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15 Feb - 21 Feb ‘17

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Dog abandoned four days after Christmas Jack Gleeson


inglas based animal welfare charity dogs trust has experienced a significant number of stray and abandoned dogs arriving at their centre since christmas. The first horrific case arriving at its rehoming centre was just four days after Christmas Day when an eight-week-old Pomeranian puppy was found wandering in the North County Dublin area. The tiny dog had deep wounds to his muzzle and his coat was in bad condition. It was initially thought the pup had been attacked by another animal, but on closer inspection the wounds to his

muzzle were more consistent with having been bound shut. “It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think that a pup of this age has been through so much trauma at such an early stage of his life,� said Catriona Birt, Head of Operations at Dogs Trust. “It’s difficult to comprehend what the reason might have been for tying his mouth shut were; whether it was to stop him barking or maybe to stop him mouthing, which is a typical puppy behaviour when learning to explore the world.� Dogs Trust staff named the traumatised puppy ‘Little Lion Man’ and he is making a great recovery having completed a course of antibiotics and spending quality time with a foster family. continued on page 2



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Iconic church to be replaced

Jack Gleeson

the area.

onFiRMation that the iconic church of the annunciation in Finglas is to be demolished and replaced with a smaller building has been met with shock and sadness in

News on the future of the church first surfaced last summer when Father Eamon Cahill revealed that structural, electrical and heating problems were costing a fortune to deal with and only a fraction of


the original seating capacity was needed. The church was opened in 1967 by then archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid, with seating for over 3,000 parishioners. continued on page 2


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Services include: 1-1 Counselling Group Support Family Support FREE and Confidential

Call us on 01 8110595 or drop in to us at 2A Wellmount Road Follow us on facebook - fast.finglas


Look out for our upcoming fundraising event: THE KUBE Finglas Addiction Support Team is a registered charity (20066017) and is funded by the Finglas Cabra Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force as part of the National Drugs Strategy.

15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

Dog abandoned four days after Christmas Continued from page 1 A few days later after the pup arrived an abandoned Shih Tzu, renamed Mary, was found straying around the Finglas area and Joey, Ross and Chandler, three month old puppies found at a building site in County Wicklow. Mary was in appalling condition; badly matted and had a noticeable tilt with her head. The veterinary team believe the tilt is either due to an untreated ear infection or may relate to some sort of trauma to the dog’s head in the past. Mary has since been fully groomed, received veterinary treatment and is enjoying the TLC from the team at the Dogs Trust rehoming centre. Chandler, Joey and Ross, who were found in Wicklow, are Terrier cross puppies who might have suffered a different fate had they not been found in a cardboard box by a builder

On average, the lifespan of a dog is 14 years and the basic care for that duration of time can cost up to €10,000

visiting a site. The pups were infested with fleas and had a heavy worm burden; both of which have been treated by the veterinary team at Dogs Trust. Suzie Carley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust, reminded anybody thinking of adding a dog to the family to consider the enormous commitment involve. “On average, the lifespan of a dog is 14 years and the basic care for that duration of time can cost

▪ Mary pictured before and after arriving at Dogs Trust. up to €10,000,” she said. “We would encourage people to research breeds extensively; taking into account any genetic predisposition to particular disease, grooming requirements and of course, pet insurance cost, and of course speak to your local rescue centre, before making a decision.” Dogs Trust also advise anybody who finds they can no longer look after a dog after a change in circumstances to talk to welfare organisations about the options available.

▪ Chandler, Joey and Ross were found in Wicklow.

Finglas church to be replaced Continued on page 1 However, dwindling numbers of church-goers has meant in recent years the church was only full at Christmas, and this December capacity was reduced by around 400 seats due to health and safety concerns. It’s understood the new church will have capacity for less than 500 and plans will include a pastoral centre for community use. It’s hoped many of the features of the current church, such as nameplates, stations of the cross and some stained glass, will be incorporated into the new building. Regular parishioners have known about the plans for several months but last week the wider community was alerted when details were reported in national media. Posting on the church’s Facebook page, a spokesperson thanked locals for their support on hearing the news. “We are aware the news has been met with mixed reactions, most in favour of a smaller church and a huge number expressing their sadness at the loss of this iconic building,” the post reads. “While we are aware of the distress of some, this has to

happen sooner rather than later as it is becoming a significant health and safety issue. “We look to the future with hope and to those who continue to practice their faith, we will work tirelessly to ensure that our new church is a welcoming and nurturing environment of faith for you and your families. “A church is its people, not bricks and mortar.” Questions are now being asked on the future of the land remaining after the new church has been built, with rumours circulating that it may be used for social housing. Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock, is calling for a public consultation regarding the future of the site. “While it is sad to see the church in its current form downsized after 50 years, it will open up a number of opportunities to use the available land at the site,” he said. “I believe before any work takes place that a consultation takes place with local residents in terms to the use of the land in the future. “There has been a lot of concern locally regarding the rise in social housing in Finglas and I am sure residents may be concerned that more social housing will be put in the area.”


Politics for the

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Publicans call time on Good Friday ban Jack O’Toole A NORTHISDE publican is backing a new industry campaign calling on the Government to lift the ban on serving alcohol on Good Friday. The ban is the last relic of the 1927 Intoxicating Liquor Act,

which dictates that pubs cannot sell alcoholic drink on Christmas Day, Good Friday and St Patrick’s Day. The St Patrick’s Day ban was lifted in the ‘60s and Shane Carthy, owner of popular watering home, the Ivy House in Drumcondra, says it’s about time pubs were allowed open on Good Fri-

day too. “It just feels like everywhere else is open,” he told Northside People. “Times have changed. We have tourists coming up to the bar and they’re laughing. “We do lose trade but we also lose perception, people feel a bit short-changed. Irish people

▪ Pictured are Padraig Cribben, CEO, VFI, Donall O’Keeffe, CEO, LVA, Deirdre Devitt, President, LVA, Pat Crotty, President, VFI at the campaign launch.

know that we’re closed but tourists don’t. We always have people coming over for that weekend. It’s always a weekend of high visitor rates.” The Ivy House has been owned by the Carthy family since 1907 and like all pubs has adapted to changes in society. “We used to have a Sunday closing for the Holy Hour but the times have changed. “I know it’s a hotbed issue for politicians, I do get that, but it just seems unfair given that everywhere else is open. “It would be different if everywhere was shut, then you could understand it. Like Christmas day, that’s fair, but when other places are open it’s a bit unfair.” The two main representative groups for publicans, the Licensed Vintners Association (Dublin) and the Vintners Federation of Ireland (outside Dublin) have now jointly launched a new #AboutTime campaign to allow pubs open on Good Friday and Chief Executive of the LVA, Donall O’Keeffe, says the rationale for change is compelling. “There is no case for the licensed trade to be treated differently to other retail businesses,” he said. “Easter is a huge tourism

weekend right across the country. Forcing pubs and all licensed hospitality businesses to close sends a very negative signal to tourists and visitors who are left baffled and disappointed by the measure.” The LVA and the VFI want Min-

ister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald, to introduce new legislation in time for Easter 2017. Minister Fitzgerald told RTE Radio last month that the ban would not be lifted this year but that it would come under consideration in the future.

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“I dread walking, doing any sport…any kind of dressing up occasion I dread because I can’t wear the shoes I want because of the foot pains.” My name is Marie Hegarty, Podiatrist at Swords Foot Clinic. I’ve seen hundreds of people with foot and ankle pain, heel pain and arch problems leave the office pain free. Do You Have Any of the Following Conditions? • Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis • Fallen Arches • Arthritis • Bunions or hammer toes • Tendonitis • Muscle weakness • Pain across your instep • Stiff or tight joints • Trouble Walking If you are suffering from any of these or other problems this foot and ankle treatment protocol may completely eliminate all the pain. You Have An Option Other Than Orthotic Insole Supports Or Changing Shoes … One That Really Works! You may have tried different types of shoes or use orthotic insoles or arch supports. I see people just like you every day who think they have to just live with their foot and leg problems and this is just not true. You don’t just have to put up with pain. Even if you already use orthotic insoles my treatment can help improve overall foot function and reduce the need for supports. Could This Be Your Solution To Your Foot and Ankle Pain? For 10 days only, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out if this could be your solution to foot or ankle pain. Have A Podiatrist Evaluate Your Foot and Ankle Pain For Only €40 (normally €75)

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Marie Hegarty

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P.S. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because your feet or ankle hurt – and the pain just won’t go away!

15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

opinion >>

Government ain’t easy... but I’m happy to serve

COMMENT: Finian McGrath


AM very proud to be representing Dublin Bay North in Dáil Eireann. For many years, I fought hard to get elected and now I have an opportunity to do something. If I can do five good things over the next few years in the Dáil, I will look anybody straight in the face. Of course, as an Independent it is a strange place to be and a huge political risk but I am up to the challenge. I just want to get things done for our constituency and our country. For too long now, with a history of majority governments, the

Oireachtas body (ie. all elected members of the Dáil and Seanad) has been the poor relation of Irish politics and has been treated by successive governments as little more than a rubber stamp for their own policies. As this is a minority government, the Oireachtas has now taken a more centre stage role - the 32nd Dáil is diverse but need not be divided. We now have a platform to agree policies which will last through future successive governments rather than such policies being dismantled each time a new government is elected. For instance, this creates a better opportunity for the problems in our health system to be addressed in a more strategic manner. I am aware that many people were disappointed when major political parties and elected public representatives shied away and took absolutely no responsibility whatsoever in trying to form a government, despite invitations to do so. The following is a snippet from a letter received from one such disappointed person: “You know, Mr McGrath,

many of these politicians live in a parallel universe whereby they genuinely want to help the vulnerable but not now… and this is shameful!” I believe that this 32nd Dáil is like no other previously. It is a new Dáil with a new approach and has created another opportunity for these Oireachtas members to contribute constructively. We are all at one in our belief that government is not about having power; it is about using power to effect the kind of change, opportunity and compassion we need and desire in our society. We are united in our common cause to make life better for every person on the island of Ireland. My objective is to use my power and influence to help people in our community. Some of our other TDs ran away from making these tough decisions or sat on the fence. They were afraid to go into government. I decided to go in and fight. So far, I have managed to deliver on the following key issues: • An additional funding of €31 million for disability services

in 2017, including placement initiative for school leavers with disabilities - 130 students in Dublin Bay North. • I opened a new €5.95 million kidney unit in Beaumont Hospital. • Full restoration of the carer’s grant, increased to €1,700. • All social welfare payments to increase by €5 per week, including the carer’s allowance, disability allowance, blind person, widows, lone parents and jobseeker’s benefit. • State pension rise of €5 per week. • Christmas bonus of 85 per cent. • Prescription charge cap reduced by €5 per month to €20 for people over 70. • Capital funding of €20 million being made available for people with a disability. • An extra 860 special needs assistants. • Taskforce set up on personalised budgets. • 10 extra beds in the A&E Department in Beaumont Hospital. I am continuing this work further with my efforts to get a brand new A&E at

▪ “For an Independent, Government is a strange place to be...” Beaumont. More details soon on this matter. • New Primary Care Centre on Cromcastle Road, Coolock. • Major housing and capital investments in Dublin Bay North in 2017. • Supports for the Stardust families. For me, these issues are a start and I have many more projects and proposals in mind. The Programme for a Partnership Government was arrived at through careful negotiation and is a blueprint

for the work of this Government. I was instrumental in including issues that have been identified as priorities by my constituents. I will work primarily to create a fair and compassionate society in which people can feel part of and proud of. A society for everyone. That is my vision and I have a plan.

