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Parrot by

AndrĂŠe Putman


Parrot by

Martin Szekely


Parrot by

Philippe Starck

Wireless digital photo frame by AndrĂŠe Putman Send your photos from your mobile phone or your computer via Bluetooth. Transfer photos from your computer with a mini USB, or insert any SD/MMC card. 7-inch digital frame, high-quality color LCD display. Stores up to 400 photos.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless “mirror� digital photo frame Receive your photos by email. Display your Picasa or Flickr photo album by Wi-Fi. Copy and paste your photos from your PC/Mac via Wi-Fi. Send your photos from your mobile phone via Bluetooth, or use an SD/MMC card slot and mini USB port. Wireless 7-inch digital frame, high-definition color LCD screen. Stores up to 1 500 photos.

Parrot by Martin Szekely

Specchio, the reflective photo frame Digital photos are like email and text messages: one of the greatest success stories in the digitisation of the modern world. It is often impossible to make the most of your photos - you need to print them off, which takes you back to traditional photography, or you need to switch on the computer, which makes the whole process very impersonal and keeps the photos hidden away. The Parrot Specchio gives you the world’s simplest way of enjoying your digital photos.

Parrot by Martin Szekely

The proliferation of digital photos One of the major changes brought about by the advent of digital photography is the mass effect. Nowadays, taking photos costs practically nothing. With 1 GB memory cards, you can take hundreds of photos without worrying about the cost. With your mobile phone, you always have a digital camera handy, just like a reporter. The result is stunning - taking photos today is like keeping a diary, where you can keep a photographic record of your own life story. Looking at your digital photos involves scrolling through the hundreds of photos taken one after the other, easily letting you relive unique or intimate moments. When looking at a series of photos, even blurred or poorly framed photos have a story to tell when looked at in sequence.

All digital formats The Specchio uses the SD and USB standards. Simply plug in an SD card or USB flash drive to look at the thousands of photos stored on it. The photos then scroll automatically every five seconds. No other input is required. The Specchio can use Wi-Fi to share your photos with any other frames in the home. It serves as a relay for sending your photos. Its internal memory can store up to 1500 images, and much more with the extendible memory. With Bluetooth, you can send photos from any mobile phone. The photos are instantly displayed on the screen.

Wi-Fi and internet Specchio is one of the new breed of objects connected to the Internet. It has an email address: when you send an email with a photo attachment, it separates the photo, displays it and stores it in its memory. With RSS feeds, you can subscribe to the most popular photo sites, such as Flickr and Picasa, as well as news feeds for weather updates, stock market news... A technologically sleek object The frame switches off automatically when you turn out the lights in the room. As such, you can keep it in your bedroom, and when you decide to turn in for the night, the LCD switches off and lets you sleep undisturbed. Above all, the Specchio magnificently embodies designer Martin Szekely’s intention to make photos appear from within a mirror as if by magic. Putting your photos in an eye-catching object enables you to see them in a different light‌ like a freeze frame in time.

Wireless hi-fi speakers by Philippe Starck Docking station speaker for playing tracks instantly and recharging your iPod®/iPhone TM /iPod Touch®. Streaming your tracks from your Mac via Bluetooth. RCA line-in input for all analogue audio sources. 100W RMS speakers with immersive sound transmitted at 360°. Treble and mid-range sound reproduced from an NXT panel on the top part of the speakers. Bass sound reproduced from the bottom part of the speakers. Audio streaming via Wi-Fi using ordinary PCs. Compatible: iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic. Remote control included.

Parrot by Philippe Starck

Zikmu, digital acoustics from Parrot Zikmu will plunge your front room into a world of music. By combining a honeycomb panel that vibra tes microscopically across its entire surface with a pair of conventional woofers, Zikmu produces unidirectional sound throughout the frequency range. Flat panels deliver highly balanced listening quality in every direction. The NXT速 panels project the sound with a wider listening angle than conventional speakers, thereby producing acoustic pressure similar to most musical instruments. The pair of woofers fill the room with a warm and powerful bass sound, providing a stereo image of the bass frequencies that is much more suited to music than a simple bass box.

Parrot by Philippe Starck

Wireless stereo The main technique for reproducing music is stereo, which has the effect of fleshing out the space. It makes you feel as though you are sitting in front of the pianist in a concert hall. Unfortunately, most iPod速 docking stations are made from a single unit, meaning that the stereo effect falls well short of perfection. To overcome this problem, Parrot has designed wireless stereo speakers. Two speakers communicate with each other in such a way that you can place an iPhonetm or iPod速 on one of the speakers and the music is automatically streamed to the other.

100% digital Parrot has gone for an uncompromising 100% digital design. A 200-MIPS processor inside each speaker decompresses the signal and delivers the music over the three channels without any need for an analogue splitter, which means that the analogue 3-pole filter can be replaced by a powerful 12-pole digital filter offering much higher precision. Each speaker features two digital input class D amplifiers. The first 30W amplifier is reserved for each woofer and the second 2x10W amplifier is for the two exciters in each flat honeycomb panel, producing a total power output of 100W for the pair of Zikmu speakers. iPod速 and iPhonetm are connected by a USB cable, using the Apple digital encryption processor, which allows for the best possible quality, especially for files recorded in the Apple lossless format. There is no analoguedigital conversion between the iPod速 and the speaker output or any analogue filtering.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth A system simply has to offer 100% compatibility with existing interconnection standards. Wi-Fi is used to listen to all the music on a PC. The Parrot virtual sound card interfaces with all the audio players on your PC, including Windows Media Player and iTunes. Bluetooth is used on Macintosh computers and all Bluetooth mobile phones. An analogue input is available in each Zikmu speaker for connecting your hi-fi stereo and all other audio equipment. Ours is a plug and play solution. No extra setup or software is required.

All Rights reserved. The Parrot Trademarks appearing on this document are the sole and exclusive property of Parrot S.A. Publication Parrot S.A. 174 quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris France Parrot S.A. - RCS PARIS 394 149 496

All the other Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Parrot S.A. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

iPod® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. « Made for iPod® » means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod® and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

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Design By Starck, Szekely & Putman

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