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Dublin History Group - Presidents Report Well we are here again. Is it the roaring 20’s? Let’s hope history repeats only the good bits. The Roaring Twenties got their name from the exuberant, freewheeling popular culture that defines the decade. The most obvious examples of this are jazz bands and flappers. ... It was the decade that bought dramatic social and political change, flare and freedom to women, and advances in science and technology. What will the latest twenties be known for? Any predictions?

There are open days every month and during summertime the group works in the evening. If you see the lights on drop in for a chat or a cuppa. A list of events which are open to everyone is regularly updated on our Website. There are talks and external visits and presentations by members and also the occasional “Pop-Up museum”. If you think we can help with another event just send us an e-mail. Facebook

We can, of course learn from the past and that’s what the History Group will continue to do in the next decade. We have seen the local Institute re-vamped in recent times and a return to community use. The building is as useful today as it was in the 1920’s, it is adapting to the change in community services through the Dublin History Group.

Philip Brow President

Legend of Front Cover 1.

Australia Day Awards Citizen of the Year – Glenys Middleton with Mayor Mark Wasley


65th Mallala and Districts Reunion - Classmates from the Mallala Primary School’s 1960 Class of Grades 1 to 3 Butch Curnow, Judith Nowak (nee Brooks), Paul Baker and Peter Irish


DHG President, Ian Telfer thanking Pam Pym for her presentation on Coursing for our Sports Day


Windsor Uniting Church members supported the fundraising Pumpkin Party at Owen on Sunday 12th April with items for the auction, the catering and prizes to the winners of the competitions.


Long Plains Red Cross - Nicole and Thea Parker with President Jenny Tiller presentation to acknowledge all the efforts that her family put into fundraising for Long Plains during 2018-19.


Rev Phil and the Parham Singers at unveiling of the historical plaque at the Shannon Cemetery.


Mayor Mark Wasley and CEO James Miller inspect a sand ladder at Parham


Maxine Bell, Carolyn Cordon and Lola Western developing their ideas at the Improving your Presentation Skills workshop with Lisa Philip-Harbutt


Christmas lights in Seventh Street Dublin

75th Anniversary of the End of WWII 75th anniversary of the United Nations 50 years since the “Apollo 13” mission

Leap Year

Summer Olympics in Tokyo - 24 July until 9 August Paralympics - 25 August until 6 September

The Year of the Metal Rat will begin on 25th January 2020 and finish on 12th February 2021

Band-Aid turns 100

90 years since Pluto was discovered


Community Notice Board


19th Annual Strawberry Fete Sunday 26th Feb 2020 10am to 3pm Admission $2 per person children under 12 free Morning tea/Lunch available Raffle and Demonstrations during day

Stalls still available Phone Raelene 0432-181-748


In addition to the Australia Day Award categories

2020 Australia Day

above, Adelaide Plains Council has two further

Awards and

Awards, awarded to the following recipients:


Community Group of the Year – Two Wells Melodrama Group. Founded in 1982, the annual amateur theatrical productions have

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 16

raised more than $700,000. These funds have

December 2019, Elected Members determined

been allocated to support Two Wells and

the winners of the 2020 Australia Day Awards.

surrounding community groups.

Council received many worthy nominees who

Community Project of the Year – Pinery Fire

have made outstanding contributions to our

Memorial and History of Grace Plains.


This challenging multi-faceted project took

The award recipients have now been notified of

enormous input from the local community,

their success. “I had the delightful duty to ring our

volunteers, Lions Club of Mallala, Council and

Australia Day Award winners who were extremely

local businesses. The project included a

pleased that their achievements had been recognised this year by Council.

permanent memorial to remember the impact

I am looking

of the Pinery Fires and a historic reference

forward to meeting them all at our Australia Day


breakfast, to hear more about their inspirational




commitment to our community”, said Chief







sporting achievements, as well as the Grace

Executive Officer Mr James Miller.

Plains Historic Church and Primary School,

Council determined the following Australia Day

are a reminder of Grace Plain’s rich history.

Award recipients:

Recipients will be presented with their certificates

Citizen of the Year – Mrs Rae Corston.

at Council’s official Australia Day Ceremony.

Mrs Corston has been an invaluable volunteer

This event, celebrated annually, will be held at

in the Two Wells community for over 40

the Mallala Oval on Sunday 26 January 2020.

years, including six years at the local Primary

Breakfast, catered by Council and the Mallala

School. She was also a founding member of

Lions Club, will be served from 8.00am with

the Two Wells Softball Club, Hockey Club and

formalities commencing at 9.00am. Former Port

the District Family History Group.

Adelaide football legend Mr John Cahill will be

Community Event of the Year – Pinery Fire

our special guest Australia Day Ambassador.

