Fringe 2012

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The brilliant Side-show, champions of the Outsider, return to the festival with a unique perspective on a guy you don’t want to get stuck with. Róise Side-Show Productions [Ireland] dates / times Sep 12 – 15 / 18:15 duration 60 mins Black Box at Smock Alley Theatre tickets €12/€10 Conc. preview Sep 11 / 18:15 — €9

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44 West Coast Cool

A Dangerman Do you want a performer you can share a drink with?

Yes. Do you want a performer that’s a shoulder you could cry on? Yes. Do you want a friend? A dangerman is none of these things. He’s far more interesting. He’ll talk to you for hours on the street. He’ll be there for you and he’ll tell you what you need to hear. And you need to hear it. He may not be a stand-up guy but he’s pure theatre. Hear him out. He’ll change your mind. · 1850 374 643