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DU Beat March 14, 2012 - March 20, 2012

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Hindu Principal resigns as three other principals are accused of unethical conduct The principals of four colleges of the University have been in the news for the past one week for all the wrong reasons. While VK Srivastava, the principal of Hindu College has already resigned from the post, an enquiry has been launched against Bhim Sen Singh, the principal of Kirori Mal College. Rajendra Prasad, the principal of Ramjas College faces suspension over his alleged involvement in the fake certificates admissions scam and Valson Thampu, the principal of St Stephen’s College has been accused of dealing with an internal case in an unfair manner. VK Srivastava, the principal of Hindu College has been juggling

two posts since two years. A professor at the Department of Anthropology, he joined Hindu College as the principal in 2010 and retained his post in the department. He however later resigned from the post of principal of Hindu College and kept teaching in the department for two years. He rejoined Hindu College as the principal and applied for a special leave from the department for a period of two years. He was denied the leave, as a consequence of which, he has resigned from the post of principal of Hindu College. Srivastava’s resignation has come into light when controversy stalks

principals of three other colleges. Bhim Sen Singh who was nearly suspended for refusing to implement the semester system in KMC, now has some fresh charges against him. When Dinesh Singh, the current Vice Chancellor of the University visited the Kirori Mal College campus on 2 January 2012, the first day of the second semester of this academic session, he interacted with a number of students. During his visit it was found that classes were not being held for a number of courses and teachers’ attendance was low. The principal of the college too was absent on the day. Following this incident,

the college principal was served a notice. He has been asked to step down from the position till the enquiry is on. Rajendra Prasad, the principal of Ramjas College, chargesheeted for being involved in the fake certificates admissions scam, said, “The charges that I benefitted in the admission fraud case are malicious, mischievous and baseless. The police needs to do a better job in their investigations”. Valson Thampu, the principal of St. Stephen’s College has allegedly been protecting an employee who has been charged for sexual harassment by a woman colleague. Thampu has

VK Srivastava, Principal Hindu College tagged the allegations to be baseless, saying, “My only focus is to run the college to the best of my abilities. I wouldn’t want to waste my time responding to these accusations”.

Bottom Left to RightBhim Sen Singh, Principal Kirori Mal College, Rajendra Prasad, Principal Ramjas College, Valsun Thampu, Principal, St. Stephen’s College.

New recommendations for DU admissions’ guidelines Candidates seeking admission in colleges of Delhi University will have to choose their colleges wisely from the approaching session. With the price of cancelling admissions rising from Rs.15 to Rs.1000 within a year, the future students of DU might now think twice before choosing a college for good. New recommendations have been made by the high-power committee over the past two months, regulating the guidelines for DU admissions this year, a report of which will be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor soon. The admission cancellation fee in DU colleges is merely Rs.15, something which hasn’t been

reviewed in the past 40 years. Owing to such negligible cancellation charges, students tend to take admission in multiple colleges in order to block the seat, and then cancel admissions. In doing so, many other students are denied seats in colleges. To check this problem, the committee has suggested that if any student decides to cancel his admission till the last date of admission, a processing fee of Rs.1000 will be deducted. If the candidate comes for cancellation after the last date of admission, then the full fees paid will be deducted. According to a first year student Neha Mishra, “Even though the cancellation

fees is an insignificant figure, some candidates may feel that they could have sought admission and probably achieved it as well, and colleges feel that they are kept in the dark at times when already admitted students seek admission elsewhere; it cannot be denied that the fee hike is not going to be affordable for each and every student. You don’t have to be an SC or an OBC to be poor. DU is supposed to be a government university, then why this sudden money-mindedness? The fact that full fees paid will be deducted if admission is cancelled after the last date is simply unacceptable.” Along with a revision of the admission cancellation fee, to avoid misuse of reserved seats the high-power committee has recommended that SC/ST and OBC certificates should be in the name of the students, and not the parents. This rule has been proposed because some parents’ names (like Ram Kishan) are extremely common. Consequently it is very easy for students to produce such certificates, which has

been a prevalent practice in DU. According to the new rule, the certificates for these quotas will now have to be in the name of the candidate and issued within the past 12 months. For admission through the OBC quota, the certificates will now be required in the Central Government’s prescribed format and will have to specify whether or not the candidate’s caste constitutes the creamy layers. All this has suddenly created a new stir in the minds of those aspiring to join DU for their graduation. “Besides the horrifying and sky rocketing cut-offs and the newly introduced semester sys-

tem, it seems like we have one more thing to worry about,” says Akshit Gupta (name changed) who is appearing currently for 12th grade Board examinations and is hoping to join DU. Even though teachers and other faculty members of the University are in agreement with the authorities about SC certificates being issued and verified in the name of the student himself/ herself, they still fear that a new series of protests might erupt as soon as the admission process begin, and are afraid that too many changes might disappoint students. Tazmeen Amna Siddiqi