Memorial Grand Opening. Victims and

Please bring a chair so you can enjoy the

communities impacted by the devastating

festivities under the shade of the gumtrees.

Pinery Fires have worked together to develop

For more information in relation to Council’s

a commemorative memorial in recognition of

Australia Day Awards and Celebrations, please

the 4 year anniversary of these ‘Fires’. On


Sunday 24 November 2019 the Grace Plains

community coordinated a community event,







Mark Wasley

which over 400 people attended, to recognise


and remember the impact and lost lives.


Rowan Ramsey MP Federal Member for Grey

I hope that residents managed to take some

Volunteer Grants

time-out over the Christmas and New Year period to catch up with family and friends and take a break.

The latest rounds of Volunteer Grants have just opened and grants from $1,000 - $5,000 are available for small equipment, fuel costs, training or screening checks. Organisations are asked to contact my office before February 18th for full information and to lodge an expression of interest.

For the people of the Adelaide Plains the current bushfires bring back vivid memories of the 2015 Pinery Fires. As then, we are amazed by the dedication of our volunteer emergency services, the generosity of the wider community and the resilience of those affected.

Age Pension Guide

Rightly, it has raised questions about fire management and preparation including; hazard reduction burns, personal property preparation, local planning, the recruitment challenges of the CFS and of course climate change and its impact on the fires. There will be a considerable time of investigation and reflection after the fires are extinguished.

I now have a comprehensive Age Pension Guide available on my website. For those either dealing with the system for the first time, or others acting on behalf of parents it can be a confusing area.

In recent weeks the Prime Minister has announced a series of unprecedented measures including the mobilisation of 3000 Defence Force Reservists, the allocation of $2bn for the re-building task and the establishment of a National Bushfire Recovery Agency.

This guide should answer a lot of your questions. - Look under Media/Newsletters and Other Publications.

All of that is new but comes on top of Disaster Recovery Payments for those who have suffered property losses and income support where volunteers have lost employment as a result of the fires. Poorly understood are the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements which sees the Commonwealth picking up 75% of the total costs faced by state governments for large events like this.

I always welcome feedback and queries from all of those who live in the electorate so please do not hesitate to contact me via email or by calling one of my offices.

Scott Morrison has recognised the scale of this summer’s devastation and thrown the full backing of government behind those in distress, just as he has done with the parts of the country suffering severe drought.



Office Details 43 Taylor St

8821 4366

Port Pirie

104 Ellen St

8633 1744


45a Playford Ave

8645 4255

Long Plains Red Cross At the February 2020 meeting we will be planning fundraisers for the 2019-20 financial year and this will include the stall at the Strawberry Fete at Port Parham, the March Appeal and May fundraiser. President Jenny Tiller’s grand-daughter Audrey Tiller and her family will be helping the branch with fundraisers. Members met in November for a Christmas lunch and instead of exchanging gifts, members brought food items to be used by the Red Cross for the Migrant support programs. The Christmas raffle was drawn at the Long Plains Christmas party on Monday 16th December. The Branch wishes to thank all the generous donors of gifts for the raffle. If you would like to join in Branch meetings and fundraisers you are very welcome. Please refer to the contacts listed further in this publication

Left - Alison Pym helping Santa at Christmas Party

Below - fun and games at Long Plains

Balaklava - Owen Lodge Mallala Primary School had a breakup function at the Mallala Institute and I presented an award from Balaklava/Owen Lodge to seven year student Emily Curnow, This award is the Teacher’s choice of a student who has most impress them over the last twelve months in joining in with school activities, with helping others with a friendly and good attitude .

Terry Halford, Emily with her class teacher Melanie Barnes.

VW Bro.Terry Halford



To the tens of thousands of volunteer firefighters who are keeping our communities safe. Also to the other volunteers behind the scenes and the Australian Defence Force that are there for support as the recovery process begins


South Australian Country Women’s Association Next meeting: Thursday March 5th


Mallala Branch

6pm for 6.30pm.

Rachael will speak about BLADDER AND BOWEL HEALTH.

Mallala CWA clubrooms adjacent Mallala Institute.

$10.00 per head. If you would like to join us please let us know by February 29th.

A light meal will be served followed by a presentation by Rachael Hudson from the Independent Living Centre

Secretary: Annette Halford


President: Mary O'Loan.


Thompson Beach Progress Association The current bushfire situation in the Adelaide Hills, on Kangaroo Island and on Australia's eastern coast, really makes you think about your own status and that of the community around you. At Thompson Beach we have a number of concerns that relate to things like the single road access, the cars that drive on to the beach over tinder dry dead sea grass and other related matters.

do not have a safe, flat area suitable for use as an assembly area, should that become necessary. There is nothing like an emergency fire plan for a coastal village like ours. These are a number of the concerns that the Association are going to address as the year advances. The Sausage Sizzle van will soon be back in action – the darts team is trying to improve their game and the “Pot Luck" dinners are happening on Friday nights as usual. So the New Year is under way with everyone hoping for a very wet and very successful year.

