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Legend on page 20

Dublin History Group Inc. Here we are, it’s 2022. Back in 1970 it was suggested we would be living on planet Mars by now, but we have had quite a different set of circumstances, quite un-expected initially. We hope you are coping well. Despite the grim start to another year at least you could say that this time we are better prepared. Similar occurrences have happened in the past and with drastic effect, but we did not have the nature of the communication we have now. Most news was days and months behind. Today, news can be just minutes. With the constant research and recording we can learn from the past and this will continue

to be the business focus of the group this year. We will be out in the community with “Pop-up” displays and a highlight on the businesses that have been in in the area which is our theme for the South Australian History Festival . A thought to consider and compare; Do you realise that, if you think back to 1970 now, …… it is as far apart as 1918 was to 1970 Philip Brow President





Community Notice Board

Avon Art & Craft Guild Inc Tuesdays between 11am and 3pm Avon Craft Hall, 1883 Avon Road, Avon Info Ph 88671127, 88671120 , 85272303

Friendship over a cuppa

Craft organised or own

Equipment and materials available

Natter & Chatter, community caring

Special events at various time

Share & care All are welcome to attend.


2022 Australia Day Awards and Ceremony Australia Day Awards Each year, communities across South Australia celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding members of their communities, through the Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards. Council received many worthy nominations for citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the Adelaide Plains community. At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 13 December 2021, Elected Members considered all nominations and determined the 2022 Australia Day Award recipients as follows: Australia Day Citizen of the Year – Allan Parker Allan has been a dedicated volunteer, upkeeping the Long Plains Memorial Hall for most of his adult life. He has been responsible for the preservation of the Long Plains local history collection, with the comprehensive picture gallery in the “Hall’s” kitchen covering local pioneers from the 1880s. Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year – Chloe Sharpe An active and passionate member of the Two Wells Scout Group, Chloe has successfully obtained and been awarded numerous ‘high level’ achievement badges. She is currently undertaking training in becoming a church group leader. In addition to the above Australia Day Award categories, Adelaide Plains Council has two further award categories. Elected Members determined these award recipients as follows: Community Group of the Year – Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT) Over 30 years, TWRAT has successfully undertaken numerous projects in Two Wells. TWRAT is a not for profit organisation whose community minded members advocate and support various projects that improve and enhance the township’s facilities. Projects range from securing funding for the installation of a pump track at Hart Reserve to the co-ordination of the very popular Two Wells Xmas Street Parades. Community Project of the Year – Dublin Cricket Club – update to Oval and Clubroom Members have volunteered many hundreds of hours in their fundraising endeavours that more than matched the money they received from the Drought Community Programme funding. In addition to a much improved and needed clubroom facility, the volunteers worked tirelessly to resurface the oval, install a pop-up irrigation system and a water storage and catchment system. Award recipients will be presented with their certificates at Council’s Australia Day Ceremony (details below). Australia Day Ceremony Council’s official Australia Day Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at the Two Wells Community Centre, Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. Breakfast, catered by the Two Wells Cricket Club, will be served from 8am and the Ceremony will commence at 9am. The Ceremony, and breakfast, will be held in accordance with SA Health COVID-19 Guidelines. Mayor Wasley will host the Ceremony, with Council’s Australia Day Ambassador, Mr Barry Lewis, appearing as the special guest speaker. Barry is a retired SA Superintendent who has dutifully served the police force for over 50 years, as well as being a keen umpire attending over 2,000 football matches. In addition to presenting the Australia Day Awards to recipients, three Adelaide Plains Council residents will be conferred as Australian citizens. After the formalities, a friendly rival CFS cricket match will be played. For more information in relation to Council’s Australia Day Awards and Celebrations, please contact Council on (08) 8527 0200 or info@apc.sa.gov.au. Mark Wasley Mayor


4 January 2022


SA COUNTRY FIRE SERVICE DUBLIN BRIGADE PH: 85 292 252 REMINDER FOR ALL Is your family ready in case of a bushfire threat, do you know were your Bushfire Saver Place is, Your home and property all information available on the SA Country Fire Service web site. In this section Bushfire Safer Places Emergency kits Your home and property Preparing yourself A Special Thank You to the committee of Dublin Cricket Club for the use of their comfortable new facilities for our Chrissy Luncheon. An extra thank you to the volunteers who enabled the cooking of our luncheon. Photo shows - our Brigade Captain presenting the President and committee members “A Certificate of Appreciation” for all their current, previous and offer of ongoing support.

