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19 Feb - 25 Feb ‘20

Vol.32. No.8






URGENT FOSTERING APPEAL-LOCAL CHILDREN NEED YOUR HELP! Due to the chronic shortage of local Tusla foster carers in North Dublin, many local children are living in counties outside of Dublin and far from those they know. Can you be a Tusla foster carer? Please call 1800 226 771, visit fostering.ie or email: tusla.fostering@tusla.ie Fostering information sessions: March 5th at 9.45am and March 12th at 7pm in the Elbow Room, 32 North Brunswick St, Stoneybatter, Dublin

Appeal launched to help local girl Jennifer Keegan

her an assistance dog which would greatly improve Lily May’s quality of life and that THE family of a local girl of her family. They have who has severe autism and started a GoFundMe page for accompanying language people wishing to donate. disorder is looking for Lily May struggles with donations to get an assistance dog for her needs. her autism every day. She is especially vulnerable to The parents of Lily May loud noises and crowded Dennison (5), Emma and places which can trigger Wayne Dennison, from ‘meltdowns’. Artane, are looking to get

According to Ms Dennison, leaving the house can be difficult, especially when she has her other children with her. “Cars are no problem, but if it’s a motorbike or helicopter, even if she has her ear defenders on, she will sit on the ground and she won’t get back up,’ said Ms Dennison.

In the past, Lily May has even darted out onto the road if she gets a fright. One day Lily May was so badly affected by the noise of a passing motorbike that she was unable to move for half an hour. The family have had to stop outings such as going to the Zoo, for fear that Lily May will be triggered. These ‘meltdowns’ are

not only tough on Lily May but on her family, too. She has three siblings, Ryan (13), Ally (7) and Louis (1). Ms Dennison said “people look at you as if to say, she’s letting her child run wild when it really isn’t what’s happening at all”. Lily May also has very bad balance and can fall up to 15 times a day. She often wakes

up at night and has panic attacks, thinking that she is alone which can lead to waking her sister who shares a room with her and often the rest of the family as well. “Sometimes she’s kept us awake so late that I’ve had to keep them [the children] off school,” said Ms Dennison. Continued on page 5

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12/06/2018 10:15



Many tears shed at Stardust vigil Tony McCullagh

last Thursday evening, including relatives of the dead, survivors and JOURNALIST Eamon members of Dublin Fire Dunphy found it Brigade. Former RTÉ impossible to hold correspondent, Charlie back the tears when he Bird, was one of the addressed a gathering guest speakers, along of Stardust families and their supporters in Artane with Eamon Dunphy and local Sinn Féin councillor last week - and he wasn’t Larry O’Toole, who was alone. deputising for Dublin’s Hundreds of people Lord Mayor. turned out for a vigil to Singer Christy Moore mark the 39th anniversary had been due to attend of the nightclub tragedy

Mr. M. Whelan B.Sc.(Hons) Podiatric Medicine. Post Experience Certificate in Diabetes Care.

CHIROPODIST / PODIATRIST Dept., of Health Listed

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but was fighting a throat infection. He sent a heartfelt message of support to the Stardust families which was read out on the night by campaign spokesperson Antoinette Keegan. The vigil was held in a large marquee which had been facilitated by Dublin City Council’s Madeline Ebbs, who was warmly thanked by Ms Keegan for her help and support. After the names of the Stardust victims were read out, there was a musical performance by the North Dublin Gospel Choir, which included a poignant rendition of U2’s ‘One’. Christy Moore may have been absent on the night but his spirit was captured by signer Eddie Sherlock with a stirring version of ‘They Never Came Home’. An emotional Eamon Dunphy accused politicians of being “as hard as nails” and slammed the treatment of the Stardust families by successive governments. Charlie Bird spoke of the night of the Stardust fire when he was dispatched to the scene as a journalist to cover the story. He repeated the widely held view that if the tragedy had happened on the Southside of the city, the families would have got justice a long time ago. Bird said that when he

Charlie Bird recalled how he reported on the tragedy in 1981. returned to the scene Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Eugene Kelly, Madeleine Ebbs, Antoinette Keegan, Andrew of the fire to make a Loughman and broadcaster Eamon Dunphy at the Stardust vigil in Artane last week. documentary for RTÉ PHOTOS: DARREN KINSELLA a few years ago, he was taken aback to discover that there was nothing at the site to commemorate the tragedy. This was put right later in the night when the broadcaster unveiled a large plaque on the building featuring the names of all 48 victims. While each and every anniversary is a difficult time for the families, there was sense of optimism at last week’s event that they will finally get justice for the deaths of their loved ones with a new inquest set to be held in the near future.

Eamon Dunphy made a very emotional speech.

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Richard Hyland, an uncle of Stardust victim Caroline McHugh, places a rose at the scene of the new memorial that was unveiled at the site of the Artane tragedy.

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DISABILITY Minister Finian McGrath has paid tribute to wellknown campaigner, Martin DISABILITY Minister Finian McNaughton, who passed awayDISABILITY Minister Finian McGrath has paid tribute to wellGrath has paid tribute to welllast week at the age of 62. known campaigner, Martin known campaigner, Martin â–Ş Malahide Cub Scouts who r Naughton, who passed away Naughton, who passed away DISABILITY Minister Finian McThe Galway native, who wentlast week at the age of 62. MacLochlainn, Kate Sheridan last week at the age of 62. Ciaran Russell with Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien with on to found the Centre for Inde-Grath has paid tribute to wellWilliam Hackett pictured â–Ş DISABILITY and Cllr GrĂĄinne Maguire (Ind). The Balbriggan OperationLiving, Transformation was of a huge success once again.Minister Finian Mc- Martin campaigner, pendent spentwalk much hisknown The Galway native, who away went The Galway native, who went Ma Grath has paid tribute to wellNaughton, who passed early life at St Mary’s Hospital inon to found known campaigner, on to found the Centre for IndeWi last week atthe theCentre age Martin of for 62. IndeDISABILITY Minister Finian McDISABILITY Minister Finian McBaldoyle. â–Ş The latewho Martin Naughton. PHOTO: RTE Naughton, passed much away pendent Living, spent of his pendent Living, spent much of his â–Ş Grath has paid tribute to wellGrath has paid tribute to welllastat week the age of 62.Hospital Minister McGrath stated: “It isearly Stat Mary’s in early lifeknown at Stcampaigner, Mary’s Martin Hospital in Thelife Galway native, who went Ma known campaigner, Martin â–Ş Malahide Cub Scouts who received their Chief Scouts’ Awards: Aaron Porter, Finn Do thefound wordthe of Centre independent living with great sadness that I learnedon Government Task Force PHOTO: on PerBaldoyle. Baldoyle. â–Ş The latewho Martin Naughton. â–Ş The late RTE Martin Naughton. PHOTO: RTE to for IndeWi Naughton, passed away Naughton, who passed away The Galway native, who went MacLochlainn, Kate Sheridan, Adam Gardiner, Tara O’Keeffe, Daniel Crampton, Jamie DISABILITY Minister Finian Mcand empowering people with disof the death of the great disabil-pendent sonalised Budgets for People NINE Cub Scouts from Tonnta Living, spent much of last week at the age ofstated: 62. week at the age of 62. Minister McGrath “Ithis is Minister McGrath “It isWilliam Hackettlast on to found the Centre stated: for Indepictured with their Chief Scouts’ award leaders Leigh Hazzard and Ca Grath has paid tribute to wellâ–Ş living Malahide Scouts who rec to live independent lives life atsadness St Mary’s Hospital in ity campaigner and activist Mar-early with Disabilities and living I know his presented their Chief S the word of independent the word of independent withabilities great that I learned with great sadness that I learned Government Task with Force on Cub PerGovern known campaigner, Martin pendent Living, spent much of his The Galway native, who went The Galway native, who went Ian MacLochlainn, Kate Sheridan, Baldoyle. â–Ş The late Martin Naughton. PHOTO: RTE where possible.â€? tin Naughton. presence will be sadly missed. missioner Redmond at th Naughton, who passed away and empowering people with disand empowering people with disof the death ofSt the greatin disabilof the death of the great disabilsonalised Budgets for People sonalis NIA early life at Mary’s Hospital on toweek foundatthe Centre for on to found the Centre for IndeWilliam Hackett pictured with t last the age of 62. IndeMcGrath stated: “It isgreat HeBaldoyle. added: “One ofâ–Ş The the “I wish to extend my deepestityMinister “The disability and wider comlate Martin Naughton. PHOTO: RTE abilities to live independent lives abilities live independent lives his campaigner and activist Marity campaigner and activist Marwithto Disabilities I know with pr D pendent Living, spent much of his pendent Living, spent much of his and â–Ş Malahide Scouts who rec the word of independent living great sadness that I learned Government Task Force on Cub PerMinister McGrath stated: “It is legacies of Martin’s life is that condolences to his sisters, familywith munity have lost a true chamThe Chef Scouts’ Award where possible.â€? where possible.â€? tin Naughton. tin Naughton. presence will bein sadly MacLochlainn, missed. presen miA early life at St Mary’s Hospital in early life at St Mary’s Hospital The Galway native, who went Kate Sheridan, and empowering people with disof the death of the great disabilsonalised Budgets for People NI the word of independent living with to great sadness I my learned Government Task Force PerHeon added: “One the HeBaldoyle. added: “One ofand the great “Ihaving wish deepest “Ifor wish to extend my deepest “The disability wider com“The setextend up that the first Centre Baldoyle. and wide circle of friends. â–ŞonThe late great Martindifficult Naughton. PHOTO: RTE â–Ş The late Martin Naughton. PHOTO: pion. Martin’s journey, the cumulation of Hackett more than to found the Centre for Inde-of William pictured withRT t abilities live independent lives ity campaigner with Disabilities and I know his traditi pr empowering people with dis- to of the death ofand the greatactivist disabil- andMarsonalised Budgets for People NINE Cub Scouts from Tonnta Pack in Malahide Sea Scouts were Malahide pendent Living, spent much of his Minister McGrath stated: “It is Minister McGrath stated: “It is legacies of Martin’s life is that legacies of Martin’s life is that condolences to his sisters, family condolences to his sisters, family munity have lost a true chammunity Independent Living in Ireland, “Martin spent his whole lifetin Naughton. at times as itand was, has now with sadly months’ work for thepresented cubswith an where possible.â€? lives presence will be sadly missed. mi ity campaigner and activist Mar- abilities to live independent a with Disabilities I know his presented their Chief Scouts’ Award by their County Comearly life atsadness St Mary’s Hospital in the word of independent with livinggreat word of independent living Gover with great that I learned sadness that I learned Government Task Force onthe Perhaving set up the first Centre for having set up the first Centre forcomwide of friends. and wide circle of friends. pion. Martin’s journey, difficult pion. th are now over 20 centres working to improve the lives ofand ended and it was my privilege their leaders where their scou where possible.â€? tin circle Naughton. neckerchief whicM presence will bedisabilsadly missed. missioner Ian Redmond atRTE their recent meeting. He added: “One of the great “Ithere wish tojoined extend my deepest “The disability and wider Baldoyle. â–Ş The late Martin Naughton. PHOTO: and empowering people with disand empowering people with dis-Tonnta of the death of the great ofin the death of the great disabilsonalised Budgets for parkrun.â€? People sonal NINE Cub Scouts from opportunity for people Freddie Cooper, walks taking place in usual to parkrun Swords THE Operation Balbriggan for their Independent Living in Ireland, Independent Living in Ireland, “Martin spent his whole life “Martin spent his whole life at times as it was, has now sadly at time mo throughout the country. Martin people with a disability. One ofcondolences have known and worked with ing skills were pushed to ne Minister McGrath stated: and “It iswider He added: “Onelegacies of theityto great “I wishto to extend my deepest border denoting “The disability com-is of Martin’s life that his sisters, family munity have lost a true chamabilities to live independent lives abilities to live independent lives campaigner and activist Marity campaigner and activist Marwith Disabilities and I know his with presented with their Chief Sco tothe get together a there the enthusiastic locals Balbriggan, Rivervalley Meanwhile, parkruns and Porterstown Park Transformation walks help in stewarding the the word of independent living with great sadness that Ilost learned Government Task on20 Perare now over 20 centres there are now centres working to improve lives of working to improve the lives of ended and it was privilege ended th legacies to ofin Martin’s life is that condolences toof his sisters, family holderatprese of asForce well as a my 10-kilometre munity have a true chamThe Chef Scouts’ Award iswilling was recently appointed the Martin’s passions was spreadingand him. May he rest in peace.â€? limits. where possible.â€? where possible.â€? tin Naughton. tin Naughton. having set up the first Centre for presence beover sadly missed. missioner Ianthe Redmond theith wide circle friends. pion. Martin’s journey, difficult th and empowering people with disof the death of the great disabilsonalised Budgets for People NINE Cub Scouts from Tonnta enjoyable outdoor there. Swords, Porterstown continue to take place for their assistance in were a huge success Balbriggan walk.â€? havinglife set up the Independent first Centre and wide circle of friends. Chief Scouts’ Awa hike. Speaking at worked the presenMartin’s journey,One difficult cumulation of“Imore than 12 throughout the country. Martin throughout the country. Martin people with a disability. One of people with ofthe“One to have known and with have ing He added: of the at great He added: “One of the to great “Ifor wishapion. to disability. extend my deepest wish to extend my deepest “The disability and wider com“Th Living in Ireland, “Martin spent his whole times as it was, has now sadly mo The undertaken we abilities tostaging live independent lives ity campaigner andasactivist Marwith Disabilities andtasks I know his leader presented with Parents, their Chief Sco setting.â€? Mayor of Fingal Cllr Park, Tyrrelstown Park Saturday. Visit those walks again in Fingal with Ms atBrown added: Independent Living in Ireland, “Martin spent hiswas whole life lives grand tation, Scout Leigh times it over was, has “A now sadlycentres work for the cubs and legacies of months’ Martin’s life iscondolences that legacies ofThe Martin’s ishim. thatAward condolences to his sisters, family toas his sisters, family munity have lostevery a Cub true chammuni Chef life Scouts’ was recently appointed to the was recently appointed to the Martin’s passions spreading Martin’s passions was spreading him. May he rest in peace.â€? Mis lim there are now 20 working to improve the of ended and was my privilege where possible.â€? tin Naughton. presence will be it sadly missed. missioner Ian Redmond atth thei sailing, canoeing, cookin there areof now over 20 centres workinglead toaimprove the lives of One ers w Hazzard praised the cubs ended and it goes was myalso privilege their leaders where their scouthaving set up theas first Centre for having set upcumulation thefor firstwith Centre forsisters and“I wide circle ofthe friends. wide circle ofdisability friends. pion. Martin’s journey, difficult pion. the ofand more than 12 Marion Brown, O’Brien and St Catherine’s Park.  Eoghan www.parkrun.ie well their enthusiastic walkers big you throughout country. Martin people with disability. to have known and worked ing He added: “One ofrunning the and great wishthank to extend my deepest “The and wider combackwoods, and cam country. condolences Martin peoplecoastal with a disability. One of throughout on the n manner andtracking enthusiasm have known and worked with of ing skills life pushed to new Independent Living inwere Ireland, Independent Ireland, “Martintospent whole life “Martin spent whole at times ashisitthe was, has nowchamsadly atand tim months’ workinScouts’ for the special cubs legacies ishim. that Principal Sportsthe Officer to hishis sisters, family munity have lostrest a life true way on the TheLiving Chef Award is With distances of 3km the and runners taking was recently appointed toMartin’s the Martin’s passions was spreading May he in peace.â€? lim sa now centres thereundertook aretheir over 20 centres working improve lives of there working to improve lives Martin’s passions was spreading was recently appointed to teaof and refresh and itthe was myofprivilege ended leaders where their scout with which they the him. May hethe rest in peace.â€? limits. havingare set up theover first20 Centre for ended andthe wideto circle of friends. pion. Martin’s journey, difficult thenow cumulation more than 12 or 5km, the walks were a walk in Balbriggan along at Fingal County part in events at five country. Martin the country. Martin people withspent a disability. Onelife of throughout people with a disability. One ofnowthroughout to have known and worked with ha ing skills were pushed totoba new itfor was a scouting tasks. Each Cub Scout The tasks undertaken were Independentthe Living in Ireland, “Martin his whole at times as itvarious was, has sadly months’ work the cubs and sareM Council, said it was locations in the county positive way to promote the beach to Bremore appointed toMartin’s the him. waswith recently appointed the scout Martin’s wasthespreading passions wasitrest spreading May he inpresented peace.â€? him. limits. thererecently are now over 20 centres CubtoScouts will working passions to improve lives of was was their ended and was my privilege their Chief leaders where their sailing, canoeing, cooking, wonderful to see so Castle. a healthy and active recently. the country.tracking Martin and tasks undertaken were people with a disability. One of throughoutbackwoods, to have and worked ingThe skills pushed to ba new long time to com Scouts’ awardwith badge and inwere camp-known limits. sailing, canoeing, cooking many people taking part Martin’s passions was spreading was recently appointed to the him. May he rest in peace.â€? Mayor O’Brien said: start to the new year in Organised by Fingal The tasks undertaken were backwoods, tracking and camp in the walks.  an inclusive and fun way “I was delighted to Sports Office, in cosailing, canoeing, cooking “Walking is not only support and take that caters for all ages operation with Sport backwoods, tracking and camp good for your physical part in the Operation Ireland, these were part and abilities. health, it is also good for Transportation walk in This was the first of the Nationwide Walks your emotional health,â€? Balbriggan. year for the walk in campaign that saw said Ms Brown.banknOtes & Medals “These walks promote Tyrrelstown Park approximately17,000 cOins,tOkens, “I’d like to thank the a healthy active lifestyle and Fingal County people take part in 143 cOins,tOkens, banknOtes & cOins,tOkens, Medals banknOtes & M team for organising and are also great Council chief executive locations.  cOins,tOkens, banknOtes & Medals the different walks inclusive community AnnMarie Farrelly There was a location andnd to the scouts rd in events providing an and acting mayor, Cllr to suit everyone with