March 14, 2012 - March 20, 2012

Unusual Sightings at Crossroads 2012 If you thought that the rodeo bull ride or a tambola of environmental terms were the most unusual things about the SRCC festival think again. We bring to you some out of ordinary sights at this much talked about festival. The Tata Nano kiosk was the centre of a lot of dancing and revelry. The men gyrating to ‘chikni chameli’ presented a ‘jaanlewa jalwa’ that would have given Katrina kaif a run for her money with their jhatkas – matkas and the sheer feel with which they danced to the uncouth anthem of 2012. After dancing for an entire minute on a current Honey Singh chartbuster like a mentally unstable person as was asked of her by the emcee a girl was rewarded not with a Tata Nano but a 4 days and 3 night’s stay at the Wazirpur Depo. The hefty prize money delighted all the winners. The winner of the 3rd position in the pottery painting competition was thrilled to have won Rs.600 for painting geometrical patterns on her pot with great flourish and was seen indulging herself with some crispy Jalebis. Things got wild at the wild stone kiosk, taking the battle of the sexes to a whole new level, gender roles were reversed and girls were spotted applying make-up on the face of their better half with dedicated precision. Taking inspiration from Zarine Khan, who was the showstopper at the fashion show, men got in touch with their feminine side by walking the ramp while wearing crazy coloured wigs usually sported by clowns at Ajanta Circus. After all the consumers of wild stone products are wild by nature. Men competing to generate the maximum amount of foam by shampooing their hair the fastest at the fest were also spotted at the same kiosk. The winners were rewarded with wild stone merchandize. While leaving the venue we witnessed the endearing sight of a father holding his infant child and jumping on the trampoline. This scene reminiscent of a Jeevan Bima advertisement made us believe that Crossroads was home to some of the most extraordinary delights.

Pragya Lal

You know you were at LSR Tarang 2012 when... •



freely on campus and made nascent flowers bloom. Literally and figuratively. • Bands like ‘Soul’d Out’ infused

life and immense energy to the competition and the ada with which the lead singer threw off his muffler when it began to hinder his moves had the audience asking for more. However, the clear winner of hearts ladies and gents was the saxophone. • The Stand-up comic Abish Mathew won over the LSR centric audience with his charming ways and inside jokes about cats, our complete dependence on Balbir ‘dabbang’ Bhaiya for crisis of all kind and gave the women some

precious insight to the working of the supposedly ‘one track’ male psyche. The Principal planted an affectionate peck on the cheek of Monsieur Mathew at the end of the performance on the pretext of ‘doing what every girl in the auditorium wanted to’ and stole the show (as always), leaving the recipient of the said peck in a state of visible disbelief. • You could see the Student’s Union frantically walking around the venue, walkie talkies in tow. The expression on their faces was a peculiar amalgamation of stress, over work, resilience and a big dollop of tolerance • You wait for what seems like an eternity and a half in a queue that resembles one outside the US Visa Offices or the Sidhivinayak temple on a 1st January morning to watch the Choreo Dance Competition and if you are lucky enough to get inside the auditorium you send a quick thank you prayer to Baba Jugaad. • A band tries to cover the current cult classic ‘Sadda Haq’ during the battle of the bands competition but fails. • Vinay Bhushan, a character reminiscent of Shahrukh Khan’s portrayal of Surinder Sahni in Rab Ne Bana

Di Jodi in his blatant simplicity had the audience rooting for him since the very first scene where he brushes his teeth on stage. Post his performance in the KMC production ‘The Line’, an enthusiastic fan was shocked to discover that the actor’s accented English was a part of the act and words like ‘chiterr’ (sic) were not a part of his off stage vocabulary. • The flash mob may not have been a total surprise but +10 points for the choice of the single ladies sound track. One could safely say that the strict security measures and the exclusivity of the passes ensured that the ladies of this college remain single forevermore, for the boys who managed to make their way into the campus ‘if you like it then you should put a ring on it' • You overheard the girl standing in front of you singing “Laaast Taaaraangg I gaaave youuu maa haaart but thaa verrry next day youuu gave it awaay, theees yearr to saaave meee fraam teeears I gayyvee it to someone eespeciaaal” (sic) while standing in (yet another) unending queue to watch Them Clones perform.


Pragya Lal



March 14, 2012 - March 20, 2012

A short filmmaking competition by Shamiana The Delhi chapter of Shamiana, a short film club is organizing a short film making competition called ‘The Photo Story to ShortFilm Contest’ for student photographers and aspiring short filmmakers across Delhi and NCR. The winning entry will receive an industry mentor Rs 25,000 for the production of the short film and extensive promotion. The film club is organizing the competition in association with Uncommonsense Films, a well-established production house in Delhi. The Delhi University Photography Club, DUPC, is the official publicity partner for the competition. A photo story is a collection of images placed in a specific order to tell the progression of events, emotions and concepts, a form of storytelling translated into visual images. Participants are required to submit bitesize stories in photo and text format. The winning entry will be screened in all centers of the club and at the festivals Shamiana collaborates with. The competition is an endeavour to go beyond simply

screening short films. It is being anticipated to be an encouraging platform for first-timers. Since the short film genre is emerging,

one rarely gets many investors; an Rs 25000 budget is fairly lucrative for a short film. "The Photo story contest is simply a way to tap into the exciting and ECA enriched life students have. We are looking at the ability and ease to tell a story through a set of pictures. It's not about what you tell but how you tell. Nothing beats a compelling story, be it about the inane lifeevent,” says Priya Bhattacharji, Shamiana Delhi Head. Since it is an undertaking of a Delhi-based production house, the organizers are looking at entries from Delhibased student photographers only. The main motivation is to

break the 'documentary' tag attached with short films. They are open to all kind of genres, as Shamiana is an ideology-free club. The contest, however, is open to photo-stories which document an event/person. “A photo story excellently combines the concept of stillness and motion, and with the Photostory-to-Short Film Competition, we wish to explore this realm further and give young and aspiring filmmakers a great opportunity to make a short film under professional guidance", says Manira Chaudhary, College Consultant, Shamiana. “Being an enthusiastic photographer my interest extends to filmmaking as well and in fact plan to take it up as a career. I see this competition as an opportunity to understand the basic dynamics and aesthetics required to make a small budget documentary”, says Sahil Ali, from Fine Arts and Photography Society, KMC who is very enthusiastic about participating in the competition. “Shamiana came up with the unique idea of the photo story competition and we at DUPC found it very interesting and believed in it. So we associated ourselves with the project and helped to develop it. DUPC has access to students of Delhi University so we worked towards publicizing the competition.