Monday night training 19:30hr, we welcome new members, especially with the approaching summer season. Get specialised training, to help your yourselves and neighbours in times of need. Enquiries please contact Brigade Captain: Rosemary McDonnell

Mallala and Districts Reunion Paul Angus – President – 8527 2259

MB:0412 685 281


Judy Tucker – Secretary – 0407617024

Email: grjatucker@bigpond.com


December 2021 Narungga update

Health status quo cannot continue

large number of carrots in place to entice doctors to the country, few are working. It is time to get a stick out.

Last week I released my Regional Health Plan which outlines a number of solutions to what I describe as South Australia’s regional health crisis.

My plan raises the following as potential system solutions: Local Health Networks to employ Accident & Emergency Doctors to replace the locum system; Federal Government to limit the allocation of Medicare provider numbers to ensure efficient distribution of GPs across SA; increased funding for Rural Training Places; Redraw of Local Health Network Boundaries for more balanced administration; State Government to appoint an Assistant Minister for Regional Health; and for governments to fully commit to the SA Rural Medical Workforce Plan 2019-2024. (To view the full plan visit www.fraserellis.com.au or call the electorate office for a copy).

As I have publicly stated many times, regional health care is the biggest issue facing the Narungga electorate-and all country South Australians—and it was an issue long before the pandemic and will continue to be one long after it is finished. Over the last 3 ½ years I am proud to have played a part in the securing some improvements, such as the new surgical unit at Yorketown, after hours x rays and a salaried doctors model for Wallaroo Hospital under a new Rural Health Workforce Plan, and decentralising local health network boards. But problems still exist, and it is clear the status quo can’t remain.

As another year draws to a close, I, along with office staff Rosemary, Nikki and Chelsea, extend festive best wishes to all. May 2022 be a prosperous, less COVID-19 disruptive year. I advise the electorate office will close for a short break, from 5 pm 23 December, to reopening 9 am Tuesday 4 January.

I welcomed the recent Federal Government announcement of incentives to pay HELP debts of graduating doctors and nurses who commit to working in regional areas, but more still needs to be done. Over past months I have consulted with rural health professionals from across the State, shared ideas with the Minister for Health, and heard from constituents about improvements they seek. The critical issue is the shortage of doctors themselves, and whilst there are a


Long Plains Red Cross The branch members held their Christmas luncheon at Angle Vale on November 10th and brought along gifts for Red Cross support programs. Alison and Peter Pym later delivered these items to the Red Cross Port Pirie office.

their gifts Santa drew the tickets for the Red Cross fundraiser The Branch members would like to thank all the supporters throughout the year and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas season and New Year.

The members joined the Long Plains Hall committee at their children’s Christmas party on 20th December and enjoyed seeing the children having a fun evening and of course enjoying the visit from Santa. Gwen Secomb read the Christmas story “Wombat Divine” just before Santa arrived. After giving out

Santa at Long Plains

If you would like to know more about the work of Red Cross you can contact Branch President Christine Young 0418896888 or Alison Pym 88627025.

Ann & Chris at raffle table

Gwen reading to the children The Quickest Warmth Project

kitchen and cleaning packs, baby bundles, curtains, towel packs, toiletry packs, continence aids, toy packs, children’ s activity packs, pamper packs, clothing (new if possible) for staff on the many programs on SA. QW has no funding and relies entirely on donations of goods and money from interested supporters. QW supporters and volunteers engage in sorting, packing, admin, speaking to groups, running information events and participate in community building groups and activities run by various programs.