tribute to campaigner campaign campaigner Cub Sco

C Operation Transformation C Cub Scouts receive awa walks are big success in Fingal Cub Scou Cub Scou


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Election 2020 was great reality television TONY McCULLAGH Editor Dublin People Group t.mccullagh@dublinpeople.com

WHATEVER the eventual outcome of this month’s general election results, it must be said that coverage of the campaign represented reality TV at its best. Even people that I wouldn’t have previously regarded as political animals became overnight experts on proportional representation, tallies and transfers. Netflix had to play second fiddle as the nation broke out the popcorn and binge watched the

rolling election coverage on RTÉ and Virgin Media. It was a short but eventful campaign, with more lows than highs. Leo Varadkar looked more comfortable during television debates than he did when mixing with ordinary people out on the campaign trail. He certainly got off to a bad start. When a homeless man sustained serious injuries as his tent was being removed by a mechanical device along the Grand Canal, Varadkar was accused of politicising the horrific incident by asking Dublin’s Lord Mayor – Fianna Fáil candidate Paul McAuliffe – to make a statement on the matter. Leo’s student days also came back to haunt him when a previous admission about smoking cannabis resurfaced during an early television debate.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neill, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, meet the media at the election count in the RDS. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA At times, Fine Gael did a tremendous job of damaging its own campaign, not least when one of its candidates, Catherine Noone, suggested that her party leader was autistic. It was an extraordinary comment that was offensive on so many levels. Under normal circumstances, I suspect that Noone would have been disciplined by the party and possibly deselected as a candidate. However, given that the election was just weeks away, it was probably considered more politically expedient for Leo to accept her apology and take the air out of the

controversy. Fianna Fáil managed to largely steer clear of banana skins during the campaign, although Micheál Martin kind of overdid it on the anti-Sinn Féin sentiment, an approach he may well live to regret. The party’s most entertaining moment came when young gun Jack Chambers clashed with RTÉ’s Claire Byrne as she repeatedly asked him, justifiably, why children’s internet safety had been included in his party’s climate change manifesto. Sinn Féin seemed immune to bad press. The more their past was dragged

up by rival parties and elements of the media, the better they did in the polls. One thing is clear from the result: Irish voters resent being lectured about how they should think and feel. It would be unfortunate for Sinn Féin if its unprecedented electoral success was tarnished by further outbursts of rebel songs or slogans associated with the Troubles. I fully agree that Mary Lou McDonald shouldn't have to be her TDs' mammy, as she put it herself. But she does need to show leadership by not tolerating such behaviour in the future.



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Appeal launched to help local girl

Lily May Dennison

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with hospitals and doctors’ appointments due to crowds and a fear Lily May’s family of needles, an assistance believes that having an dog would be able to assistance dog would help her in every area of accompany her to these appointments and keep her life. Not only does her calm and feeling Lily May adore dogs, an assistance dog would be safe. Assistance dogs are able to keep her calm at extremely expensive, night when she wakes costing between €18,000 up and thinks she is alone, will stop her from and €22,000 privately. There are charities that losing her balance and falling, and will also calm give these dogs for free but for the family to her down, should she become overwhelmed by become eligible they have to raise a large her surroundings. The amount of funds before dog could go with her they can receive a fully to parks and shops that trained dog. could otherwise cause The family have Lily May upset. received lots of The dog would also support for their cause. help people on the outside understand that Easilocks, a hairdressers in Blanchardstown, there is more to her ran a competition until ‘meltdowns’ when she becomes upset in public Valentine’s Day to raise An appeal has been launched to help Lily May. money. The family and that it could make donate to Lily May, the themselves are currently through the GoFundMe people more willing to page can be found at page. holding a competition help with the situation. www.gf.me/u/w9xspf If anyone wishes to for a Michael Kors bag As Lily May struggles

Support sought for fund THE Oesophageal Cancer Fund (OCF) needs your help for its 19th annual Lollipop Day. On Friday and Saturday, February 28 and 29, the national charity will host its fundraising and awareness day in Dublin to help raise funds for oesophageal cancer across the country. Lollipop Day involves thousands of people selling lollipops (€3) nationwide, in an effort to raise vital funds. To date, the OCF has contributed €1.8 million in funding for oesophageal cancer research. If you have a few hours to spare on February 28 and/or February 29, the organisers would love you to volunteer on your own or with friends.  For more information on Lollipop Day, to volunteer or to make a donation, go to www.ocf. ie or to volunteer, call Anne 0n 086-4542713.










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Hackathon to highlight accessibility challenges DUBLIN Airport is to partner with Hack Access for its accessibility hackathon event which takes place from February 21 to 23. Hack Access, which is a non-profit organisation, aims to ensure no person is excluded from cities due to differences in ability. The hackathon aims to bring bright minds together to specifically look at ways of improving the customer experience for passengers who have accessibility challenges. The organisation connects public and

private sector companies to local start-up communities through a hackathon to solve accessibility challenges that may currently exclude ability divergent people from experiencing a quality life. Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison said: “We work very closely with a wide range of groups to ensure passengers with varying disability challenges have a comfortable and smooth journey through the airport. “This hackathon is a unique opportunity to

challenge the airport’s environment and to present ideas and initiatives for Dublin Airport to consider that will bring further benefits for passengers with disabilities.” Janice Valentine, founder and organiser of Hack Access Dublin, said innovation would be an adventure at the hack. “You begin with a vision of where you want to go, but with no certainty as to how you get there,” said Ms Valentine. “We believe that by working with partners committed to taking

Dublin Airport Passenger Experience Manager, Liz Kavanagh, Hack Access judge; Head of Rail & Air Propositions at Travelport, Mark Lenahan, Project Mentor; Hack Access chief executive Janice Valentine; Smart DCU Projects Facilitator Kieran Mahon, Hack Access judge; and founder of Adaptable Solutions, Katie Bourke, Project Mentor. collaborative and innovative action to creating accessibility solutions the route to your destination becomes clearer. “Dublin Airport has already shown a real commitment to accessibility. We look forward to working together, charting a route that makes Dublin Airport, an international

gateway to adventure for people of all abilities, more accessible and enjoyable for all users.” Hack Access Dublin focuses on the ability of smart technology solutions to tackle accessibility challenges. The challenges for the 2020 edition of Hack Access Dublin can be found on its website www. hackaccessdublin.ie

Participants, mentors, judges and volunteers are recruited due to their expertise and diversity in terms of skills, gender, ethnicity, age and ability. The Hack Access Dublin Hackathon starts at 6pm on Friday, February 21 in Google’s offices in Dublin and continues until 6pm on Sunday, February 23. The winner of the solution that most

impresses the judges will win a cash prize of €1,000 and will have the opportunity to work with Dublin Airport to develop it further. Participation is free via www.eventbrite.ie and interested groups can follow the event on social media and by joining the conversation using #HackAccess that weekend.

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Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald speaking to the media at the RDS. PHOTOS: Gary Gannon of the Social Democrats being interviewed after his election in Dublin Central. DARREN KINSELLA

New TDs ready for challenge Aoife O’Brien A GREEN Party councillor has become the first candidate from her party to be elected

to the Dáil in the Dublin Central constituency. Neasa Hourigan, who was elected to Dublin City Council only last May for the first

time, took the second seat in the four-seat constituency. While Fine Gael candidate Paschal Donohoe had the


Readers Each Week TGI 2019

second largest first preference vote (Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald topped the poll with 11,223 first preference votes), Hourigan overtook him on transfers to exceed the quota on the final count. Deputy Hourigan said she is now hoping to bring a new focus on persons with disabilities and carers in the next Dáil. “My little girl who is seven, my oldest, is registered as blind and she would be a white cane user and a braille

user and is also hard of hearing,” said Deputy Hourigan. “I had to take a step back from a job and a profession that I really, really loved. “I was an architect and a lecturer in sustainable development and took a step back for a couple of years and felt the kind of pressure that’s on carers and the isolation of being a career and I’m hoping that I can bring some focus on that.” Donohoe reclaimed his seat without reaching the quota along with Social Democrats candidate

PART-TIME CARETAKER For North Bay Educate Together National School From Early March 2020 3 hours daily-Split Shift (1 hour am and 2 hours pm) Thank you to our loyal quarter of a Million Northside and Southside People readers for making us Dublin’s number one read local paper across the capital for another year. We are proud to be able to stand over our TGI 2019 readership figures. Fact: We are the only Dublin Newspaper group with official TGI 2019 readership data

DUTIES: Maintenance & Repair of all aspects of the building and grounds APPLY IN WRITING TO:The Chairperson, North Bay ETNS, Greendale Ave., Kilbarrack, Dublin 5

Gary Gannon who was elected to the Dáil for the first time after sitting on Dublin City Council since 2014. In Dublin Bay North, Sinn Féin candidate Denise Mitchell was elected on the first count after receiving 21,344 first preference votes, the highest first preference vote of any candidate in the country. With Sinn Féin claiming 37 seats in the 33rd Dáil, just one less than Fianna Fáil on 38 seats, Deputy Mitchell said: “It was clear on the doors that people wanted change.” Fine Gael candidate Richard Bruton, the outgoing Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, also reclaimed his seat reaching the quota on the 10th count. Cian O’Callaghan (Social Democrats) was the only first-time TD to be elected in this constituency. It comes as part of a surge for the party who are only fiveyears-old as they tripled their number of seats from three to six. Labour’s Aodhán Ó Riordáin regained his seat in the Dáil without reaching the quota in Dublin Bay North. He previously served as a TD for Dublin North Central from 2011 to 2016. Fianna Fáil’s Sean Haughey also reclaimed

his seat without reaching the quota. Haughey was helped by a large number of transfers from Deirdre Heney (FF). In Dublin Fingal, Louise O’Reilly (SF) took the first seat, exceeding the quota by more than 5,000 votes on the first count. Green Party candidate Joe O’Brien took the second seat only two months after he was first elected to the Dáil in the Dublin Fingal byelection. Fianna Fáil’s Darragh O’Brien had to wait until Count 8 to secure his seat while Fine Gael’s Alan Farrell also regained his seat. Labour’s Duncan Smith, a replacement for the retiring Brendan Ryan, was elected to the Dáil for the first time. With seat distribution in the 33rd Dáil significantly changed and traditionally smaller parties taking a much larger portion of the votes, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said “significant political change is underway” and agreed that this is a revolution in Irish politics. However, with no party having enough seats to make up a Government on their own it remains to be seen what combination of parties will make up our next Government.



