 15 will create 250 new jobs in the area it was announced last week. Veritas Technologies, which specialises in cloud data management, says 130 of the roles will be filled within a year and the rest by 2019. An Taoiseach and local Dublin West TD, Leo Varadkar, officially opened the company’s new research and development centre where the jobs will be located. “It’s a great boost for Ballycoolin and for NorthWest Dublin,” he said. “I am really pleased to hear that of the new jobs

Veritas Ireland are creating, 110 will be research positions offering opportunities to new graduates over the next three years. “This is a great development for both Veritas and for Ireland and will offer so many young professionals experience in working with a dynamic global company. “The Government is prioritising research and development, innovation and enterprise, to ensure companies like Veritas can grow their operations here.” Veritas has already started recruiting for a wide-array of open positions at the €30 million Ballycoolin facility and is working closely with IDA Ireland to secure top talent with cloud-based technolo-

gy skills. The recruitment drive focuses on development roles - from new graduates to senior-level executives, as well as multi-cloud engineering and supporting cross-functional roles, such as product and programme management. These roles will largely support new products, services and applications for Veritas. Veritas says it will also focus on creating close links with universities across Ireland and intends to launch an internship graduate programme in 2018. “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re actively recruiting innovative talent at all levels in Ireland to help us transform how

▪▪ Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the official opening of the Veritas Technologies research and development centre. customers can harness the power of their data in a multi-cloud world,” said Bill Coleman, chief executive officer, Veritas. “Our latest research shows that 56 per cent of organisations have a cloud-first mentality, but

are struggling with how to protect their data, gain visibility and extract maximum value while staying compliant. “This new centre is going to focus on solving these challenges and we’re delighted to work with the

IDA Ireland to attract top talent into the Veritas family. “We also believe in nurturing our talent and we hope future employees of Veritas in Dublin will stay for years to come.” The new R&D centre in

Ballycoolin is a strategic extension of a new innovation centre in San Francisco, which is also focused on delivering market-leading products and solutions for the Veritas multi-cloud data management platform.

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11 OCT 2017




So far so good for TV3's late night double act

Comment: Tony McCullagh, Dublin People group editor


EGENDARY journalist Vincent Browne left pretty big boots to fill when he departed TV3 during the summer.

Not since Podge & Rodge gave us ‘A Scare at Bedtime’ had television been so terrifying, yet highly amusing, as Browne’s often hapless guests ducked and dived to avoid the veteran broadcaster’s confrontational interviewing style. His savaging of the New Land League’s Jerry Beades will go down as one of the most memorable moments from the show. Equally, SIPTU’s Jack O’Connor’s walkout was another piece of (unintentional) comedy gold served up for supper by TV3. Due to Browne’s fearsome

reputation, many politicians were ‘unavailable’ when invited to appear on his show. Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny was not a fan after Browne made offensive comments about him (which, in fairness, he apologised for). Browne was far from what you’d call a polished presenter but he did display a strong sense of social injustice which made his show such compulsive viewing. Such was the void left in the Ballymount studios by Browne’s departure that it has taken two media heavyweights to replace him. You might think that the selection process would have been more mindful of gender balance, particularly in light of recent controversies in other media organisations. Still, it’s hard to argue with the choice of Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates as co-hosts of ‘The Tonight Show’. I’m not usually a fan of double-headers on television or radio current affairs. Quite often it results in a battle for dominance or clash of egos and the forced camaraderie can really grate at times. Both presenters bring impressive credentials to the show: Cooper, a former editor of The Sunday Tribune and successful Today FM presenter; in Yates, we have a one-time TD, minister, businessman, author and a late blooming broadcaster.

▪▪ Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates are co-presenters of ‘The Tonight Show’ on TV3

And while I’ve yet to see sparks fly between the pair on the new show, the viewer is left with the reasonable expectation that they’re not going to agree on everything. The quality of guests and contributors has been strong so far and the hosts are not afraid to poke fun at themselves (a tip they may well have

picked up from Browne). On radio, Yates is hardly known for his political correctness and it will be interesting to see if this approach lands him in controversy or if he will be tamed by the presence of the more measured Cooper. There are, naturally, some minor quibbles. The repeated tweets about

the presenters’ dress sense is starting to become a little tiresome and the co-hosts, at times, seem to enjoy the ribbing just a little too much. But so far so good. The dynamic between the pair has been most promising and TV3 seems to have produced a current affairs show that gives RTÉ a run for its money.

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James Connolly sounds familiar Jack Gleeson IF STATUES could talk, you wouldn’t imagine they’d sound like Mrs Brown, but the James Connolly statue at Beresford Place might. That’s because Finglas funnyman Brendan O’Carroll is providing the voice for a new Talking Statues initiative that brings ten of the capital’s most famous statues to life in a novel way. The concept couldn’t be simpler. Take your smartphone, swipe on the plaque next to the statue and you will immediately get a call back. Depending on the statue, the voice at the other end could be Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Cúchulainn or if you’re on Beresford Place, it’ll be James Connolly. And the person you’ll be hearing bringing the republican and socialist leader to life will be O’Carroll. It’s not as bizarre as you may think because while he’s made a global success of Mrs Brown, the BAFTA award winner has a keen love of local history and is fascinated by all things connected to 1916. In fact, he retraced the re-

bellion through his family’s footsteps for his acclaimed, deeply personal BBC documentary on the Rising, My Family at War. O’Carroll isn’t the only celebrity providing his voice for Talking Statues, which was created by Sing London and is supported by Fáilte Ireland and Dublin City Council. Brenda Fricker voices the ‘Hags with the Bag’ on Lower Liffey Street while James Joyce on North Earl Street is spoken by Gabriel Byrne. Daniel O’Connell on O’Connell Street is brought to life by Ruth Negga while down the road, Jim Larkin



This is a day centre for adults with intellectual disability. It is an active, fun and welcoming place. We are seeking volunteers for the following areas:

is voiced by actor Stephen Rea. Love/Hate’s Peter Coonan is the voice behind Cúchulainn at the GPO and you can have Joe Duffy talk to you if you visit George Salmon at Trinity College.

The words spoken by the famous faces are also written by well-known names including Patrick McCabe, John Banville and Roddy Doyle. For more details see www.

• • • • • • •

Arts and crafts Administration Music Befriending Gardening Canteen support And many more…..

All skills and talents are most welcome! In return, we can offer: • • • • ▪▪ Brendan O’Carroll is bringing James Connolly (above) to life in Talking Statues.

Opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people Potential to enhance and enrich your personal life Ongoing support and advice from volunteer coordinators Gain experience to go forward in education or employment Contact: Laura or Niamh Ph: 8300500 or email:







MR MDF from




Furry Park, Old Airport Rd, Santry 884 1111


11 OCT 2017


Lidl lodges Ballymun plan PLANNING permission has been officially lodged for the new Ballymun Lidl development that includes over 60 units that can provide beds for more than 360 students. The development on the site bounded by Balbutcher Lane, Balcurris Road and Ballymun Main Street, will also include a Lidl store, a number of retail/café units and offices in three blocks. The first block at Balbutcher Lane will be four to six storeys in height and is where the main entrance to the student units will be. The second block is six storeys high and includes a mix of student accommodation with the retail/cafe units at ground floor located at Ballymun Main Street. The student accommodation in the first two blocks will include 364 bed spaces within a mix of 59 student houses and two studio apartments. These will be housed by students only during the academic year and used as tourist or visitor accommodation related to a Higher

▪▪ Cllr Noeleen Reilly at the Lidl site.

▪▪ A concept of the new Lidl store in Ballymun. Education Institute during the holiday period. The third block is where the 2,587 sq mt Lidl store will be located and while the block only has two floors, it’s equivalent in height to a four storey residential building. The wider development includes 127 car parking space and around 338 cycle parking spaces. Vehicle access will be from Balcurris Road. Plans for the development

were revelaed to the public at an open day in Ballymun Civic Centre recently. Lidl say they were well recieved by the local community and Alan Barry, Director of Property at Lidl Ireland, says DCU welcomed the student accommodation aspect of the plans. “The development comes at a time when there is a significant requirement for student accommodation due to increasing student numbers

at DCU and across Dublin,” he said. “The public meeting was received very positively and a significant number of signatures were collected on the day in support of the Lidl development. “Local residents are extremely keen to see increased retail competition brought to the area.” Ballymun Sinn Féin councillor, Noeleen Reilly, welcomed the planning appli-

cation but said even more retail facilities are needed in the area. “I am delighted to see that Lidl have lodged their planning application,” she said. “It has taken us three attempts to get this land at Balcurris Developed. “It has certainly been challenging at times and has left the community very frustrated and very disappointed. We are still not there yet but we are certain-

ly further on than we have ever been. “For many families the lack of retail has left them feeling very isolated as there is no direct bus links to the neighbouring shopping centres in Santry and Charlestown, so if you don’t drive you have really been let down by the regeneration. “The Lidl development must be a start to bringing additional facilities into the area to cater for the 17,000

residents who live here, to support existing businesses, generate accommodation and to also recreate employment.” “I believe this new facility will encourage further investing into Ballymun and showcase the area off as a viable place to do business and to live. Lidl currently operates over 150 stores across Ireland, employing nearly 5,000 people.