The competition is a first-of-itskind and we have received enthusiastic response for p a r t i c i p a t i o n ”, says Amanat Khullar from DUPC. Shamiana is a group of people passionate about showcasing the finest short films from India and all over the world. Claimed by its members as Asia's biggest and fastest growing short film club, Shamiana is widely regarded as the pioneer of the organized short film space in India. The club started off with just one screening at Jazz By the Bay and has now expanded to several monthly chapters including major centers such as Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore. The idea behind the club is for the members to share their passion for films with people and help them see beyond the 'feature films' by introducing them to great shorts from all over the country and the world

thereby making them realize that a story can be efficiently and beautifully told in as short a duration as a minute. Shamaina has been a steady collaborator with iconic cultural events such as IFFI (GOA) and Kala Ghoda . For details regarding the competition, you can visit: htt p : / / w w w. fa ceb o o k . co m / events/263791397025521/. The deadline is March 25, 2012. Shweta Arora




March 14, 2012 -March 20, 2012

Man, Murder, Media A man, who till a few days ago was living in relative obscurity, is on his way to soon becoming a household name. With half the virtual world going berserk over the Kony2012 video posted by filmmaker Jason Russell of the Invisible Children organisation, it is all the more unlikely that the man in the spotlight will be able to retain anonymity. For the uninitiated, the Kony2012 campaign revolves around bringing Joseph Kony, the perpetrator of crimes against humanity pertaining specifically to kidnapping children from their homes in Uganda and forcing them to take to arms, to justice.

minutes of its upload has sent shock waves across the globe and convinced us that Kony is probably the worst man to walk on earth after Hitler. Now, such a well-intentioned campaign reaching out to millions of people across the world has to have its own Pandora's box of controversies. Without going over the details again (as that's what has been occupying top spot in Facebook status content these days), let's just say the Invisible Children Organisation has been made out to be a cretin belonging to the lowest rung in scum hierarchy.

The video which went viral within

What, however the African politics aficionados have been

crying themselves hoarse over is not the lacunae in the ICO's noble intentions but the fact that a highly idealistic view with complete disregard to the complexity of the issue, has been propagated. It won't be wrong to say that a simplistic and misrepresented perspective has been put forth designed to tug at the heart strings of the highly impetuous population living on the Internet. Now obviously, whether he wanted it or not, Joseph Kony has gained more fame than he probably ever thought possible. In this, the Invisible Children Organisation has achieved one of its objectives - awareness. Thus, the point to be debated upon is whether such aggressive campaigning and targeted marketing will ultimately culminate in Kony's capture. Most have probably guessed by now that buying the Kony2012 action kit and wearing the much-sought-after bracelet, is probably not part of the Top 5 Best First Steps list of the Ugandan/American military who are actually going to be doing the job. Neither are they interested in the magnitude of Kony

posters across the world or the number of people who think how particularly heinous Kony's crimes are. Ultimately, that really doesn't matter.

If focus were to be shifted to say Osama Bin Laden, who needs no introduction whatsoever and definitely not an Osama2011 Make Osama Famous Campaign, ultimately it was political acumen and international government support that nipped the man (not quite in the bud though). Obviously there was no doubt in anyone's mind as to the atrocities and barbarity of the aforementioned man, however wearing a bracelet would have done as much in bringing him to justice as probably dancing naked in a snowstorm might have. What really is the crux of the issue is the fact that widespread screening of documentaries and posters do nothing more than increase awareness. Yes, that is important but for any movement to be successful (specially in

Euro crises tossed into a deeper cavity of fiscal cocktail With the financial situation of the European countries refusing to improve, it seems as if all the powers are trying to implement their profound medications to plunge it out of the financial soup. Each time that I come across an article on the Euro crisis or the how the European Union (EU) is trying to work on mending and amending the situation, I see a widening gap between the predicament and its solution. Okay! Here’s to start with. The Euro crisis has recently caught

the limelight, but has been existent since last three years. The difference being, that it is consistently growing in intensity with each passing day. Most of the countries are unable to refinance their government debt without any aid or assistance provided by the Third parties. While the condition of the European sovereign was said to improve in the year 2010, it again faced further degradation due to multiple loopholes. Greece, Ireland and Portugal have

been the most affected countries even though they used to fetch a large percentage of Euro zone’s GDP, while countries like Germany are pretty much in the safe zone. A chain of negatives followed with increasing government debts. It’s quite startling because most of the European countries failed to cash in on their primary sources of revenue to counter the damage which was created by the increasing debts, which is Trade and Tourism. Trades fell, monetary policies worsened, property bubbles were created within certain countries, and Investors started backing out and what not! It seems as if the previous problems weren’t enough. While the EU and several other powers made their own claims of fixing the situation up, some Economists has a simple explanation to highlight their futile attempts. Even in my opinion, the reason why the problem cannot really be dealt with a

a politically volatile issue), it requires a leader willing to look at both sides of the spectrum, someone willing to negotiate and someone who is not blinded with insurmountable hatred. If we are to look at a campaign much closer home i.e. The Lokpal Bill movement, which took the country by storm and which is probably the reason why supporting the Congress is equivalent to committing a crime; it worked albeit partially because political negotiations were involved and the public was kept abreast of the developments. This ,however, isn't what is happening in the Kony2012 campaign. We have no idea whatsoever as to what is going on in the zone. In fact, it is quite perplexing to note that Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army hasn't been active in Uganda since 2005! Whether the ICO's intentions are suspicious or not is purely speculation at this moment but what can definitely be said for sure is that it's an entirely different ball game out there which cannot be solved without the intervention of wide ranging parties. It really isn't quite as simple as "trying to stop the Star Wars people".

