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Everything simply everywhere. Loewe Multiroom – Individual Sound in every room.

Start Beethoven’s Ninth in the lounge …

Loewe Multiroom.

… and finish it in the bedroom. Your music library may fit into your pocket in this age of digital media, but how does it get from there to your lounge, your kitchen or your bedroom? And at the same time? Or with a different song in each room? Loewe Multiroom products can do this and much more. Do you like taking your favourite concert to bed with you? Access your entire music library from each room. Do this in a fascinatingly simple way in impressive quality. Your individual sound for each room.

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Never before has a system been this easy and flexible.









Individual Mediacenter A multi-talented player of all media, and the heart of the Multiroom system. More on page 06

Loewe flat TV Control the Individual Mediacenter comfortably via your TV set. More on page 08

Individual Sound Stand Speaker Best sound everywhere with Loewe Individual Sound components. More on page 14

Loewe Assist A remote control for 足everything, including your Individual Mediacenter. More on page 08

Loewe Multiroom. Table of contents.

Individually combinable, expandable as needed, uncomplicated and future-proof.









Connectivity+ Intelligent networking via an open system with LAN, WLAN and Powerline. More on page 10

Individual Sound Multiroom Speaker New in the Individual Sound ­programme: perfect stereo sound also without a subwoofer. MMore on page 14

Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver Connecting adjoining rooms made easy: the Receiver is a receiver and amplifier in one. More on page 12

Loewe Assist Media Access your entire music l­ibrary comfortably from each room. More on page 09

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More than 250 journalists of renowned newspapers, trade journals and magazines determined the IFA-PreviewAward winners. The experts judged

Individual Mediacenter.

the new Individual Mediacenter as outstanding innovation.

Plays everything, can do everything. Individual Mediacenter – The heart of the Multiroom system. The Individual Mediacenter is truly multi-talented. It plays CDs and DVDs and receives radio signals via aerial, cable, satellite and from the internet. You can play digital sound files from hard disks or from your network as well as from an iPod or iPhone. All of this in minimalist packaging with a slim case of premium aluminium and glass, something to be proud of. Experience the most complete unit ever built by Loewe.

CDs and DVDs are pulled in elegantly by a motorised slot loading drive on the side. The Individual Mediacenter automatically displays title, genre, name of album and even a picture of the CD or DVD cover on the TV – this is possible due to automatic scanning of the Gracenote database on the internet. To improve picture quality, films played from DVDs are scaled to full HD picture resolution (1080p).

The Individual Mediacenter receives radio via FM, satellite, cable and the internet. Use of the DVB radio programmes, thousands of internet radio streams and radio programmes on the Loewe TV is especially comfortable and easy with the Individual Mediacenter.

Two fast USB 2.0 interfaces in the Individual Mediacenter make it possible to play MP3s or other sound files directly from USB sticks or USB hard disks.

In the future you can place your Apple iPod or iPhone in the docking station integrated out of sight on the top of the Individual Mediacenter. The battery of your portable music player can not only be charged there, but you can also access all its contents by remote control. This way you can comfortably listen to your favourite play list on the big loudspeakers in your lounge, and with Loewe Multiroom in all other rooms as well.

Thanks to Loewe Connectivity + technology your network sound files can be accessed from the Individual Mediacenter via LAN, WLAN or Powerline. Using the same technology it connects with the internet in order to access radio streams or information and pictures of CDs being played.

The display and controls of the Individual Mediacenter itself have been reduced to their essence without compromise. A digital display shows the title or radio station currently playing. Basic functions such as on/off, play/ pause or forward/rewind are controlled directly via the unit. The connected TV set, on the other hand, displays an on-screen menu with which you can comfortably access all media. Please refer to the next page for more information on the controls.

The Individual Mediacenter provides you with further interfaces for connecting a game console, home automation systems or a record player. A HDMI In, an Aux In and an RS 232 interface are available for this purpose.

Different arrangement options make it possible to find a perfect solution for your living arrangements. For the Individual Mediacenter there are solutions for the wall, an elegant table stand or a floor stand that can be placed anywhere in the room. Loewe includes extensive solutions for discretely hiding the connecting cables.

