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Bitter end to party row Jack Gleeson A NORTHSIDE councillor from Ballymun has resigned from Sinn Féin following a row involving claims and counter claims of bullying. Cllr Noeleen Reilly was a member of the party for 17 years but a bitter dispute that began over four years ago has finally come to an acrimonious end. Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis was also involved in the long-standing row and both politicians were sanctioned by the party at a recent Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle meeting. Following the meeting, Sinn Féin National Chairperson, Declan Kearney,

confirmed there had been ongoing issues within the Dublin North West constituency. “These have been examined by Sinn Féin, and the Ard Chomhairle has made a number of recommendations,” he said. “Following a complaint from a fellow councillor, Cllr Noeleen Reilly has been suspended from the party for six months. “With regard to complaints by Cllr Noeleen Reilly about comments in the media by Dessie Ellis TD, he will be censured by the party. “As per our party constitution, the people concerned can appeal these recommendations.” Continued on page 2


14 Feb - 20 Feb ‘18

Vol.22. No.7


▪▪ Pictured planting trees are Ben Davies, Dale Murray, Eugenee Dowd, Scott Fairbaun, Tracey Mahon, Marie Brennan, Dale Treadwell, Catherine MacCallan, Fidelma Davies and Charlotte Hanlon.

STAFF from IKEA rolled up their sleeves outlet’s commitment to supporting a susrecently to plant 100 trees in Poppin- tainable world. “Partnering with Crann – Trees for Iretree as part of the company’s partnerland is a great way to come together with ship with Crann – Trees for Ireland. the community here in Ballymun and The partnership aims to educate and raise awareness of the importance of our raise awareness of the environmental im- local environment,” she added. The new partnership also supports an portance of trees and hedgerows in the education programme for a number of Ballymun area. IKEA Store Manager, Claudia Marshall, schools across the city including Virgin says it’s part of the flat-pack furniture Mary GNS and Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna.

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14 FEB 2018


Bitter end to party row


▪▪ Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis and Cllr Noeleen Reilly. FILE PHOTO


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is their seat to allow them to Continued on page 2 co-opt another party member onto the council. “I will be remaining as a Later, Cllr Cathleen Carney Boud (SF) confirmed she had councillor and will continue made the complaints of a to work hard for the people “vicious bullying campaign” of Dublin North West,” Cllr on social media against her. Reilly said. “I want to wish all the “I am happy with how the party dealt with my com- good people in Sinn Féin the plaint and the outcome of best in the future and thank the procedure,” she added. you for your support over “I now wish to continue the years.” Meanwhile, Deputy Ellis my work as a councillor and won’t be commenting any has said he accepted the decision of the Ard Chomfurther on this matter.” After the Ard Chomhairle hairle and apologised for decision, Cllr Reilly took to comments he made in the social media and made her national media about Cllr own serious allegations of Reilly. "I now want to move on to bullying and assault. And on Monday, she officially de- represent the people of Dubclared she was leaving the lin North West and to build the party locally,” he added. party. Cllr Reilly was elected to In a statement, she said the decisions at the Ard Dublin City Council in the Comhairle had left her with Ballymun ward in 2014 when she topped the poll with little choice. “I have been the victim over 2,500 first preferences of an orchestrated bully- or 14.82 per cent of the vote. She had just over 200 ing campaign by a number of people in Dublin North more votes than Cathleen Carney-Boud, who was then West,” she claimed. “I first went to the party controversially selected as in February 2014 over this Dessie Ellis’s running mate bullying and have consis- for the 2016 General Election tently done so to try and get but failed to get a second seat for the party. it stopped. “Every time I did so it was either ignored or an angle was found to blame me for their treatment. “Unfortunately I was just up against the wrong people and this was never a battle I was going to win.” She further alleged: “My treatment included physical assaults, verbal abuse, total isolation, smear campaigns, the list goes on. “I was always told to keep these matters internal and I did so for four years hoping that justice would take place at some time.” Cllr Reilly has vowed to remain as a councillor, despite a Sinn Féin request for her ▪▪ Cllr Cathleen Carney to vacate what they believe Boud

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▪▪ Priscilla Grainger has set up a Facebook page to help domestic violence victims with her daugther Aine. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA

Mum and daughter team up to help victims Adam Daly A NORTHSIDE mother and daughter have teamed up to help support victims of domestic violence. Priscilla Grainger is co-founder of the Do or Die Foundation, which was set up to help victims of domestic violence. And now with her daughter, she has established a Facebook page called Stop Domestic Violence in Ireland. So far they have helped over 400 people, doing whatever they can, from meeting for a coffee to co-ordinating plans for victims to leave. But these often delicate plans can’t be rushed, as Priscilla explains. “Put a plan in place, be clever and collect enough evidence on your abuser,” she advises. “Make sure you have sufficient evidence before you leave." On a visit to the NYPD in New York, her daughter Ainie went to visit a refuge that was just for children, and it’s something she strongly believes we need in Ireland. “There is so much more structure in America compared to here,” she says. “The gardaí don’t have enough power." Ainie was inspired to set up her Snapchat account, SayNoToCDV, where she can advise and chat with young-

er victims. She says that using Snapchat is safer because the messages are temporary and you can change a person’s screen name, making it harder for an abuser to hack. Priscilla and Ainie’s hope for the future is to see domestic violence criminalised. Ainie has been contacting the new Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan in the hope that he may able to offer more help to victims. But for now, the

Graingers continue to help victims through their Facebook and Snapchat pages, which have no funding. They don’t accept cash donations but ask for supplies to make up emergency packs of mobile phones, food and underwear, in case somone has to leave their home in an emergency situation. “It’s unfortunate that we have so many new victims in a week but it's great that they’re coming to us and that their lives are being saved,” Priscilla added.

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A local hero is honoured

A LOCAL hero who died while serving with UN Peacekeeping Forces in the Congo in 1960 was honoured in Blanchardstown earlier this month.

Sergeant Hugh Gaynor served with the 33rd Infantry Battalion, which was deployed to the newly created African nation in late 1960 to help quell an illegal process of secession supported by powerful European mining and political interests. Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Patrice Lumumba, sought international help to put down the attempted break up of his country and the UN Security Council sanctioned a Peacekeeping Force. Ireland, along with Sweden, volunteered to help and ‘Operation Sarsfield’ was launched with the departure in late July 1960 of the 32nd Infantry Battalion of 650 men under the command of Lt Col Murt Buckley. Prior to its departure, the Battalion paraded up O’Connell Street before thousands of enthusiastic well-wishers before being bussed out to

Baldonnel Aerodrome for the flight to Africa. Sergeant Gaynor and the 33rd Infantry Battalion under the command of Lt Col Dick Bunworth followed in early August that year and were deployed to Albertville, in Katanga Province. Its area of operations bore the brunt of the ongoing threats from the warring factions, those forces loyal to the DRC government and the white mercenary led secessionist forces. Irish troops worked to keep roads open and liaise with the local Baluba population, who backed the Central Government but on November 8, 1960, a platoon led by Lt Kevin Gleeson and his NCO, Sergeant Gaynor, were ambushed by a large force of Baluba tribesmen armed with their traditional weapons. The Irish soldiers had just left their clearly marked UN white vehicles and were inspecting the destroyed bridge over the River Luweyeye in the district of Niemba. Lt Gleeson tried to negotiate with the attackers, but to no avail. He ordered his men to defend themselves but, in

a short space of time, eight of the patrol members were overwhelmed and killed. One died later from his wounds elsewhere, and, miraculously, two were found alive the next morning by a UN search party. Twenty-eight of the attackers died. The Irish bodies were brought home and, on November 22 1960, hundreds of thousands of citizens again lined the streets of Dublin in silent homage as the huge cortege made its way slowly to Glasnevin Cemetery, accompanied by the Army Bands playing the plaintive Dead March from Saul. Sgt Gaynor was remembered on February 3 last, when Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Mary McCamley unveiled a commemorative plaque in Blanchardstown to remember the local hero. Mayor McCamley joined members of the Gaynor and Gleeson families, including Sgt Gaynor’s daughter Sarah Tallon, members of the Irish United Nations Veterans Association, including Private Thomas Kenny, survivor of the Niemba ambush, Members of the Organisation of National Ex-Servicemen, and

▪▪ Fingal Mayor Mary McCamley with Millie Farrell (Great Grandaughter of Hugh Gaynor), Thomas Kenny (Niemba Ambush Survivor) and Sally Tallon (sister of Hugh Gaynor). PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA many local people for the occasion. “It’s fitting that we remember Sgt Gaynor’s sacrifice and that of his comrades in this public way here where he lived in the heart of Blanchardstown,” the mayor said.

The Mayor also warmly congratulated and commended Commandant (retired) Frank Russell for taking the initiative to commemorate Sergeant Gaynor and the other men who died at Niemba. “I want to pay tribute to

Commandant Russell’s hard work and to Sarah Tallon, Sergeant Gaynor’s daughter, for making this occasion possible” she added. The Mayor also paid tribute to the 87 Irish soldiers who have lost their lives while serving in different UN

missions in many parts of the world. This year marks the 60th year of international service by the Irish Defence Forces, which has the longest unbroken record of peacekeeping duties of any country in the world.



