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The PIT Indoor Soccer League Rules – Session 1

Number of players: Ten is the maximum number of players on a roster. Teams must have 1 female on the field at all times (all female teams permitted). Players can only play for one team in a division but may be on a second roster by “playing up” one level. U8 will play 6v6 and includes a goalie. U10 will play 5v5 and includes a goalie. Determining Age Group/Division: Age cutoff is August 1, 2012 (Players age as of August 1, 2012) Uniforms/Protective Casts: All players must wear the same color shirts during play. NO CLEATS. The referee must approve players wearing protective casts. Hard casts will not be allowed. No jewelry will be allowed except for medical bracelets. Players Equipment: All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play. Other Protective equipment: Other protective equipment will be allowed if approved by the referee. Mouth guards and knee pads are highly recommended. Sportsmanship: Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players and players’ parents. Field Dimensions: The playing field is approximately 28 yards long and 19 yards wide. Goal scoring: A goal may be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) from anywhere on the field. The only exceptions are that you cannot score directly from a kick-off, a corner kick or a kick-in from the sidelines. The ball must be touched by another offensive or defensive person first. Game duration: The game shall consist of two 16-min halves and a 3-min halftime. A coin toss will determine direction and possession before the game. Games tied after regulation will end in a tie. There are no timeouts, and the clock does not stop. Forfeits: Teams are given 5 minutes after game time before a forfeit is issued by the referee. Forfeits are losses and scored 0-5. Substitutions: Substitutions may be made “on the fly” or any time during dead ball situations, regardless of possession. Offsides: There are no offsides. Goalies: Teams must have a different colored shirt for their goalie. Hand use is permitted inside goalie box only. Saves are put back in play by the goalie with an underhand throw (not over mid field) or placing ball on ground and kicking it. However, the ball is live once it is placed on the ground and cannot be picked up again. Intentional kicks to your own goalie will result in a penalty kick for the other team. Slide tackling: Slide tackling will not be permitted. Coach/Parent Ejection: The referee has the right to eject a coach or parent from any game for any behavior or language that warrants ejection. Any person ejected must leave the building before play resumes. If a coach or parent refuses to leave, the game will be forfeited in favor of the opposing team. Kick Off: Kick offs may be taken in any direction. Out of Bounds: Balls that hit above the wall padding on the sidelines are considered out and shall be put back in play with a kick. All sideline kicks taken must stay below the knee. End line out of bounds shall be put back in play by a corner kick or goal kick with the same below the knee rule applying. There will be no throw-ins except for goalie rolls. Dead Ball: Any ball kicked that directly hits the ceiling, lights or anything suspended from the ceiling will result in an indirect kick for the other team at that spot. 3 Yard Rule: In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand at least 3 yards away from the ball. Direct and Indirect Kicks: All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, kick-offs, free kicks, corner kicks) are indirect except for penalty kicks. Penalty Kick: A PK shall be awarded if the referee feels a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction inside the goalie box. Liability Waiver: All players and coaches are required to sign a liability waiver prior to the first game. Failure to sign will disqualify that player or coach from participation until one is signed. Statistics: At the end of each game, both teams are required to turn in score sheets listing goal scorers and assists along with the coach’s signature. Failure to do so will result in a 5-0 loss for that team. Seeding for Playoffs: Points will be awarded as follows: Win = 3 points Tie = 1 point Loss = 0 points. In the event of a tie in points at the end of the regular season, the following tiebreakers will be used in this order: 1. Head to head 2. Least goals against 3. Goals scored 4.Coin flip. Playoffs: All playoff games ending in a tie at the end of regulation will play a 3 minute overtime period. If the score is still tied at the end of the overtime period, “sudden death” overtime will take place until someone scores. Championship game: If the championship game ends in a tie, there will be a 5 minute overtime period. If the score is still tied at the end of the overtime period, “sudden death” overtime will take place to determine a champion. Protests: There will be NO PROTESTS in this league. The decisions made by the referee, right or wrong, are final. Safety: Extra players, coaches and spectators must stay behind divider netting at ALL times.

PIT INdoor Soccer Laegue Rules - U8 & U10  

Rules for indoor soccer league...U8 and U10

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