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Show to set tone for Halloween AN ARTIST and producer from Blanchardstown is putting on a show in the Grand Social next week and it’s sure to set the mood for Halloween. The Illuminaughty Club was formed by Sarah Elliott, aka Sweet Acid, and it features some of Ireland's finest freaks and burlesque beauties. Sarah has been involved in producing events for Women in Horror Month every February for the past two years, and has a new festival planned for 2018. The Illuminaughty Club show on Wednesday, October 18, features multiaward winning Lou Safire who’s a sensational burlesque performer and skilled as a ‘human blockhead’, a glass walker and a fire artist - so sparks are sure to fly. The evening will be hosted by burlesque clown Fifi LaRoux, and will feature tricks and treats from The Rejects producer, Gala Gray from Finglas, Reptile Queen, Kitty LeRoux, sideshow clown, Grim Squeaker, and queen of classic burlesque, Scarlett Van Tassel. To help the audience get into the Halloween spirit, face painter Mannequin Blue, and macabre milliner, Sinead Giblin, will have stalls in the Grand Social on the night. Tickets are now available through Eventbrite but will also be sold on the night. Doors open at 7pm and the show kicks off around 8pm.

Cheque it out! LIDL in Finglas has donated €1,000 to St Michael’s House under a new initiative in the Lidl Community Works programme. The Charity of the Week will see Lidl donating €1,000 every week for a year to local charities and groups across Ireland and it runs alongside existing Lidl support programmes. Worthy causes are select-

ed by store teams in recognition of their excellent work in the local community and the Finglas Lidl staff picked St Michael’s House. The well-known registered charity provides support and services to 1,751 adults and children with an intellectual disability and their families through 170 centres spread across Dublin and Navan, Co Meath. Finglas store manager

Sujit Sundar Sundaram, said Lidl was happy to help the charity. “Myself and my team in Finglas are proud to have selected St Michael's house as our Charity of the Week,” he said. “Supporting and investing in local communities is something that Lidl are committed to and we are delighted to be able to make this contribution.”

▪▪ Aiden Fleming, Jacqui McDonnell of St Michaels House, Tomislav Jaklenec, Andrei Gricenko, Marcin Konar, Muhammad Ali Khan. pictured at the cheque presentation.



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Followed by the superb “Footloose” singing all your favourite hits Plus MC and resident DJ, Ray Shah Ticket Price: €79 Per person

Unit 9, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 (Beside Power City) Unit 4B, Clearwater Centre, Finglas Road, Dublin 11

▪▪ Sarah Elliott, aka Sweet Acid, is behind The Illuminaughty Club on October 18.

E: W:


TAKEN OPEN 7 DAYS, Mon. to Sat. 9am - 5.30pm, CREDIT CARDS Sun. & Bank Holidays 2pm - 5.30pm.





11 OCT 2017


Childcare champions! tioners have completed a whole range of super training courses run by Better Finglas in the local community. Courses delivered included: Implementing the High The Early Years practi- Scope Approach; Tender

OVER 50 childcare professionals from Finglas were invited to celebrate their achievements in Erin’s Isle GAA Club on Friday, September 29.

No free wifi for seniors

Care and Early Learning; and Aistear Curriculum Foundations: Planning and Assessing. Photographer Keith Dixon was there to capture some familiar happy faces on the day.

DUBLIN City Council has been accused of being ‘backward’ after rejecting a proposal to install free wifi hotspots in senior citizen complexes.

▪▪ Katherina Doyle, Margaret Hamilton, Lizzy Brady, Kiara Cassidy, Claire Kelly and Valerie Chaney of Apple of My Eye.

▪▪ Joy Sherlock, Marian Chandler and Lorraine Jones of The Toddle Inn.

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▪▪ Betsy Burdis, Marion Spratt, Jacqueline Dunne, Olwyn Teeling, Nadine McCarthy and Sarah Kelly of Finglas Childcare Ltd.


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D15 Showroom: 01 8612103

Unit 3, Old Quarry Ind. Est. Ballycoolin, D15 email:

▪▪ Deborah O’Brien, Melissa Kinsella, Carol Sloan, Niamh Deegan and Rachael Duff of Mellow Spring.

Northside councillor, Paul McAuliffe (FF), is proposing the idea but he’s been told by officials there’s no plans for free wifir and the responsibility for installing a service lies with individual tenants. Cllr McAuliffe believes free wifi is needed as older people are increasingly being required to use the internet to access services. “The plan would have seen older residents given access to high speed broadband and training in routine tasks like banking online and paying utility bills,” he said. “I am really disappointed that the council will not be progressing the idea. “The digital divide in society is a real concern and promoting the rights of older people to be enabled and able to participate in the digital society is essential.” In response to a written question by Cllr McAuliffe the council stated: “The City Council currently has no plans to provide free wifi services in DCC Older Persons complexes.”




11 OCT 2017


Soccerfest unites at park event THERE was a carnival atmosphere and a few Irish soccer heroes at Phoenix Park last month for this year’s Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) Soccerfest. The annual event is celebrating 21 years and Ireland’s migrant community was joined in the park by the Ireland U-20 team that won the bronze medal at the 1997 FIFA World Youth Championships. That team was managed by SARI Director, Brian Kerr, who said this year’s Soccerfest was an extra special event. “While every Soccerfest is special we are especially proud that we are now marking 21 years of this fantastic sporting and cultural event,” he explained. “This event is a unique mix of top quality football, fun and free events and in the past 21 years it has been a space for Ireland’s migrant ▪▪ Brian Kerr pictured with David Worrell and daughters communities to take anothAlessia (4) and Indy (3). PHOTO: JASON CLARKE er step forward on the path PHOTOGRAPHY

to integration.” Kerr’s legendary U-20 World Cup team came back together for Soccerfest, playing under the Team Malaysia banner in honour of the country where they won their bronze medals 20 years ago. Two decades later and under the captaincy of Thomas Morgan, they went on to win the SARI Soccerfest Cup 2017 beating Sunday Astro 2-1 in extra time. “We are all so delighted to be here to show our support for SARI Soccerfest on this very special occasion,” Morgan said. “Looking around today it is so clear to see that sport – all sport – can break down barriers of ethnicity, religion, gender, geography, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age and any other difference you can name.” Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mícheál MacDonncha, welcomed the teams to the Phoenix Park for Soccerfest. “This is a great day of celebration for SARI and all the

participant in SARI Soccerfest,” he said. “I am also delighted to see so many people here in the Phoenix Park to support the teams and the work that SARI does.” The first SARI Soccerfest was held in 1996 and since then over 6,000 people have participated in the tournament and a further 8,000 have travelled from migrant and minority communities across the country to enjoy

the event. This year, Soccerfest also hosted the launch of the European Week of Sport, which was coordinated by Sport Ireland to promote sport and physical activity across the country. Sports clubs from across the country were in the Garda Grounds in the Park to showcase their sports including walking football, GAA rounders, orienteering, table tennis, cricket and vol-

leyball. “One of the key strategic objectives of Sport Ireland is increasing participation in sport and physical activity for all and we are determined to get as many people active as possible,” said Sport Ireland Director of Participation, Dr Una May. “It is absolutely inspiring to see so many people willing to embrace new sports and activities so wholeheartedly.”

▪▪ Edvinas Rupeika from North Strand shows the younsters a few tricks during Soccerfest.



Trying for a baby? Here’s a good place to begin...

At Rotunda IVF, our expert doctors, nurses and embryologists, supported by experienced counsellors are here to listen and to help. We care about relationships as well as results. Our team works together to create a positive environment and dispel much of the stress that occurs during fertility treatment. If you are interested in fertility treatment or looking to talk about your options, call us at Rotunda IVF. You’ll also find a wealth of information at

A re p u t at i o n f o r l i f e The National Fertility Centre, Rotunda Hospital, Parnell Square, Dublin 1 01 807 2732 • •


11 OCT 2017



Keeping your dog safe this Halloween Corina Fitzsimons HALLOWEEN can be fun for the whole family, but it can also be stressful and dangerous for your dog. Dogs may be exposed to many unfamiliar sights and sounds, especially with so many scary costumes about. Your family should consider the following points to ensure the safety of your dog during this spooky time: • Walk your dog before it gets dark to avoid fireworks and flashing lights. Feed your dog before the fireworks begin. • Provide a safe hiding place for your dog indoors and close the curtains as many dogs are afraid of the flashing lights from fireworks, not just the noise they make.

Royal Canin

• Turn up the volume on your TV or radio to drown out scary noises. • Do not leave your dog alone outdoors during the Halloween period. Scared dogs will make desperate attempts to escape and there is the danger of him being injured by a stray firework or even stolen. • Be extra careful when opening the door as your dog may escape. if possible, try to ensure there is another closed door between your dog and your front door. • Please also make sure that your dog is wearing a collar and an ID tag and that his microchip details are up to date via www. in case he escapes (microchipping and the possession of a microchipping certificate are legal requirements).

2 +1

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fr ee !



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him distress. • Keep lit pumpkins out of your dog’s reach as they run the risk of burning themselves or knocking them over and causing a fire. • Please keep a close watch on your dog this Halloween to reduce any chance of distress, so that he and the rest of the family can enjoy the celebrations without any mishaps. We hope you and your dogs have a safe Halloween! ▪▪ Dogs can become distressed by all the excitement around Halloween.

e h t f o DOG

WEEK Holly

The Dublin People Newspaper Group has teamed up with Dogs Trust to help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. Our Dog of the Week is Holly, a five-year-old female Terrier crossbreed who is looking for a loving family. This sweet lady enjoys human company and gets worried when there is nobody by her side. On the other hand when Holly feels safe and comfortable she shows her independent spirit and does her own thing. Holly gets along fine with other dogs, but she definitely prefers gentle and calm friends to play with. Holly is deaf and partially blind, therefore she is looking for a sensible, understanding and patient family. Holly will blossom living with someone who is home for most of the time. If you think you can offer Holly a loving home, contact Dogs Trust on 01-8791000.