14 FEB 2018



We’re slaves to our smartphones

Comment: Tony McCullagh, Dublin People group editor


GREW up in a time when having a phone in your house was a big deal. It was right up there with owning a VHS video recorder or a Sodastream (younger readers may have to Google it). But even if you were posh enough to have a phone, there was a ridiculously long waiting list to get your line installed. This being Ireland in the 1980s, it all depended on who you knew. Happily, a family friend worked for Telecom Eireann so he managed to pull a few strings and push a few buttons to make it happen. We came home from school one day and there it was in the hall – a telephone we could finally call our own. Our enthu-

siasm was only slightly dented when we were told that we had to ask our parents’ permission to make a call – and only then if it was absolutely necessary! Having a phone at home changed everything. There would be no more treks to the nearby stinky phone box if we wanted to make a call. All we needed were friends and relatives who also had phones, although they could be hard to come by. Fast-forward a few decades and the humble landline is now the poor relation in the world of communications; usurped by the so-called smartphone and all its technical wizardry. Many of us no longer bother with a home phone, save for those who still live in pockets of the country with poor mobile network coverage. Incredibly, I recently learned that it’s now considered bad phone etiquette to call somebody at home without texting them first to see if they’re free to talk. That’s what we’ve been reduced to by a society that has made it easier to communicate, yet discourages us from doing so in any meaningful way. Mobile phones, once the exclusive preserve of so-called ‘yuppies’, are now as prevalent as the toothbrush. We don’t really like our children having them, yet we fear not being able to contact them if they leave the home without one. The smartphone is a constant distrac-

▪▪ Are smartphones having a negative impact on our daily lives? PHOTO: BIGSTOCK tion in our lives, making it impossible to leave work at work – or even home at home. You are always contactable, even though people don’t seem to call to talk as much these days. If you don’t respond to a text, WhatsApp or Facebook message within five minutes, people just assume

that you’re annoyed with them. Either it.” When you think about it for a moment, that or you’ve had a terrible accident. God forbid that your battery dies or it’s a pretty sad reflection on our lives EstablishEd ovEr 20 yEars even – horror of horrors – you leave your that we have all become such slaves to smartphones. phone WindoWs turned off. And the reaction•our •stock doors Conservatories Something to give up for Lent, perif a phone gets lost or dropped down the residential & CommerCial WindoWs • Idoors Conservatories toilet is usually: “Everything had was on• haps?

EstablishEd ovEr 20 yEars

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Lidl reveals new store

DCU to host antibullying forum

Jack Gleeson DUBLIN has been selected as host city for the World Anti-Bullying Forum in 2019.

LOW-COST retailer Lidl is to open a store in Gulliver’s Retail Park next month following what it describes as “overwhelming support” from the local community in Ballymun. The move to make permanent the Lidl outlet previously used for ‘warehouse’ sales comes after the company successfully came through the planning process for a new store in Ballymun. Lidl faced a number of challenges to its Ballymun project and was keen to get locals behind the plan. An open day for the development was held in Ballymun Civic Centre to inform the community about the project. The day proved to be a big success, with a significant number of signatures collected in support of the Lidl development. Dublin City Council later granted planning permission for the new retail store and accommodation for more than 360 students in 60

▪▪ The new Lidl store will be open next month. units. Construction of the Ballymun store is due to start shortly but while waiting for the outlet to be completed, locals will be able to shop at Lidl in the nearby Gulliver’s Retail Park Santry store from next month. Regional Director for Lidl, Tom McAuliffe, explained why the company was open-

ing the new outlet. “We held a public information day in September to showcase plans we had for the Ballymun store located at Balbutcher Way,” he said. “We were inundated with positive feedback from the local community with regards to this development. “The planning process in Ireland is a lengthy one

and so we looked at options where we could possibly open a store in the area sooner rather than later. “Gulliver’s Retail Park has presented us with such an opportunity, in a very accessible location. “This store will be our 39th store in Dublin and brings us to 155 in the Republic of Ireland.”

McAuliffe revealed that the new store will bring 20 jobs to the area and promised that its opening will not impact on the Ballymun project. “We are still committed to investing in that Lidl store with ancillary office space, car parking and the construction of two linked blocks of student accommodation

The forum is expected to be the most significant global event focussed on tackling bullying and harassment of young people and it will be held in Dublin City University from June 2-4, 2019. The decision to hold the forum in Dublin came after a successful bid led by the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at DCU. The event is expected to attract over 700 practitioners, academics and others with an interest in understanding and tackling bullying. The successful bid was supported by the Department of Education and Skills, Fáilte Ireland and Lord Mayor of Dublin Mícheál Mac Donncha. “We already know that the City of Dublin is one of the safest cities in the world and we are hoping that by hosting the WABF here in 2019 it will be another step towards making the Dublin a bully-free city,” the Lord Mayor said. “Much bullying behaviour relates to a lack of tolerance for difference but Dublin is a city of many cultures, faiths and ways of life so we hope that with so many experts coming from all over the world we will be able to learn more about how to promote tolerance of difference in our city.” Director of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at DCU James O’Higgins Norman said he was delighted to have won the bid to host the forum. “We are very excited because we have already secured some of the leading international experts on bullying and related issues,” he added. “Bullying is a universal problem and so we have invited experts from every corner of the globe who will help us to deepen our knowledge and expand our skills in tackling bullying among children and young people.”








14 FEB 2018


They’re all Bohs boys now A NEW partnership between Bohemian FC and St Kevin's Boys FC that will provide youngsters with a path to League of Ireland soccer was formally launched last week. Under the agreement, the clubs will enter a joint team when the 2018 SSE Airtricity U15 League season kicks off in March. The arrangement will be extended to U13 level when the new SSE Airtricity U13 League commences in March 2019. Ger Browne, supported by a backroom team of Glen Byrne and Greg Donohue, will manage the U15 team. The partnership brings together the League of Ireland’s oldest club and the country’s most famous schoolboy club. Both have a proud tradition of nurturing talent and Ireland’s most recent senior international squads are a

testament to that. They featured two former Bohs in Stephen Ward and Matt Doherty and the established former St Kevin’s duo of Robbie Brady and Jeff Hendrick. Links between the clubs are already established and the 2018 Bohemians firstteam squad includes six former St Kevin's players in Phillip Gannon, Jamie Hamilton, Darragh Leahy, Karl Moore, Keith Ward and Dylan Watts. The St Kevin's DNA also very much runs through the squads of Graham Lawlor's Bohs SSE Airtricity U19 League champions and Jimmy Mowlds' SSE Airtricity U17 League runners-up. Bohemian FC President Chris Brien said the club was pleased to enter into the partnership. "I believe it is a perfect match between a club with a great history in schoolboy football and the oldest se-

▪▪ Steven Nolan, Jamie Hamilton and Darragh Leahy of Bohs with Michael and Zach from St Kevin’s Boys.

nior club in the State, one "St Kevin's has produced this partnership gives a with its own wonderful histo- a number of outstanding clear pathway for their playry over 128 years,” he added. players over the years and ers to go from schoolboy football, through the elite teams all the way into the senior team. “It also means that Bohemians are getting excellent young players at all levels. It is a definite win-win for both clubs. "Players will also win. They can now see their future stretch before them and there is no rush to try and get a move abroad. They can remain in Ireland, complete their education and still play football at an elite level. “If they do eventually move abroad they will be more mature and, hopefully, better prepared to handle the situation.” ▪▪ The new Bohs St Kevin’s management team of Glen Byrne, Ger Browne and Greg Donohoe. PHOTO: DAVID FITZGERALD/SPORTSFILE

St Kevin's Football Director, Ken Donohoe, said the schoolboy club was delighted with the strategic partnership. "It is an opportunity for both clubs to further grow and present a clearly defined pathway for coaches and elite players from the youngest age groups at foundation level right through to the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division and beyond using the expertise within both clubs that have made them so successful in their respective spheres up to now,” he continued. "The complementary nature of this partnership will be unmatched as the full weight of experience of nearly 60 years that SKB have gained at schoolboy

level is aligned to the tradition of one of the giants of League of Ireland football in Bohemian FC. "Both clubs have a strong history of developing some of the finest players that the country has produced. This partnership will only enhance that and it will create opportunities for players from both clubs to maximise their potential in a highly professional and competitive environment. "We would like to take this opportunity to wish Keith Long, his staff and players the best of luck for the coming season and we are sure that the young players currently at U19, U17 and U15 will very soon be pushing to be a part of the Bohemians first-team squad.”



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14 FEB 2018


Locals race to indoor titles at Abbotstown LOCAL athletics clubs Dublin City Harriers and Clonliffe Harriers lived up to their favourites’ tag and retained their Irish Life Health National Indoor League titles in Abbotstown.  

Catherine McManus was once again instrumental in the Dublin City Harriers’ ladies victory. Catherine won the long jump with 5.24m and the 200m in 24.23 while also coming a close second in the

60m in 7.66 – one hundredth of a second behind Aoife Lynch (Donore Harriers AC). McManus also anchored the 4x200m relay to victory. The Clonliffe Harriers men dominated once more with individual victories for

Dara Kervick in the 400m in 48.50, Keith Marks in the long jump in 7.15m, Chris Sibanda in the 200m in 22.17, Dave Donegan in the pole vault with 4.10m and Marcin Klinkosz in the high jump with 1.85m.

▪▪ Eventual winner Dara Kervick of Clonliffe Harriers AC, centre, competing in the Men’s 400m event at the Irish Life Health National Indoor League Finals at the National Indoor Arena in Abbotstown.



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▪▪ Leah Bergin, Clonliffe Harriers AC, competing in the Women’s 400m at the Irish Life Health National Indoor League Finals.

New Fingal Chamber President is appointed Mr Jordan is married to FINGAL Dublin Chamber has announced the ap- Aedeen. They have two adult pointment of Jock Jordan children and live in Rogerstown, Rush.  He is a memas its new President.  ber of Rush Community First Mr Jordan, Group Sales Responders and a member Director at One4all Gift of St John Ambulance. “With serious issues such Cards, takes over from Guy as Brexit and Metro North Thompson. Mr Jordan said: “It is a on our horizon and the congreat honour to become tinued importance of Dublin President of Fingal Dublin Airport and its economic Chamber of Commerce, rep- impact for the region, it is resenting the business voice imperative we have a strong and growing Chamber,” he for the region.  “One4all Gift Cards has added. Outgoing President Guy been a member of the Chamber since 2003 so we Thompson said he was deare acutely aware of its im- lighted to represent the portance to our business Chamber for the past two years. and the wider community. “It has been a great priv“I want to thank Guy Thompson for his person- ilege and a wonderful exal commitment, dedication perience to represent busiand service to the Chamber nesses in Fingal,” said Mr Thompson. over the past two years. “I was particularly “I am looking forward to working closely with Cham- pleased to be part of the ber chief executive Anthony British Ambassador’s visit to Cooney to further strength- Fingal and the Taiwan Amen our business voice in the bassador’s business breakregion through increased fast last year. “I want to pay tribute to membership and consolidation with other business the Chamber Board of Directors, chief executive, Council groups.”

