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Foul play by GAA by Catherine Blake NORTHSIDE residents have expressed their fury after The Croke Park GAA lodged a planning application to demolish a local handball alley and community centre. The handball and community centre, which is located behind Croke Park, has been controlled, funded and maintained by the local Community since 1970. Now The Croke Park GAA (CPGAA) are seeking planning permission to level the existing Handball Alley. Although The CPGAA havc stated they will replace the facility with a state of the art handball centre- locals say they are ‘highly sceptical’ of the new plans and fear the new faciltiy is being earmarked as a conference centre.

Chairman of the handball centre, Eamon O’Brien said, “Under the new plan, The community will have no say in the running of the new centre, there will be no club bar facility and the CPGAA will control it totally. In a nut shell, the local community are to be kicked out after 40 years of maintaing the existing facility, not to mention inputting over €3 million over the years. The fact that the community has built their lives and socialising culture with christenings, funeral gatherings, pool, darts, charity fund raisers etc around the centre counts for nothing to the heartless profiteers of the Croke Park GAA.” According to Mr O’Brien, the CPGAA had not consulted with the existing centre’s

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Kelly Wins National Championship See page 9 for more! management committee before the first draft of new plans were prepared. “Instead the committee were misled into believing that a refurbishment of the centre might be offered by the Croke Park GAA,” said Mr O’Brien. As a result, the committee say they now harbour grave suspicions about the true purpose of the GAA’s proposed new centre and believe it to be somewhat of a ‘Trojan horse’. “The proposed cost of the new centre with 5 handball courts is €9 million, although a structural report shows the existing centre with 2 courts is fit for purpose and structurally sound. We believe the existing centre management committee will show that a 5-court centre could be provided for significantly less cost than €9m, without alienating the community.”

Mr O Brien added that the national game of handball had a court which is 60 ft x 30ft and draws the biggest crowds but The GAA in their plan drawings have included only one such sized court and this is turned the wrong way for spectator viewing. “This is not ok,” said Eamon “It is the equivalent of having stadiums only behind the goals in a GAA pitch, it is astonishing.” Also included in the plans are four of the international sized 40 ft x 20ft courts of which 1 has amphitheatre type viewing for 1,450 people. “Never in the history of the GAA has anything like 1,450 turned up for a handball final, more like 450. “In short, the proposed new handball centre looks very like a ‘Convention Centre’. The Croke Park GAA now competes in this market but have no

amphitheatre facility. So its no wonder we suspect that this new facility will in fact be used for convention centre purposes”. Chairman of The Croke Park Area Resident Alliance - an umbrella organisation consisting of nine local resident groups, Patrick Gates, believes the proposed new centre will heavily contribute to existing traffic problems in the area. “The GAA say the facilty is being built for the world handball championships in 2012, but its not soley for that purpose. I have no doubt they intend to use the facilty for conferences etc, afterwards. This will intensify activity in the area, significanltly increasing noise disturbance and traffic congestion. Moreover. the height of the new building will block out a large portion of sunlight for many resi-

dents.” Mr Gates added, “The first time The CPGAA consulted with us was last Friday when the plans were already finalised.This is all part of their continued incroachment on the lives of the local community.” A spokesperson for the GAA refuted the suggestion that the proposed new facilty is a Trojan horse for local residents and added “It would be imprudent to comment any further as the Croke Park GAA are currently involved in an ongoing consultation process with the local community in relation to this issue.” However at a recent meeting with Dublin City Council, The President of the GAA, Christie Cooney and Stadium Director Peter Kenny acknowleged ‘bad relations’ existed between their organisation and the local community and agreed to appoint a liason officer to deal with the community’s grievances.


SOLICITORS 6 Main Street, Finglas, D.11 Telephone: 834 4255 (6 lines)

Serving the community for over 30 years Applications to Residential Institution redress Board*. In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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Clear out your drawers WINNING the lotto is the ultimate unattainable fantasy of most of us, but did you know you may al-

ready have an untapped treasure chest right under your nose? Yes that’s right and it’s in the shape of

unwanted and unloved gold. Hard to believe, but in fact the average house in Ireland contains approximately

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€700 of scrap gold! It may be some hideous heirloom or some broken or cracked piece of your old jewellery that is just sitting in drawers, unloved, unwanted and gathering dust. Why not de-clutter your abode and earn yourself some hard cash in the process. Believe it or not broken jewellery can be worth quite a lot of money and who knows, it could help you afford that new outfit or weekend getaway! It’s no secret that gold has always been and still is a very valuable commodity and as such retains a high value. With all the turmoil in the financial markets the price of gold is at an all time high at the moment.

Your Gold Here has recently opened in the former TSB building in Main Street in

Finglas and their expert staff will be happy to value your jewellery and if you

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Dublin Samaritans celebrates 40 years of service THE DUBLIN branch of Samaritans celebrated 40 years of service to the city at an event held in City Hall. Over 300 guests commemorated the charity's work, which began when the first phone call was taken on 2 March 1970. Director of the Dublin branch, Maggie Hayden, spoke of how the organisation has adopted modern technology to ensure that as many people as possible can access the confidential emotional support provided by Samaritans. "In addition to contacting us by phone, letter and by calling into our centre, our callers can now email

€15k of jewellery recovered Gardaí have recovered jewellery believed to be worth around €15,000 following a robbery in Dublin City Centre. The alarm was raised at the Ilac Shopping Centre at around 4am this morning. Gardaí apprehended two men nearby on O'Connell Bridge a short time later. They also recovered an amount of jewellery. The suspects, aged in their early 30's, are being questioned at Store Street garda station.

and text us. It is as important as ever that people have an opportunity to talk in confidence about whatever is on their mind. We continue to reach out into the community through our visits to schools, hospitals and

youth groups." Lord Mayor Councillor Emer Costello praised the work of Samaritans: "Samaritans is a charity that has quietly and unobtrusively provided a vital service to the people of Dublin

and indeed the people of Ireland over the last 40 years. Knowing that there is always someone there who will listen is of invaluable comfort to those in distress and crisis.” Callers can contact Samaritans 24

hours a day, 365 days a year by phoning 1850 60 90 90, by emailing or by writing to or calling in to 112 Marlborough Street in Dublin's city centre between 10.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.