The Quickest Warmth Project began 7 years ago when Gail Hardy and I had made some quilts, 7 of them and sought to give them to people who may need the extra warmth. Tony Piccolo, Member for Light, was interested in the project and sent emails to every care agency in the district of Light. The then Families SA now DCP invited us to support their needs. From those first 7 Quilts, given to and distributed by DCP staff, Quickest Warmth has grown with some 300 supporters across SA to create, access, or purchase and donate literally 1000s of items to staff in

If you would like further information, support or donate please contact:

As well a the beautiful quilts people make, QW distributes, complete sets of bedding,

Prue O’Donovan 0412 387 641 Gail Hardy 0407 726 997


Christmas Events in the area Dublin History Group Inc. Christmas Carols at the Institute was held on Wednesday 15th December at the Dublin Institute. It was a lovely night with Carols once again been heard within the walls and Christmas Cheer in the air, a lovely way to end the year.

Father Bart O’Donovan

In 2020 we attempted to hold a Christmas Carols night following the closure of the Windsor Uniting Church , due to the COVID pandemic and restrictions we had to postpone the event although we are Rev. Colin Heslop not out of the woods yet we were happy to join together in the spirit of Christmas and community.

Thank you to those who attended bringing along their singing voices, DHG President Philip Brow for the welcome, Father Bart O’Donovan and Reverend Colin Heslop for readings and prayers, Gwen Secomb for bringing the institute piano back to life, the wonderful Parham singers for adding to the festive spirit and Terry Halford who was to sing unfortunately could not attend . After the Carols we all had supper with the hot chocolate and marshmallows and the 100 & 1000’s biscuits being a big hit. We are hoping to do it again this year.

It has been many years since Christmas Carols have been sung in this beautiful old building. The program was the story of Christmas told through carols and readings . All donations on the night were shared equally between the Christmas Bowl and the Quickest Warmth Project (page 8).

Parham Singers

Gwen Secomb



Invite you to participate as a stall holder

At our 20 Anniversary Strawberry Fete th

To be held at Dublin Cricket Club On Sunday 27th February 2022 11am till 3pm The proposed format is as follows:

▪ Building open to stall holders from 9am. There is ample car parking with good access to building. ▪ Site fees $15 ( $10 for Church, Voluntary & Service Group) Two entry name tags will be included in the site fee. ▪ Stall tables must be maximum 8 feet long by 4 feet wide per stall. ▪ On-site available: Coffee Van ,Full Bar inc Snacks, Playground. ▪ An extensive advertising campaign will commence in January with Letters and Flyers sent to clubs, community groups, churches, newspapers plus posters will also be distributed and displayed in local area. ▪ Dublin Cricket Club will be donating Raffle prize to be included in Raffle on the day. ▪ Morning Tea - Scones, Jam, Strawberry & Cream/Ice cream ▪ Lunch – Steak Sandwich or Hot Dogs ▪ Punnets of Strawberries will be available to purchase on the day 20th Anniversary Strawberry Fete Application Form on page 29 Strawberry (Tart Filling) Ingredients - Pastry Shell

Strawberry Jelly

11/4 cups hot water


Method - Dissolve jelly in hot water. Slice strawberries into pastry shell and add jelly when thickening. When set top with cream and strawberries Extract from Long Plains Kitchen Capers Cookbook recipe by R Crawford


Some interesting facts you ma y not know ! ` Strawberries were originally cultivated in ancient Rome ` The American Indians were already eating strawberries when the Colonists arrived. The crushed berries were mixed with cornmeal and baked into strawberry bread. After trying this bread, Colonists developed their own version of the recipe and Strawberry Shortcake was created. ` The strawberry, as we know it, was originally grown in northern Europe, but species are also found in Russia, Chile, and the United States. ` The berries seem to be strewn among the leaves of the plant. The plant first had the name strewberry, which later was changed to strawberry.