▪▪ Jock Jordan is the new Fingal Dublin Chamber President. Members and Chamber staff who are so committed and passionate in growing and developing the Chamber. “Finally, I wish Jock every success during his time as President. He is a highly respected member of the Chamber with excellent

business acumen and he is a fitting President.” Anthony Cooney added that he is looking forward to working with the new President in implementing Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce’s strategy for the coming year.



Search is on for next Spielberg LOCAL budding Steven Spielbergs are being invited to apply for funding to enter a short film competition that highlights the dangers of smoking. The Irish Cancer Society’s X-HALE competition aims to get young people around the city to be part of a future tobacco-free generation. It asks young filmmakers aged 10-24, to help spread the word about the impact of smoking and encourage their friends, family and communi-

ty to be smoke free. Last year Loren from Stoneybatter Community Training Centre participated in the X-HALE Programme and she spoke about the experience at this year’s launch. “I feel very proud because I stood up in front of others and told them about how I used to be a smoker and how I became a non-smoker,” she explained. “The messages in the programme definitely stuck with me and I encourage all my friends not to smoke or try to

give up.” Through X-HALE, the Irish Cancer Society provides funding and training to youth groups to encourage young people to address tobacco use and empower them to take action in their communities by making a short film about the impact of smoking. The closing date for applications for funding is Wednesday, February 28 but film entries will be accepted until Wednesday, May 23. “Our 2018 training and funding opportunities are

now open for applications and we want youth organisations across Ireland to get involved and drive the movement towards establishing Ireland’s first smoke free generation,” said Sarah Chadwick, Cancer Prevention Officer at the Irish Cancer Society. “The success of the X-HALE programme highlights the potential for young people most affected by tobacco use and their supporting organisations to drive change around tobacco at local, national and international level.”

▪▪ The X-HALE competition aims to get young people and youth groups around the city to be part of a future tobacco-free generation.


Come Join the Fun!

Dublin’s NEW Premier Entertainment Venue


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14 FEB 2018



Waterboys are Live at Leopardstown FOLLOWING hot on the heels of a hugely successful Dublin Racing Festival featuring a host of entertainment including Damian Dempsey, Vogue Williams, Stockton's Wing and more, Leopardstown Racecourse has launched the 2018 Bulmers Live at Leopardstown Summer Series by announcing the headline act – The Waterboys. Now in its 9th year, Bulmers Live at Leopardstown has established itself as Ireland’s premier racing and live music event, bringing superb international acts to the racecourse over the years. Sister Sledge, The Human League, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Johnny Marr, and Happy Mondays have lined up alongside some of the best live Irish acts of our times, including The Boomtown Rats, Hot House Flowers, The Coronas and Ash. Joining this stellar list of names this summer will be a band very dear to the hearts of Irish music lovers over the decades, The Waterboys. Mike Scott was already a legend before he moved to Ireland to record and release the iconic album, ‘Fisherman’s Blues’. Already his album ‘This is the Sea’, with its international hit ‘The Whole of the Moon’ had marked Scott as an inspirational songwriter for his generation. But with Fisherman’s Blues, The Waterboys almost single-handedly revived an interest in Irish traditional

music not seen for a couple of generations. Staking out bold, new territory with fresh approaches and inspirational collaborators has been the defining factor of Scott’s creative flow. Their new album ‘Out Of All This Blue’ – the band’s twelfth and first double album - is perhaps the most brilliantly daring and accomplished reinvention of The Waterboys to date. The Waterboys will play the concluding event for Bulmers Live at Leopardstown on Thursday August 16. However, there are seven other events starting on June 7 and running through June, July and August that will feature a fantastic line-up with details to be released over the coming weeks. Now a favourite fixture on Dublin’s summer calendar, Bulmers Live at Leopardstown’s combination of live music with horse racing has proven a winning mix for those looking for great festival vibes and a Thursday night’s outdoor entertainment. Pat Keogh, CEO of Leopardstown Racecourse said they were delighted to be welcoming such an iconic band such as The Waterboys to Leopardstown for Bulmers Live at Leopardstown. “This summer series grows in popularity every year. Punters are attracted by a superb line-up which supports excellent horseracing and I am positive this year will be even more successful.” ▪▪ The Waterboys in action. Mike Scott’s legendary live show is coming to Leopardstown.

Stiff Little Fingers to storm Dublin growing up at the height of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, in songs like ‘Suspect Device’ and ‘Wasted Life’. In November of ’77, they released those two songs on their own Rigid Digits label, and sent a copy to BBC Radio One DJ John Peel, They wrote initially who started playing it about their own lives, every night. FORMED in 1977 in Belfast, Stiff Little Fingers, along with the likes of the Clash, Sex Pistols, The Jam, Buzzcocks, Undertones, Sham 69, and The Stranglers, were at the forefront of the punk movement.

These were the first of what became SLF’s signature style: lyrics that meld the personal and political, music that combines the energy of punk with infectious hooks, and delivery that rings of honesty and commitment. In 1979 they became the first band ever to

hit the UK top 20 album charts on an independent label with their debut ‘Inflammable Material’. The album chronicles the band’s anger and frustration at The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and calls on youth to create their own reality. Over the years,

their live shows continued to be special events of energy and power. Their studio albums demonstrate their passion and anger, each in its own way. In 1994 they released the ‘Get a Life’ LP. The album helped renew interest in SLF just as newer bands

▪▪ Stiff Little Fingers are a force to be reckoned with. that cited them as a major influence, such as Bad Religion, Sugar, Rancid and Therapy, were coming to prominence. In August 2003, Stiff Little Fingers released

their ninth studio album, ‘Guitar and Drum’, which includes a moving tribute to Joe Strummer, entitled ‘Strummerville’. After many studio albums and countless tours,

Stiff Little Fingers find themselves more in demand than ever.

Stiff Little Fingers are live at The Academy Dublin on Friday, August 24.



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14 FEB 2018


PETS lreland’s largest pet retailer

e h t f o DOG


Nico -10% now


The Dublin People Newspaper Group has teamed up with Dogs Trust to help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs.

2 €1.50 for



Available from 01/02/18 - 28/02/18. While stocks last.

Dogs Trust is based in Finglas, just off Exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website at You can also pop up for a visit. Dogs Trust is open six days a week from 12-4pm. The centre is closed all day Tuesday. You can also find Dogs Trust on Facebook at or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE

Our Dog of the Week is Nico, a stunning one-year-old male crossbreed who cannot wait to start his new life with a new and loving family! He can initially be a little anxious when making new friends but once you are gentle and reassure him, he will quickly come out of his shell. Nico is looking for a patient family that will be interested in helping him overcome his anxieties when out and about and have the time to dedicate to his training and in turn, we are sure you will be rewarded with a best pal for life. Nico will be happiest living in an adult home where he will be the only pet so he can get all the love and attention he truly deserves! Do you have room in your heart for this special boy who is waiting for his second chance in life?

Whoosh! Where did January go? The first day of February is now upon us and while many kids across the country will be celebrating St. Brigid’s day, here at Equipet we will be celebrating the start of Pet Dental Care Awareness Month! Teeth are the most valuable part of an animal’s body, as it is the teeth that usually cause the most problems! Taking care of your pet’s teeth is vital to ensuring a happy and long companionship with your chosen friend; be they small and furry or large and lean. Without further delay, let’s begin with the small and furry!

Small Animal Dental Care: Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice rely on their teeth for much of the labour of eating. All of these animals are herbivores to some extent (Except rabbits and rats, they’re everything-vores) so they rely on their teeth to mulch and grind food down before it reaches their stomachs. However, most of these animals mentioned have one very important dental care aspect; their teeth never stop growing! They constantly need a hard object to wear down the excess bone and stop them from puncturing their jaws (Gross, and painful!). Rabbits naturally do this in the wild but in domesticated environments they will require some kind of grinding toy or object like the Gnawing Stone with Croquettes or even hay! This will help keep their teeth at an acceptable length and prevent discomfort and pain, while also enabling them to happily munch away till their hearts content! Regularly check your small animal’s teeth and mouth for signs of growth, infection or swelling and if anything unusual appears bring them to your vet immediately.

Dental Care for Cats:

Dental Care for Birds: But birds don’t have teeth Aidan? True, they have beaks, which act like their teeth. Much like rabbits and hamsters need gnawing stones to wear their teeth down, a bird needs a pumice stone or shell in order to properly maintain its beak! In relation to this, I remember watching an episode of Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet one night; A lady had brought her parrot in because its beak had grown out of control because she had been feeding it soft food only and it could no longer pick up food with its mouth. Dr. Jeff had to gently sand down the birds beak and put it on a strict diet of nuts, though before long the parrot was back to normal health (go Dr. Jeff!). Feed your bird a  balanced diet of nuts and hard foods  and always provide it with a shell or pumice stone with which to gnaw on, this is essentially the only dental care for birds!

A snowball has a better chance in Hell than you getting a chance to peek at your cats teeth. As much as your cat might loathe you for being near to her mouth, it is very important! Your cat uses her fangs for a variety of important tasks such as satisfying her prey drive, hunting and subduing threats to your home, and biting the hand that feeds (Gently and with love). If possible you should try and brush your cat’s teeth. If this is not possible don’t worry, premium cat feeds are specially formulated chelated kibble which ensures that your cat is getting all of the dental care she could ever need, just by eating! Much like toys and treats for small animals, cat toys can also have a secondary use by being able to reach in-between teeth and remove plaque and tartar. The Royal Canin Oral Care range is also perfect for your cat’s teeth, as well as anything from our Cat Toy range! Help keep their fangs sharp as tacks and your cat will love you forever! As with all things, regularly try and check your cat’s mouth for signs of infection and disease and always bring your cat to the vet if you are unsure of anything. Some key things to look out for: Swelling or Asymmetry in your cats face, sleeping in a different part of the house, bad breath and changes in how your cat eats.

