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Social Enterprise DubMeet Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Dublinked hosted its first Social Enterprise DubMeet on Tuesday 2nd July 2013, in Fingal County Council Offices Blanchardstown. The event received great interest, with over 50 social entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations in attendance. The event provided an introduction to the Dublinked Innovation Network and datastore. Presentations encouraged participants to explore the potential of data sharing for social innovation, identify data, and discuss opportunities and challenges that a social enterprise needs to explore to engage more with open data. Speakers on the day highlighted their experience with data, how data has lead to insight and more fruitful understanding of demographic, service provision and strategic development.

Speakers on the day included: Chris Gordon – Irish Social Enterprise Network, Chair, Irish Social Enterprise Network; Founder, Positive Informatics; Founder, 222 Ireland Chris MM Gordon is a starter, business and social entrepreneur. He believes passionately in 222 Ireland, and how better data can lead to better services. Chris is a Social Innovation Fellow with StartingBloc, a Pathfinder Fellow form the Tällberg Foundation, Founder of Positive Informatics, Chairman of the Irish Export Cooperative, Chair of the Irish Social Enterprise Network and a few more things.

Trutz Haase- Pobal HP Deprivation Index Social & Economic Consultant, Trutz Haase Trutz Haase has been an independent Social & Economic Consultant since 1995. Previously, he worked for the Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre (Belfast), the Combat Poverty Agency (Dublin) and the Educational Research Centre at St. Patrick’s College (Dublin). Throughout his work as a consultant, Mr. Haase has been responsible for the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for government programmes aimed at alleviating poverty, as well as developing resource allocation models to target social expenditure on the basis of objective need criteria. In this capacity, he has worked for a number of Irish Government Departments, Local Authorities and nongovernmental agencies. He is best known for his work on the development of an Irish Index of Relative Affluence and Deprivation which features in the National Spatial Strategy and the current Regional and Local Development Plans. Work outside the Republic of Ireland includes studies for the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA), Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB), International Fund for Ireland (IFI), OECD and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). In many instances, Trutz Haase is working in association with Dr. Kieran McKeown and Dr. Jonathan Pratschke. In recent years, Feline Engling has joined the team as a fourth member. This collaboration has resulted in over 30 joint studies to date.

Sandra Fitzgibbon – Dublin Simon: Data, Innovation & Social Enterprise Property Development Manager, Dublin Simon Community Sandra Fitzgibbon, Property Development Manager at Dublin Simon Community has worked in Homeless services for 4 years to increase accommodation and improve the quality of accommodation for people who present as homeless. Sandra has made the transition from the Commercial Property Sector to build on her research in Social and Affordable Housing and contribute to delivery of Housing Led Initiatives in the Social Housing Sector. She is a member of Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Her research areas include Social and Affordable Housing delivery, Housing Led Initiatives, Personal resource development for staff in “care” environments to increase engagement and reduce burnout, Strategy, Leadership and Justice.

What participants said: “good to see many charities and social entrepreneurs interested in sharing data” “Excellent speakers and relevant content” “timely conversation starter” “interesting to see SME use to data” “very informative” “excellent range of speakers” “great to receive in-depth explanation and examples of Pobal HP Deprivation Index” “Dublinked is a great resource all social enterprise agencies, funding bodies, entrepreneurs should utilise and familiarise themselves with”

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Discussion Feedback from Breakout Sessions Key Ideas from Presentations To collect data need to provide education/ awareness process to ensure data understanding and future data collection success. Use of data Change in mindset – reiterate example of Donegal Rally social enterprise example presented by Chris Gordon Potential use and innovation opportunity of sharing information and organisation data Lots of data collected, but few shared within sector Opinion that data collected is only valuable to collecting organisation, going forward encourage sharing of data cross sector.

Challenges in the Social Enterprise Sector that can be addressed through public data sharing and collaboration: Lack of communication between centres and services Interpretation of data, perhaps lack of interest to interpret data Systems and knowledge to collect and transform Poor data literacy, risk of misinterpretation o Data quality o Age of data Mapping needs through cross sector analysis, through collaboration and sharing knowledge better able to address regional issues Raising awareness in cross referencing data o Instruction set on how to collect properly o Access to expert could be invaluable o Collaboration required to release data to protect those most vulnerable

Brainstorm for new or improved services from data Map services/ activities taking place locally – ‘What’s happening near me’ Community to act as problem solvers - crowdsourcing data to better support service provision and reporting Aid mapping of disability needs through cross sector analysis Map local knowledge and service provision o Pobal HP Deprivation index putting data in local context Community group identification Lots of unforeseen uses, opportunities to collaborate to provide/ develop service provision -social enterprise sector holding vast operational data

Data access, understanding, use or reuse o Use data sharing combined with crowdsourcing to update and correct data o Make it easier to decipher - standard formats o Provider easier route to access it o Social inclusion in providing data – encourage people to analyse data relating to their areas, visualising data directly related to area o Local knowledge freely available, encourage sharing of information o Ease of pulling and updating data will lead to improvement in data quality o Provide insight on bettering service provision and reach

Data we need or want to collect o Access to expenditure data at small area/ ED level o Operational data to help identify needs or gaps in the service o Resident Association RSS o Huge local knowledge wide available, challenge to collect it o Central repository of services and resources

About Dublinked Dublinked, a new regional data sharing initiative sees previously unreleased public operational data being made available online for others to research or reuse. With the initial data coming from Dublin City Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, South Dublin and Fingal County Councils, it is expected that other public and private organisations in Dublin will link up with Dublinked to share their data and invite research collaborations. The information is curated by NUI Maynooth to ensure ideas can be commercialised as easily as possible and to minimise legal or technical barriers that can be impediments for small and medium businesses (SMEs) seeking to develop and prove business ideas. If you would like to hear about future Dublinked events, send an email to to join our mailing list.

Callan Institute National University of Ireland Maynooth Maynooth County Kildare Ireland Twitter: @dublinked

Dublinked social enterprise dubmeet  

Dublinked hosted its first Social Enterprise DubMeet on Tuesday 2nd July 2013, in Fingal County Council Offices Blanchardstown. The event re...

Dublinked social enterprise dubmeet  

Dublinked hosted its first Social Enterprise DubMeet on Tuesday 2nd July 2013, in Fingal County Council Offices Blanchardstown. The event re...