At this time of the year, we have visitors trying to catch crabs and others to observe the migratory birds that flock to our coast. We hope that nothing like a fire starts down here because we have so little ability to fight it, as a community. If power is cut, household’s pumps won’t work, so hoses are useless. We

Happy New Year, Ian Telfer Chairperson TBPA.



Windsor Uniting Church Pastor Collin Heslop is leading our worship at the three Plains Community worship centres and we are most grateful to him for sharing with us. Collin’s ordination service will be held at the Owen Institute on Saturday 8th February, 7:30 p.m. and everyone is welcome. The services at Windsor commence at 8:45 a.m. except for special occasions. For many years we have conducted the first service for the year at Port Parham Clubrooms and we plan to continue to do so, BUT on 5th January, 2020 the service will be at 4:30 p.m. with fish and chips tea to follow. You are all welcome, so please put the date and time in your new diaries.

outside and sharing in fellowship and wishing each other all the best for Christmas celebrations. We are also grateful to those who provided the supper and the donor of the Christmas lollies. Gwen Secomb

Despite the very hot conditions the Christmas Carol service was held at Windsor on the 18th December and the Parham Singers joined us this year. They chose two lesser known Christmas songs and everyone really enjoyed their singing. Supper followed with most people taking a chair

Dublin History Group Some Donations from 2019

Dublin History Group - Their Story

Wedding photo of Alfred Barker and Vera Rowe at Lower Light Methodist Church – donated by Sandra Rowe

For something a little different the DHG will be making a presentation at the Adelaide Northern Districts Family History Group in Salisbury. They have been visiting us for a number of years assisting with workshops, research and supporting our events, so we are very pleased to be able to support them. We are going to be talking about the DHG past, present and future.

Book called From the Tam O’Shanter – Johnson Jottings donated by Johnson Reunion Committee

World War 2 Soldier Lawrence Keith SHANNON photo and info from Williamstown & District Historical Society who had it donated by Miss Mary Grigg Ruth Hooper - Donation of great grandfathers’ photo who was Dublin School teacher - JTF Johnson 1883 – 1891

You are very welcome to attend.

Lyle Lomman Collection consisting of 2 chairs, cake plate, 3 hat pins and a CE badge from the closed Enfield Heritage Museum through the Mallala Museum

Sat 22 Feb 2020 1pm – 4pm The Salisbury Tafe Heritage Centre (Old Police Station), 3 Ann Street, Salisbury.

A sincere thank you to all those who have donated and remember the collections belongs to the community, the DHG are only the caretakers

Plenty of Parking is available.


St Peter’s & St. Pauls Parish Priest

Father Bartholomew O'Donovan

for our Red Cross funds. It meant a day off lessons as we all walked to the tip some three miles from the village and spent the school day going through the rubbish, and chasing the mice that had made nests among the debris. One foray to the tip we even found a part answer to a mystery. The local publican had a Great Dane dog that had mysteriously disappeared. He was called Peter and was a great favourite among us children. He roamed the town day and night and joined in our games. On this trip to the tip we found his body. More knowing ones among us identified that he had been shot. Why? The shooting was a mystery to us. However our parents were firm in denying that the body we found was Peter but we knew and wondered why they would lie. Turns out some years later we learned he had been killing sheep on one of the local properties and there was only one punishment that fitted that crime.

MAKING SENSE OUT OF LIFE Christmas was a hot topic. My brother Ross and I were talking to Mum about what we wanted Santa to bring. Mum seized the opportunity and said, “Surely you two boys know by this where Christmas presents come from?” (We were after all 9 and 10 years respectively.) We could see that the conversation had turned to where we had anticipated it might one day and that Mum was about to sort out this matter, so we confessed that we did know the truth and had known for some time but did not let on because it would mean no more presents. We were very relieved when she assured us that it would not be so and we would continue to wake up on Christmas morning to find a pillow case each on the end of our beds stuffed with presents. Childhood is a vulnerable part of life where the adults in control do not always make sense. Our survival and happiness depends on pleasing adults using our incomplete knowledge and immature mental faculties.

Feeling like being in the dark about life and what it gives us is not confined to children. Humanity lives with optimism and good expectations as normal despite the fact that we do not know what lies around the corner. We plan and scheme as if we do know for otherwise what would keep us going?

