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   5th  Women’s  Social  Leadership  Awards  

index o  about the  awards   o  about  ogunte   o  categories  2011   o  example  of  previous  winners   o  captured  impact   o  become  a  patron   o  judges  2011  

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the ogunte women’s social leadership awards … recognise  the  achievements  of  influenCal  female  leaders,  campaigners  and  social   entrepreneurs,  women  who:   o  offer  innovaCve  and  bold  soluCons  to  pressing  social  and  environmental  issues   o  can  evidence  their  social  impact   o  know  how  to  engage  and  inspire  people  to  think  differently  and  do  more  

about ogunte A Be%er  World.  Powered  by  Women   Ogunte  is  a  Social  InnovaCons  Development  company  focused  on  women-­‐led  social     ventures  and  their  networks  of  influence.   We  believe  that  women  have  pracCcal  answers  to  pressing  social  and  environmental   challenges.   Based  in  London  and  acCng  in  several  global  ciCes,  Ogunte  has  a  track  record  of  adding  value   to  pre  due-­‐diligence,  investment  and  commissioning  processes  by  clarifying  and  assessing   social  enterprises'  proposals,  help  them  arCculate  their  social  impact,  and  develop  strong   market  places.   Web:   TwiQer:  @ogunte   Blog:  

“At Oguntê  we  are  passionate  about  connec4ng  women  of  courage,  who  bring  about  genuine   innova4ve  ideas  and  ac4ons  to  solve  social  problems.   We  encourage  them  to  come  forward  and  demonstrate  how  they  create  a  posi4ve  social   impact,  and  how  they  make  the  world  a  fairer  place.   These  women  prove  that  with  generosity,  focus,  confidence  and  robust  networks,  you  can   achieve  great  and  measurable  social  change.”   Servane  Mouazan,  CEO  Oguntê  Ltd.    

three categories Leader in  the  Workplace  2011  |  UK  &  World   A  woman  providing  acCviCes  reaching  other  social  businesses,  chariCes  or   campaigns;  a  woman  leading  a  CSR  iniCaCve,  a  department  or  a  corporate   iniCaCve  that  contributes  to  social  and/or  environmental    change.   Social  Business  Leader  2011  |  UK  &  World   A  woman  founder  or  the  leader  of  a  social  business  (enterprise  whose  social   purposes  are  aligned  with  commercial  objecCves),  with  a  track  record.   Leader  in  Networks  /  Campaigns  for  Social/Environmental  Change  2011  |   UK  &  World     A  woman  whose  campaign/network  has  made  waves  and  changed  people’s   lives  -­‐  no  commercial  purposes  –  chariCes  belong  to  this  category.    

previous winners & runners up Sample |  Explore  their  work  here  

Julie Brown     Growing  CommuniCes   Kate  Griggs     Xtraordinary  People  

Samantha Collins   The  Aspire  FoundaCon  

previous winners & runners up Sample |  Explore  their  work  here  

Daniela Soares     Impetus  Trust  

Ruth Churchill  Dower     Early  Arts  UK  

Jobeda Ali     FairKnowledge  

previous winners & runners up Sample |  Explore  their  work  here  

Pari Project   Cambodia   Allie  Hoffman   Rioch  Edwards-­‐Brown   The  5  Percenters  

Catherine Conway   Unpackaged    UK  

captured impact sample

Confidence: parCcipaCng  women  see  themselves  as  agents  of  change  rather  than   recipients,  reducing  the  delay  to  achieve  impact.   Sustainability:  winners  feel  they  have  the  credenCals  to  approach  investors  and   funders  to  pursue  their  mission.   Learning:  nominees  and  audience  from  various  sectors  discover  best  pracCces  and   get  peer  support  to  grow  their  own  campaigns.   Media:  winners  and  runners-­‐up  get  exposure  beyond  their  usual  networks,  boosCng   their  impact.   Leadership:  awards  audience  inspired  to  do  more  and  deliver  beQer,  thanks  to   amazing  public  speakers  who  know  how  to  arCculate  the  passion  for  their  cause  and   translate  it  into  pracCcal  steps.  Eg:Petra  Stefankova  