Give a Dog a Home Today! Phone us on 01 8791000


• Never force your dog to wear a costume – loosely tied festive doggie bandanas are usually more dog friendly. • Keep the treats and sweets away. Chocolate, raisins and the sweetener xylitol are poisonous to dogs. • If you suspect your dog has eaten anything he shouldn’t, call your local veterinary practice immediately and always store their out of hours emergency number on your phone. • Do not force your dog to receive any unwanted attention even from family members, as they may not recognise people in costumes. • Please think twice about taking your dog on a trick or treat outing. The extra excitement around the event and meeting strangers may cause

00 maxizooireland


offers valid from 01.10.2017 - 15.10.2017

Dogs Trust is based in Finglas, just off Exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website at You can also pop up for a visit. Dogs Trust is open six days a week from 12-4pm. The centre is closed all day Tuesday. You can also find Dogs Trust on Facebook at or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE



The Dublin bus conductor who became a Facebook sensatio Tony McCullagh THIS photo of a bus conductor became an online sensation when we posted it on our Facebook page in late August. In fact, it is our most viewed post ever, with an incredible reach of 1.4 million people. It has been shared thousands of times by our followers and generated a similar number of likes and comments. When it comes to social media, nostalgia is clearly king. A post about growing up in Dublin in the 1960s, ‘70s or ‘80s always results in enthusiastic engagement from people who like our Facebook page. But even we were taken aback by the sheer power of this simple photograph of a bus conductor. When we posted it, we didn’t know his name or when the picture had

been taken. The image unleashed a tsunami of nostalgia as it transported our readers back to a bygone, perhaps more innocent, era. Thanks to the power of Facebook, it wasn’t long before relatives of the bus conductor became aware of all the fuss our post had created and they got in touch with us. Today, we can reveal that the bus conductor pictured is Brendan Bolger, from Inchicore, who was a familiar face on the 18 route for 36 years. Sadly, Brendan passed away seven years ago at the age of 83. But during his three decades as a bus conductor, he left a lasting impression on everyone he met. According to his daughter, Lorraine, her father absolutely loved his job. “He was a real people person and he always enjoyed helping his passengers,” she recalls.

“His route would cross all sections of society, from wealthy Dublin 4 to more working-class parts of the city such as Ballyfermot, but my father treated everybody the same.” Lorraine remembers that Brendan always took great pride in his appearance when going to work each day. “He was extremely neat and tidy and always made sure his uniform was clean and his shoes were polished,” she says. “He really enjoyed his work and had great craic with his colleagues and passengers. “He made many, many friends during his time as a bus conductor.” Brendan met his wife, Mary Smyth, who worked in Noblett’s on O’Connell Street, while on his lunch break. They were married in 1960 and went on to have four children – three girls and a boy.

Incredibly, none of his family had ever seen that particular photo of their father before we posted it on Facebook. “We were surprised but delighted at the reaction it got,” Lorraine adds. “We couldn’t believe it when we recognised our father in the photograph.” Bus conductors began to be phased out with the introduction of OPO (One Person Operation) onto double-decker buses in the late ‘80s. However, some services had conductors right up to the late ‘90s. If you would like to see more images of Dublin in the past, we regularly post archive photos on our Facebook page. Like us on ▪▪RIGHT: This photo of Brendan Bolger generated huge interest on Facebook.




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11 OCT 2017



Europe’s Christmas markets Jack Gleeson

immersed in romantic light and over 150 vendors from all over Germany descend to offer carefully selected arts and crafts, ancient handicrafts, and scrumptious Christmas food inside decorated cabins and glass pagodas. Berlin’s largest Christmas market takes place in the Spandau Old Town, casting a winter spell on the its historic backdrop. Highlights are a Christmas crib with living animals on Reformationsplatz and the St Nikolai Christmas Garden.

TRY as we might, we Irish can’t match the Europeans when it comes to creating a festive shopping atmosphere. In recent years winter markets have begun to spring up during December in towns and cities all over Ireland, but countries like Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium are still streets ahead of us. That’s hardly surprising, given that they’ve been doing it for centuries. Markets are an integral part of the build up to Christmas on many parts of the continent, with main city squares transported back to medieval times and filled with old fashioned stalls decked out in twinkling lights, holly and some of the cutest decorations imaginable. The crisp air is filled with the delicious Christmassy aromas of mulled wine and spices and the sounds of bells and carol singers. It’s just magical, and a stroll around is the perfect way to get in the festive mood and pick up some wonderful, unique gifts that you won’t find in Ireland. Here’s the low down on what you can expect to find.

▪▪ Many Irish families now visit a Christmas market in Europe as part of their holiday traditions. • PRAGUE Prague is just perfect for Christmas. Christmas markets in the appropriately named Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square light up the city centre, bringing tourists and locals together to enjoy the festive spirit in a true winter wonderland setting. The city’s centrepiece is the Christmas tree shipped in from the Krkose Mountains in the south of the Czech Republic. The blaze of lights against a gothic skyline presents a spectacular sight. Christmas markets can be thirsty work so thankfully there’s plenty of those fa-

mous Czech beers and traditional warm drinks to keep you going. Make sure you sample a cup of hot wine (svalené víno or svalák). Delicious! • BERLIN Berlin doesn’t need a Christmas market to make it worth a visit, but from late November there’s more than 50 of them helping to create a unique atmosphere in this fascinating city. Since 2007 the Charlottenburg Castle Christmas Market has played host to one of the best. For 35 days the castle and its park are

• MUNICH A traditional Bavarian Christmas can be experienced at Munich’s famous Marienplatz, in the heart of the city centre, which hosts a festive market that attracts thousands each year. The smell of gingerbread, mulled wine and roasted chestnuts fills the air of the streets that are lined with thousands of fairy lights, bauble-laden branches and festive carol singers. Located close to the Alps, the city is often dressed in a blanket of snow, perfect for those dreaming of a white Christmas. Munich has been hosting some of Germany’s best festive markets since the 14th century, and the city has just about perfected the art.

• BRUSSELS The Brussels festive market is known as Winter Wonders and boasts 240 wooden Christmas chalets dotted along the cobbled streets of the old town looking like sugar-topped gingerbread houses. The town hall is lit up in a variety of different colours and patterns and the main square is home to a giant Christmas tree. Market stalls on Place Sainte Catherine are set around an ice rink with a giant Ferris wheel at one end that offers spectacular views of all the activity below. There are plenty of activities for both adults and children in Brussels and of course there’s all the Belgian beer to sample when the mulled wine gets a bit tiresome. • BUDAPEST The Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square is one of the best in Europe with local folk artisans and craftsmen working from around 150 cottage-style wooden stalls selling handmade gifts, souvenirs and all sorts of festive fare. The quality is guaranteed, as all goods have to pass stringent quality tests by the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists.



Finglas gardaí show community spirit The Garda helicopter FINGLAS gardaí organised a great day out at Er- hovered above the pitchin’s Isle for local schools es and the Garda Mounton Friday, September 29. ed Unit were looking their best on the day. The local community Youngsters took park in a GAA blitz while the local Garda team were also out boys in blue showed off a in force, making lots of variety of their policing new friends on the day. Schools taking part inskills.

cluded Mother of Divine Grace, St Malachy’s, Gaelscoil Ui Earcain and St Fergal’s. The previous day Gardaí had invited local youngsters to the Garda station on Mellows Road where they had great fun investigating the cells.

▪▪ Sean Narloch( Gaelscoil Ui Earcain) under pressure from Mitch Keenan (St Fergals) during the Finglas schools football tournament at Erins Isle. PHOTOS: DARREN KINSELLA

Fewer Stops Quicker Journey With New Route 39x

▪▪ Nathaniel Satish (Mother of Divine Grace) tackles Kayden Keeley (St Malachys) at Erins Isle.

Introduction of Route 39x We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new Xpresso service, Route 39x from Monday 9 October 2017. This includes four morning departures from Ongar at 07.00, 07.15, 07.30 and 07.45 and four evening departures from Burlington Road at 16.55, 17.10, 17.25 and 17.40.







The new route will serve 26 stops towards Burlington Road and 27 stops towards Ongar. This is 40 stops less than Route 39, resulting in a quicker, more direct route to and from the city centre during peak hours. Visit for full details. @dublinbusnews Customer Services: (01) 8734222. Phone lines open: Monday to Saturday 08.30 – 18.00 (except Bank Holidays). Social Media manned Monday to Saturday 07.00 – 19.00.


Stay a few stops ahead and download the Dublin Bus app.

All changes have been approved by the National Transport Authority.


11 OCT 2017


Northside People


Awards NORTHSIDE PEOPLE COMMUNITY & SPORTS AWARD 2017 the past 30 years, we never cease to be impressed by the strong community spirit and sporting excellence that define this unique part of our capital city.