Finian McGrath is an Independent Alliance TD for Dublin Bay North and is Minister of State for Disability.

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15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

Santry Community Garden is growing in popularity Hayley Halpin A HIDDEN gem of orchards and gardening lies within the heart of Santry and the local community is being urged to visit. Located in Santry Demesne, Santry Community Garden was founded in 2010 with the aim to revitalise the garden and turn it into a wonderful amenity for the whole neighbourhood. Once a barren, locked up plot that was at risk of being taken up by new apartment blocks, there is now a thriving kitchen garden, Heritage Orchard and a hub for many community activities. John Kelleher, a member of Santry Community Garden, says: “It’s a community resource and these days when there’s a lot of emphasis on getting people outdoors and working with nature in the interest of health, physical and mental, here’s a resource that’s hidden away in the back of Santry Demesne that people don’t really know about, but it’s to be discovered. It’s a gem, it’s a

Garden of Eden, it’s a paradise.â€? Santry Community Garden is not simply a haven for experienced gardeners, it can be enjoyed by anyone. The local community are encouraged to visit the garden for the “sheer pleasure of visiting and see what’s growing in North Dublinâ€?. If interested in sharing a role in the gardening, people can join for just â‚Ź20 per year. “It’s a way of keeping active. You’re in touch with nature and it keeps your interests going because if you plant something early on in the year, well you’re going to be interested in how that grows throughout the season. “It’s an engaging type of activity. Once you get involved it becomes very interesting to people. We do have a cup of tea, so there’s a bit of fun and talking to likeminded people. There is a

â–Ş John Kelleher at work in Santry Community Garden. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA light hearted side to it,â€? Kelleher says. With over 100 members, who work on an entirely voluntary basis, Kelleher describes how the garden work is kept up to date through a weekly priority list system. “There are gardeners helping

out and they draw up a list of jobs to be done. Everybody shares the work. If you turn up and you started a job and didn’t finish it, the chances are by the time you come back somebody else will have done it,� he explains. With an experienced gardener always on site, members, new and

old, are encouraged to pick whatever job they would like to do and if necessary, will be provided with instruction and guidance on how to tackle the tasks. Santry Community Garden grows a vast array of produce, which changes from week to week. From grapes and apples,

to leeks and plums, there is an ever changing supply of produce that is available for members to take home. A stunning feature is the National Collection of Heritage Variety Apple trees. With over 200 trees planted, Kelleher notes that they are trying to recreate all of the old Irish varieties of apples that no longer grow in the country. He speaks with incredible passion when asked about his involvement in the garden. “I have made it a regular thing in my life. I started a couple of years ago. I’m a volunteer, I go up every Wednesday and there would have to be something else serious going on before I’d miss my Wednesday. I go up there at about 1 o’clock and I would be there until about 4 or 5 o’clock. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be there,� he adds. Santry Community Garden is open every Wednesday and Friday from 2-4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11-1pm.

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Walking through history >>

Big Jim larkin

With Lorcan Collins


AMES Larkin was a union organiser, powerful orator, Communist agitator and co-founder of the Irish Citizen Army. He was born on January 28, 1874, in Toxteth, Liverpool, to Irish parents. After only a few years of schooling a very young Larkin worked to supplement his family’s meagre income. By 1890 he worked as a docker and twice attempted to stow-away to North America. He suffered an accident at work and during his recuperation he studied Socialism.

In 1905 he came out on strike with his fellow dock workers in Liverpool, despite his position as foreman, and his employers dismissed him. The National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) took him on as an organiser, which allowed him to travel Britain and Ireland campaigning. He was the chief instigator of the Belfast strikes in 1907. Larkin even convinced the police that they were underpaid and overworked and they went on strike alongside the workers! Larkin came to Dublin where in December 1908 he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. A court case in 1910 concerning misappropriation of funds (he used NUDL money for an unofficial strike) saw Larkin sentenced to a year in jail. After three months he was released under a pardon. In 1912 Larkin co-founded the Labour Party and by 1913 his union had 20,000 members. That August he led the workers of Dublin in a battle against William Martin Murphy and employers of Dublin during the Lockout. The brutality of the Police during the strike led Larkin,

James Connolly and Captain Jack White to organise the workers into the Irish Citizen Army. Big Jim’s physical and mental health suffered greatly during the Lockout and Connolly used his contact, Big Bill Haywood, to invite Larkin to the US on a lecture tour. Larkin stayed there for seven years where he involved himself with the Socialist Party of America and Clan na Gael. He received payments from the Germans to campaign against the US entering the war in Europe. By 1918, following the success of the Russian Revolution, Larkin devoted himself to Communism and within a couple of years found himself in Sing Sing Prison sentenced to ten years for

‘anarchy’. After nearly three years he was pardoned and deported. Upon his return to Dublin in 1923, just as the Irish Civil War was nearing an end, Larkin called on the IRA to surrender their weapons, even though he was supportive of their cause. The ITGWU was now under the control of William O’Brien and after a bitter battle Larkin was expelled from the very union he founded. 16,000 ITGWU workers then defected to the newly founded Workers’ Union of Ireland, which became closely associated with the Communists in Russia thanks to Larkin. He was elected to Dáil Éireann a number of times in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Big Jim Larkin died on 30 January 1947. His grave is in Glasnevin Cemetery there is a statue on O’Connell Street. • Lorcan Collins runs the Michael Collins Walking Tour ( and the 1916 Walking Tour ( His books, published by O’Brien Press, include 1916: The Rising Handbook (2016) and James Connolly: 16 Lives (2012).

▪ The Jim Larkin statue on O’Connell Street.








IF YOU’RE seeking a fun and exciting day out for the whole family this mid-term, you should pop in to the GPO Witness History visitor centre. Located in the historic General Post Office on O’Connell Street, this visitors’ attraction is a great place to learn about Irish history while having fun at the same time. What’s more, simply bring along the voucher published in this newspaper and kids go free! This offer is valid until March 12. GPO Witness History illustrates how the Rising had an impact on both Ireland (North and South) and the outside world. Experience the birth of modern Ireland through elec-

The centrepiece of GPO Witness History is an immersive 15minute audio-visual experience which gives a bird’s eye view of Dublin on Easter week


Historic day out

▪ The GPO exhibitiion has been a big hit with children. PHOTO: PAUL SHERWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY tronic touch screens, videos, sounds and authentic artefacts, many of which are previously unseen. The centrepiece of GPO Witness History is an immersive 15-minute audio-visual experience which gives a bird’s eye view of Dublin on Easter week. There are many eyewitness accounts as well as personal stories which you can read

and listen to as you gain an understanding of what it was like on both sides of the conflict. In the cafÊ afterwards, you can discuss all you’ve learned and gaze out into the spectacular courtyard, which has at its heart a memorial to the 40 children who died during the Rising. Visit www. for more details.

Cancer support in Dublin 15 ARC Cancer Support Centres are starting a new outreach programme in Dublin 15. The new group will provide an opportunity for people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis to meet each other locally for support and information. The group will get together on a monthly basis on the second Tuesday of each month. The inaugural meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 14, from 11am-–12.30 pm in Castleknock Community Centre. All are welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat. ARC provides counselling, therapies (e.g. acupuncture, reflexology, manual lymph drainage and Indian Head massage), various workshops and support completely free of charge in their centres in Eccles Street, Dublin 7 and South Circular Road, Dublin 8. All services are provided by professional staff and trained volunteers, and are available to anyone who has been affected by cancer. There is also a CLIMB programme for primary school going children, aimed at kids between the ages of five and 11 for whom a parent or significant adult has been diagnosed with cancer.

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Private aDS Prayers

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 9 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail.JC Dear Heart of Jesus, In the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a very special one (mention favour). Take it, Dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father will see it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Say for 3 days and promise publication. Never known to fail. Thank you for favours answered. GM Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 9 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. TMc C O, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, Fruit of the Vine, splendorous of Heaven. Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O, Star of the Sea, help me and show herein you are my mother. O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power, O, show me here you are my mother. O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. Amen. T. Mc C

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Dublin Port unveils review of its major masterplan NORTHSIDERS are being urged to have their say on the Dublin Port Company’s review of its Masterplan 2012-2040, which was unveiled recently. Since it was first published in 2012, there have been a number of significant developments which have prompted a review of the Masterplan. The Dublin Port Company said sustained high levels of growth, the commencement of the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment (ABR) Project and other major port infrastructure projects at national, regional and local level have necessitated this review. International developments including Brexit and the possible introduction of customs and other security controls in Dublin Port are other factors in the decision to review the masterplan, the company added. Dublin Port is now inviting submissions from all those with an interest in the future development of the port to engage in the public consultation, which runs until Tuesday, March 7. Public Information Days will

take place from 2-8pm in local community venues, where members of the public can meet with representatives from Dublin Port Company in person, learn more about the review and make their views known. These will run in Scoil Uí Chonaill GAA Club, 95 Clontarf Road, Clontarf on February 13, Seán O’Casey Community Centre, St Mary’s Road, East Wall, on February 15 and in Clanna Gael Fontenoy GAA Club, Sean Moore Road, Ringsend, on February 16. Eamonn O’Reilly, Chief Executive of Dublin Port Company, said volumes at the port are now higher than they were at the peak of the boom in 2007. “When we originally launched our masterplan five years ago, we assumed an average annual growth rate of 2.5 per cent over the 30 years to 2040,” he explained. “We now believe we need to increase this growth assumption to 3.3 per cent. “Under this revised assumption, the port’s volumes would increase by 265 per cent to 77m gross tonnes over the 30 years to

2040. “It is prudent that we respond to changing circumstances as they impact on the port’s operations and capacity to grow. That is why we are reviewing our masterplan and, as part of this review, I would encourage people to take the opportunity to participate in the consultation over the coming days. “The focus of the review will be on how best we can use our lands to increase the throughput capacity of the Port,” O’Reilly added. “We believe that the port

can be developed to cater for anticipated volumes through to 2040 within the port’s existing footprint and without significant major infill works. This will require the maximum utilisation of our brownfield sites and adjacent river berthage. “The implementation of the next phase of the masterplan will continue to focus on achieving proper planning and sustainable development through the continued redevelopment of the brownfield sites within Dublin Port’s existing footprint.”

