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9 August - 15 August ‘17



Report dispels ‘weed’ myths



Seeing the light!

Jack Gleeson


EW research carried out by Ballymun Youth Action Project (BYAP) has highlighted the detrimental consequences of cannabis usage in the community.

The research found that 78 per cent of young early school leavers surveyed for the ‘It’s Only Weed’ report had used cannabis in their lifetime. The report comes at a time when many drug projects are reporting an increase in cannabis related problems, suspected to be caused by new highly potent strains of domestically produced herbal cannabis. Continued on page 2

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▪▪ The light on this bike could help make Dublin better and safter for cyclists. See full story on page 3.


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9 AUG 2017


Report dispels ‘weed’ myths Continued from page 1

▪▪ Lily pictured during her 100th birthday celebrations.

Big birthday bash for Lily A JOYFUL celebration was held in St Monica’s Nursing Home, Belvedere Place Dublin 1, last month in honour of the 100th birthday of one of the residents. Lily O’ Connell was born in Virginia, Co Cavan, on July 5, 1917, and was one of seven children. In 1938 she came to Dublin and has lived in different parts of the city since then. Lily came to St Monica’s 18 months ago and settled in very well.

The bright, warm, welcoming atmosphere of the home made settling in easy for someone of Lily’s friendly nature, and she was delighted to be able to indulge her love of sport, especially Gaelic football, thanks to a large TV screen in the day room, as well as a smaller one in her room. Lily is a very happy and contented person and when asked to what she attributes her long life, she replied that it is probably due to her life

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of prayer and trust in God. The highlight of her birthday celebration was a mass in the lovely chapel of St Monica’s, during which she joined in the singing. In the afternoon the celebration continued in the form of a garden party during which Lily was presented with the customary cheque and letter from the President Michael D Higgins. Both the residents and staff added their congratulations. Well done Lily!




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The ‘It’s Only Weed’ report originated from observations that a significant number of clients using local services for young early school leavers were missing appointments and demonstrating unusually low levels of motivation. A committee from the Equal Youth Initiative was established to investigate the issue and identified challenges at one training centre where cannabis use was resulting in absenteeism, disengagement and low motivation levels. Programme participants were also reporting high levels of use and, for some, high levels of drug debt. Chair of the Equal Youth Committee, Pat Kavanagh, explained in the report why the research was carried out. “Emerging evidence of cannabis as a problem drug may surprise people who have become accustomed to the view of cannabis as a recreational drug that causes minimum levels of harm,” he wrote. “However, new more potent strains are now in circulation and at Equal Youth meetings we began to question and consider what our own role was in addressing the impact of these changes for the young people in our community.” The survey was carried out on 97 local youths to provide a rapid assessment of cannabis use prevalence within particular education or training centres and community settings in Ballymun. It’s hoped the detailed study can help develop a range of community-based interventions in response to its findings. The research focussed on two local services for early school leavers aged 16-21 and a group of young people not engaged in any educa-

▪▪ Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of respondents reported experiencing drug related debt. tional projects. It found that 78 per cent had used cannabis during their lifetime and of 50 per cent still using, 60 per cent were smoking daily. Just over half who were still using reported spending 3-6 hours under the influence. The total monthly reported spending was €22,820 but this figure is being treated with caution, as the cost has not been verified beyond self-reporting. Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of respondents reported experiencing drug related debt ranging from €50 to €1,000. The research identified that daily cannabis users experienced problems with health, finances, family relationships and educational and vocational performance. The report highlights that current strains of herbal cannabis are notably different to those available to previous generations, with

significant increases in the main mind-altering ingredient, THC. It also states that a high level of apathy towards cannabis use exists, with many family members and concerned others having a liberal view based on their experiences of previous, less potent strains of cannabis. The report recommends that priority should be given to awareness raising and information sharing aimed at family members to update them on the current strains currently being used in communities. It also suggests that service providers and relevant agencies should consider their own priorities, institutional knowledge and viewpoints on problematic cannabis use and ensure they are in line with current evidence. It also recommends specific targeted interventions

aimed at daily cannabis users and early intervention for cannabis use to be reflected in organisational policy and staff training for service providers and policy makers. Publication of ‘It’s Only Weed’ comes just weeks after the launch of the Government’s latest National Drugs Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery. The strategy recognises that the use of cannabis in Ireland is considerably higher than any other form of drug, with 6.5% of adults using this drug in the last year. It also states that younger people are more likely to use cannabis and it’s the most commonly used drug among children aged 15-16. It also highlights a rise in cannabis-related problems that may be associated with the increased use of more potent strains of domestically produced herbal cannabis.


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Smart light could lead to clever cycling in the city CITY cyclists are being invited to take part in an innovative smart light pilot scheme that will connect over 500 cyclists across Dublin. As well as keeping cyclists safer on the road, the See. Sense smart ICON light collects a wide range of data that city planners can use to inform them on how to improve cycling infrastructure and policies to promote cycling in the city. The award winning lights, designed by See.Sense, are daylight visible, enhancing cyclist safety in all lighting conditions. Using sensor technology they flash brighter and faster in riskier situations such as road junctions and roundabouts as well as when a car is approaching. The light boasts 270-degree side visibility meaning cyclists can be seen at greater angles and it uses Blue-

▪▪ The See.Sense smart ICON light collects a wide range of data that city planners can use to improve cycling infrastructure in the city. tooth so can be paired with an Android phone to control brightness and send alerts in case of theft or accident. The sensors can also

anonymously gather data on the cyclist’s environment, such as the quality of the road surface, cycling routes, accidents and near-miss

events - providing accurate qualitative data and allowing the city to be mapped like never before. "Dublin is an ideal place

to test new and emerging smart city technologies,” said Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager for Dublin City Council.

“We are delighted to work with See.Sense to expose the city to fresh thinking in how we embrace new technologies. “This project is one of four smart cycle pilots that we have funded with the support of Enterprise Ireland and it’s helping to put Dublin on the map for cycle and technology innovation." Co-founder of See.Sense, Irene McAleese, said the Smart Dublin Cycle Challenge is providing a unique opportunity to engage with Dublin’s cycling community and test the innovative ICON technology. “We work with data science experts at Queen’s University Belfast to gain meaningful insights from the data and to develop a scaleable solution that can be applied to any city in the world,” she added. Edel Kelly, Senior Executive Planner for Dublin City Council said there is great

potential for the project. “There are a wide range of use cases that we see possible from the real-time sensor data collected from these lights,” she added. “The data collected by the trial participants will be used to help us develop a safer and better cycling experience for Dublin. “Projects like this act as an important precursor to Dublin hosting the global cycling congress, Velo City in 2019, of which a key theme will focus on smart cycling technologies." The pilot scheme will run from August to November and those wishing to take part need to register and have access to an Android phone. Those successfully registered can buy the hi-tech light that usually costs €90 for a heavily subsided price of €20. For full details see www.

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9 AUG 2017




Why I'm phasing out flat-fee bin charges Government is ending flat-rate fees for bin collections. The phasing out of flat-rate fees is happening because research shows that we generate significantly less waste by using either a ‘pay by lift’ or a ‘pay by weight’ option. As a society, we discard an incredible 80 per cent of what we produce after a single use and an average family throws away €700 in food waste every year. A revised pricing structure will phaseout all flat rate/fixed prices for household bin collection in the coming year. A flatrate fee is when a customer pays a single agreed price for waste collection. The Comment: Denis Naughten payments can be monthly, quarterly or annually. This does not change, no matter HE Government recently how many times the bins are put out for announced a new way to collection or how heavy the bin is. incentivise people to reduce No matter how much or how little their waste and to recycle more through the gradual phasing out of flat- waste you create, you pay the same price for collection.  The change will only affect rate fees for bin collections. your household if you are currently on a flat-rate charge bin collection service. Research shows that flat-rate fees More than half of Irish households will do not encourage behavioural change not be affected by the changes as they so phasing them out will reduce waste, are already using a pay by weight system thereby potentially saving householders or only pay each time their bins are money. collected. In the coming weeks, I will announce If you are not already paying per details of a price watchdog. Through this new initiative we will monitor prices in the weight or paying per collection, then new payment plans will be introduced by your sector to ensure fairness as the old flatbin company from autumn this year as rate fees are phased out. your current contract comes to an end. So, what is really going on with the Other options will be that you pay each bin charges? The answer is that the


Meet me where the Sky touches the Sea…

time your bin is collected or that you pay based on the weight in your bin (eg. per-kilogramme, weight bands or weight allowances). When your new charges will start will really depend on when your current contract runs out. The first thing you should do is contact the company that collects your bins now and ask them if and when they plan to change their pricing structures. Prices could change but that is already the case even if you are already on an incentivised scheme because it is open to a bin collector to change the service pricing plan within the bounds of consumer and contract legislation. In the meantime, you should keep in contact with your service provider and continue to do everything you can to reduce your waste costs through preventing waste, recycling and using your brown bin. I have introduced a financial support of €75 per year to each person with lifelong or long-term medical incontinence needs towards disposal of incontinence wear. We have moved from having a landfill in each local authority area to having only four landfills currently accepting household waste. Emergency measures were needed twice last year to deal with the capacity crisis that we have ongoing in this country. If emergency measures had not been taken, bins would have remained on our streets uncollected.

