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Sustainable Energy,TECH EnvironmentSUMMIT & Climate DTU HIGH Startup & Entrepreneurship For the Global Goals

Wednesday October 30th DTU Library at 9-18


Welcome Last year no less than 87 new startups span out of the Startup Ecosystem at DTU – a new record! While 52 of these were founded by DTU students, the remaining 35 were founded by researchers from a broad selection of DTU Departments. This is a strong footprint and a tangible contribution to honor DTU’s mission: To develop and utilize the natural and technical sciences to benefit society. We strive to beat the record again this year, but off course, there is more to it than numbers. It is also a display of high quality companies solving the most relevant challenges of society and industry today, based on world leading technologies. This booklet promotes a selection of the most promising current startups originating from the DTU startup ecosystem, and we invite you to come by and meet them in person.

Wednesday October 30th DTU Library at 9-18 The event is created in a partnership between some of the central stakeholders supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU. You can meet us amongst the showcasing startups, and learn how to engage with the startup ecosystem at DTU. Everything we do happens in collaboration with others, so we have invited a handful of excellent startups from Nordic Five Tech and EuroTech, two international alliances between world leading technical universities, that we are proud to be part of. We are looking forward to meeting you – companies, investors, researchers, students and many more! Kristoffer Buch Startup advisor at DTU Skylab and project manager on DTU Startup Fair

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Library Main Floor


Startups showcasing, ­ DTU startup support ­stakeholders, InQvation sponsor stand, and main events.

Coffee area, extended startup area (DTC), Keystones, 1:1 meeting area, breakout session stage

    9.00 Startup exhibition begins

Breakout ­Sessions

  10.45  Official welcome to DTU Startup Fair 2019 By Anders Overgaard Bjarklev (President, Technical University of Denmark)   12.00  Lunch   13.45  Startup Pitch Competition See 6 DTU startups pitch in front of a panel of investors and CEO’s, battling to win 30.000 DKK sponsored by ­Milestone Systems and elite support by InQvation.   15.30  Danish Tech Challenge Open House Introduction to Denmark’s best ­hardware accelerator and meet the 20 startups from 2019 cohort.   18.00 End of event

11.00 How to connect with the DTU startup ­ecosystem? Meet the startup support stakeholders at DTU, and get an overview of the landscape. Learn how to engage, and join the debate on how to evolve and strengthen the ecosystem. 12.30 Building Tech Startups with Risk Capital and Sweat Equity Keystones present their strong network of ­business angels and co-founders, and share their insights on how to grow as a startup.


About the organizers Organizing partner’s placement in the DTU Startup ecosystem

Startup Maturity Level





Education & Research


Incubation & Acceleration

DTU Centre for Technology ­Entrepreneurship DTU Entrepreneurship is the centre of research and curricular entrepreneurship programs, providing opportunities to develop entrepreneurial capabilities for all students at DTU. The centre provides a portfolio of courses for all students to become exemplary engineers with deep technical skills and the capability to recognize needs, innovate, productize and commercialize new ­technology. Research at the centre focus on building an effective feedback loop between entrepreneurship ­research and practice to ensure research are translated into practice – and that practice provides an empirical foundation for research. Come by if you are a student who would like to learn more about our courses, a researcher or company ­representative who would like to co-develop a startup with students or if you simply would like to get to know us.

www.entrepreneurship.dtu.dk Mads Rømer Svendsen   madsv@dtu.dk   +45 93 51 35 24 4


DTU Skylab DTU Skylab is DTU’s living lab for innovation and entrepreneurship. We match technology and science with an ambitious and open community, where students, researchers, startups and corporate partners meet to exchange knowledge and develop visionary solutions for real world challenges. Our facilities include interdisciplinary prototyping workshops, labs, teaching/event facilities and office space, incl. a startup incubator. We support startups with coaching, entrepreneurship programs, events, soft funding, external advisors and we offer an arena for collaboration with innovators from other disciplines, universities and companies. Summer 2020 DTU Skylab opens additional 3000m2 innovation space for students, researchers and external companies. Externals can join DTU Skylab Business Club, and get closer to our innovation environment. www.skylab.dtu.dk Kristoffer Buch  knik@dtu.dk  +45 21 18 00 63

DTU Tech Transfer DTU Tech Transfer supports the establishment of research-based startups, and helps mature projects towards commercialisation through business development, IPR management, enabling programmes, a startup package and licensing. Each year, DTU Tech Transfer evaluates around 125 new inventions, manages an active pipeline of 150 projects and commercialises 50 projects. Our enabling programmes include: -  DTU Discovery- and DTU Proof of Concept Grants -  Pre-startup mentoring -  Start-up training -  Matchmaking events

