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Webb Beach Webb Beach is located on the eastern coastline of Gulf St Vincent about 62 kilometres north-northwest of the state capital of Adelaide. Named in honour of a local farmer and owner of Webb’s Carbonate of Lime incorporating the sale of shell grit - Albert John Webb. According to Geographical Names Board Minutes 30/6/1972, the development of Webb Beach with 47 blocks occurred to provide employment for local farmers and others who were seriously affected by a rural downturn at the time. The scheme was called “REDS” Rural Employment Development Scheme. The streets are all named after local residents who worked on the project - Collins, George, Jarmyn Jones, Jury and Wasley. However the name “Webb Beach” was not officially gazetted until 5/6/1997

• Windsor Uniting Church • Long Plains Red Cross • United Football Club • Upcoming Events • Other reports from Clubs & Associations in the area Map of Webb Beach Albert Webb with his son, Leonard 1942 Advert for Webb's business


Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954), Saturday 21 February 1942, page 4 .

From State Library - Placenames of South Australia

. In 1972, following a request from the District Council of Mallala, the Lands Department subdivided an area of Crown Lands about one mile south of Port Parham into holiday home sites. The Council requested that the area be named ‘Webb Beach’ as ‘the name of Webb has been associated with Port Parham for many years and one descendant of the original family still resides at Port Parham.’ Charles Webb (ca. 1841 - 1928) arrived in 1865 on the Coldstream and is buried at Dublin .

Dublin History Group Recently on our Open Day, we had a guest speaker, Louise Michael, Editor of the Plains Producer. Because of the cooler weather, we gathered in the “Supper Room” for a warmer and more inclusive discussion group – and it worked well. We learned quite a bit about the way news is gathered and some of the challenges that an Editor faces when facing deadlines. The information you acquire from these types of talks makes you appreciate more fully the contributions others make in the community.


As the year flashes by, the History group continues to assess our progress and adjust programmes to provide a greater range of interesting activities. A never-ending activity involves the cataloguing of our collection of photos, stories, newspaper articles, artefacts, display items, books, trophies, memorabilia and plenty more. It is our intention to reach a position whereby anybody can ask for information that can be quickly identified in our computer, retrieved from storage files as a hard copy or transferred onto a memory stick to take away.

More guest speakers are organised :July 14 – Lisa Phillip-Harbutt – “Improving your presentation skills”. August 25 – Peter Applebee and his group – “Researching family history”, October 13 – Pat Wake – “Growing local native vegetation”. November 10 – Glen Gericke (Sewing Machine Mechanic)

The recent refurbishment of the Institute building has resulted in a total review of our approach to displaying our collection, or parts of it, to suit the theme of the occasion. The process of attaching items to the hard plastered stone perimeter walls, is not seen as the preferred way to go anymore. More flexible, mobile display methods will now be used allowing greater variations in presentation and placement. Where some of the previous mounting hooks survived the refurbishment process, they will be re-used, but otherwise the walls will remain clear of attachments.

– bring your machine along for assessment if it’s not behaving. Everyone is invited to come along to our Open Days to join in and learn something new or something old. Ian Telfer President Dublin History Group

REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES Port Parham is becoming very popular as a pleasure resort, there being more than 50 people spending their holidays there now. apart from many who are residing there during the summer months. — More than 340 tons of carbonate of lime have been manufactured at Port Parham by Mr. A. J. Webb, during the past five months. He has seven men in his employment, and the demand for lime has compelled him to Install larger machinery. Since the commencement of work about six years ago. Mr. Webb has crushed more than 1.000 tons. Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Thursday 2 March 1933, page 13 Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Saturday 7 October 1950, page 14

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia


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SA COUNTRY FIRE SERVICE DUBLIN BRIGADE Monday Night Training 19:30hr PH: 85 292 252

PLEASE TAKE CARE ON OUR ROADS As SAPOL reports an increased number of road fatalities please drive to the road conditions Majority of our callouts over the last several months have been road accidents. Be aware your home heating is safe to ensure no house fires. Remember to check your dryer filters are clean before using. It’s exceptionally cold at present – keep warm We look forward to seeing new volunteers. Training nights Monday from 7:30pm. Come and join in! AGM