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The Individual Mediacenter is connected directly to your TV and uses its screen to display all music sources in one intuitive visual interface. Simply use the

Loewe Individual Mediacenter. Loewe Assist Media.

Loewe Assist remote control as usual to browse your music albums.

Clear and easy to use. Individual Mediacenter user interface and Loewe Assist Media. For the first time Loewe Multiroom makes easy management of many music sources in different rooms possible. The Individual Mediacenter utilises the connected TV set in order to make all functions easy to operate, clear, and fascinating in appearance. And you can control it comfortably from an adjacent room with the new Loewe Assist Media remote control. It shows song titles, rooms and even pictures of your CD covers on its own display. Visual operation that delights.

The new Loewe Assist Media was developed especially for comfortable use of the Multiroom system. The highlight: The integrated display shows

all information in an easily visible and intuitively operatable manner – including the covers of your music collection. Not only does the Assist Media send orders

via radio, it also receives all data this way. Over and above it is a real eye catcher: A masterpiece in aluminium and glass.

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Multiroom very easily installed. Thanks to Connectivity+ it can be installed  without cables. Up to now Multiroom systems required careful planning, and their installation was involved. Not so with Loewe. You only need one network router, thanks to the innovative Connectivity+ technologies. You can use standard network cables (LAN), radio (WLAN) or the mains (Powerline) to connect the units. Multiroom networking has never been this easy.

Network router You require a standard network router for your networking. This is already available in many households to enable access to the internet. Loewe Multiroom solutions fit into the existing infrastructure instead of inventing a standard of its own.

Networking via network cables (LAN Ethernet) Proven technology from the world of computers forms the basis of the Loewe Multiroom solution. Individual Mediacenter and Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver contain integrated Ethernet connections that link them directly to your network router. Loewe Connect Media can be connected in the same fashion.

Networking via the mains (Powerline) Would you like to connect rooms on different floors? Powerline technology makes this possible without needing to lay cables. Simply use the mains for transmission. The Powerline adapters are all you need to send and receive signals from your Ethernet cables into and from the mains.

Networking via Radio (WLAN) You would like to connect your Multiroom system without using cables? No problem, as the Individual Mediacenter and the Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver each provide an integrated WLAN server (standard IEEE 802.11b/g with up to 54 Mbit/s, as well as preparation for the upcoming WLAN standard IEEE 802.11n with up to 540 Mbit/s). The Loewe Connect Media can be connected in the same fashion.

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Discover new rooms. These components bring your music into each room. You do not need to install a multitude of receivers, amplifiers and connectors to connect adjacent rooms. With Loewe Multiroom you simply bring your sound into each room, e.g. with the Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver. It is receiver and stereo amplifier in one. However, you can also use a Loewe flat TV with Mediaplayer or an internet-ready unit by another manufacturer. Loewe Multiroom – a uniquely flexible and open system.

Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver The Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver establishes the connection to the Individual Mediacenter. It transmits audio enjoyment to each room via two digital audio amplifiers with 48 watts output each. A subwoofer can be connected as well. Basic functions such as forward/rewind, play/pause and its own USB interface are located on the side of the unit for direct control.


Loewe Connect Media Loewe flat TVs with Mediaplayer can be connected as a unit in an adjacent room, e.g. the Connect Media or an Individual Compose with an upgraded Mediaplayer. This way you can access your music sources via TV in other rooms, including displaying the covers of the albums played. The screen can be turned off at the push of a button: This reduces power consumption to under 50 Watts, the level of an ordinary hi-fi system.

Additional units Do you have an internet-ready kitchen radio? Then simply integrate it into your Multiroom solution. Loewe has intentionally maintained an open system so that units by other manufacturers can access the Individual Mediacenter for audio.

Guest Room



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The best sound in every room. Loewe Individual Sound fulfils every wish with the Multiroom system. Experience state-of-the-art sound with Individual Sound. You can choose from a multitude of loudspeaker combinations, which satisfy any demand. For instance in adjacent rooms where there will not be a TV set. To this end Loewe developed a new loudspeaker for walls and shelves, the Individual Sound Multiroom Speaker, which delivers finest stereo sound without a subwoofer.