Tech Transfer

DTU Tech Transfer’s focus is on creating impact from excellent research by spinning out ­technologies to startups and established companies. We work with brilliant researchers and talented entrepreneurs -helping them realise their dreams. www.tt.dtu.dk Claus Voigt Andersen   cvoa@dtu.dk   +45 31 15 28 40 DTU STARTUP FAIR


About the organizers DTU Link DTU Link is a hub for technology-based innovation located at DTU Risø Campus. For researchers and PhDs, startups, spinouts and SMEs, DTU Link makes use of DTU’s facilities easy. We link startups and SMEs with DTU’s researchers and ecosystem. Since our opening a year ago, we have matched and funded DTU-collaborations of nearly 40 startups and SME’s with DTU-researchers, in order to test and ­develop innovative, technological solutions. Currently 15 ­s tartups are located at DTU Link. Facilities at DTU Link include access to a prototyping lab at Risø Værksted, office space for 30 people (open space and offices), meeting rooms, kitchen and canteen facilities, and access to the research infrastructure located at Risø Campus. We host events for and connect our startups with relevant partners in and outside DTU, e.g. external advisors, mentoring, startup programs etc. www.link.dtu.dk Jacob Aabroe   jabroe@dtu.dk   +45 44 80 50 88

FutureBox Futurebox is the place where Denmark’s top deep tech startups are matched with industry partners, investors, and other experts. An incubator and accelerator which does not compromise on the quality when welcoming new companies to innovate, develop and create new products. Futurebox is the only workspace in Denmark dedicated to deep tech startups –– built up by containers and located on DTU campus. Here, startups develop their technologies, get help with business and product development and going to market with their deep tech industry solutions.

www.futurebox.dk Peter Jespersen   pj@dtusciencepark.dk   +45 40 61 05 76 6


Startups Main and secondary domains

Startups Aim Robotics AnchorGrip Arctic Astronautics Ltd. ATLANT 3D Nanosystems atSpiro Auricle BeResourceful Berring Data Collective Bifrost Biolabs BlueBenu BluSense Diagnostics ApS BRØG Copenhagen Nanosystems Copenhagen Trackers Craft Robotics DACOMA EcoOil FlexLogical Fluidan ApS Free Scan Fusionbase Go DoGo Henlez Incept Sustainability Inniti KiteX Kubell Audio Kvasir Technologies Løse Zostera MiWire Moleqular Quantum Solutions Nanofluidic Sensor Nordic Firefly Obital OKTO Acoustics Op2Speed OptoCeutics Paragit Solutions PentaLock Planet Nusa QIA Systems Reshape Biotech SCtronics Seasony SEQO Solutions SetBot SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S SiCube Technology SnapForm SoilSense SOWA Sound SubBlue Robotics SUND FORLUFT Synklino T2O Egebjerg TechVolver TimeLens TransSense Trebo VenomAid Vividye Zenze


Primary domain Robotics Product Design EdTech nanotechnology Biotechnology Hearingaid Digital Ocean monitoring Biotechnology Sustainability MedTech FoodTech Labtech Trackers Robotics OffShore CleanTech Laparalouscopy Industry HealthTech Big Data PetTech Skin Disease Sustainability Lab Automation Renewable energy Audio Technology CleanTech Acoustic Hardware Property prediction Sensors Solar energy HealthTech IoT Healthcare Photonics MedTech Bikelock Sustainability HealthTech Automation Smarthome FoodTech Subsea Robotics Composites Electronics Mobility AgriTech IoT MaritimeTech Airout Health CleanTech CollaborativeRobots Health AI CleanTech MedTech TextileTech Health Tech

Secondary Domain Automation Sport Equipment NewSpace 3d printing datacollection boneconduction Manufacturing Climate science Automation zerowaste Diagnostics Design Life science GPS CTV MedTech Process Control Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence Drug development Education Tech Drones Communication Technology Biofuels Seagrass Machine learning LedLighting GeneralTech Acoustic Industrial Design Neuroscience Health Smartbikes Sport wear Diagnostics Robotics Switches AgTech Communication Technology Industry 4.0 Sensors Converters MedTech Monitoring Music Robotics IndoorClimate Artificial Intelligence Industrial Energy Pipettes Artificial Intelligence MedTech Diagnostics

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Aim Robotics

FutureBox Aim Robotics makes fully integrated Plug&Play dispensing solutions for ­Collaborative Robots. The dispensers ­reliably deliver fluids with pin point ac­ curacy and reproducibility and can be used in a wide range of applications from ­sealant, adhesives applications and dosing of fluids.

aim-robotics.com  Mie Haraldsted  mie@aim-robotics.com


DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab DTU Tech Transfer AnchorGrip has reinvented handles for sports, focusing on rowing for the initial development. AnchorGrip combines an ­improved grip shape with an innovative material, enhancing comfort and performance (dry/wet environment). The ­technology will be expanded to other sport disciplines, such as gym equipment, and adapted to other domains.