Urvi Gupta

common consensus is because the cause of a crisis in each country varies by massive proportions.

And finally, another country facing severe deterioration has been Portugal, which has been a prime victim of expenditure and investment bubbles and mismanagement of funds.

Look at Greece for instance; it has been amongst the fastest growing economies at a point of time. But what pulled it down? Greece got most of its revenues from trade and tourism. However, generous expenditures on defense, openhanded pays and pension benefits resulted in a thick monetary outflow. Much sooner, Greece was affected by the changing business cycle. The Government changed nothing about its ways of functioning and took loans instead for covering up its financial needs. As a result, Euro currency fell in the markets. Trades and investments were affected further and well, the cycle continued.

Even though most of these problems were cited a couple of years ago, the European government failed to recognize it as a threat. The overtly relaxed system of credits and cash outflow followed as if nothing went wrong, and now, this very scenario has left Europe hanging halfway through a debt pit.

On the other hand, countries like Ireland fell into a property bubble because of their dominant banks which were too big to both fail and function under control. The banks used to lend generous amounts of loans to property developers which fed the property bubble. Finally, the property bubble burst into an ugly transition, converting revenue to deficit, and increased unemployment. The banks further requested loans from the European Central Bank instead of letting the private bondholders suffer their respective losses.

However, the leaders of the EU have finally signed a Treaty in order to introduce fiscal discipline which will be effective in 12 Euro zone countries. But the voters across the EU feel completely powerless about the situation since the European Commission, which is an unelected bureaucracy, is taking vital decisions without seeking majority’s opinion, which unfortunately might lead to a larger number of problems within the continent. Hence, is this really what we may call a SOLUTION? Alas! The incorrigible and often funny behaviour of those in power cannot be avoided. I hope the people out there wake up to a better morning and realize how big a puddle they’ve stepped into. Though, it’s never too late. Anisha Banerjee


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I don’t go to weddings anymore The curious case of the Delhi wedding: the bride is the hideous mannequin at the wedding, all dolled up in white powder and whatever that a ‘bridal/wedding package’ make up entails. The married couple sit like gagged spectators under house arrest, so much so that it makes me want to do the Joker’s routine from the Dark Knight. Why so serious you guys? And it just makes my day if the mammoth arrangement is in a place called Hotel ‘Elegance’ or Hotel ‘Nicety’.

want to be rich or famous’. Uncleji is confused, gives me a stare and walks away to get another drink.

What I love the most are the never ending chacha-chachis, mama-mamis, foofa-foofis, bhaiyas-bhabhis, and the far away ‘door ke,mooh bolein’ bhaiyaji, uncleji and auntyji and their (d)ucking questions. ‘Arey tum to bahut bade ho gaye, Medical kar rahe ho ki Engineering’, ‘No Uncleji, I plan to work in Subway. I don’t really

Big fat weddings are outright embodiments of materialism or a need for a family to conform to unnecessary social requirements. No one’s complaining if you’re a Chatwal and can afford to get your son married lavishly every year. But then you have the family that sells off its house or breaks its investment bonds to marry ‘off’ the daughter, gift


SOCIAL RETARDS-ARE WE? “The love was poignant and strongly felt. She was recklessly striving to get a mere opportunity to strike a conversation. Helpless, dejected, with efforts being futile, she lamented for aid. When phone numbers were not available and other modes were inaccessible, she pleaded and cried profusely! Desperate she was to talk to him, asked for some divine intervention! When all methods had failed, there came an idea which filled her eyes with glittery shimmer. A book it was, ironically, proving tempting to the youngsters, yes it was a social networking site, marking an angelic presence in her life. Her passionate dreams gave her a reason to fly and she added him as a “friend”! And now the humble “request” had been

accepted! Brimming with ecstasy and exhilaration, she jumped like a maniac as soon as she saw the green “signal” appearing in front of his name. Was it a green signal to their love story? Perhaps! With hi’s and hello’s, she had a smooth beginning, like a morning witnessed by a fascinating bird. He replied in his usual charismatic way which mesmerized her. The chat conversations lasted long and marked the beginning of a friendship. Flabbergasted she was, as she achieved what she craved for, even though it was a petty thing for others. Days passed, and from friends, they were more than friends knowing all the intricacies of each other’s lives. They guffawed, they moaned together. It was like a fairytale for her!