Do something different this St. Patrick’s Day

Meet me where the Sky touches the Sea…

St. Patrick’s Day March 17th Starts 10.30am

New & Exclusive Wedding Package from €59 per person:

Your Wedding Ceremony Stunning Background for Your Wedding Photographs Cocktail & Canapé Welcome Reception Lavish 5 Course Silver serviced Dinner and carefully selected House Wine Evening Oriental Snack Buffet & Late Bar Your Very Own Dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator from the day of Your Enquiry to the day you say “I do” And more...

Choose Route: Howth >> Dun Laoghaire or Dun Laoghaire >> Howth

Full details on this offer with terms and conditions are available on request

Register Online Now!

The Waterside House Hotel, Donabate on the Beach, Co. Dublin | Tel: +353 (0)1 843 6153 | Fax: +353 (0)1 843 6111 |

Proudly supported by: All proceeds raised from this fundraising event will go directly to Aware’s support, information and education services, for individuals, families and communities nationwide






For Windows with Style!!

Brand new range of

Custom made

ShutterS now availaBle

Addiction service welcomes new plan A COMMUNITY based addiction service based in Cabra/Finglas has welcomed the launch of the new National Drugs Strategy 2017-2020 plan. Sankalpa say it will help them strengthen and expand its local addiction services over the next four years. Sankalpa chairperson, Jennifer Clancy, says the plan will create a roadmap for the next four years. “In 2016 Sankalpa worked with 181 clients through our services, supporting them at all stages of their recovery process,” she said. “Unfortunately, services like ours are needed now more than ever with the increasing complexity of needs and the intersecting

nature of drug use, homelessness and mental health issues.” Key areas of growth outlined under the new strategy include exploring and developing pathways for clients who are experiencing mental health difficulties to have faster access to assessment, interventions and counselling provisions by trained counsellors. Also included is the promotion of health and wellbeing programmes and tackling the issue of isolation as well as enhancing the delivery of core programmes and expanding partnerships with employers in the community. “Sankalpa has a strong working relationship with other local statutory and non-statutory ser-

vices,” Clancy continued. “However, resources remain limited and there is a strain on services to deal with the multitude of presenting issues. “It is pivotal that services continue to work in close partnership to secure a better quality of life for individuals regardless of their substance misuse.” Clancy particularly welcomed Minister of State for Communities and the National Drugs Strategy Catherine Byrne’s commitment in prioritising the housing needs of those in addiction and the introduction of measures such as supervised injecting rooms that “will support those in addiction rather than further marginalising them”.



Largest showroom in Dublin

17A Baldoyle, Industrial Estate, Dublin 13.

Tel: 01 839 5319 Email: • Web:

Irish owned family business











15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West



For aLL DuBLIn reaDerSHIp

DogS truSt CanIne CoLuMn

The perfect gift for dog lovers


Here’S romance in the air this week thanks to Valentine’s Day, so if you haven’t hit the spot with your gift why not make amends and sponsor a Dogs trust dog for that special someone in your life?

special dogs by signing up for a monthly donation via direct debit. The donations raised go towards your chosen Sponsor Dog and all of the other dogs in our care. Here are some of our sponsor dogs.

Our rehoming centre finds homes for the vast majority of dogs in our care. However, some of our dogs can be more difficult to rehome due to behaviour or health issues. Since Dogs Trust never destroys a healthy dog we promise to take care of these dogs for as long as it takes to find them their perfect home. To help us look after our longer term residents we ask the public to sponsor these


Sparky by name and sparky by nature! Sparky is a stunning white Lurcher that was born here at Dogs Trust. He just loves to stretch his long legs and run around the fields with his favourite canine carers and learn new tricks. Sparky always rewards them for their hard work with a big smile, and they reward him with tasty treats!


Bruno is a small terrier with a huge heart who loves people. Sadly, his last owner passed away and Bruno was understandably, completely

heartbroken but little by little his little heart is beginning to mend. His carers call him an old gent with a soft soul, and a big foodie!

MyStery Dog

To add an air of suspense, we also have a Mystery Dog! So what does the person you’ve sponsored a dog for get? When amazing dog lovers like you sponsor a dog, we just love to let them know how your dog is getting on at Dogs Trust. We love sending them letters, cards and messages. It’s the least we can do – after all, sponsorship helps our dogs to have warm beds to sleep in, food to eat, walks and cuddles, and important things like medicine and vet care too. So, how do I go about sponsoring a dog? Simply visit our website at and click on Sponsor or type www. into your internet browser.

▪ Sparky by name and sparky by nature Then choose a dog, click on sponsor me, enter the monthly amount you would like to donate and enter your details – simples!

the Dublin people newspaper group has teamed up with Dogs trust to help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. our Dog of the Week is porkie, a male, 10-month-old pit Bull puppy.

&$!%)*&(*&,!#&.'(*,!&%%+*(!*!&%&(/&+( &%*&!%+)&%*   - (--!## , #&*)&$&%/),!%&0()




dog a Valentine’s gift). PS: Don’t forget to keep any chocolate gifts well out of the reach of your pooch as chocolate is toxic to dogs!


&/#%!%+*(!*!&%#,!/!% .!&&!0/##/ 


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and your fur-covered friends – don’t forget to spread the love and spoil them too (of course it is okay to buy your

he t f o g Do wEEk

+*(!*!&%# ,! /

1&0"*& "&/#%!%(/&&& 1 &0 "&/#%!%(/&&& 1 &0##(/&/#%!%*&&

â–Ş Sponsor dog Bruno

Give a Dog a Home Today! Phone us on 01 8791000

He is going through his ‘adolescent’ phase, which means he is a boisterouss, playful boy who can become overexcited very easily. For this reason, Porkie is looking for an adult only home with experienced owners who can manage his excitability. He enjoys the company of other dogs so he could share his home with a confident, playful dog but he would be equally happy in a home without other pets. Porkie’s new owner will need to have an active interest in puppy training to continue on the fantastic work by his carers here at Dogs Trust. He is a fantastic young man - just look at his handsome face! We cannot wait to see Porkie start his new life with a family of his own. If you can offer Porkie a place in your home, contact Dogs Trust on 01-8791000.

Dogs Trust is based in Finglas, just off Exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website at You can also pop up for a visit. Dogs Trust is open six days a week from 12-4pm. The centre is closed all day Tuesday. You can also find Dogs Trust on Facebook at or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE


15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West


Holy Spirit Girls’ National School Sillogue Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11.

Parents of New Junior Infants starting school in September 2017

You are invited to an

OPEN MORNING on Wednesday the 8th of March 2017 10am - 11.30am

For further information contact 01 8420207 or 087 6210275


Local students are selected for athletics masterclass STUDENTS from four Dublin secondary schools have been selected to take part in an athletics masterclass alongside 200 top track and field students from across the country this March. Bank of Ireland and Athletics Ireland joined forces in 2016 to launch a nationwide search amongst secondary schools to identify and foster talented athletics students and have now announced the finalists. The top 10 athletics students from St Raphaela’s Secondary School, Stillorgan, Moyle Park College, Clondalkin, Muckross Park College, Donnybrook and The High School, Rathgar have been selected to attend the masterclass event in the National Sports Campus, Abbotstown. The programme, which aims to encourage greater participa-

Would you like tobecome a Host Family


Oscars International are looking for friendly host families to provide a welcoming home for students studying English in Dublin. Students can be hosted in either a single room or sharing a twin-bedded room. We also provide a reliable service to our host families with ongoing support from our Dublin city centre office, and prompt payment of competitive rates. If you are interested in hosting international students, we are interested in hearing from you. Please call Erika McLoughlin on Tel: +353 1 6975525 or email:

tion amongst secondary school students in athletics, will culminate in an event with advice and tips from Ireland’s top sports psychologists, nutritionists and athletes including former European Indoor Championship gold medallist David Gillick. Colin Kingston, Dublin Provincial Director, Bank of Ireland said: “We are delighted to see four Dublin schools selected as part of the Bank of Ireland Talent ID Programme in association with Athletics Ireland. The top 10 students from 20 schools will attend the masterclass in March.

▪ Athlete David Gillick is pictured with children from Sutton Park School, in Santry Stadium at the launch of the masterclass programme. PHOTO: DAVID MAHER/SPORTSFILE

Looking for a Career & Academic Focused Programme? ...... UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME CHILDCARE LEVEL 7 DEGREE

• BSc. Degree in Early Childhood Care, Health & Education (Letterkenny Institute of Technology in Collaboration with Dorset College)


• JAVA Programming Level 7 (QQI Special Purpose Award)

ȏ&HUWLȴFDWHLQΖ7(VVHQWLDOV/HYHO (QQI Special Purpose Award) (CompTIA A+/Cisco IT Essentials)

ȏ&Ζ6&2&&1$&LVFR&HUWLȴHG1HWZRUN Associate



• Healthcare Support (Major Award) CHILDCARE & SPECIAL NEEDS

• Early Childhood Care & Education (Montessory & ECCE)



• 3D Modelling & Animation

Tel: 01 8309677






the Undertones will get their teenage Kicks at Dublin’s academy in 2017


MERGING from Derry in 1976, the Undertones came about as the result of five friends learning how to play basic rock and roll. Even by the standards of that decade Derry was hardly a rock and roll capital. With very few live bands worth watching, The Undertones learned by listening to mail order records, reading one of the few copies of NME that made it to Derry and most of all from listening to John Peel’s wonderful show on BBC Radio One. Practicing in their bedrooms eventually led to the band recording ‘Teenage Kicks’ in 1978 on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations label in Belfast. The legendary DJ John Peel received a copy and liked it so much he played it twice in a row on his radio show. The Undertones signed with Sire Records and ‘Teenage

Kicks’ was re-released, resulting in the band’s first appearance on Top Of The Pops. Over the next five years, John O’Neill, his younger brother Damian, Feargal Sharkey, Billy Doherty and Michael Bradley crafted numerous punkpop gems such as ‘Here Comes The Summer’, ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘My Perfect Cousin’, ‘You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It)’ and ‘Wednesday Week’. In 1983 Feargal Sharkey left the band to pursue a solo career and the remaining members decided to call it a day. The Undertones were to remain silent for the next 16 years. In 1999 The Undertones reconvened, without Sharkey, to once again perform their songs to a new generation of fans in Derry. Fellow Derryman Paul McLoone replaced Sharkey on vocals and his vocal prowess and electric onstage presence soon convinced any doubters that he was more than capable

of doing the job. After much consideration the band released an album of new songs called ‘Get What You Need’, which was critically acclaimed by Q magazine, Uncut, Rolling Stone and Hot Press. Songs like ‘Thrill Me’, ‘I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be’ and ‘Everything But You’ showed that the art of writing short, sharp songs had not been lost over the previous two decades. In 2003 ‘Thrill Me’ was released as a limited edition 7� vinyl single and found its way onto John Peel’s turntable. He introduced it on his show by commenting: “And these are words I thought I would never be saying on radio again, a new single from The Undertones.� He liked it so much he played it twice, just as he did with ‘Teenage Kicks’ in 1978. In 2007 the band recorded and released another collection of pop nuggets under the title

â–Ş The Undertones ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ on the Cooking Vinyl label. The LP was described by Allmusic as “a true return to the classic sound of The Undertonesâ€?. The story of ‘Teenage Kicks’ was at the heart of the film ‘Good Vibrations’ in 2012, which told the story of Terri

Hooley and his record label. The band found themselves being portrayed by five young actors who did their best with the Derry accent. 2015 was one of the most successful and enjoyable years so far, with shows across Europe and around the UK in

front of appreciative and wildly enthusiastic devotees. Last year marked the band’s 40th anniversary and it was celebrated with a variety of scorching live performances. The Undertones are Live at The Academy on Saturday, December 2.