There was a time when this ignorance paid off. I became the most successful fundraiser in our school. It was during World War 2 and my grandmother, an indefatigable worker for the Red Cross had persuaded our schoolteacher to start a group called the Junior Red Cross. Its purpose was to raise money for the Red Cross war work. One activity was raising flower seedlings to sell. My family had the General Store and Grandma had donated the packets of seeds while the teacher’s wife organised us to raise the seedlings. I was given some packets of wallflower seeds. In my childish ignorance I rationalised them as war flowers. After all that was the hot topic of the day, being the early 1940’s with a some of my uncles at the front in the Middle East and the Pacific and my father a veteran of World War 1 away from home, too old to enlist but accepted as a fitter and turner at the munitions factory in Lithgow, NSW. So when I door knocked the village with the seedlings for sale every one wanted some, intrigued by this new flower called war flowers. As they grew more and more it was revealed that they were wallflowers but I was forgiven because after all I was just an ignorant kid. Our Junior Red Cross effort though profited mightily.

“For now we see in a mirror dimly,” (I Corinthians 13:12a NRSV) was the observation of St Paul when he was writing to the Christians in Corinth about life and living. He was reminding them that we do not know everything nor can we always anticipate trouble. In doing this he was also giving them encouragement that there will come a time when all will be revealed. Life’s mysteries and uncertainties are not the last word to those who have faith in God and seek to live lives that are composed of a mind set on godly aims and deeds. “We now know only in part and we prophecy only in part; but when the complete comes, the partial will come to an end.” (1 Corinthians 13:9-11.NRSV) Child or adult, we live in an environment of imperfect knowledge and only have partial control over life and living. St Paul from his own experience passes on to us how to cope with this uncertainty. Faith in God, hang on to hope in all circumstances and as Jesus asks us, live in love towards God, our neighbour and ourselves (see Matthew 22:34-40.) Fr. Bart. O’Donovan Anglican Parishes of Mallala and Two Wells.

Another activity was to salvage aluminium, brass and copper items from the village tip to be sold as scrap


The District’s Church Times ANGLICAN CHURCH


St Peter's Mallala

Windsor Uniting Church

1st Sunday of the month 10.00am –3 Nov., 1 Dec., 5 Jan.

Contact 0416343204 Services Sunday 8:45am

9.00am Christmas Day (Wed. 25 Dec.)

Mallala Uniting Church Service Sunday 9am

St Paul's Two Wells

10.00am – 10, 17 and 24 Nov.

(9.00am – Christmas in Song Mallala Institute)

Pastor Jordan Gauci Phone: 0450781561 Email: Sunday: Church service at 10:00am. Kids United activities in the Hall (during school terms).

7.30pm – Christmas Eve (Tues. 24 Dec.)

Monday: Life Group

10.00am – 8, 22, 29 Dec. 15 Dec – No Service in Two Wells

Tuesday: 9am -12pm Two Wells Playgroup Time Out Craft Group

10.00am till Noon

Thursday: Adult Fellowship on the 3rd Thursday of the month

fortnightly on Wednesdays

Friday: 11am-12pm Heart and Soul Food Distribution

Hart Memorial Hall,

Friday: 5:30pm – 7:30pm United Youth (during school terms)

Anglican Church, Two Wells 13 and 27 Nov.

Op Shop: 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. 9.00am to 12.00pm Saturday.

In Recess December

All events occur at the Two Wells Uniting Church


Two Wells Uniting Church

Fr Bart O'Donovan Phone: 08 75 101 148

Sunday Gathering 10:30am

Parish Contacts: or 0414248732

Mallala - Nita Noble Phone: 08 85 272 303

Two Wells - Di Meaney Phone: 0427 616 301

United Kids -

LUTHERAN CHURCH Two Wells Preaching Place Contact 8281 2976

For more info contact

United Youth -

WINDSOR CHRISTIAN CHURCH Windsor Institute Sunday Evening Services 5.00pm Contact No: 0427 572 237


Churches and Chapels of the Hundred of Dublin including Lower Light As part of the History Festival in May, The Dublin History Group are looking at the Churches and Chapels that were part of the fabric of the community. They have wonderful stories to tell about their lives and those who came within their walls

else story. If you have some photos or items you would like to share you can scan the photos, or photograph the item and send them to or post them to PO 60, Dublin SA 5501. If you could add as much detail or story to the photos that would be great.

All but one are now closed, have been demolished or converted to homes. The Windsor Uniting Church is still a practising church. Were you or a family member christened or married at any of these churches or chapels or perhaps a funeral of a loved one,?

The alternative is come an see us on our Open Days or even some evenings when we are working down at the Dublin Institute and we will happily assist .