Monday July 22nd 2019

Brigade Captain: Rosemary McDonnell

DUBLIN & DISTRICTS SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB June 2019 Half the year has just flown by and we are all enjoying our time together on Tuesday mornings for Bingo. We have had some great outings and lunches this year. Just a couple of weeks ago 15 members attended the musical “Aladdin” and really had a good time. On way to theatre we went to Café de Villis on Main Nth Road for an early lunch and arrived at theatre ready to watch the show. April we had a luncheon at the Red Lion Hotel at Elizabeth and May some members enjoyed

the Dolphin Cruise in Port Adelaide and saw some dolphins and had a great lunch on board. We have started a members draw every week with the prize pool mounting as member attend. Have had 2 members winning a substantial amount. Coming events include a tour of the ABC , film day and a few days away in September at Wallaroo. We are always ready to welcome any new members to our club. Pat Newell - 85292166


Rowan Ramsey MP Federal Member for Grey

On Saturday 18 May Australians voted to return a government which has delivered great outcomes and rejected the tax and spend Labor plan. I would like to thank Grey residents for their confidence in me and the Morrison Government.

community development and maintenance of community infrastructure in areas like Dublin. The Liberal-National Government will be able to govern in its own right and with the Federal Liberal Party now having rules ensuring an elected Prime Minister cannot be challenged within the term, Australia is headed for a period of political stability, something the nation has been searching for.

I thank all our committed supporters and volunteers and I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate other candidates. It takes courage to put your name forward and then commit to a campaign involving such a large part of the state. I complement them on the civilised way the campaign was conducted.

The strong vote nationally shows a personal endorsement of Scott Morrison. Certainly the message I was getting as I travelled the electorate was that people liked his down to earth and honest, practical approach. Now is the time to get on with the job and I will work to make sure firstly the projects committed to before the election in the Budget, such as the duplication of the Joy Baluch Bridge, the Port Wakefield overpass, major upgrades to the Horrocks and Barrier Highways, two new headspace units, new phone mobile towers and other road upgrades get moving.

Rowan with son Lachlan, wife Teresa and daughter Courtney on Election night in Kadina. I always welcome feedback and queries from all of those who live in the electorate so please do not hesitate to contact me via email or by calling one of my offices. My offices are able to assist with Centrelink, immigration, NDIS, aged care and any other federal matters.

I will also be ensuring projects offered as electoral commitments like the commencement of construction of dual lanes on the Augusta Highway and the replacement of the 100 year old Dog Fence get through planning stages as quickly as possible and get started. It is an exciting time. I have many more projects I want to see move forward like sealing the Strzelecki Track and attracting more industry and businesses to Grey to grow jobs. Our country towns are our life blood and I am in strong support of



Office Details 43 Taylor St

8821 4366

Port Pirie

104 Ellen St

8633 1744


45a Playford Ave

8645 4255

2019 Ageing in Style Disability Expo Two Wells Thursday 22nd August, 2019 The Adelaide Plains Council Ageing in Style EXPO is back – this time including information

to remain independent in their own home, close to loved ones and connected to their community. Taking the first step to getting support is often the hardest. The process can appear a confusing and daunting. The expo will showcase services that provide support so you can stay active and independent, and living in your own home.

about Disability support and services for residents with special needs and their carer’s. Organisations and service providers will showcase their goods and services in the Two Wells Community Centre on Thursday 22 August 2019 from 10:00am-1:00pm.

The EXPO is designed to help you find the support to meet your needs, remain independent

Organised by Adelaide Plains Council through the Seniors Collaborative Action Project (SCAP),

and enjoy life. This years EXPO will include: home support and home care services, transport options, residential aged care facilities, arts and crafts, recreation activities, hearing and sight support, assistive technology and mobility equipment, aged rights advocacy services and Seniors Information Services to name a few.

the group is made up of Community Service representatives from the Gawler, Light, Barossa and Adelaide Plains Councils with the aim to provide information to enhance independence and enrich quality of life.

The EXPO provides access to information about products, services and support for people to

If you’re looking to begin accessing Disability or Aged Care Services or are researching for a loved one, the EXPO will help you get started.

develop and maintain a lifestyle that suits their needs. It is an opportunity to find what is available locally and to be informed about opportunities available to maintain independence and wellbeing.