WORLD TOUR G A R L I C PA R M E SA N f r o m Fr a n c e

C R AC K E D P E P P E R from Italy

R OA S T E D S R I R AC H A from Thailand

J AC K DA N I E L’ S Ž f r o m Te x a s

K U N G PAO f r o m C h i na


f r o m N e w Yo r k





15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West



Super slimmers reach final of consultant competition SUPER slimmers who have used their own weight-loss success to help others to shed the pounds were celebrating recently after reaching the finals of a national competition. Nicola Purcell and Derek Cahill, who both run Slimming World groups helping members lose weight each week, were invited

to the organisation’s head office as part of its national Consultant Slimmer of the Year competition. Derek Cahill, who runs the Ar-

You can quickly be free from with Advanced Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking in One Session! FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION

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For Clients Video Success Stories see

tane and Swords group and Nicola Purcell, who runs Donnycarney group, are nine stone lighter between them. Their achievements saw them become two of just 31 consultants from across the UK and Ireland to win a place at the finals of Consultant Slimmer of the Year 2017. The competition celebrates their remarkable transformations, as well as the way they support their members to become healthier and happier. They started following Slimming World’s Food Optimising healthy eating plan. “Losing weight was obviously an enormous achievement and we also gained so much more besides – a new zest for life and new friends and now being able to help so many people achieve their own dreams,” they said.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO QUICKLY STOP SMOKING, LOSE WEIGHT & OVERCOME PANIC ATTACKS, ANXIETY, PHOBIAS, STRESS & TRAUMA? Are you ready to . . . • Stop Smoking in One Session? • Achieve your ideal weight with the breakthrough ‘Think Thin’ Program? • Quickly overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Stress & Depression? • Increase your Confidence, Happiness & Self Belief? Then Let Stephen Travers, Advanced Hypnotherapy Help You! Stephen has successfully helped thousands of people from all walks of life to quickly stop smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety, panic attacks, fears, trauma and phobia’s and to boost their confidence and self belief. He uses leading edge psychological techniques to achieve the results you want! He personally works with the world’s leading experts in the fields of personal development, hypnotherapy and neuroscience, such as Paul McKenna & Doctor Ronald Ruden. Stephen has two full time private practices in Dublin. Here’s some of the many Success Stories from previous clients: Before I came to Stephen I was smoking thirty cigarettes per day and had been a smoker for over thirty years. The session went absolutely brilliant. I never thought I was going to get off the cigarettes, but I know now that I will never go back on them. I had no side effects or withdrawals and I am feeling wonderful. Nora Marun,Tallaght, Dublin 24 Since doing the Think Yourself Thin Program I shifted over 5 stone of weight and I have kept it off. This program is easy and effective to implement. I would highly recommend it, as the results speak for themselves. Rose Higgins - Wicklow Before I seen Stephen I was like a ticking time bomb full of anger, anxiety, stress and resentment about the past. After only one session I felt like a weight had been literally lifted off me. My confidence levels have soared and I feel like I can move forward with my relationships, work and life again in positive ways. Peter Lynch, Ballbriggan

Stephen Travers, Psych D. MICHP Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Please see website for more information and clients video success stories. For a complimentary phone consultation you can call Stephens clinic on 01 484 7834 or 086 178 6809

▪ Nicola Purcell “We were both so nervous when we first walked through the doors of our local Slimming World groups, but it was without doubt one of the best decisions we have ever made. It’s made us a lot more active too. Before we lost the weight we didn’t do a whole lot of exercise, but Slimming World helped change our lives. We both go to the gym regularly.” After losing the weight they decided to train to become Slimming World consultants as they wanted to support many peo-

▪ Derek Cahill ple in the community to change their lives. Everyone has those initial jitters when they decide to join a Slimming World group but soon realise that everyone is there for the same reason – because they want to do something about our weight. “We always remember how lovely everyone was to us on our first time joining and we make sure that we show that same care a_nd respect for each one of our members,” they added. At the finals held in Slimming

World’s Head Office in Derbyshire, both Nicola and Derek were presented with a certificate and gift by Slimming World chief executive Caryl Richards. The Artane Slimming World Group is held every Monday at 09.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm in St John Vianney Parish Hall; the Swords Group is every Wednesday in Comcille’s GAA Club at 09.30am, 5pm and 7pm; and the Donnycarney Group is held every Monday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm in Le Cheile Community Centre.

Babyscan to have live broadcast on its Facebook page this week TO demonstrate what a 3D/4D scan is like for mums to be, Ireland’s longest established pregnancy scanning service is going to do a LIVE broadcast on their Facebook page on Monday, February 13 at 8.30pm, the first of its kind in Ireland. The Dublin mum is 24 weeks

pregnant. This will be a great opportunity for all mums and dads in waiting to see what this type of scan looks like and the procedure. Babyscan have five clinics nationwide with fully qualified Sonagraphers. They offer a highly personalised

service taking time with each family as they understand what an important time this is for their clients. Paula Tunney will be doing the live scan in their Swords clinic, Swords Main Street. Facebook Page: https:// ie/; Website: or phone 01-2897605.



Issues affecting seniors are discussed in the EU MINISTER of State for Mental Health and Older People, Helen McEntee, addressed a conference on Active Ageing and Mental Health in Brussels last week. The Minister was invited by Deirdre Clune MEP, and the conference was organised by the European Peoples Party and Mental Health Europe. A group of about 40 MEPs and key representatives from European mental health and active ageing organisations attended the conference, which was addressed by various experts from around Europe. The main theme of the oneday conference was ‘Ensuring opportunities and participation in society at all ages’ - and relevant policy issues covered included why active ageing matters, the European dimension of active ageing, and Mental Health and Active Ageing in the workplace.

Discussion also centred on how best EU countries can progress this important issue over coming years, particularly given looming demographic pressures. Minister McEntee said she was very pleased to attend this “important� conference. “It not only relates to my two specific care areas of responsibility as Minister, but also highlights a particular focus on the way we need to develop effective approaches on active ageing and mental health, both in Ireland and across Europe,� she said. “I stressed at the conference that Ireland remains fully supportive of existing agreements to progress joint actions in this area,

and that we would learn from, or contribute to, any new pan-European initiatives in the future. “I pointed out also that significant progress has been made here over recent years, and that our current Programme for Government commitments for these specific care areas leaves Ireland relatively well placed to support EU thinking and plans for active ageing and mental health. “Obviously, improvements can be made both by us and other countries and I gained some new and very useful insights from the conference.� Minister McEntee added: “As reflected in the overall theme of the day, it is important to remember that improved active ageing and mental health measures can only enhance opportunities and participation for all ages, including obviously older people.�

Serving the Finglas community for over 35 years

From companionship to advanced nursing care in the home

Free Delivery oF HealtHcare to your Home

Speak with Deirdre on Freephone 1800 400 900

Jody Fanagan, MD, Gillian Cashell and Con O’Halloran

If you would like to discuss any aspect of funeral arrangements, please visit our recently renovated funeral home in Finglas or call us at any stage.

19 Ballymun S.c., Ballymun, D.11. tel: 01 8421647 civic centre, Ballymun, D.9. tel: 01 8579488

"!!     &" #  %  $$$  When your Thoughts are with Them, Ours are with You.

ose h t r ng fo about i r a C are c u o y Email: | Web:



15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

Enjoy those golden years YOU’VE worked hard your entire life to earn your retirement and now you should enjoy it.

| Bathrooms | Stairlifts | Extensions | Ramps | Garage Conversions | Through Floor Lifts

But if you don’t maintain good health and a good quality of life you won’t be able to actively socialise with friends, family and neighbours, enjoy spending time on your hobbies or taking trips to see the grandchildren. The average life expectancy is now 78 years, plenty of time to enjoy those golden years. You don’t need to see a doctor every day to stay healthy; there are plenty of ways to take care of yourself at home. Here’s a few ideas you can try yourself: •Monitor the information your doctor wants to know. There are lots of blood pressure monitors available in pharmacies. Daily monitoring can help you and your doctor keep your blood pressure levels down and minimised the risk of stroke or heart attack. •Invite your friends, family and neighbours to a weekly game of

golf, badminton or some other sport you enjoy. Not only is some gentle sport good physical exercise, but the competition keeps your mind sharp while social interaction balances out a well-rounded lifestyle. •Get your hands dirty and plant a garden. Whether you fill indoor pots with beautiful, leafy house plants or plant your entire outdoor landscape in a field of colourful blooms, working with plants is fun

and contributes to a sense of wellbeing. Plus, the planting process involves a little muscle, helping you to keep your body in good condition. •Join a book club and invite the members to your house. Whether you’re into mysteries, historical fiction, biographies or romance novels, stretch your imagination, share your thoughts and engage your fellow book lovers in a good discussion.

+'# ++%"+#!

+'# ++%"+#!

+'# ++%"+#!

"+$ ++' !+& + !!"+!+ !!+"+ #" )%+ +"+"+IBWFPQFOFE+ " !++# + !"+   !++ # !+%++ + "'+!++ !+" !+ ++ +!+ "%+ !+%"++!#"+"! +# + !!+"!+ " ++ !"+%"++%   !!++&"' #"'+! $ +%+$!"!+!+"" ""+ !"!++!+* !" +"+"!+"+# +!" +"++!!++"+  $+"+  + $+#!+++!+#!+++  ++""++%(+ '+"+!% +'+#!"! '#+'+$

 ( (  ( (  ( (  ( (  ( (  ( (      ( ( "$!$ $$ Currently, we have 120+ residents. "$!$ $$

 ( (  ( (    ( ( 

$ $

$ $ $ $#$ $ $ $ $#$ $ $ )PVTFIPME$#$$  )PVTFIPME$#$$ 

$$"$ $$

$$"$ $$

"!((!(' (&"($"$(!"$" ( "!##(( % (((((





How to protect yourself from a fall THE older we get, the more at risk we are of falling. And as we age, the time it takes to recover from an injury gets longer. The most common cause of falling is lower extremity weakness, which makes activity difficult and, unfortunately, can create a downward spiral of decreased activity leading to even further weakness and greater fall risk. Other intrinsic factors leading to increased fall risk include decreased balance, dizziness, dementia and impaired vision. Other factors which increase fall risk include medication sideeffects, tripping hazards such as slippery floors, clutter in a walkway, loose stairway handrails, thick or loose carpet, or poor lighting. The greater the number of risk factors, the higher the likelihood of falls. Education is the key to reducing fall risk and keeping senior loved ones safer at home. So how can you tell if someone has a significant risk of falling? The following five indicators can give you a heads-up. 1. A history of falling at least once during the previous six

The greater the number of risk factors, the higher the likelihood of falls months is the greatest fall risk factor. Besides the underlying cause of the fall, once someone falls they often develop a fear of falling again, and severely curtail their physical activities. This leads to increased weakness, which increases fall risk. Unexplained bruises may indicate undisclosed falls. 2. Lack of physical activity, which leads to osteoporosis, weakness, and decreased balance. Lower extremity weakness can be observable by difficulty getting in and out of chairs and often ‘plopping’ down to sit. Decreased balance can be spotted by a tendency to hold onto furni-

! ! #"#

ture when walking. Osteoporosis can actually cause bones to fracture, leading to falls, as well as falls causing increased fractures of brittle bones. 3. Impaired vision. This can impact depth perception, night vision and general visual clarity. 4. Use of multiple medications. Many medications impact balance, mental clarity, and vision. Some over-the-counter medications may produce adverse effects when combined with prescription medications. Keeping track of multiple medications is difficult and frequently leads to mistakes in dosage or frequency. 5. Use of alcohol, especially in combination with medications. Many falls can be prevented by performing a regular, age-appropriate exercise program for strengthening and balance. All prescription and over-the-counter medications should be reviewed with a doctor or pharmacist. Having yearly vision checks can also help as can avoiding alcohol, and have a look around the home to see if there are any tripping hazards.