Tony Mc Cullagh, Dublin People Group Editor


s a local newspaper serving the Northside of Dublin for

It may sound like a well-worn cliché but it’s true: there is something about the Northside that sets it apart from any other part of the country. The Northside has produced many famous names from the worlds of television and radio, not to mention its fair share of Hollywood stars and even an Oscar winner! Northsiders have also fea-

tured strongly in literary works: for instance, would Roddy Doyle have been able to write about any other part of the city with the same degree of warmth, humanity and humour? It’s doubtful. Since 1987, Northside People has been happy to give a voice to the unsung heroes of our local communities – our business people, our entrepreneurs, our activists, our volunteers; many of them just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s the same with sport. Some of today’s successful sports stars, national and international, all started out in


We are delighted to announce that popular


Anniversary Announcing the inaugural Northside People Community and Sports Awards

local clubs, each spurned on and encouraged by volunteer mentors who believed in them. That’s why we think it is fitting, in our 30th anniversary year, to announce the inaugural 'Northside People Community and Sports Awards 2017'. There will be 10 categories across sport and community in total, with an award for the winner of each one – as nominated by our readers and voted on by our panel of judges. In addition, there will be an overall Sports Award and Community Award selected from the category winners.

‘Liveline’ host,


will be MC on the night Those short listed will be invited to a


CARLTON HOTEL at Dublin Airport on

November 30th, 7.30p.m.

This week, we invite you to fill out the nomination form on the following page or go online to to fill out the nomination form on the following page in the following catagories Entry Deadline Date 9th Nov 20177




Please tick the category of your choice Volunteer of the Year Without the work of volunteers, our communities would be a poorer place. From scouting to sport to youth, disability and senior citizens’ groups, it would be impossible for them to function without the selfless role of individuals who give so generously of their time for the benefit of others. Who is the first person who comes to mind and why when you hear the word volunteer? Young Community Person of the Year Award There are plenty of young Northsiders out there who are making a difference in their communities, marking themselves out as role models among their peers and as future contributors to society. Is there a young person who helps out in your community who is worthy of a nomination? Business in the Community Award We all know of local businesses that not only provide a valuable service within the community, but also go that extra mile to support their local customers. Be it through generous sponsorship or a commercial premises taking pride in its appearance, businesses serve as the commercial heartbeat of our towns and villages. But some really stand out. We want to know which ones. Community & Neighbourhood Group of the Year Award This category is for any local group across a range of areas that helps make a valuable contribution to your community. Why are they so important? What vital role do they play in enriching the area? Have they made a difference to your life? Tell us about them. Best school in the community This is going to be one of the most closely contested categories as schools play such a vital role in our communities, often over and above the area of education. While academic excellence certainly merits a nomination, there are a multitude of other reasons why schools – big or small – should be entered into this category.

NAME OF NOMINEE: ADDRESS or TEL: Why You Think This Person Deserves An Award?


Is your local team a source of tremendous pride in your community? It may have achieved sporting greatness or perhaps the team is deserving of a nomination because it has been successful against all odds. We all love an underdog story with a happy ending, don’t we? Outstanding Achievement Award

Is there an individual who stands out when you think of sporting achievement? Young or old, why does this individual deserve your nomination? You will be spoiled for choice in this category. Club of the Year Award

Is there a particular club that is part of the very fabric of your local community? What has it brought to your area? Does it play a valuable role over and above sporting achievement? We are certain there are endless contenders for this award. Young Sportsperson Award

We have filled thousands of column inches over the years with young sports stars who all went on to achieve great things in their chosen field? Who are the outstanding youngsters to look out for in the future? Coach of the Year Award

The backbone of any sporting club or organisation, it’s safe to say that the coach is an essential part of sporting success. From nurturing future talent to encouraging those with less confidence, most coaches are volunteers who often do a difficult, thankless job. This is your chance to thank them.


● Fill out the entry form on line by logging on to ● Email the information listed below to ● Complete the form below and post to Northside People, 80 - 83 Omni Park Shopping Center, Santry, Dublin 9



Entry/Nomination Form

Entry/Nomination Form

For more information email


11 OCT 2017


EDUCATION New nutrition standards are introduced for our schools Eating Guidelines. The move means that only healthy food choices that meet the new standards will be funded for breakfast clubs, school lunches and snacks, afterschool clubs The new standards are de- and school dinners. The School Meals prosigned to ensure the scheme follows the national Healthy gramme, which has a budget THE Ministers for Social Protection, Education and Health have jointly launched new nutrition standards for the School Meals Programme.

of almost €50 million, benefits almost 250,000 children, including those attending DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity In Schools) schools. The new standards outline healthy and balanced choices for each meal or snack that aligns with the revised

▪▪ Ministers Bruton, Harris and Doherty at the launch of the Nutrition Standards in City Quay School.

food pyramid and guidelines. They state that certain foods and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar should be not be offered to children and will not be funded. The standards also emphasise that milk and water are the best drinks to serve children, and that children in schools should have easy access to free, fresh drinking water at all times. Minister for Social Protection, Regina Doherty said her department had increased the funding for the School Meals Programme by €5.5 million. “This number continues to grow as more and more schools sign up for the School Meals Programme, including the recently designated DEIS schools,” she added. “This is an important Programme that helps encourage better school attendance and educational

achievement by children, especially those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. “The introduction of these standards will ensure that the State’s investment in this important scheme is even more beneficial to children and their families, and help support the broader aims of good school attendance and educational achievement which are key to addressing child poverty.” Minister for Health, Simon Harris, said good nutrition for children was a key priority for his department. “It’s important for maintaining a healthy weight in children as well as supporting healthy growth and development,” he continued. “These standards will ensure the provision of regular and nutritious food to those children who benefit from this important scheme and will make a major contribution towards their lifelong health.

Connect & Discover

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• ACCA Diploma in Accounting & Business • Computerised Accounts & Payroll • CIPD Certificate in HR Practice CHILDCARE & HEALTHCARE • Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE & Montessori ) • Nursing Studies & Healthcare Support • Special Needs Assistant Level 5 & 6 • Applied Behavioural Analysis • Maternity Care Support


Open Days 2017

FREE SPRINGBOARD COURSES for Qualifying Jobseekers.

Athlone Institute of Technology

More details on our website:

Tel: 01 8309677

Friday 20 October, 10am - 2pm Saturday 21 October, 10am - 1pm


Exciting times for Coláiste Ráithín in Bray A POST-PRIMARY Gaels- including Oxford, Camcoil in Bray is entering a bridge, Yale, Trinity College, new and exciting phase in Queen’s University and UCD. The school is particularly its history. proud of Daithí Mac Sithigh Coláiste Ráithín has been who is the first past-pupil to open since 1991 and is become a full Professor. He proud of its academic and lectures in Law and Innovasporting achievements in tion at Queen’s University, those 26 years. Formerly Belfast. Others have achieved located in the old Technical School on the Florence Road senior positions in multinait is now moving to a newly tional companies throughconstructed facility on the out the globe. All-Irish immersive edold golf course beside the Dublin Road on the Wick- ucation has become very low/Dún Laoghaire Rath- popular in recent years as the Irish nation becomes down border. The new building has more self-confident and state of the art facilities proud of its Irishness. There are now four allincluding a playing pitch, a sports hall and a fully Irish primary schools in the equipped gym. as well as locality, all of which send a three science laboratories, large proportion of their pua home economics room pils to Coláiste Ráithín. In addition to this many and a technology room. The building has a very attrac- pupils come from English tive layout with stunning medium primary schools views over the Wicklow and these achieve an equal Mountains, Bray Head and fluency in Irish after a short period of time. the sea. The school has formed The motto of Coláiste Ráithín has always been strategic alliances with the ‘Oideachas leathan lio- Bray branch of Comhaltas brálach a chur ar dhaltaí trí Ceoltóirí Eireann and with mheán na Gaeilge” – to give Bray Emmets GAA Club. More that 200 learners of pupils a broad, liberal education through the medium various traditional instruments attend the Comhaltas of Irish. ‘Liberal’ is used here to classes every week and the mean the opening of en- school has a very strong quiring minds to a love of music tradition. Bray Emmets open their learning for the sake of magnificent facilities to the learning. Education at the school school as well as offering is seen as an end in itself coaching to supplement the and may lead to future additional hours that teachprosperous careers in such ers from the school condisparate areas as science, tribute in order to promote philosophy, technology, and strengthen our Gaelic games. business or the arts. At present 274 pupils, Evidence for this can be gleaned from the many both boys and girls, attend past-pupils who are now the school. It is anticipated lecturing in some of the top that this will increase to universities in the world 450 in the new facility.




Kia find their baby Sportage Seán Creedon KIA reckon that they may have found a ‘baby Sportage’ with their new Stonic car. The word Stonic is derived from the words ‘speedy’ and ‘tonic.’ The Sportage is the South Korean manufacturer’s best seller, but they have high hopes for this compact B-SUV which some people predict might be their next flagship car. The Stonic goes on sale in Ireland on October 27. I was in Berlin last month for the pan-European launch of the Stonic and experienced driving the car along the streets of what was formerly East Germany. I reckon there must be a relation of the Celtic Tiger in Berlin as there is so much building and renovation work going on. In South East Berlin the trams and cars operate side by side like they do in Dublin, but I think our local landscapers do a better job keeping the green areas between the road and the tram tracks in perfect shape. The eye-catching fivedoor Stonic will be available in nine different colours, but I noticed that yellow was used a lot in Kia’s promotion material. There will also be five different roof colours and in total you can have 20 colour combinations. It will Kia’s most customisable car todate and will sit below the Niro, Sportage and Sorento in the Kia range. At the front it’s typical Kia with their familiar Tiger-Nose design. It has a very neat look, with every little overhang front and back. The cabin is dominated by the 17-inch infotainment screen on the dash and there is a nice touch of colour around the steering wheel cluster which brightens up the interior. There is room in the back seat for two adults, three at a squeeze and the boot is a decent size for this type of car. It’s a very neat motor, but I find that it takes a little while to get used to the gear lever in a left-hand drive. I will have a longer drive in Ireland in the coming months and will be able to tell you how it copes with

Irish roads. But for now it looks liked the Stonic should be well received by Irish motorists, especially first-time buyers. Engine sizes start at 1.0 petrol and there will be three petrol and one diesel offerings. James Brooks, Kia’s MD in Ireland reckons that the 1.4 petrol will be the big seller here. The cars we tested in Berlin didn’t have spare wheels, but Kia realise that Irish people like spare wheels in their cars and Mr Brooks confirmed that in Ireland, a spare wheel will be included. Prices start at €18,599 for the petrol and €23,099 for the diesel. For now there are no plans for a Hybrid, but the design of the car is such that long term a Hybrid could be produced. Kia expect the Stonic to compete for sales in Ireland with the Renault Captur, Opel Mokka, Peugeot 2008 and Nissan Juke.