Beside Iceland


Education of women in the workplace is key “AN IRELAND where all women enjoy equality with men and can achieve their full potential while enjoying a safe and fulfilling life.” – National Women’s Strategy 2007-2016. The Women at Work Skillnet believes that, with women playing a much larger role in the workforce in Ireland, the key to economic recovery

will be dependent on the up-skilling and education of women. On International Women’s day, the Women at Work Skillnet highlighted that the sectors of the economy which are most likely to contribute to bringing Ireland out of recession are those which will be dominated by female workers in the future. As such, more

focus and resources should be given to developing the skills of female workers in order to make the overall economy more competitive. This unique Skillnet was formed in 2008 and is spearheaded by five trade unions, the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU), IBOA – The Finance Union, IMPACT, MANDA-

YOUR GUIDE TO LOCAL COUNCILLORS Our guide to local Councillors is not necessarily a complete guide to all Councillors in a particular area. Some opted not to be included. We invite all Councillors to include their details in our ongoing guide. You can contact us at 087 913 3614 or

DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL North West – Artane/Whitehall

JULIA CARMICHAEL Phone: 087 245 5527 Email: North West – Cabra/Glasnevin

CIERAN PERRY Phone: 085 722 6043 Email: North West – Ballymun/Finglas

DESSIE JOHN ELLIS Phone: 086 854 1941 • (01) 834 3390 Email: North West – Ballymun/Finglas

JOHN LYONS Phone: 085 774 5779 Email: North West – Ballymun/Finglas

DR BILL TORMEY Phone: 087 254 4646 Email: Central – Cabra/Glasnevin

SÉAMAS MCGRATTAN Phone: 087 784 8153 • (01) 868 3934 Email: Central – Cabra/Glasnevin

MARY O’SHEA Phone: 086 803 8044 Email: Central – North Inner City

CHRISTY BURKE Phone: 086 812 6347 • (01) 868 3934 Email: Central – North Inner City

EMER COSTELLO Phone: 086 383 1805 Email: Web: Central – North Inner City

NIAL RING Phone: 087 410 8400 Email: Web:

TE and the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) whose combined membership of women working in the private sector in Ireland is in the region of 60,000. The network is supported by a cross section of employers and policy advisors who are active participants on the steering group. The Skillnet identified an increasing demand for the training and development needs of women at work, primarily in the retail, financial services, communications and healthcare sectors. Aileen Morrissey, MANDATE Trade Union’s National Coordinator of Training said that the purpose of the Skillnet is: “To up-skill women to enable them to optimise their full potential in their working lives. This aim is met by giving participants an ideal opportunity to enhance their skills through professional training and development courses. During the past 24 months we have seen genuine progress in the workplace for women. However, we need to build on the successful training framework of the past and continue to make relevant, quality and diverse training available for free to our members, so they can achieve full potential in their working lives.” Ms Joan Gaffney, MANDATE member and retail worker participated on one of the FETAC level 4 Communications Training Courses from September to November 2009. Ms Gaffney says that the training course was a fantastic opportunity for her to avail of training. “It was amazing to go from one stage of education and then having reared a family to be able to re-enter adult education. It has opened the door for me as confidence is a keystone in every aspect of my life. I feel my employer has benefited greatly from this training. The best thing about the Women at Work Skillnet training was that it was women based, it was free, it

was held in the evenings which suited my working life and there were exceptional tutors. They took into consideration the age profile of the participants and brought us along slowly at the beginning and then accelerated when we got comfortable in an educational environment.” The Women at Work Skillnet undertook rigorous evaluation of each of its training programmes, and feedback on the quality of the training has been ranked very highly by the companies and training participants. “The feedback

has been excellent and very rewarding”, says Alacoque McMenamin, manager of the network.“We have also had a demand for more and more training. We hope that in the future we can continue to help develop the vast array of knowledge, skills and competencies that will be required of women workers as we move into a brighter and ever more demanding future.” The network also point to the fact that economists indicate that women are strongly increasing their share in professional, associate professional and man-

agement occupations. By 2012, women are forecast to form the majority of business, financial and legal professionals, and the proportion of managers who are women will almost reach the proportion of women in the workforce as a whole. The ESRI says, “The highest employment growth is occurring in service industries, which have a greater proportion of skilled workers. Meanwhile, within the fastest growing sectors we’re seeing increased professionalisation, with more jobs requiring highlevel qualifications."

The Women at Work Skillnet is match funded by the five trade unions, who provide the training for free to their members, and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. Skillnets is an enterprise-led support body whose mission is to enhance the skills of people in employment in Irish industry to support competitiveness and employability.

Still time to secure jobs by Catherine Blake FIANNA Fáil TD for Dublin North TD, has said there is still time for a deal with Ryanair to secure hundreds of jobs at Dublin Airport. This follows a statement by the airline stating it will be two months before it announces a deal with an airport in continental Europe. “Up to now, Ryanair has deliberately turned its back on creating hundreds of jobs at Dublin Airport by announcing it was abandoning efforts to locate its aircraft maintenance operation in Dublin,” said Deputy Kennedy. He added, “This is a disgraceful decision by Ryanair, “The airline has turned its back on Dublin. The question must be asked: Is Michael O’ Leary deliberately trying to deflect media attention from the fact that he is exporting jobs that can easily be created in Ireland? Why must these jobs go to continental Europe? We can make this happen here,” said Deputy Kennedy, who is a member of the Joint Oireachtas Transport Committee. The Deputy told The Local News, that he released letters last week which clearly outlined the difficulties involved in Ry-

anair moving in to Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport. “In a letter to the IDA on July 2nd last year, Michael O’Leary clearly stated that he would be willing to sign any lease term that would see his maintenance operation move to a similar-

sized hangar in a similar location,” revealed the Deputy. ”Such a facility is on offer from the Government through the IDA. There is still time for a deal to secure these jobs in Ireland. The IDA is willing to make this happen. The Govern-

ment is willing to make this happen. All we need is Michael O’Leary to pick up the phone and make these jobs happen for Dublin,” concluded Deputy Kennedy. Ryanair were unavailable for comment on this issue.

Ireland to share DNA database with EU The country's new DNA database will be shared with other EU countries. The Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has revealed details of the forensic evidence legislation in the Dáil. Mr Ahern announced that all offenders and former offenders of serious offences will be sampled for the database. He told the Dáil that sharing our database with our EU neighbours will have benefits and be secure.