We need you all to delve into those photo albums or memory boxes and see what you have to share. Although photos are wonderful , certificates, cards, letters or other memorabilia also add to the story. We would love for you to share it with us so we can display it our May Event and add it to the Community Collection. But it is OK if it just starts a conversation in the family about your memories and stories as when you share them they become part of someone

United Football Club returns to Dublin


Dublin Methodist Church


Long Plains Church of Christ (original)


Long Plains Church of Christ (rebuild)


Lower Light Methodist Church


Parham Church


Windsor Methodist Church


Shannon Methodist Church

and any supporters who would like to come and watch are more than welcome. Some other training sessions will be conducted elsewhere (a couple in Adelaide, at beach etc) for list of ALL training sessions keep an eye on United FC's official Facebook page.

Long Plains Oval is currently undergoing some irrigation works so UFC will be conducting Senior Pre-Season Trainings at Dublin Oval on the following dates: Wed 22/1 Wed 5/2 Wed 12/2 Mon 17/2 Wed 19/2 Mon 24/2 *Subject to heat if over 38 degrees.

United Football Club was established in 1964 when Dublin and Long Plains merged. Dublin, and Dublin people have been instrumental in our Clubs history and it will be great to re-connect with Dublin Oval by having official training sessions there this pre-season. For more information my number is 0409840764

United FC haven't trained at Dublin since the Reserves Team trained there in Grand Final week 2013 (turned out to be a good omen with the Reserves coming from 8 goals down in the last quarter to win the Premiership). Any Senior Players or Senior Colts who would like to train,




SINCE 1985

The cricket season is well and truly underway, it’s great to see so many junior cricketers at the Club this season please come to the Club to support our under 10’s and under 12’s on Friday nights from 5pm they really appreciate the support. If you can’t make Friday nights, show you support for the Senior Women that play on Monday night’s from 6pm or our Senior Men that play on Saturday afternoons from 1pm. Results and upcoming matches are posted on our Facebook page. Hope to see you at a game soon! NEW Clubroom Project (Stage 1) It is with great pleasure that I can advise that the Club has received Government funding to assist with the construction of a NEW Clubroom Facility. Stage 1 of the project will be completed by 30 June 2020 and the Club is hopeful that Stage 2 will be completed prior to the start of next cricket Season. Stay tuned for more updates!

Upcoming Club Events February Saturday 15th February - Sponsors Day, 12noon to 6PM Come to the Club for a drink, meet our Sponsors and watch the Grade 2 game: Dublin ‘A’ vs Enfield United ‘A’. Roast Lunch will be available $5. There may well even be few spots available in our VIP tent to purchase on the day. Please see Priesty at the Cricket Club for more info. If you would like to become a sponsor of Dublin Cricket Club please contact our Treasurer Heath Walker on 0409 696 421. March 13 March - Outdoor Cinema In conjunction with Adelaide Plains Council, we will be holding a FREE Outdoor Cinema event on Friday 13th March. Canteen Facilities will be available. The event is a drug and alcohol free zone. BYO beanbag, swag, deckchair or pillow. Sorry, NO pets allowed. 14-15 March - Alford Bowls Fundraiser The Club is hosting the Alford Bowls Fundraiser at Alford Bowling Club, High Street Alford. Free camping next to the Club, no power sites, caravans, campers, tents or swags. Bowling club open Friday 13th night for refreshments. Saturday $35 pp includes game of bowls, seafood tea around 6.30pm, refreshments available for purchase all day.

Dress code: neat casual. Raffles, competitive bowls for $$ with proceeds going to Alford Bowling Club. Please see Kimi or Priesty at Cricket Club for more info. Club Milestones The Club has had the following player milestones so far this season: 300 Club games - Chris Mason 450 Senior club wickets - John Mason 300 Senior club wickets - Ben Starr 50 Senior club wickets - Lachlan Goss and Ethan Pepe Congratulations guys! Here’s to a successful finish to the 2019/20 season. Regards Robert Priest Club President


SA COUNTRY FIRE SERVICE DUBLIN BRIGADE Monday Night Training 19:30hr PH: 85 292 252

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Our members, Father Christmas & Smokey had a fun time when the children and adults came to say hello, catch some lollies on our Annual Trucks Run, through Dublin, Thompson Beach & Parham on 20/12/2019. A very busy/early fire season 2019-2020, please stay vigilant, and prepared, refer to SACFS Website for all relevant information. Take care on the roads, consideration for others. Very overwhelming for many, with the extreme grass fires across the state and interstate. Our Brigade Members have gone to assist in other areas, hills fires, peninsula fires, KI fires (still ongoing), as well as deployment to QLD and NSW. The Brigade thanks those members for their commitment and professionalism in how they have conducted themselves representing the SACFS – Dublin Brigade. Just received Donations from

Dublin Mobil and Staff

Donation - Pat Irvine.