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Local teens lead the way in agility championships in UK A NUMBER of local teens took the lead, quite literally, when they represented Ireland in an international agility competition recently. Tara Doyle (17), from Balbriggan, Paul Hannon (17), from Dublin, Abby Ward (16), from Dublin, Sofia Forsgren (13), from Malahide, and sisters Kayleigh (16) and Aisling (12) Lawlor, from Rivermeade, joined a team of junior dog agility athletes and their dogs in the 2020 Open Junior Agility Championships in Northampton. The team of 11 teenagers, ranging in age from 12 to 17, competed in this fast-paced sport against hundreds of competitors from all over the UK and Ireland over two busy days. Agility is a sport where dogs compete against

the clock to negotiate obstacles guided by their handlers. A judge designs a course with up to 20 obstacles. The obstacles are numbered and the handlers walk the course, to plan the best route. The obstacles can include hurdles, a tyre, long-jump, weave poles that the dog has to slalom around, tunnels, and ramps (A-frame, dog walk and see-saw) that the dogs run over. The handler must direct the dog around the course, taking the obstacles in the correct order, without making contact with the dog. Like show jumping, faults are accrued for mistakes and the round is against the clock. The winner is the handler and dog with the least amount of faults in the quickest The Open Junior Agility Championship 2020 team. time. The winner is the competitor who completes the course with the fastest time and fewest faults. It tests the dog’s fitness and the handler's ability to train and control the dog offlead. It is open to dogs of all sizes and breeds, including mixed breeds and rescue dogs. The Irish Junior team worked tirelessly over

the last few months to prepare for the championships, travelling to Swords every weekend to train in all weathers. The team was coached by volunteer trainers from the Dublin Dog Training School, including Dublin Dog Training owner John Ward, trainers and senior competitors Olivia McGovern (team mentor) and Dee Doyle, and former world agility competitor Michael Aisling Lawlor (12), from Rivermeade.

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Sofia Forsgren (13), from Malahide, with Frida.

Paul Hannon (17), from Dublin, with Ivy.



Illicit cigarette machine and materials seized REVENUE officers seized machinery and materials such as cigarette filters, foil and carton paper, associated with illicit cigarette manufacturing last Thursday week (February 6) This followed a search, under warrant, of a commercial premises in the Dublin 3 area. There was no illicit manufacturing in operation on the premises. As part of Revenue’s ongoing action against smuggling of tobacco products, Revenue officers also seized 240kgs of processed tobacco and approximately 60,000 cigarettes which were concealed in wooden crates. The tobacco and cigarettes have a combined retail value of approximately €174,000, representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of €153,168. Investigations are ongoing with a view to prosecution.

S P EC The machine and materials seized by Revenue. Meanwhile, on February 10, Revenue officers seized 800,000 cigarettes when, as a result of routine profiling, a container

arriving into Dublin Port from Rotterdam was x-rayed using Revenue’s mobile scanner. The smuggled cigarettes,

branded ‘Pect’, have a retail value of almost €460,000, representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of €368,000.

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FOR ALL DUBLIN READERSHIP PRIVATE ADS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS He’s easily the number one playwright in Ireland at the moment (who’s better, let’s see their works) & is one of the world’s greatest living playwrights. Now, Off Broadway staged & critically acclaimed prolific Irish playwright John Ruane has created a staggering 78 new roles/characters for stage actors in an astonishing 12 new one-act plays contained within new unique & over 5 thousand lines of dialogue book “Twelve Stories From Aevinom” (available Amazon), Auditions coming soon, don’t miss out. HORSE RACING BOOKS FOR SALE Large collection of horse racing books for sale. Autobiographies /biographies and memoirs of famous trainers, jockeys, owners, stories of great racehorses, infamous racing scandals, Dick Francis novels etc etc. Books are in excellent condition and sold in boxes of 6. Would make an ideal present for a true racing fan or for the real enthusiast, an opportunity to build your own library. For further info call Ray at 087 250 9040 The Medal Society of Ireland is holding a Medals, Militaria and Collectables Fair on Saturday, February 1st 9th May 8th August 7th November from 10am to 3pm at Knox Memorial Hall, Monkstown Village, Co Dublin. Visitors can bring, buy, trade or swap with tableholders. Free valuations and identifications offered. Admission for Medal Society of Ireland members is €2 and €4 for non-members. O.N.E National organisation of ex-service men and women will be guests on the day For more information contact Pat on 087 244 7522 or Austin on 087 234 4890 or visit www.msoi.eu or www.facebook.com/MedalSocietyofIreland. PERSONAL SERVICES Trace your family tree. Claire Bradley is a local professional genealogist. www.cbgenealogy.ie 086 814 1379 PERSONAL SERVICES Man with car looking for Voluntary work. Phone Mark 087 690 0743 PERSONAL SERVICES PHOBIAS! Hypnotherapy mature student in Advanced stage of study giving FREE sessions for Phobias. If you have a phobia that negatively impacts your life Hypnotherapy may help you with your problem. Location is Citytherapy Dame St, Dublin 2: Sat 7th & Sun 8th March. Email your details and brief description of your Phobia: phobiasgone@gmail.com. Brendan 089 441 1337. Confidential. Fully Insured. Limited Places! ARTICLES FOR SALE Liquidation stock of high-quality tiles. Polished Porcelain 60x60cm & 60x30cm Subway tiles €15 sqm Dublin area. Phone: 089 961 2480 ARTICLES TO LET To Let 550 sq ft Unit & 3000 sq ft warehouse with yard in Drumcondra. Contact 01 836 0158 DATING Older Male clean cut seeks female friendship-age not an issue-genuine only. 087 737 8898 PERSONAL SERVICES Girl Guides - Buion Colette Baldoyle Parents, Would you like your daughter to join Cygnets or Brigins (girls between 4 and 11 years)We meet every Saturday morning in Baldoyle. We play games, do Art and Crafts and other fun activities and go on outings. We would love to hear from you. For more information please see our website: bcb@dublin13.com or contact Pauline Green on 087 297 5452 PERSONAL SERVICES Mobile Podiatry Service Ms. Dara McCoy BSc. Podiatry 087 192 4794 PERSONAL SERVICES CHIROPODIST / Podiatrist in South Dublin & Rowan Family Practice D14. Call Lauren 01 295 1238 | 087 685 3259

Local road project gets underway CONSTRUCTION is underway on a local road project that aims to improve safety and environmental benefits.  Fingal County Council has appointed SIAC Construction Ltd who will deliver the Hole in the Wall Road/Mayne Road Junction Upgrade scheme. The project involves the realignment of the junctions of the Mayne Road with the Hole in the Wall Road and Drumnigh Road. It will create a much safer road layout for all road users by providing improved sightlines and new signalised crossing facilities, as well as new footpaths and cycleways and road pavement reconstruction. Speaking at the announcement, Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien said infrastructure upgrades such as the Hole in the Wall Road/Mayne Road Junction Upgrade scheme are necessary for supporting the development and growth of the area. “These upgrades will provide a safer and sustainable infrastructure

AnnMarie Farrelly (FCC) and Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’ Brien sign the contract of agreement with Group Finance Director of SIAC Construction Ltd. Pearse Ferguson (sitting at the desk) and Director of SIAC Construction Ltd. John Mitchell. Also pictured are Matthew McAleese, and his team Paul Carroll and Ciaron Markey of Fingal County Council. PHOTO: SHANE O’NEILL/SON PHOTOGRAPHIC for the road with new footpaths and cycleways that will create a supportable environment for all users,” he said. Flood management measures and new water supply network infrastructure is also included. Construction started on February 10 with a 14-month work programme. AnnMarie Farrelly,

chief executive of Fingal County Council, said: “This project will further underpin the ongoing sustainable development in the area including in those lands earmarked for development under the Baldoyle-Stapolin Local Area Plan.” Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Matthew McAleese said: “I am delighted to see

this project, which is being co-funded by Fingal County Council and the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government under the Rebuilding Ireland (Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund) LIHAF initiative. “With the ongoing construction of badly needed new homes in the area, developments

such as, these are timely to ensure the future sustainable development of the area.” Senior Engineer Paul Carroll said: “This project will result in the removal of two sub-standard junctions and the creation of a safer road layout with lower speeds, significantly improved sightlines for drivers, and improved facilities for pedestrians

First responders’ group launched THE official launch of the Malahide/Portmarnock Community First Responders took place at Malahide Rugby Club recently. Members of the national ambulance service (NAS) and Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien were among the attendance. The Malahide Portmarnock CFR

group has been live since October 2019. It comprises 32 volunteers trained to national ambulance service standards who do call for a 12-hour shift, once a fortnight. The Dublin airport authority (daa), Fingal County Council, Malahide Lions Club and Portmarnock Lions Club

are generously assisting the group. This funding has allowed the group to purchase essential training equipment and defibrillators. Community First Responders (CFR) are volunteers who are trained to attend certain types of emergency calls in the area where they live

or work. Their aim is to reach a potential life-threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives. Their role is to help stabilise the patient and provide the appropriate care including defibrillation, until the more highly skilled ambulance crew arrives

on scene to take over the treatment. CFR groups who are linked to the NAS National Emergency Operations Centre are alerted to an emergency in their area and as they are community based, can provide medical assistance within minutes of a 112/999 call being received.

PRAYERS Novena to the Sacred Heart Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for this special favours (mention it). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then is his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. KKS Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. MJS Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in the past I Have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one (mention). Take it Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer not mine Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. AK

Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien pictured with some of the volunteers at the launch. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA




Being part of our local communities is a huge part of who we are as a Credit Union. We’re extremely proud to say that since 2014 over 200 local charities, groups and not-forprofit organisations have benefited from our Community Development Fund, helping them provide vital services in their communities. To date we have given over €825,000 to our local community. Wherever you see the blue heart, you know it’s powered by the MFCU Community Fund. We are delighted to announce our latest sponsorship with the Forget-Me-Nots choir. It is an inclusive choir that unites older people with family, neighbours and friends, with a particular welcome for those affected by dementia or memory loss. Participants are drawn from the community. The main aims of the choir are: 1


To extend access to a quality, professionally managed Arts activity for the continued selfgrowth and creative enrichment of members. To promote wellbeing and happiness through song (as Gaeilge freisin) and through social inclusion in our community.

The choir got its inspiration from The Unforgettables Chorus founded in New York in 2011 by Dr. Mary Mittelman of NYU Langone Medical Centre’s Comprehensive Centre on Brain Aging. Norah Walsh, who is also a composer, is the Musical Director, with Emmet O’Connor as Piano Accompanist - both highly distinguished music professionals. The Forget-Me-Nots is the first choir of its kind in Dublin’s Northside and interacts with the youth of the community as well through Montessori, Primary & Secondary School interaction as school term allows. The Forget-Me-Nots is as much for carers as it is for those individuals with various dementia conditions, providing a warm and supportive environment which features challenging rehearsals and exciting public performances throughout the year. Now celebrating its 6th anniversary, membership is at capacity at 150 with an active waiting list. New choirs are using the Forget-Me-Nots as a community model and “Rising Voices” in Finglas and a yet-to-be-named choir in Clontarf

are expected to start up soon. Music is widely understood to provide an important channel of communication when so many other abilities are failing, and choral singing combines music, collaboration, discipline and companionship helping people who have become more isolated to belong in their community afresh. The Forget-Me-Nots Organisation is a registered charity No 20144661 and looks forward to the next 6 years continuing to perform in places such as The Helix, The Olympia, The National Concert Hall, Fingal Atrium, Trinity College, The National Gallery, The National Maritime Museum, Dublin Airport, Baldoyle Community Hall, St Patrick’s Cathedral, St Michael’s House, L’Arche, Insomnia Sutton and local residential nursing homes. Member First Credit Union are delighted to support the Forget-Me-Nots as they continue to grow and inspire others to launch similar groups across North Dublin. If you would like to apply for sponsorship for your cause with MFCU, get in touch today. We’re always happy to hear from new and established initiatives.

When you borrow and save with Member First, you’re funding our support of a variety of local community initiatives just like this one.

Thank you!

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13/02/2020 16:23



Fingal International Festival of Voices is set to entertain us THERE will be no stopping the music when a major event takes place in Balbriggan next month.  The first ever Fingal International Festival of Voices will be staged from March 12-15 in the town. As part of preparations, 11 schools around the town have signed up for free singing workshops as part of an outreach programme run by Fingal International Festival of Voices. The workshops are coordinated and delivered by Dónal Kearney, cofounder of Fingal Academy of Music and the Irish Institute of Music and Song. Among the local schools benefiting from the outreach programme are Balbriggan Educate Together National School, Bracken Educate Together National School, Scoil Chormaic, St Molaga’s, St Teresa’s, Balrothery National School, Scoil Moibhi - Milverton

National School, Ardgillan Community College, Bremore Educate Together Secondary School and Loreto Secondary School. Each of the 11 schools responded enthusiastically to an initial call-out in early January. Within a week of the festival having launched the Outreach programme, most of the schools in the area had been allocated a 45-90 minutes slot for their free singing workshop. The festival is focused on celebrating diversity and inclusion through music. It will provide a platform for individuals and communities from home and abroad to showcase their culture. In the context of Balbriggan, this is an opportunity to begin creation of an extraordinary musical legacy. This will not be a one-off occasion. For those who

wish to be involved in the festival, there will be followup community workshops, including conducting workshops, to which all students, teachers, and members of the public are invited. These will be delivered by Donal and Michael T Dawson, artistic director of the festival. One was held in Flemington Community Centre on February 15 and another will be held in Castlelands Community Centre this Saturday, February 22. Both workshops are being held from 1pm to 3pm. Each of the schools is being invited to participate in the festival directly. Some will be competing on Friday, March 13; others are starting choirs as a result of this initiative. Where interest is maintained, workshops will continue well after the festival. Dónal’s workshops draw on his experience as Music Coach with Ulster Youth

The choir of Bremore Educate Together Secondary School in Balbriggan led by Donal Kearney of the Fingal International Festival of Voices. Choirs and National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, as well as his development work as Manager of Fingal Youth Choir and Fingal

Children’s Choir. He is a certified Community Music Leader with the international humanitarian organisation, Musicians

Without Borders, which runs music events in conflict zones and refugee camps. In 2019, he ran two

parallel intergenerational singing programmes in Direct Provision centres in County Monaghan and County Dublin.

