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A shot glimpse of the schooling sector of Dubai

Education sector of Dubai is as unique as the city itself. This city of the Arab Emirates stands apart from the rest of the city of the town in its luxury, tourism, amiability and being one of the richest nations of the world. But very few know the richness of the education sector of this city. Dubai schools and universities are as flourishing and affluent as the commercial sector of the city. The schooling sector of this city is expanding too!

As per recent news by the leading newspaper of Dubai, Gulf News, by the end of 2020, Dubai will be having 100 more new schools. Currently, the city harbors 153 private schools with 225000 pupils studying in them. The number of seats is likely to increase to 140000 more in the next 5 years. As per a recent statistics, the private education sector in Dubai is increasing at a faster pace. There has been 7 per cent increase in the student enrolment in the last 5 years.

Despite the recession, the education sector of the city flourished as before in a consistent pace. As per the study projects by the Human Development Authority Dubai (KHDA) every year around 5-6 new schools are established in Dubai. And if this trend continues, by the end of 2020, there will be 60 per cent rise in the number of students and schools. Education sector is growing dramatically in Dubai!

As mentioned above 153 private schools are functioning in the city. These are based on four different curriculums and 57 per cent of the enrolled students in these private schools are Emirati students.

Out of the four curriculums namely, US, Indian, UK and Private Moe, UK curriculum is witnessing highest growth in student enrollment. Discussing the posh areas, in terms of education, in Dubai, Albawaba, a leading news venture of Dubai states that the newer areas of Dubai bordering Al Khali and Mohammed bin Zayed Road is the area heavily in demand for new school set up. The same scenario is also seen at Abu Dhabi.

Moreover the overall scenario of the education sector is changing day by day. Since this is a promising and highly returning sector, investors are opting for partnerships to deploy their capital in education sector of Dubai and expect a sustained as well as predictable income growth. Apart from schools in Dubai, there's also demand for foreign universities and online courses. These are the paradigm of modern education; hence without these no education system can be prosperous, if also they have a strong national education background. If you are new to Dubai, finding a good school might be one of the many important things to look for, provided you have kids! Contact Dubai City Info and get detailed information about each and every school in the city. Get detailed information at This article is all about Education System and School in Dubai. To know more about Dubai school click here.

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A shot glimpse of the schooling sector of dubai  

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