` In France, strawberries were cultivated in the 13th Century for use as a medicinal herb. Historical Medicinal Uses of Fragaria Vesca (Alpine Strawberry): It is said that the leaves, roots and fruits of this variety of strawberry were used for a digestive or skin tonic. Internally, the berry was used for diarrhoea and digestive upset, while the leaves and the roots were used for gout. Externally, it was used for sunburn and skin blemishes, and the fruit juice was used for discoloured teeth. ` The first documented botanical illustration of a strawberry plant appeared as a figure in Herbaries in 1454. Strawberry Facts,History and Origin & Other Details at Queensland - QLD Strawberries

Extract from DHG book “Memories of Dublin”

Memory from Effie Baker (nee Turner) Dublin Strawberry Fete 1938

The Methodist Women’s Guild held its annual fair in the Institute, and raised more than ₤26. The Reverend H C Hill, of Mallala presided. Mrs Giles of Calomba, who was presented with a basket of flowers by little Violet Thompson, opened the fair. Items were given by: Mrs F East, Misses J Scholar, and E Turner of Mallala, Miss M Schuttloffel of Calomba and Mr I Davies of Lower Light. Stall holders- Strawberries: Mesdames B Lock, H Schlodder, A Bubner and Miss J Applebee Ice Cream: Mr C Baker, Mr and Mrs G Harris and Miss A Baker. Cool Drinks: Messrs. B Bubner and C Harris Sweets: Misses S Bubner, D Cram and Schumacher Jumble: Mesdames C Baker and K J Bubner Plain and Fancy: Mesdames A and R Prime and R Winter Children: Misses I and J Applebee and Mrs H Harris Competitions: Mrs P Huxtable, Miss E and D Baker and J Webb From “Fox’s Corner” The above article gives an account of one of Dublin’s Strawberry Fetes that I was invited to sing at, in the late 1930’s. Although I sang at many weddings in both the Mallala district and in Adelaide over the years, I was never asked to sing in the Dublin Methodist Church. However, together with my parents, I attended the church’s Anniversaries on numerous occasions. REPORTS FROM RURAL CENTRES (1938, November 25). The Advertiser p. 7. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article36595336


Balaklava/Owen Masonic Lodge Natalya was in year 7 and Terry represented Balaklava/Owen Freemasons Lodge. Every year they give an award. The citation read: This year the staff of Mallala Primary School have chosen a student who is very deserving of this award through their daily efforts in all subjects and activities. This student consistently tries their hardest to complete all tasks, and is not phased even during difficulties and whilst maybe not fully understanding all concepts of the topic. This student uses their extracurricular activities at home to influence class activities and learning. Despite distractions that maybe occurring around the class, this student is able to ignore these and continue to work diligently on the task at hand, remaining a fantastic role model for others in the class and setting a standard of work ethic and behaviour.

On Monday 6th December 2021at Mallala Primary School Terry Halford presented Natalya Molloy with the Balaklava/Owen Masonic Lodge Award for the student who has worked really hard to overcome difficulties during the year.

Annette Halford

Notes from BALAKLAVA MUSEUM Our Museum’s Golden Jubilee will be celebrated as our SA History Festival event in May, more information out soon Following the success of two “trial” blacksmithing days, we will be slotting them into the 2022 program, on the 2nd Sunday from May to September, so make a note of these dates and invite anyone who may be interested in seeing blacksmithing or joining up and getting involved. Norma Schopp, President

Urlwin Park Museum, 34a Short Terrace & Centenary Hall Folk Museum, Corner May Terrace and Verco Street Balaklava, Phone enquiries: 88621854 or email: rnschopp@rbe.net.au. www.balaklavamuseum.rbe.net.au

Clean Up Australia Day is held annually on the first Sunday in March. Over a million Australians step up to clean up, donating their time to improve the environment.