become a patron opCons

You can  parCcipate  in  making  the  Awards  a  success  by  either:   Sponsoring  one  or  more  categories:   PlaCnum:  £3000  |  Gold:  £1500  |  Silver  £1000  |  Bronze:  £500  |  CoQon:  £200.   Giving  some  exposure  to  the  event:   markeCng,  social  networking,  press  release,  Radio  -­‐  TV  interviews.   Donate  a  prize  to  winners  and  runners-­‐up:  Anything  connected  to  the  sustainable  principles  of  the   awards.  Eg:  Products,  support  services,  shadowing  opportuniCes.   Being  a  media  contributor:     photographers,  filmmakers,  radio/tv  interviewers,  bloggers   Previous  and  Current  patrons:  Ernst  and  Young,  BT  plc,  The  RSA,  Merism  Capital,  UnLtd,  Aspire  FoundaCon,  Social   Enterprise  Magazine     Contact  us  on  079  32982379  or    

the judges | 2011 A panel    of  7  professionals,  based  in  Europe  and  America,   all  passionate  and  proficient  in  social  business,     global  campaigning,  impact  investment,  networks,  social  impact,  media,     in  a  corporate  as  well  as  community  context.    

natalia oberti noguera Pipeline Fund

Natalia is  Founder  and  CEO  of  Pipeline  Fund,  a  social   venture  fund  that  invests  in  women-­‐led  for-­‐profit  social   ventures  and  trains  women  to  become  angel  investors   through  educaCon,  mentoring,  and  pracCce.    She  is  also   the  creator  of  #womaninnovator,  a  media  campaign  to   increase  the  visibility  of  women  changemakers  and   mainstream  their  stories.   As  Chapter  Leader  of  New  York  Women  Social   Entrepreneurs  (NYWSE),  Natalia  launched  the  network  in   January  2008  and  has  grown  the  community  from  six   women  to  over  1,200.    Her  background  includes  work   experience  in  the  non-­‐profit  and  social  entrepreneurship   sectors.       Natalia  is  passionate  about  women’s  empowerment,   harnessing  her  knowledge  of  social  media,  co-­‐mentoring   pracCces,  talent  development,  social  innovaCon,  and   change  management  to  support  and  promote  women   innovators.  

christina jordan Evolutionize it

ChrisCna is  an  American  social  innovator  with  25+  years  of   experience  in  internaConal  development,  including  more  than   a  decade  designing  and  facilitaCng  online  collaboraCon   strategies  from  East  Africa.  In  2001  she  became  the  first   Ashoka  fellow  in  the  east  African  region.   ChrisCna  currently  lives  in  Brussels,  Belgium,  where  she  has   founded  Evolu4onize  It,  a  social  enterprise  dedicated  to   facilitaCng  collaboraCon  in  the  social  change  sector   worldwide.   Her  extensive  global  experience  infuses  her  group  facilitaCon   and  leadership  style  with  a  pracCcal  and  culturally  inclusive   analyCcal  approach.     ChrisCna  also  sits  on  the  board  of  the  Hub  Brussels.  

charlotte cooper Women’s eNews

CharloQe Cooper  is  the  director  of  markeCng  for  New  York   based  award-­‐winning  nonprofit  news  service  Women's   eNews.   CharloQe  has  worked  in  independent  publishing  aiming  to   create  social  change  including  ethical  lifestyle  Ctle  LUNCH   and  co-­‐founding  and  designing  SUBTEXT  magazine.     She  has  worked  with  a  variety  of  non  profit  Ctles  and   organizaCons.  She  is  a  current  fellow  of  the  Royal  Society  of   Arts  and  on  the  New  York  fellows’  coordinaCng  team  where   she  is  working  on  creaCng  a  more  fruiqul  community  of   social  innovators.  