OUR 172 FLEET IS BACK Fiesta Zetec 5dr.

was €18,880

now €15,995

Focus Titanium 5dr.

was €28,660

now €22,815

Focus St Line

was €28,195

now €22,800

Focus Zetec

was €26,990

now €22,640




131 Fiesta Zetec 3dr. 28,750Kmls



142 Fiesta Zetec 5dr. 65,200Kmls



151 Fiesta Titanium 5dr. A/T 16,000Kmls



161 Fiesta Zetec 5dr. 14,000Kmls



141 C-Max Edition 31Kmls.



151 C-Max Edition 42,250Kmls



11D Focus Style 5dr. 132,000Kmls



12D Focus Zetec 5dr. 64,000Kmls



141 Focus Edition 5dr. 84,000Kmls



151 Focus Titanium 5dr. 28,000Kmls



152 Focus Zetec 4dr. 31,000Kmls



141 Mondeo Titanium 4dr. 73,000Kmls



162 Mondeo Zetec 5dr. 19,000Kmls



10D Kuga Zetec 98,000Kmls



12D Galaxy Zetec 5dr. 73,650Kmls



131 Kia Sportage Exec.102,000Kmls



CALL NOW! 1850 305 205

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Ashley Ford, 305, North Circular Rd., Phibsboro, D7 Tel: 1850 305 205

Ashley Ford, 305, North Circular Rd., Phibsboro, D7 Tel: 1850 305 205


11 OCT 2017



New chapter for Dublin institution THE name PH Ross is synonymous with all things plumbing and bathroom related across Dublin, and beyond. It’s a name that has provided the city’s plumbers and homeowners with quality plumbing products and ▪▪ This Adamsez Freestanding Bath is available from the service for over 40 years, from their location on Hannew PH Ross Bathroom & Tiling Showroom. lon’s Corner on the Old Cabra Road. Earlier this year, the old store was knocked down to make way for a rebuild, housing PH Ross’s state of the art new plumbing, bathroom and tiling showroom. • Specialising in all types of Paving, 50% off And the official opening is Asphalt, Tarmacadam etc. with this this Thursday (October 12). • 10 years & still going strong! Advert The traditional PH Ross • Won’t be beaten on price or quality trade service area has been • All work fully guaranteed for 7 years revamped and expanded and • Prices for all budgets & no payment is fully stocked with a full accepted until the job is complete catalogue of plumbing and All areas covered, heating products and tools No job too big or small for the trade. There’s a large sales area Email: for ultimate convenience Web: for customers where expert Malahide Road, Dublin 5. plumbing advice can be had from the experienced sales Contact Miles: 087 338 3300 team. Office: 01 836 4611 Adjacent to the plumbing and heating supplies sales area is the new showroom that will house PH Ross’s new stylish bathroom and tiling collections. The showroom has been designed by Irish architect, John-Henry Boyle, and is inspired by the Berlin look interior decoration style. Within this space, PH Ross have created over 25 stylish bathrooms in a domestic style setting, to make it easier for customers to visualise the collections in their own homes.



Once loved furniture in good condition removed for FREE

From classic bathrooms to modern cutting edge fittings, this is a space that really does have something for all tastes. Distinct design details are enhanced by the backdrop of crisp birch backgrounds that complements bespoke black ironwork that was created by Varna Studio in Wexford. Blacksmith Dainius created all the iron shelving for the new showroom by hand in his studio. Design and function led, the PH Ross bathroom ranges have been carefully curated, to create an exciting collection that will allow customers achieve a stylish bathroom with quality products to suit their lifestyle and budget. From brass taps, to chrome finish modern mixers, WIFI enabled showers and statement free-standing baths to wet room enclosures, there is a bathroom solution to suit all lifestyles and preferences - and the experts at PH Ross will be on hand to help with selection. The PH Ross bathroom ranges are from leading suppliers including Adamsez, Aquailla, Ideal Standard, Flair and Merlin, to name but a few, with the latest prestige products from the collections available in store. To complement the stylish bathrooms, there are superior quality tiles from Vitra. The new showroom is designed to be a one-stop destination for stylish bathrooms, with statement bathroom furniture and fittings, a modern and stylishly curated tile collection and a full range of plumbing and heating equipment to pur-


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▪▪ The new showroom is on Hanlon’s Corner. chase with guidance from the in-house expert team. Aine Mulvey, PH Ross Showroom Manager, says a lot of thought has gone into developing a showroom that would be inspiring and enjoyable for customers to explore. “They can browse the collections easily and the PH Ross team are plumbing experts who can answer any installation queries customers may have,” she adds. “We are looking forward to welcoming people into the showroom.” Store Supervisor, Christy Cameron, says the PH Ross team is are really looking forward to working the new space. “Everything is designed for convenience,” he continues.


up-market look for only a fraction of the cost of replacing 1-2 days No Fuss Installation

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For FREE quotation phone DAVID DALY Dublin TEL: Open 7 days a week 9am - 9pm

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“We’ve more car parking spaces and loading bays and fantastic product ranges. Our trade customers can recommend the showroom to their customers knowing that if the customer chooses a bathroom, the plumber can purchase everything needed on site here.” Managing Director Dennis O’Connor says the company has invested significantly in the new PH Ross buildings.

“We wanted to create an environment in our plumbing store and showroom where our team, our customers and the local community can be proud of,” he adds. “PH Ross has been part of the community for over 40 years; as local employers, we have seen guys learn their craft working here who have gone on to set up their own successful plumbing business and are now our

Paul Sheehy BSc, Architectural Technician Maywood Crescent, Raheny, Dublin 5 Email: Mobile: 086 8848418



HOUSE & HOME Embrace the colder weather and get cosy THERE’S nothing as cosy as spending a relaxing evening in a warm, comfortable home, listening to the cold wind and rain outside. Thanks to the Irish weather, we’re going to be provided with plenty of opportunities to stay indoors over the coming months so why not make the most of it by making the home nice and cosy? Instead of moaning about the weather, embrace the new season. If it's nippy, light a fire, make an old fashioned pot of hot tea and snuggle up under a freshly washed cotton throw with a new magazine. Get the soup going on the stove and start making a few stews for dinner. Throw in some stock meat, tomatoes and lots of fresh carrots, ▪▪ The PH Ross team get ready for the official opening on Thursday, October 12. broccoli and cabbage, and customers but also opening showroom. This is an excit- Hanlon’s Corner, Old Cabra let it simmer for several customers. hours. “Now we are starting a the doors to members of the ing era for PH Ross and the Road, Dublin 7. new chapter in the history public who can avail of our community.” The new PH Ross showof PH Ross. We are not only expertise and enjoy our new welcoming back our trade flagship bathroom and tiling room is open and located on

Rossminogue, Craanford, Gorey, Co. Wexford Y25 N2T7

T: 1800 250 260 E:

LET KK HELP KEEP THE BOOGIE MEN AWAY THIS HALLOWEEN K&K Windows High security window and door system will ensure to keep your home safe.


9.00am-5.30pm Monday to Friday 10am-2pm Saturdays or by appointment at any other time to suit you


▪▪ Instead of moaning about the cold weather, embrace the new season. How about trying to make some homemade bread? If you have a bread maker, it's all the easier, but the homemade kind is a nurturing way to while away some time. And don’t forget those warm drinks. Mulled cider or wine will help keep the chill factor down and a hot whiskey with some cloves is great if you feel a cold coming on. An early evening coffee, flavoured with a dash of cinnamon or hazelnut is an-

other autumn delight while milky drinks like Horlicks, or cocoa made with warm milk make for a great bedtime beverage. Invite some friends around for a meal and a few drinks. It’s nicer than just meeting up in the pub – and cheaper too. Making your home into a cosy haven will make those winter nights seem less harsh and you’ll always look forward to staying in by creating the right atmosphere.


11 OCT 2017



Winter tips to cut down on allergens SPRING and autumn are the most notorious allergy seasons, but as anybody who suffers from allergies knows, winter can be just as uncomfortable. As we move our lives back indoors for the coldest months of the year, we often seal up our homes to prevent the cold from seeping in. While that's good for energy bills and staying warm, if you don't take some precautions, it can cause problems for those with indoor allergies. To make sure that your home is a healthy one throughout the season, start taking action against allergens as you get your house ready for the winter season.