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Spring-cleaning for the body, mind & soul

IN THIS ARTICLE, Rachel Gaffey Wellbeing Consultant at Tara Wellbeing Studio, examines how we can spring-clean our body, mind & soul by de-cluttering our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Spring is a time for growth and development and traditionally the time of year to clean out the clutter from your life. If you are feeling like you need to clear your life of things that are no longer necessary, you can begin by clearing the clutter in your living space, work environments, back garden. You can clear around you quite easily, but what happens when the garage, attic, kitchen press have been de-cluttered and you still feel a heavy weight around you, or the sense of disorder is still present? To fully spring-clean your life you need to work on clearing across the three plains of the body (physical, mental and emotional), dusting cobwebs from the body, mind and soul. Physical Body: Pay attention to your living space, workspace and anywhere you spend time. Get rid of anything that no longer serves you by donating, recycling or scrapping. Next you need to spring-clean your body: 1. Look after your health 2. Eat whole fresh foods 3. Drink plenty of water 4. Go outside to get fresh air daily 5. Exercise to keep your body fit, strong and supple 6. Sleep 6-8 hours each night

Once you have spring-cleaned your body and your environment, you need to work on eliminating anything that is cluttering your energetic body too and to do this you need to pay attention to your mental and emotional body. Mental Body: As time passes our mental bodies become dull and cluttered. We are frequently bombarded by bad news stories, negativity and gossip. If we are not careful, these negative thought patterns begin to imprint on our mental body. To spring-clean your mental body take the following steps: 1. Take a positive attitude towards life 2. Learn to forgive and forget 3. Let go of past experiences, grievances, bitterness, and resentments 4. Decide to live in a manner that is consistent with your desires, goals, and values Emotional Body: In order to clear any debris from your emotional body you must pay attention to the way you think, speak and act. Your body hears all of this and if you are repeating negative thought patterns this could impact on your health. When spring-cleaning your emotional body remember that you attract what you think about. As you de-clutter your emotional body work on the following: 1. Think more positively 2. Seek the valuable lesson in all situations 3. Simplify your life Spring is a time where changes are occurring all around in nature. You can use this energy of spring to make changes in your self. Remember that you need to get rid of one thing so as something new can enter. Clearing disarray from your body, mind and soul with help you create a healthy foundation for your life. A good soulful spring-clean sets up the body, mind and soul for the year ahead. The author William James observed, "The greatest revolution of my life is the discovery that individuals can change the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their mind." Rachel Gaffey offers private Wellbeing &

Lifestyle Consultations combining her experience as a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Yoga & Pilates Teacher and Fitness Professional. For more information please see or email Rachel on Open Your Heart with Yoga Camel Pose – (Ustrasana) Someone with a strong heart chakra is loving, warm, affectionate, accepting, tolerant and equally loving of self and others. If your heart chakra energy is strong, you possess the qualities to easily let go of grudges, and reach out to others with compassion from a place of harmony within yourself. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a yoga pose that will open up the heart chakra by expanding and stretching the chest area. Here is a step by step guideline to help you practice. 1. Kneel on the floor with your knees hip width and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Press your shins and the tops of your feet firmly

into floor. Rest your hands on the back of your pelvis, bases of the palms on the tops of the buttocks, fingers pointing down. Now slowly tilt your head backwards so that you are looking up at the ceiling. 2. Press back your elbows so that you are pushing forward with your hips and expanding your chest. Drop your hands back now, and grab a hold of your heels. 3. Stay in this pose anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. To exit, bring your hands onto the front of your pelvis, at the hip points. Inhale and lift the head and torso up by pushing the hip points down, toward the floor. Lead with your heart to come up. Rest in Child's Pose for a few breaths. For more information on this or how yoga can help your body, visit or email

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Milk takes female athletes from strength to strength ATHLETES may be turning to milk as a highly effective drink following an increase in the number of research studies to support its sporting benefits. Until now, most research on the benefit of milk to athletes focussed on men. However a recent study by researchers at McMasters University in Canada has shown that women can also reap the potential benefits of milk in their exercise and training regimes. The new study investigated whether women consuming skimmed milk versus a carbohydrate drink, such as readily available sports drinks with an equal number of calories, would gain lean muscle mass and lose fat mass after resistance exercise. The young women drank either fat-free skimmed milk or a carbohydrate

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drink immediately after exercise and then an hour later. They exercised five days a week for 12 weeks and changes in their body composition were measured. The women consuming the carbohydrate drink gained weight post-training. Lean muscle mass increased in both those drinking milk and the carbohydrate drink but with a greater gain in those drinking milk. Fat mass was decreased after training in the milk drinkers only. The researchers concluded that after 12 weeks women consuming milk as opposed to the carbohydrate drink in the early post-exercise period following resistance training, gained lean muscle and strength as well as losing fat. The results of the study are similar to those in men, underlining the fact

that milk is an effective drink to support favourable body composition changes in women who are participating in resistance training. “This study provides further evidence

to support how milk, a high quality natural and inexpensive drink, can be a useful part of training and sporting programmes for athletes,” said Dr. Catherine Logan, Nutrition Manager with the Na-

tional Dairy Council. “Most of us already appreciate the benefits of dairy as part of a balanced diet providing nutrients which contribute to the maintenance of normal bone and

teeth. Also, a national survey showed that dairy foods are important contributors of a number of nutrients such as protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B12,” says Dr. Logan.

Celebrating International Womens’ Day

Pictured enjoying the celebrations for International Womens' Day at St Helenas Resource centre are staff and locals. They are pictured in front of one of a number of boards on which local women wrote their thoughts on womens' day. The day included music, dance, discussion and fine food.

Mums with headache on Mother’s Day THIS MOTHER’s Day, the Migraine Association of Ireland [MAI] is encouraging the children of ‘migraineur-mums’ to give their mothers the gift of their understanding. “There is a guilt felt amongst migraine sufferers, especially mothers,” says Donna Walsh, MAI Information Officer, “They feel that they are letting their family down when they need to cancel social events or have to arrange a babysitter for the kids.” “The Migraine

Association is working hard to eradicate the stigma of migraine. To show that it is ‘not just a headache’ but a disabling, neurological condition that can confine a sufferer to a dark room for up to three days.” Migraine is three times more common in women than in men and though it is classified by the World Health Organisation as the 19th leading cause of disability worldwide, it is ranked higher – at 12th – amongst women only. Migraine peaks in

women between the ages of 30 to 40 – the time when the majority of women have or are planning to have children. “The only ‘problem’ I have with migraine is the sense that I let people down a lot,” says migraineur and single-mum Val Lynam, “Between having my daughter’s friends over to stay or heading out on the town with friends, I am always conscious that I might have an attack and have to cancel. “I know myself that some people ex-

Darkness into Light 5k event Pieta House ‘Darkness into Light 5k Event’ will take place this year on Saturday 8th May 2010 in two venues. The Phoenix Park, Dublin 7 and University of Limerick. Participants will be invited to walk or run the 5k route, starting whilst it is still dark and completing the circuit as dawn is breaking. This will be a symbolic event to give hope to those affected by Suicide and Self-Harm. Pieta House, the centre for the Prevention of Self-harm or Suicide, opened its doors in January 2006. Pieta House is Ireland’s first community-based centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide. Pieta House offers one to one counselling. Services at Pieta House are free of charge. Pieta House has outreach centres in Tallaght and Finglas. They will open an outreach centre in Ballyfermot in the summer of 2010. On line registration will be available from 15th February 2010 at Postal registration is also available.

pect this and are actually surprised when plans go ahead! That is the way my life is and I have to live with it.” About 60% of women with migraine

note an increased number of attacks in association with their menstrual period. A further 10% have pure menstrual migraine – where attacks occur only at the time of

menstruation. To find out more about migraine see or call the MAI’s helpline on 1850 200 378 (ROI) and 0844 826 9323 (NI).