Both very generous donations, we the Brigade Members Sincerely Thank You for your ongoing support this will certainly help in going towards our Station Upgrade we are trying to achieve Drive safely. Interested come along Monday nights Brigade Captain

Rosemary McDonnell mb: 0412 685 281

Two Wells Blue Light Disco Two Wells Community Centre 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. 13th MARCH – Green Theme, 12th JUNE , 21st AUGUST – 12th Birthday 30th OCTOBER - Halloween 11th DECEMBER – Christmas For ages 8 to 15 years

Entrance $5

Details can be found on the Blue Light web site: Two Wells Blue Light promotes an environment free from alcohol, drugs, smoking and violence.



9 Sixth Street (Corner First and Sixth Street), Dublin Open Days and Events in 2020 Sunday 9th February - 2.00pm Memories of Dublin Methodist Church & Sunday School from 1950 to 1967 by Kevin Bubner

Monday 24th February War Animal Day

Sunday 8th March Sewing Machine/Overlocker Workshop Our last workshop for the year on10th November saw Glenn Gericke helping out Annette Halford and Lisa Philip-Harbutt , one with her sewing machine issues and the other with some training on the overlocker. Very useful for both of them

1.00pm to 5.00pm Open Day

Dublin History Group: May 24th at Dublin Institute - From Christenings to Funerals. Churches, like the institutes, shops and hotels, were the building blocks of the community. They were among the first buildings to be built and were dependent on the religious beliefs of the settlers

2019 Car Boot Sale Once again the DHG ran their Car Boot Sale on Sunday 3rd November but this time the Dublin CFS held their Open Day as well. So you could have a look for a bargain then pop over to the CFS to learn about our local brigade, bushfire strategies and more . Also pick up your sausage sizzle and drink for lunch.

Balaklava Museum : May 2nd - 3rd at Urlwin Park - Honouring the vision of our region’s Industrial Pioneers. From 1876 until the depression, Balaklava was renowned as the “Manufacturing centre of the north” for farm machinery in SA with blacksmiths and machinery makers, they created business opportunities with in our region

The money raised by the DHG from the Car Boot Sale will go towards World War Two Fallen Soldier plaques for the Remembrance Garden.

Pavers Once again the DHG are updating the pavers at the Dublin Lions Park, so you have an opportunity for your family or business to buy a paver and add to the history of the area and support the DHG. See pages 25 + 26 for the information and order form

PO Box 60 Dublin SA 5501 Email:


Researching Australian military service: Second World War, 1939-1945

Where they served

Nominal rolls

To locate where an individual served during the war you need to examine records of the unit with which your individual was serving. The personal service records will indicate the units and dates relevant for the individual's service. For further assistance please refer to our guide, Researching the history of a unit.

The Department of Veteran's Affairs created the World War 2 Nominal Roll, which provides the following details: Service number, Full name, Place of enlistment, Date of enlistment/attestation, Place of birth, Date of birth, Unit/ship/squadron at discharge, Date of death or discharge, Substantive rank on discharge, Prisoner of war status (yes or no), Next of kin

Australian Army War diaries were kept by the commanding officer of a unit to record daily activities and location. The Memorial has digitised headquarters and infantry units' diaries from the Second World War. Those war diaries that have not been digitised are available in the Research Centre. Published unit histories can be a useful source for information about where a unit served and its operations. You can identify if there is a published unit history for your individual's unit by searching the Collections database. Search using the name and date range of the unit, for example "2/2 Battalion 1939–1945".

Honours and gallantry awards Some published unit histories provide lists of names of their members, usually with service number. You can identify if there is a published unit history for your individual's unit by searching the Books database. Search using the name of the unit and the the date range as keywords, for example "2/2 Battalion 1939–1945".

Personal service records Service records of those who served with Australian forces are held by the National Archives of Australia. You can apply to the Archives for copies of personal service records. If your individual served with the forces of another country during the Second World War please see the information sheet Personal service records: countries other than Australia for further information.

Royal Australian Navy Reports of Proceedings (ROPs), known previously as “Letters of Proceedings”, are summaries of a ship’s or shore base’s activities. The reports were submitted by commanding officers to the Chief of Naval Staff. To identify relevant ROPs in the Memorial’s collection use the RecordSearch database, entering the name of the ship as your keyword and AWM78 in the series number field. These records are available for viewing in the Research Centre. The Memorial is progressively digitising its collection of ROPs, many of which are now available for viewing online.

Those who died while serving The Roll of Honour records the names of servicemen and servicewomen who died during or as a result of service with Australian military forces. The Roll of Honour introduction provides detailed information about Roll of Honour eligibility. The Commemorative Roll lists Australians who died during or as a result of wars or warlike operations in which Australians have been on active service but who were not eligible for inclusion on the Roll of Honour. The Commemorative Roll introduction provides detailed information about Commemorative Roll eligibility. Commonwealth War Graves Commission's register lists all British Commonwealth soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars. The register provides details about where the individual is buried or commemorated, including plans and photographs of the cemetery or memorial.