Aware is seeking volunteers

SHELBOURNE Friday 21 February, 7:45PM • Tolka Park Adults: €15 • Students: €10 • OAP: €8 • Kids(U12): €5 Tickets available now www.shelbournefc.ie/match-tickets


Shelbourne Football Club www.shelbournefc.ie


A NATIONAL charity supporting people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and mood-related conditions, has launched a volunteer recruitment campaign for its Support Line. The Aware Support Line is a national freephone service which operates from 10am to 10pm 365 days a year. The line provides telephone support to people concerned about issues relating to their own mood or that of a friend or family member. It operates against a backdrop of an estimated more than 450,000 people experiencing depression in Ireland at any one time, while there are approximately 45,000 people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bríd O’Meara, Aware’s Director of Services, said that by giving back, volunteers gain as much as they give on the Support Line: “Our more than 400 volunteers nationwide are a crucial lifeline for people impacted by depression and bipolar

Brid O’Meara, Aware. PHOTO: SHANE O’NEILL PHOTOGRAPHY disorder,” said Ms O’Meara. “They play a key part in our work supporting people affected by stress, depression, bipolar disorder and moodrelated conditions, and are passionate about nurturing people’s positive mental health. “On our Support Line, volunteers listen carefully to callers, their questions, concerns and reasons for calling, so as to best understand and respond. “They are

compassionate and nonjudgemental, treating people with dignity and respect, and provide information and signpost people to pathways to recovery such as other services and therapies. “We know from people who have volunteered for the Support Line that it is hugely rewarding for them. “There is a real feelgood factor in giving something back, while also developing their own life skills and talents in

the process.” People interested in registering their interest to become an Aware Support Line volunteer can email Emma at recruitment@aware.ie or telephone 01 -2374926. Training for the next volunteer intake commences on Saturday, February 22. If you are worried about depression or bipolar disorder, please call the Aware Support Line on Freephone 1800 80 48 48.

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Superb New 4 Bedroom Houses by Cannon Kirk

Showhouse on view at Waterside, Swords Road, Malahide Saturdays and Sundays 2:30pm-4:00pm

Sunday 13th October 2.30pm - 4pm Saturday 19th October 2.30pm - 4pm Sunday 20th October 2.30pm - 4pm

16 Sport


DCU players celebrate following the Rustlers IUFU Collingwood Cup Final match between DCU and Ulster University at Dalymount Park. PHOTO: SAM BARNES/SPORTSFILE

Jack O’Connor of DCU celebrates with Imrich Toth after scoring the winning penalty in the shoot-out. PHOTO: SAM BARNES/SPORTSFILE

(Above) Carla Rowe of Dublin in action against Laura O’Mahony of Cork during the Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 1 match at Croke Park; and (Below) Sarah Leahy of Cork in action against Kate Sullivan of Dublin. PHOTOS: RAY MCMANUS/SPORTSFILE

Brendan Doyle, from Beaumont, Skeleton racer and recipient of the OFI Beijing Scholarship, poses for a portrait during the Beijing Scholarship announcements at the Olympic Federation of Ireland, Olympic House, Howth. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will take place in 2022. PHOTO: SEB DALY/SPORTSFILE

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Tasty line-up for Fruit festival FORBIDDEN Fruit, Dublin's first and longestrunning city centre festival - is returning for its 10th anniversary on the incredible grounds of Irish Museum Of Modern Art, Royal Hospital Kilmainham. It all kicks off on Saturday, May 30 with Jorja Smith, Peggy Gou, Loyle Carner and Fatima Yamaha. On Sunday 31, dance masters Underworld headline with Hot Chip, The Murder Capital and The Avalanches all taking to the stage. English R&B singer/ songwriter Jorja Smith’s soulful, jazz-tinged cadence, heartfelt lyrics, and retro sound invoke names like Alunageorge, Nao, Lulu James, and Amy Winehouse. The Brit Award winning artist’s debut record ‘Lost & Found’ was released to critical acclaim - and she has collaborated with the likes of Drake, Burna Boy, AJ Tracey, fellow Fruit artist Loyle Carner and many others. She will be playing her first ever Dublin show at Forbidden Fruit 2020. We also love the awesome Peggy Gou, who played her Irish festival debut at Forbidden Fruit in 2017 to a rapt audience. One of the biggest names in dance music today, the South Korean DJ and producer now returns as one of our 2020

headliners. Loyle Carner first appeared on the scene back in 2014, with his debut EP ‘A Little Late’, which cemented him in the UK's rap scene as one to watch. He followed that up in 2017 with his BRIT (Best Male, Best Newcomer) and Mercury Prize nominated, top 20 debut ‘Yesterday’s Gone’. He then released his highly anticipated sophomore record, ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ in April of last year. His performance at this year’s All Together Now and his sold out Vicar Street show in October of last year were truly something special. This will be Loyle’s first time to grace the Forbidden Fruit stage in 2020. Returning for his first show since 2018, Fatima Yamaha is one of many aliases used by Dutch producer Bas Bron, under which he releases understated electronic dance tracks that have a retro, synth-led aesthetic. The alias originally emerged in 2004, for the release of an EP, ‘What's a Girl to Do’, on D1 Music. Soon after the EP was released, Bron put aside the Fatima Yamaha moniker to focus on several other pseudonyms, including Bastian, Gifted, and Seymour Bits. As the years rolled by,

the title track continued to circulate, gaining new momentum from various reissues, including a release on Bron's own label, Magnetron Music, and Dekmantel, both in 2015. By then the record had gained an underground following, resulting in the resurrection of Fatima Yamaha for a string of festival appearances and a full-length debut album, ‘Imaginary Lines’. Having had no tour dates throughout 2019, this is Fatima Yamaha’s first show announcement to mark his return in 2020. Underworld, aka Rick Smith and Karl Hyde (pictured right) are at home headlining the world’s biggest festivals and events, playing underground techno clubs and warehouses, sound-tracking theatre productions or taking over art galleries, disused shoe shops, and Japanese department stores. Having cemented their place in the ’90s underground techno scene, the group’s definitive breakthrough came in 1996 when their timeless anthem ‘Born Slippy (Nuxx)’ became the soundtrack of a generation after it was featured in the film Trainspotting. From playing a sold-out Forbidden Fruit in 2016 to then headlining the debut year of All Together

Now in 2018, this marks Underworld’s return to Dublin in 2020 to headline what will be a very special 10th anniversary for the festival. Returning for their first outdoor live Dublin show since 2013 is Hot Chip. This excellent synth pop gang headlined All Together Now in 2019, and now make their Forbidden Fruit debut. Australian mixing maestros The Avalanches will also be taking to the

Joan As Police Woman to ‘Cover Two’ in Dublin WE just can’t get enough of Joan As Police Woman. After her sold out Irish tour last July, it has been announced that Joan will be performing her new album ‘Cover Two’ live in concert with Parker Kindred (drums) and Jacob Silver (bass) for two nights, on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday 14 in the Georgian gem that is Dublin’s Pepper Canister Church. Tickets for Joan As Police Woman Trio are on sale now. Her new album ‘Cover Two’ (Sweet Police/PIAS), will be released in May.

This will be Joan’s second album re-working songs by other artists and again, Joan makes some very interesting and surprising choices. About the new album Joan says: “I began working on new covers ever since the release of the first covers album 11 years ago. “I’ve been performing ‘Kiss’ by Prince and my version of ‘Out of Time’ by Blur throughout last year’s Joanthology Tour. “Recreating existing songs is a gratifying creative challenge for me.”

Forbidden Fruit stage for their debut. Fans had to wait 16 long years for ‘Wildflowers’, the follow

up to ‘Since I Left You’. Dublin based five-piece The Murder Capital exploded onto the scene

last year in the Irish album charts and are currently playing sold-out shows on their European tour.


A darkly comic tale of finding love in rural Ireland and a bride that flees her own reception...

'Sharply observed and supremely funny' THE ARTS REVIEW

'An engrossing debut' IRISH TIMES


Directed by Paul Meade

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Memories of Playing with Skulls! THERE was great interest in the launch of the latest book by wellknown local historian Maurice Curtis. In fact, it could be said that many who turned up for the launch were very inquisitive about the unusual title of the book – ‘Playing with Skulls - A Dublin Childhood’. Appropriately enough, the book was launched over Halloween! Maurice reminded his audience about the disappearance and thankfully, the recovery, of the ancient Crusader’s skull from the crypt of St Michan’s Church in the heart of Dublin. In fact, the crypt of St Michan’s had previous visitors in 1996, according to Maurice, when some teenagers vandalised it and helped themselves to some skeletons. They introduced the skeletons to ground level, which must have been somewhat of a shock to their systems, not haven seen daylight for

About The Author MAURICE Curtis is an historian and novelist. He has written 15 books on Ireland and on Dublin in particular. These include ‘To Hell or Monto: Dublin’s Most Notorious Red-Light Districts’; and ‘The Liberties – A History’ and ‘Temple Bar – A History’.

hundreds of years. Furthermore, these rascally lads then took it upon themselves to play football with the skulls! The public and media seemed somewhat shocked at these happenings, using words such as ‘desecration’ and ‘sacrilegious’. They need not have worried, however, Maurice told his rapt audience, as there is a long tradition going back to the late 16th century and even before that, of individuals playing football with skulls. A case in point is the Battle of Carrickfergus in 1597, when allies of the Great O’Neill, the MacDonnell’s of Ulster, won an impressive victory over the English forces of Sir John Chichester. After the battle, Chichester’s head was chopped off and used as a football by the MacDonnell clan. According to Maurice, all this reminded him, in more recent times, that the tradition of playing football with skulls was also enacted on a regular basis in Mount Jerome Cemetery, in Harold’s Cross. Thinking back to his younger days, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Maurice well remembers the local teenagers visiting Mount Jerome, not to pay their respects to loved ones, but to indulge covertly in that ‘madman’s drink’ – cheap cider. Often times when it rained,

they took shelter in the quaint cosiness of the many vaults and mausoleum’s that lined the avenues in the older part of the cemetery and surrounding the Gothic Victorian Chapel. In those less security-conscious days, it was easy to enter or climb into the old vaults, as the cemetery was not as well managed as it is today. It was shrouded with overgrown grass, unkempt gravestones, with trees falling down everywhere, and hidden paths leading hither and thither and to the underground vaults. Over time, the vaults of Mount Jerome became the favourite haunts for many of the local teenagers. And it was not unknown for many a party to be held in the company of the grinning skeletons. The main tree-lined avenue leading to the Victorian Chapel had an ideal camber for bowling, with gullies at the sides to catch errant skulls. This game was quite popular in the long summer evenings. ‘Dancing with the grateful dead’ was the catchphrase for some. “All this was most interesting,” said Maurice, and years later he was persuaded to write Playing with Skulls. “Happily, also,” he added, “the book is also about those growing up years of the 60’s and 70’s when so much change was happening in Ireland and how that impacted on the lives of the young.”

New book on the RMS Lusitania is launched A NEW book entitled ‘RMS Lusitania: The Story of a Wreck’ tells the story of the largest and fastest ocean-going liner in the world. On the afternoon of May 7, 1915, a German U-Boat torpedoed Lusitania 18km off the southern coast of Ireland inside the declared war zone. The liner sank in 18 minutes, killing 1,197 passengers and crew. The sinking was a contributing factor in the United States declaring war on Germany two years later. Given the dramatic circumstances of its loss, the wreck has been the subject of much investigation, research and survey work since its loss over 100 years ago and was protected by Underwater Heritage Order in 1995. Ongoing collaboration between the National Monuments Service and INFOMAR (Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute) has furthered research into the wreck, leading to the production of this new book which not only tells the story of the ship itself but

The RMS Lusitania was a British ocean liner that was sunk in May 1915 by a German U-Boat. also of other World War I losses off Ireland’s coast. Images from newspapers, postcards, paintings, photographic collections and a variety of other sources show the impact the sinking of the Lusitania had globally. Recent acquisition of detailed high resolution scans of the wreck carried out by INFOMAR provides new imagery of how the shipwreck looks on the seafloor today. Pointing out that the publication

reflected her department’s commitment to creating an awareness and appreciation of heritage and archaeology in particular, Minister Josepha Madigan said: “This very readable and meticulously researched book will be an essential work of reference for all interested in heritage studies and maritime affairs for many years to come.” Minister Madigan added: “As we continue through our decade of centenaries, there are few greater

tragedies to remember than the sinking of the Lusitania. “Most of the 90 Irishmen, women and children listed as passengers were lost when the liner went down. There would also have been many unlisted Irish working on the ship.” men who had emigrated to Liverpool and found work as firemen, trimmers, stokers and greasers in the Lusitania’s boiler rooms. “Their loss tells us of the enduring story of Ireland, and of the pendulum of emigration.”

How to feature on this page... send a synopsis of your book, a short biog, a scan of the cover and author (both must be jpegs) to neil@dublinpeople.com

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ART EXHIBITION: The Central Remedial Clinic Parents and Friends Association is holding its annual art exhibition at the CRC, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf on Saturday, February 22 from 11am to 6pm, and Sunday, February 23 from 11am to 5pm. Admission is free. This is the association’s main fundraising event of the year. SCHOOL REUNION: Class 1970 Holy Faith Convent Clontarf Reunion will be held on Friday, April 24 at 7.30pm at Clontarf Castle. If you require further information, contact Anne Doyle at 085-7442884 or annekdoyle@gmail.com.  


QUIT SMOKING: Quit Smoking for Lent. Save up to €600 by Easter (20 a day). Get FREE support on one of Northside Partnership’s two Smoking Cessation courses starting: Monday, February 24 from 11.30am to 1pm at KLEAR Adult Education, Swan’s Nest Road, Grange or Thursday, February 27 from 6.30pm to 8pm at Kish House, Greendale Road, Kilbarrack. Call 01-8320995 to book. HEALTHY FOOD: Healthy Food Made Easy: Fun six-week nutrition and cookery course. Cook and taste healthy recipes, learn nutritional information and get tips on food shopping. Starts February 27 Thursday mornings from 10am to 12.30pm at Kish House, Greendale Road, Kilbarrack. To book or for more information, call Linda on 018320995.   MEN’S SHED: Kilbarrack Men’s Shed meets every Wednesday from 11.30am to 1pm at KLEAR, Adult Education Centre, Swansnest Road, Kilbarrack. All men in the general district are welcome to join the meetings. They have regular talks

on subjects including history, social welfare and Know Your Rights. For more information phone KLEAR on 01-8671845.



TALK: Balbriggan and District Horticultural Society is hosting a talk on birds and wildlife by Christine O’Daly on Thursday, February 20 at 8.30pm in the Scouts’ Den, Market Green, Balbriggan. Plant and seed swap and garden magazines and leaflets available on the night. Raffle and cup of tea. Admission is €4. For more information phone 0877520506.


IRISH CONVERSATION: The Irish conversation coffee morning has resumed on Tuesday mornings in the Beaumont House at 10.30am. All are welcome.


COUNSELLING SEVICE: TARGET Counselling Service has relocated to Donaghmede House Community Centre, Newbrook Road. For further information, call 01-8670279 Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm.