Younger looking Swim a mile for a special reason skin… in your dreams

FOR ANYONE who has ever woken up with a bad case of creased morning skin and bad bed hair, help is at hand – and it could be easier than you think to become a sleeping beauty. According to sleep expert Sammy Margo, better skin and glossier hair can be achieved with minimal effort. In fact it’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep. The answer is to switch to silk pillow covers. Sammy, author of The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide For Kids and sleep expert for, says that cotton, linen and polyester pillow cases all wick away moisture from your skin. Eight hours’ of cuddling up to those fabrics can leave skin looking ‘folded’ and make hair dull and lifeless. The potentially rejuvenating benefits of silk have their basis in science. Sammy says, “No pillow case can stop wrinkles forming – unfortunately! – but using silk can dramatically reduce the amount of moisture which we all lose from the skin during the night and which can cause dry, aged looking skin. Because moisture levels are maintained and not absorbed, deeper lines and wrinkles don’t get a chance to form at the same rate. “I did a personal ‘test drive’ with silk pillows and became an overnight convert! I haven’t abandoned my bed-time ritual of skin creams, but I have found that, with the silk pillow case, my night cream is fully absorbed onto my

skin and doesn’t rub off like it usually does, allowing the cream to work to maximum effect.” Importantly, silk is also the perfect, natural choice for allergy sufferers because dustmites can’t live on the fabric. The long-known hypoallergenic properties of silk can also ease conditions such as eczema and asthma. “This is a practical and drugfree step which anyone can take to combat the sort of common morning sniffles, sneezes and puffy faces which are often signs of mild allergies.” Glossier hair is an added bonus. Sammy says, “Many years ago our grandmothers would have polished their hair with a piece of silk to bring out its natural sheen. Silk which is made up from eighteen amino acids with the same ph balance as your skin, can still add lustre to hair. I know that many hairdressers recommend silk pillows as a way to retain volume. I certainly find that my silk pillow keeps my hair glossy and my style fresh. “We often see silk on the ingredients list of upmarket skin moisturizers and creams, in mineral makeup, and hair care products – my advice is to bring that luxury into the bedroom. After all, where better to indulge in a little pampering, especially if you can justify it on the grounds of health and general well-being?” The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide For Kids are published by Ebury Press.

CALLING ON all Swimming Enthusiasts! Are you interested in taking part in one of the most competitive and prestigious international open water swim events in the World? Well now is your chance to do so and at the same time raise vital funds for Special Olympics! Special Olympics Eastern Region is currently recruiting 50 swimmers to participate in this event which will take place in San Francisco on Sunday 17th October 2010. The race, will take place in the beautiful surrounds of San Francisco Bay – starting from Ayala Cove on Angel Island and finishing at the beach in downtown Tiburon (distance 1 Nautical Mile). There are a number of divisions, so regardless of your swimming ability, Olympic Gold Medallists, World Champions and tri-athletes can participate along-

side learner and leisure swimmers! In 2008 a group of 35 people from Dublin participated in the Race, including Special Olympics athlete, Nicole Redmond from Dundrum, and her brother Mark from Wicklow.

Both Nicole and Mark completed the 1 nautical mile swim in superb time. Accompanying them was a team of supporters including their parents Maurice and Yvonne and sister Laura. If completing the swim wasn’t excitement

enough there was even more in store for the family when Laura’s boyfriend proposed to her on the Golden Gate Bridge! If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved in this swim – either to set yourself a

new year’s challenge or simply to experience the feeling and excitement of taking part please contact: Brenda at Special Olympics Eastern Region on: 01 869 1626 or e-mail: tiburonm i l e @ s p e


Be your own life coach Clinical Hypnotherapist Kieran Fitzpatrick advises in his regular column on how to achieve your goals... HERE’S A NEW expression for you, “Locus of Control”. “What the heck is that?” I hear you ask. Well it is a concept that I am going to talk about that is sometimes VITAL to someone succeeding in life or recovering from a bad situation. “Locus” is a latin word referring to “location”. And this phrase refers to where a person feels control of their life lies. I suppose the oldest example of this idea is the difference between those who believe in predetermination, that God has a plan for them, or that their destiny is already written. That they are “in the lap of the gods”. And those who believe that they can make whatever they want from their lives, that their destiny is in their own hands and that if they dream it they can do it! In recent years, the concepts of a providing universe, “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” are very popular. In the past very similar ideas were just called “Positive Thinking”. In recent months these ways of thinking have drawn negative comments from some. Some people have always put their faith in things outside of themselves, God, Saints, Angels, Relics and other devine interventions. But it is an almost debilitating feeling to feel that your destiny, success, future, current situation, or life is outside of your control. It certainly doesn’t encourage you to take action and do your best. In both cases, ancient and modern, very often the most important practical component of these beliefs is left out! There is the well known saying that “God helps those that help themselves”, meaning that if you are not doing your part you are not fully willing what you claim to want. In the Bible, Matthew 25:14-30, there is the parable about hiding your talents under a bushel.(Another well known phrase). The message in this is that God gave us abilities and expects us to use them to better ourselves and our lives. “The Secret” makes very little mention of one of the main chapters of the book on which it is based, Wallace Wattles book “The Science of Getting Rich”. (Which is available FREE on the internet). This chapter is called “Acting in a the Certain Way”. It talks about taking consistant daily action towards achieving your goal. A mistake that some people make is that “visualising”, “attracting” or prayer alone will bring about results. But all cases require YOU to do your part. Not alone will this complete what is required for positive results. But it will make you feel much better to know that you are doing something constructive towards getting what you want. Recently a best seller has come out blaming the positive thinking movement on a lot of the mistakes made in business in America in recent years. Its point is that people relied purely on optimism and through that, neglected warnings and indeed prudent care in their dealings. They relied on “belief” alone. This is not the message from either the Bible or the full version of The Law of Attraction. Whichever you believe in, both require you to take action. Here’s another little known principle that works. The G.O.Y.A. principle. To make things happen…Get Off Your Ass! It will make things happen for you and you will feel better doing it. Kieran Fitzpatrick ADHP MIAPH (Member of The International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts) is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Practitioner and Personal Coach. His practice is between Terenure and the M50 in Dublin. For more details call 087-1227361, e-mail: or see