Give a Dog a Home Today! Phone us on 01 8791000

Dental Care for Dogs: Where do we even begin with dogs? The biggest Jesters of all animals, staying vigilant over your dog’s dental health can be a difficult task! A dog’s mouth is the biggest indicator of the animals overall well-being, because if a dog isn’t eating you know something is definitely wrong! Caring for your dog’s teeth is somewhat easier than caring for any other animal’s teeth as dogs are more open to the idea of you being in and around their mouth. Because of this, you may be able to get a brush and toothpaste in and around your dog’s gums, depending on his temperament of course. This enables you to better reach the places that his dry food or favourite toy may not be able to, while also giving you the perfect excuse to have a good look around his gums. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, a  quality dry food like any of the one’s we stock in store is more than ideal for keeping your dogs dental care under control while we also stock specialty toys and treats for Canine Oral care such as the Whimzee’s Rice Treats,  Nylabone Dog Toy range,  K9 Connectables  and other dental toys and treats. One of the best things in-store for both cats and dog›s is our Tropiclean range of dental care! Even Leader have released some new oral care products for your dogs dental health!   Dental supplements are another way to go if you feel that his food or toys aren’t doing enough for him. We stock a huge selection of any supplement you could ever need; especially dental care products for both cats and dogs, though unfortunately our smaller friends are left out! With dogs, regular checks need to be maintained in order to identify problems. As always, if you feel unsure about anything you can always ask our staff or, better still, visit your trusted vet. The welfare of your pets is paramount and we take every pet’s health very seriously!

Signing off on Pet Dental Care: While raising the awareness of dental hygiene for the month of February is our main goal, you will find many offers, both online and in-store for dental products for all animals! Now is the perfect time to buy those Rice Treats you’ve had your eye on, or some beef flavoured toothpaste for your best four-legged friend or even a gnawing stick for your little floof-ball!

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South Korean company gets a warm welcome in Swords ganisation (CDMO), which will ufacturing and regulatory manufacture pharma prod- affairs, and most importantly ucts to specification for other in its talented workforce who pharmaceutical companies are joining us on the journey, will greatly help to drive our on a contract basis. The company also con- near-term ambition to beSK biotek announced the firmed that it intends to come a leading global CDMO. “We plan to enhance acquisition of the former add marketing, research Bristol-Myers Squibb API and development (R&D) tal- technological capability and (active pharmaceutical ingre- ent, while investing to bring manufacturing capacity and dients) facility in Swords in additional API manufac- build long-term partnerJune 2017 and completed the turing capacity to Swords ships with existing and new customers and look forward Campus. deal by year-end 2017. On the day, the Irish and to growing our presence Over 360 staff employed on Swords Campus, dedicat- South Korean flags were in Swords in the coming ed to API Operations, transi- ceremoniously raised in the years.” Dr Park said the company’s tioned to SK biotek employ- grounds of the campus. Speaking at the ceremo- early experience of operating ment from January 1, 2018. The acquisition of Swords ny, Dr Junku Park PhD, chief in Ireland in working through Campus represents the pro- executive of SK biotek, said: the acquisition has been very gression of a growth plan for “With Ireland being at the positive. “Ireland has a welcoming SK biotek to become a top forefront of global pharmatier global contract pharma- ceutical manufacturing excel- business environment and a ceuticals manufacturing firm lence, Swords Campus brings talented workforce,” he said.   “The workplace and culwith it a strong legacy and by 2020. SK biotek has confirmed rich history - which spans 50+ tural engagement has been that it plans to operate and years of excellence in pharma highly positive and IDA Ireland’s assistance with guiddevelop Swords Campus as a production. “The stellar reputation of ance, introductions and local stand-alone Contract Devel6-7. Dantes_Valentine_People260x160mm_AW.pdf 30/01/2018has 18:04 also been opment Manufacturing Or- Swords Campus both in man- 1 knowledge A CEREMONY was held in Swords last month to mark the first South Korean pharma-company to invest in Ireland.









▪▪ Pictured at the event in Swords were Joanne Kelleher, SK biotek Ireland, with Dr Junku Park, chief executive of SK biotek. PHOTO: JASON CLARKE very encouraging and much appreciated. “The establishment of our first manufacturing campus outside of South Korea offers great opportunity for growth which will in turn create ad-

ditional and exciting new opportunities for our staff in Swords.” Minister of State Michael D’Arcy said the investment is a great vote of confidence for what Ireland has to offer,


particularly our talented and flexible workforce. “The pharma sector is one of our fastest growing sectors and makes a huge contribution to the Irish economy in terms of jobs and manufac-

turing exports,” said Minister D’Arcy. “The Government is keen to support dynamic pharma companies like SK biotek and I am pleased to hear of its ambitions for the future.”

valentine’s dinner

pizza pasta’s Share any Starter & Two Main Blackboard *


& Sweeten things up with a Shared Dessert

All enjoyed with a Bottle of

Prosecco or house wine! *T&C’s Apply. Excludes customise your pizza options


14 FEB 2018


PLANNING & NOTICES PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council We, Brenda and Darren Casey intend to apply for planning permission at this site 17 Ashington Gardens, Navan Road, Dublin 7. Planning Permission is sought for attic conversion with dormer type projection to the rear for storage use and all associated site works. This planning application may be inspected or at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on the payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.

PLANNING DUBLIN Fingal County Council I, Sarah Russell seek full planning permission for the construction of a new two storey single family dwelling at Borranstown, Ashbourne, Co. Dublin, (Eircode A84 XA43). The proposed development will measure a gross floor area of 243m2, of which the proposed dwelling is 207m2 and the associated garage is 36m2. The dwelling will comprise of a kitchen, living and dining room, 3 bedrooms, 3 WC’s, playroom and associated utility room. A wastewater treatment unit, percolation area and soakaway will also be installed as part of the site works. Landscaping includes blocking up of the existing site entrance to the adjacent property and formation of a new shared entrance to serve both the existing dwelling and proposed new property. This will require minor modifications to the exiting boundary wall, new entrance piers to opening of new entrance, removal of the hedgerow for replacement with new hedgerow and removal of existing grass bank and replacement with grass verge. Boundary planting to the perimeter of the site is also included in the scope of works. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

PRIVATE ADS Prayers Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. TS

Planning Application Notices

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail . LML Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail . JR Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. SMR DEAR Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours I ask you for this very special one. Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your broken heart, where your Holy Father sees it then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. say this prayer for three days promise publication and favours will be granted never known to fail. Promise to publish, many thanks for favours received and about to be received. Publication promised. SMC L Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. MLK Articles Wanted Violins, Violas cellos wanted any condition. Seen anywhere. Top International prices paid. Wanted by Collector 0872416723 Personal Services Housekeeper required Clontarf area. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 2.00pm - 5.30pm. Contact 0870515986.


Standard Planning Notice €127.10 plus VAT

PLANNING DUBLIN Fingal County Council Fergus Flanagan Architects on behalf of Alan & Catriona Wolfe wish to apply for planning permission for the following development at Pluckhimin, Garristown, Co. Dublin, A42 DK88.The development will consist of 1. Demolition of existing detached boiler house, 2. Demolition of existing porch, 3. Proposed single storey extension to the rear and side of an existing dwelling, flat roof extension to the rear, glass covered car port to the rear, glass covered terrace to the front and proposed rooflights, 4. Proposed on site treatment system and all associated site works. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during the public opening hour of 9.30 - 16.30 Monday - Friday at: Fingal County Council, Fingal County Hall, Main Street, Swords, Fingal, Co. Dublin (to inspect Planning Applications on all lands except those lands to the west of the N2) Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Fingal, Dublin 15. (to inspect Planning Applications on all lands west of the N2) A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of a fee of €20, within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by Fingal County Council of the Application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.


Deadline for submission Friday at 12pm





New Mercedes-Benz A-class prepares for its Irish arrival MERCEDES-BENZ has lifted the covers off its allnew A-Class, the latest in a generation of cars that the German manufacturer believes will redefine modern luxury in the compact class. Set to be one of the crowd-pleasing attractions at the Geneva Motor Show, the all-new A-Class is more ‘grown up’ and more comfortable than before while still retaining all of its youthful appeal. With model range and prices to be announced closer to introduction, Ciaran Allen, sales manager for Mercedes-Benz underlined their determination to drive sales by continuing to maintain what he calls “an extremely competitive position”.

This latest A-Class takes over from a bestseller that has given the brand a distinctly more youthful fan base. According to Mercedes-Benz, drivers are now some 13 years younger on average than those of its predecessor. Though numerous body changes have been introduced to give it a noticeably larger and even more energetic appearance, its most pronounced changes can be seen in an interior that its designers say is completely new and quite revolutionary. Exuding a new sense of spaciousness, its interior architecture is marked by an avant-garde dashboard design and control-and-display systems. Visually, the dashboard

is divided into two sections, one set above the other – the lower section separated from the other by appearing to ‘float’ before it in a three-dimensional way, an effect that can be accentuated by optional ambience lighting. However, arguably its most ingenious feature is an ultra-modern multimedia and infotainment system, one of whose characteristics is a capacity to ‘learn’ thanks to its use of artificial intelligence. Branded the Mercedes-Benz User Experience – MBUX for short – this ‘intuitive’ operating experience is said to significantly reduce driver distraction. At its heart is a high-resolution, wide touch-screen operation. ▪▪ Mercedes-Benz A-class is on its way to these shores.

°Finance example: Citroën C1 VTi 68 Feel; OTR Price: €14,295*, Deposit: €4,918.16, Total Amount of Credit: €9,376.84, 36 monthly payments: €135, Duration of Agreement: 37 months, Total cost of credit: €636.41, Optional final payment (GFV): €5,003.25, Documentation & Option to purchase fee: €75 each, Representative APR: 2.9% fixed PCP Finance. Models shown for illustrative purposes only. You will not own the goods until the final payment is made. Finance is arranged by First Auto Finance Ireland Ltd, the exclusive agent of Close Brothers Ltd, trading as Close Brothers Motor Finance in Ireland. *OTR (On The Road) price includes €700 delivery charge, but excludes optional extras such as metallic paint. ‡5 year unlimited mileage Citroën warranty on Passenger Vehicles is made up of 3 years’ manufacturer’s warranty and 2 years’ extended warranty. ΔThese offers are mutually exclusive and are available on selected models in the Citroën range. Offers end 31.03.18. Information correct at time of print. See for full terms and conditions.

CI10172B_Airside_260x156_Dublin People.indd 1

25/01/2018 15:25


14 FEB 2018



Shine some light on your home decor Polish Painter & Contractor

▪▪ Neptune’s Brunswick wall light with linen shade (€83) shows off the stunning Chichester washstand to perfection. Single washstand prices from (€1,490), Double door washstand from (€2,370).