But the devil’s presence is indispensable in a fairy tale! Forgetting the other things, her life now revolved around the social network, with hourly status updates of trivial issues and silly comments, she was all fuddled, fuddled by the addiction which made her a retard! Yes! A SOCIAL RETARD! She woke with it, she ate with it, and she slept with it! It seemed to have conquered her life! The love had been lost somewhere and the enthusiasm buried long ago, she devoted her life towards it like a whacked up lady running after useless cosmetics. She addled her brains with the thoughts of people “poking” her and her pictures depicting her “profile”. She attended online “virtual” parties, played games,

You can’t really do a Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson as a wedding crasher in a Delhi arrangement. The women look terrifying in the over done embellishment of their face; almost makes you believe that you’re in some Halloween or Goth party. So the crashers check out the food and the actual invitees take turns to the parking lot for some inebriation.

had endless conversations with acquaintances, made friends out of them. Her world was full of despondency, when she had to go offline, when she had to bear the separation and face the reality. Cobweb it was! Her parents were perturbed and the addiction was conspicuous! Endless hours on net agitated them but they knew that there wasn’t any rehab to get rid of this addiction! An addiction which made their daughter fly “high” and could manage to make her engrossed in her notso-little world of 500 “friends” connoting her eminence! Considering the girl’s condition I feel, it wasn’t the glory of the networking site, it was a notorious way to take a temporary refuge from the hustles of life, leaving the mainstream life completely neglected! Indeed! These social networking sites have lent a

Korean Delight at Shim Tur Hidden within the terrace of a tremendously downtrodden (could give it no stars whatsoever) hotel by the name of Navurang Guest House in Paharganj, the Shim Tur Korean Restaurant is one of the many eateries serving Korean food in the area. Unless referred to by someone, a visitor unfamiliar with Paharganj would not even consider looking for this place.

Started by Mr. Chang, nine years ago, this particular restaurant is not in plain view but can only be accessed after passing through a ‘shady’ corridor and climbing up to the third floor of Navurang Guest House. But once you reach your destination, it is pretty much the warmest ambience to devour an authentic Korean meal at. With few tables for guests and a kind of peaceful serenity, one can eat away from the noise and crowd of Paharganj’s market area, while being very much in the heart of it. For Delhi University students looking for not-too-costly Korean cuisine, this would be an apt location, serving not only scrumptious Korean food

like Kimbap (rice wrapped in sea weed), Kimchi(a spicy and tangy side dish which Koreans eat along with almost every meal), eggsoup, pork, beef,squid and other vegetarian dishes; but also food which provides immense value for money. Here food is prepared with care and good taste, minus the taxes and VAT! Korean Coffee and Tea are also available, although there is no section for desserts. Winter season is at its peak and the evenings here are absolutely enthralling. Most customers,

the the bridegroom’s family a Santro, LCD TV and microwave. ‘The wedding should be grand’, enounce the elderly wise people. Makes me want to say that couples should take the lead, have low profile unions and invest their money in the customary post marriage trip outside. After all charity begins at home. Rohan Seth

huge helping hand in making the lives of youngsters devoid of the essence of friendship. Virtual friendship is considered to be the ultimate achievement and joy! The “fakebook” has already managed to create a plethora of social retards with its ever so enticing apps! Be it chatting or managing a farm, the users blindly follow the trend! Parents are bewildered by the dipping scores and falling health and teachers are astonished too! Isn’t it a miserable fate? Isn’t it high time to curb this social retardation? Though a subtle usage restricted to some specific time may be a plausible solution! It is known that resources when over exploited may have far reaching repercussions. But resources when utilized judiciously prove to be a boon always! Mansi Ghai III year, DCE has been filled up by passport size photographs of visitors. Also present is a small library made up of Korean Anime comics and Lonely Planet guides (all written in Korean).

about a 100 people a day, visit this small space during January and December, while in the summer, footfall would be approximately 30 people per day. The crowd here is also mixed, ranging from Koreans visiting Delhi, Europeans and Australians to people from various parts of India. There is a board that

The food here is terribly delicious, especially during winter’s spell when the air is crisp and cool, with the food being equally hot. Cutlery that we are used to is very much available, though eating with chopsticks has its own charm. So if you are a foodie who loves trying out newer cuisines, or simply a Korean fan (be it the sitcoms or the culture) or a DU student awaiting an exotic meal for not much money, the Shim Tur Korean Restaurant is the place to go. Sapna Mathur




March 14, 2012 -March 21, 2012


GROUNDED IN SPACE-ADVAITA GROUNDED IN SPACE, the debut album of band ADVAITA is a glaring instance of fusion music. It fuses the Indian classical elements with the jazzy elements of western music, resulting in soothing vocals. With simplified classical songs and distinct presence of each instrument gives this album a unique touch. The Indian flavours of tracks like Rasiya and Hamsadhwani and the effortless jugalbandi gives it the required layering of sounds. Songs like Durga, ghir ghir leaves you spellbound.

The different aspect of this particular album is the intricate instrumental music. The vocalists, with their mesmerizing voice quality have showed brilliant techniques and touched upon the nuances of classical forms neatly. Suhail Yusuf Khan’s Saarangi manages to create a splendid

The album “Bolo Na” by Sona Mohapatra is a blend of vivid styles of music including R&B, soft rock and Hindustani classical forms. The best part about this album is the captivating and extremely refreshing voice of the lead singer, Sona. The honesty, typical Indian rawness and immense depth of her voice managed to make her debut album a huge success after its release.