▪▪ Do we want to see a return to landfill sites in every local authority area? PHOTO: BIGSTOCK We need to deal with the problem or we will be in a situation in less than three years where we will have no facilities available to deal with two months of waste collection. Unless people want to see the re-emergence of landfills in every local authority area, we need to collectively make the transition from taking little notice of what goes into our bins to being conscious of what, and how, we are disposing of our waste. My basic message is that we have to start thinking more about the waste we produce. All of us should try to reduce,

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reuse and recycle. The more waste we produce, the more environmental damage it will do and the more it will cost to dispose of. Taking action can potentially save households money as well as helping to deal with our landfill capacity crisis. Taking individual responsibility and our responsibility as a State into consideration, this new incentivised pricing structure makes sense.

Denis Naughten is the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment.


Dublin City Childcare Committee is one of 30 City and County Childcare Committees operating nationally. We are the first point of contact for anyone seeking advice, information or support in relation to early childhood care and education within Dublin City. Our focus is to develop, support and enhance early childhood services in Dublin City. One of Dublin City Childcare Committee’s key objectives is to work with parents and families to provide support and advice in sourcing the best possible early years’ solution to meet their family’s needs and circumstances.

Are you looking for help to find Early Years Services in the Dublin City Area? Dublin City Childcare Committee welcome calls from parents or members of the public who are looking for childcare or have queries related to early years’ care, our team are more than happy to provide information, advice or support. Childcare Search: We have a Childcare Directory search tool on the homepage of our website, here parents can search for childcare options in their area. Our database allows you to narrow down your choices according to the service location- area code and range of programmes they provide (e.g. Full Time/Part Time/Sessional/School Age, etc.) This list of services includes Early Years services and Statutory and Voluntary Notified Childminders. If you have additional queries related to early childhood care and education within Dublin City, please contact our office for information and advice.

New Website launching soon

Dublin City Childcare Committee’s new and improved website will be launching in Autumn/Winter 17 so look out for updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for further details.

Early Years Educators: Date for your Diary

Our other main objective is to work proactively and in partnership with the sector to encourage best practice, quality, sustainable and effective early years services for children. Best Practice Seminar for Early Years Educators

“WHERE THE IMAGINATIVE THINGS ARE” Supporting creativity and imagination in early years

Date: Saturday 4th of November 2017 Venue: Marino Institute of Education Our Best Practice Seminar will foster creativity and imagination for all practitioners working with young children. It will offer a Master Class followed by a variety of hands-on, creative workshops that encompass all areas of art - music, visual arts, drama and storytelling. Our goal is to inspire practitioners to immerse themselves into a world of childhood that is full of wonder and amazing possibilities. More details to follow soon... check out our website, Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite profile regularly for updates on the seminar. If you have any queries related to early childhood care and education within Dublin City please contact one of our dedicated team members at our contact details below:

Dublin City Childcare Committee, Ocean House, Arran Quay, Dublin 7 T: 01 873 3696 E: W:



9 AUG 2017


Ken set to plough on A MUSIC composer and producer from Dublin 15 has been selected to represent Fingal at the Local Enterprise Village during the National Ploughing Championships next month. ▪ The dedicated staff at EZ Living Furniture Blanchardstown Store (From the Left) Sarah Wickham, Willie Hilliard, Clare Lipscombe, Sasha Ditjatjeva, Ray Wright (Right)

EZ Living Furniture chosen again as one of theTop 100 Stores in Ireland, Award of Excellence 2017 EZ Living Furniture, a proudly Irish-owned family-run company, has been named among the Top 100 Stores in Ireland by Retail Excellence, the largest retail industry representative organisation in Ireland. The Top 100 Stores are part of the Retail Excellence (RE) Awards, which were established in 1997 to promote best practice and encourage high standards in the Irish retail industry. As part of the Top 100 selection process, all store entrants were visited by a mystery shopper and only those with exceeding service and standards criteria were selected in the Top 100

Stores. The Top 30 stores will then be rigorously tested before being whittled down to the top three finalists and winners in sectoral categories. EZ Living Furniture has managed to achieve the Top 100 award consecutively over the last four years. Last year it was awarded in the Top 30 and subsequently was in the Top 5 in its category. Its Clonmel store after only opening its doors last year has been recognised by its level of customer service and attention to detail by achieving the title of Top 100 Store in Ireland by Retail Excellence in its first year of opening. Over 500 stores entered the competition this year and the standard

of entry was exceptional. To achieve a top 100 status is a great achievement for EZ Living Furniture. Galway native Lorraine Higgins, Deputy Chief Executive of Retail Excellence said they are delighted with the quality of applicants this year. “The very high standard of service, customer engagement and display among Irish retailers was very evident which made selecting this year’s Top 100 particularly difficult. I want to commend all who entered this year and in particular, I want to congratulate the Top 100 stores for making it through. Finalists have what it takes to shine through and be recognised as the best retailers in the country.”

The Retail Excellence Ireland Awards is the largest, most revered and recognised event in the Irish Retail Industry calendar. The objective of the Awards is to acknowledge and reward retail stores, companies, websites, individuals and suppliers who deliver exceptional standards within the Irish Retail Industry. The Awards will take place on Saturday, 11 November in the Malton Hotel in Killarney. Check out the wide range of EZ Living Furniture products available in store and online www.

Ken McHugh, who runs Fresh from...The Pier, has made a success of his pate making business, preparing by hand super tasty, nutritious products from finest quality ingredients. He first came to attention when his Rustic Smoked Fish Pâtè was crowned Dublin regional champion and national runner-up in the RTE TV series ‘The Taste Of Success’. “Lots of viewers were contacting me looking to buy the product,” says Ken. “I decided to setup my own food business to bring it to market. ‘Fresh From...’ was born. We're all about super tasty, nutritious food and convenience.” Now Ken is ready to ‘plough ahead’ in September when he’ll be flying the flag for Fingal at what is Europe’s largest outdoor event from September 19-21. The Local Enterprise Office (LEO) in Fingal is part of a network of 31 offices nationwide, and it’s one of the largest and most active in the country. The role of the LEO is to support and provide assistance to existing and potential small business promot-

▪▪ Ken McHugh will be at the Local Enterprise Village during the National Ploughing Championships. ers located in Fingal. The Local Enterprise Village was launched last week by Tánaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald and Minister for Business, Pat Breen. “For the 280,000 people expected at the National Ploughing Championships in September, I would encourage them to pay a visit to the Local Enterprise Village to support Ireland’s start-ups and small businesses,” the Tánaiste said. Minister Breen added: "The National Ploughing Championships is a wonderful event, especially for small businesses looking to launch new products to a mass audience.” An Tánaiste and Minister Breen were joined at the launch by Anna May McHugh, Managing Director

of The National Ploughing Association. “It is wonderful to see that so many diverse and interesting businesses will be represented at this year’s National Ploughing Championships’ Local Enterprise Village,” she said. Head of Enterprise in LEO Fingal, Oisín Geoghegan, also attended the launch. “The Local Enterprise Village is unique because it offers every visitor to the Ploughing Championships a chance to meet the person behind the company and to buy directly from them, to help support jobs in small businesses all over the country.” The National Ploughing Championships is expected to attract up to 280,000 visitors to Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly. Tickets a re on sale through



Ballymun plan goes back on display Jack Gleeson THE latest draft Ballymun Local Area Plan (LAP) is open again to the public for submissions and observations following amendments made last month. The LAP will shape the area’s economic, social, environmental and physical character for the next decade and it’s the first major plan since 1997 when Ballymun Regeneration Ltd (BRL) was established. Now that BRL has been wound down and Dublin City Council is again responsible for the area a new LAP is needed for the area to replace the 1998 Ballymun Masterplan. The plan is approaching completion having gone through a number of phases including previous invitations to the public to have their say. Last month local councillors voted to approve the plan and residents now have a final chance to view the draft LAP and make submissions until August 28. If the plan is approved at a full council meeting, Ballymun could benefit from almost 2,000 new homes, a second level Gaelscoil and more facilities for local sporting clubs including Setanta, Ballymun Kickhams and Willows FC. Under the LAP, some land will also be set aside for affordable Co-op housing similar to the scheme by O’Cualann Cohousing alliance, which was officially launched last month. It’s planned to include homes of mixed income and mixed tenure. There are also aspirations to bring Ballymun Kickhams back into the heart of the area, provide more land for Setanta GAA and develop the old red barn site on Jamestown Road for soccer facilities. It’s proposed to facilitate the relocation of Kickhams from their current home in Collinstown, to Ballymun, and explore the possibility of a new council owned sports facility near Balcurris. The council also accepted calls from local councillors to explore the possibility of obtaining ‘network Gaeltacht’ status from the Department of Arts Heri-

▪▪ The LAP will shape Ballymun’s future. tage and Gaeltachta Affairs. This would mean Ballymun becoming an official Irish language hub if a second level Irish school is built in the area as proposed in the plan. There are currently two Irish speaking schools in the

area and pupils would be able to continue their education through Irish if a second level school was built. The council also wants more shopping facilities in the area as well as a city farm, a skateboard park and an all-weather astro

pitch with lights at the rear of Trinity Comprehensive School to be developed under the new LAP. The LAP is now on display at the Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 and the Atrium, Ballymun Civic Centre.