Some of the most common indoor allergens are mould spores, dust mites and pet hair - so pay special attention to preventing those. As the weeks pass, keep to a schedule of cleaning that will maintain a lower level of allergens. Here are some tips to help make your home a haven where allergy sufferers will feel more comfortable. • Don't let towels pile up. Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. It's important that damp towels aren't left to sit in a pile. The moisture they retain can create perfect conditions for growing mould or provide an ideal home for mites. Hang towels so that they can dry fully and

launder them in the washing machine at least once a week to get rid of mould spores. • Stop the fur from flying. Cat hair is the most common pet allergy. But whether you have a dog, cat or other furry friend, they can cause discomfort for any members of your household with allergies, as well for any guests who come to visit. To cut down on allergens from both pet hair and saliva, be sure to wash your pets' toys and beds regularly. Vacuuming up pet hair is also an essential step. • Make your bed and sleep in it. If your sleep is being disrupted by allergy symptoms, you need to

make sure that your bedding isn't part of the problem. Mite-proof bedding and mattress or pillow cases can help cut allergens, but you should also remember that washing, cleaning and replacement are important. Pillows should be replaced every two years and it's suggested that mattresses be replaced every 10 years. • Don't forget decor. Vacuuming your floors is a given, but to really make an impact on the allergens in your home, you need to pay attention the rest of your decor as well. Area rugs in the living room or bedrooms, as well as kitchen and bath floor mats

need to be vacuumed often and, if possible, laundered regularly. Cleaning the upholstery on your couches and chairs is another essential step - pet hair and dust mites can settle there and irritate people with allergies. Large capacity washing machines that are certified ‘asthma & allergy friendly’ are ideal for large items like throw rugs and slip covers from your couch or easy chair. If they can't go in the washing machine, have them professionally cleaned. And while they beautifully frame your views, your window treatments might be making your life uncomfortable. Make sure that you vacuum and launder them as well. ▪▪ Vacuuming up pet hair is essential.

Specialists In All Aspects Of Roofing

ROOFING • • • •

Roofing Repairs and Replacement All Flat Roofs Repaired and Replaced Ridge Tiles Repaired and Replaced Chimney Repairs and Rebuilt

Minor Roof repairs From €200


• All New Fascia and Guttering Supplied and Fitted • Old Gutters Repaired and Replaced

• C2 Registered Public Liability • Scaffolding available at no extra cost IRISH OW


Gutters cleaned and sealed from €49

Fully Insured • All Areas Covered

SOUTHSIDE Unit 3 Stillorgan Business Park 01-5134637 NORTHSIDE Blanchardstown Business Park 01-9036264

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A mistake that’s costing jobs Cormac Spencer THE result of the referendum vote in Britain on June 23, 2016 was a surprise. No doubt at all, the news caught an awful lot of people off guard. Though they protested, these people didn’t really have a plan in the event of a vote to ‘Leave’. However, some people did have a plan. On the day after the vote, the cities of Paris and Frankfurt had mobile ads across London enticing business to avoid disruption and move to those cities which, they claimed, could provide a stable base in the EU. In the year that has followed, Britain has realised that it will need more time to fully disengage with the EU, though it is still very much undecided as to what the post Brexit arrangement will look like. In short, it still doesn’t really have a plan. This is adding to uncertainty for firms still based in Britain, and is increasing the chances that they will indeed need to look for a new home. In that period of time, though some progress has been made in attracting jobs here, Ireland’s post Brexit plan has failed to implement the changes required to attract more investment. Frankfurt and Paris, who have had their noses in front from the start, seem to be benefiting much more. For years, Ireland has seen our low Corporate Tax rate as the corner stone of our pitch for foreign investment. No doubt, it is a big attraction, but as a country we have ignored the other factors big companies have repeatedly said encourage them to locate in a particular country. First and foremost, companies look for access to skilled employees. Those employees like access to good transport (on the ground and in the air), affordable and high quality housing, and good schools (which teach an international curriculum). They also like competitive personal tax rates. On all of these fronts Ireland needs to do better if we want to substantiate our claims that we can attract and easily

absorb those companies and their staff looking for a new home. In housing, we are faced with double digit increases in rental and mortgage costs year on year while renters have to fight off fierce competition just to find suitable digs in the first place. Though the LUAS link up is a welcome improvement to Dublin’s transport infrastructure, we haven’t moved fast enough to modernise our public transport offering to keep pace with other countries. There are very few schools in Ireland which teach the international baccalaureate, though second level education standards overall are quite high. Finally personal taxation levels are high. The government is now addressing this by promising to increase the level at which the top income rate of tax is paid. Currently PAYE earners hit the top rate of tax after €33,800, much lower than our European peers. Ireland is a natural home for companies and employees in Britain who are facing uncertainty. We have a stable political climate, we are English speaking, we are firmly in the EU and we have a great social scene, but if people think they will pay more and be taxed more and get less in terms of services, its natural they will think twice. We must appeal to the head as well as the heart when promoting Ireland.

It’s understandable to be shocked in the days after Brexit, but nearly 18 months on, we have to get a handle on these issues. When you think about it, these problems may not only discourage people and companies from coming here, but they might encourage those already here to leave. In five years the opportunity presented by Brexit will be gone we will have waved goodbye to all that extra investment, all of those jobs and all of the revenue which

we could have used to better educate and look after our country, to lower unemployment and to transform our economy and country into a world leader on so many fronts. The stakes are high, and the game is being played now. We have to do much better. •Cormac Spencer is a Recruitment Consultant/ Director at Link Personnel Services. Visit www. or call 018456312.

Administrative Secretary Primary School

The Board of Management of Scoil Thomáis invites applications for the position of Administrative Secretary to work in the school office. Prospective candidates should have excellent clerical and administrative skills, be proficient with ICT and be able to undertake school financial management tasks. The administrative secretary will provide administrative support to the BOM and to the Principal and Deputy Principal as a core aspect of his/her role and should have strong communication, interpersonal and organisational skills. Candidates will be expected to work outside of school term time as necessary. Prospective candidates must be able to work on their own initiative and also be able to work collaboratively with school staff. Please send a Letter of Application with Curriculum Vitae including the names of at least 2 current referees to: Chairperson Board of Management, Scoil Thomáis, Laurel Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin 15 by 2pm on Wednesday 18th October 2017 (APPLICATIONS BY POST ONLY) Candidates may be shortlisted by reference to their application and CV. Garda Vetting will be required before appointment. Please mark the envelope “Administrative Secretary 2017”


11 OCT 2017

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ROOF REPAIRS Flat Roofs Tiles / Slates Chimney Flashing Gutters cleaned and repaired

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D Coakley LTD.. 118 St. Lawrences Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

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Mob: 085 159 7846

Covering Dublin & Surrounding Counties • Chimneys repaired & replaced • Flatroof Repairs & replaced • Fascia, Soffits & Gutters • All types of Insulation • All Types of Roof repairs

Northside: Broomfield Bus/Pk, Malahide.

Tel: 01 9020407


Gutters Cleaned & Sealed From €69

Southside: Sandyford Ind Est,

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Ekland Close, Malahide Road, D.5

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We build how its meant to be built Extensions

Over 20 years Experience Call Now Where Quality Service & Professionalism Matter

3 Bed Semi Detached Fascias, Soffits & Gutters From €799

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• Trees Lopped, Pruned & Shaped • Paving • Multi Coloured Pebbling & Fencing • Laying Patios, Cobblelocking, • Powerwashing, Sheds knocked & taken away.

40% Off this MONTH

Attic Conversions Complete Bathrooms All General Building work undertaken Registered Builder All work certifed by Architects/Engineers Fully insured

• All general garden work • Hedges Pruned & Trimmed • Instant Lawns Office: 01 4620276 Derek: 087 2674434

• Weeding & Planting Free Quotes & expert advice (without Obligation) Fully Insured

DELUX Landscaping & Driveways

Insurance Policy number: BS0561 - ELPL - 23490

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ar round

Landscaping all ye

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015620082 20yrs e rienc Expe No payment until work is complete

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Irish Owned Business | 100% Irish Materials | 20yr Written Guarantee on all work


ONTH 50% OFF THIS M • New lawns, Patio's, Fencing, Pathways, Driveways • Powerwashing, Garden Walls, Raised Flower Beds • Tree Surgery, Lopped, topped & Pruned, Stump Removing, Hedge Trimming 10yrs Experience, Friendly Service, Fully Insured No Payment until Job is Complete

Ph: 085 2016106 or 01 6793010

Mobile: 085 7154581 GUTTERS CLEANED & SEALED


Roofing Repair & Replacement Ridge Tile Repaired & Replaced All Flat Roofing Repaired All Lead Valleys Replaced Chimneys Rebuilt

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• All New Fascia & Guttering Supplies & Fitted • All Old Gutters Repaired & Replaced • Find us in the Golden Pages


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SHAMROCK TREES & LANDSCAPING SERVICES 25yrs Experience - Same Day Service 30% off with this Advert

40% OFF for September & October Free Quotes, Fully Insured, No payment until job is complete ND in Arboriculture & BA in Horticulture

• All Trees Pruned, Topped & Removed • Hedges Trimmed, Lawn Cutting, • Turf Lawns • Fencing & Paving Services • Coloured Stone, Decking Powerwashed • Garden Sheds Knocked & Removed • Wall Knocked & Rebuilt

ALL GENERAL GARDEN WORK & TIDY UPS Block Paving & Flags. Instant Lawns, Fencing, Roll out Turf, Overgrown Gardens, Dangerous Trees Removed. *Over 20yrs Experience *Fully Insured *Free Estimates *No payment until job is complete *All work guaranteed *Friendly Service

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24HR CALL OUT: 085 7130028 Gutters Cleaned & Sealed €49 Normally €99 Supply & Installation of uPVC Fascia, Soffits, Barge & Guttering Systems SINGLE ROOM






















• Gutters Cleaned, Repaired & Replaced • Chimney Repairs • All Roofing Repairs & Services • Roof & Flat Roof Lead Valley Repair & Replacement • Attic Insulation VAREITY OF COLOURS AVAILABLE, MAINTENANCE FREE, NO ROTTING, PAINTING OR REPLACING Northside Office: Southside Office: Fairview Strand, Dublin 3. Raglan Road, Ballsbridge, D4 Ph: 01 9039037 Ph: 01 5136750 Email: Website:

DRIVEWAYS 4 YOU ACCESS ROOFING for all your Paving & Tarmac Solutions


Led & Copper Specialists

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15% OFF with this advert Specialists in all types of paving, asphalt, tarmac, Patio’s & Natural Stone etc Won’t be beaten on price or quality Price’s for all budgets All work guaranteed for 7yrs All areas covered Previous work & references from all areas of Dublin, Available. See our website for a full list of services Email: Web: Mob: 086 1060388 | Tel: 01 6877143

Pineview, Dublin 16.