A free Devonshire Tea will be available on the day. For more information contact Councils Community Development Officer, Lynette Seccafien on 8527 0200.

Understanding My Aged Care and navigating the NDIS can be difficult. Many people would prefer


Good budget for the regions

The 2019-20 State Budget recognises the enormous importance of the regions as a key economic driver for the State, with major investment in schools, roads, emergency services, housing and tourism. The record $878 million of new funding for regional roads and infrastructure is the single biggest injection of new funding in a State Budget for regional roads in South Australia’s history.

   

Whilst there are no new major road projects announced this year for the Narungga electorate, $15 million is allocated for the commencement of the $90 million Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway duplication project which is in its final design phase. I was also pleased with the $11 million allocation to improve access to the Dublin saleyards, and the $303,000 to help seal the Yorketown airstrip to ensure it can reliably continue to provide allweather, lifesaving healthcare services for southern Yorke Peninsula.

and specialists in rural areas the continued roll out of the $600,000 upgrade of surgical facilities at Yorketown Hospital the allocation of another $15 million from the Regional Growth Fund to be accessed by rural businesses and organisations; $15.5 million over 5 years to specifically upgrade regional high schools $25.2 million over four years to boost TAFE SA $7.5 million over 3 years for a red meat and wool industry growth program; and $4 million Regional Coast Protection Fund for local councils in the regions to access to directly tackle coastal problems

For households, lower costs should start being noticeable with abolished payroll tax, reduced net expenses to run the family car through $114 reductions in CTP fees, another $90 million annual cuts to the Emergency Services Levy and, from next July, the $50 million per year land tax reductions. The Marshall Liberal Government is also continuing its commitment to a $100 sports voucher for every primary school aged child to assist families pay sports club membership and registration fees.

Of the record $1.1 billion for regional infrastructure projects, I look forward to strongly advocating for local road safety projects from the $143 million that has been allocated specifically for additional overtaking lanes and shoulder sealing on rural roads.

More than $100 million has been invested in community sports facilities since the 2018 state election, and I was very pleased to announce last week specific new investment in the Narungga electorate from the new Grassroots Football, Cricket and Netball Facility Program.

These initiatives are in addition to the existing annual regional maintenance program worth $237 million over 4 years.

The three successful applicants in round 1 of this new initiative are:

Other Budget highlights include

Port Broughton Combined Sporting Club;  $76,000 for Mallala Netball Club for flood lighting and court re-surfacing; and  $142,250 for Long Plains Netball Club Incorporated to extend and resurface its courts and build a new multi-use court

 $350,000 to build new unisex change rooms at

 $12.9 million to address road black spots  another $14 million allocated to improve facilities

in regional hospitals, and the maintained commitment from 2018-19 of $20 million over four years to address the shortage of doctors


Thompson Beach Progress Association Even though the migratory birds have headed north, there are still plenty of local birds enjoying perfect winter conditions just off the beach.

Members of the Association have been taking time to clean up the beach walkways.

Someone must have told them we have a bird sanctuary here.

Starting at the north end of town, we are clearing the dead sea grass and cutting back the foliage to take pressure off the fences. It’s going to take time but should be done in time for the return of warm weather.

In the middle of the town we have had the company of about 140 black swans whose relaxed presence seems to have attracted many others – a hundred or so native ducks, pied cormorants, pied oystercatchers, white faced herons, plovers, stilts and the occasional great egret. Pecking around in the mud are hundreds of little grey shorebirds that all look the same to me.

Ian Telfer Chairperson

The most intriguing thing about the black swan, is the noise it makes. Not a honk or a tweet but a bugle type of call that makes you wonder about the conversation going on around the group. On Friday nights, meals at the shed have become more interesting with challenges happening between various cooks. The first battle was over meat balls and the next is scheduled for pasties. The various cooks believe their family recipe is superior to others, so the lines are drawn. It’s all in good fun and the diners are the beneficiaries.