Ph: Albert 087 318 9034


• Specialising in all types of Paving, Asphalt, Tarmacadam etc. • 30 years & still going strong! • Won’t be beaten on price or quality • All work fully guaranteed for 7 years • Prices for all budgets & no payment accepted until the job is complete

All areas covered, No job too big or small Email: Web: Malahide Road, Dublin 5.

Contact Miles: 087 338 3300 Office: 01 836 4611

▪▪ Neptune’s Garrick wall light (€96) creates a sculptural spectacle even when it is not turned on.

WHEN it comes to lighting dants, but here again the your home, wall lights are layered approach to lightan option that should not ing can pay off. be overlooked. Try putting a slim wall light either side of the cookWhen we think walls, we er where it can cast a small think paint, art, mirrors, pool of light downwards maybe even a clock, but onto the hob. It won't get in the way with a little know-how a well-placed wall light can and it will add visual interbecome a piece of art in its est along with some illumination. own right. Wall lights can be perfect Design expert John Sims-Hildtich, of leading for bedrooms when space is interiors and lifestyle brand limited and a bedside lamp Neptune, maintains wall might be out of the queslights are perfect for adding tion. Even in more spacious subtle lighting when there’s not quite enough natural bedrooms, wall lights are light to awaken your room. Lighting, he says, should always be looked at in layers. Ceiling lights alone can make a room too harsh and bright while lamps by themselves can be too murky and sombre when they are a room’s only light source. In the bathroom, think about using a pair of attractive wall lights to flank a mirror. Their symmetry creates a visual balance while the even lighting will limit shadows, important for applying make-up or the morning shave. It is easy to think a kitchen is all about ceiling lights, be they spotlights or pen-

worth thinking about as they leave more room for bedside books and keepsakes. Wall lights come into their own in the living room and above eye level is a good place to position them to avoid glare. Consider wall lights with extending arm designs such as Neptune's Keats range that can be moved lower so they can become handy reading lights. Use wall lights to downlight artwork on your walls, or to uplight architectural elements such as doorways,

alcoves and recessed spaces. It will actually make the space feel larger. In fact, some wall lights are attractive enough to act as wall art in their own right. Neptune's Garrick wall light, with its individually sculpted oak leaves that wind their way around candle shaped bulbs, is the perfect example. It is lighting that creates a sculptural spectacle even when it is not turned on. See for Irish stockists of the products mentioned above.

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▪▪ Use wall lights to flank a bathroom mirror. Here Neptune’s Keats Wall Light Single Arm - Nickel with Glass shade (€115) sets off the Chichester countertop washstand (€1,240) and Buckingham square mirror (€170).




▪▪ Ideal for highlighting elements in a room, Neptune’s Keats extending double arm wall light (€155).

▪▪ Wall lights come into their own in the living room. Check out Neptune’s Keats Wall Light Single Arm - Nickel with Glass shade (€115).

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All’s good in Bad Gastein

Neil Fetherstonhaugh There’s something in the waters of Bad Gastein. That’s not just an expression. There actually is something in the water of this famed Austrian resort town. Located in the heart of the Hohe Tauern mountain range, the town has been a famous destination for centuries as visitors flocked to its various hot spas, seeking out what is considered the magical healing properties of its radon-rich waters and healing mines located in cliffs high above town. Even today locals still encourage visitors to drink the water straight from the tap in their hotel room, usually a big no-no when traveling, but sure enough, it was as refreshing and tasty as they promised when I tried it out of curiosity after checking into our centrally located and pleasant 3 star Hotel Krone. Unlike some other ski resorts that are often purpose-built to accommodate the hordes that descend every year seeking their thrills and spills on the slopes, Bad Gastein is an authentic Austrian city with its own life going on in the quaint cobbled streets at the bottom of the slopes. There is air of faded elegance, a sense that this alpine gem has seen better days but revival is in the air and the enterprising locals have worked hard to transform former rundown buildings and give them a new lease of life. One of them is a power station that is now a cool bar while another is Bad Gastein’s impressive waterfall that sends its tumbling icy cold waters ripping right through the centre of town. Under clear blue skies and icy white mountains and surrounded by fresh mineral water and hot springs, the sprightly residents here enjoy a healthy,

outdoor existence. It was with some awe that I watched a group of older locals engaged in an energetic game of curling outside the restaurant where we were dining on our first evening in town. In their version of this local entertainment, the player hurls a large stone that has a longer stick attached, down along a stretch of icy road in a bid to get it as close as possible to the target ball. It was played with much gusto and even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying there was no doubt that a good bit of slagging and one-upmanship accompanied each throw as they each competed to win a round. Believe me, it was a lot easier than it looked, and even after several awkward pitches I was no closer to getting the hurl to travel with the same level of marksmanship as these robust men of the mountains achieved on every throw. It was great fun, and well worth the punt, if you excuse the pun, and it helped work off the hearty lunch we had enjoyed earlier in the Eisschützenstüberl Familie Lanzelin right next door. Even though Bad Gastein competes for a share of the lucrative alpine market it can easily hold its own in the whole skiing stakes, but given the competitive nature of the industry and with some heavy-hitting competitors right on their doorstep, Bad Gastein is not resting on its laurels. Work is already underway on a massive construction project that will see the transformation of a 20-hectare area of pistes in the Schlossalm ski area. My first experience of the new ski season was as you’d expect in Austria. We were in and out of Sport Schober, located near the main Stubnerkogel lift station in minutes as the efficient staff had us suited and booted and ready to go, and from there it was a quick ride

up to the top of the 2,251 metre Stub- enjoyed the outdoor ‘relaxation zone’ before plunging back into the heated nerkogal. where you could get out of the water waters. The nice red slopes gently segued and dive into the surrounding snow Talk about a thrill to the senses! into significantly more challenging fast blacks but such was the relaxed pace we were travelling at; it didn’t require too much effort to make the adjustment. On our first morning a heavy snowfall at the top of the mountain did lead to a slight disorientating white out as we descended. It took some concentration to keep our bearings but as I gradually managed to regain my ski legs the snow stopped the adrenalin kicked in. Soon we were picking up the pace and after a stop off for lunch, we were back out and by the afternoon were flying. Our ski guide Alex took us up and over various different runs that all offered slightly different challenges but as a mediocre skier I was well able to BAD GASTEIN FACT FILE take them on at my own pace. We even stopped off to check out the • We flew with Ryanair to Salzburg. See for flight details and cool 140m long suspension bridge that prices – with flights every Saturday during the winter ski season. Salzburg is one ever so slightly swings in the breeze, of- hour from the Gastein Valley, and one hour 15 minutes from the town of Bad Gastein. fering heart-stopping views out over the • Bad Gastein is part of the Gastein Valley, with over 220kms of accessible skiGastein valley from a spine-tingling 28 ing and marked pistes. Other activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, metres above the snow. ice-climbing, ice skating, curling, husky-dog sledding, winter hiking trails, night toOn the next ridge a panorama plat- bogganing, full moon ski touring, and a choice of thermal spas as well as the healing form, the Glocknerblic observation post caves of the Gaisteiner Heilstollen. looked like a set from Star Wars in the • There’s a Stars & Movie Walk, free of charge through the local tourist office. distance • Don’t miss seeing the wonderful unique feature that is the waterfall which runs And all around us rose the mesmer- through the centre of town. ising Hohe Tauern mountain chain that • We stayed at the Hotel Krone, a 3-star hotel with direct access to the main gongives this part of the world its unique dola of Bad Gastein, as well as the Felsentherme Spa, and all shops and bars in the identity town. Double rooms start at €33 pps while the dorms are €20pps. All rates include While the skiing was fantastic it breakfast and free WiFi. would have been amiss to leave Bad • The Felsentherme Spa in Bad Gastein ( consists of Gastein without at least trying out the family spa, panorama wellness area and massage, outdoor spa, and fitness suites. hot spas for which the town is equal- Cost for three hours is €22.50 with a Gastein Card. ly famous and a night time visit to the • We recommend taking Ski School, or Ski Guiding, and of course that is essential Felsentherme Spa, located just a couple for beginners. The Ski School itself is excellent, with English speaking instructors. of doors from our hotel, provided a wel- Schober is an excellent place for ski and boot hire, and is conveniently located become relief for weary bones. side the Gondola Station at Bad Gastein with excellent and free storage. See www. Floating gently around the indoor for more. 32°C pool was pure bliss although I



EDUCATION Free online GP service for USI students A LEADING digital healthcare provider has announced that its seven-day-a-week online GP service will be provided free of charge to all 374,000 student members of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). The VideoDoc service will be available free until the end of the academic year (June 2018). The partnership, which is potentially worth several million euro to the Irish student population, was launched as part of Healthy Living Week, a USI initiative to promote health & wellbeing in 37 campuses across the island of Ireland. Speaking at the launch Michael Kerrigan, USI President said: "We are delighted to partner with VideoDoc to provide GP healthcare to our members. “With the high cost of living and accommodation being the main factor in student poverty, our students can now rest assured that if they

get sick they can save money with VideoDoc." VideoDoc is an Irish company offering online GP services. Patients with a desktop PC or mobile device can log on from anywhere, including their sickbed, office or hotel room and see a GP. Each doctor is registered with the Irish Medical Council and the VideoDoc online service is available every day from 8am to 10pm.  “With VideoDoc we’ve created a GP service that cares not only about patients health but also about their time, convenience and money,” said Mary O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of VideoDoc.  “Our experience of general practice is that about 70 per cent of all GP visits can be treated online. Students who need to see a doctor but are far from their family GP, or too busy to attend a surgery between regular 9-5 working hours can now log on from anywhere and be treated within minutes.”



Centre of English Studies has “been placing foreign students in homes since 1979 ” We are again recruiting hosts for our students.

