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1) Dubass sound system is a musical and cultural project based in Rome. The founders of this project was Ras Beppe and Sista Maria, the heart and brain of Dubass sound system. Around us different man and woman live with us each and every experience of our sound system. Right know Dubass have more than 10 members, everyone with his role. Sista Maria, Ras Moray are singer Ras beppe is selecta and operator of the sound Ras Carlo speaker and amp technician Markitiello is the driver of the truck, Ras Jahnni is the press office manager Ras Marco is the merchandise manager 2) Dubass sound system was born in the 2003, but me and Maria we start to play roots and culture from the early 1999. 3) The purpose of the Dubass sound system is the development of the Rasta culture and the equal rights and justice by the power full of the music. 4) Dubass sound system was born through the inspiration of the Most I and every moment of sound system livity our culture and faith are focused, cos we praise Jah not only when we play music but we are living a conscious way each and every day of our life. Dubass sound system is a Rasta sound system and every element of this sound are Rastaman or Rastawoman every time in balance. 5) In Italy there is a rasta community but sometime we are split in the different side of our country, we live daily our faith in harmony with I&I family of rome and 3-4 time for year we try to meets altogether with others sons and dawta of the Almighty. The session many times are the best situation to meet other brother and sister and reasoning. 6) We are living in the front of line of Babylon, Rome. The pressing of this Satan state is too much in life of single Italian and in the political life of Italian state. Those thing give us a lot of energy to spread in the capital of Babylon the right livity of Rasta. Right know in Italy a lot of people don’t know well what is Rasta Culture and who know Rasta from a short time find every time more information, this is our mission spread our roots message every day. 7)

We start to listen reggae from the early time of 90 years, we start from the foundation and the historical artists like Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Twinkle Brother and many more. When we became more aware arrive the time to decide which was our way and we decided to give continuity of the old school of music and sound system and refused who used the reggae music to promote murder and commercial music. We promote artist and sound who like us live the music like instrument of development of culture and soul. 8) We play for the first time on sound system in the 1999, was the first time… I remember right know the preamp of that sound system Jts 3 way. It was an amazing experience because we we established with the people an incredible feeling. From the first time we was glad to spread to the people the Jah words by the music. 9) The United stated experience was another Jah present to I&I man. We travel and we play for a double date in New York city and than in Miami and Orlando. In United State the reggae music are too influenced by Jamaycan top ten and it’s every time too difficult find a roots selection played by youth. Every time we start with our humble selection and chanting and step after step the people follow us and it appreciate our different style to play, in the end of every session the area was not different from brixton or Kingston back in the day. I never stop to give thanks to Jah for this present for his humble disciple. 10) In Italy grow up every year new sound system by now. When I see the Italian sound system scene I think about what happened in uk in the early 70 years. Many sound are playing in every corner of the Italian land each and every weekend. I’m glad for this cos is important the development of the roots scene in Italy and now it have sound who don’t have nothing less than other top sound around Europe. 11) I usually collaborate with all Italian sound system, in fact we have played up and down in all Italy and every time it was a nice session, we feel and we support sound like Jah Lion sound from Milan, Makinda from Torin, Black lion Hi vibes from Venice, Jah station in Florence and many more 12) Dubass sound system use to play ina traditional way: we use Barracuda preamp, one turntable, delay, effects and big amp to control our speakers. Usually when we can install our sound system we play with 2 stacks (not big wall of speakers) to reduce the concentration of the people from the sound system to the messages of the music. The sound system is just the amplifier of our culture and our faith and every time it played perfectly because it is the result of our research in the musical building and development. 13) We build our sound system like a lot of other roots sound system all over the world, I think it is a must because who play roots music research a particular type of sound not only for the bass frequencies. The sound system played ina different style than the normal and commercialized system. We decided which speakers use in base of many things and everyone have particular characteristic right for our way to play.

The sound is important to have the best pressure in session but alone is nothing it need also a lot of inspiration from who control it. 14) Yah man we have a pleasure to play in a lot of place and know a lot of bredrin and sistren. I can’t forget for all my life the first session with I&I sound system in Brixton, we became the first Italian sound system to have bring his sound system directly un Uk after 22h driver by truck. That night was incredible I remember right know Norman Grant dancing dawn the Dubass sound stack or see coxsone come the said his greetings to the Italian sound boy. After this of course everyone was a great session like in Portugal, France,Belgium. Every time I have know very nice bredren and it is the most important thing; we find the exchange of culture like the base of any outernational session, we love to live in togetherness the incredible vibes and powa of Jah music. 15) The Rasta De yah is a conscious meeting celebrate in Rome each first satuday of the month, it represent many things: first it is the conscious meeting to all rasta brothers and sisters from all over to give praise and dancing in togetherness; second it’s the gate for a lot of people who want to know more of our culture and our music, third it is the only one regular monthly roots session in Rome and became the point of reasoning for all sound boys, producers and records seller. After this Dubass sound system support all sound boy who organize musical, cultural and spiritual meeting in Rome and outernational; because only united we can realize better our mission. Roma is good for the sound system because there is a lot of place where it’s possible install sound system and a lot of sound system too I think it represent the capital of roots music in Italy whit his 15 sound system in action, but it is only my humble think and it don’t want reduce the high level of all of italian roots sound system. 16) Of course we love to create music to play pon the sound system in session of to release in 10 or 12 inch. From long time we have a lot of musician around us who play instrument for our music and from not long time we decided to create a live project of Dubass sound system call DUBASS ALL STAR where we will play our music strictly and direct with the band. We think there is a continuity from live and sound system aspect, they are the two faces of the same coin. 17) Yes, we love to meets a lot of friends in Rome pon our sound system, we know a lot of musician and we and all Roman family have the pleasure to divided with them one night of music and culture. We has a great approach with a lot of them. We talk of Channel One, Aba Shanti I, Jah Observer,Keety Roots, Dixie Peach, Errol Bellot, Zion Train, Terry Gad, Du Judah and many more. I think the great feeling start fast when them understand the vibes which are moving every things in the organization and spirit of the session. We focus our attention on the cultural side of the event and not on the economical side of the music. 18) In the future we would like to continue to spread our roots and culture by the power of Jah music, we have to work so hard to prepare the live show for a Dubass music creation label and start to release step by

step all our music in archive. Right know we create a lot of music with also a lot of great collaboration now we would like to start with the releasing of our Jah music 19) To all support of the roots music from all over the world I want to said give thanks, we are a nation who not know borderline we are one people all together. Only united we will push Babylon culture‌ Selassie I live