Suspended sentence for raid on bookmakers A ROBBER WHO raided a bookmakers armed with a plastic handgun in order to pay off a debt has been given a five-year suspended sentence by Judge Katherine Delahunt. Larry Higgins (aged 45) of O’Devaney Gardens, North Circular Road, told gardaí that he had been “taken in a van” some weeks previously and been given two weeks to hand over €500. He said after the robbery he had gone straight to Artane in Dublin and handed the proceeds of the raid over to a man. Higgins, a father of five, pleaded at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court guilty to robbery and attempted robbery at William Hill Bookmakers on Parkgate Street on November 2, 2007. His 40 previous convictions included robbery and larceny. Judge Delahunt said reports before the court indicated that Higgins had “significantly tackled” both his alcohol and drug addictions which she described as the “root of your offending”. “With this type of a crime a custodial sentence would normally be guaranteed but you have made huge progress and there has been a huge turnaround,” Judge Delahunt told Higgins.

“I am prepared to deal with this matter on the basis of a last chance and this is your last chance,” the judge said before she warned Higgins that if he re-offended she would not hesitate in reactivating the sentence. She suspended the sentence on the condition that Higgins undergo random drug testing and liaise with the probation service. She also adjourned the case to next June for a community service report and indicated that if Higgins is considered suitable he would be ordered to perform 240 hours in the community in lieu of a four year sentence. Garda Emma Barker told Ms Lisa Dempsey BL, prosecuting, at the sentence hearing in March 2009, that Higgins told staff he would blow their heads off if they didn’t hand over the cash from the till. The manager walked away from his till and refused to hand over the cash while another staff member who Gda Barker said was “put in fear of her life” handed €495 over to Higgins. He was identified through CCTV footage and was arrested three days later when he told

150kmph chase teen remanded in custody A 17-YEAR-OLD boy arrested for leading gardaí on a 150kmph car chase along the M50 in Dublin, was remanded in custody at the Children's Court. The high speed pursuit began after the teenager narrowly missed running over a garda, it is alleged. The boy replied “that is a load of s***” when he was charged with driving a stolen Mazda 323 and reckless endangerment of life, over the alleged chase, which began at a car park on the Kylemore Road, in the early hours of February 24 last. Outlining the allegations, Garda Gerard Glynn said that he and a colleague signalled the vehicle to stop when they found it in a car park.

The driver halted but revved the engine again and started to speed off as one garda was walking in front of the car. “He had to jump out of the way for his safety, a pursuit ensued,” said Garda Glynn. The boy's mother wept in court Judge Ann Ryan heard that the boy allegedly sped along the M50 northbound until he reached the M1, then passed Dublin Airport and took the turn off for Swords. “He reached speeds of up to 150 kmph, conditions were wet and it was raining. At the Swords exit he lost control and collided with a roundabout.” Judge Ryan held that the case was too serious to be kept in

the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. She held that it should be sent forward to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, which can, on conviction, impose lengthier sentences. He was remanded in custody pending a book of evidence. The judge accepted jurisdiction for one of the teen's other less serious motor theft charges for which a plea has yet to be entered. Garda Amanda Lynch told the court that it was alleged that on October 28 last, the boy was seen pushing a car, in the Ballyfermot area, in west Dublin. He started the engine and “took off at high speed” as gardaí signalled to him to pull over. Garda Lynch said the teenager drove

along Cherry Orchard Drive, “mounted a footpath and drove over a public park, and proceeded down onto another footpath.” It was alleged the teenager abandoned the car and tried to escape on foot at Croftwood Grove, in Ballyfermot.

gardaí he carried out the robbery to pay off a debt. Gda Barker agreed with Mr Luigi Rea BL, defending, that his client is now trying to deal with his drug addiction and urine analysis prove that he is no longer abusing heroin but continues to take cannabis. Mr Rea asked the court to accept that his client has turned his life around and that his plea of guilty and attempts to deal with his addictions prove that. Higgins told the court that he intends to keep attending for drug treatment and co-operating with the probation service. He said he was going to see a GP next month to try and deal with his cannabis problem.

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Youth charged with Finglas shooting A YOUTH charged in connection with the shooting of a man in Finglas in Dublin last October, was served with a book of evidence at the Children’s Court today. The man, who is in his 20s, had been hospitalised after he was shot in the early hours of October 18 last. A then 17-year-old boy was charged two days later at the Dublin Children’s Court with assault causing harm to Mr Stephen Keenan and possessing a handgun, at Mellowes Avenue, in Finglas in connection with the incident. The defendant, Darren Dunne, of Cappagh Avenue, Finglas, who has since turned 18, and is no longer a juvenile, appeared again at the Children's Court today where he was served with a book of evidence. Judge Clare Leonard made an order sending the case forward for trial at the present term of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. She advised the teenager that if he intended to use an alibi as part of his defence he must notify the prosecution and furnish the relevant details within 14 days. The teenager was granted legal aid and was remanded on bail pending his trial. As a condition of his bail, he has been ordered not to have any contact with witnesses as well as the alleged injured party and his family.



Kelly wins National Championship FINGLAS HAS its first National senior boxing Champion. Last Friday night Kelly Harrington boxing for the Finglas West Boxing Club, tookon the best in the country and won convincingly. Finglas's Kelly Harrington defeated Limerick's Jessica Lyons 10-2 in the final of the Elite National Championships at the National Stadium on Friday night. Boxing at 69kg Harrington started the first round strongly and caught the Intermediate champion Lyons with quick punches, which saw her take a 4-1 lead. This fight enjoyed great support from a fairly packed National Stadium crowd, who thoroughly enjoyed the speed and competitive action. But Lyons responded in the second round and landed a good blow on Harrington, only to get caught herself before the round ended to make the score 5-2 to Harrington. The third round saw both boxers blocking each others punches until Harrington connected with two right-hand shots to increase her lead 72. Kelly Harrington ended the fight strongly by catching Lyons with a right-hand jab and then again when Lyons was unable to block a right hook to conclude an impressive performance. On the previous Saturday night, Kelly had defeated Patricia Roddy from Katie Taylors boxing club; Bray by 10-6 For Kelly and the cluib this had been an amazing few months. Only last Noveber, Kelly won the under 21 Championship, and while hugely satisfied with her victory was dissappointed to receive on;y a medal when all her male counterparts recived belts for their achievements. However, our National Champion was awarded the belt for the National Championship final. The club trains in the WFTRA hall on Kildonan three times a week, and also on Saturday morning. Kelly is the first member of the club to win a National title. Her club colleague Brendan Fitzpatrick who had reached the semi finals last year was unable to compete due to injury.