ACCOMMODATION NEEDED for students throughout the year (Must be max 10 kms from city centre)

Dublin 7, 9 and 15. CES pay a rate: €165 per week per student. Telephone: 671 4233 - 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday E-mail: 31 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Teens urged to ‘Be in Ctrl’ MINISTER for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, launched a new internet safety resource for teenagers to mark Safer Internet Day 2018 last week. ‘Be in Ctrl’ has been developed in partnership with An Garda Síochana to support teachers to address the topic of online sexual coercion and extortion - often referred to as ‘webcam blackmail’. The Department of Education said it recognises the concern expressed by parents and teachers on the use of new technologies by children. The new resource is part of a package of supports that the Department offers to schools in this area. All schools are advised to have an Acceptable Usage Policy in place, which governs students’ use of the internet at school. Under the ‘Broadband for Schools Programme’ schools are provided with a portfolio of network services including security and filtering of content. Schools are expected to develop policies on smartphone use in consultation with the wider school community, including parents. ‘Be in Ctrl’ contains three lesson plans, an information pack for school leaders, and

will be supported during a Garda Schools’ Talk. It’s intended for use as part of the Junior Cycle SPHE curriculum and will help students understand that online sexual coercion and extortion of children is a crime. It should also raise awareness of safe online communication, and let youngsters know when to seek help and report incidents. “We want to ensure our children are kept safe online,” Minister Bruton said. “This announcement is part of a suite of supports we offer schools in playing their part to ensure that our children are protected online. “I’m delighted to launch this resource, which was de-

veloped in partnership with An Garda Síochana and I encourage all schools to engage in this very important area.” Ciara O’Donnell, National Director, PDST, explained that national and international research had consistently shown that the qualified classroom teacher has the capacity to positively impact students’ attitudes, values and behaviours. “They are therefore well placed to work sensitively and consistently with students,” she said. “This resource should greatly assist teachers in their engagement with students on issues associated with online sexual coercion

and extortion.” Assistant Commissioner John O Driscoll of Special Crime Operations said An Garda Síochána was pleased to partner with Webwise in the development and launch of this important initiative. “Awareness raising of the nature intended, is undoubtedly an extremely important aspect of combating online child exploitation,” he said. “The benefits that can arise from implementing preventative measures regarding the issue involved cannot be overstated. “Posting or uploading explicit images or videos on social media, or passing such imagery to others online, is

extremely dangerous and has potential to cause devastating and lifelong consequences for children and their families. “Both parents and children should be aware of the dangers involved and the Garda Síochána advise that explicit images should never be posted or shared online. “Any child who receives a request to share explicit photographs should not do so. “If a child receives a request of this nature, we urge them to tell a parent and immediately make contact with the Garda Síochána who will provide advice regarding how the matter can best be handled.”

Do you want to become a qualified transport manager? IF YOU want a career in transport, unlock your potential and gain a recognised qualification, then you need a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in Transport Management. This certificate, which is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, qualifies you as a Transport Manager and entitles you to set up a haulage or bus passenger business. A CPC is also extremely beneficial for employment opportunities, career advancement, or if you want to up-skill. Subjects covered in the course include: managing a transport business; em-

ployment and contract law; health and safety legislation; financial management; tachograph and hours of driving legislation; national and international documentation; HRM etc. In preparation for the next exam on June 22, Tony Hynes of will be running his internationally acclaimed (see testimonials on part and full time courses in centrally located venues in Dublin (Green Isle Hotel), Galway (Connaught Hotel), Limerick (Kilmurray Lodge Hotel), Cork (Vienna Woods Hotel) and Athlone (Prince of Wales Hotel). For further information call 066-7186525 or 0876363003, email or visit

▪▪ Tony Hynes of


14 FEB 2018

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3 EASY WAYS TO PLACE AN AD ...Tel: 01 8621611 ...Fax: 01 8621625 ...Email:


ROOF REPAIRS Flat Roofs Tiles / Slates Chimney Flashing Gutters cleaned and repaired

Over 40 Years in Business

Big or small jobs

D Coakley LTD.. 118 St. Lawrences Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

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Mob: 085 159 7846

Covering Dublin & Surrounding Counties • Chimneys repaired & replaced • Flatroof Repairs & replaced • Fascia, Soffits & Gutters • All types of Insulation • All Types of Roof repairs

3 Bed Semi Detached Fascias, Soffits & Gutters From €799

Northside: Broomfield Bus/Pk, Malahide.

Tel: 01 9020407

Southside: Sandyford Ind Est,


TEL: Keith 087-2944986



All general garden work carried out


For All Your Garden Needs


• Landscaping • Hedges • Weeding • Roll on Turf • Overgrown Gardens • All types of Patios • Block Paving &


Gutters Cleaned & Sealed From €69

Tel: 01 6856438

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Over 20 years Experience Call Now Where Quality Service & Professionalism Matter

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• Trees Lopped, Pruned & Shaped • Paving • Multi Coloured Pebbling & Fencing • Laying Patios, Cobblelocking,

• Powerwashing, Sheds knocked & taken away. • All general garden work • Hedges Pruned & Trimmed • Instant Lawns


Free Estimates, Fully Insured, 20 years Experience No payment until job is complete.

• Weeding & Planting Free Quotes & expert advice (without Obligation)

Tel: 085 7649496 or 01 8140759 jamesfreshcut gardens

20yrs e enc xperi

Insurance Policy number: BS0561 - ELPL - 23490

NORTHSIDE 01 806 1137 Contact John Maloney: 087 359 1000 Pearse Street, Dublin 2: (01) 697 2087 Dundrum Bus. Park, D14: T: (01) 697 1896



(01) 8207176 / 087 9843558


No payment until work is complete

SOUTHSIDE 01 202 0026


50% OFF

Irish Owned Business | 100% Irish Materials | 20yr Written Guarantee on all work


Mobile: 085 7154581 GUTTERS CLEANED & SEALED


Roofing Repair & Replacement Ridge Tile Repaired & Replaced All Flat Roofing Repaired All Lead Valleys Replaced Chimneys Rebuilt


NORTHSIDE 01 806 1137


Airways Ind/Est, Santry


10 years Warranty - Active Paving is a name you can depend on

David Fowler, Maple Glen, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Fully Insured

01 8140758 085 2090219

Ekland Close, Malahide Road, D.5



• All New Fascia & Guttering Supplies & Fitted • All Old Gutters Repaired & Replaced • Find us in the Golden Pages


SOUTHSIDE 01 202 0026

Pearse Park Ind/est, Sallynoggin

Mob 087 4442111 01 8300040 (NORTH) 01 2800090 (SOUTH)

Dublin’s Leading Paving Company





All General Garden Work & Tidy ups. Instant lawns, Fencing, Overgrown Gardens, Block Paving, Flags, Dangerous Trees Removed. Sheds Knocked Down & Replaced. All types of Pebbles, Grass & Topsoil.

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ALL GENERAL GARDEN WORK & TIDY UPS 25yrs Experience, Free Estimates, Friendly Service, Fully Insured, No payment until job is complete.

Block Paving & Flags. Instant Lawns, Fencing, Roll out Turf, Overgrown Gardens, Dangerous Trees Removed.


*Over 20yrs Experience *Fully Insured *Free Estimates *No payment until job is complete *All work guaranteed *Friendly Service


Call 01 8140759 or 085 7649496

Mobile: 085 2722894 Tel: 01 8711785 Email:



Supply and Insulation of UPVC Facia and Soffits And Gutters






€120 €80 €90 €90 €100 €95 €100 €130 €180 €180 €170 €120 €60 €50 €70 €60



Gutters Cleaned and Sealed / Full guttering cleaning EFORE B All guttering down pipes checked / Full no obligation report on any fault

€49 Normally €99 ALL HOME IMPROVEMENTS Free Quotations Fully Insured All Areas Covered

Tel 01-6971035 Mobile 085-7732539

Roofing and Insulation Services We do what others promise We Specialise In

Vat no: 7362923j • Fully Insured

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Roof Repairs • Flat Roofs • Torch on Felt

PHONE ALEX: 087 788 5040

Jim’s Roofing Handyman Services


• Felting • Latting • Ridge Tile • Capping & Pointing

All areas covered

Construction Ltd Construction Ltd

Quality Services ServicesDelivering DeliveringGreat GreatResults Results

- House Building - House Building - Extensions - Extensions - Renovations - Renovations - Maintenance - Landscaping - Maintenance - Patios - Landscaping - Bathrooms - Patios call: 087 714 2707 - Bathrooms

• Roofing Repairs & Replacements • Lead Valleys • Chimney Flashings

• UPVC Gutters Cleaned and sealed


Attic insulation services Fully Insured

- Design and Build Solutions - Chartered Engineers - Chartered Engineers - QualiÞed and Licensed - Qualified and Builders Licensed Builders - Architectural Services Available - Architectural email: Services Available - Design and Build Solutions

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TC ROOFING Roofing and Guttering Property Maintenance

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Natural Stone Specialist

087 2843244 or 01 4599606 • • • • • • • •

Patios/Driveways Garden Clearance Trees/Hedges trimmed or removed Instant lawns/Artificial Grass Fencing All Types Garden Design & Construction All Materials & Plants supplied Patios & Driveways Cleaned & Sealed.

Professional & Friendly Service Check out our work on

Fully Insured


We use acrylic coatings which is activated with a resin hardener that sets to an ionised finish that is repellent against moss and algee. The coating will not chip, peel or flake as standard paints will do.