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9 AUG 2017


Finglas dad-of-five is jailed for refuse collector assault Fiona Ferguson A FATHER-OF-FIVE who took part in drunkenly assaulting a refuse collector after a bin was not collected because it had been “blacklisted” for non-payment has been jailed for two years. John Morley (31) was one of three men who assaulted the Romanian man working with Greyhound Recycling. A Garda who attended at the scene was attacked by one of his co-accused. Morley, of Deanstown Drive, Finglas, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting the man causing him harm at Virgina Park, Finglas, on August 5, 2015. He has 20

previous convictions. Judge Melanie Greally said that Morley had played a prominent role in what was a deeply disturbing incident. He was under the

influence of alcohol at the time but that this was no justification for his actions. She suspended the final year of a three-year prison sentence on condition that

Morley take part in victim awareness work and keep the peace for that period. Sergeant Robert Griffin told Karl Finnegan BL, prosecuting, that the victim OPENING OFFERS


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was part of a three-man bin collection crew working on Virgina Park when they came across a bin “blacklisted” for non-payment. The bin was removed from the back of the truck and a sticker placed on it to alert the owner. Three men came towards the bin crew complaining to the victim's co-worker that the bin was not being collected. He intervened to explain the situation and the men began pushing the refuse collectors. Two of the men began emptying the bin into the back of truck. One of the men held a cigarette lighter in his hand and asked the crew did they want him to start a fire. One of the men getting down off the back of the truck scratched his leg on the lift. He accused the driver of pressing a button to move it and trying to kill

him. The workers explained to him that there was a sensor on the lift and he had in fact set it off himself. Sgt Griffin said the driver of the truck drove off after one of the men tried to pull him out of the cab. The victim managed to call gardaí before one of the men tried to punch him. He avoided the blow but fell over. He was on the ground being kicked by the men when gardaí arrived. Morley told gardaí that he had been defending himself. Sgt Griffin said as the victim explained that he had been attacked by the men, Morley became verbally abusive. Gardaí decided to arrest him and he became aggressive and abusive towards them. Garda Michael Hughes was attacked and injured

by another man but managed to pepper spray him and Morley to subdue them. Morley was arrested and brought to Finglas Garda station. He told gardaí that he had come upon the situation and had been trying to assist the men by emptying the bin into the truck. Seoirse O Dunlaing BL, defending Morley, said his client had been drunk at the time. He said alcohol does not provide a defence or an excuse but does provide an explanation or context. He said he was instructed to apologise on behalf of his client. He handed a number of reports into court as well as a letter from Morley's partner. Last February, two co-accused received partially suspended three-year sentences for their roles in assaulting the bin man.


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Creepy-crawlies enjoying the luxury of Dublin Airport ‘hotel’ DUBLIN Airport’s tiniest inhabitants are enjoying a life of luxury following the unveiling of a brand new creepy-crawly hotel.

▪▪ IT’S A BUG’S LIFE: Ceila Breathnach and Daniel O’Hagan checking in at the Bug’s Hotel.

Get your squad together for...

The ‘hotel’ was built to encourage beneficial insects, insects that perform a valued service in the environment such as pollination and pest control, and to support biodiversity in the airport gardens. The idea for an ‘Insect Hotel’ came from Dublin Airport’s environment department and brought to life by airport carpenters who designed the hotel. Dublin Airport carpenter John Duffy said: “We used old untreated pallets as well as a host of natural materials such as logs, twigs, and branches to make the insect hotel. “Colleagues in the gardening section were very helpful in sourcing the building materials so that the only purchase was the chicken wire to prevent birds gaining

access.” Some of the beneficial insects that have already checked-in to the hotel include solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies. “We hope insects such as green lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs will also make use of the sheltered surroundings of the hotel for nesting and hibernation over the coming months,” added Mr Duffy. Many of these insects are vital for pollination and pest control and it is hoped that

the hotel will help to keep the airport’s flowerbeds healthy. Meanwhile, the daa’s Dublin Airport Central building has been shortlisted in the Sustainable Buildings Excellence in Environment category for the 2017 Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. The award recognises work being carried out by Irish and multinational companies to improve the lives of its employees and to enhance the civic environment in which they operate.

Property tax survey DUBLIN City Council has invited submissions from the public on whether they think the Local Property Tax (LPT) should be varied in Dublin city. Local councillors on Dublin City Council can vary the LPT rate by plus or minus 15 per cent but the council must ask the public for their views on this and take them into account before making a decision. Views can be expressed through a user-friendly online survey until Wednesday, August 30, at

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9 AUG 2017



Disco legends Sister Sledge to star at Leopardstown IN THE history of music, there have been only a handful of musical groups that have managed to transcend time, genre, and culture . . . and Sister Sledge is indisputably one of them. The sisters have created some of the most defining tracks of the disco era, with ‘Lost in Music’ (co-written and produced by Nile Rogers) and ‘We Are Family’ spanning decades of playlists and dazzling audiences with a heady mix of jazz, soul, gospel, disco, and R&B. It’s with huge anticipation that Bulmers Live at Leopardstown welcomes them to Dublin this Thursday, August 10. The American musical vocal group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was formed in 1971. The group consisted of sisters

Debbie, Joni, Kim and Kathy Sledge. Symbolising strong family values, the siblings achieved international success at the height of the disco era. The year 1979 saw the release of their breakthrough album ‘We Are Family’, which peaked at number three on the US Album Chart and went Platinum. The album included the 1979 single ‘We Are Family’ which reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and earned them a Grammy Award nomination, together with two other 1979 top 20 international hits ‘He's the Greatest Dancer’ and ‘Lost in Music’. Their other US hits include a 1982 remake of Mary Wells' 1964 hit, ‘My Guy’. Other international hits include ‘Mama Never Told Me’ (1975),

and ‘Thinking of You’ (1984), before they hit number one on the UK Singles Chart with the song ‘Frankie’ in 1985. Remixed versions of three of their singles in 1993 returned them to the UK Top 20. Following Kathy's departure in 1989, the group then operated as a trio (with Kathy occasionally re-joining for one-off performances and several releases in the 1990s) until Joni's death in 2017. In 2015, Sister Sledge performed for Pope Francis at the World Festival of Families in Philadelphia. Building on the success of previous Live at Leopardstown events, this summer has delivered yet another season of top class horse racing, superb live music, festival food and fun. Leopardstown Racecourse has al-

▪▪ Sisters are doing it for themselves.

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with Rebecca Lee

Paul McCartney has revealed that he’s written a new song about US President Donald Trump. He told fans at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts that the track would appear on his next album. Paul says sometimes when the world is so crazy, you’ve got to address it. Go Paul!

ready seen record numbers attend The Stunning, Riptide Movement, and the Hothouse Flowers over the last few weeks. Live performances are preceded by a top-class card of horse racing and a wide selection of hospitality options available for everyone, from the great value ‘Summer Bundle’ to the premium ‘Summer Party’. Leopardstown Racecourse is only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre on the Luas Green line, with dedicated shuttle buses running from the Sandyford stop. Leopardstown is located off exit 14 or exit 15 on the M50 southbound or exit 15, M50 Northbound. Ample free parking is available onsite. For tickets see or call the Leopardstown ticketline on 01-2890500.

Metropolis Festival returns to the RDS THE Metropolis Festival, a unique indoor event set in the stunning industrial warehouses and venues within the beautiful RDS complex, is back for its third outing. Located right in the heart of Dublin, this is an urban festival not to be missed. This October Bank Holiday is shaping up to be one to remember with two days of amazing music, art installations, performance and conversation where you can kick back and relax. The 2017 edition kicks off with a special Opening Concert on Saturday, October 28 across two stages. This will be followed with the

biggest night of the year, the October Bank Holiday Sunday which will see eight hours of music, performance and conversation across six stages. Headlining the Opening Night Concert are the awesome Leftfield, performing their seminal album ‘Leftism’ live. One of electronic music’s alltime greatest acts will be followed by the first Irish show in five years for Richard Fearless’ outfit Death in Vagas, who will bring their signature blend of electronic, dub, techno and guitar sounds to Metropolis. FJAAK, an electronic music trio born and raised in Berlin, are

childhood friends who have been making hardware-based techno together for a few years now, releasing a few EPs before landing on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label in 2014. They have since attracted worldwide attention with an alternative and boundary pushing take on classic techno, house and breakbeat. Another highlight is Peggy Gou, a Berlin-based Korean artist who, through a regular stream of high quality mixes, has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Sitting somewhere between Detroit, London and Berlin in sound, her DJ sets are an assured, kinet-

ic combination of dark, pulsing house and techno, broken beats and abstract compositions. She is a unique artist and we cannot wait to catch her live. DJ Deece’s star is on the up, and you can expect an amazing set from this up and comer. Meanwhile, our very own Irish eight-piece Booka Brass Band features trumpets, trombones, saxophones, sousaphones and drums – and they know how to get a party started. They’ve performed the length and breadth of the country and have been special guests to the likes of Hot 8 Brass Band and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Love Island’s Gabby Allen has hit back at racist online trolls over abuse she’s received for her relationship with Marcel Somerville. She posted a series of videos on Instagram expressing her disgust at the comments and messages she’s received. Gabby has threatened to name and shame if the abuse continues.

It has been confirmed that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield will be returning to host the revamped ‘Dancing on Ice’. The ITV show is set for a return to screens in January 2018.