ART EXHIBITION: Mixed Media Art Group is holding an art exhibition in Raheny Library for the entire month of February. There will be oils, acrylic and watercolours on display. GIRL GUIDES: Raheny Irish Girl Guides is taking names for new female members commencing September. They run a comprehensive programme aimed at giving girls confidence through weekly meetings with badge work, activities, outings and events. Text Andrea on 087-6301634 for more details or to enquire about membership, visit www. irishgirlguides.ie


The National Lottery recently announced that two winning tickets for a €7,773,998 Lotto Jackpot were sold at Dunnes Stores in Donaghmede Shopping Centre, and the Circle K Service Station in Kilmainham. The lucky ticket holders received a cool €3,886,999. Yvonne Strong, Natasha Molloy, Michelle McCluskey and Alex Byrne, members of staff at Dunnes Stores, Donaghmede are pictured during the celebrations. PHOTO: MAC INNES PHOTOGRAPHY

Kevin Cooper (left) presents five brave ladies with their Peter Mark gift pack after they completed an Ice Mile Swimming Challenge in Clontarf recently. They are (from l-r): Aoife O’Connor (Limerick Masters), Claire Ryan (Dublin Swimming Club), Jaimie Monahan (New York - World Open Water Swimmer of the Year and 1st individual to swim an ice mile on all seven continents), Sarah Coughlan (Limerick Masters), Ailbhe Dempsey (Limerick Masters) and Fergal Somerville (Eastern Bay). Jaimie was fastest woman in a time of 29:13 and was presented with a prized red Eastern Bay Ice Mile jacket. Carr from Autism Ireland, for visiting the library recently to collect a check for €1,500, and Northside Shopping Centre customers for supporting the sale of the group’s yearly calendar. COMMUNITY CAFÉ: Doras Buí Community Café takes place at Bunratty Drive, Coolock, every Friday from 10am to 12noon. All are welcome including your babies and toddlers. Guest speakers and much more. Join us on Facebook. Phone 018484811 for more information. BALDOYLE   FREE COMPUTER CLASSES: The WALKING CLUB: A community Transition Year students at St Mary’s walk catering for all ages and levels Secondary School, Baldoyle, are of fitness takes place every Tuesday offering free one-to-one Computer Classes to senior citizens every Friday at 9.45am in the Stardust Memorial from 11.05am to 12.15pm. All learners, Park, Coolock. Parents, grandparents and strollers are welcome after the complete beginners and upwards, school drop-off. No booking needed. are welcome. For more information Just turn up and join them for a walk. contact Mr Ryan at St Mary’s on 01For more information contact David 8325591. Phelan on 087-6525001 or Madeleine   Ebbs on 086-8150286. U3A GROUP: The Sutton/Baldoyle   U3A group (University of the Third Age) caters for people over 55 years. SANTRY They meet at Baldoyle Library SANTRY COMMUNITY GARDEN: from 10.45am-12.45pm on the New volunteer members are second Wednesday of every month welcome in this four-acre walled (except June-August). For more heritage garden in a quiet corner information email u3asutbal@gmail. of Santry Demesne. Those who com or visit their website www. share the work share the varied u3asuttonbaldoyledublin/ and healthy produce! It is open   Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday ARTANE from 11am to 1pm. Visit the garden NEW MEMBERS: A church choir or check the group out on www. requires new members, both male santrycommunitygarden.com and female. They practice every   Wednesday at 7pm for one hour and sing on Saturday at the 6pm vigil DARNDALE mass in St John Vianney Church, GOLDEN YEARS: Are you over 65? Ardlea Road, Artane. Contact Martin The Golden Years Senior Centre is on 01-8316168 or 086-8931034 for looking for new members to join more information. its fun-filled social club. If you are   looking to get out of the house and meet new people, this social club COOLOCK is ideal for you. Limited transport THANKS: Coolock Library Art to and from the centre will also be Group would like to thank Debbie BINGO: Bingo takes place at the Raheny GAA Clubhouse, 2 All Saints’ Road every Thursday, from 8.15pm to 10.15pm. Contact bingo@rahenygaa. ie or phone 01-8313530 from 7.30pm to 10pm for more details.    MEN’S SHED: A Men’s Shed meets every Thursday at 10.30am in St Anne’s Park (City Farm) Raheny. Men who live in Raheny and surrounding districts are welcome to attend.  

offered, please contact 01-8771608 to join.


MEN’S SHED: Killester Men’s Shed meets every Thursday from 10am to 12noon in the Resource Centre adjacent to St Brigid’s Church, Howth Road, Killester. They are seeking new members who will find a friendly and welcoming group who undertake a variety of mutually agreed activities such as day trips, guest speakers, coffee and chat. Contact Niall on 0873141310 for more information.


LADIES’ PITCH & PUTT: St Mary’s Pitch & Putt Club is seeking new lady members. They play at Inisfails GAA Club, Balgriffin on Saturdays at 10am Why not go along and give it a try? For details, phone Pat on 086-3505384.


COFFEE MORNING: Priorswood Parish Centre is holding a coffee morning on Sunday, March 1 from 9.30am to 1pm for the benefit of St Francis Hospice. Please support this worthy cause. All are welcome.


TABLE QUIZ: A fun table quiz in aid of St Francis Hospice takes place every Monday in the Estuary Pub, North Street, Swords, starting at 10pm. Why not go along and enjoy the craic? It’s for a very good cause! IRISH: Fingallians GAA Club hosts an Irish language conversation group every Wednesday in their clubhouse at the Estuary Roundabout, Swords, at 9pm. This is a free service for people who would like to practice their Irish or learn some more. Further information can be had from Liam at 086-3814422.

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Local enterprise students are bidding for Croke Park final   SECONDARY students across Fingal are dreaming of a final appearance at Croke Park this year following the launch of the Local Enterprise Offices’ (LEOs) Student Enterprise Programme (SEP) for 2019/2020. Outgoing Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection Pat Breen and rugby star Josh Van Der Flier launched Ireland’s largest business and enterprise programme for second level students Fingal has the largest SEP in Ireland, with over 2,500 students from 25 secondary schools taking part in this year’s programme in the hope of making the National Finals in Croke Park on May 1. The enterprise education initiative, funded by the Government through Enterprise Ireland and delivered by the 31 LEOs

in local authorities throughout the country, saw over 25,000 students from 515 secondary schools across the country take part in 2018/2019. Last year proved to be a particularly good year for student entrepreneurs in Fingal, with MalahidePortmarnock Educate Together School scooping the top prize in the Junior category at the Croke Park final. This new school had just opened its doors last September in the Riasc Centre and won the coveted first place at the national awards, proving Fingal’s student entrepreneurs are top of the class! This year’s programme will see two new pilot competitions across the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories. The first, the ‘My Entrepreneurial Journey’ pilot will be run in the Junior and Intermediate



• Malahide • Sutton • Howth • Donaghmede • Kilbarrack • Raheny • Coolock

• Killester • Clontarf • Fairview • Drumcondra • Santry & Artane • Phibsborough • Glasnevin

Please contact us if you: • Are a cheerful, Caring, Dependable Individual • Have Experience in Care • Have Fetac 5 or equivalent qualification in Health • Have fluent English CVs to: jobs@beindependenthomecare.ie Call Ph: (01) 8283030

cycle and is open to any students involved in wider competition. It requires them to map out the life of a successful entrepreneur and what is required. In the Senior category there is a new ‘Most Creative Business Idea’ section. Under the theme ‘Go Green: Be Sustainable’ students can push their most innovative ideas, without having to produce a product or service and it is open to all senior students taking part in the wider competition. Speaking to some of the students involved in this year’s programme at the launch, Minister Breen emphasised the importance of them engaging with enterprise and using it to innovate and create solutions for today’s world. “The students of today are increasingly aware of the role they can play in changing the status quo,” said Minister Breen. “Encouragement of

Pictured are Oisin Geoghegan, Local Enterprise Offices; Cllr Eoghan O’Brien, Mayor of Fingal; Eithne Deeney, Principal, Portmarnock Community School; Ava Gilmartin, Specrest; Josh Van Der Flier, Student Enterprise Programme Ambassador; and Pat Breen TD, outgoing Minister for Trade, Employment and Business. entrepreneurial and innovative skills allows them to change things, to create new opportunities and to contribute to

solving some of the many issues facing society today and in the future. “This spirit has always been very evident in

the Student Enterprise Programme. Every year we see creative young minds bringing fresh thinking to all areas of business,

whether it’s innovative design, new software, revolutionary apps, or simply solving a daily issue in some area of life.”

Röggla. Last November, TMR announced a €60 million investment programme acquiring and upgrading three 4-star hotels during 2019,

including Harvey’s Point in Donegal and The Plaza and Tallaght Cross Hotels in Tallaght. TMR Hotel Collection has acquired 14 hotels in Ireland since

late 2014. As one of Ireland’s largest hotel groups, it now has more than 1,600 bedrooms and employs over 1,500 staff.

Jobs boost for Ballymun as hotel reopens A BALLYMUN hotel reopened this month, almost two years after a fire-related closure. Metro Hotel Dublin Airport, which is located at Santry Cross, was badly damaged when a blaze broke out in an adjoining apartment in March 2018. Thanks to the efficiency of staff and emergency personnel who attended the scene, the hotel was quickly evacuated and there were no injuries. The 88-bed hotel has undergone a €20 million revamp with a significantly enhanced offering aimed at attracting a four-star rating. When fully operational, the Metro Hotel is expected to employ 50 permanent staff, including 10 staff members retained throughout its refurbishment. It will also support an estimated

100 indirect jobs in local businesses and suppliers arising from increased footfall and tourism related spending in the area. Mark Williams, general manager of the Metro Hotel Dublin Airport, said: “As we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for the Metro Hotel and for the broader community, we must also acknowledge the support and best wishes received following the fire in 2018 and also our enormous relief that no one was injured, or worse. “We are deeply grateful for the quick actions of our staff, the fire service and gardaí for ensuring a speedy and safe evacuation of all involved.” Metro Hotel is part of the fast-growing TMR Hotel Collection, owned by Austrian investor Thomas

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Scandinavian style for the bathroom FREE REMOVALS LEADING supplier of bathroom products in Ireland, SONAS Bathrooms, has a new range of products to bring some Nordic flair into our homes. Characterised by simplicity, minimalism and simple accents, this stunning new Scandinavian range combines design and functionality to create a luxurious ambient space for the bathroom. The range, consisting of three models - Fjord, Finland and Stockholm – is designed with a palette of contemporary matt finishes, and a range of coloured handle options that add the perfect finishing touch to help create a uniquely pure and personal space to indulge in. Colours in the range vary from matt Ocean Blue, gloss white, matt khaki, matt Arctic Grey and matt Midnight Grey and there are three coloured handles - brushed gold, brushed chrome and matt black with taps to match. Available in wall hung and floor standing options, the units come with matching wall columns to add more


Call Eamonn

The SONAS Finland Scandinavian range starts from €599.

EstablishEd ovEr 20 yEars

just 10 minutes’ drive price points from entry storage options to the Blanchardstown level to upper midrange. EstablishEd ovEr 20 from yEars Shopping Centre. market. SONAS offers a varied For more 4,000 sq range of bathroom WindoWs •Their doors •ftConservatories information visit www. showrooms& areCommerCial open to products across all residential WindoWs • public doors • Conservatories sonasbathrooms.com the in Ballycoolin, product categories, at

DON’T OUT DON’T MISS MISS OUT EstablishEd ovErour 20 yEars E V with 35%off off I S S A M E V with our 35% I S S A M All Windows&&Doors Doors All Windows S g N I V A S SSAVIN g DISCOUNT 35% Discount 30% DON’T MISS OUT residential & CommerCial

with our 35% off MASSIVE All Windows & Doors S g N I V A S 30% DISCOUNT

NEW, EXCLUSIVE, The Fjord Scandinavian SONAS range is available from €499.

KK Windows Elegant KKdoors, Windows Windows, Conservatories, bathrooms Guardian Warm Roof Conversion Showrooms Saturday 10-2 or (asopen seenevery on TV adverts) Showrooms open Mon-Friday 9-5.30 Saturday Showrooms open every Saturday 10-2 more. any other time by and appointment toand suit youor 10-2pm and any other time by appointment any other time by appointment to suit you Visit us at OPENING the Gorey Show Saturday 18th HOURS or9.00am drop -into ourMonday Musttosee Showroom 5.30pm Friday “CALL TODAY FOR A Saturdays FREE, NO OBLIGATION KK WindowsQUOTE” 10am - 2pm


1800 250 260 WE • SELLFreephone: • MANUFACTURE • INSTALL

Web: www.KKwindows.ie Email: info@kkwindows.ie Visit www.kkwindows.ie for our extensive KK Windows For aDOORS prompt, Free Estimates, UPVC & WINDOWS K&K Windows LTD range of Please products and services available to you For acontact prompt, Free Estimates,

Craanford, Gorey, Co Wexford Showrooms open every 10-2 Please contact K&KSaturday Windows LTDor any other time by appointment to suit you Craanford, Gorey, HOURS Co Wexford OPENING Freephone: 1800 250 260 Ph: 053 9383526 9.00 am - 5.30Email: Monday to Friday Web: www.KKwindows.ie info@kkwindows.ie

The SONAS Stockholm range, from €399.

Ph: 053 9383526 Freephone: 1800 250 260 10.00 am - 2 pm Saturdays Web: www.KKwindows.ie Email: info@kkwindows.ie WE •Freephone: SELL • MANUFACTURE • INSTALL 1800 250 260 UPVC DOORS & WINDOWS For a prompt, Free Estimates,


T&C’s apply

You can also email your photos to info@wetakefurniture.ie And we will get back to you

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the Visit ustoday at the Saturday 18th “Call forGorey a free,Show no obligation quotation” or drop into our Must see Showroom Visit www.kkwindows.ie for our extensive range of productsMust and services NEW, EXCLUSIVE, available to youSee Must SeeShowroom Showroom

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22 House & Home Have you gotnews newsfor forus? us? Have you got Call Call

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news@dublinpeople.com news@dublinpeople.com



Brand New Range of Roller Blinds now in stock Blinds sewn, no glue used All work guaranteed

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Velux Roller Reverse OLD Rollers for a BRAND NEW LOOK from only per ft. (t&c’s apply)



ation OR arrange a call out and we’ll bring inspir SHOWROOM: Unit 70, (Above Unit 25) Butterly Business Park, Artane, Dublin 5. LEFT OF LIDL Ph: (01) 848 4906 • 087 2246351 Email: enquiries@artaneblinds.com www.artaneblinds.com




Invite comfort and cosiness to your home NOW that winter’s chill walk through the door. is still lurking, it might In the living room it is be time to think about ways to bring some extra touches of comfort and cosiness to your home. Just as we pack away our summer wardrobe and get out the winter woollies, there are ways of using décor to bring more warmth to your abode. While an overhaul of each room is unlikely and impractical, leading interior design house Neptune has some tips that can help you hunker down from the minute you

Bringing Quality Doors At Affordable Prices To Your Home!

all about warmth and nothing says cosy like

a sofa with a blanket draped over its arm or

Nothing says cosy like a sofa with a blanket. Neptune’s Lottie sofa in Harry Mortar (€2,880), with Arthur stool in St James Leather (€785), Sefton throw in Rust (€225) and Islay cable throw in Charcoal (€130).