Two Wells Blue Light Disco Two Wells Community Centre 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. 23 August (TW Blue Light Birthday Disco) 25 October (Gothies, Ghosts & Ghouls) 13 December (Christmas Disco following the Two Wells Christmas Street Parade)

For ages 8 to 15 years

Entrance $5

Details can be found on the Blue Light web site: Two Wells Blue Light promotes an environment free from alcohol, drugs, smoking and violence.


BALAKLAVA MUSEUM Inc had an opportunity to view the new exhibits, most people adjourned to the Visitor Centre at Urlwin Park for a delicious afternoon tea. Thank you to all members who helped create the new displays, and also helped to host our visitors on the day.


The "icing on the cake" for this event came on Wednesday. June 5th, when we were honoured to welcome His Excellency, the SA Governor, Mr. Hieu Van Le and Mrs Le, who came to see our new exhibits during their vice regal visit to the Wakefield Regional Council district.

Our History Festival event, "Lazy Daze and Old School Days," has come and gone, and what a great day it turned out to be. Because of inclement weather (and nobody was complaining about the rain!) the bowling club gave us the use of their clubhouse for official proceedings, and this was appreciated by 150 who attended. The room full of visitors enjoyed the entertainment provided by students from Balaklava's three schools; this was interspersed with some relevant history about all the schools which are, or have been, in Balaklava, State Member for Frome, Mr. Geoff Brock, spoke briefly, before Wakefield Regional Council Mayor, Mr. Rodney Reid, addressed the gathering, after which we all walked across the street where the Mayor cut the ribbon to officially open our new display pavilion. After the visitors

Because we had to limit our numbers for this visit, those invited to attend were some of the members who had made a significant contribution towards setting up the exhibits. The Governor & Mrs Le have invited a larger group of our members to Government House - no date has been fixed yet.

The “Spin-off” from the new pavilion has already started with more items being received from local residents. Norma Schopp President

Port Parham Sports and Social Club 12 First St, Port Parham

Phone: 08-8529-2211

Parham Singers Present

Christmas in July th

12 July, 2019 at Port Parham Sports and Social Club Come and join in the fun. Meals 6pm – 8pm


Long Plains Red Cross The final fundraiser for the 2018-19 financial year was a musical morning tea on May 8th Red Cross Day when the students from Horizon Christian school, Balaklava provided the program. President Jenny Tiller made a presentation to Thea Parker, to acknowledge all the efforts that her family put into fundraising for Long Plains during 2018-19. Thank you gifts were made to this year’s Branch fundraising competition entrant

Tilly Daniel and her Mother. The door takings, the raffle and trading table all added up to a very successful morning. In June the AGM was held and all last years office bearers were re-elected. Plans are in hand for a CPR training session for our members at the August Meeting and a musical program for the October fundraiser . We hope to see you at the October Fundraiser.

Nicole and Thea Parker with President Jenny Tiller

Jess and Tilly Daniel with Jenny Tiller

Melanie Redden and students January 2020 will mark the 60th Anniversary of the Australian of the Year Awards, honouring and celebrating great Australians from all walks of life. Nominating someone is easy visit by Wednesday 31 July 2019 and tell us who they are, what they have achieved and why you’d like to see them recognised. Alternatively, you can email a list of your nominees and the Australia Day Council will contact you to assist you in completing a nomination. If you need any assistance contact: the Australia Day Council of South Australia on (08) 8212 3999


Windsor Uniting Church service at Mill Court on Sunday 30th June.

On June 16th the usual Windsor service was held at a later time to give the congregation and community members the chance to say thank you to Rev. Dr Phil and Lyn Marshall and wish them well in their next appointment. A pooled meal followed the service and a chance to each say our personal thank you’s to them. Mr Wayne Smith made a special presentation to Lyn to express our thanks for her support to our congregation – listening to the sermon twice every Sunday needs special recognition!