â–Ş The older we get, the more at risk we are of falling. PHOTO: BIGSTOCK

A family Funeral Directors The one you would recommend to a friend

01248373586 Hour Service

A professional Service at reasonable cost

21, Beaumont Rd., Dublin 9 T 8373586

2b Faussagh Ave Cabra, Dublin 7 T 8380822

$"$ #

 !#!""&$ #""#!#

From your grandchildren’s whispers to the birds singing, let us help you reconnect with the world around you. We’ve been helping people rediscover the pleasure of hearing for over 65 years, and have all the latest innovations in hearing solutions available. Plus, with our expert audiologists by your side, you’re sure to find the best solution for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

#  $"#!" %!%!&&%! ##!!

Book your FREE hearing test Freephone 1800 44 11 55

Quoting: DUB0217

   %! &#!# $ | *Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 30th April 2017 on a pair of LiNX2 9 hearing aids.


15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West


Great tasting food that’s delivered to your front door FOR those who live alone or lead a busy lifestyle, preparing a fresh, healthy meal from scratch can be very difficult to do. A family-owned business, Wiltshire Farm Foods, has been delivering nutritious, high-quality meals and desserts to homes around the Dublin area for 21 years. Here, company director Richard French explains why the company has become such a big success. Richard, who has a strong background in food manufacturing, set up the franchise of Wiltshire Farm Foods with his wife Anne in Rathcoole, Dublin, with the aim of making tasty, nutritious meals readily available to

everyone. “Today, there is a huge number of elderly people living on their own in Ireland who sometimes can’t care for themselves or can’t leave their homes to do a food shop,� says Richard. “Other than voluntary home delivery services, there had been no other service available to deliver nutritious meals to these people before Wiltshire Farm Foods. “However, not only are we providing nutritious ready meals and desserts to people who otherwise may not be in a position to get that nutrition, but these meals are also suitable for those who follow a busy lifestyle or are only cooking for one.� Currently available to those

â–Ş The team at Wiltshire Farm Foods

â–Ş Great tasting food from Wiltshire Farm Foods

living in the Dublin and Greater Dublin areas, Wiltshire Farm Foods has over 300 award-winning meal and dessert options to choose from, including roast chicken breast with stuffing and

Richard says: “The meals are manufactured to the very highest standard in a factory which is fully accredited to all quality standards in the UK and Ireland and are freshly frozen and packaged to lock in the goodness and the nutrients before arriving in our storage and distribution facility here and delivered to our customers. We have a team of nutritionists and dieticians who ensures

salmon in seafood sauce. There is a delicious option to suit everyone’s nourishment needs, so that you won’t get tired of eating the same meals week in, week out. Wiltshire Farm Foods also caters for a variety of special diets such as gluten-free and Richard says their chefs are dedicated to developing new recipes to help improve the taste and nutritional requirements of each meal.

that all of our products are at the right nutritional level for our customers – for someone with very specific dietary needs, or someone who needs healthy convenience products for a busy lifestyle.� For more information on the excellent service that Wiltshire Farm Foods provides or to place an order, call 01-4735595 or visit








                      !      !    !    ! 















We deliver Tasty Meals straight to your kitchen






r lo

cal team today

No Preparation, No Standing Around, No Wash Up

Our  Try&# New Customer    Favourite Pack


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$  "&#   " # #&#!"##!'$# '#!##""&$##!## %$"&#!## !'$#" 

#"! ! "!"%!!'" $"#"#'!#"##! !#'# $!(## ""#!'"$#! !&!  #"%#!# ##&#!%!'$"#!! &#'$&#&'$&#

$  "&#   " # $ "!"& ! O" """ O

#!"&"&#    "$" !""#!

01 4735 595   %"!  !

!  O " $ O


15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West




This Spider has caught me in its web Seán Creedon LAST year I got a great reaction from motorists and pedestrians when I drove the iconic Ford Mustang. My test car version came in a bright yellow colour and it certainly attracted young and not so young motoring fans, who wanted to see the car and hear that powerful engine purr. I thought I would have got much the same reaction last week when I drove a red version of the new Fiat 124 Spider. The Spider reminded me of the Mustang in that they both have very long bonnets, but there wasn’t as much interest this time round. Maybe it had something to do with the weather, I’m sure the Spider would get a better reaction in the summer when you can leave the soft top down. My wife liked it, but she was a bit worried when it sounded like we were caught up in a storm on the M50. Really it was just a strong breeze, but the soft top gave the impression that a storm was brewing. My daughter said I reminded her of Steve Martin in the film ‘Father of the Bride’ and won-

dered if I was also going through a mid-life crisis? Or maybe she was giving me a hint that she is thinking of getting married. So different views, from different age groups, which are always welcome. The revamped 124 spider is basically a powerful two-seater, powered by a 1.4-litre multi-air petrol engine, with 140 brake horse power. And the good news is that the engine is not too thirsty. Naturally the car is set very low and you would need to be careful when getting in and exiting the car as you could hit your head off the roof. I gave a lift to an old colleague, who claims to be over six foot tall. He took a call on his mobile and joked to the caller, “I’m getting a lift in a car that I had to

fold myself to get into.” The Spider is from the same stable as the award-winning MX-5. However, the suspension is good and you don’t feel every bump on the road, but you do hear all the sounds from outside. The top speed is 225 km/h. There is very little space in the cabin for any extras like bottles of water or cans of coke. My daughter was complaining that there wasn’t even a glove compartment. But the saving grace was that she did get a vanity mirror on the passenger side. In some sports cars there is room in the back seat for a few shopping bags, but in the Spider there is no back seat. The boot is small, but deep. I managed to get the weekly shopping in there, but you would have to use very small suitcases if you are heading off for a weekend break. The Spider is much cheaper than the Mustang, with prices starting at €31.495, while the extras in my test model brought the price up to €35,795. Road tax ix

▪ The Fiat 124 Spider €390. I will never see 37 again as I am reminded of the words in the ‘Ballad of Lucy Jordan,’ recorded

by Marianne Faithful and Doctor Hook many years ago. I too realise that I will never drive through Paris in a sports car with the

wind in my hair. But if did win a share in the lottery it would be nice to drive an open-top Spider down the Champs-Elysee.

T: 01-8441996 2 0 1 4 / 2 0 1 5 / 2 0 1 6 E X- F L E E T R E L E A S E D F O R S A L E 1 0 0 C A R S AVA I L A B L E T R A D E I N ’S W E LCO M E CARS FROM €38 PER WEEK

UP TO 4 YEARS MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY * Typical finance example: Based on a vehicle price of €10,950, deposit/trade-in €5,475 (50%). Loan amount €5,475 based on 36 equal monthly repayments of €152.08. Total cost of credit €0.00, Typical APR 8.9%. This offer is made on a Hire Purchase Agreement which is regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator. Finance is Subject to lending criteria. Warning: You will not own these goods until the final payment is made. Terms and conditions apply.

Cloghran Motor Centre, Old Airport Road, Cloghran, Dublin, Ireland

Up to

¤4,000 Scrappage From


0% Finance

3 Year FREE Service Plan




Airside Motor Park, Swords 01-8084437,


East Wall Road, Dublin 3 01-8364433, Fuel consumption 5.4 – 4.3 l/100km. CO2 mass emissions 135 – 113 g/km. Model shown for illustrative purposes. Scrappage of ¤4,000 applies to a 171 Leon ST and ¤3,500 to a 171 Leon 5DR only at participating dealers and to customers who are trading in a car of 8 years or older. Terms and conditions apply. Please consult your authorised SEAT dealer for more details.



15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

)PXBSE3PPàOH $POUSBDUPST FLAT ROOFING SPECIALISTS Industrial • Domestic • Commercial Three Generations of Roofing

087 273 3170 Fully Insured Contractor RCT Registered (c2.)

20% discount on all roof replacements for OAP’S.

15% on all roof replacements. 10% on roof repairs. Insulate your roof and save money on your heating bills.

House & Home

Budget DIY tips can save hundreds PAINTING can be great fun and doing-it-yourself will save hundreds of euro over the cost of hiring professionals. But what’s often missing is the expert advice that makes the difference between a dodgy looking job and a quality finish. Here’s some professional tips that’ll make your home look like a work of art. KEEP IT BRIGHT: When painting the outside of your house avoid dark colours. They absorb heat easily and are much more prone to blistering. STICKY PROBLEM: If you’ve just painted a door and

are worried about it sticking - as they tend to do – just wait for it to dry and rub the edges with a candle before closing. SKIN DEEP: If you have a tin of paint that you need to keep, turn it upside down before storing (make sure the lid is fixed firmly). This’ll remove the need for cutting away a skin when you use it again. PAINT PONG: If the smell of fresh paint gets to you, cut an onion in half and leave it in the room to take away most of

the smell. A teaspoonful of vanilla essence stirred into the paint also helps remove a lot of odour without affecting the colour. LIGHT COVER: Cover wall lights with a plastic carrier bag when painting. It’ll save you hours of cleaning time. ROLL UP: If you have finished with your emulsion roller and brush for the day, wrap them tightly in a carrier bag and they’ll stay soft and usable for up to a month. BRUSH OFF: Hard brushes can be rejuve-


%%  % "%%#!!%

Mon - Fri 10.30am - 5pm • Sat 11am - 4pm

€250 $


Supplied & fitted with locks, handles & hinges Internal & External Doors Available

GARDEN DECKING Stairs & Handrail




Large Selection of Doors, Handles & Accessories in our Showrooms

Including Oak & Walnut Doors



4 Ashbourne Retail Park, Ballybin Road, Rath Cross, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Tel: 01 8353291 Mobile: 087 688 5634 Email:



House & Home

fifty shades of spray

ChANgiNg the COLOUr Of yOUr KitCheN Book to get your Kitchen Sprayed in (January/february) &

We will paint your Kitchen Walls & Ceiling for free Call today for your free Quote


nated after a spell in hot vinegar. Comb the bristles with a fork afterwards and keep in shape with an elastic band until dry.

pulling the tape up, use your fingers to break the paint seal by pulling the tape at 90 degrees away from the skirting to stop it ripping.