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Special offer Fascias and Soffits cleaned and Sealed for €50

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• All Flat Roofs • Slate Roofs • Valleys • Gutters • Slates • Tile Roofs

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Local Service Specialists in all types of driveways Cobblelock Tarmacadam Imprinted Concrete Gravel


Over 30yrs experience

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We supply and fit High Quality Astro Turf

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Tree Topping Lawns Fencing Hedge Trimming All types of Patios Wall Building Power Cleaning

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All general garden work carried out

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• Landscaping • Hedges, • Weeding • Roll on Turf • Overgrown Gardens • All types of Patio’s, • Block Paving & Fencing

Free Estimates, Fully Insured, 20 years Experience No payment until job is complete.

We cover all aspects of roofing • Roofing tiles • Flat roof repairs • Chimney pointing and repairs • Full installation of flat roofs • Attic Insulations

Gutters cleaned and sealed

FROM €49 Normally €99

We are a company you can trust with very competitive prices All fascias, ridge tiles and point check

Fully Insured

PVC Fascias And Soffits from €799

Full NO OBLIGATION report on any fault Unit 5 Redcow Industrial Estate Dublin

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Natural Stone Specialist

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Patios/Driveways Garden Clearance Trees/Hedges trimmed or removed Instant lawns/Artificial Grass Fencing All Types Garden Design & Construction All Materials & Plants supplied Patios & Driveways Cleaned & Sealed.

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Polish Painter & Contractor


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All Attic Insulation

We repair & replace all types of flat roofs Specialists in all types of lead valleys & chimney flashings

carried out

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All types of chimneys repaired & rebuilt All attic insulation carried out

ALL DUBLIN CARPENTRY Decking and Carpentry Service Specialising in: Decking, Gazebos, Pergolas, Raised flower beds, Garden furniture, Fencing, Side Gates etc Internal Carpentry Works: Supply and fit if requested the following: Doors and all necessary ironmongery. Skirting, Architraves and Window Boards Loft Access ladders Velux Windows. Timber flooring solid or laminate.

Can Carry out Roofspace Conversions from Approved plans. Roofing: Flat and cut roofs Tiling, slating battens and roof felt PVC Soffits, Fascia boards and Guttering Carry out Home and Business Maintenance Work Through-out Dublin area Top Quality works at Competitive Prices.

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Supply and Insulation of UPVC Facia and Soffits And Gutters

Gutters Cleaned and Sealed / Full guttering cleaning EFORE B All guttering down pipes checked / Full no obligation report on any fault

ALL HOME IMPROVEMENTS Roof Repairs • Flat Roofs • Torch on Felt


Tel 01-6971035 Mobile 085-7732539

For All your General Garden Work Overgrown Gardens, Garden Clearence, Fencing All Types, All Materials & Plants Supplied, Patio’s. • Free Estimates, • Friendly Service, • No payment until job is Complete, • Fully Insured.

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ALARMS AAL ANGEL ALARMS LTD 25 Years personal experience in the industry. * Alarm your home from only €20 per week * 2 Panic buttons (Hall/Upstairs) *1 Day Installation

CARPET CLEANING Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Certified & Registered Best Value in Dublin Tel: Mick on


* Easy to use key fob * Fully guaranteed * Service man on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week * All equipment complies to highest EU standards * Fully insured, licensed & PSA Approved Wireless system also available

Repairs of aluminium and upvc frames, locks, hinges, handles, patio door wheels, tracks, glass draught proofing. Over 20 years Experience. Contact Ken Brennan

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e: * View your home from w: your phone with our CCTV system. Tel: 8458205 Mob: 086 8558281 email: angelalarms@ Atom Alarms. Protecting what is important to you for over 25 years. Is your alarm old? Do you need it upgraded? Alarms serviced for €85.00 Wired and wireless systems installed. Self-monitor your alarm on your mobile phone. 24/7 central station monitoring available. 24/7 fire and carbon monoxide alarm monitoring. CCTV systems.

SAGE WINDOWS & DOORS Sage Windows & Doors offer the following services: * Repair Service (all types of windows and doors)

* We also supply & fit new doors and windows Phone Mick Sage 085 8493989 email:

DRIVING LESSONS EURO DRIVING SCHOOL 20yrs Experience Fully Qualified & Certified by (RSA) 90% Pass Rate

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Lessons From €30

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Renovations & Building New Roofs, Garden Sheds, Gutters & Roof Repairs Specialising in Flat Roof Systems Garden Sheds

All our workmen carry Valid Id Full Liability Cover. Web: Email:



B.LEARNING DRIVING SCHOOL Friendly Professional Qualified Driving Instructor Nervous Pupils a Speciality Free Collection All Area One to One Lesson Pre-test over Test Routes RSA/ADI Approved Road Safety Authority Driving Instructor

Green Fuel Ireland 100% Hardwood Briquettes and Firewood Olive Firewood m/c 8 - 12% 1 m3 = €230 Kiln Dried Firewood M/C = 12 - 15% 1 2m3 Crates Horn Beam = €230 Ash €220 Oak = €220 All Night Briquettes €5 pack (also available in pallets) EKO Logs / Hardwood Briquettes €4.50 per pack (also available in pallets)

25yrs Experience, Free Estimates, Friendly Service, Fully Insured, No payment until job is complete.

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085 786 0890 TEL. 085 786 0890

HOME IMPROVEMENTS HANDRAILS Safety Handrails… where you have steps at your front or back door, ideal when you need a little help getting in or out of your home.

Our Olive and Klin Dried Firewood are also available in 15/18 and 20kg sacks Restaurants grade lump charcoal Olive and apple rounds for wood turners Card payments acceptable Nationwide Delivery We deliver free of charge at meeting points and meet people in Dublin/Meath/Kildare/Wickl ow at weekends Email: find us on face book Tel 087-2879831



Wrought iron products you can trust with confidence. For a brochure and free no hassle estimate

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Painting & Tiling No Job to big or small Interior & Exterior Quality Finish at affordable rates

G.M PLASTERING Reliable Qualified Plasterer



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JOHNNY MURPHY’S General Plastering PLUMBING & HEATING External Plastering Rooms Re-Skimmed Boiler & Gas Repairs Walls & Ceiling Repairs from €60 by former Dry-Lining & Coving Insulator of warm boards Bord Gais Service Engineer. Phone: 085 7305748 All Plumbing & Heating problems solved

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REMOVALS & TRANSPORT (IRL - UK-EUROPE) MAN WITH A VAN Are you moving home? Your new low cost method of moving at a fraction of the price larger removal companies charge. Fully professional white glove service at all times. Single items to full loads including Full House moves. 2 men available on request, call John

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Choose from a simple steel frame for € 70 fitted to a more elaborate wrought iron design.



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€30 per 1 Hour Lesson €50 per 2 Hour Lesson

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All General Garden Work & Tidy ups. Instant lawns, Fencing, Overgrown Gardens, Block Paving, Flags, Dangerous Trees Removed. Sheds Knocked Down & Replaced. All types of Pebbles, Grass & Topsoil.

Mob: 086 0721191 Office: 01 8484650

* Locks, Handles, Hinges, Glass & Patio doors

Elite Pre-Test Specialists All Northside Test Centres Covered Clients Recommend us

3 months free monitoring with every new alarm.



Taps/Toilets/Electric Showers & Hot Water Cylinders. Senior Card Discount. RGI Registered Check out my website for more Info. or

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SITUATIONS VACANT CLS RECRUITMENT GROUP ARE RECRUITING FOR THE FOLLOWING TRADES Qualified Electricians, Carpenters, Roofers, Scaffolders, Confined Space Operatives, Plumbers, Steel Fixers, Groundworkers, General & Skilled Operatives, SLG & TM Operators, All Tradesmen/Plant & MEWP Operators required for Dublin and Leinster Region. Pracownicy Budowlani z safe passem potrzebni. Send CV to: dublin@cls or call 01- 4773414.