A larger farewell service is planned for 2 pm. on June 30th at Owen Community church, with a pooled afternoon tea to follow. Collin Heslop will be leading our worship at the three Plains Community worship centres for the next six months and we look forward to Collin sharing with us on a more regular basis during that time. Services are 8:45 a.m. and everyone is welcome. Gwen Secomb

Some Windsor members will conduct the church

Wayne Smith making presentation to Lyn Marshall

Eric Williams with Rev. Dr. Phil Marshall

Windsor Church Group Back row – Annette Halford, Gwen Secomb, Margaret Jenkin, Bev Jones, Wayne Smith, Loretta Aikins, Maurice Secomb and Rev Dr Phil Marshall Front row – Daphne Williams, Terry Halford, Lynette Secomb, Ethel Shrubsole and Lyn Marshall


St Peter’s & St. Pauls Parish Priest

Father Bartholomew O'Donovan

back to the train with hot pies and sausage rolls and cake and soft drinks. (This was NSW and pasties were unknown there at that time.) Mum did not believe in spending money for food at railway prices when you could take your own sandwiches and use their water. Over every carriage door there was large bottle of water with a tumbler in a secure holder. I always looked forward to drinking this as it was rainwater, something that had a nectar of the God’s taste for me as at home we used bore water that had a soda taste. The Second Class carriages in which we travelled were what we called dogboxes. Each compartment held about eight people with a door on each side. Toilet facilities were on the station platforms and not in the carriages. There was no access between the adjoining dog boxes.

TRAINING 1 For me as a child the South West Mail train trip from Goulbourn in NSW to Sydney was always an anxious time from when the train would pull into the Goulbourn Railway Station in the early hours of the morning for a refreshment stop. My anxiety would set in knowing that as the train left Goulbourn along the same track as it entered it felt that it was backtracking and that I would arrive back in Narrandera and not continue to Sydney. I would spend an anxious four hours from then intermittently worrying and dozing, dreaming that we would end up back where we started. It was always a relief to see daylight, look out the window and see that we were actually still on course for Sydney. We travelled that route every summer in my childhood as my mother took us for holidays to my maternal grandparents, in Wingham on the NSW North Coast.

Heating was supplied in the form of large very heavy bare-metal containers, which were an elongated oval in cross section and about two feet long. They were filled with salt and boiled in water to heat the salt. Passengers kept warm by sitting upright and placing their feet on these warmers. You could stimulate the heat output by dropping them up and down on the floor. Children never were able to access them as their legs were not long enough when seated. Even adults had difficulty using them for if you wanted to sleep you had to be sitting bolt upright in order to keep your feet in close contact with these warmers. The clickety-click of the wheels along the rails, the hiss of the engine releasing steam pressure while at a station, the wind rushing by, the station master calling out “All aboard” at each station when the train was ready to resume its journey, the sting of a cinder in your eye and the smell of coal smoke are with me to this day.

Our home was on a spur line from the railway hub at Narrandera that ran to Hay. The first train we caught was a single carriage diesel rail motor. It was known by the locals the “Tin Hare” for it seemed to leap along the tracks with a top speed of about 40 miles an hour. It ran a return journey, Hay to Narrandera every Monday to Friday. Saturdays there was a goods train pulled by a steam engine that averaged about 20 miles an hour. It had a guard’s van at the very back of the goods trucks of which a third was a seven berth passenger compartment. The other two thirds was the guard’s space. These goods trains were pulled by coal fired steam engines. Coal dust and soot covered the inside and outside of these trains. One never dared open the window or look out, no matter how hot the weather, for out there in the air were coal embers and hot soot belching from the funnel and it was a painful experience if they got in your eyes. Sunday was the day of rest for trains.

As a child, life would have been so much more comfortable if only I would have asked my mother about my fears. If she had known, she would have set me straight about the direction of travel from Goulbourn to Sydney, but I never did speak up.

When we arrived at Sydney on the South West Mail which we caught at Narrandera we would have a whole day while we waited for the 10:30 pm steam train, the Kempsey Mail from Central Station that powered through the night arriving in Wingham around four in the morning.

“Ask and it will be given you.” (Matthew 7:7 NRSV) Said Jesus his followers. Jesus invites us all to ask of him. The answer is in his choosing but we will never know unless we make the request and wait, expecting an answer.

We always carried homemade sandwiches for our train journeys. I envied those other passengers who would get out at refreshment stops and come

Father Bart O’Donovan Parish Priest of Mallala and of Two Wells


The District’s Church Times



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10.00am – 11, 18 and 25 Aug.