W.F.T.A’s U14s competing in Holland W.F.T.A Football club's under 14 girls team are going to Holland on the Easter weekend to compete in a tournament in Almere just outside of Amsterdam. The tournament, which used to be held in the summer is one of the main youth tournaments in Holland and will contain teams from several different countries. It looked as if the club wouldn't be able to afford to go, however the players raised the money themselves through fundraising, such as bagpacking and are optimistic of adding to the list of trophies they have already won. The team, which is managed by Sharon Doyle, Geraldine Gibney and Tommy Gibney, now in its third year, and has been very successful. In December they won the Anna Livia tournament after beating Cabinteely in a dramatic penalty shootout as well as the under 12s cup two years ago.

by Mark Walsh

The team was set up after the FAI's Soccer Sister programme which encouraged them to form a team, as the club didn't think there was a great demand for it before that. The players all joined at under 12s and a second girls team has since been set up, who are currently competing in the under 12 league.



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Dublin residents to Free ERP Electronic become energy smart Recycling Day DUBLIN residents will be given the opportunity to become ‘energy smart’ by attending free Home Energy Saving Information Evenings around the capital over the coming weeks. The information evenings are being organised by the Dublin energy agency, Codema, which acts as energy adviser to the four local authorities in Dublin. Residents will be given an insight into the current energy standards of Dublin homes and they will also receive expert, independent advice on saving energy around the home. Homeowners who are interested in improving their homes’ energy performance will also learn about the benefits of joining an Energy Smart Community and getting work carried out as a cluster. The Energy Smart Community is a not-forprofit scheme which allows homeowners to join together to improve the energy-efficiency of their homes at a lower price than going it alone. It works on the simple principle that by bringing homeowners together in a cluster, they can save on the cost and hassle of carrying out energy-efficiency improvements through a group tender process. Codema offers membership to the Energy Smart Community for €99, which includes ben-

efits such as co-ordinating the entire tender process from start to finish with contractors of the highest standard that have been thoroughly vetted by the energy agency. Codema will also provide the homeowner with independent, energy advice throughout the entire process, along with providing quality control measures when the work is carried out. The information evenings will take place on the following dates: Sutton Area: Monday, 15th & 22nd March @ 7:30pm, Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross Ballinteer Area: Tuesday, 16th & 23rd March @ 7:30pm, Ballinteer Community School Phibsboro Area: Friday, 19th & 26th March @ 7:30pm, Phibsboro Scouts Hall (rear of public library) Rathfarnham Area: Tuesday, 30th March & 6th April @ 7:30pm, Ballyboden St Enda’s GAA Club The information evenings are free to attend and homeowners can register their interest in going along by texting /phoning the Energy Smart Community line on 085 845 2246 or by emailing Log on to for further information.

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Additional Services Now Available Graffiti Removal, High Pressure Water Jetting, Drain Unblocking and Cleaning, Grease Trap Unblocking and Cleaning, Chewing Gum Removal, Steam Blasting.

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Thousands surf website for advice on keeping homes A new website geared towards people struggling to keep their home has had 3,500 hits in a matter of weeks. Launched at the end of January, '' provides helpful information for people having difficulty meeting their rent or mortgage repayments. The number of mortgage arrears increased by 57% between 2008 and 2009.

ERP is kick-starting its 2010 recycling day programme in Fingal, with a free electronic recycling day in the car park of the Fingal Recycling Centre. Balbriggan on Saturday 13th March. The e-cycling day, which is open to all members of the public, is part of Fingal Eco week and will run from 10am to 4pm. The event follows hot on the heels of ERP recycling league table results, which saw Fingal collect an impressive 60 kgs of e-waste per resident in 2009. On Saturday, ERP will be looking to Fingal to boost these figures further by bringing along any old, broken and unwanted electronic items and used batteries to be recycled. Recyclers on the day will also be in with the chance of winning some great spot prizes including Briquette Maker and a Round Water Butt, for collecting rainwater for use in your home and garden. Commenting on the importance of e-cycling, Mayor of Fingal, Ciaran Byrne said, “2009 was a great year for ewaste collection in Fingal and I would urge local residents to come down to ERP’s free recycling day in Balbriggan and ensure that we get 2010 off to a great start. With each person in the county bringing back 60

30% OFF

kgs of electrical goods last year, I would recommend that people should have a look in their homes this week and clear them of old, unwanted electrical equipment and used batteries.” A recent survey into Fingal’s recycling habits showed that the county’s residents are more likely to recycle TV’s and computer equipment than they are smaller household or personal items like toasters, hairdryers and phones. So, ERP is calling on people to take a look in their cupboards and drawers at home for any old or forgotten electronic items and batteries to bring along on Saturday. Martin Tobin, general manager of ERP Ireland said: “We are delighted to be involved with Fingal Eco Week 2010. Fingal has a great track record in recycling and performed strongly in our ERP recycling league, in 2008 and 2009. “Our recent survey results show that the majority of Fingal residents recycle annually, with Fingal men twice as likely to recycle e-waste as women, which is not surprising given that the majority of e-waste recycled in the county last year was large, heavy items. Our research also shows that most

Fingal households will have one or two broken or unwanted electrical items or waste batteries lying around that they no longer have use for. So, we are calling on Fingal residents to bring their e-waste no matter how big or small, along to Balbriggan this Saturday!” E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Europe and ERP’s free recycling day in Balbriggan offers an opportunity to dispose of all types of electronic waste and used batteries. ERP is encouraging members of the public to bring along unwanted items such as TVs, washing machines, IT equipment, fridge freezers and stereos; anything that has or indeed had a battery or a plug and ERP will recycle it free of charge. Those unable to make it along on Saturday can also recycle their household e-waste for free at their local amenity sites in Coolmine Recycling Centre in Dublin 15 and Estuary Recycling Centre in Swords. Those buying new electronic items can also return their old items free of charge (as long as the items are of equivalent type). For full information on this day and other locations around Ireland, simply log onto




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Man jailed for assault on cyclist A YOUNG Dublin man who kicked a Lithuanian cyclist in the face and fractured his jaw has been jailed for 18 months. Garda Ronan O’Reilly said he and a colleague saw a shirtless Ian Finn (aged 20) chase the cyclist on foot to a Clontarf Road Spar shop and heard “a loud crack” as the assailant kicked his victim in the face. Finn, of Casino Park, Marino, pleaded

guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Mr Janis Anderson causing him harm in the early hours of June 30, 2008. Gda O’Reilly told Ms Martina Baxter BL, prosecuting, that Finn has nine previous District Court convictions for road traffic offences but Finn gave evidence that someone else had submitted his name and address.