Lyricist Munna Dhiman, with his awe inspiring lyrics and music director Ram Sampat, with his soothing and pacifying music adds a subtle shimmer to the album. This album is meant for all those who follow music passionately. For the ROCKAHOLICS, who do not find Indian music enticing enough to be followed, do check this out! Top 5 recommended albums

R E V Bolo Na – Sona Mohapatra I E W

SANCTUM “The only way out is down” Director: Alister Grierson Producer: James Cameron James Cameron and 3D have become inviolably inseparable, especially after Avatar. So, when the maker of some of the greatest money-churners of our times lends his name to a 3D enterprise, even if that's just a turn-in as a producer, you expect the Cameron touch, if not magic. A hundred and nine minute movie that claims to have been based on a true story, the ‘action-thriller’ Sanctum follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth. When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. Prodigious diver Frank McGuire(Roxburgh) and his team, including his seventeenyear old son Josh(Wakefield) and financier Carl Hurley(Gruffudd), explored the South Pacific’s Esaala Caves in Papua New Guinea for months. As their exit gets blocked by a flash flood, the divers are forced to radically alter their plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out.

effect in the songs. A musical dream redefining Indian music. Worth a try!

of this genre: 1. Saagar by Fuzon (Shafqat Amanat Ali) 2. Desert Rain by Indian Ocean 3. Kailasa by Kailash Kher 4. Raghu Dixit project by Raghu Dixit 5. Agnee by Band Agnee

Mansi Ghai, Environmental Engineering, DTU, year III

Screenplay: Andrew wight Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Ioan Gruffudd, Rhys Alice Parkinson


Some of the interesting reviews that the movie seems to have garnered world-wide would definitely include the following : “It is a movie that tries to make you feel that there's this cool thing going on that everybody knows about except you.”-- San Francisco Chronicle ; “Falls somewhere between the disaster genre and the horror genre ... but it's not campy enough for the former, and not scary enough for the latter.” ; “Actually being stuck in a remote waterlogged grotto might be

Oh my Idli Appam! Don't tell me the lotus blossom is giving you jitters! You naughty little brat, you mustn't lie to Amma and say you haven't made your lady love get down and dirty? I for one always had a fetish for loosely bound short lungis (and the horntail within of course) in my prime. Anyway, you see my Mallu Macha, if you really are that much of a squeamish ball, you can always ask your girl to shower beforehand. In fact, you can splash around with her; two for joy, I always say. Macha, I'm glad you're clarifying about the chocolate syrup (however, I prefer strawberry). I've had many Machchis complain that their strapping better halves finished entire bottles of Hershey's chocolate sauce they'd shelled out a fortune on before doing the deed! Aiyyo, I almost put sugar in my rasam out of shock! So Macha, to prevent you from having a dissatisfied lady on the other side of the bed, you should know that the syrup is meant to aid the tongue action down under. Yes dearie, that's what she wants and trust me when you're in there, you'll like it. My boyfriend is six feet tall. I thought tall boys had a long penis, but my boyfriend is not even close to the average size. I don’t want to break up with him, but is there some medical/ayurvedic formula available in the market which could enhance his size?

In Sanctum, there are only fleeting moments of visual brilliance which you can count on your fingers. At your politest best, that's what you can say about the film whose cast are reduced to mouthing terribly trite lines. Exciting in parts, especially in the underwater and deluge sequences and awfully slow and drawn-out in others, Sanctum's characters appear to have no connection with one another and that fails to take the narrative ahead. There is no background story whatsoever, the presence of which might have helped the audience get a sense of familiarity with the characters.

Amma, my girlfriend wants me to go down on her and I just think it’s really unhygienic to do such a thing. I don't even know what to do! Moreover she wants me to use chocolate syrup. What the heck am I supposed to be doing with that? I really don't want to. I just fear she'll break up with me if I decline to do it. Please give me some advice.

By the holy backwaters of Kerala, I can assure you, size does matter. There is no guilt in feeling the way you do, my little set dosa. Also the fact that penis size is directly proportional to foot-size, height and inversely proportional to intelligence is all a bunch of rotten fish. Now, you may be running from one miracle worker to another, but let me tell you, nothing works best than a spot of good old knife action. You see, Machchi, if you go to a qualified professional, (s) he will do wonders for you (for your strapping young fellow, I mean). And it'll be permanent as well, so you can have a ‘happy ever after’ and eat all the prawn curry you want, if you know what I mean.

more tolerable than enduring this disaster of an adventure movie.”-- USA Today ; The idea of the movie is certainly not bravery but surviving the catastrophe. Sanctum's Josh and The Pianist's Wladyslaw Szpilman are in a way joined at the hip in their trauma. They don't wish to exhibit valour but some would say are courageous enough to have escaped death and therein lay their courage—in standing up for life and beating it at its own game. In the best scenario, that's the maximum tribute one can pay to Sanctum and the non-actors who inhabit its world. If it's based on a real story, it finds itself in desperate need of real moments.

Dear Amma, I thought he was a weirdo, but one drunken night and hours of hot, wild, passionate sex and I'm a changed man. Also I didn't think I was gay. Right? Are you kidding me, boy?! We are in the century we are in and way past section 377 and all that kathakali! We have parades, for whichever-god you believe in-sakes!! So I’m telling you to embrace your sexuality (changed man that you are now) and don't go around calling people “weirdos” just on the basis of which sex gives them wet dreams. It is all too un-cool to be a homophobe in this day and age, innit? So if you are gay, nothing aiyyo-worthy about that, OK? But if you aren't, then good for you! It was only the beer and the shots talking (or in this case, ahem You got carried away. You’ll laugh about it a few weeks from now. Then soon, forget it. However, the only question you need to ask yourself is whether you liked your sex better this way or that (with girls i.e.) and believe me, it is okay whatever your answer is (though if you ask me, it is best if it's a tie). Take care!