Pastor Jordan Gauci Phone: 0450781561 Email: Youth & Kids Program: UNITED Kids Alternate Wednesday's 4 - 5pm Ages 7-12 UNITED Youth Alternate Wednesday's 5 - 6:30pm Ages 12-18 $5 for dinner

Time Out Craft Group 10.00am till Noon fortnightly on Wednesdays Hart Memorial Hall,

Anglican Church, Two Wells 10 and 24 July, 7 and 21 Aug. Priest: Fr Bart O'Donovan Phone: 08 75 101 148

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THOSE WHO SERVED DVA's Nominal Rolls One of DVA's key roles is acknowledging and commemorating the service and sacrifice of all those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations through commemorations, memorials, war graves and research. As one part of this commemoration, DVA has published four nominal rolls. These nominal rolls list members of Australia's defence forces who served during World War Two, Korean War, Vietnam War and First Gulf War.

Our Local World War Two Solders The Dublin History Group are now working on our World War Two Soldiers and in the next Dublin Dispatch there will be a listing of those soldiers. We will add the fallen soldiers plaques to the Remembrance Garden at the Dublin

Institute. Although we do have some information and photos on our soldiers and the Two Wells Soldier Database is assisting, we still appreciate any assistance you can give adding to the collection. You can email any photos or information to or came and see us on our Open Days

Information on Long Plains Cricket Club Query: Ben Gibson, Publicity / Social Media Manager, is looking for information, photos and to get in contact with past players of the Long Plains Cricket Club Information Wild horse plains WW2 Roll of Honour Query: Can someone let us know whether this Honour Roll was hung up in the Wild Horse Plains Church with the World War One Roll of Honour or at the Wild Horse Plains Institute? Contact: Dublin History Group members or post to PO Box 60 Dublin SA 5501 or come along to out Open or Research Days email:


9 Sixth Street (Corner First and Sixth Street), Dublin Open Days and Events in 2019 Improving your Presentation Skills A workshop with Lisa Philip-Harbutt Sunday 14th July 2.00 pm Open Day - Sunday 11th August Come and Do Some Research - ANDFHG (part of Family History Month) Sunday 25th August

1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Journalist to Editor

Frederick Pinkney’s visitor

The first in the series of talks, hosted by the Dublin History Group, Journalist to Editor was held on Sunday 9th June, the presenter was Louise Michael - Editor of the Plains Producer. We learnt about her life and what it takes to get the newspaper out each week. For those who attended it was a great afternoon of fun and information, Louise brought along a few of the older newspapers to show how it had changed over the years. Thank you to Louise and all who attended and the next talk is Improving your presentation skills on 14th July.

The Dublin Institute had a special visitor on Saturday 22nd June, Carolyn Packam, who is related to Frederick Pinkney, one of our WW1 soldiers from Owen who died at Gallipoli, she was delighted to see his plaque, tree and go through his folder, adding to her collection of information. Also on checking the Two Wells RSL database she found a lovely photo of Frederick, she only had a graining version from the newspapers at the time and checking the references she noticed the Owen Post Office listed, so drove home that way and found his name listed on the War Memorial there, she was very touched by it all

Attendees of the talk having fun with the Plains Producers Photo curtesy of The Plains Producer

PO Box 60 Dublin SA 5501 Email:



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Email: Open for research each Thursday 10:00 till 4:00, also on the second and fourth Saturday afternoons each month. Guest Speaker afternoons are held on the Fourth Saturday of the Month, at 1:30pm.

My Local Services

Dublin’s Car Boot Sale

My Local Services works across the state to deliver information about local services to local communities

Sunday 3rd

SPECIALISED FLOORING SERVICES Servicing both kinds of floors WOOD & TIMBER Repairs - Resurfacing - Sanding & Finishing - Floating Floors - Parquetry Cork - Maintenance - Existing & New Commercial - Domestic & Gymnasiums Philip - 0413 862 570 (DUBLIN) If its timber it’s a specialised job



Dublin Institute

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Balaklava Depot : Corner Dunns Road and Sandgate Street, Balaklava

GERRY’S DUBLIN MEATS Come in and compare the prices, quality and good old fashioned service Our famous Beef Sausages are available from the Dublin Community BBQ Saturday mornings

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Tel 08 8520 2100

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm Wednesday: 12pm - 7pm

Adelaide Plains Council’s Cemetery Locations Barabba Cemetery, 884 Tank Road, Barabba