David Fowler, Maple Glen, Castleknock, Dublin 15

(01) 8207176 / 087 9843558


11 OCT 2017



Dublin City Council We, D11Foodhall Limited, intend to apply for Permission for development at Units 3,4 Poppintree Mall, Seamus Ennis Road, Finglas Dublin 11. The development will consist of the revision to previously granted change of use application with Reg. ref. no. 2017/14 to include the following: revised restaurant layout, additional entrance, new awnings & signage to front façades, widening of rear access gate, connection and upgrading to existing site services and all associated site works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council, Planning Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 during its public opening hours (9.00a.m.- 4.30p.m.). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20.00) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

Dublin City Council We, Deirdre Cunningham and Garrett Dodrill, intend to apply for permission for development at 28 Kinvara Grove, Navan Road, Dublin 7. Planning permission is sought to (a) demolish existing extension to rear, (b) construct single storey extension to rear, (c) construct first floor extension above existing attached garage to side, (d) construct porch to front, (e) together with all associated site works. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

PLANNING DUBLIN Fingal County Council CCL Label Limited are applying for full planning permission for the installation of a new roller shutter door and canopy to right side elevation and releveling and laying new hardstandings to suit new entrance point. Also, full planning permission is being sought for the installation of company signage to the front elevation. The site is located at Unit B14, Ballycoolin Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council I, Yvonne Reddy, intend to apply for Permission for development at this site, 98 Quarry Road, Cabra, Dublin 7. The development will consist of 1. A new two storey side and rear extension to consist of a living room, kitchen and dining room at ground floor and two en-suite bedrooms at first floor with all finishes to match existing dwelling. 2. Part internal remodel of ground and first floors to suit new works layouts including the reduction and remodel of the existing rear ground floor extension. All associated site works to be implemented. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

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Dublin City Council Clarissa and Eoin Delap intend to apply for Planning Permission at this address, 23 Geraldine Street, Dublin 7, for demolition of a single storey extension to be replaced with construction of a two storey extension with habitable attic space to rear of house. The extension will have a pitched roof and a Velux window at roof level. Works include refurbishment of interiors, new gate to common laneway at rear of site, and sundry other minor works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

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CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 4. An extract from "The Ocean Voyage" (7) 8. A place where the match takes place may be covered with leaves (6) 9. An advertisement for a persevering type (7) 10. The composer we hear is certainly not German! (6) 11. Stick around at home like a dog (6) 12. Ruin a parachute drop (8) 18. Papal ruling about what actors take to heart (8) 20. Just the word for opening time (6) 21. Sandy is hot stuff! (6) 22. Being placed in a poor side produces an argument (7) 23. This will crush an insect (6) 24. Means rearranging tennis about the start of the day (7) DOWN 1. Be concerned about order for chemical compound (7) 2. Writes critical comments about certain scenes (7) 3. Isolated an electrical safety device (3,3) 5. It's clear press contributions need to be rewritten (8) 6. He officiates at the ringside for a short time (6) 7. Where clubmen are putting the vegetables (6) 13. Apprehended a Communist holding the others inside (8) 14. They are very small insects round the tree-top (7) 15. Accounts for one being found in supermarkets (7) 16. Ignore revised tract (6) 17. Specimen maps reconstructed by the French (6) 19. From the bench I selected one tool (6)







ACROSS 4. Erotic (7) 8. Hushed (6) 9. Weird (7) 10. Call up (6) 11. Agent (6) 12. Outdated (8) 18. Plea (8) 20. Angel (6) 21. Arrival (6) 22. Decorum (7) 23. Gun (6) 24. Parry (7)

DOWN 1. Flower (7) 2. Look (7) 3. Deceive (6) 5. Obvious (8) 6. Straw roof (6) 7. Release fee (6) 13. Underlined (8) 14. Impair (7) 15. Cuddle (7) 16. Death (6) 17. Physical (6) 19. Sarcastic (6)



Find the words hidden in the puzzle below


11 OCT 2017




Crossword Answers October 11

‘In Case of Emergency’, a new free exhibition at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, explores why the disastrous can be devilishly entertaining, and whether there’s any truth to these dismal predictions.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 4 Amatory; 8 Lulled; 9 Uncanny; 10 Summon; 11 Factor; 12 Obsolete; 18 Petition; 20 Seraph; 21 Coming; 22 Dignity; 23 Pistol; 24 Deflect. Down: 1 Blossom; 2 Glimpse; 3 Befool; 5 Manifest; 6 Thatch; 7 Ransom; 13 Emphatic; 14 Vitiate; 15 Snuggle; 16 Demise; 17 Carnal; 19 Ironic.


'In Life's Pocket', a solo exhibition by gallery artist Miriam McConnon, will officially open on Sunday, October 15 at 3pm at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1. It runs until November 5. Miriam McConnon’s recent work presents paintings and drawings of domestic objects. She is preoccupied with the nature of these objects and their narratives. The work is concerned with the human connection to the domestic object. More information can be found on


‘Celebration - An Evening of Music’ takes place at Clontarf & Scots Presbyterian Church (corner of Clontarf Road and Howth Road) on Thursday, October 12 at 8pm. Admission is €15. The wonderful line up of guests includes the SeaSharps Barbershop Chorus Champions, pianist Seho Lee & Artists from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Mount Temple School Choir and Clontarf Girls' Brigade Choir.

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 4 Passage; 8 Avenue; 9 Sticker; 10 Briton; 11 Canine; 12 Downfall; 18 Rescript; 20 Sesame; 21 Ginger; 22 Dispute; 23 Beetle; 24 Intends. Down: 1 Carbide; 2 Reviews; 3 Cut off; 5 Articles; 6 Second; 7 Greens; 13 Arrested; 14 Midgets; 15 Stories; 16 Region; 17 Sample; 19 Chisel.

Join doomers, designers, and doctors as they lay out the top threats to our world, evaluate how likely they are, and spell out exactly what we can do about it. The exhibition opens on October 13 and will run until February 4.



This year's Open House Dublin takes place from October 13-15 2017. Organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation, this is Ireland’s largest architecture festival, inviting all Dubliners to explore their city. The idea is to showcase outstanding architecture for everyone to experience. Buildings that aren’t usually accessible to the public and buildings of architectural merit open their doors for one weekend, with architectural tours provided by expert guides. For details see openhousedublin. com.


The Dublin Festival of History that is running until Saturday, October 14, features over 90 events for history lovers of all ages across the city.

aimed at audiences of all ages and interests from both the local and wider community. The initiative is funded by South Dublin County Council and managed by South Dublin Libraries and Arts. See www.redlinebookfestival.for details.

The festival is a free, public event, sponsored by Dublin City Council and organised by Dublin City Libraries. See


Bootlegger Events will be fitting out the Generator Hostel bar, top to bottom, into scenes from hit Netflix show Stranger Things on spooky Friday the 13th. Different parts of the bar will be recreated into scenes from the show, including the Upside Down and the Alphabet Wall. DJs will be spinning an eclectic mix of ‘80s jams and retro electro to match the Stranger Things ambience and guests can enjoy drink specials and themed beers and cocktails (Upside Down shots, anyone?) Fancy dress is encouraged (Stranger Things or ‘80s style) and there are prizes for best costumes. Tickets are €13 and there’s a limited number of Early Bird tickets for €11.


League of Ireland champions elect, Cork City, will be in Dalymount Park on Friday, October 13 to take on Bohs, who have one eye on avoiding the drop and the other on sneaking in to qualify for Europe. Crowds have been up at Dalymount, and this will be the second last chance to soak up the atmosphere of a live game at the famous stadium this year. Kick off is at 7.45pm, but it’s advisable to get there at least 15 minutes beforehand.



This unique event is the annual highlight of The Red Line Book Festival (October 11-15), which is a celebration of all things literary. It provides a programme of some 40 events and workshops

As part of the activities the award-winning Sean Harrington Architects have specially commissioned a portable playground, POW WOW, that will be on exhibit at Bank of Ireland Grand Canal Square until October 13 before moving to the Point Village where the A Playful City’s Design Meets Play International Conference and City Hackathon will take place on October 17. Speakers at the event will include some of the world's most exciting thinkers and creatives in an immersive day of talks, workshops and walkshops. Tickets are available at

On Saturday, October 14, in the Civic Theatre Tallaght, Dermot Bolger leads a series of intimate conversations and readings with noted Irish writers including John Banville (Time Pieces – A Dublin Memoir, The Sea); Mike McCormack (Solar Bones); Sara Baume (A Line Made by Walking); Julie Parsons (The Therapy House); Lisa Harding (Harvesting) and the inimitable Mary O’Rourke (Letters of My Life, Just Mary).

Dublin is to be transformed into ‘A Playful City’ this October to make the capital a more child friendly and inclusive city.



From the Archives

We take a look back at extracts from old newspapers to see what was in the news this month from years gone by

▪▪ Harcourt Road, c. 1910, connects Harrington Street to Adelaide Road. The trams in the centre have just passed under the railway bridge. Barnes newsagents, which is the Harcourt Road post office, is on the left with a weighing machine outside. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (Central Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/ The History Press.

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, October 16, 1857

▪▪ Evening Herald, October 5, 1939

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, October 28, 1852

▪▪ Irish Press, October 6, 1967

▪▪ Fairground at Dun Laoghaire in the 1950s. A busy scene with a packed merry-go-round and people queuing for ice cream. Regular small fairs were held on St Michael’s Wharf, in the shadow of the mail boat, until the mid-1960s. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (South Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/The History Press.

▪▪ Irish Press, October 20, 1933


11 OCT 2017



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