CARPET CARE: Protect your carpets from paint along skirtings and door frames with low residue masking tape. Leave the tape down until the next day so the paint has dried. Before

DON’T DRIP: To avoid spills and drips place a small amount of paint in the middle of a paper plate. Place your paint can on the plate. The plate will stick to the can and catch any

drippings. COLOUR CLEVER: When decorating touch the paint brush onto a piece of paper with the various colours you are using. You can then drop this into your wallet or purse and when you see an item of furniture you like you’ll be able to instantly see if it matches the colours in the room.

Dublin 15

Windows & Doors

“Dublin’s Leading Supplier of “Quality” uPVC Windows & Doors”

SAVE ON HEATING BILLS WITH A-RATED UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS Fully Fitted only Energy Rated Offer “A” Rated Windows SPECIAL OFFER! •7 White PVC Windows •1 Hall Door •1 Back Door •“K” Glass as standard


Competitively priced – No maintenance – Multi-locking/Internally glazed for added security – All work carried out to the highest standards by our professional tradesmen – Prompt & reliable – Fully guaranteed

BEAT THE BURGLAR! Make your home more secure with shoot bolts, window locks & hinge claws. Email: Web:

For a free quotation & consultation

Lo-Call 1890 987 797 087 4445559



085 2298550



It’s never been cheaper to convert your Conservatory into a room that can be used all year round with the Geoghegan Conservatory Conversions Winter Sale!

*Offer * WInter 2017 Free uPvc Back Door with every Geoghegan Conservatory Conversion purchased before the end of February 2017

sensational winter sale

10ft x 10ft Conservatory Roof Conversions

from €3,995

12ft x 12ft Conservatory Roof Conversions

from €4,495

14ft x 14ft Conservatory Roof Conversions

from €4,995

Call 01 6392966 today to book your free, no obligation survey. 1,000s of customers can’t be wrong!






First impressions count as you only get to make one Cormac Spencer THE problem with first impressions, they say, is that you only get to make one. Most people know this of course, which is why it never fails to surprise me that day after day I get CVs into my inbox that have not been given the due care required to make a positive impact and successfully navigate this important first hurdle in a job application. There are a growing number of work opportunities available to people across the county and country. However, people must be prepared in order to maximise their chances of realising those opportunities. Having a well put together, coherent and persuasive CV is an essential part of that preparation. US studies have shown that recruiters spend on average six seconds on a CV before they decide whether to keep reading or not. I can’t say I discard someone that quickly, but any employer will wonder why they should spend their time on someone who can’t be bothered spending an hour or so putting together a decent CV. A CV, like a good handshake can say a lot about a person. If a candidate isn’t taking the time to create a carefully thought out CV, then they are doing themselves a disservice and running the risk they will end up in the trash folder. Below I outline three steps important to a good CV. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but can be considered ‘CV 101’. These steps will allow you to get past the employer’s first glance and put you in serious contention for the job you are applying for. NO SPELLING MISTAKES: All programmes have a spell check option. It is not an option to fail to make use of it. Some recruiters and employers will refuse to respond to CVs with spelling mistakes as it shows a complete lack of attention on the part of the applicant. Don’t be discounted by failing to click a button. BE RELEVANT: Your CV should be concise and should clearly emphasise the experience that makes you suitable for the particular job you are applying for. Don’t just write down everything you have done, but succinctly lay out the areas of experience that

Ipsos MRBI

               Ipsos MRBI, Irelands leading research company, is looking to expand our interviewer panel in the Dublin area. â–Ş Some recruiters and employers will refuse to respond to CVs with spelling mistakes. are a match for each job. STAND OUT: Don’t just list the duties you performed in previous employments - outline your achievements. Your CV should portray a candidate who sought and gained experience and who made a serious contribution. Years of service is not enough to convince employers of your suitability. Many people, who have been working for decades, simply turn up and switch off, hiding in the long grass and never doing more than is required (and sometimes less!). Use your CV to outline projects taken on, sales targets exceeded or filing systems modernised. No one will thank you for being modest and employers will appreciate a candidate who can take on new challenges and succeed. There is no excuse for not having a good CV. There are ample online resources available to assist and most recruiters will work with you to ensure your CV is up to scratch. An employer’s time is limited, so make sure your CV gives them food for thought and not cause for concern. Don’t waste your opportunity to make a good first impression. •Cormac Spencer is a Recruitment Consultant/ Director at Link Personnel Services. Visit or call 018456312.

j We are looking for experienced interviewers to conduct surveys across !8!2+'3(,-+,683)ÂŁ' 3='821'2;!2& <836'!29;<&-'9W j ?6'8-'2$'-9!1<9; and successful candidates should have previous '?6'8-'2$'>380-2+329-1-ÂŁ!8683/'$;9l'29<9T­T 83>-2+6-2 Ireland, TILDA etc.) j <8-2;'8=-'>'89>38032!6!8;ধ1'T*'?-#ÂŁ'#!9-9T$32;!$ধ2+ ,3<9',3ÂŁ&9!2&$32&<$ধ2+-2f,31'9<8='@9-28'ÂŁ!ধ32;396'$-)$ 93$-!ÂŁT63ÂŁ-ধ$!ÂŁ!2&,'!ÂŁ;,-99<'9W Ipsos MRBI is Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longest established research company and has #''2<2&'8;!0-2+636<ÂŁ!ধ32f#!9'&9;<&-'99-2$'Â&#x2C6;Â&#x17D;¤Â&#x2030;W 6939 -96!8;3(;,' 6939 83<6T!ÂŁ'!&-2+-2;'82!ধ32!ÂŁ1!80'; 8'9'!8$,38+!2-9!ধ32!2&;,'ÂŁ!8+'9;683=-&'83(93$-!ÂŁ research globally.

38(<8;,'8-2(381!ধ32T38;3!66ÂŁ@(38!83ÂŁ'T6ÂŁ'!9'$32;!$; !;'Z33ÂŁ'T -'ÂŁ&!2!+'8T32lÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2C6;mÂ&#x2039;Â&#x160;ÂĽÂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021; or by email at Ipsos MRBI, Block 3, Blackrock Business Park, Carysfort Ave., Blackrock, Co. Dublin


15 Feb 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ Northside PeoPle West

classifieds northside

3 EASY WAYS TO PLACE AN AD ...Tel: 01 8621611 ...Fax: 01 8621625 ...Email:

Floor SandinG

KlEnZ Floor



â&#x20AC;˘ Varnishing â&#x20AC;˘ Staining â&#x20AC;˘ Three Coats â&#x20AC;˘ Free Estimates â&#x20AC;˘ Fully Qualified BUILT IN VACCUMS â&#x20AC;&#x153;DUST FREEâ&#x20AC;?

2017 Special Offer Get 3 rooms for the price of 2

Call Garry Tel: 2855368 â&#x20AC;˘ 0876737497



For All Your Garden Needs 40% Off Trees Lopped, Pruned, Shaped & Removed. All Roots Poisoned this & y ar Multi Coloured Pebbling & Fencing u Jan Laying Patios, Cobblelocking, February

Powerwashing, Sheds knocked & taken away. We also Mend & Creosote Fences

10 years Warranty - Active Paving is a name you can depend on

All general garden work Hedges Pruned & Trimmed Instant Lawns

Driveways from â&#x201A;Ź775

Weeding & Planting Free Quotes & expert advice (without Obligation) Fully Insured


01 8140758 085 1262982

ROOMS FROM â&#x201A;Ź39 No payment until work is complete

Ekland Close, Malahide Road, D.5

20yrs e ienc Exper

TOTAL GARDENING & LANDSCAPE SERVICES ND in Arboriculture & BA in Horticulture

30% All Trees expertly Felled & Pruned Discount Trees removed, Roots destroyed with this Gardens renovated, shaped & designed advert Power Washing Service (We supply our own water) Patios, Fencing & Repairing No Payment until all work is complete Competitive Prices Winter Garden Tidy Ups, Get your Garden Ready for Spring

Call James 01 8644109 or 085 1962903 Web: Fully insured & registered, more than 10yrs Experience

NORTHSIDE DRIVEWAYS â&#x20AC;˘ Specialising in all types of Paving, Asphalt, Tarmacadam etc. â&#x20AC;˘ 10 years & still going strong! â&#x20AC;˘ Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be beaten on price or quality â&#x20AC;˘ All work fully guaranteed for 7 years â&#x20AC;˘ Prices for all budgets & no payment accepted until the job is complete

All areas covered, No job too big or small Email: Web: Malahide Road, Dublin 5. Contact Miles: 087 338 3300 â&#x20AC;˘ Office: 01 836 4611

50% off with this Advert


Renovations & Building New Roofs, Garden Sheds, Gutters & Roof Repairs Specialising in Flat Roof Systems Garden Sheds

All our workmen carry Valid Id Full Liability Cover. Mob: 086 0721191 Office: 01 8484650

Web: Email:



s Tidy up Garden, Topped & Pruned,

40% off


20yrs ExpEriEnCE



Call: 085 1811870 Call: 01 848 2557






Block Paving & Flags. Instant Lawns, Fencing, Roll out Turf, Overgrown Gardens, Dangerous Trees Removed. *Over 20yrs Experience *Fully Insured *Free Estimates *No payment until job is complete *All work guaranteed *Friendly Service

Call 01 8140759 or 085 7649496

Please call for a quotation



Registered business established more than 15 years


Family run business w ith 25years experience

no call out charge















TEL: 01 8678791 • MOB: 085 1474 725

city paving & landscaping DUBLIN - MEATH - KILDARE - WICKLOW

We specialise in new installations,maintainance, repairs & rejuvenation of:

Mob: 085 159 7846 Covering Dublin & Surrounding Counties • • • • •

Chimneys repaired & replaced Flatroof Repairs & replaced Fascia, Soffits & Gutters All types of Insulation All Types of Roof repairs

Northside: Broomfield Bus/Pk, Malahide. Tel: 01 9020407 Southside: Sandyford Ind Est, Tel: 01 6856438

3 Bed Semi Detached Fascias, Soffits & Gutters From €799

Gutters Cleaned & Sealed From €69

LE DriveWays - Patios - Paths ATAB Walls - CanoPies UNBERICES P

all our work is fully guaranteed for 7 years

View our gallery at: Email: Call noW for aUtUMn DisCoUnts

Phone: 01 842 7512 Mobile: 087 257 7720

Unit 30, Airways Ind Est, Santry, D9. Phone: 01 2884280 - Unit 16 Birch Ave, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