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Finn told his counsel, Mr Luigi Rea BL, that he “can’t even drive” and was currently appealing the convictions. Judge Katherine Delahunt said she accepted Finn’s evidence and was treating him as a man with a previously

clean record. Gda O’Reilly told Ms Baxter that he saw Finn chase Mr Anderson to the Spar shop, punch him, push him up against the wall and then kick him in the face when he got tangled up in the bicycle. Gda O’Reilly said

Mr Anderson, who was also drunk on the night and gave no victim impact statement because gardaí can’t trace him, was kicked unconscious but later declined to go in an ambulance called to the scene. He attended hos-

pital several days after the incident and underwent surgery to fix his fractured jaw. Finn told Mr Rea he was sorry for what he’d done and explained he was “just very drunk” at the time. Judge Delahunt said while she accepted this remorse, she wouldn’t view being intoxicated as an excuse for the “vi-

cious” late-night, unprovoked attack. Garda O’Reilly agreed with Mr Rea that there had been a problem with the way a local nightclub had been run at the time of the offence. Mr Rea submitted that his client had never sought a trial in the matter, has no drink or drug problem and had

been prepared to put aside his social welfare allowance as a token of remorse for his victim or charity. Judge Delahunt said a custodial sentence was warranted in this case because Finn had proceeded to “attack in a most vicious nature someone who was not in a position to defend himself.”

Post-office robber given seven years A FORMER drug addict who held a knife to the throat of an elderly woman during a post office robbery has been given a seven-and-a-half year sentence by Judge Tony Hunt at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Paul Bradley (aged 29), who has 81 previous convictions, had begged Judge Hunt last January when the evidence was heard not to send him to Mountjoy Prison where he said he “would not stand a chance” because it was “destroyed with drugs”. He had been released from a previous sentence just before Christmas. Defence counsel, Mr Luigi Rea BL, today told Judge Hunt that Bradley, who had a football trial for Nottingham Forest as a teenager, had been drug free in Cloverhill Prison since going into custody in January apart from “one slip-up”. Bradley, of Thomas Court Bawn, Pimlico pleaded guilty to robbery and producing a knife at Parkgate Street Post Office on April 30, 2008. He had asked a taxi driver, who was totally unaware of the offence, to wait for him before he carried out the robbery and used this as a means of escape. Judge Hunt said it was the time for Bradley to decide what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and suggested he focus his energies on putting his football skills to use with young people in his community on his release. He noted Bradley’s “small telephone book” of convictions and the violence of the offence. He noted gardaí had searched through 3,000 taxi drivers to find the man who had unwittingly brought Bradley from the scene. Judge Hunt imposed a seven-and-ahalf year sentence but suspended the final two and a half years on conditions. Detective Garda Frank Treacy told Mr Damien Colgan BL, prosecuting, that the elderly woman was

waiting in line at the post office after lunch to pay some bills. He said while she was being dealt with at the counter Bradley grabbed her from behind and restrained the 60-year-old woman with his left arm and held a knife to her throat with his right hand. Bradley told the staff member: “Give me the money or I will

slit her throat.” The staff member took money from the till and passed it to Bradley before pressing the panic button when he left. He escaped with about €200 but was later arrested after garda viewed CCTV of the incident in which he was clearly identifiable. The staff member said in her victim im-

pact statement: “What frightened me most of all was how one of my customers was used.” She wondered if Bradley would have used the knife if she was slower to hand over the money. The elderly woman outlined in her victim impact statement that she was “strong and determined” and tried not to let the offence af-

fect her. She said that she was more conscious of who was behind her when she waited in line and was careful about taking out money in public. Det garda Treacy said that during interview Bradley answered 108 out of 117 questions with “no comment“. He pleaded guilty after gardai found and took a statement from the

unwitting taxi driver. Mr Rea said Bradley had gone to Nottingham Forest Football Club for a trial as a teenager in 1996 but it came to nothing and he returned to Ireland. He then began dabbling in drugs aged 15 or 16 and moved onto heroin and cocaine use. He then started to get into trouble with the gardaí.


I don’t think I’ve ever used as much heating oil in my life… I GENERALLY try and be fairly economical with heating oil – wearing a wooly jumper, turning it off in rooms I don’t use etc. But I have to admit that this Winter just defeated my thrifty nature. I just gave in, gave up and burned that oil! So now that we’ve nearly weathered the worst of the freezing temperatures – why think about boilers now? Well, a couple of reasons - firstly, Summer is a great time to repair or replace your boiler –

you won’t freeze while the jobs in progress, you have time to plan and cost the work properly so it’ll probably work out cheaper. Secondly, if your boiler is getting old – why wait until it drops dead next Winter – if it’s anything like this one, that’s a scenario to avoid. With this in mind, we’re going to talk boilers., Irelands home and garden professionals network, have asked plumbing and boiler specialist, Thomas O’ Reilly (mobile: 087 7974 654) for advice on getting the most out of your heating oil. Tom, we all know about dog years but what’s old in term of boilers and when should they be re-

Advice & Tips about the house from

placed? As a rule of thumb, boilers older than 15 years are definitely on a downward slope. There’s a few good reasons to replace boilers older than 15 years. Firstly, as boilers age, wear and tear will reduce their efficiency. According to SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland), the efficiency of a 15 year boiler will probably be just 70% or less by now. Secondly, you need to take into account the technology improvements over the last 10 years. Even when it was brand spanking new, your 15 year boiler probably only achieved 80% efficiency. However, over the last 10 years, there have been major increases in boiler technology, so the boilers can now achieve efficiencies over 90%. Thirdly, mainte-

nance costs rise for older boilers too. The risk of breakdown is higher too – not a pleasant prospect when temperatures reach -10oC like they did at times during the Winter 2010. What type of fuel savings could I make with a new boiler? Replacing a 15 year boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler could represent a fuel saving of more than 25%. So if you annual “oil fills” typically cost €1,000, you’re looking at a saving of €250 per year. What’s a condensing boiler and how does it work? Condensing boilers are highly efficient boilers. They use less fuel and have lower running costs than other boilers. Higher efficiency levels are made possible by extracting heat contained

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in the combustion gases, which would otherwise have been lost to the atmosphere. Since March 31st 2008 when installing a replacement oil or gas boiler it is now a requirement for SEI grants that the boiler be condensing, where practical. Who should I get to install or service my boiler? Get an experienced installer – check that they have public liability insurance and it’s a good idea to check their references too. For gas fired boilers, all work must be carried out by a Registered Gas Installer. See to confirm that your plumber is licensed. There is no equivalent regulation for oil fired boilers, however many installers are members of OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association Ireland), see How else can boiler efficiency be improved? The other area in your house where there’s scope for big improvements is your boiler controls. In fact, SEI considers this to be so important that

you must upgrade your controls to a specified level in order to be eligible for a grant when you replace your old boiler. And of course, even if you’re not going to replace your boiler or controls, make sure you get your boiler serviced regularly. It’ll reduce fuel costs and detect safety issues or reliability problems early – so you don’t get caught out on a cold Winter’s night. I know there are SEI grants for upgrades, how much are they? There are two types of SEI grants.