Dear DUB reader, Welcome to the world of Sex Amma, your weekly confidante on all questions on that ssshhhh topic. Mail her your queries at P.S.: “Aiyo…Flouting ethics of confidentiality is against my principles”, informs Sex Amma.




Humouroscope Aries You will lose your cell phone in the next fest you attend between the inauspicious hours of 5 pm to 7 pm. Exercise extreme caution. To please the Gods and avert the tragedy, treat a friend to ice cream and momos. Taurus A vacation seems to be eluding you for a long time, but next month looks promising for a weekend getaway. However, beware of the quick to follow semester exams. Need a solid balancing act. Gemini Your girl/ boyfriend will find out about your other girl/boyfriend sometime around Monday. Lose one of them before that. Else, leave town IMMEDIATELY! Cancer Emotional time for cancerians. Most of your professors will be menopausal this week and inevitably pick on you during lectures. Cards suggest donning a disguise if you want to attend classes. Leo DO NOT JUMP OVER ANY MURKY P U D D L E S YOU CHANCE U P O N . Otherwise, good week ahead. Virgo Love is in the air for you. Flowers b l o o m i n ’, violins playin’the whole shebang! But, all this won’t last beyond April at most.

Libra Do not consume alcohol and try to solve a crossword, it will only lead to stress and anguish. Meditate for patience and sobriety. Scorpio Most of your week will be boring. BBM services will again take a hit. If you are smart, you will catch up on some econometrics. Sagittarius A new project you start will end well. You will keep thinking it won’t, but it will.

Capricorn Mama-papa will find your porn stash. But you will get out unscathed by blaming it on your sibling. Then they would increase your pocket money for your honesty. Good times!

March 14, 2012 - March 20, 2012


The elections results have spoken. Mayawati ‘s cashstrapped, statue-erectinghappy government has lost to the resurgent Yadav’s who look to instate the young scion Akhilesh as the next metaphorical sceptre-wielder. However all is not melancholy for the mercurial Mayawati, if reports are to be believed. This


egress from political power for her has coincided with her finding her life’s love. The story doing the rounds is, that privy to the lascivious eye of the libertine media, Amar Singh and Miss Maya have been sybarite lovers for the past half-a-year or so. The maudlin affair has finally candidly been revealed to the roving eye of

the almost voyeuristic public barely 72 hours following the announcement of the poll results. The so called- ‘allknowing’ masses have been almost forced to see the quotidian personal lives of both the politicians transmogrify into Brangelina-ish prominence. Here’s wishing them all the best.

Aquarius If you are planning to watch a Hindi movie this Thursday, don’t bother. It will not be worth more than watching on a pirated DVD. Or better, wait for Star Plus to air it next month. Pisces No, the hot girl in the choreo society does NOT have a thing for you. She only looks at you because you keep staring at her. She is losing her patience and might let lose her 6’ boyfriend on you. Soon.

SOLUTION WHAT’S COOKIN’ Limning Heterotopias: A Journey into G.R. Iranna's Shadows of the InBetween Category: Art and Sculpture; Exhibition Mar 10 to Apr 15, 2012 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Gallery Espace 16, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, Delhi Latino Heat Category: Food; Events

Mar 04 to Mar 25, 2012 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Cafe 2 2 Tango 13 B, Second Floor, Hauz Khas, Delhi Karaoke Tuesdays Category: DJ's; Nightlife Mar 06 to Mar 27, 2012 9:00 PM Onwards Urban Cafe UG 1-2, Southern Park, District Centre, Saket, Delhi, 110017

Word Of The Week

Sialoquent With no distinctive origin to which it traces back, this odd word indeed means ‘to spit greatly while speaking’.




March 14, 2012 to March 20, 2012

So Jammy won’t be Jammin’ any more First thing first: I am NOT a Rahul Dravid fan. Never liked him much, except for the general sense of appreciation one has towards a good cricketer of one’s own country. And on top of that, after his captaincy during one Greg Chappell’s tenure as coach, and all the controversies which spurted up at that point of time, he became quite a villain for me. (For all those who can’t guess this by my surname, I am a bong and we have a different God in cricket…and Dravid wasn’t quite the devoted bhakt for our God during this point of time, so yeah). However, Rahul Dravid would be missed by all who have watched him play. And yes, I would miss him too. So here are five not so usual reasons to miss him:

Hostel Cricket League

Haven’t we all dreamed of playing in an IPL like format and imagining teams bidding for you frantically? Well, it is one thing dreaming it, and another living it, which is exactly what the students of Sri Venkateswara College have made possible. Inspired by the cricket extravaganza that the Indian Premier League has turned out to be, hostellers of Venky have come up with their own version, called the Hostel Cricket League or HCL. The league was initiated in 201011 in the Balaji Boys Hostel; Sri Venkateswara College is built along the lines of the IPL. The students went to the extent of organizing a sports committee headed by a sports secretary each year who was to oversee the operations. Each year 4 teams are selected consisting of 13 players each in the event which has become

