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Going on a Dubai Desert Safari? Here’s what you need to carry After booking a desert safari tour in Dubai, the next question that comes to mind is what do I wear and what do I carry along for an adventure-filled trip like this? Read on to find out. So you have arranged for everything and your family or friends are all set to conquer the desert landscape and have an adventure-filled time while doing it. The Dubai desert safari tour booking has been done and you will be leaving in 24 hours and are anxious and excited about the dune bashing, quad biking and dune buggy rides not to mention, getting in close contact with the ships of the desert. So how do you prepare yourself for an evening of adventure?

The answer to that question would depend upon what activities you have requested for while booking your desert safari tour package. Whether your tour package involves the entire package or certain items that you have picked just for yourself there would be small number of items that you would need to carry with you. Most Dubai desert safari tour companies offer a long list of activities some of them have been listed below: •

Dune Bashing: Usually a must do item offered by all tour companies in Dubai; they can carry up to 4 passengers in comfort up and down the desert dunes

Quad Biking: A quad bike safari in Dubai is a tour that takes you around the campsite exploring the desert landscape on specially built desert vehicles like quad bikes or ATVs that make navigation fun and the ride more exhilarating.

Dune Buggy Rides: A dune buggy safari in Dubai usually not for the faint-of-heart as it allows individuals to either take a ride or ride the specially built desert vehicles up and down the sand dunes)

All of the above activities would require you to carry along some standard stuff that would really come in handy during the activities. •

Wear loose clothing (mainly white to help deflect the heat) to keep your body well ventilated

Sneakers (to protect your feet from the heat of the desert as well as from minor shocks or bumps while riding or driving the desert vehicles)

An extra set of clothes (because your clothes would be filled with sand once your done with either the ATV, quad bike or Dune buggy safaris

Towels (would most probably be provided at the camp site but it is wise to carry your own to wipe off sweat until you get there)

Camera (to get the best shots while you are up mid-air or on the dunes)

Sunscreen (to avoid that nasty tan from the desert sun)

Another good tip to keep in mind while choosing the right Dubai desert safari tour operator is to ask them regarding the safety equipment that is provided in the various packages; it is indeed a rather crucial factor on these adventure rides. It’s smart to check the vehicle yourself and the harnesses as well so that in case the organiser happens to miss out on something you can prevent an accident from occurring. The evening or the overnight desert safari is the best ones one do because the temperatures are much cooler at that time compared to a morning desert safari where the desert temperatures keep on rising till noon.

Going on a Dubai Desert Safari Here’s what you need to carry  

After booking a desert safari tour in Dubai, the next question that comes to mind is what do I wear and what do I carry along for an adventu...