Thursday: 9am - 5pm Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 11.30am

Dublin Cemetery, 92 Harris Road, Dublin Feltwell Cemetery, 223 Feltwell Road, Mallala Grace Plains Cemetery, 7 Nairne Road, Grace Plain Shannon Cemetery, 293 Rowe Road, Calomba

Mallala Branch Library Redbanks Road, Mallala SA 5502 Tel 08 8527 0205 Wednesday: 10am - 12pm Friday: 3pm - 5pm

Two Wells Cemetery, Town Centre, Old Port

Windsor Branch Library

Wakefield Road, Two Wells

Windsor Institute,

Mallala RAAF Cemetery, 223 Feltwell Corner of

Old Port Wakefield Road, Windsor SA 5501

Old Dublin Road & Hill Road

Sunday: 10am - 11.30am

Mallala Catholic Cemetery, Franks Road,

Library Officer Barbara Kennedy

Mallala Cemetery Register 2016 - http://

Ph. 0413 286 878




Contact: Jill Stewart 8867 1127



Meet each Tuesday at 10:00am in the Pt. Parham Sports and Social Club Rooms.

APC 85270 200

President Wayne Smith 0408 852 262 Secretary. Kathy Wilson 0408 843 335

Mallala & Districts Men's Shed Opening times: Weds 9 till 1 pm


Sunday till 1 pm

Conference room available


All welcome

Recruiting for new members

Norm Dicks

Training at CFS Station, First Street, Dublin Monday’s nights from 7.30pm

Terry Halford

Dublin CFS Station: 8529 2252



Captain: Rosemary Mc Donnell 0412 68 5281

Other times by appointment

8529 2015 Dublin / Windsor

Barry Sowerby 0408 850 715


Des Quin 0418 831 983 Thompson Beach


Jennifer Dowling 0418 859 875 Two Wells

Chairman: Ian Telfer Phone: 0456 255 379.



12 First St, Port Parham

Meet on the second Wednesday of

Phone: 8529 2211

each alternate month at the


Long Plains Soldiers Memorial Hall. President: Jenny Tiller

0427 827276

Secretary: Alison Pym

8862 7025

Mallala RSL Sub-Branch

$10 Community Monthly Luncheons Greville Knight (Sec.) 0468 346070

UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB President - Heather Curnow 0429 202 567

DUBLIN CRICKET CLUB INC. President - Luke Walker 8529 2548






President: Ian Telfer Secretary: Andrea Brow

Sue Adams, Philip Brow, Jan Telfer, and Pat Thompson



expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Dublin History Group Incorporated Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material submitted, errors and omissions may (and will accidentally) occur. Published by Dublin History Group Inc.

Meet the Third Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm, Dublin Institute, First Street, Dublin.

Enquiries to Closing date

AGM: Tuesday 16th July, 2019 ENQUIRIES

Email: Phone: 08 8529 2030 Website:

Advertising in the Dublin Dispatch $25.00 (small) - $50.00 (large) per issue Larger advertisement charges available on application

For advertisements and reports, is the 20th of February, April, June, August, October & December with earlier submissions appreciated. E-mail to The Dublin Dispatch is distributed free to residents in Mallala, Two Wells, Long Plains, Parham & Lower Light. Copies can be collected from the Dublin General Store. Residents outside the Adelaide Plains Council area can also receive copies for an annual subscription of $20.00 per year. Dublin Dispatch, PO Box 60, Dublin SA 5501

There are six Dublin Dispatch printed each year and remember the colour online


edition For all enquiries

Dublin Dispatch Subscription The Dublin Dispatch is distributed free to residents in Mallala, Two Wells, Long Plains, Parham & Lower Light. Copies can be collected from the Dublin General Store. Residents outside the Mallala District Council area can also receive copies for an annual subscription of $20.00 per year. Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………... Postal address: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Phone: …………………………………….. Date: …………………. Please enclose a cheque or money order to be made payable to Dublin History Group and post to Dublin Dispatch, PO Box 60, Dublin SA 5501. Or direct Deposit using Surname and DD Subs as identifier . Bank details Dublin History Group Inc. 633-000 123021149



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