Est 20y

an armchair with a throw beside it. Cushions and statement accessories provide the easiest route to a more seasonal look, so think about swapping your paler pieces for more richly coloured alternatives. And invest in some candles – a clustered group of candles can provide a very comforting glow, particularly if paired with a warming reflective surface such as a mirror, brass or etched glass. Glass candle holders and tealights are another useful addition. Amber tinted glass candle holders produce a gorgeous golden tone, while mercurised glass turns a candle’s glow into a beautiful glimmer. When it comes to creating seasonal warmth, hallways and landings can find themselves somewhat left out in the cold. But a sturdy lantern in the hall or even something


d Trades


les After Sa Service

Bathroom and kitchen restoration specialists

We can Save you Thousands

Tired Or Grubby Grout..? if the answer is yes It is time to Refresh or Recolour your Bathroom or Kitchen wall or Floor Grout

We also restore shower glass to new We use Hightec Coatings to preserve Grout / Tile / Glass INCLUDED IN OUR MANY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ARE Silicone Removal / Replacement Granite Worktops Wood Laminate Flooring Minor Repairs

Shaker Glass Oak Door with contemporary handles

White Panel


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Unit 3 Calan House, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Dublin 17 T: 01 8479014 E: info@doorsdirect.ie W: www.doorsdirect.ie


60 doors

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to choose from


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In the bedroom we are talking layers, layers and more layers. Neptune’s Larsson double bed (from €1,600) with Arthur stool in Angus Flint (€720), Tussock sheepskin rug (from €160) and Cotswold mohair throw in Pewter (€155).

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Cushions and rugs provide a simple route to seasonal warmth. Neptune’s Tussock sheepskin rug (from €160), Chloe Denim cushion with eyelash fringing (€135), Tussock cushion in Pearl (€389), and Isabelle cushion Linen Grey (€41).



A cluster of candles and cosy layers make for bedroom winter warmth. Neptune’s Francis double bed (from €1,000) with George headboard (from €590) and Sefton throw in Coble (€225). as simple as a winter scented diffuser, will add a feeling of welcome cosiness for you and your visitors. In the bedroom we are talking layers, layers and more layers. Blankets are one of the most popular of wintertime interior touches. Some people take the view that you simply can’t have too many of them. Creating a cosy lair in your boudoir starts with one statement throw at the foot of your bed. Place this so it is at least halfway down your bedspread. Then choose another blanket and place it on

top but a little higher on the bed. This way both layers can be seen and appreciated. A sheepskin cushion or two, such as Neptune’s soft and curly Tussock cushions, will add texture and further sumptuousness. A sheepskin rug will make sure toes have something snug to greet them in the morning and what could be more cosseting in winter than that? • See www.neptune.com for Irish stockists of the products featured here.

ardening & tree surgeon services

ALL YOUR GARDENING & DOMESTIC NEEDS A Professional & Reliable Gardening & Property Maintenance Service Over 20 years experience, that meets all of your domestic & commercial needs. Golden glow, Neptune’s Blyton pillar candle in Rust (from €7) and Hanley candlestick (€32) with Neve tealight holder in Mustard (€18).



Pressure Treated


One of the longest advertisiers in The Northside & Southside People


Landscaping, Hedge Trimming, Patio’s, Fencing, Walls, Garden Clearance, Flower Beds. Tree Felling, Topping, Lopping, Stump Removal Woodchipper Available Free No Obligation Quotes Reliable & Friendly Service



Contact Denis on Mob: 085 7325185 or 01 685 6289


was €180 NOW ONLY

€159 Free Estimates | Fully Insured 10 Year Guarantee


Malahide Road, Dublin 5. www.northsidedriveways.com • northsidedriveways@yahoo.com

087 338 3300 • 01 836 4611

• Side Gates • Shed Doors • Boiler House Doors All pressure treated Braced, glued + screwed for extra strength Galvanised Hinges + pad bolts included

Call Bill & Ben: 01 867 8794


085 284 3980

KITCHEN NEEDS A FACELIFT? Don’t replace it! Reface it! Give you Kitchen/Bedroom that up-market look for only a fraction of the cost of replacing

1-2 days No Fuss Installation It makes sense!

Call us today to arrange your free quote.We measure up your kitchen and give you a fully transparent quote. Phone: DAVID DALY

Tel: 01 8624647


Open 7 days a week 9am - 9pm l www.daviddalykitchens.ie


• Spray foam insulation • Wall insulation • Loft roll insulation • Underfloor insulation sheets • Attic conversions • Velux windows ALL TYPES OF AT T IC IN S U L AT IO N CA RRIED O U T & C OMP L E T ED


Sean: 085 825 5357 Office: 01 814 0758 a1atticinsulation32@gmail.com

24 House & Home


High ceilings don’t have to dominate your home WE ALL tend to make a very simple mistake when creating our living room designs. All our energy goes into the

walls and we completely ignore the ceiling. We assume that white paint is the only option, even if we don't think it

Sheehy McBeath Design Ltd

Paul Sheehy BSc ICIOB Arch Tech, Maywood Crescent, Raheny, Dublin 5

Email: sheehypm@gmail.com Mobile: 086 8848418

complements the shape or design. And while we may flinch at the way our living room designs resemble cathedrals, we do nothing about it. We just let it be - not from laziness, but just because we believe nothing can be done. This is the wrong way to look at living room designs, but it can be corrected very easily. There are ways to play with the ceiling and gain the intimacy you want. All you need to do is determine what your problem is and then find the right living room designs to shield it. While most of us have low ceilings, ones that make the room feel trapped, there are others that suffer from a stranger problem: too much height. Everything

You don’t have to stick with white for the ceiling. is elevated, making the room appear to be a cave (albeit one with pretty walls). There is no sense of comfort here because there’s no sense of proper, deliberate living room designs. You can't find it when the room seems to continue on, rather than stopping at a natural point and allowing the eyes to rest.

Luckily, there are ways to ‘drop’ the ceiling. We don't mean this literally, of course, but the illusion will make it seem so. All you have to do is choose darker shades. White and other bright colours will only emphasise the height and keep the eyes moving. When you select a dark hue, though, it acts as a natural barrier. Guests will see the

colour but will not think of it. This will keep the ceiling from appearing too high and making the room lose its natural intimacy. Don’t use patterns or designs here. You want to make the ceilings become part of the room's living room designs, not force everyone to continue staring at them. They are backdrops to emphasise the rest of the furnishings; they should not be competing with the living room designs. Of course, be careful with this: if you choose a colour that is too dark, you may risk your space resembling a cave. Complement the shade to your wall colourings. Don't, for example, just choose black. If your room is done in blues, then you can pick a more

subtle shade of navy for the ceiling while letting the walls and furnishings have a lighter look. The contrast will work well. Too many of us forget that ceilings are part of the home. We assume that nothing can be done and forget them. Unfortunately, this often hurts the overall appearance of rooms and only serves to accent the problems in them. What you must remember is that walls are not the end of your living room design worries. You have to continue upward and address what is happening under your roof. If you want intimacy in a space, then you have to deal with the high ceiling. Thankfully, this is just a matter of picking up a paint brush.




Makers and fitters of Quality Blinds at Affordable Prices since 1987


Season Blinds


Rollers • Venetians • Wooden Slats • Roman Blinds • Velux • Vertical • Shutters





Visit our showrooms today for inspiration, advice and great offers! D3 SHOWROOM: 01


199 Phillipsburgh Ave, Girffith Ave end, D3


Book a


in-house consultation!



www.alpineblinds.ie OPEN: MON-FRI 9am-5pm and SAT 10am-2 pm



Unit 3, Old Quarry Ind. Est. Ballycoolin, D15

Motoring 25


Kia has come on leaps and bounds Tony Conlon

the excellent ProCeed. Although this new model may seem a bit of THE Kia XCeed is a new an afterthought, I found urban crossover utility over the period of time vehicle (CUV) which I had the test car that combines compact SUV it certainly captured practicality with the people’s attention. sporty packaging and Measuring 4,395mm, handling of a hatchback. A product of the brand’s the XCeed is 85mm longer than the 5-door hatchback European design centre version and 90mm in Frankfurt, it certainly more compact than the blends the key strengths Sportage SUV. It is 48mm of both types of vehicle. taller than the Ceed and The XCeed is now 150mm lower than the the fourth member of Sportage. the Ceed family after Thanks to a raised hip the hatchback, estate point (up by 44mm), it and ProCeed five-door is easy for occupants to shooting brake. step in and out of this car. When Kia set out to The ground clearance is design the Ceed, the design team did not have a 172mm on 16-inch wheels brief to design a crossover. and 184mm with 18-inch, just shy of a 50mm rise It was only when they over the Ceed hatchback. were developing designs Sometimes there’s a for other models in the benefit to having been range that they realised reviewing cars for such a a body style like the long time. XCeed could capture the Otherwise, it would be emotion and sportiness of

difficult to appreciate just how much Kia has improved over the years unless you were around to see the early versions.

Back then, the sense of build quality was virtually non-existent. Opening a door on an early Kia was akin to the feeling you




got when opening a bag of crisps and touching the dash and door linings reminded me of lino floor covering.

2018 2017 2017 2015 2015 2014 2014 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2012 2012 2012 2012 2011 2011 2011 2011 2010 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2007 2007

HYUNDAI I10 5 DR PETROL .......................€10,950 FORD C-MAX 1.5 DIESEL ............................€16,950 OPEL KARL 5DR 1.0LT ...................................€8,995 DACIA SANDERO SUV ..................................€9,950 SKODA SUPERB ESTATE 1.6 DIESEL ........€14,950 NISSAN QASHQAI 1.5 DIESEL ...................€12,700 HYUNDAI I30 AUTOMATIC .....................................€8500 HYUNDAI IX35 ...........................................................€8950 KIA CEED ESTATE 1.4 DIESEL ......................€7,950 AUDI A3 1.6 TDI 5 DR BLACK .....................€11,950 CITROEN GRAND PICASSO 7 SEATER AUTO ...€9,950 OPEL ASTRA 1.3D 4DR .................................€6,950 MAZDA 6 PREMIUM 4DR .............................€9,950 HYUNDAI IX35 1.7 D SILVER ........................€9,900 NISSAN X-TRAIL DIESEL 2WD ....................€9,950 NISSAN QASHQAI SILVER .......................................€7500 PEUGEOT 3008 DIESEL AUTOMATIC .........€9,500 RENAULT FLUENCE DIESEL AUTOMATIC .......€5,500 NISSAN MICRA 5 DR AUTOMATIC .............€5,950 MERCEDES C220 BLACK ..............................€9,950 NISSAN QASHQAI 1.5 D ...............................€7,950 HYUNDAI IX35 DIESEL .................................€8,950 MERC C CLASS 1.6 P AUTO...........................€5,950 OPEL CORSA SXI 5 DOOR ............................€3,750 RENAULT SCENIC 7 SEATER ........................€2,950 MITSUBISHI CZC CONVERTIBLE .................€2,500 NISSAN TIIDA SILVER ...............................................€1950 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 7 SEATER ....................€2,950 CITROEN C4 5 DOOR NCT’D ........................€1,950

COMMERCIALS 2016 VW CADDY 1.6 DIESEL .......................€7,950 + VAT 2015 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT ................€7,950 + VAT 2015 FORD FOCUS DIESEL 5DR ................€7,900 + VAT 2014 FORD KUGA 2 WD ..............................€9,500 + VAT




To say Kia has come on in leaps and bounds would be a huge understatement.

The All-New i10 has arrived.

086 8161842 / 087 2349401

Choose one of our 201 Offers:

5 Years Free Servicing Scrappage up to €3,000 3.9% APR Finance* You automatically qualify for each of these three benefits as standard: For more information or to book a test drive contact:

Michael Barrable Motors Airside Motor Park, Swords, Co. Dublin 01-8833300 www.mbmotors.ie

The Hyundai 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty applies only to Hyundai vehicles that have been originally sold by an authorized Hyundai dealer to an end-customer, as set out in the terms and conditions of the warranty booklet. #i10 Classic. Retail price €14,745. Finance amount €9,584. 36 monthly repayments of €134.97. Total cost of credit €894.06. Optional final payment of €5,556. APR 3.9% as at 9th January 2020. Minimum deposit €5,161. Lending criteria, conditions apply. Available at authorised dealers for models booked and registered by 29th February 2020. Hire purchase by Bank of Ireland t/a Bank of Ireland Finance. Dealer charges apply. *Price excludes dealer delivery and related charges. Offer applies to 201 i10 Classic booked and registered by 29th February 2020. Model shown for illustrative purposes. WLTP Co2 120-127 g/km. Fuel consumption 5.3-5.6 l/100km

BE ST O F A L L WO R L D S Discover Why



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3 EASY WAYS TO PLACE AN AD ...Tel: 01 8621611 ...Fax: 01 8621625 ...Email: sales@dublinpeople.com

ROOF REPAIRS Flat Roofs Tiles / Slates Chimney Flashing Gutters cleaned and repaired

Over 40 Years in Business

Big or small jobs

D Coakley LTD.. 118 St. Lawrences Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

01-8439979 / 086-2511411





Mob: 085 159 7846

Over 20 years Experience Call Now for FREE Estimates

3 Bed Semi Detached Fascias, Soffits & Gutters From €799

Northside: Kandoy House, 2 Fairview Strand, D.3

Tel: 01 9020407

Southside: 6E KCR Estate, Kimmage, D.12

Tel: 01 6856438

OFF with this advert

Driveway & Patio Specialists

Covering Dublin & Surrounding Counties • Chimneys repaired & replaced • Flatroof Repairs & replaced • Fascia, Soffits & Gutters • All types of Insulation • All Types of Roof repairs


Gutters Cleaned & Sealed From €69


TEL: Keith 087-2944986


Driveways Patio’s Pathway’s Steps All Landscaping Garden Walls Tarmac

Phone: 01 4800548 Contact Ed Mobile: 087 4675766 Malahide Road, D.5

10 years Warranty - Active Paving is a name you can depend on



For All Your Garden Needs

40% Off this MONTH


• Trees Lopped, Pruned & Shaped • Paving • Multi Coloured Pebbling & Fencing

• Laying Patios, Cobblelocking, • Powerwashing, Sheds knocked & taken away. • All general garden work • Hedges Pruned & Trimmed • Instant Lawns • Weeding & Planting Free Quotes & expert advice (without Obligation) Fully Insured

Insurance Policy number: BS0561 - ELPL - 23490

Renovations & Building New Roofs, Garden Sheds, Gutters & Roof Repairs Specialising in Flat Roof Systems

All our workmen carry Valid Id Full Liability Cover. 20yrs e rienc Expe

Mob: 086 0721191 Office: 01 8484650 Web: www.dawnroofing.ie Email: info@dawnroofing.ie

No payment until work is complete

085 2090219 • 01 8140758 Email: patohara121@gmail.com Call for a free estimate on

Natural Stone Specialist

087 2843244 or 01 4599606 • • • • • • • •

Domestic • Commerical • Industrial

Patios/Driveways Garden Clearance Trees/Hedges trimmed or removed Instant lawns/Artificial Grass Fencing All Types Garden Design & Construction All Materials & Plants supplied Patios & Driveways Cleaned & Sealed.