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Dubliners encouraged to celebrate our unpaid carers THE Irish Red Cross is calling for Dublin to celebrate its unpaid carers by nominating them for the 2017 Irish Red Cross Carer of the Year Award. The award is open to any member of the public currently providing voluntary care. Previous winners include men and women from

around the country who provide care for loved ones who are ill, vulnerable or living with a restrictive disability. Last year’s winner, Vincent Callaghan, from Roscommon, has cared for his two children all their lives, while in 2015, Bernie O’Reilly, from Cavan, has cared for her son Damien who has cerebral palsey for more than 30

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years. Pat Carey, chairman of the Irish Red Cross, praised Ireland’s carers. “Unpaid carers offer a standard of living to sick and vulnerable members of the community that would be impossible without their selfless commitment,” he said. “It is essential that both carers and care recipients are recognised and supported members of our communities and of society as a whole.” As part of its Health and Social Care programme, the Irish Red Cross offers a range of resources and services for carers in Ireland.  Services include a Carers’ Handbook, ‘Helping You to Care’ course, therapeutic hand care services and free first aid app.

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▪▪ Elaine Monaghan and Paraic McGahey with Irish Red Cross chairman Pat Carey (centre). The Irish Red Cross is family members care for the currently in the process of most vulnerable. Nominations can be made developing a carers’ app, aimed at helping carers and online or you can download

an application from www. which should be returned by Thursday, August 31. The winner will be

announced in November and the 2017 national winner will receive a cash prize and luxury hotel break.

Study shows Irish people want to eat more healthily NEW Bord Bia research highlighting our attitudes towards diet, grocery shopping and cooking shows that seven in 10 Irish people want help to eat healthily. Since 2001, Bord Bia’s PERIscope study, the largest quantitative study of its kind in Ireland, has been exploring consumer attitudes towards a wide range of food related topics including local food, the environment and health and wellbeing. The comprehensive study is carried out across eight countries - Ireland and the UK, four Continental European markets, along with the US and China – and involves over 8,000 interviews. The findings were presented to Irish food and drink companies in a series of events. Grace Binchy, Consumer Insight Manager, Bord Bia, highlighted the importance of the study to Ireland’s food and drink industry. “This level of knowledge

▪▪ The study shows that seven in ten Irish people want help to eat healthily. PHOTO: BIGSTOCK and consumer understanding allows our food and drink producers, selling at home and abroad, to make well informed business decisions that serve customers’ needs better,” she said. “For instance, we know that nearly 70 per cent of those surveyed want help to eat well. “With this in mind, manufacturers should consider how they can help people to do just that, as well as digest nutritional labelling, create convenience in their lives and address changing perceptions around sustainability.”

Health and wellbeing continues to be a major trend globally and Irish people have a positive perception of their own health, with 88 per cent recognising it is important to eat well and acknowledging a link between diet and mental wellbeing. Overall, Bord Bia found that very few people follow an eating regime, with 4 in 10 saying they believe in eating a balanced diet. People believe their eating habits are becoming healthier, with one third saying they are eating healthily. Half of people claim to be confused about what we

should eat to be while some 60 per cent say nutritional claims and food labels are hard to understand. The perception of ‘low fat’ as a healthy choice is experiencing decline, down from 71 per cent in 2006 to 58 per cent Sugar is also under pressure with 59 per cent checking for sugar content and 71 per cent are conscious of their children’s sugar intake. Some 94 per cent said they try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables Over 80 per cent (84 per cent) are trying to eat high fibre foods, while 88 per cent see protein as an important part of their diet. People are trying to eat less sugar and bad fat (98 per cent), salt (96 per cent), soft drinks (92 per cent) and breads, cereals, rice and pasta (64 per cent). The study also found that meat creates divided opinion with 49 per cent of respondents saying they are eating less, while 51 per cent are consuming more.


9 AUG 2017



Small reduction in destruction rates at dog pounds is cautiously welcomed STATISTICS released by the Department of the Environment recently revealed that 12,549 dogs entered Irish pounds during 2016 only a four per cent reduction since 2015. The statistics also reveal that 1,522 dogs were destroyed in Irish pounds in 2016, which is a 16 per cent decrease on 2015. We are pleased to see the reduction of these figures; however this still means that just over four dogs a day were put to sleep in pounds throughout the country. Since our work began in 2005, we have seen a steady decline in the number of dogs dying in Irish dog pounds year on year. Through our preventative measures such as neutering, microchipping and education campaigns to promote responsible dog ownership, we hope to see these numbers continue to decrease. The number of stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs

▪▪ Over 12,500 dogs entered Irish Pounds during 2016. remains alarmingly high, particularly with stray dogs. In 2016, 9,244 stray dogs entered Irish dog pounds, which is 16 per cent higher than the previous year. This highlights the worrying issue Ireland is still facing with unwanted dogs. Of continuing concern to Dogs Trust is the high percentage of registered greyhounds entering and dying in the pound system.

Of the 284 greyhounds entering the pound system in 2016, 234 were surrendered by their owners and 46 were taken in as strays. Of the 284, a total of 152 were destroyed. Dogs Trust once again calls on the owners and trainers of racing greyhounds to make adequate provision for their rehoming once their racing careers end.

“The reality of the figures show that just over 34 dogs entered Irish pounds each and every day during 2016,” says Suzie Carley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust. “When a dog is picked up by a dog warden and enters the dog system as a stray, the pound has an obligation to keep the dog for five days in case the owner comes forward looking for their pet. “However, when a dog is handed over by its owner, as 3,137 were last year, the pound has no legal obligation to keep it for any length of time and the dog could be put to sleep the same day. This figure highlights just how important our preventative campaigns are to ensuring the safety and welfare of dogs. “The continued work of welfare groups nationwide to rehome unwanted dogs is pivotal in saving the lives of thousands of dogs across the country. “In addition to the 3,013 dogs rehomed directly from Irish dog pounds, the lives of 6,065 dogs were

saved by Irish welfare groups in 2016. “Dogs Trust never destroys a healthy dog and our message to dog owners is very simple – please be a responsible dog owner by neutering and microchipping your pet. Dogs Trust runs affordable neutering and microchipping campaigns throughout the year enabling members of the public to have their dogs neutered and microchipped for free or at a subsidised price.” If you are considering getting a dog, why not give a stray or abandoned dog a second chance of love and life? For more information visit www.dogstrust. ie or call to the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Finglas.

e h t f o DOG


Nutritional Advice Day


Ruby Premiere Nutritional Advice Day in Maxi Zoo: Finglas, Blanchardstown & Maynooth


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The Dublin People Newspaper Group has teamed up with Dogs Trust to help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. Our Dog of the Week is Ruby, a one-year-old, female, and a stunning Staffie! Ruby is full of beans, loves to mess around and is always ready for fuss and cuddles. She adores people and is happiest when she has company. Ruby absolutely loves her walks so


Ask the Experts with Craig

Parasite Control For Dogs & Cats

she is looking for an active, fun-loving adopter please. Ruby will do anything for a piece of chicken so she will be easy to train, if there’s chicken involved! Ruby will make the perfect companion and is suitable to live with children aged eight or older. If you think you can offer Ruby a loving home, contact Dogs Trust on 01-8791000.

Give a Dog a Home Today! Phone us on 01 8791000 Dogs Trust is based in Finglas, just off Exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website at You can also pop up for a visit. Dogs Trust is open six days a week from 12-4pm. The centre is closed all day Tuesday. You can also find Dogs Trust on Facebook at dogstrustireland or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE

Regular flea and worm treatment is necessary to keep your pet, your family and your home healthy.

dampen a piece of cotton wool against your pet's skin, if dark brown blotches appear on the cotton wool, this is flea dirt and you can be 100% sure that Worms - practically all kittens your pet has fleas. and puppies have worms, so treatment to kill these Fleas can be tackled with parasites is very important as Spot-on treatments, which they can affect your pet’s must be applied on a health and can potentially be thoroughly dry and clean coat passed on to humans. Worm (after being washed with treatment can be administered insecticidal shampoo). in the form of tablets or suspension. Tablets are usually The environment of the pet flavoured to encourage dogs must be also treated, as the and cats to take them and they fleas that we see on our pet are can be given directly to your only 5% of the whole flea pet or they can be disguised in population that lives near our their food. They act as a cure as pet. Therefore, to successfully combat fleas it is important to well as maintenance. treat the house and dog’s Fleas - check your pet's coat kennel area with insecticidal for external parasites. The best spray. Fleas and their larvae way to do this is with the use of can live all year round so a flea comb. You can also monthly treatment is advised.