Royal Australian Air Force Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) formation and unit records (AWM64) were kept to record operations and activities of RAAF units. The records are available for viewing on microfilm in the Research Centre. The original records have been withdrawn from public access due to their fragile nature. Original records are issued only when no microfilm copy is available. The National Archives of Australia has a duplicate series A9186, many records of which have been digitised and are available online through the RecordSearch database.



PH. 0409 836 913 or 8523 2407 All Types of Electrical Work Domestic Commercial Industrial Backhoe Trenching A Class Electrical Licence PGE 91402 Building & Supervisors Licence 125881


Professional Dog


Clipping & Grooming


30 Years Experience

Sun - Wed:11am - 12pm

For an Appointment

Thurs - Sat: 11am - 2am

Phone Lyn: 8529 2177 74 Carslake Road, Dublin


8:30pm - 12 Midnight Friday & Saturday

Peter Applebee

MUSIC 9pm ‘til late

Eight Ball Competitions Darts

Phone: 8520 2241


t:08 82871297 f:08 82871297


for bookings Responsible gambling . Drive safely


GERRY’S DUBLIN MEATS Come in and compare the prices, quality and good old fashioned service Our famous Beef Sausages are available from the Dublin Community BBQ Saturday mornings

Old Port Wakefield Road, Dublin Phone 8529 2229 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Saturday 8:30 am to 12 noon Sunday 11am to 4pm except for Long Weekends


Adelaide Northern Districts Family History Group Inc.

Servicing both kinds of floors WOOD & TIMBER Repairs - Resurfacing - Sanding & Finishing - Floating Floors - Parquetry - Cork Maintenance - Existing & New

Committed in Promoting Family History Research

The Salisbury TAFE Heritage Centre (Old Police Station)

3 Ann Street, Salisbury Phone: 0457 436 123

Commercial - Domestic & Gymnasiums Philip - 0413 862 570 (DUBLIN)

Email: Open for research each Thursday 10:00 till 4:00, also on the second and fourth Saturday afternoons each month.

A1 SEPTIC SERVICES For prompt service Phone Mick on 8520 3536 or Mobile 0409 677 682


Halls Available For Hire In The Mallala Council Area Dublin Institute

Andrea Brow

Ph 8529 2030

Long Plains Soldiers Memorial Hall Allan Parker

Ph 0429 389 943

Mallala Institute

Lee Anne Work

Ph 8527 2132

Mallala RSL Hall



Mallala Uniting Church Hall & Youth Pastor Jordan Gauci

Ph: 0450 781 561

Two Wells Community Centre

Ph 0401 356 598

Jo Spurling

Sponsoring the Dublin Dispatch since 2005 MALLALA

3 ADELAIDE ROAD, MALLALA Phone 8527 2011 or 0428 559 787





MON- FRI: 6:30am - 6:30pm



SAT-SUN: 7:30am - 12:30pm


3 Wasleys Rd Mallala


PHONE 8527 2010




The Dublin Dispatch is always looking for new advertisers just drop us a line and see what we can do for you and remember you can change and update you advert at any time

PH 0438131677

There are six Dublin Dispatch's printed each year and we have the


colour online edition


For all enquires dublindispatch@du


Boril Olds Solicitors Telephone:

8380 8339 Cash for Bottles, Cans, & Scrap Metal

90 Old Port Wakefield Road

Personal Injuries Commercial Leases Criminal & Family Law Industrial Relations Wills & Estates Conveyancing

Two Wells

Firewood for Sale

OPEN: Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am to 3pm 42 Road Train Drive Two Wells

Phone Eddie: 0428 824 712


Two Wells Uniting Church

Treasure Trove

OPEN Saturdays 9.00 am to 12.00 am Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri 9.00 am to 4.00 pm OPEN ALL SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Plus any day by arrangement Contact: Pamela Duncan 8520 2764 Mobile 0409 002 201


Adelaide Plains Council Contact Information


Mayor Mark Wasley

0456 939 376

Mallala / Dublin Ward Deputy Mayor Cr. Marcus Strudwicke

0407 392 191

Cr. Terry-Anne Keen

0407 971 022

Cr. John Lush

0417 809 785

Principal Office - Mallala Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (except public holidays) 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala SA 5502 Postal: PO Box 18, Mallala SA 5502 Tel 08 8527 0200 Fax 08 8527 2242 Email

Two Wells Service Centre Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (except public holidays) 69 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells SA 5501 Tel 08 8520 3360 Fax 08 8520 2375

