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Get over the fact that Sherlock’s season three has ended. Stop repeating the same statement regarding how much you miss it, everyday. Keep calm and wait for almost a year.. There, I said it!


Control your anger. Everyone around you cannot stop laughing after seeing those knitted eyebrows and weird curling of lips. It has the same effect as laughing gas!


Checking your ex’s last seen on WhatsApp after every fifteen minutes will bring the much needed comfort.


This is not the right time to start flaunting your summer collection. Winters are not over yet.

Capricorn It is good that you love pumpkins but getting a shape like that, just to prove your love for it, wouldn’t go down well with your friends.


Singing aloud after plugging in those earphones would not make you an Indian Idol contestant. Stop torturing your neighbours.


Nobody wants you to hum ‘sun raha hai na tu’ anymore. Yes, we heard you. We have been hearing you for the last two thousand times.



There’s more to winters than just eating sarso da saag. Try other dishes too. They are not that bad.


Everyone has seen your new blue and black coloured jacket. You can now put an end to making it your dress code by wearing it everyday!

Dubeat 29th 4th 2014  
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