Omni Centre, Santry: 01 8429401




Send them back with a healthy lunchbox IT ALWAYS helps to plan ahead for the new term, and thinking about what the kids are going to eat should be part of planning process. Healthy and nutritious food is so important to fuel your kids through the school day and senior nutritionist with the National Dairy Council, Dr Marianne Walsh, has some helpful advice and tips. “There’s a lot of new things to get used to at the start of the term, ranging from new subjects to possibly a new teacher, classroom or friends,” says Dr Walsh. “It’s ideal if you can experiment at home with lunch ideas and to introduce some new flavours and textures during August, before school starts - or at home during the weekends. “This means children are not coping with new foods on top of everything else at the start of the term in the classroom, but it also means they feel part of the planning and preparation.” Children may want the cakes, biscuits and crisps in their lunchbox but it’s really important to start them on a journey of healthy eating early. Weight is still an issue for Irish children, as research from the Department of Health shows that that one in four children is either overweight or obese. And the European Congress on Obesity notes that 27.5 per cent of children in Ireland under the age of five are overweight or obese, making children in Ireland the heaviest in Europe. The best way to manage this is to watch portion sizes, and ensure a good balance of varied foods in the diet. Don’t forget that a school lunch is one of your child’s three meals a day. Typically, a packed school lunch should contain all of the major food groups, as per the guidelines below: • 1 portion of starchy

carbohydrate (wholegrain breads, pittas and wraps, brown rice/pasta) • 1 portion of meat or meat alternative (chicken, fish, egg, pulses) • 1 portion of dairy (yogurt, cheese) • 1 or more portion of vegetable (carrot sticks, peppers, sweetcorn, lettuce, onion) • 1 or more portion of fruit (apple, orange, banana, pear, kiwi) • A drink of water and/or milk If a child favours a particular type of food or sandwich it is easy to fall into a routine of providing that as a ‘dependable reliable’ all of the time. But they may become bored with that food and could even grow to dislike it because they have it so often.   Including variety in sandwiches can be challenging, especially five days a week. Using different types of bread can help to prevent boredom - such as pitta bread, wraps and bread rolls. Try to opt for wholegrain varieties where possible and vary sandwich fillings from day to day using fresh ingredients and avoiding processed options. Preparing

lunches in interesting shapes and colourful lunchboxes can also make lunchtime more appealing. “Unfortunately, national surveys have shown us that 37 per cent of Irish girls and 28 per cent of Irish boys aged from 5 –12 don’t get enough calcium in their diet; while 42 per cent of teenage girls and 23 per cent of teenage boys have insufficient calcium intakes,” says Dr Walsh. “This is worrying because children and young adolescents are going through really important phases of bone growth and development. The Department of Health advice of three servings from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ food group each day for those aged 5 years and up; with five servings recommended for 9-18-year olds due to the importance of calcium during this life stage. Not only is dairy an excellent source of calcium, it also provides a wide range of important nutrients your child needs such as protein, iodine and B vitamins. Help your child boost their calcium intake with these lunchbox ideas: • A container/mini-carton of milk (200ml) • A pot of yogurt, homemade smoothie or rice pudding

• A matchbox-size (25 g) piece of cheese such as cheddar, edam or gouda. You may like to check if your child’s school is registered with the School Milk Scheme, which is a convenient and affordable way to help your child meet the recommended intake from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ food group. The National Dairy Council has produced ‘Nutrition & You’ booklets for Children and Teenagers, which are endorsed by the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI). These booklets provide tailored information across a variety of topics such as: healthy eating; keeping active; body weight; lunchbox tips; bone and dental health. They are available download for free at publications or email enquiries to   The NDC has also developed educational initiatives to help primary school children and teenagers learn about healthy eating, keeping active and the nutritional importance of dairy foods. Ask about the Moo Crew for primary schools (www.; and the HealthFest event for secondary schools (

New community liaison officer at Trinity College TRINITY College has appointed a new community liaison officer to facilitate and promote engagement between the college and the local area. Over the years, the Trinity’s community liaison officer has worked extensively with the local community on various activities and events, addressing any issues that may arise as well as communicating the current and future plans of the university. Established in 2002, the community liaison officer works on a voluntary basis to help Trinity further develop its relationship with the city and the immediate local community and to encourage inclusive access to the college com-

munity. Ussher Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Dr Ciaran O’Neill, will now take over the position from Professor Ciaran Brady who spent the last 11 years in the role. On his departure from the role, Professor Brady praised the assistance of the Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast as well as the previous Provost, Dr John Hegarty. “I was asked to do it by the previous Provost John Hegarty”, said Professor Brady. “Since then, the two provosts I’ve worked with have been amazingly supportive. “Provost Hegarty and Prendergast made my job so much easier” Professor O’Neill praised Ciaran Brady for his “sterling service” to

the role over the past 11 years or so. “I’m delighted to continue on his work with our neighbours here in Dublin 2,” he added. “This is an exciting time for the docklands, in particular, and it is important that Trinity continues to build and maintain the links we have made with local groups and institutions since this role was created back in 2002.” Speaking on the occasion of Professor Brady’s retirement from the role, Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast praised the work and commitment of Professor Brady over the last 11 years as well as reaffirming Trinity’s commitment to develop and enhance relationships with the neighbouring community.

▪▪ Pictured (l-r): former Trinity Provost Dr John Hegarty, Dr Ciaran O’Neill, Professor Ciaran Brady, and current Trinity Provost Dr Patrick Prendergast

Just 10 minutes from Luas Cross City Green Line Extension at Parnell Street & O'Connell Street Stations

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9 AUG 2017



500 years in 90 seconds Rick Steeves IN THE gorgeously preserved Tuscan hill town of Siena, Italy, the Middle Ages seem to survive in the architecture and in the civic spirit. The city is known both for its pride and for its independent attitude. And twice a year, that spirit shows itself in a crazy horse race, as it has for five centuries. That world-famous race, the Palio di Siena, takes place twice every summer - on July 2 and August 16 - and the city’s people hurl themselves into the traditional revelry of the event with wild abandon. As my friend Roberto explained when I visited to see last year’s race: “For the Sienese, you’re born…there’s the Palio…and then you can die.” Siena is divided into 17 neighbourhoods, or contrade, 10 of which vie for the coveted Palio banner - and all-important bragging rights. Each competing contrada gets its horse through a lottery system and then showers it with love, washing and grooming it in a stable that’s more like a five-star hotel. Contrade - each with its own parish church, fountain, and square - are filled with rivalries. Each contrada is represented by a mascot (porcupine, unicorn, she-wolf, and so on) and a distinctive flag - colours worn and flown all year long, but omnipresent as the race nears. While the race itself lasts just 90 seconds, festivities go on for days. As Palio day approaches, processions break out across the city, including one in which the famed and treasured banner - featuring the Virgin Mary, to whom the race is dedicated - is held high as it is paraded to the cathedral. Locals belt out passionate good-luck choruses. With the waving flags and pounding drums, it all harkens back to medieval times, when these rituals boosted morale before battle. The day before the race I joined a crowd in the main square, Il Campo, to see the jockeys - mostly hired hands from out of town - get to know their horses in a practice run called the ‘charge of the carabinieri’. At midnight that night, the streets were filled with eating, drinking, sing-

▪▪ The crowd looks on as an oxen cart pulls the Palio banner through Siena’s main square. PHOTO: RICK STEVES

▪▪ Representatives of Siena’s neighborhoods gather at the cathedral. ing, and camaraderie, as neighbourhoods gathered to pump each other up. On race day, bets are placed on which contrada will win...and lose. Despite the shady behind-the-scenes dealing, the horses are taken into their contrada’s church to be blessed. (‘Go and return victorious’, says the priest.) It’s considered a sign of luck if a horse leaves droppings in the church. In Il Campo, dirt is brought in and packed down to create the track’s surface, while mattresses pad the walls of surrounding buildings. The most treacherous spots are the sharp corners, where many a rider has bitten the dust. The entire city of Siena packs into Il Campo. Bleacher and balcony seats are expensive, but it’s free to join the

masses in the square. Those who are well-connected get to watch from the comfort of an apartment window. Roberto’s friend, Franco, shared his apartment overlooking the racecourse…and we enjoyed the best seats in town for the event. From this vantage point, we watched as the square filled, with pageantry unfolding, flags waving, and excitement building. Finally, it was time. A cart pulled by oxen carried the Palio banner into the arena and the crowd went wild. As the starting places were announced, 10 snorting horses and their nervous riders lined up to await the start. Silence took over. And then… The race! Once the rope drops, there’s one basic rule: There are no

▪▪ The most treacherous spots are the sharp corners. rules. The jockeys race bareback like crazy while spectators go berserk. In Siena, life stops for these frantic three laps. Up in the apartment, Roberto and Franco held their breath. And then, the winner: Lupa, the she-wolf district. We zipped out into the street to join the ecstatic mobs coursing toward the cathedral. The happy ‘Lupa-Lupa-Lupa!’ horde thundered through town, weeping with joy. At the cathedral, the crowd packed in, and the winning contrada received the beloved banner - champions…until the next race. The most recent race I witnessed, in August 2016, was historic: For the first time in over a century, the same contrada won both the July and the

August races (and Lupa had gone 27 years without a win). Seeing euphoria overcome members of the winning contrada reminded me that it’s impossible for a tourist to really understand what this ritual race means to the people of Siena. Carrying their new trophy and hoisting their jockey high, the Lupa contingent tumbled out of the cathedral and back out into the streets of Siena, where the celebration would continue until the wee hours - 500 years of tradition, still going strong. ▪▪ Rick Steves ( writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on TV and radio around the world. You an email him at and follow his blog on Facebook.