victoria anderson UnLtd | the foundation for social entrepreneurs

Based in  London,  Victoria  is  Director  of  Programmes  and   OperaCons  at  UnLtd  arer  having  worked  at  ChariCes  Aid   FoundaCon  where  she  led  on  their  Advisory  and  ConsulCng   services  designing  and  supporCng  the  giving  programmes  of  key   corporate,  non  profit  and  individual  donors.   She  brings  experience  of  designing  and  running  awards  schemes   and  non  financial  support  including  consultancy,  with  her   previous  experience  in  statutory  fundraising  for  Save  the  Children   and  Help  Age  InternaConal  and  grant  making  with  the  Big  LoQery   Fund.     Victoria  sits  on  the  Non-­‐Profit  Panel  at  Knowledge  Peers,  a   directors'  network  with  a  difference,  that  cuts  out  the  armchair   experts  and  enable  people  who  run  complex  organisaCons  to   learn  from  each  other's  experience.   She  is  also  an  advisory  board  member  at  Philanthropy  UK,  and  a   Board  Director  at  Venture  Partnership  FoundaCon.    

tommy hutchinson I-Genius

From Northern  Ireland,  Tommy  studied  economic  at  Leeds  before   becoming  NaConal  Treasurer  of  the  NaConal  Union  of  Students.  He   then  joined  NatWest  Group  as  an  aerospace  analyst  before  becoming   the  bank’s  PoliCcal  Adviser.     In  2000,  he  became  Director  of  the  Industry  Forum  developing   relaCons  between  the  business  community  and  governments  in  UK,   EU,  WTO  and  Washington  DC.     For  six  years  he  chaired  the  trustees  of  youth  charity  ‘Kikass’.   He  also  created  Champ,  which  helped  promote  reconciliaCon  in   Northern  Ireland/Ireland;  and  Eurobandits,  which  ran  the  official   online  campaign  to  encourage  ciCzens  to  vote  in  the  European   parliamentary  elecCons.  Five  years  ago  he  joined  social  markeCng   agency  Equator  Media  Limited  as  a  director  and  shareholder.   In  2007  Tommy  founded  i-­‐genius,  a  world  community  of  social   entrepreneurs.  He  is  trustee  of  Maytree  Respite  Centre  for  the  suicidal   and  co-­‐authored  a  booklet  enCtled  ‘A  risky  business.’    

nick temple UnCl recently  Nick  was  responsible  for  the  School  for   Social  Entrepreneurs'  policy  work,  evaluaCon,  research,   and  external  communicaCons.  Previously,  he  was  the   Network  Director  in  charge  of  sustaining  and  expanding   the  SSE  franchise  around  the  UK.   Nick  was  also  Director  of  the  Global  Ideas  Bank,  an  online   democraCc  think-­‐tank  devoted  to  social  innovaCon:   creaCvity  for  social  benefit.  He  also  helped  co-­‐ordinate  the   Natural  Death  Centre,  the  UK's  only  independent   organisaCon  giving  funeral  advice  and  informaCon  direct   to  the  public    

ruth churchill-dower Isaacs UK – Early Arts UK

Ruth is  Director  of  Isaacs  UK  -­‐  a  cultural  learning  company   and  a  social  enterprise  with  an  internaConal  remit  to  build   strategic  knowledge  networks  across  cultural  and   educaConal  sectors.  Isaacs  UK  provides  specialist  support   in  areas  of  early  years,  arts  in  educaCon,  learning   networks,  professional  development,  social  media   business  models,  networked  leadership,  evaluaCon  and   impact  assessments,  and  knowledge  management   systems,  and  is  commiQed  to  supporCng  cultural   democracy.   Ruth  was  Winner  Women's  Social  Leadership  Awards   2009  -­‐  Category  Social  Business.  

See you  on  June  14st  2011  in  London   to  celebrate  these  women  of  courage…   Servane Mouazan! 07932982379  |  |   More  info  on  the  awards    hQp://  

Presentation 5th Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards  

Presentation 5th Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards. Why it is important. The Awards impact, present and past nominated and winners. Ju...

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