TURF & LOGS FOR SALE Beat the Oil & Gas Prices this Winter Stock up on your Winter Fuels with our great offers 3 Bags of Logs, 3 Bags of Turf, 40kg bag of Coal, 20kg Bag of Kindling ALL FOR €40 1 Bag of Turf €5 or 3 Bags €10 1 Bag of Logs €5 or 3 Bags €10

Call 085 1262982 or 01 8140758 We won’t be beaten on price, all areas covered, Free Van Delivery We also Provide a Chimney Cleaning Service €60 + Free €10 of Fuel, with every Chimney Clean

Gutter Cleaning Repair & Replacement Roof Tile & Flat Roof Repairs Chimney & Valley Repairs Attic Insulation Gutters Cleaned & Sealed From €59 3 bed Semi, Fascia, Soffits & Gutters From €799 Southside: Blackrock Bus/Pk Blackrock. 01 5143058

Northside: North City Bus/Pk North Rd, D.11 01 9020459

Mob: 085 1362921


15 Feb 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ Northside PeoPle West

ELITE ROOFING DUBLIN Paving - Imprint Concrete - Indian Sandstone Concrete Flooring - Indoor & Outoor, Concrete bases poured for Sheds & Floor Cleaning & Sealing from â&#x201A;Ź150 â&#x20AC;˘ Walls & Features Patios & Driveway â&#x20AC;˘ Natural Stone Slabs â&#x20AC;˘ Free Estimates NEW DrIvEWayS & PatIOS StartINg FrOm â&#x201A;Ź800

Fully Insured & Registered - Over 20yrs Experience All work guaranteed. No payment until work is complete

Phone Edward on 01 6230308 or 0872659931 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin 2.

PVC GUTTERING SPECIALISTS Supply and Insulation of UPVC Facia and Soffits And Gutters

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ă ineâ&#x20AC;? Brand new Introductions and

Gutters Cleaned and Sealed / Full guttering cleaning All guttering down pipes checked / Full no obligation report on any fault

â&#x201A;Ź49 Normally â&#x201A;Ź99

Matchmaking service designed for you to meet your perfect partner for friendship and romance.

Ladies & Gentleman Ring Now! (091)-734001, (089)-7044801

All HOME IIMpROvEMEnTs Roof Repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Flat Roofs â&#x20AC;˘ Torch on Felt

Free Quotations Fully Insured All Areas Covered

Tel 01-6971035 Mobile 085-7732539

All general garden work carried out

DOUBLE GLAZING SPECIALISTS Tel: 01 816 9588 Mobile: 087 741 5281 / 087 256 8866


â&#x20AC;˘ Landscaping, Hedges, Weeding, Roll on Turf, Overgrown Gardens â&#x20AC;˘ All types of Patioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Block Paving & Fencing â&#x20AC;˘ Free Estimates, Fully Insured, 20 years Experience. â&#x20AC;˘ No payment until job is complete.

4U-BXSFODFT3PBE $MPOUBSG %VCMJO jamesfreshcut gardens

ToTaL MainTenanCe Power washing Gutter Cleaning Window Cleaning

driveways from


t: w: e:

085 2059740

Painting All Outdoor Painting Windows Sills Sanded & Repainted Cast Iron Metal Gutters & Down Pipes Sanded, Cleaned, Repaired

50% of fEB f in

Driveways Patioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Car Parks Yards Brick Paving Tarmac & Asphalt

New Roofs * Flat Roofs All Roof Repairs Fascia Soffits Guttering Downpipes

TeL: 085 2185614 | offiCe: 01 8140758


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


40% off in february



paving & tarmacadam throughout dublin

Tel: 085 7649496 or 01 8140759


Mob 087 4442111


Call Now for Winter Specials





The Garden Tidy Up Team Replacement Glass & Maintenance/Repairs Carried Out On All Window Types



Freephone 1800 911931

Mobile 085 170 4785


To advertise in this space phone:

01 8621611




AAL ANGEL ALARMS LTD 25 Years personal experience in the industry. * Alarm your home from only â&#x201A;¬20 per week * 2 Panic buttons (Hall/Upstairs) * 1 Day Installation * Easy to use key fob * Fully guaranteed * Service man on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week * All equipment complies to highest EU standards * Fully insured, licensed & PSA Approved Wireless system also available. * View your home from your phone with our CCTV system.

Tel: 8458205 Mob: 086 8558281 email: ALARM IT ALARM SYSTEMS: *Full service on any home or commercial alarm system only â&#x201A;¬90* (No contract needed) All makes serviced & repaired Over 20yrs experience *Wireless or wired alarm systems fitted from â&#x201A;¬550* All systems meet the current standards


- Internal Doors & garage doors - Laminate and solid floors - Kitchens and wardrobes - Stairs - Porches and conservatories in timber or uPVC - Windows in timber or uPVC - Fascia & soffit repaired & replaced - Attic insulation, internal wall drylining insulation - BER Certs All maintenance work on domestic and commercial properties Free quotes and friendly reliable service as standard All general carpentry work Contact Fintan; 087 9059 408 E:

Carpet Cleaning CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Certified & Registered Best Value In Dublin

Rooms From â&#x201A;¬39

Tel: Mick on 087 9026615

We cover Dublin & surrounding areas Check out our website

computer repairs Fully insured and licensed PSA NO.00972 Tel: 01 857 6962 Mob: 087 233 8885

One Hour Repairs

PC Repairs Centre

Professional Repairs With Quick Turnaround We Repair Laptops, Desktops Tablets and Game Consoles Free Diagnostic

AppliAnce ServiceS Repairs, Installations, Spare Parts & Sales of WASHING MACHINES, COOKERS, DISHWASHERS, REFRIGERATION & DRYERS . No Call out Charge on Repairs Carried out. Fast, Efficient, Reasonable, All Brands, All Areas. Landlords, Estate Agents & Developers welcome! PH: 087 615 4234 EMAIL: WEB: FB:

Carpentry Qualified Carpenter All aspects of Building and Carpentry covered We Specialize In Attic Conversions, Extensions, Doors Staircases, Joinery

Open 7 Days a week No fix No Fee 01-8068465 Charlestown Shopping Centre Finglas Dublin 11

DOOR & WINDOW SECURITY & REPAIR BRENNANS WINDOW AND DOOR REPAIR SERVICE Repairs of aluminium and upvc frames, locks, hinges, handles, patio door wheels, tracks, glass draught proofing. Over 20 years experience. Contact Ken Brennan 01 2544723 or 0867354801 e: w:

Facia and Soffits Roof Repairs Dry Lining Sash Windows Fully Insured Call Tom on 087-7659368

To advertise in our

Classified seCtion contact our sales team on

01 8621611

DOOR & WINDOW SECURITY & REPAIR LOCKSMITHS.IE PSA LICENCE 00709 24 H Emergency Lock-Outs Lock Fitting-Lock Repairs UPVC Door/Window Locks Handles & Letterboxes Multipoints Locks

Special Offers

On Car Keys Repairs & Replacements All Makes And Models

Call 087 247 0 247 1800515151

DRIVING LESSONS B.LEARNING DRIVING SCHOOL Friendly Professional Qualified Driving Instructor Nervous Pupils a Speciality Free Collection All Area One to One Lesson Pre-test over Test Routes RSA/ADI Approved Road Safety Authority Driving Instructor â&#x201A;¬30 per 1 Hour Lesson â&#x201A;¬50 per 2 Hour Lesson Contact Patricia Byrne 085 786 0890 TEL. 085 786 0890

GATES QUALITY WROUGHT IRON GATES & RAILINGS FROM â&#x201A;¬450.00 Fifteen years in the people newspaper supplying quality gates and railings to all areas of Dublin, primed/gloss painted and installed from â&#x201A;¬450.00. We also repair and rehang damaged gates. WE NOW OFFER BOTH PLAIN AND DECORATIVE SAFETY HANDRAILS. Wrought iron products you can trust with confidence. For a brochure and free no hassle estimate please call David on 087-4170895 or office 8477317. Visit our website:

Handyman ServiceS FIXIT Home Handyman Services All small home repairs and jobs carried out What do you need done ??? Shelving Pictures Hung Coat Hooks Leaking Taps, Tiling Repairs, Small Painting Jobs. Loose Doors Flat Pack Furniture IKEA collections Bathroom Accessories installed Hanging Baskets Got those annoying little jobs fixed


Materials sourced if required All the small jobs the big guys are not interested in

Fully Qualified & Certified by (RSA) 90% Pass Rate

Call Robin NOW on 086-8109430

20yrs Experience

Pre-Test Specialists All Northside Test Centres Covered Clients Recommend us Lessons From â&#x201A;¬25 Tel: 086 2422895 Gift Vouchers Available No Canvassers Please

GATES QUALITY WROUGHT IRON GATES & RAILINGS FROM â&#x201A;¬450.00 Fifteen years in the people newspaper supplying quality gates and railings to all areas of Dublin, primed/gloss painted and installed from â&#x201A;¬450.00. We also repair and rehang damaged gates. WE NOW OFFER BOTH PLAIN AND DECORATIVE SAFETY HANDRAILS. Wrought iron products you can trust with confidence. For a brochure and free no hassle estimate please call David on 087-4170895 or office 8477317. Visit our website:

To adverTise in our

Classified s eC t i o n contact our sales team on 01 8621611

PAINTING & DECORATING PROFESSIONAL PAINTER Interior & Exterior Years of Experience References Available Own Tools & Transport Reasonable Rate No Job to Big or Small Highest Quality Work Free Estimates

Call or Text Oleg on 087 7885943

Plastering Peter Carroll & Sons Ltd. PLASTERING CONTRACTORS All your plastering needs covered. No job too big or small. Clean, prompt & reliable service. Local, family Company with 40 years experience. FREE ESTIMATES & EXCELLENT PRICES


Kitchens & Wardrobes We wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be beaten on price Kitchens, Wardrobes Sliderobes Kitchens Revamps High Gloss Painted Wide range of styles and colours Free design and quotation All budgets catered for!! Best value in Dublin Call now and book a free Quotation on

087 639 3995 m

MAN WITH A VAN REMOVALS & TRANSPORT (IRL - UK-EUROPE) MAN WITH A VAN Are you moving home? Your new low cost method of moving at a fraction of the price larger removal companies charge. Fully professional white glove service at all times. Single items to full loads including Full House moves. 2 men available on request, call John 086-3341713

01 8621611

Quantity Surveyorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Qualified/Apprentice Electricians, Scaffolders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Steel Fixers, Groundworkers, General & Skilled Operatives, SLG & TM Operators, All Tradesmen/Plant & MEWP Operators required for Dublin and Leinster Region. Pracownicy Budowlani z safe passem potrzebni. Send C.V. to:

or call 01-4773414.


Specialists in Internal Insulation - Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cheaper than you think!