Arona makes its Irish debut THE all-new SEAT Arona is here. The last SEAT creation made its first appearance during a media event in Barcelona, in front of 250 international journalists. The all-new SEAT Arona will make its public debut at the Frankfurt International Motorshow in September and will arrive in Irish shores this November. The all-new SEAT Arona is the Spanish brand's third new model release in 2017, after the upgraded Leon and the all-new Ibiza. This is yet another addition to the SEAT range in its biggest product offensive ever, which also includes the Ateca and the upcoming large size SUV that will be released in 2018. The all-new SEAT Arona sits neatly within the SUV range as the younger brother in the family, in an outstanding and bright way, that combines the advantages of its compact dimensions

in the city with its crossover attributes to get out of the city and go even further. The SEAT Arona is elegant, spacious, practical and comfortable both in the normal Monday to Friday working week and adventurous, robust, sporty and efficient at the weekend. All of this is combined with applied safety and connectivity technology that is only seen in higher segments of the market, plus SEAT’s undoubtable attractive and distinct design without failing to mention a huge amount of personalisation options as well as the sports DNA dynamism and finesse of the Spanish brand. The Arona, manufactured exclusively in Martorell will play a key role for SEAT, strengthening the brand and increasing sales. "We at SEAT are very persistent,” said Luca de Meo, President of SEAT. "The commercial launch of the new Ibiza is taking place this very

▪▪ The all-new SEAT Arona will arrive in Ireland in November. month, and Arona will be premiered at the Frankfurt Motorshow.” The all-new Arona is the SEAT’s first model in the A0 compact crossover segment, which is the fastest growing segment in Ireland. The all-new SEAT Arona

has all of the driving assistance and infotainment systems you know and love from other SEAT models, such as Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Hill Hold control, Fatigue Detection, Rain and Headlight Sensors, Multi-Collision Brake, Key-

less Entry and Start System, precise and high-quality rear camera, premium 8" black panel touchscreen, and wireless charger with GSM signal amplifier. Neil Dalton, Head of Marketing and Product at SEAT Ireland, said: "We are excit-

ed to be bringing the all-new SEAT Arona to Ireland in November. “Our SUV range is proving to be very popular, and the Arona is the perfect complement to the Ateca which is continuing to get a phenomenal reaction from Irish

drivers. “So far this year we have seen fantastic sales results across the board at SEAT Ireland and the arrival of the Arona will certainly add to the excitement as part of our greatest product offensive ever.”

Renault KADJAR Crossover by Renault

Available with:

3% APR 3 Years’ Servicing Included Model shown: Renault KADJAR Signature Nav dCi 110, RRP €30,990. Price excludes metallic paint, delivery and dealer-related charges. Maximum recommended dealer delivery charge €750. 5-year/200,000km manufacturer’s warranty as standard. Finance example: KADJAR EXPRESSION+ TCe 130. RRP €25,190. Deposit €8,938. Term 36 monthly payments of €199. APR 3%. Total cost of credit €1,062 inc doc & completion fee €75 each. Optional final payment €10,000. Includes 3-year service plan. Offer exclusive to Renault Bank. Excess mileage plus excess wear-and-tear charges may apply upon return of vehicle. Offer is made under a hire purchase agreement. Subject to lending criteria. Terms and conditions apply. See [Warning: You will not own these goods until the final payment is made]. Renault Bank is a trading name of RCI Banque Branch Ireland and is authorised and regulated by the French banking authority and supervised by the Central Bank for conduct of business purposes.

LINDERS SWORDS TURVEY Turvey Business Centre Donabate, Co. Dublin Tel 01 8901801

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Thinking outside the vase FLOWERS, plants and greenery are among life's simple pleasures and there is no doubt a room with a flower-filled vase is a happier place. In an effort to spread that happiness, leading design house, Neptune, has come up with a mini-master class in flower arranging. Fortunately, the clever designers at Neptune also have a beautiful selection of incredibly life-life, fresh as a country garden, silk flowers to help your creativity blossom. To mix flowers or not to mix can be a question, and the answer from the floral experts is that it depends on what type of look you are going for. If your aim is for sophisticated elegance, then using all one colour and all one flower type works really well. Think of a tight arrangement of white tulips or simple display of white lilies. However, if you want something more relaxed and textured then combining two or three flower families together is a lovely option. If it is a spontaneous, hand-picked appearance you are after then don't over think it.

▪▪ Life’s simple pleasures, Neptune’s willow branches, price (€13), lilac stems (€17), with Newington hurricane vase, (from €70), Charlton vase (€105) and Alderney hurricane vase, (from €29).

▪▪ A touch of bohemia Neptune’s Barnsley Lilac bouquet, lilac stems price €17, magnolia branch (€20), snowballs (€21), Charlton vase (€105). The key to the hedgerow look is to go with the flow and remember higgledy-piggledy arrangements can be full of charm. When it comes to height, an interplay of varying stem


Once loved furniture in good condition removed for FREE

lengths will create a more interesting result, particularly if you are using different types of flowers. And when it comes to placing flowers, the main rule is strong stems first. By placing branches and thick greenery on the outer edge of your vase you create a support network for the more delicate blooms so they can be dropped where it feels most natural. The experts also advise thinking outside the vase. Neptune's apple blossom stems are particularly nice and bendy and with a little creativity they can be intertwined to make a hanging garden or a bowered entrance to a doorway.

If your aim is for sophisticated elegance, then using all one colour and all one flower type works really well. Think of a tight arrangement of white tulips or simple display of white lilies For a new take on the home-grown look Neptune's floral experts recommend pairing magnolia blossoms with pillow like snowballs against a backdrop of branches. And if your taste is for sheer elegance then consider taking a voluptuous glass and filling it with large white hydrangeas. But if you fancy something


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Don’t replace it! Reface it! Give your kitchen/Bedroom that

a touch more bohemia why not get some free-flowing lilacs entangled in magnolia branches, and set them off with billowing snowballs, left tall so they can branch out. Whatever your look, you ▪▪ Neptune’s bold and beautiful hydrangeas in white can create a little floral hap- and blue, price €25 per stem. piness with Neptune's lifelike flowers and greenery to treasure forever. For Irish stockists see


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▪▪ Sheer elegance with Neptune’s Snowshill hydrangeas, (price €25) per stem, in a voluptuous Charlton vase, (€105). ▪▪ A fabulous burst of colour Neptune’s Hyacinth Blue, hyacinth stems price €20, and Dulwich vase, (from €35).

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Outlasting your probation period Cormac Spencer HAVING nailed the interview and accepted an offer to start your new job, you breathe a sigh of relief and relax. It’s all downhill from here, isn’t it? Not quite. While signing your new contract might be pleasing, your new job isn’t something guaranteed for life. For a start, most jobs require a six-month probation period to assess whether your work performance matches your performance in interview. For an employee, this time

is important in making sure the probation is a mere formality, and that the job is secured for however long it’s wanted. Starting a new job provides the opportunity to institute yourself as a valuable member of the team. First impressions are important and you only get to make one. Good first impressions allow you to establish yourself as someone recognised as smart, motivated and possessing the potential to progress. The chances are that you have never met most of the people you are working with, so you have a clean slate

with which to make your mark. For the first few weeks of a new job, co-workers will cut you some slack. They assume you don't know how everything works, so use this time to ask questions. Bring a pad and write down answers to make sure it sinks in. A good tip is to hold queries until the end of the day as they are often answered in the normal course of things. This also stops you butting in with a question every five minutes and coming across as though you aren’t grasping things. Familiarise yourself with

new systems and work practices, ask pertinent questions and look for training early on, because whereas as people are happy to help when you first join the company, if you are asking what your login to the computer is after two months, their patience may begin to wear thin! It’s important to introduce yourself around in a new organisation. Get to know who does what, and who makes the decisions. Knowing the key players allows you to do your job better. Try to avoid getting sucked in to gossip about co-workers. Be polite to

IS IT TIME TO CONSIDER AN EMPLOYER OF CHOICE AND OPPORTUNITY – AND ONE WITH A FUTURE? Prosper Fingal is an established company that provides services to people with an Intellectual disability, on behalf of the State, in North Dublin. In response to the ever increasing demand for its services, it has developed a strategic plan as to how these services are to be delivered, managed and accounted for into the future.

Towards this organisational vision, we have a range of career opportunities for honours graduates in the areas of: • Psychology • Sociology • Business and Commerce

• Social Care • Allied Health Professions • Education and Training

We will consider applicants from a wide cross section of educational achievement, including the above to be part of our frontline services. We are just looking for the right people to make good things happen for people with disabilities and their carers. In our business we have to, on a daily basis, manage funding, facts, projects, compliance obligations, staffing, buildings and relationships. Can you see your skill set fitting into this workplace? If you think you have the education, aptitude and personality to be part of a dynamic organisation, why not apply? Applications should be made by cover letter and C.V. to H.R., at For enquiries or a job description, contact 01- 8493600. Closing date: Monday 21st August 2017. Prosper Fingal is an Equal Opportunities Employer

those who are spreading it, but take people as you find them. This is an opportunity to progress in a new company, so don't make enemies when you don't need to. During the early days of a new job, try to have an input in meetings and during work. Come up with suggestions and insights that mark you out as someone who is sharp, confident and who knows their stuff. Be careful not to come across as a know it all, or to impose yourself too aggressively, and remember not to say things like “this is not how we used to do things in my old job”. You

▪▪ A new job is a fresh slate. aren't in Kansas now! People are most interested in what works in the here and now and for the future. Finally, don’t rest on your laurels. It should be said, that probation periods are two-way streets, allowing the company to assess you, but also allowing you to see if the job is really what you want. But once you decide you want the job, don't let your performance drop after you are confirmed as a permanent employee.

Keep contributing and mark yourself out as one to be watched. A new job is a fresh slate. Be confident, make yourself invaluable and you might find opportunities present themselves not just for increases in salary, but for progress. •Cormac Spencer is a Recruitment Consultant/ Director at Link Personnel Services. Visit www. or call 018456312.

▪▪ Rush-based brothers Michael and Noel Ruigrok of Rush Bulbs and Flowers will deliver 110,000 Irish-grown sunflowers to Aldi stores nationwide over the next six weeks.

