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I think students evaluating teachers is a good idea because the role of a teacher is to impart knowledge and it isn’t necessary that a more qualified person makes a better teacher. Also evaluation of teachers will ensure a healthy working environment for them too and I see no point why it will be derogatory for the teachers because in every profession, one’s performance is continuously evaluated. Here students will make a better judge of a teacher’s ability than their colleagues or the Principal because they know all aspects of their teachers.

The evaluation provides useful feedback on the basis of which the teacher would be able to improve his/her teaching. Secondly, it would provide useful information for the administration to judge the quality of the teaching of a given staff member. So, it is a win-win situation.

I think students evaluating the teachers is a good idea. It’ll greatly help in bridging the communication gap that exists between the faculty and students in today’s generation. It’ll help the teachers in understanding what their students truly want. Through this feedback, they might be able to bring small changes in their teaching styles, which will ultimately lead to more interactive classes and better results.

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15th January, 2014  
15th January, 2014