For a heating controls update, the grant is €500 under the SEI scheme. If you upgrade to a high efficiency condensing boiler with heating controls upgrade, the amount of the grant is €700 Grant approval must be in place before any purchase of materials or commencement of measures undertaken and grants are paid after the measures are completed and the contractor has been paid by the homeowner. Barbara Molloy, M.D. of would like to thank Thomas O’ Reilly (mobile: 087

7974 654) for his advice for this article. To see a full portfolio of work from Thomas O’ Reilly, go to and click on “boiler services” or “plumbers” link. You will also find lots of other home improvement specialists – including builders, architects, landscapers, interior designers and electricians. If you operate a home improvement company and would like more information about presenting your work on, please call us on 01 496 6176.

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850 new jobs for Finglas by Catherine Blake BUILDING on the current success of phase one of the Charlestown development, construction on phase two- which will include a drive-thru KFC, drive-thru McDonalds, Leisureplex and nine screen cinema- is set to commence this summer. An estimated 450 new jobs are expected to be

created from this phase in the sectors of construction, retail and customer service. Construction on phase 3 is subsequently due to begin in late 2010/11 and will comprise of 70,000 sq ft of retail warehouse, located on the same site. This phase is estimated to generate a further 400 jobs. Dan O’ Connor, head of the Charles-

town development, said, “Charlestown Shopping Center already employs 500 people and I’m happy to say, in spite of the recession, business is currently booming.” He added, “phase two and phase three of Charlestown are all part of the evolution of the development. Currently we are in meetings with a number of well- established in-

ternational retail clients who are very keen on Charlestown. Its all part of our plan to create a dynamic new neighborhood in the vicinity.” Phase two and phase three of Charlestown are being developed by Irish firm Bovale and construction is estimated to cost in excess of €100m.

Dispute disrupts library Marino has been without a public library service since the 25th of January because of industrial action. Over 200 hours of local library service have been denied to Northside library-goers as a result and this number is increasing by the day. It has also been confirmed that Marino is the only library in the entire City area that has been closed by this dispute. There is still no evidence that any effort is being made to resolve the situation and it is the tax-paying, library-going public who are now picking up the tab. Media reports suggest that the public sector unions are implementing work-to-rule.

Seeking resolution to 30kph debacle Two motions to change the 30 kph zone in Dublin City were defeated at a recent council meeting. Councillor Bill Tormey and Councillor Gerry Breen have both resolved to achieve an agreed position on the month old 30 kph zone in the city. The Labour backed motion sought to reduce the extended 30 kph zone in the city and the Tormey motion sought to get the city back to the position pre the 1st February 2010. They followed on from a huge negative reaction both in the media and with the public to the extended 30 kph zone in the city. “We will seek to have the 30 kph zone removed from the quays which have long played an essential east west route for traffic through our city” said Gerry Breen. “We believe a traffic calming ramp at the Halfpenny bridge will serve the city and the public better than a 30 kph zone that is not fair,practical or balanced”.

Dog Dirt Receptacles needed Dog owners who are not scooping up their dog dirt have been criticised by locals for not caring about the welfare of others. Some dog owners who are happy to let their pets dirty the streets, have been accused of having no regard for others, as they refuse to clean up after their dogs. Locals are outraged as this could possiby be harmful to people's health as it has been proven that coming into contact with this dirt can cause many diseases and blindness in children. Senator Martin Brady has revealed that he will be writing to Dublin City Council to request the urgent provision of dog receptacles and a large 'no dog fouling' sign in prominent view.

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A TOURISM delegation from Dublin has been promoting tourism in Dublin’s sister city, San José, California and in New York City. Councillor Emer Costello, Lord Mayor of Dublin, along with representatives from Dublin Tourism, The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) and Tourism Ireland travelled to San José for ‘Irish Week’, a celebration of the ‘sister’ relationship of the twin cities. As the capital anticipates the opening of The CCD in September 2010, there are high hopes that it will prove to be a successful tourist product also. Business tourists are expected to spend €1 billion in Ireland by 2013 and Dublin is well positioned to win its share of this lucrative market with world class facilities coming

online throughout 2010 from the much anticipated opening of Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Road in spring to The Convention Centre Dublin in September. As Ireland’s first purpose-built conference venue, The CCD has secured over 236,000 delegate days to date, which will help bring €73m to the Irish economy. With 40 events secured to date, The CCD will host a number of high profile international meetings, such as The International Bar Association, The International Statistics Institute, The International Conference of Emergency Medicine, The European Society for Biomaterials Conference and European Union Geriatric Medicine Society Conference.

CABRA CREDIT UNION 93 Annamoe Terrace, Dublin 7. Telephone: (01) 838 8300 Hours of business Monday Closed Tuesday 10.00am – 2.00pm Wednesday 10.00am – 3.00pm Thursday 10.00am – 5.00pm Friday 10.00am – 8.00pm Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm

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Monday night talent at the Bottom of the Hill Ritchie McGuirk organises the talent contest on a Monday night in the Bottom of the Hill pub. The competition is in the first round stage and there is still time to enter this competition which has money prizes on the night as well as huge prize money in the later rounds. This is a great opportunity for anyone with talent to showcase their strenghts and earn a few bob while enjoying a grand evening. Why not go along and enjoy yourself in good company at this well run event. Backing is by Gary Powers Band and you can enter on the night. See you there.





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SUNDAY 14th MOTHER’S DAY LIVE MUSIC: Back 2 Back 6pm-9pm DJ Alan 9pm-12pm

Pull Your Own Pint 6pm-8pm Open the Box with DJ Don 9pm




Play Your Cards Right from 9pm






Backing by Gary Power & Band SECURE FREE PARKING

at O’Riordans Drogheda Lodge






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SATURDAY 20th LIVE MUSIC: Midnight Run 10pm Sing-a-Long (Upstairs) with Pat & Chris 10pm-12am

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