Local business to supply Aldi with sunflowers ALDI Ireland has announced a new agreement with Dublin-based flower growers, Rush Bulbs and Flowers, that will see 110,000 Irish-grown sunflowers delivered fresh to Aldi stores nationwide over the next six weeks. Aldi’s partnership with the Rush based family-run business is part of a nationwide initiative to promote locally sourced fresh flowers in its stores. Rush Bulbs and Flowers has partnered with Aldi Ireland since 2011. As well as sunflowers, the company also supplies the supermar-

ket retailer with tulips, lilies and gladioli. Aldi will buy over 3.4 million sunflower stems from the company this year. The family business, which is run by brothers Michael and Noel Ruigrok, has been supplying locally grown flowers to the Irish market since 1935. The company’s partnership with Aldi has played a significant role in the continued success of the business. In the past six years, the number of people employed by Rush Bulbs and Flowers has grown from four to 15, making it one of the largest flower growers in Ireland. The Rush Bulbs and Flowers

farm has also doubled its production volume in three years. Michael Ruigrok, director at Rush Bulbs and Flowers, said: “As the third generation of Ruigroks to be supplying fresh flowers to the Irish market, my brother and I are very proud to see our business continue to grow. “Our partnership with Aldi has allowed us to develop our operation rapidly in recent years. Since 2014, we have doubled the production volume of our farm and have increased our production of tulips from 1.5 million to six million stems on hydroponics.”




Search underway for top young entrepreneur THE latest search to find Fingal’s Best Young Entrepreneur and ultimately Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) is underway. With a €50,000 investment fund available for Fingal winners, this National enterprise initiative attracted 1,842 applications across the country last year and supported over 450 young entrepreneurs through training, mentoring and direct financial assistance. Announcing the start of this year’s programme, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald, said: “Building on the success of previous IBYE competitions, this Government wants to support more young entrepreneurs right across the country through the LEOs. “Ireland has a well-earned

reputation as a country that supports and fosters enterprise. “Our young entrepreneurs are talented, innovative and dynamic. Last year, 180 young entrepreneurs won investment funding for their businesses through IBYE, helping them reach their export and job growth potential.” Minister Fitzgerald added: “I would encourage all young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 to talk to their LEO about the IBYE programme and the valuable supports available throughout the various stages of the competition.” The initiative is co-ordinated by all 31 Local Enterprise Offices and begins with a nationwide competition across three categories at county level: Best Idea, Best Start-Up Business and Best Established

Business. Around 450 applicants, across every local authority area will be invited to regional ‘Entrepreneur Bootcamps’ in November to help them develop their business and new venture ideas. With an investment fund of €50,000, Fingal Local Enterprise Office will award six investment prizes to three category winners and three runners-up, before the Regional Finals early next year. The local winners in the Best Start-Up and Best Established Business categories will receive €15,000 each and the two runners-up will each receive €5,000. The Best Business Idea winner locally will receive an investment prize of €7,000 and the runner-up will receive €3,000. The competition is now in

▪▪ Pictured at the launch were Seamus Tighe of Everest Granola; Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Mary McCamley; chief executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid; Head of Enterprise in Fingal, Oisin Geoghegan; Damian O’Kelly of Nutrictics; and Louisamay Hanrahan of Luvguru App. its fourth year and last year’s local winners were: Marcin Kulik of SmartTrace Software, from Malahide, in the Best Business Idea category; Seamus Tighe of Everest Granola, from Castleknock, in the Best Start-Up Business category; and Damian O’Kelly of Nutritics Ltd. from Swords in the

Best Established Business category. To enter, entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 in Fingal are asked to visit www. to submit their entry online. The closing date is Saturday, September 29 and there is no entry fee

Local retailers in Ireland’s top 100 list RETAIL Excellence, the largest retail industry representative organisation in the country, has named 21 Dublin businesses among the top 100 stores in the country. They are as follows: The 3 store, Swords; Adrian Dunne Pharmacy; Inglot, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre; Love Suits, Swords; McCabe’s Pharmacy, Pavilion Shopping Centre; Moriarty’s SuperValu, Balbriggan; Peter Mark, Swords; Butlers Chocolate Café and Ecco both located in Liffey Valley; Donnybrook Fair, Donnybrook; Dubray books, Grafton Street; Fitzsimons Family Fishmongers; Gino Gelato’s, Grafton Street; Laduree, South William Street; Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Blackrock Shopping Centre; L’Occitane en Provence, Dundrum Town Centre; Rock’s Jewellers, Stillorgan Shopping Centre; St Stephen’s Green Food Village, St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre; Stonechat Jewellers, Westbury Mall; The Natural Bakery, Donnybrook Mall; and Tilestyle, Ballymount. The Top100 stores are part of the Retail Excellence (RE) Awards, which were established in 1997 to promote best practice and encourage high standards in the Irish retail industry and are now the largest and most prestigious of their kind in Ireland. The awards will take place on November 11 in Killarney. David Fitzsimons, chief executive of Retail Excellence Ireland, said: “There were almost 700 entries nationwide and as with other years we are delighted with the quality of applicants this year. The very high standard of service, customer engagement and display among Irish retailers was very evident.”


Well, if it involved getting together with a 100 or so good friends and firing semi-automatic Steyr AUG rifles or being part of an artillery gun crew, then you already know about the unique challenges and attractions of the Reserve Defence Forces. If not, maybe you should check it out. We are now accepting applications* for Recruits in the Army and Naval Service Reserve. For further information and to see which RDF location is closest to you, please visit *The selection process will take a minimum of 4 months.




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Doors and all necessary ironmongery. Skirting, Architraves and Window Boards Loft Access ladders Velux Windows. Timber flooring solid or laminate.

Can Carry out Roofspace Conversions from Approved plans. Roofing: Flat and cut roofs Tiling, slating battens and roof felt PVC Soffits, Fascia boards and Guttering Carry out Home and Business Maintenance Work Through-out Dublin area Top Quality works at Competitive Prices.

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ABOUT THE HOUSE ROOFING We cover all aspects of roofing Roofing Tiles Flat Roof Repairs Chimney Pointing and Repairs We Repair Flat roofs Full Installation of Flat Roofs

Special Offer for July and August Ridgecapping from €250

Gutters Cleaned & Sealed Full Gutter cleaning All Guttering, Down Pipes, Clips Checked All Fascias, Ridge Tiles and Point Check FROM €49 Normally €99 Full No Obligation Report On any Fault Unit 5 Redcow Industrial Estate Dublin Contact Tom: Tel 01-5134661 Mobile 085-1488952

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PLUMBING & HEATING BOILER & GAS REPAIRS FROM €60 by former Bord Gais Service Engineer. All Plumbing & Heating problems solved Taps/Toilets/Electrical Showers & Hot Water Cylinders Senior Card Discount RGI Registered Check out my Website for more Info. or Call Johnny on 087 4004552

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ALARMS AAL ANGEL ALARMS LTD 25 Years personal experience in the industry. * Alarm your home from only €20 per week * 2 Panic buttons (Hall/Upstairs) * 1 Day Installation * Easy to use key fob * Fully guaranteed * Service man on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week * All equipment complies to highest EU standards * Fully insured, licensed & PSA Approved Wireless system also available * View your home from your phone with our CCTV system.

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ALARMS Atom Alarms. Protecting what is important to you for over 25 years. Is your alarm old? Do you need it upgraded? Alarms serviced for €85.00 Wired and wireless systems installed. Self-monitor your alarm on your mobile phone. 24/7 central station monitoring available. 24/7 fire and carbon monoxide alarm monitoring. CCTV systems. 3 months free monitoring with every new alarm. Check out our website PSA Licence No. 06228 Phone: 01 9065843# Mobile: 087 051 5986 email: Web site:

email: angelalarms @ www.angelalarmsltd. APPLIANCE ie REPAIR

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Tel: Mick on Washing Machines Cookers Dishwashers Hobs ALARM IT ALARM Refrigeration SYSTEMS: Dryers *Full service on any _____________ home or Repairs - Spares commercial alarm Installations system only Sales €90* (No contract ____________ needed) Fast - Efficient - Reliable All makes serviced & Landlords & Property repaired Managers Over 20yrs experience Estate Agents Welcome _____________ *Wireless or wired alarm 087 615 4234 systems fitted from €550* All systems meet the current izmagic standards _____________ "Say what we mean, We cover Dublin & Do what we say." surrounding areas Check out our website


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REMOVALS & TRANSPORT (IRL - UK-EUROPE) PAINTING & MAN WITH A VAN Are you moving home? DECORATING Your new low cost IR PAINTING method of moving at a Professional Painter, fraction of the price Interiors Exteriors larger removal Domestic and companies charge. Fully Commerical Full 3 Bed House Interior professional white glove service at all times. €850 Single items to full loads Wall Refresh Every surface two coats including Full House and damage filled & moves. 2 men available fixed on request, call John WALLPAPER 086-3341713 Stripp wallpaper and hang new wallpaper White Colour free Professional work Clean and efficent Fully Qualified Experienced Fast and Efficient Trust worthy

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PRIVATE ADS Prayers Novena to the Sacred Heart. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I asked you for many favours. This time I ask for this special favour (mention it). Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted. (never known to fail) PP. Grateful thanks for favours granted.JB

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Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention here). Take it dear Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. In his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. ML. EM

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Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention here). Take it dear Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. In his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail.VL . SM . VL. BG Novena to the sacred heart Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours this time i ask you for this very special one ( mention favour) Take it dear jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it, then it becomes your favour not mine. In return dear jesus I promise to make your name known and love. Say this novena for three days and promise publication Thank you for favours granted and about to be received. PM,ST,AM,RM Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention here). Take it dear Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. In his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail.KM Novena to the Sacred Heart. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I asked you for many favours. This time I ask for this special favour (mention it). Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted. (never known to fail) PP. Grateful thanks for favours granted.TC