• • • • • • •

Roofing and Guttering Property Maintenance New Roofs Flat Roofs New and Existing Houses Extensions Garages Boundry Walls

• • • •

Porches Etc capping Barges Guttering Fascia and Soffits All Colours

Fully Registered and Fully Insured All work Guaranteed

Unit 108 Baldoyle Ind Est Baldoyle Dublin 13 Tel Office: 01-9601191 | 087-6110807

Unit 170, Sandyford Ind Est, Sandyford Dublin 18 Tel Office: 01-9601195 | 087-1838561



Service •• Local Local Service in all of •• Specialists Specialists intypes all types driveways • and patios of driveways all colours •• Cobblelock Cobblelock provided •• Tarmacadam Tarmacadam •• Imprinted Imprinted Concrete Concrete •• Gravel Gravel


Professional Painting and Decorating Interior Painting Exterior Painting Paint Removal Domestic and Commercial ALL AREAS COVERED FULLY INSURED FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE PLEASE CALL MOBILE 0874657460

ALL GARDEN MAINTENANCE ND in Arboriculture & BA in Horticulture

• • • • • • • • •

All Landscaping All Trees Expertly Felled & Pruned All Paving All Garden Maintenance All Garden Clearouts All Multi - Colour pebbling supplied All Powerwashing All Sheds Knocked & Taken Away All Hedges Shaped & Trimmed


Over 30yrs experience

No payment until job is complete

We supply and fit High Quality Astro Turf

Topping • • Tree Tree Topping • • Lawns Lawns • Fencing • • Hedge Fencing Trimming • • All Hedge types ofTrimming Patios • Wall Building • All types of Patios • Power Cleaning • • Weeding Wall Building • • Poisioning Power Cleaning Tee Roots

All work undertaken to customers satisfaction. For a free no obligation quote call Dave on

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ALL DUBLIN WINDOWS & DOORS ▪ Specialize in full range of UPVC Windows & Doors, Composite Doors & Glass Balconys ▪ Full range of Colours & Designs ▪ High security locking systems ▪ We use A-rated energy saving profiles and glass as standard 10% off ▪ Wide range of glass designs and frame furniture available with this ad ▪ Pick and choose from our catalouge to create your new door and windows ▪ We carry out a large range of glass balconys whether it be with or without hand rails ▪ Have your glass balcony made to your specifications ▪ Full Windows and Doors Repair Service Available ▪ All Areas Covered ▪ Fully insured For a free no obligation quote please call 0871090219

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For All your General Garden Work

Mobile: 085-7453277 or 085-7696472 Office: 01-5314176 Email

087 620 6684

For All your General Garden Work Overgrown Gardens, Garden Clearence, Fencing All Types, All Materials & Plants Supplied, Patio’s. • Free Estimates, • Friendly Service, • No payment until job is Complete, • Fully Insured.

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Renovations & Building New Roofs, Garden Sheds, Gutters & Roof Repairs Specialising in Flat Roof Systems Garden Sheds

All our workmen carry Valid Id Full Liability Cover. Mob: 086 0721191 Office: 01 8484650 Web: Email:

Tel Office: 01 6855035 Mobile: 087 9109939 Email:


OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Repairs of Aluminium & Upvc Frames, Locks, Hinges, Handles, Patio Door Wheels, Tracks, Glass Draught Proofing Contact Ken Brennan on 086 7354801 Email: Web:

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Education Health Motors Employment House & Home

T: 01 862 1611 F: 01 8621625

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for new builds, extensions & attic conversions in the Dublin area FULLY INSURED, FREE ESTIMATE


3 Bed Semi Detached Fascias, Soffits and Gutters Gutters Cleaned and sealed from €59 Flat Roofs Repaired and Replaced

41 Central Chambers, Dame court, Dublin 2 T: 01 5262937 | M: 087 7054969 | E: W: SPECIAL OFFERS 30% OFF FOR JA




• Re Slating • Re Tiling • Felt Roofs Flat Roofing • Re Slating • Re Tiling • Felt•Roofs • Flat Roofing • Asphalt Roofing • Roof Repairs • 20 Years Guarantee • Asphalt Roofing • Roof Repairs • 20 Years Guarantee


ON • Gutters Cleaned and Sealed • Full gutter ON clearing • Gutters Cleaned and Sealed • All guttering, down pipes,gutter clearing • Full clips checked • All guttering, down pipes, • All fascias, ridge tiles checked • Full no obligation reportclips on checked All fascias, ridge tiles checked any •fault


from €49 Normally €99 from €49 Normally €99

An un-insulated Attic allows a large amount of heat from your homes to be lost un-necessarily increasing your annual fuel bills. To insulate the area is a relatively cheap and easy job to do.

• Full no obligation report on any fault

An un-insulated Attic allows a large amount of heat from your homes RED COW BUSINESS PARK CLONDALKIN DUBLIN to be lost un-necessarily increasing your annual22 fuel bills. 01-5137136 | Southside: 01-9014850 Northside: To insulate the area is a relatively cheap and easy job to do. RED COW BUSINESS PARK CLONDALKIN DUBLIN 22 Northside: 01-5137136 | Southside: 01-9014850

RF TILING AND BATHROOMS Bathroom Specialists

Supply and Fit Packages Available FLOORS | KITCHENS | BATHROOMS | STONE CLADDING

Fully Insured | All areas Covered | References available on request

For a FREE quote call Richard on 085-1575192 email:

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CHIMNEY CLEANING Chimney Cleaning Professional Chimney Cleaning using rotary power sweeping and vacuum technology. No mess.


Chimneys repaired and replaced

Open fires and wood burning stoves.

Attic Insulated

CCTV Inspection of flues and chimneys.


Dublin Office, M50 Business Park, Ballymount Dublin 12 Tel: 015136727 Sales: 085 2116780 Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 • 085 2116785

ALARMS AAL ANGEL ALARMS LTD 25 Years personal experience in the industry. * Alarm your home from only €20 per week * 2 Panic buttons (Hall/Upstairs) *1 Day Installation * Easy to use key fob * Fully guaranteed * Service man on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ALARMS Atom Alarms and Security Ltd. Protecting what is important to you for over 25 years. Is your alarm old? Do you need it upgraded?

Alarms Serviced for €85.00 Wired and wireless systems installed.

* Fully insured, licensed & PSA Approved Wireless system also available

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email: angelalarms@

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Wall Panelling Kitchen Renovations Kitchen Revamps Wardrobes/Sliderobes 24/7 central station Attic Conversions monitoring available. Stairs & Stair Replacement 24/7 fire and carbon Attic Ladders monoxide alarm monitoring. Attic Insulation Internal Drylining CCTV systems. Insulation Doors, Floors, Skirting & 3 months free monitoring Architraves with every new alarm. Laminate and solid floors Check out our website Sprayfoam Insulation PSA Licence No. 06228

Tel: 8458205 Mob: 086 8558281


Self-monitor your alarm on your mobile phone.

* All equipment complies to highest EU standards

* View your home from your phone with our CCTV system.


Phone: 01 9065843 Mobile: 087 051 5986


Washing Machines Cookers Dishwashers Hobs Refrigeration Dryers _____________ Repairs - Spares Installations Sales ____________ Fast - Efficient - Reliable Landlords & Property Managers Estate Agents Welcome _____________ 087 615 4234 Servizmagic _____________ "Say what we mean, Do what we say."

Grants Available BER Certs Free quotes and friendly reliable service as standard All general carpentry work Contact Fintan: 087 9059 408 Email: fmcarpentry@

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Bird nest removal. Carbon monoxide alarms & smoke alarms supplied and fitted. Fully certified and insured chimney sweep. Contact Mark On 085 224 3895.

DOORS & WINDOWS BRENNANS WINDOW AND DOOR REPAIR SERVICE Repairs of aluminium and upvc frames, locks, hinges, handles, patio door wheels, tracks, glass draught proofing. Over 20 years Experience. Contact Ken Brennan

on 0867354801 e: w: SAGE WINDOWS & DOORS Sage Windows & Doors offer the following services: * Repair Service (all types of windows and doors) * Locks, Handles, Hinges, Glass & Patio doors * We also supply & fit new doors and windows Phone Mick Sage 085 8493989 email:

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862 1611

24 DRIVING LESSONS B.LEARNING DRIVING SCHOOL Friendly Professional Qualified Driving Instructor Nervous Pupils a Speciality Free Collection All Area One to One Lesson Pre-test over Test Routes RSA/ADI Approved Road Safety Authority Driving Instructor €30 per 1 Hour Lesson €50 per 2 Hour Lesson

Contact Patricia Byrne

085 786 0890 TEL. 085 786 0890 EURO DRIVING SCHOOL 20yrs Experience Fully Qualified & Certified by (RSA) 90% Pass Rate Elite Pre-Test Specialists All Northside Test Centres Covered Clients Recommend us

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GATES QUALITY WROUGHT IRON GATES & RAILINGS FROM €450.00 Fifteen years in the people newspaper supplying quality gates and railings to all areas of Dublin, primed/gloss painted and installed from €450.00. We also repair and rehang damaged gates. WE NOW OFFER BOTH PLAIN AND DECORATIVE SAFETY HANDRAILS. Wrought iron products you can trust with confidence. For a brochure and free no hassle estimate please call David on 087-4170895 or office 8477317. Visit our website:

Professional Painter and Decorators Specialiasing in all aspects of painting. Residential/Commercial Interior/Exterior Hand Painted Kitchens

15 years experience Fully Registered QualifiedTtradesman. Top quality finishing!! Keen Rates. All Areas Covered. Free quotations.

089 493 8690 PAGE DÉCOR eoinpage33@gmail. com

Painting and Decorating

PAINTING & DECORATING IR PAINTING Professional Painter, Interiors Exteriors Domestic and Commerical

Professional clean neat thorough work guaranteed Over 20 years experience Reasonable Rates FREE Estimates

SITUATIONS VACANT CLS RECRUITMENT GROUP ARE RECRUITING FOR THE FOLLOWING TRADES Contracts Manager, Plumbers, Teleporter Drivers, Qualified Electricians, Welders, Carpenters, Roofers, Scaffolders, Confined Space Operatives, Steel Fixers, Groundworkers, Cleaners, General & Skilled Operatives, SLG & TM Operators, All Tradesmen/Plant & MEWP Operators required for Dublin and Leinster Region. Pracownicy Budowlani z safe passem potrzebni.

Send CV to: dublin@cls or call 01- 4773414.


Lessons From €30 EDT(12) €320 + Logbook.

Help choosing colours, Full 3 Bed House Interior paint finishes and REMOVALS €850 coverings ETC. & TRANSPORT Wall Refresh Christmas Vouchers (IRL - UK-EUROPE) Every surface two coats Advice and colour charts Now available and damage filled & provided FREE MAN WITH A VAN fixed Tel: 086 2422895 Property Rental Are you moving home? Your WALLPAPER Decoration and fitout new low cost method of Gift Vouchers Available Stripp wallpaper and specialists moving at a fraction of the hang new wallpaper Happy to quote for all price larger removal White Colour free companies charge. jobs big and small No Canvassers Please

FLOOR MAINTENANCE Tile and Natural Stone Flooring Maintenance

Professional work Clean and efficent Fully Qualified Experienced Fast and Efficient Trust worthy Phone 089-2022433

Email Fall in love with your old irpaintingdub@gmail.c om floor again Bring your old floor back to new with the services we offer: Stone Retoration Tile and Grout Restoration Chemical Cleaning and Sealing Diamond Polishing and Honing Specialising in Travertine, Limestone And Terracota Floors

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Fully professional white glove service at all times. Single items to full loads including Full House moves. 2 men available on request,

Call John 086-3341713

to advertise JOHNNY MURPHY’S PLUMBING & HEATING Boiler & Gas Repairs from €60 by former Bord Gais Service Engineer. All Plumbing & Heating problems solved Taps/Toilets/Electric Showers & Hot Water Cylinders. Senior Card Discount.