Professional & Friendly Service Check out our work on www.facebook.com/4seasonsgarden www.4seasonsgardencare.ie


Fully Insured


 House Rewiring  Fuse Board Upgraded  Electrical Showers  Extra Sockets  Garden Lighting 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE 24 HOUR EMERGENCY CALL SERVICE FULLY INSURED REGI REGESTERED For a no obligation quote please call


Contact our Sales Team at

01 8621611 or Email




10% OFF for January and February

Prestige Roofing and Guttering in Dublin

Prestige Roofing and Guttering in Dublin Prestige Roofing and Guttering in Dublin All areas of Dublin covered AllAll areas of Dublin covered areas of Dublin covered

We are a family run business relying on 20 years of experience to provide you with the best roof and roofing repair services in Dublin

We are a family run business relying on 20 years of experience to provide | Flatrelying Roof Repair | Roof Leaks Guttering We are a familyRoof runRepairs business on 20 years of |experience you with the best roof and roofing repair services in Dublin


€100 €110 €200 €60


to provid you with the best roof and roofing repair services in Dublin

Roof Repairs | Flat Roof Repair | Roof Leaks | Guttering

Roof Repairs | Flat Roof Repair | Roof Leaks | Guttering • Fascia and Soffit • All types of insulation Roofing Experts in Dublin - 3 Bed Semi From €750

Gutters Cleaned and sealedremoved FROM €49 from Normallysite €99 • Chimneys Repaired and Replaced • All rubbish

Full No obligation report on any fault - No Call Out Charge

FIND -US3ON VIBER, YELP AND WATSAPP Roofing Experts in Dublin Bed Semi From €750 Gutters Cleaned and sealed FROM €49 Normally €99 Dublin 3 Call BedOut Semi From €750 Full NoRoofing obligationExperts report oninany fault --No Charge Gutters Cleaned and sealed €49 Normally €99 FIND US ON VIBER, YELPFROM AND WATSAPP

Full No obligation report on any fault - No Call Out Cha www.prestigeroofingandguttering.com • email: prestigeroofingguttering@gmail.com




For all your Gardening Needs

• Trees Loped, Pruned & Shapped • Hedge Trimming, Weeding, Pruning & Planting • Garden Clearance & Tidying

• Fruit Trees Sprayed & Pest Control • Instant Lawns, Turfing & Fencing • All types of Paving & Patios Layed

Readers Each Week TGI 2019





If your looking for a quality and affordable gardener for your next project GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

01 816 4786


085 777 3210


NEED A SWEEP? www.needasweep.com

Thank you to our loyal quarter of a Million Northside and Southside People readers for making us Dublin’s number one read local paper across the capital for another year. We are proud to be able to stand over our TGI 2019 readership figures. Fact: We are the only Dublin Newspaper group with official TGI 2019 readership data

BUILDING CONTRACTORS We cover everything from • New houses • Roofing • Extension • Doors and Skirting • Granny flats • Shuttering • Attic conversion • Carpertry • Concreting We cover all Dublin and surrounding counties

For a no obligation quote Phone Patrick on 086-3011588 www.structuralcontracts.com

Fully Insured Registered & Approved


CALL NIALL: 086 2390778

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Education Health DUBLIN PEOPLE GROUP Motors Employment FOR ALL DUBLIN House & Home READERSHIP


Fully Insured


T: 01 862 1611 F: 01 8621625 sales@dublinpeople.com





ND in Arboriculture & BA in Horticulture All Trees expertly Felled & Pruned Trees removed, Roots destroyed Gardens renovated, shaped & designed Power Washing Service (We supply our own water) Patios, Fencing & Repairing No Payment until all work is complete Competitive Prices All Size Shed Supplied & Fitted

30% Discount with this advert


FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Call 01 514 3592 or 085 1962903 Email: totalgardenservice2@gmail.com

Fully insured & registered, more than 10yrs Experience

NORTHSIDE 01 806 1137

Gutters Cleaned & Sealed from €49 Fully Insured - Free Estimates

Tel: 01 9020134 Mobile: 087 3423705 www.capitalroofingdublin.com | email:capitalroofingdublin@gmail.com

SOUTHSIDE 01 202 0026

• Gas & Oil Services plus Breakdowns • Complete Bathroom Installations • Gas Cookers Installed • Hot Cylinders & Attic Tank Replacements


Irish Owned Business | 100% Irish Materials | 20yr Written Guarantee on all work

Mobile: 085 7154581 GUTTERS CLEANED & SEALED



Roofing Repair & Replacement Ridge Tile Repaired & Replaced All Flat Roofing Repaired All Lead Valleys Replaced Chimneys Rebuilt


Contact Thomas

 087 927 6421  info@dhap.ie


SOUTHSIDE 01 202 0026

Domestic & Commercial

Email: athacliathroofing@gmail.com


ND in Arboriculture & BA in Horticulture

• All Sheds Knocked • All Landscaping • All Garden & Taken Away • All Trees Expertly Maintenance Felled & Pruned • All Multi - Colour • All Hedges Shaped • All Paving Pebbling Supplied & Trimmed • All Garden Clearout • All Powerwashing • All Size Sheds Supplied & Fitted Get your Garden Prepared for Winter with a

Free No Obligation Quotes Prompt & Reliable Fully Insured No Payment Until Job is Complete

30% Discount

Tel Office: 01 6855035 Mobile: 087 9109939 Email: allgardenservices321@gmail.com www.allgardening.ie

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• All New Fascia & Guttering Supplies & Fitted • All Old Gutters Repaired & Replaced • Find us in the Golden Pages

NORTHSIDE 01 806 1137

contact us today on 01 8621611 or email sales@dublinpeople.com

Roofing & Guttering | Roof Repairs | Re-Slating / Re-Tiling | Felt Roofing Asphalt Roofing | Chimney Repairs | Flat & New Roofs | Roof Cleaning & Sealing

Reccomended by Trustedpeople.ie & Construction Ireland



Roofing and Insulation Services We do what others promise


We specialise in:

• Roofing Repairs • Felting & Replacements • Latting • Lead Valleys • Ridge Tile • Capping & Pointing • Chimney Flashings • UPVC Gutters Cleaned and sealed Find Us Fast In Golden Pages

Special Offer Gutters Cleaned And Sealed €59

For A Free No Obligation Quote Attic Insulation Phone 01 9020069 Services Mobile 085 717 7909 Fully Insured www.roofingandinsulationservices.ie

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Education Health Motors Employment House & Home

T: 01 862 1611 F: 01 8621625 sales@dublinpeople.com

Health Section Motors Section Employment House & Home Motoring Property


Sales Team T:01 8621611 F: 01 8621625 sales@dublinpeople.com



CARPENTRY A QUALIFIED CARPENTER And Property Maintenance Service Floors, Doors, Skirting, Repairs, Locks, Decking. All maintenance work on Domestic & Commercial properties, including Landlords Re-Furbs.


CURTAINS Rose Taylor Curtain Designs established 25 years Large selection of curtain and upholstery fabrics. Stock fabric up to 50% off All types of blinds from budget to designer Wallpapers, upholstery, headboards and all types of soft furnishing. Free in house interior design service phone for appointment



BRENNANS WINDOW AND DOOR REPAIR SERVICE Repairs of aluminium and upvc frames, locks, hinges, handles, patio door wheels, tracks, glass draught proofing.

Handyman services Repair of Gutters , Roofs, Windows and Doors . Also available for Carpentry, Tiling , General Maintenance.



MOULD SOLUTIONS MOULD REMOVAL: We kill all mould & spores VENTILATION: Core holes drilled for room ventilation

Plastering, Coving & Damp Proofing Specialist Room Offer: Full Room, Plastered, Walls & Ceilings €350 supplied & fitted All forms of interior & exterior plaster work All Internal & External Insulation.

Call today on No job too small . 083 845 8090 or Wall Panelling Kitchen Renovations 01 851 2480 Over 20 years Kitchen Revamps Contact Michael 25yrs experience Email: Wardrobes/Sliderobes Experience. 087 6201014 No Job to big or small Attic Conversions info@mouldsolutions.ie 25+ Years Experience Stairs & Stair Excellent Rates Contact Ken Brennan Replacement Fully Registered & Free Estimates Website: Have your curtains Attic Ladders on 0867354801 Insured HOME relined restyled www.mouldsolutions.ie Attic Insulation Free Quotes & Personal Call David on or add eyelets add IMPROVEMENTS Internal Drylining Service e: interlining for better insu089 4312247 Insulation Contact : Phill lation bwmrepairs@gmail.com Doors, Floors, Skirting & PAINTING & 087 6315899 Architraves w: DECORATING ARTANE Laminate and www.rosetaylor.com www.brennansrepairs.ie PLUMBING & HOUSEHOLD solid floors Online shop MAINTENANCE HEATING Sprayfoam Insulation SBB Carpentry Ph 018479342 PAINTER Soundproofing Providing a high Join us on facebook AVAILABLE COASTAL WINDOWS quality and reliable service We Specialise in: JOHNNY MURPHY’S Unit 8/9 Grants Available PLUMBING & HEATING with an Northside Enterprise Ct uPVC Windows & Door * SPECIAL OFFERS * Kitchens - Flooring extensive range of mainteBunratty Drive Replacement BER Certs Boiler & Gas Repairs nance 10% OFF Coolock Sliderobes from €60 by former services including: Open including offers Double Glazed Units Free quotes and friendly Bord Gais Service EnMonday to Friday + ---Locks, Hindges & Han- * Kitchen & Bathroom reliable service gineer. 9.00 am till 5.00 pm 3 Bedrooms (walls & ceilings) as standard dles Installations Saturday 11.00 am only €380 All General Carpentry All general All Plumbing & Heating Letter Boxes * Painting till 3.00 pm carpentry work problems solved Patio Door Wheels * Tiling needs Standard Hall, Stairs & Glass/Mirrors * Electrical Landing (walls & ceilings) Contact Fintan: Taps/Toilets/Electric Glass Table Tops * Fixtures & Fittings *Wardrobes only €240 087 9059 408 Showers & Hot Water Glass Cutting Services * Flooring DOG GROOMING *Doors & Floors Email: Cylinders. * Plumbing Standard exterior of 3 bed fmcarpentry@ Senior Card Discount. *Skirting Showrooms Open * Flat pack assembly semi including walls, cills and gmail.com Monday to Friday *Kitchen ad-ons & K-9 GROOMING plinths only €600 RGI Registered 9am - 5pm Call Aaron reface SERVICES (ARTANE) Saturday 10am - 3pm Mob: 087 2180 760 NEVIN CARPENTRY EST 1994 *Childrens Beds & Check out my website Trusted Professional or Registered & Insured Shelving Service with over 30 years for more Unit 129 Baldoyle IndusTel: 01 8482815 ALL BREEDS experience and over 10 Info. trial Estate, Balboyle, *Sidegates Many Successful yrs CATERED FOR years with Northside www.jmph.ie Email: admin@ Dublin 13 with Worktops + Worktop FREE COLLECTION & People. artanehouseholdmaintenance. or The Northside People DELIVERY AVAILABLE www.coastalwindows. replacement ie Offering a Friendly, Call Johnny ie LOCATED NORTHSIDE (solid and laminate) Efficient, All Paint Work Undertaken www. 087 4004552 Affordable Service Available Weekends COMPLETE GROOMartanehouseholdmainten 01 8326388 or *Kitchens, Kitchen + Free Quotes ING FOR ALL BREEDS ance.ie 086 4092036 Re-Facing LIMITED DOG *Wardrobes, Sliderobes, Contact Chris: BOARDING All Standard Work PLUMBER AVAILABLE *Bedroom Furniture, 085 703 0112 (SMALL BREEDS KITCHENS & Home Repairs & *Custom made ONLY) Qualified Tradesman Maintenance Bookcases, WARDROBES FOR WEEKENDS OR SAGE WINDOWS Dvd/Cd/ Tv units PAINTING & OVER NIGHTS, ETC. & DOORS *Entertainment Stations, WALLPAPERING No Call Out Charge No job to small B. HYNES KITCHENS Shelving/Storage REFERENCES Sage Windows & Doors & WARDROBES Experienced and Skilled Solutions AVAILABLE offer the following Outside Taps Free Call out Design Eastern European Painter & *Radiator Covers services: Quality fitted kitchens, wallpaperer with 12yrs Burst Pipes *Under stair Storage & Quotes FOR APPOINTMENT Wardrobes Experience *Wall Paneling Shower Pumps AND ENQUIRIES * Repair Service Sliderobes *Doors & Floors PHONE BILLY ON (all types of windows Fully Insured with over Home office Tidy & Timely work carried *Decking & Fencing and doors) All work done to the 01 8475745 out 20yrs experience Sitting room units *Side Gates/Shed Doors Understairs storage highest standards *Maintenance & repairs OR 087 2717331 * Locks, Handles, Hinges, Computer Aided Design No Job to Big or Small Call Brian: Glass & Patio doors ANYTIME Free estimates All aspects of the 086 1562655 Tel: Alan on For a Free Quotation call trade covered. * We also supply & fit 086 8600784 Contact Brendan Radu - 085 1261875 new doors and Email: to advertise Contact Mark for a Full, 0879804948 windows larclancy12@gmail.com No Obligation Quote. Painting Interior & Exterior, Plumbing, Roof repairs, Soffit & Fascia.