Caremark Dublin North are Seeking QQI Level 5 Carers with any of the following qualifications:

G.M PLASTERING Reliable Qualified Plasterer

Free Estimates General Plastering External Plastering Rooms Re-Skimmed Walls & Ceiling Repairs Dry-Lining & Coving Insulator of warm boards Phone: 085 7305748

Childcare, Healthcare, SNA, Community Care or Pre-Nursing to work in Dublin North areas and North County Dublin areas. Caremark provide free Induction training and uniforms and give competitive rates of pay. Work hours are scheduled to suit you, in your local area.

email your C.V. to: for a prompt response

PLUMBING & HEATING JOHNNY MURPHYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PLUMBING & HEATING Boiler & Gas Repairs from â&#x201A;¬60 by former Bord Gais Service Engineer. All Plumbing & Heating problems solved Taps/Toilets/Electric Showers & Hot Water Cylinders. Senior Card Discount.


4&37*$&4 4&$5*0/

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15 Feb 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ Northside PeoPle West


planning & public notices PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council I, Des Twomey, intend to apply for permission for development on a site at 33 Monck Place, Dublin 7. The development consists of a 24msq first level bedroom and bathroom extension to the rear of the property. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council, Planning Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 during its public opening hours (9.00a.m.4.30p.m.). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (â&#x201A;Ź20.00) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application.

PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council Alan Mahon and Susan Clince of 8 Kinvara Avenue, Navan Road, Dublin 7, D07W2C1. Permission development to consist of provision of vehicular access to facilitate off-street parking and construction of boundary walls. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on the payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.



Dublin City Council Planning Permission is sought by Adele de Brun and Robert Reynolds for demolition of the existing rear kitchen extension and construction of new extensions and alterations to the existing two storey semi-detached house at 116 McKee Road, Finglas East, Dublin 11, D11 C970, comprising of a single storey extension to the rear and side, alterations to the front elevation comprising of relocation of front door, window and steps and associated site development works. Additional floor area 32sq.m. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

Fingal County Council We, David & Brenda Corcoran, intend to apply for planning permission for development at this site address 26 Bishops Orchard, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15. The development will consist of a single storey extension to the side of the existing house measuring 16sq.m, consisting of a new bedroom and bathroom along with associated site works associated with the development. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during the public opening hours of 9.30 - 16.30 Monday - Friday at Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Fingal, Dublin 15. A submission or observation in relation to the Application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of a fee of â&#x201A;Ź20, within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by Fingal County Council of the Application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or or may refuse to grant permission.

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NORTHSIDE PEOPLE wEST â&#x20AC;˘ 15 FEb 2017



SpOnSOred by

DUAL crossworD


up tO nOw 01 860 1845 131B Slaney Road, On 60% OFF Dublin Ind Est, D11 (opposite Woodies)

cryPtic cLUes Across 6. Is an act of the devil (7) 7. Goddess of a coven, usually (5) 9. Deteriorate with learner in team (5) 10. Ruler having no charm, unfortunately (7) 12. Not the first hundred by the girl, but still inferior (6-5) 14. Be too late with letter and fail to get the job (4,3,4) 18. Respect for what 10 bears (7) 19. The fathead puts weapons in agricultural holdings (5) 21. Bore doctor with being unwell (5) 22. 501 on edge part company (7)

DowN 1. Outburst from girl (5) 2. Riding equipment obtained by theologian in auction (6) 3. Humorous talent and practical intelligence (3) 4. Remember to visit again (6) 5. Friendless person not at home with the actors (7) 8. Supporting delays? (4-3) 11. Troubles siblings without right (7) 13. See cinders put out (7) 15. Furnish in a flexible way? (6) 16. They give weight to musical exercises (6) 17. Idea of one game gone wrong (5) 20. Strike a chart-topper (3)

QUick cLUes Across 6. Outfit (7) 7. Deluge (5) 9. Sewer (5) 10. Odd (7) 12. Infirmity (11) 14. Superficial (11) 18. Confer (7) 19. Grey (5) 21. Propeller (5) 22. Trip (7)

DowN 1. Dot (5) 2. Hit (6) 3. Sprite (3) 4. Supple (6) 5. Companion (7) 8. Argument (7) 11. Crease (7) 13. Celebrate (7) 15. Rankle (6) 16. Recommence (6) 17. Recently (5) 20. Pig-pen (3)

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Find the words hidden in the puzzle below


15 Feb 2017 • Northside PeoPle West

HAPPENINGS RADICALISATION OF BRADLEy MANNING ‘The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning’ by Welsh playwright Tim Price, a three act play about the formative years of Chelsea Manning, will be performed by Dry Ice Theatre Company in the Axis Theatre, Ballymun on Thursday and Friday, February 16 and 17.


River’ by Yan Wang Preston. Finally, the tour will end at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, where you will be guided through the solo exhibition ‘Woodall’ by Hilary Lloyd. For more information on talks and event, visit



On Sunday, February 19 at 3pm there will be a performance by two young musicians Miriam Kaczor (flute) and Lorna Breen (soprano) accompanied by Gabriele Dikciute (cello) in a concert titled ‘Four centuries of flute and voice’ that showcases the work of composers Bach, Roussel, Holohan, Cowell and Corigliano. Tickets are €15 with concessions €10. At the interval you can mingle with the performers while having coffee/tea with cakes and other refreshments from The Corner Bakery. Tickets available on


HUMANS NEED NOT APPLy In an automated world, is it nearly time to put humans out to pasture? Does the future resemble a leisure-time utopia or a robottended human-zoo? Will the notion of work become a thing of the past if machines really can do everything better, faster and for longer? This new exhibition in Science Gallery Dublin tries to answer these questions and looks at the movement of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing into the professional workforce, and what that means whether you’re a lawyer, a surgeon or a taxi driver. The exhibition runs until May 14.

A charity Cheltenham preview night will take place in the Sallynoggin Inn on Tuesday, February 21 at 8pm. All proceeds on the night will be donated to Blackrock Hospice.

15th February

The panel includes Hugh Cahill MC, jockey Davy Russell, trainer Andrew McNamara, journalist Donn McLean and trainer John ‘The Shark’ Hanlon. Admission is €10 and includes a free pint. Tickets are available at Sallynoggin Inn or from Liam Metcalfe on 086-6026027

‘Relatively Speaking: A guided walking tour across three city art galleries’ will take place on Thursday, February 16 from 1-2pm Meeting point: Project Arts Centre. Free admission, booking is essential. Beginning at Project Arts Centre, you will be introduced to ‘Fault Bound Bodies’ by Caroline Doolin. Visitors will be guided to the next venue, the Gallery of Photography for the exhibition ‘Mother

contemporary music-making where a committee of local enthusiasts have been attempting to bring music out from the city centre to the wider community of suburban Dublin.

Down: 1 Dowry; 2 Strike; 3 Imp; 4 Pliant; 5 Comrade; 8 Dispute; 11 Crinkle; 13 Rejoice; 15 Fester; 16 Resume; 17 Newly; 20 Sty.


The Methodist Church on Brighton Road, Rathgar has, for the past six years, been a venue for classical and

Crossword Answers



TINy TUNES – EARLy yEARS CABARET This concert is a staged cabaret with original and old children’s tunes. Some involve audience participation and will include a variety of musical instruments, one of which the children will get to play. It promises to be a joyful 45 minutes and a perfect introduction to a theatre experience for tiny tots. Created with the support of The Ark, it’s happening at 12.15 at the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, on Saturday, February 18. An earlier show at 11am is sold out.


Dead Man’s Cell Phone explores the paradox of modern technology’s ability to both unite and isolate people in the digital age. This play is a moving and funny exploration of how, in the midst of our fragile lives, technology can both unite and isolate us, especially in our quest for true love. It runs in Dalkey Town Hall, Dalkey, from Wednesday, February 22 to Friday 24 at 8pm. Telephone: 0879919261

It’s free and great entertainment. It happens at different times in each store, with readings at 2pm in O’Connell Street, 1pm in Blanchardstown. 11.30am in Dundrum, 11am in Liffey Valley and 3pm in Dun Laoghaire.

Across: 6 Satanic; 7 Venus; 9 Slide; 10 Monarch; 12 Second-class; 14 Miss the post; 18 Sceptre; 19 Farms; 21 Drill; 22 Diverge.

Vernissage is the fruit of the artists’ few months’ collaboration that visitors can finally evaluate during a three-day exhibition at Marine Hotel, Sutton. An auction of the two of their paintings will take place on the first night and a lottery. All collected funds will be given to the Temple Street Foundation. Refreshments and a glass of wine will be provided as well as live music. Special guest of the exhibition will be an Argentinean art critic, Marcella Aiello. For more information, email katarzyna.soswa@gmail. com

Most of us are still addicted to smartphones. Few of us have narrowly escaped the trap of text messaging and twitter obsessions. We live in an age with these seemingly magical devices that promise constant connection yet leave many of us feeling stranded.

Down: 1 Sally; 2 Saddle; 3 Wit; 4 Recall; 5 Outcast; 8 Hold-ups; 11 Bothers; 13 Discern; 15 Supply; 16 Scales; 17 Image; 20 Hit.

An art exhibition – ‘Drunk By The Air’ - created by Zeus Cooney, an Irish landscape artist and Katarzyna Soswa, a Polish artist, will open on February 16 at 8pm the Marine Hotel, Sutton.




Every Saturday Eason stores hold Get Into Reading: Story Time, where staff read a selected kids’ book to children aged from 0-6 (and parents too).

Across: 6 Costume; 7 Flood; 9 Drain; 10 Bizarre; 12 Decrepitude; 14 Perfunctory; 18 Consult; 19 Ashen; 21 Screw; 22 Stumble.

This ensemble piece by final year BA Drama students of Coláiste Dhúlaigh/University of Wolverhampton and directed by tutors Michelle Read, John O’Brien and Joe Devlin, follows Bradley Manning’s life from his teenage years in Wales to his career in the US Army. Tickets cost €10 or concession €8 (students/ unwaged/OAP). Group rates of €5 are available for eight people or more. The show starts at 7pm with a short interval of 15 minutes at 8pm. The running time is two hours.



From the Archives

▪ The Cosy Restaurant and Private Hotel, Harbour Road, Howth, c. 1907. At that time, the proprietor was Miss Shanahan. The ladies in their long skirts have left the cycle store which is on the left next to the hotel and are preparing to take to the open road.

We take a look back at extracts from old newspapers to see what was in the news this month from years gone by

Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’, Central Dublin, by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/The History Press

▪ Evening Herald 26th February 1937

▪ Freeman’s Journal 7th February 1872

▪ irish Independent 18th February 1926

▪ Evening Herald 19th February 1937

▪ Freemans Journal 8th February 1834

▪ Sunday Independent 2nd February 1947

▪ Aungier Street, c. 1919. This street leads from South Great George’s Street to Redmond’s Hill. Thomas Moore, composer and poet (1779-1852), was born at No.12 and lived there for twenty years. Here his father kept a grocery store, while Moore wrote poems in a room on the first floor. He is best known for his melody The Last Rose of Summer. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’, Central Dublin, by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/The History Press

Northside people (west) february 15th