Your own music programme with Individual Sound All Individual Sound components are compatible with the Loewe Multiroom system units. You can

Individual Sound.

fulfil your individual wishes using the many different combinations and set-up solutions.

Individual Sound Multiroom Speaker, Aluminium Silver 2-way closed (d’Appolito configuration) Wall mount possible (can be tilted vertically) Dimensions in cm: W 9.0 x H 33.7 x D 12.7 max. Colours: Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, High Gloss White

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Loewe Multiroom. Planning.

Planning your Loewe Multiroom system. Simply have individual sound in every room. The Loewe Multiroom system offers a solution tailored to your individual requirements. You can do the planning yourself or obtain our professional advice. You can find a Loewe specialty retailer near you via

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Loewe Multiroom solution. An overview of the individual components.


Individual Mediacenter1

Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver1

HDMI In: for external players or as a loop through to the TV HDMI Out: video, OSD and control signal to TV RS 232 interface for external home networking systems (e.g. Crestron) iPod/iPhone dock: docking station for iPods or iPhones for playing back DRM-free audio files USB 2.0: 2x, for digital audio files LAN WLAN Component Video Out: video, OSD to TV Digital Audio In: in Loewe TV’s DVB radio system network Digital Audio Out: to external amplifiers Audio Line In: for external players, switchable to Mic In and Phono In Audio L/R Out

Nominal power (audio power amp): 2x 48 W

Loewe Audio Link: analogue Audio Out, switching voltage for Loewe sound system FM Antenna In Headphone jack Supported audio formats: FLAC (Lossless Audio), WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV Colours


Audio Line In Audio L/R Out Subwoofer Out with switching voltage Speaker connections: gold-plated terminal screws

Supported audio formats: FLAC (Lossless Audio), WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV

Aluminium Silver

Aluminium Silver



Accessories (included)

Wall Mount Loewe Assist

Wall Mount Table Stand

Accessories (optional)

Table Stand Floor Stand

Loewe Assist Media

Weight (approx.) in kg

Measures in cm 47.5



33.0 18.0



33.0 18.1


Depth or base plate ­diameter

Depth: 6.0 Ø 31.5 Individual Mediacenter with Wall Mount with Floor Stand


Depth: 10.4

Ø 28.5

with Table Stand

Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver with Wall Mount with Table Stand

Individual Sound Multiroom Speaker 2

Loewe Assist Media1

2-way closed (d´Appolito configuration) Nominal/music power handling: 50 watts (sine)/85 watts (max.) Frequency range: 120 Hz–22 kHz (-6 dB) Impedance: 8 ohms 2 bass-midrange speakers 1 tweeter

Bidirectional remote control with 2.4" OLED display Infrared compatible with all existing Assist system remote controls Range > 10 m Integrated database for Loewe products along with set-top boxes, IPTV boxes, and media centre PCs from leading manufacturers. Individually programmable source buttons (STB, DVD, Audio) Can be updated via USB and Internet Charging station (Li-ion battery)

Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, High Gloss White 

Aluminium Silver

3.4 (per Speaker)


Inset: Aluminium Silver (if enclosure is ­High Gloss White: Metallised Chrome) Loudspeaker cable (2x 6 m)

Charging station

Insets (2 piece set) Multiroom Speaker Wall Mount (2 piece set)



9.0 33.1

33.7 25.8

Depth: 9.0 Depth: 1.4 Multiroom Speaker with Wall Mount Depth: m  in. 10.5 max. 12.7

Loewe Assist Media

1  Expected 2  Expected

to be available spring 2009. to be available October 2008.

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Loewe Industriestraße 11 96317 Kronach Germany

Technical specifications, delivery conditions, and other information are subject to change without notice · LO 909324 · Art. no. 99 004 539 · Printed in Germany. Actual colours may vary due to printing processes. All Loewe products featured in this brochure are intended for private use.


Everything simply everywhere. Loewe Multiroom – Individual Sound in every room. Start Beethoven’s Ninth in the lounge … Loewe Multiroom.

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