Find us on Facebook: SBB carpentry

Your Business

Ph: 087 2159367 Mail: nevincarpentry@ live.ie Web: www.nevincarpentry. com

CARPET CLEANING Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Certified & Registered Best Value in Dublin Tel: Mick on

087 9026615

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Classified Section

in our

Classified Section call


01 8474352

Members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen


01 8621611



Phone Mick Sage 085 8493989 email: info@sagewindows.ie www.sagewinddows.ie

Email sales@dublinpeople.com

or Email


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30 SITUATIONS VACANT NORTH DUBLIN HOMECARE REQUIRE STAFF Not for Profit Organisation Part of Dublin Home Care Partners FULL/PART TIME COMMUNITY CARERS Required Dublin 1,3 and 7 Relevant Qualification required: QQI Level 5 Training is funded and provided by the company. Trainee Rate €12.00 per hour Mon-Sat €18.00 per hour Sun Qualified Rate €13.42 per hour Mon-Sat €20.13 Sunday Work in your local area Flexible hours Daytme Evening and Weekends Ongoing Support Weekly Pay

Own transport is desirable Please call Donna on 01 5549060 email: info@ndhc.ie


WINDOWS DOOR & WINDOW SECURITY, REPAIRS & LOCKSMITH. CALL IN TO OUR SHOWROOM TODAY FOR FREE SECURITY ADVICE *Security Upgrades *Anti-Snap Security Cylinders *Safety hinges, Locks etc Repair Service *Upgrade or Replace Glass units *Replacement Parts, hinges, handles letterboxes etc. *Patio Wheels, Tracks etc Showroom: Grange Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13.

T: 01 848 9118 01 867 9161 M: 087 665 0857 F: 01 848 5384 Email: info@ supremewindowsanddoors.ie

Web: www. supremewindowsanddoors.ie

Base Window Cleaners Window Cleaning Gutter Clearing Power Washing High Reach

Dublin City based company require: 1. Fully Licenced Skip Driver 2.Diesel Fitter 3.Welder Please email: georgedowling 2013@gmail.com Ph No: 087 6020696

THE GARDENING SPECIALISTS for all your General Gardening needs Landscaping | Hedge Trimming Fencing | All Paving | Overgrown Gardens Patios | Tree Surgery FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATES

All Drainage Works | All Wall building & Fencing Repairs to Sinking Driveways & Patios | All Multi-coloured Pebbles Supplied Powerwashing, Cleaning & Sealing | All Waste recycled

We supply and fit Heavy Duty Fasia Soffits and Guttering Systems • ATTIC INSULATION • Roof Repairs • Lead Roofs Repaired • Ridge Tiles Repaired • Flat Roofing

REMOVALS & TRANSPORT (IRL - UK-EUROPE) MAN WITH A VAN Are you moving home? Your new low cost method of moving at a fraction of the price larger removal companies charge. Fully professional white glove service at all times. Single items to full loads including Full House moves. 2 men available on request,

Call John 086-3341713

This Month


• Chimney Repairs

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Dublin City Council 101/102 Malahide Road, Dublin 3 - Eircode D03 KX07. Health Service Executive, (HSE), intends to apply for permission for development at this site, 101/102 Malahide Road, Dublin 3 - Eircode D03 KX07. The development will consist of change of use from office (former credit union - class 3 use) to a day centre, for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) use at ground level and healthcare use at first and second floor levels (all class 8 use), together with alterations to internal layouts and external elevations, signage and associated site works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council, Planning Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 during its public opening hours (9.00a.m.- 4.30p.m.). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20.00) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council John and Caroline Coyne are applying for Planning Permission for development at 33 Greencastle Drive, Coolock, Dublin 17, D17 NF25. The development will consist of the construction of new first floor pitched roof rear extension and first floor internal alterations to provide 4 bedrooms in lieu of 3 bedrooms. The first floor rear extension is being part built over a ground floor flat roof rear extension currently under construction which is Exempted Development . Other works include, connections to all services and all necessary ancillary site development works to facilitate this development. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours, and that a submission or observation in relation to this application may be made to the planning authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application.

PLANNING DUBLIN Fingal County Council We, Philip & Barbara Cullen, intend to apply for retention planning permission for 1) The single storey extension (34.34m2) to the rear of the existing dwelling consisting of a kitchen/ living area and shower room. 2) The conversion of the integrated garage (10.83m2) to a bedroom. 3)The conversion of the attic area (13.09m2) to a non-habitable room with three Velux roof windows on the rear and gable hipped roofs. 4) The widening of the existing offstreet parking entrance at 6, Abbey Park, Dublin 13, D13 C9E2. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on the payment of the prescribed fee within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application.


01 8621611

Fingal County Council. I, Owen Lennon intend to apply for a development on this site at Driftwood, Carrickbrack Road, Sutton, D13. The development will consist of subdividing internally an existing house to form two semidetached houses. House (A) - 3 bedroomed house to front and House (B) - 5 bedroomed house to side/rear with external alterations to front and rear dormer also dividing the existing garage into two, including site works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased for a fee not exceeding a reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Fingal County Council Planning Authority, Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin during its public opening hours of Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 16.30 pm. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of a fee of €20 within 5 weeks of receipt of the application by the Planning Authority and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

NORTHSIDE PEOPLE EAST 19.02.20 PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council We, Barry and Helen Tighe, intend to apply for planning permission for works to the existing dwelling house at 27 The Demesne, Killester, Dublin 5, D05 KC65, comprising of the demolition of an existing side extension and shed, construction of a new single storey extension to the southeast, alterations to an existing roof light to attic storage space, provision of external wall insulation, associated internal works, widening of existing vehicular entrance gateway, increase the area of on-site car parking and all ancillary works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.


Education Health Section Motors Section Employment House & Home

PLANNING DUBLIN Dublin City Council I, Niamh Duggan, intend to apply for planning permission and retention permission for development at 71 Brookwood Avenue, Dublin DO5 V2T6. The development will consist/consists of the reinstatement of a former front pedestrian gate and pillar and also the retention of an existing vehicle access gate for offstreet car-parking, with all associated site works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of Dublin City Council, Planning Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 during it’s public opening hours (9.00am - 4.30pm) a submission or observation in relation to application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of a fee of €20, within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

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REGULATION OF SHORT TERM LETTING As part of the measures to help address pressures in the private housing rental market, new planning legislative reforms to regulate the short term letting sector – as provided for in the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2019 and supplementary regulations made by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government entitled the Planning and Development Act 2000 (Exempted Development) (No 2) Regulations 2019 – came into effect on the 1st July 2019. The reforms are primarily aimed at addressing the impact on the private rental market by the use of residential homes for short-term tourism type letting in areas of high housing demand. Accordingly, the new provisions will only apply in areas designated as “Rent Pressure Zones” under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (as amended). The whole of Fingal County Council is designated as a “Rent Pressure Zone”. Further detailed information on the new provisions including the registration process, enforcement process and an informative frequently asked questions guide can be obtained by visiting http://www.fingal.ie/council/ service/short-term-letting-regulation. Should you be aware of properties in the Fingal area where you have concerns that breach of the regulations may be occurring, please report this to the Planning Enforcement Section for investigation. This can be done via e-mail to planning.enforcement@fingal.ie. All reports are dealt with in a confidential manner. You can also ring the Planning Enforcement Section at 8905544 to discuss this process. Administrative Officer, Planning Enforcement


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Puzzles 33







1. File out to words given by the judge? (4,8) 7. A note that comes back unaltered (5) 8. Stop and leave a coat? (5) 9. Money paid when one leaves the cab (3) 10. Speculates that Kojak gets up (9) 11. Drink to drink back and cause a commotion (6) 12. Getting a companion of his age somehow (6) 15. Do you have to go a long way to get old money (9) 17. Appreciate the excavation (3) 18. Joe goes back to the toilet of the Eskimo’s house (5) 19. Reveal that the French get a hundred (3,2) 21. A good actor could be an art thief (5,7)

1. Cameraman (12) 7. Cleave (5) 8. Goodbye (5) 9. Look at (3) 10. Futile (9) 11. Referee (6) 12. Acacia (6) 15. Distress (9) 17. Speck (3) 18. Double (5) 19. Drunkard (5) 21. Preposterous (12)

DOWN 1. Essential (12) 2. Lubricate (3) 3. Keep (6) 4. Toy (9) 5. Banish (5) 6. Prove (12) 7. Precipitous (5) 10. Keep on (9) 13. Command (5) 14. Gap (6) 16. Pretend (5) 20. Write (3)

DOWN 1. Is it controlled by a change of order? (5,7) 2. Some embarrassing transgression? (3) 3. The figure of an anaesthetist? (6) 4. Former hotel-workers become businessmen (9) 5. Is concerned with the outcome of races (5) 6. Our amusement at killing (12) 7. A Russian saying? (5) 10. Feel the feathers landing (9) 13. Chair the Danes set up (5) 14. Fishes in corners (6) 16. Eric runs out of money for a keepsake (5) 20. Match in which the scores are level? (3)


See answers on the following page


ANSWERS February 12th





Find the words hidden in the puzzle below

34 Happenings

A few things worth checking out this week


Nature Heroes Drop into the Natural History Museum on Merrion Street Upper, from 10am-4pm on Saturday, February 22 and meet some real nature heroes from organisations such as BirdWatch Ireland, Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, Seal Rescue Ireland, Inland Fisheries Ireland, The Herpetological Society of Ireland and more. Learn about sustainability and how to be more environmentally friendly towards wildlife in Ireland. There are lots of different activities and short talks on the day during this free, fun and educational event. No booking required.

Mamafesta Memorialising is on at Project Arts Centre.


This spring critically acclaimed choreographer Philip Connaughton brings his beautiful, sparkling, laugh-out loud meditation on the fear of forgetting and of being forgotten Project Arts Centre with performances from February 19-22. Mamafesta Memorialising is woven from inspirations including musical theatre, Bruce Forsythe’s Generation Game and most importantly, Philip’s mum Madeleine, who has senile dementia. Tickets cost from €16-18. Booking via www.projectartscentre.ie or call 01-8819613.

Meet some real nature heroes at the Natural History Museum.

Casino Model Railway Museum

Mother Tongues Festival will take place in Rua Red, the Civic Theatre and Tallaght Library.


The Mother Tongues Festival will take place in Rua Red, the Civic Theatre, and Tallaght Library this weekend on February 22 and 23. The festival celebrates the best in contemporary theatre, poetry, dance, music, literature and visual arts through some of the many languages spoken in Ireland today. Events are held in a mixture of English and the artist's mother tongue, offering an opportunity for you to have an immersive experience. For details see mothertonguesfestival.com

The Casino Model Railway Museum, Malahide, opened again recently following the completion of a €4 million restoration programme on the historic Casino building and conservation of the Fry Model Railway Collection. As well as the Fry Model collection, the museum also accommodates a large modern model railway layout depicting several railway scenescapes in Ireland, interactive displays, soundscapes, an education and exhibition space and historical interpretations and memorabilia from Irish Railways. To book a visit see www. modelrailwaymuseum.ie

The Casino Model Railway Museumnow is now the permanent home of the Fry Model Railway collection.

Crossword Answers February 19 CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS

Across: 1 Life sentence; 7 Minim; 8 Parka; 9 Tax; 10 Theorises; 11 Rumpus; 12 Geisha; 15 Farthings; 17 Dig; 18 Igloo; 19 Let on; 21 Scene stealer. Down: 1 Light traffic; 2 Sin; 3 Number; 4 Exporters; 5 Cares; 6 Manslaughter; 7 Maxim; 10 Touchdown; 13 Sedan; 14 Angles; 16 Relic; 20 Tie.

Scene + Heard, the Festival of New Work is running from February 12-29 at Smock Alley Theatre.

Make brownies & cookies at Airfield Estate, Dundrum.


Bring your young bakers along and together create some delicious Brownies & Cookies in the new Inspiration Kitchen at Airfield Estate, Dundrum. This adult and child baking workshop is perfect if you're looking for a mid-term activity to enjoy with the little ones. It’s happening on Saturday, February 22, from 10.30am to 1pm. For tickets see airfield. ticketsolve.com.


Running until February 29 at Smock Alley Theatre, this festival showcases the best tasters of never before seen theatre, comedy and DEREK JARMAN, PROTEST! music from the north, south, east There’s a final chance to see a and west of Ireland. Organisers major retrospective of the work programme a variety of wild and of acclaimed British artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman (1942-1994), wonderful performances. The public at IMMA, Royal Hospital Kilmainham. can then give their honest feedback in a variety of ways – secret ballot, Marking 25 years since his death, video booth, or tablet tale. You buy a this is the first time that the diverse €10 ticket (if booked in advance) to a strands of his practice have been specific ‘block’ containing two short brought together in over 20 years. The retrospective ends on February shows, performed one after the other, lasting about an hour in total. See 23. Visitors are advised that this exhibition contains adult themes that smockalley.com/sash-2020-whats-on may not be suitable for all audiences. for details. Derek Jarman, PROTEST! ends on February 23.

A Holy Show at Draiocht this Saturday.


It’s 1981. Step on the plane with us and experience the most Irish of hijackings, featuring an ex-Trappist monk with a bottle of water as his weapon, the Pope as his nemesis, and a burning desire to know The Third Secret of Fatima. Featuring actors Roseanna Purcell and Mark Fitzgerald, it’s playing at Draíocht on Saturday, February 22 at 8pm. Tickets cost €18. See www.draiocht.ie.


Across: 1 Photographer; 7 Split; 8 Adieu; 9 Eye; 10 Pointless; 11 Umpire; 12 Mimosa; 15 Suffering; 17 Dot; 18 Twice; 19 Toper; 21 Unreasonable. Down: 1 Prerequisite; 2 Oil; 3 Retain; 4 Plaything; 5 Exile; 6 Substantiate; 7 Steep; 10 Persevere; 13 Order; 14 Hiatus; 16 Feign; 20 Pen.

From the Archives 35


We take a look back at extracts from old newspapers to see what was in the news this month in years gone by

An undated old photo of Raheny Village.

Irish Independent, February 15, 1927 Ian Dempsey with Zig and Zag on ‘Dempsey’s Den’, circa 1989.

Freeman’s Journal, February 8, 1817

Irish Independent, February 7, 1936

Freeman’s Journal, February 21, 1862



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Northside People (East) February 19th 2020  

Northside People (East) February 19th 2020