Registration for Clean Up Australia Day is free for communities and schools and this ensures that not only are you covered for public liability insurance, but organisations will receive a free Clean Up kit, delivered to your door by Amazon. Get your friends, family, neighbours and local community group together to make an impact that improves your environment. You can find further information at this website: https://www.cleanup.org.au/ cleanupaustraliaday with current collection locations found here www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/join-a-clean-up


Avon Art & Craft Guild Inc. The Avon Art & Craft Guild is a small group who meets regularly each Tuesday at the Avon Craft Hall, situated in the quiet rural atmosphere and will start again on February 1st at 10am to 2.30/3pm. A variety of equipment and materials are available to use. Programs with various themes have been planned, throughout the year but feel free to bring your own UFO’s. As a share and care group, we invite you to join us, any Tuesday for a cuppa, chat, and companionship.


In March our annual Irish Shenanigan’s Day will be held as a fundraiser for the Hall. Covid rules will apply as required and you are ask to respect others at these times. For information Contact 08 88671127. Also looking for information , stories and photos for the centenary of the Avon Sunday School Hall in 2023 and the opening of the railway line between Calomba, Long Plains , Avon, Kallora, to Bowmans being officially opened 28th May 1923.

February 1 – Chinese New Year - Year of the Black Water Tiger

February 4 – February 20 - 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, making it the first city ever to host both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics.

February 6 - Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee on this date, marking 70 years on the throne. There will be year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world as communities come together to celebrate The Queen’s historic reign March 4 - 13 March - Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games. July 28 – August 8 - 2022 Commonwealth Games Birmingham England The United Nations declared 2022 as the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture, International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development, and the International Year of Glass.


Father Bartholomew O'Donovan KNOCK KNOCK 1.

whole parish as the money was taken from the account into which the Sunday collections were deposited. It was also a great idea from the point of view of the indigent. They got to have some choice over what they ate at the café. They also soon adapted the idea so that they were able to stay for four days in the town with the certainty of having a good meal on each of those days. How come? There were four different churches in the town. On each of those four days they knocked on one of the church doors in turn. To the Minister’s relief the caller did not ask for money or food but put the deal to them that they would be happy to be treated to a meal at a certain café if they were given a note accordingly. When word got out among the other Ministers that it was my idea, I was commended in thinking up such a simple and easy solution. The café owner was pleased as well for the increase in custom. I eventually got married while in that parish and it proved to be a good strategy for my wife if I was not home when called on to help the itinerant members of society. It was what we now call a “win win” situation.

Long before we lived in the welfare state one of the few places helping the elderly, infirm, indigent and those just plain out of luck were the church institutions. When I was first ordained this meant the Rectory front door, unless you were in a larger place where benevolent groups looked after others or there was a convent or monastery in the parish. These institutions usually had a top priority to help the unfortunate as if they were helping Christ himself. You may know the beautiful legend of St Christopher that illustrates this point. He came across a child desperate to cross a flooded river and offered to take him across high on his shoulder above the raging waters. Halfway across Christopher faltered and was in danger of succumbing to the force of the stream thus losing his life and the life of the child. It was then that the child encouraged him to keep trying and not give up. Eventually they reached the safety of the opposite bank. As Christopher put the child down, he transformed into Jesus himself who blessed Christopher for his loving concern for an insignificant child in need with no expectation of receiving a reward for himself. This story highlights the meaning of Christian love in that to be able to do an act of love is itself the reward.

Serving strangers at our gates has a long and honourable history in the Christian Church which we inherited from our even older Jewish roots. “God …. loves the foreigners who live with our people…. So then show love for those foreigners because you were once foreigners in Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 10:18-19 GNB). In this part of the bible God is reminding us that it is our responsibility to pass on the blessings He gives us to others, especially those who are in circumstances of need. Well may we take to heart the words by the Revd. John Bradford (b.1510-d.1555) who on seeing some men being led to their execution said, “There but for the grace of God, go I,” and make our own life’s journey mindful of God’s place in our lives

As a young priest living alone in the Rectory of a small country town in my first parish my door was often approached by those who were in need. Asking for food or money was a common request. I soon reached the end of my own resources giving away my groceries and my money as person after person knocked on my door. After much thought and prayer, I came up with a great solution. I struck a deal with one of the two cafes in town. I would send the supplicant to this café with a note asking that they be given a meal to a certain price to which I had agreed with the café owner when I ran the idea past him. This worked well as I asked the parish council to pay the café back having by this time greatly depleted my own resources. That also meant the cost was spread over the

Father Bart


The District’s Church Times ANGLICAN CHURCH SERVICES St Peter's Mallala 1st Sunday of the month 10.00am – 2 Jan., 6 Feb., 6 March. St Paul's Two Wells 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month

Op Shop is open on Friday and Saturday mornings 9 am to 12 Come and check out children’s clothes $1 and most adult clothing $2. Shoes $1 and bags $2 We have an assortment of bric a brac, toys and linen. A small shop well filled.