Mallala Depot

Two Wells Ward Cr. Kay Boon

0421 163 920

Cr. Frank Maiolo

0418 890 405

Cr. Joe Daniele

08 8520 2233

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except public holidays) 21 Aerodrome Road, Mallala SA 5502 Tel 08 8527 0200 Fax 08 8527 2490

Two Wells Public Library

Lewiston Ward

61 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells SA 5501

Cr. Brian Parker

0417 724 223

Cr. Margherita Panella

0416 020 777

Fax 08 8520 2235

Cr. Carmine Di Troia

0421 808 362

Monday: CLOSED

Tel 08 8520 2100

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm Wednesday: 12pm - 7pm

Adelaide Plains Council’s Cemetery Locations Barabba Cemetery, 884 Tank Road, Barabba

Thursday: 9am - 5pm Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 11.30am

Dublin Cemetery, 92 Harris Road, Dublin Feltwell Cemetery, 223 Feltwell Road, Mallala Grace Plains Cemetery, 7 Nairne Road, Grace Plain Shannon Cemetery, 293 Rowe Road, Calomba

Mallala Branch Library Redbanks Road, Mallala SA 5502 Tel 08 8527 0205 Wednesday: 10am - 12pm Friday: 3pm - 5pm

Two Wells Cemetery, Town Centre, Old Port

Windsor Branch Library

Wakefield Road, Two Wells

Windsor Institute,

Mallala RAAF Cemetery, 223 Feltwell Corner of

Old Port Wakefield Road, Windsor SA 5501

Old Dublin Road & Hill Road

Sunday: 10am - 11.30am

Mallala Catholic Cemetery, Franks Road,

Library Officer Barbara Kennedy

Adelaide Plains Council Cemetery Register

Ph. 0413 286 878



President: Philip Brow Secretary: Andrea Brow Treasurer - Ian Telfer

Sue Adams, Bev Jones, Jan Telfer and Pat Thompson Meet the Third Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm, Dublin Institute, First Street, Dublin. ENQUIRIES

Email: Phone: 08 8529 2030 Website:

Advertising in the Dublin Dispatch $25.00 (small) - $50.00 (large) per issue Larger advertisement charges available on application



expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Dublin History Group Incorporated Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material submitted, errors and omissions may (and will accidentally) occur. Published by Dublin History Group Inc. Enquiries to Closing date For advertisements and reports, is the 20th of February, April, June, August, October & December with earlier submissions appreciated. E-mail to The Dublin Dispatch is distributed free to residents in Mallala, Two Wells, Long Plains, Parham & Lower Light. Copies can be collected from the Dublin General Store. Residents outside the Adelaide Plains Council area can also receive copies for an annual subscription of $20.00 per year. Dublin Dispatch, PO Box 60, Dublin SA 5501

There are six Dublin Dispatch printed each year and remember the colour online


edition For all enquiries

Dublin Dispatch Subscription The Dublin Dispatch is distributed free to residents in Mallala, Two Wells, Long Plains, Parham & Lower Light. Copies can be collected from the Dublin General Store. Residents outside the Mallala District Council area can also receive copies for an annual subscription of $20.00 per year. Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………... Postal address: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Phone: …………………………………….. Date: …………………. Please enclose a cheque or money order to be made payable to Dublin History Group and post to Dublin Dispatch, PO Box 60, Dublin SA 5501. Or direct Deposit using Surname and DD Subs as identifier . Bank details Dublin History Group Inc. 633-000 123021149




Contact: Jill Stewart 8867 1127



Meet each Tuesday at 10:00am in the Pt. Parham Sports and Social Club Rooms.

APC 85270 200

President Wayne Smith 0408 852 262 Secretary. Kathy Wilson 0408 843 335

Mallala & Districts Men's Shed Opening times: Weds 9 till 1 pm


Sunday till 1 pm

Conference room available


All welcome

Recruiting for new members

Norm Dicks

Training at CFS Station, First Street, Dublin Monday’s nights from 7.30pm

Terry Halford

Dublin CFS Station: 8529 2252



Captain: Rosemary Mc Donnell 0412 68 5281

Other times by appointment

8529 2015 Dublin / Windsor

Barry Sowerby 0408 850 715


Des Quin 0418 831 983 Thompson Beach


Jennifer Dowling 0418 859 875 Two Wells

Chairman: Ian Telfer Phone: 0456 255 379.



12 First St, Port Parham

Meet on the second Wednesday of

Phone: 8529 2211

each alternate month at the


Long Plains Soldiers Memorial Hall. President: Jenny Tiller

0427 827276

Secretary: Alison Pym

8862 7025

Mallala RSL Sub-Branch

$10 Community Monthly Luncheons TBA

UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB President - Heather Curnow 0429 202 567

DUBLIN CRICKET CLUB INC. Club President - Robert Priest

0420 708 078






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