Novena to the Sacred Heart. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I asked you for many favours. This time I ask for this special favour (mention it). Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted. (never known to fail) PP. Grateful thanks for favours granted.SR Novena May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored , glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred heart of Jesus pray for us. Sacred heart worker of miracles , pray for us. Sacred heart of Jesus help of hopeless, pray for us Say this prayer nine times a day. Bu the eighth day your prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. it has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you. SR

Planning Application Notices

Novena to the Sacred Heart. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I asked you for many favours. This time I ask for this special favour (mention it). Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted. (never known to fail) PP. Grateful thanks for favours to received & about to be received. CMCC Greatful thanks to Jesus for many favours received and those I hope to received. Publication Promise. PH Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, & St Martha in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for a special one (mention here). Take it dear Jesus & St Martha and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. In his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Say for 3 days, promise publication and favour will be granted & thanks for favours to be received .SN For Sale for sale 13 new quarter length coats & 12 second hand coats & jackets in good condition. suited car boot saler. €160:00 Phone 0894212200

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Friendship 58 Male seeks female for texting and friendship . Phone 0858321597 Friendship Gentleman seeks lady for long term friendship. Phone 0857675651 Articles For sale Black leather recliner sofa for sale. Very good condition no damage. 086/0604688 Articles Wanted Violins, Violas, cellos wanted any condition. Seen anywhere. Top International prices paid. Wanted by Collector 0872416723 Articles Wanted Mooney family history. Family tree in search of relatives. Grandfather, John died in WWII. He had 2 sisters, Teresa and Mary. His father Edward and Mum Jane McDonagh. Lived in St James particularly Irwin Street early 20th century.

email: Contact our Standard Planning Sales TeamNotice €127.10call plus VAT Deadline for submission

8621611 Friday at 12 noon

Friendship Male 58 would like to meet female or male for friendship . Phone 0892417462






CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1. A piece of topical information that appears like lightning? (4,5) 8. Lose one’s way in Rochester Road (3) 9. Alone I mount unsteadily, showing no signs of feeling (11) 11. Pertaining to a treaty made by Fred Lea (7) 12. Bird gets wing-tip trapped in gnarled tree (5) 13. About charitable contributions from sovereign countries (6) 15. What the church may have to aim at (6) 17. One appearing among the lady’s legatees (5) 18. Lists of those competing for records (7) 20. One who makes a resting-place for solemn Australian (5-6) 22. Sun-fish with no tail (3) 23. Put on show - Sid came back and performed (9)

DOWN 2. A long time coming from Lake Ontario (3) 3. See 6 Down 4. A drily complex arrangement in a barren way (6) 5. They indulge in outdoor pursuits (7) 6 & 3Dn. Meal that is automatically uplifting! (4-7,5) 7. Pre-eminence badly affects sergeants (9) 10. Need any girl be shown in anaffectionate way? (11) 11. A place out of town could makeher famous (9) 14. Sorted out the mails I had ost (7) 16. As dressmakers, they dispose of waste material (6) 19. Prepare the ground round the back of the meadow for this material (5) 21. Observe to the letter, by the sound of it (3)

ACROSS 1. Comrade (9) 8. Border (3) 9. Chill (11) 11. Stuffy (7) 12. Liable (5) 13. Available (2,4) 15. Live (6) 17. Primary (5) 18. Torment (7) 20. Topple (11) 22. Baronet (3) 23. Forever (9)

DOWN 2. Observe (3) 3. Rebuke (5) 4. Disinclined (6) 5. Instance (7) 6. Foreboding (11) 7. Pastime (9) 10. Additionally (11) 11. Reserve (9) 14. Absent (3,4) 16. Mob (6) 19. Criminal (5) 21. Pass (3)










Find the words hidden in the puzzle below


9 AUG 2017




Calling all junior detectives! GPO Witness History has misplaced some key objects of historic significance. It’s with the greatest urgency that these must be located and we need your expertise. The search is taking place weekly on Sundays throughout August. If you are up to the task, register your participation by emailing This fun activity is available for children aged five to 12 and children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. It costs €12 per adult, €6 per child or €26 for a family of four. After the experience, there’s a session of crafts and games from the Victorian era.


The number of parkruns on the Northside increased recently with a new addition – Fairview. The 5k run, which is free to enter, also takes place at a number of other local venues every Saturday at 9.30am, including St Anne’s Park, Father Collins Park, Malahide Castle, Ardgillan Castle and Poppintree Park, to name but a few. To register for a parkrun near you, visit



Hear the most popular ‘Ukulele Songs of All Times’ in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Come along and hear the Dublin Ukulele Collective playing and singing on the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Band Stand – East Pier, on Saturday, August 12 from 3pm JERVIS KIDS’ ENTERTAINMENT Jervis Shopping Centre is running some great until 4.30pm. kids’ entertainment every Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-4pm during August. There are some amazing themed shows at 12.15pm, 1.30pm & 3pm and lots happening in between. And there’s the added bonus of being able to do some shopping while you’re there!

Written and performed by Robert Gogan, Strolling Through Ulysses! tells the fun-filled story of Bloomsday - June 16th 1904 - the iconic day around which James Joyce’s Ulysses is based, and guides you through the curious events and quirky characters of the iconic novel in a humorous, entertaining and informative manner. Bawdy, irreverent and great fun, this one-manshow takes place The Stag's Head, Dame Court, every Sunday. Tickets cost €15 and are available at Dublin Visitor Centres, from and at the door (subject to availability).




The Bray Train & Model Fair will take place on Sunday, August 13 from 11am to 3pm in Bray Wheelers Clubhouse on the Schools Road, off Boghall Road. Diecast, tin toys, models -vintage/modern, Dinky/Corgi/Matchbox/Oxford. See

Movie fans are in for a treat this weekend with the annual Fingal Film Festival taking place over three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 11, 12 and 13. With outdoor cinemas, live stand-up comedy and music, full bars, food vendors, and a new venue, the 800-year-old Swords Castle, the festival offers a weekend of family-friendly excitement. For more information on the full schedule, visit

Emlyn Boyle, a Westmeath-based artist who is originally from Coolock, is holding an exhibition of his work at Rush Library. ‘Those Ancient Folk’ is based on Irish myths, legends and folklore and launches this Saturday, August 12 in Rush. This is Emlyn’s second solo art exhibition but his first one based in Dublin. It runs until September 1.


A car boot sale will take place in the grounds of the Methodist Church, Ballinteer Road, Dundrum (just off M50 - beside Wesley Rugby Club) on Saturday, August 12. Gates open for sellers at 8am. Prices are cars €20 and for car and trailer €30. For buyers, admission is free. Free parking in grounds of Wesley College. Cafe with light refreshments available. Further details from email:

Crossword Solutions CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 News flash; 8 Err; 9 Unemotional; 11 Federal; 12 Egret; 13 Realms; 15 Aspire; 17 Heirs; 18 Entries; 20 Grave-digger; 22 Sol; 23 Displayed. Down: 2 Eon; 3 Flour; 4 Aridly; 5 Hunters; 6 Self-raising; 7 Greatness; 10 Endearingly; 11 Farmhouse; 14 Mislaid; 16 Sewers; 19 Twill; 21 Eye. QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Associate; 8 Rim; 9 Refrigerate; 11 Airless; 12 Prone; 13 On hand; 15 Reside; 17 First; 18 Afflict; 20 Overbalance; 22 Sir; 23 Eternally. Down: 2 See; 3 Chide; 4 Averse; 5 Example; 6 Premonition; 7 Amusement; 10 Furthermore; 11 Aloofness; 14 Not here; 16 Rabble; 19 Felon; 21 Col.



From the Archives

We take a look back at extracts from old newspapers to see what was in the news this month from years gone by

▪▪ The Dublin train from Howth steams into Sutton Railway Station, c. 1907. There were superb views from the train as it ran along the coast. Passengers wait on the station platform which would certainly be more crowded today. The wall on the opposite platform carries advertistements, including one for ‘Wright’s Coal Tar Soap’. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (North Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/The History Press.

▪▪ Evening Herald, August 26, 1939

▪▪ Evening Herald, August 31, 1939

▪▪ Irish Press, August 17, 1977

▪▪ Victoria House, Victoria Terrace, Kingstown, c. 1905. The hotel was formed by the amalgamation of two houses which had been built on the waterfront by Thomas Egan in 1843. The proprietor was Thomas Ross and Ross’s Hotel was very popular. In the 1930s it had an ‘electric lift’ and an added attraction was the ‘winter garden’ on the hotel roof. Photo and caption from ‘Images of Ireland’ (South Dublin), by Derek Stanley. Published by Gill & Macmillan/The History Press.

▪▪ Freeman’s Journal, August 8, 1867

▪▪ Sunday Independent, August 27, 1939


9 AUG 2017



Was €199 Now €99

Was €199 Now €109



Was €169 Now €119

White Oak Shaker

Was €279 Now €199 Lyon



Was €19.99 Now €14.99 Calgary Gloss

Was €30.99 Now €16.99 Harbour Oak

8mm Laminate Flooring from €8.99 Bluebell Industrial Estate, Kylemore Road, Dublin 12. Tel: 01 4600363

Northside people (west) august 9th 2017  
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