10.00am – 9, 16 , 23, 30 Jan.

Come and browse through the shop, enjoy a coffee and a chat.

10.00am – 13, 20, 27 Feb.

We would love to see you.

Parish Contact:

Two Wells Uniting Church

Two Wells - Di Meaney

Two Wells Uniting Church have reopened, with restrictions in place to manage COVID safety. Current activities taking place at the Church are:

Phone: 0427 616 301 LUTHERAN CHURCH Two Wells Preaching Place Contact 8281 2976

Sunday Worship10:00 am which includes Kidz United (primary school aged children) For more info contact


info@twowellsuniting.org.au or 0414248732

Owen Community Church Sundays at 10.00 am

www.twowellsuniting.org.au United Youth - facebook.com/uytwowells

United Kids - facebook.com/unitedkidstw Hamley Bridge Uniting Church Sundays at 5.00pm (beginning with a shared meal) Friday: 6:30pm United Youth (high school aged children) Wednesday Craft Group 1:00pm

UNITING CHURCH Journey Uniting Church Mallala

Pre worship coffee 8.30 am Worship service 9 am

Third Thursday of the month at 1:30pm Adult Fellowship OP Shop - weekdays 9:00am til 4:00pm, Saturday 9:00am til 12:00pm

If you would like any further information please contact Paul (0414248732).

Journey Kids 9 am Age 2 to Yr 7 Coffee House open 10 am to 12 All very welcome. Co ordinator Travis Turner 0478709884 travis@journeyuc.com

Mallala Coffee House open 9 to 11am Friday and Sat mornings. Come and enjoy a coffee and a chat on all 3 mornings.


All your health needs provided for, with the highest quality care at

Mallala Doctors Dr Daryl Burford Dr Gurpreet Ghataura 43 Aerodrome Road Mallala 5502

08 8527 2200 Special Interests include: - Family Medicine, Chronic Disease Management, Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, Minor Procedures, Counselling, skin checks, baby checks & vaccinations. Opening Hours: Monday

9.00 am – 5.00 pm


9.00 am – 12.00 pm


9.00 am – 5.00 pm


9.00 am – 5.00 pm


9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Yati (RN) is available offering Immunisations, Blood tests, Diabetes & Asthma Education, Health Assessments and Wound Management Receptionists: Jane & Eileen Other Services:


New Year opening hours While Dr Burford is on leave, Mallala Docs will only be open in the mornings. Dr Burford will be consulting from Monday 17/1/22.

We hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Covid 19 vaccination sessions Mallala Docs is conducting vaccination clinics for booster doses, as well as third doses for those who are severely immunocompromised, using the Pfizer vaccination on Monday’s & Thursdays. Please ring for an appointment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Measure Up Bone Bus here on the 2nd & 3rd February 2022 Measure up will be visiting Mallala in their ‘Bone Bus’, to conduct bone density scans for persons aged 70 years and above. Patients of the practice will receive an invitation letter to attend, inviting them to: Make an appointment at Mallala Docs, with either Dr Burford or Dr Gurpreet, for a referral, then to Contact The Bone Bus to reserve an appointment time for your scan. https://www.measureup.com.au/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Slip, slop, slap, seek, slide!