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RGI Registered Check out my website for more Info. or

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ALL DUBLIN CARPENTRY ALL DUBLIN CARPENTRY AND CONTRACTS Decking and Carpentry Service Roofing: Specialising in: Decking, flat roof conversion to apexGazebos, Pergolas, Porch roofsRaised flower beds, Garden furniture, Fencing, Sidechimney Gates etc Roof leaks and lead work repair

Tiling slating etc All reroofing welcome Supply and fit roofing if requested the following: Polycarbonate Gutters and maintenance Building: Architraves and Window Boards Skirting, Extensions Loft Accessgarages ladderssheds timber frames and block all home improvements and Velux Windows. general flooring building solid undertaken. Timber or laminate.

Decking: Large ranges or wooden and composite deckings band stands fencing and side gates!! All internal carpentry services available doors floors skirtings arcktives draft proofing and window maintenance hindges handles and weather seals 15 years experience in the trade with top quality tradesmen at hand any amount of reference all over Dublin.

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CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 6. Producing double vision? (7) 7. Everybody at home is worn out (3,2) 9. Amalgamate with me taking in a certain amount of work (5) 10. They get shot at, causing great upheaval in back-street (7) 12. Gets rid of crooked tendencies (11) 14. One with a standard commission? (4-7) 18. They process leather for old sixpences (7) 19. Perfect concept by a learner (5) 21. In a lively dance, five make merry (5) 22 & 8 Down. What the man who manages to buy a car cheaply does? (6,1,7) DOWN 1. Duck down (5) 2. We hear the stronghold went into action (6) 3. This can cause laughter or tears (3) 4. Land in flames (6) 5. Being inclined to taking part in the tournament (7) 8. See 22 Across. 11. This will cool down the food with a flourish! (7) 13. Sticks parts! (7) 15. Robber bands round eastern river (6) 16. Salad food I have to finish first (6) 17. Breathing-space father needs to put to good purpose (5) 20. The Royal Ball (3)

ACROSS 6. Bill (7) 7. Defy (5) 9. Semblance (5) 10. Dishevelled (7) 12. Forced (11) 14. Deceive (6-5) 18. Windlass (7) 19. Unclear (5) 21. Courage (5) 22. Integrity (7) DOWN 1. Nose (5) 2. Alarm (6) 3. Deed (3) 4. Although (6) 5. Prop (7) 8. Ask (7) 11. Supervisor (7) 13. Drinkable (7) 15. Halve (6) 16. Scruffy (6) 17. Share (5) 20. Noah’s boat (3)










Find the words hidden in the puzzle below


14 FEB 2018




F.A.T. D.A.D.

The Complex (15 Little Green Street, off Capel Street) will host the world premiere of Anthony Goulding’s new play, ‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’, from Thursday, February 15 to Sunday, February 25. The play tells the story of the profound impact a teacher and hunger striker had on his pupils in the Smithfield area during the 1980s and 1990s. ‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’ is an acronym for the six counties under British rule. Tickets can be purchased online at a cost of €18/€15 concession/€12 for groups of 10 or more at or by emailing For more information visit



The Dublin Chinese New Year Festival takes place across the city from February 16 to March 4. This year is the Year of the Dog and this weekend’s highlights include a Spring Festival Gala at 7.30pm on Friday (Feb 16) at the Convention Centre with a varied programme by two acclaimed performance groups. Tickets cost €10-€25 but there are lots of smaller free events around the city during the festival. Check out for more.

A community walk catering for all ages and levels of fitness takes place every Tuesday at 9.45am in the Stardust Memorial Park, Coolock. Parents, grandparents and strollers are welcome after the school drop-off. No booking needed. Just turn up and join them for a walk. For more information contact David Phelan on 087-6525001 or Madeleine Ebbs on 086-8150286.


Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) with a number of special screenings taking place on Wednesday, February 14. For more information about the events, visit Tickets for these screenings are available now at or from the IFI Box Office on 016793477.


The Terenure Tigers are a special needs team which was set up five years ago to help children who can’t play main stream rugby but want to be part of a team. Members are between the ages of six to 16 years of age. Their first Rugby Blitz will take place in Terenure Rugby Club on Sunday, February 18 at DUBLIN DERBY 1pm. This blitz is supported by the IRFU and LeinThe League of Ireland soccer season gets underster Rugby. For more information contact Bernard way this weekend with local clubs hoping to get a Molloy on 086-8044214. good start to the 2018 campaign. Pick of the games has to be the Dublin derby between Bohs and Shamrock Rovers at Dalymount Park at 7.30pm on Friday, February 16. The other big game in the capital is St Pat’s against champions Cork in Inchicore at 7.45.

Crossword Answers 14th February CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 6 Bifocal; 7 All in; 9 Merge; 10 Targets; 12 Straightens; 14 Flag-officer; 18 Tanners; 19 Ideal; 21 Revel; 22 Drives a. Down: 1 Eider; 2 Fought; 3 Gas; 4 Alight; 5 Tilting; 8 Bargain; 11 Fanfare; 13 Cleaves; 15 Ganges; 16 Endive; 17 Pause; 20 Orb.



Mill Productions have announced that their production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will be taking to the stage next week. Directed by Geoff O’Keeffe this abridged version of the play is the ideal opportunity for all Junior Cert students to see one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies performed. There will be performances from Wednesday, February 21 to Friday 23 at 10am and 1.30pm. For bookings see or tel: 012969340.


The Bray Comedy Festival is back for 2018 and is happening from February 14-18 at various venues around the area. Acts include Karl Spain, Martin Angolo, The Rubber Bandits and Joanne McNally. There’s also workshops like Laughter Yoga at Shoreline Leisure Centre on Saturday and Sunday at 12pm and Kids Science Magic in Bray Town Hall at 1pm on the same days. Check out or details.

The Irish Chamber Orchestra has relocated its upcoming Dublin concert from St Patrick’s Cathedral to St Stephen’s Church (The Pepper Canister) Mount Street Crescent, Dublin. The Irish Chamber Orchestra is collaborating with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre, which has performed across five continents and was the first company to teach aerial dance in Ireland. Audiences will be immersed in the richly shaded world of Prokofiev’s ballet music. The Irish Chamber Orchestra will be performing on Friday, February 16 at St Stephen’s Church The Pepper Canister at 8pm.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 6 Invoice; 7 Flout; 9 Guise; 10 Unkempt; 12 Involuntary; 14 Double-cross; 18 Capstan; 19 Vague; 21 Pluck; 22 Probity. Down: 1 Snout; 2 Tocsin; 3 Act; 4 Albeit; 5 Support; 8 Inquire; 11 Foreman; 13 Potable; 15 Bisect; 16 Shabby; 17 Quota; 20 Ark.



From the Archives We take a look back at extracts from old newspapers to see what was in the news this month from years gone by

▪▪ In the summertime, the Strawberry Beds, near Castleknock, were a popular destination for Dubliners, who would have a pleasant day out picking strawberries. The southern facing slopes and rich soil produced excellent fruit. There was also good fishing in the River Liffey. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (Central Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill MacMillan/The

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, February 8, 1834

▪▪ Irish Press, February 4, 1933

▪▪ Irish Press, February 12, 1949

▪▪ Tuam Herald, February 19, 1848

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, February 13, 1867

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, February 13, 1867

▪▪ Main Street, Dundrum, c. 1910. Brennan’s stationers and newsagent is on the right. This village, on the Enniskerry Road, was a popular health resort in the nineteenth century. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (South Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill MacMillan/The History Press.


14 FEB 2018


EZ Living Furniture’s Grand Prize Winner Scoops a whopping €2,500 in Golden Ticket Competition The EZ Living Furniture Biggest Sale Ever ended on a high last week with customer Lisa Dundon from Tipperary scooping the €2,500 prize as part of the €8,000 Golden Ticket Giveaway. The overall Golden Ticket winner was chosen in the Clonmel, Tipperary Store. Lisa was awarded the €2,500 prize as part of the EZ Living Golden Ticket Competition, in conjunction with the final week of the leading Furniture retailer’s Biggest Sale Ever. For the entire month of January EZ Living Furniture offered customers the chance to win their furniture for free - with over €8,000 in prizes given away. All customers had to do is simply make a purchase during the Biggest Sale Ever in-store or online to be in with a chance of winning your furniture or accessories for free in the weekly draws. As well as receiving €50 vouchers, the winners from each store were entered into a draw to win a grand prize from €500 to €2,500 in EZ Living Furniture vouchers every week.

Week 1 – Winner of €500 voucher

Bobby Luiz pictured with Marius of EZ Living Furniture

Week 2 – Winner of €1000 voucher

Ruth Brehany pictured with Anthony Leneghan of EZ Living Furniture

Week 4 - Winner of €2000 voucher

Week 3 - Winner of €1500 voucher

Sebastian Billioud pictured with Niall McMahon of EZ Living Furniture

Week 5 - Winners of €2500 voucher

Noirin Ui Ghoill pictured with Melissa Casserly of EZ Living Furniture

Lisa Dundon pictured with Lisa Halley of EZ Living Furniture

Visit for more information and to see the Terms and Conditions for the competition. EXCLUSIVE TO:

Fonthill Retail Park, Dublin Airside Retail Park, Swords, Dublin Blanchardstown Retail Park, Dublin NOW OPEN: Kilkenny Retail Park, Kilkenny

Poppyfield Retail Park, Clonmel, Tipperary Ballysimon Road, Limerick City East Retail Park, Limerick Terryland Retail Park, Galway

Carraroe Retail Park, Sligo Breaffy Road, Castlebar, Mayo Tel: 0818 222272

Northside people (west) february 14th 2018  
Northside people (west) february 14th 2018