Here come the Daredevils again, whose side are you on ? Do you have one of those friend who supports the Mumbai Indians because of Sachin Tendulkar, or maybe Chennai Superkings because they have won the IPL twice, and worst of all Kolkata Knight Riders because of a certain Mr. Khan? I am a staunch supporter of Delhi Daredevils not because they win or lose but because I have lived in the ‘Delhi spirit’ for the past 12 years. With IPL I had imagined a fierce intercity rivalry with teams built around the respective cities. I imagined a Delhi-

a) Jammy: Dravid was Jammy from his school days, when his Kisaan Jams employee dad ensured quite a jammy lunch box for the boy. And it was his friends in St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School who first bestowed on him this now famous title. Back then Mr. Dependable was a state level hockey player. He had represented Karnataka in 3 interstate matches, playing as centre forward. Years later when Kisaan used his old nickname to create a new brand ambassador for the company, Dravid had skipped fields. Jammy became Dravid’s first most popular nickname. The will-do-anything-for-a bottle-ofjam avatar added a shade of fun to the otherwise dull persona that he had back then. However, Dravid is not the only Jammy any nothing short of a sporting carnival for them. In the first year of its running, players were chosen through a lottery system, but since then they have resorted to the popular auctioning system wherein it each team is allotted a total of 100 points. The players are categorized into wicketkeeper, bowler, batsmen and all-rounder with the base price of players set at 2, 4 and 6 points. Reminiscent of big ticket transfers in the IPL, the costliest player in the second edition of HCL was sold for 25 points, eating into one fourth of the team’s budget. On one occasion the captain of one of the teams (Bihar-UP Alliance or BUPA), Sushil Yadav bought all the Yadav’s in his team irrespective of the quality or the base price of the players and hence the team name BUPA was created. Due to the transitivity of students each year, new teams are selected and named subsequently. While in the first edition names such as Templars, Katputlis, Inglorious Bastards, BUPA (Bihar-UP Alliance) were used, the third edition had Assasins, Gamblers,

Kolkata match where the average Delhite would support Virender Sehwag rather than the owner of the opposite team (just because they have seen Dilwale Dulhinayi Le Jayenge innumerable times). Though Delhi did not have the best of seasons last year, what is the point of having a fan base if they don’t support the team when they need it the most? To my pleasure there are still people who belive in the Nawab of Najafgarh. Reminiscent of the batting line up in the first edition the batting is again the talking point for the pundits. To everyone’s delight GMR Group have roped in Ross Taylor, Kevin Pietersen, Mahela Jay-

more. There is a local school tournament named after him The ‘Jammy Cup’ – where the man-of-the-match gets the title of ‘Jammy of the Day.’ b) Purist’s Pleasure: Well, to be honest, Dravid remains a dull plain-slab. Out of the big three – Sachin, Saurav and Rahul – he was always the good ol’ uncle Dravid. Honest, nice guy, dedicated and a ‘purist’s pleasure’. On field his shots were straight out of the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Class Cricketer’. He definitely had class, and his shots were as perfect as a cricket coaching manual, but then where was the fun? No Dilscoop, no Helicopter Shot, no Stumbler’s Cut, No FUN! Even off the field, Dravid was Baquaits and Gladiators as the team names. Priyadarshi Amar, the sports secretary for the first edition of the HCL, says: “HCL happened due to our passion for cricket, the buzz of the concept of IPL in the nation and the goal to make a strong hostel team for the departmental tournament. Also, we had plenty of time to waste in second year “. The format is such that each team plays three league matches. While the top team automatically qualifies for the finals, the second and third team placed teams fight it off for the remaining final spot before facing the table toppers in the decider. In the latest edition,

awardene, Andre Russell and Douglas. Ross Taylor is being seen as a smart buy as he is expected to be available during the entire schedule along with Vice Captain Mahela Jayawardene. When at full strength this is how the final XI might look like: Virender Sehwag, David Warner, Mahela Jayawardene, Kevin Pietersen, Ross Taylor, Venugopal Rao, Naman Ojha, , Shahbaz Nadeem/Yogesh Nagar, Irfan Pathan, Ajit Agarkar, Umesh Yadav/Varun Aaron. Here’s hoping for a better season for the Delhi Daredevils. Shashank Gupta

the plane Jane. He had neither fiery flamboyance of Dada, nor the childish charms of Tendlya. Imagine, no link-ups!! c) Perennial Pursed-lip: So the only times I found him interesting enough to watch was in the slow replays of his shots. That was when you could see him purse his lips, puff them up and flare up his nostrils while his blade dispatched the ball to the boundaries. And this was one action which Dravid would repeat at every shot. The sheer pressure and tension his face reflected on such occasion made him seem to be present at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Some would say that’s just his immense concentration. Sorry people, not buying it. d) Lastly, Ladies man: No seriously! Rahul Dravid was the Gladiators romped to victory over the Assasins in a one sided final with the former posting an imposing target of 166 in 12 overs to which the latter succumbed to a 55 run defeat. To ensure professionalism the tournament also selects the Man of the Tournament, Golden Ball winner and Golden Bat winner

indeed quite popular among ladies. Voted the sexiest sports personality in India in an online survey (2004-05), beat the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Sania Mirza. Still no link ups! Bah! e) The MTV Bakra: Rahul got proposed on MTV Bakra once, and the best part was his lecture in Hindi. At being proposed by a twenty year old girl, poor Dravid was reduced to lecturing the kayfabe father of the girl, in broken Hindi, about the girl’s ‘padhne likhne ka umar’. See! No wonder no link ups! So, the Wall finally departs when the Indian cricket team desperately needs some renovation. Maybe some new Wall might come-up in the near future, but the good ol’ Uncle Dravid cannot be replaced! Debarghya Sanyal Sri Venkateswara College

each year. Vashul Aggarwal of Electronic (Hons) with 98 runs and 11 wickets was selected as the Man of the tournament. If only other College’s followed suit we could soon have Delhi University’s own Champions League.

DUbeat Volume V Issue 12  

An independent student newspaper, Delhi university

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