Being school holidays and summer time, it’s an appropriate time to remind everyone of the ‘5Cs’: slip on a protective clothing, slop on sun screen, slap on a hat seek shade and slide on the sun glasses! Also, please drink lots of water to keep hydrated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Covid 19 updates from SA Health SA Health’s web site has a plethora of information, including a ‘dash board’ with information updated daily, which can be accessed here - COVID-19 dashboard | SA Health “For COVID-19 positive patients to self-initiate care or access to health advice, they can call through to the COVID Response Care Team 1800 272 872. In addition, there is updated information, including the patient fact sheet online at https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/ covidpositive” From the Department of Health COVID-19 booster vaccine advice | Australian Government Department of Health

You are eligible for a COVID-19 booster dose if you: are 18 years and older, and had the second dose of your primary dose course of COVID-19 vaccination at least 4 months ago.


Chronicle Saturday 4 February 1922 page 15



Dublin Cricket Club

DIVOC I spelt it backward for the benefit and relief of everyone who is sick to death of hearing the name. Does anyone truly understand where we are with this thing? The people in charge of public health Federally, at State level and even locally certainly do not. Otherwise we'd all have identical health rules and regulations, we'd all be sent in identical directions regarding preventions and treatments and we'd all know the current status of any infectious disease at any given time. We are living in the age of the internet after all. Instead we've got legal health directions that differ from state to state, depending on political persuasions. We've got a Federal Health Dept ready to pounce spitefully on a tennis player, (but not others), who had been allowed to enter the country then cleared by a Federal court to continue. Once again, the tennis competition is being held in a state of the wrong political colour. Twelve months ago, Cricket Australia were sending playing guidelines to every club in the country in an effort to show leadership and of course help with preventions. One of those, 'No further use of saliva to shine the ball', sounded like a lot of common sense. Fast bowlers everywhere then wanted to know if they could still use their butt cheeks to maintain a gloss on one side of the ball. After that they didn't care how the saliva was applied.

* Cancellation of any functions held at the club; * Proper policing of bar and clubroom operations and proceedings;

* and critically, Correct covid procedures to enable matches to take place. Appeals and complaints of contraventions of covid regulations to the Associations could result in wins being taken away and even points deductions. This would be serious enough for the senior teams. It would be devastating for the junior programs. We could also see games cancelled at any time.

DCC has even gone to the extent of forming a Disciplinary Sub- C'tee which reports to the Cricket Club C'tee, in an attempt to stay abreast of our covid protocols at any given point in time. The club's Covid Marshalls have also been given greater responsibilities. The Disciplinary C'tee has been referred to as the 'Hanging Crew', which is a bit of an overstep. They do however prefer Trial by Ordeal as a favoured means of investigation. So lets continue to be vigilant and hope our season does not become untenable. Yours in covid, The Shark

The Dublin Cricket Club has held extraordinary Committee meetings to address this phenonium. The occasional lack of health and legal understandings has given rise to many issues:

Late inclusion


Dublin Cricket Club

STRAWBERRY FETE 2022 What Goes Around Comes Around. Well, after many years at Parham the local area Strawberry Fete for Feb '22 is back at Dublin, in particular at the new rooms of the Dublin Cricket Club. Now coming up to its 20th year the Strawb started out in the Dublin Hall, only to move to Parham for many years. Now it's back. To give you an idea, the Fete caters for small stall holders, and incorporates plant stalls, importantly food stalls, bric-a-brac (never quite knew what that means, and stalls of all types which present the outcomes of people's hobbies and activities. The Cricket Club bar will be open. The cake stalls will be something to look out for, the Red Cross ladies always make their presence felt. Anyone wishing to host a stall, or for any enquiries regarding the Fete, should ring Kerryn on 0413 561 302.

130 Years Ago PROVINCIAL NEWS 15 September 1892. South Australian Register , p.1 Supplement to the South Australian Register.



Mallala Museum The Museum has been the custodian of local history for over 50 years. Open every Sunday from 2pm to 4.30pm. Entry is $4 for adults and $1 for children. Ph 0433-820-570 mallalamuseum@gmail.com Legend for front page 1. Following Council Breakfast at the Dublin Oval on 26th January a cricket game between the three Brigades raising $545.05 which has been donated to CFS Foundation. Dublin Brigade members and family and friends support - Captain holding the perpetual trophy 2. Australia Day at Dublin Cricket Club Mayor Mark Wasley hosted the ceremony, with Australia Day ambassador William (Bill) Denny AM BN appeared as a special guest speaker. 3. ANZAC Day -Thanks to Lois Wasley for all the years making our wreaths for the RSL. We are grateful for your service to our RSL . 4. Dublin Cricket Club New Clubrooms - Recipient of Community Project of the Year – update to Oval and Clubroom 2022 Australia Day Awards 5. Port Parham Interpretative Centre and home of the Parham Jinker and story of Port Parham 6. South Australia History Festival - May Dublin History Group’s Parham (Past) Past or Present Display with Jenkin Jinker out the front of Dublin Institute 7. On Sunday, 24th October, the Mallala Museum paid homage to the hard work of one of their most dedicated Committee members, Margaret Tiller. The upstairs gallery has been officially named the "Margaret Tiller Gallery". 8. Long Plains Red Cross - Presentation photo Jenny Tiller, President, Alison Pym Secretary, Audrey and Mum Ali Tiller, Ava & Mum Chante Parker, Grandma Lois and Tilly Daniel 9. On the 7th September RAAF Base Mallala Commemorative Service held at the memorial in front of the Mallala Museum as part of the Royal Australian Air Force’s Centenary, cairn at Mallala Motorsport Park which marks the site of the main entrance and Guardhouse to RAAF Base Mallala 10. South Australians have all played their part to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in our state. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the next thing we all need to do to protect ourselves and the South Australian community. COVID-19 Vaccine | SA Health 11. Some of the Dublin History Group members headed to Port Adelaide on Wednesday 7th April to explore the Maritime Museum and discover more about the Mosquito Fleet which traded in the two Gulfs and called into Port Parham, Port Prime and Port Lorne. 12. DHG’s two new signs on the corner of Old Port Wakefield Road and First Street to direct visitors to our World War One Memorial Trees and Remembrance Garden at the Dublin Institute

13. Volunteers at the Parham Big CleanOn Sunday 18th July, unsightly dumped refuse behind Parham was removed by 30 volunteers from the Parham and other local communities, members of Friends of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) and AIBS Park Rangers.


9 Sixth Street (Corner First and Sixth Street), Dublin Open Days and Events in 2022 Open Days Sunday 13th February 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm Sunday 13th March 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Projects and Research The Dublin History Group members are always working on something :20th Anniversary of the Strawberry Fete

Updated toilets at the Institute this year

- History Display for Strawberry Fete World War 2 personnel - updated list and plaques

The Adelaide Plains Council will be updating the toilets at the Dublin Institute this financial year and we can’t wait as we will finally have a disabled one .

Cemetery Project - photos and info of headstones for our records and in conjunction with Northern Adelaide Family History Group Adelaide Plains database SA History Festival - Shops Businesses of the Hundred of Dublin

Just before Christmas work on the new facility at Parham Short Stay was completed as well as at the Dublin Lions Park , Nice Work!


Remembering Port Prime - the story behind Port Prime and the part it played in the Cold War

We welcome your help with any of this research and your photos and stories add life . Also assisting the CCC with the Protest Statutes.

Christmas Carols The DHG are hoping to hold the Christmas Carols again this year, so watch out on the calendar. Go to page 9 for the article on 2021 Christmas Carols PO Box 60 Dublin SA 5501 Email: info@dublinhistorygroup.com.au www.dublinhistorygroup.com.au www.facebook.com.au/dublinhistorygroup



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Adelaide Plains Council Cemetery Register https://www.apc.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=948&c=11297



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DUBLIN CRICKET CLUB 20 Anniversary Strawberry Fete Application Form th

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I WILL / WILL NOT BE DONATING A PRIZE FOR THE RAFFLE Prize Donated: Approximate Value: Enclosed is a cheque/Money order payable to Dublin Cricket Club for amount of $ ………. Please ensure you have returned your form with your fee by no later than 6th February 2022



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