Anna-Luise Metze   almetze@mek.dtu.dk   +45 91 62 10 43

Arctic Astronautics Ltd.

Aalto, visitors from the Nordic Five Tech universities alliance DTU Skylab Our main product is Kitsat, a fully functional satellite kit (satellite, ground station and software) designed especially for educational use. Kitsat is used in the ­science ­centres and schools with an extensive material package featuring New Space education and STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and ­Mathematics).

kitsat.fi  Jari Makinen  jari@kitsat.fi  +358 40 550 9198 8


ATLANT 3D Nanosystems

DTU Skylab DTU Tech Transfer FutureBox ATLANT 3D Nanosystems develops a 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping of micro and nanodevices with more than 450 different materials. They target the R&D micro and nanotechnology market with academic, industrial and corporate organisations and companies.

atlant3d.com  Maksym Plakhotnyuk  mp@atlant3d.com  45 27 57 50 92


DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab FutureBox atSpiro improves biotechnology research and development by providing autonomous control of experiments and continuous data collection. This helps biotech companies shorten the time for new products to the market while providing accurate and valuable results with less effort and more knowledge.

atSpiro.com  Toke Faurby  contact@atspiro.com  45 28 77 86 24


FutureBox Auricle is an out-ear hearable powered by bone-conduction technology, that can be used as a replacement for hearing aids. It can also be used as a headphone, so it is not associated with hearing loss. The ­discomfort of having something inside the ear is eliminated, as it sits outside of the ear.

Auricle.io  Pedro Costa  pedro@auricle.io DTU STARTUP FAIR




FutureBox BeResourceful are developing a digital platform that helps manufacturers to reuse building components by digitalising them with sensors. The sensors are developed to outlast buildings & track them throughout its lifecycle.

Jeppe Rasmussen   jeppe@beresourceful.org   +45 42 83 87 52

Berring Data Collective

DTU Skylab FutureBox BDC is dedicated to filling ocean data gaps by integrating with ocean observation with fishing. Ocean data collection is prohibitively expensive, which hinders weather forecasting, climate science, and policy decisions. We are building a global network of vessels and programs collecting cost-­ effective data where it is needed most.

berringdatacollective.com  Cooper Van Vranken  cooper@berringdatacollective.com  +45 50 12 10 37

Bifrost Biolabs

DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab Bifrost Biolabs builds laboratory automation equipment for the biotech industry. Currently we are building a sensor that can save time and increase the efficiency of the biotech industry by quantifying cell growth in real time.We ensure you can run more fermentations with less oversight.

bifrostbiolabs.com   Vilhelm Krarup Møller   Vkm@bifrostbiolabs.com   +45 50 71 28 99 10



DTU Skylab FutureBox Blue Benu is developing a sustainable technology that can turn plastic from the ocean into crude oil that can be reused. It is a ­container-sized machine that makes use of an updated hydrothermal lique­faction method that is smart, zero waste and self-energy sufficient.

bluebenu.dk  Kamila Kunrath  kamila@bluebenu.io  45 91 19 25 31

BluSense Diagnostics

DTU Tech Transfer BluSense is a dynamic MedTech company, a spin-off from DTU. BluSense has developed a point-of-care device for diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases, like dengue and Zika. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals bringing together expertise in microfluidics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, computing and product design.

blusense-diagnostics.com  Philippo Bosco  filo@blusense-diagnostics.com  45 3917 9714


DTU Skylab BRØG is a small product development company started by a group of students studying Process and Innovation at DTU. The purpose of the company is to innovate and create coffee related products - with design, quality and the user as our main focus. Currently we are working on a coffee machine that can automate the pour-over method.

brogcoffee.com/  Sasha Steinbock Beck  sasha.steinbock@gmail.com  +45 25 667 776 DTU STARTUP FAIR


DTU STARTUP FAIR DTU Tech Transfer FutureBox

Copenhagen Nanosystems

Founded in 2015, cphnano is a Danish Labtech company that develops next-­ generation laboratory analysis and diagnostics. We believe that laboratory analysis should be a simple and accessible global commodity for everyone.

cphnano.com  Emil Højlund-Nielsen  emiho@cphnano.com  +45 60778098

Copenhagen Trackers

FutureBox Copenhagen Trackers is democratizing GPS (GNSS) technology, by bringing cheap, simple tracking solutions to everyone - with no subscriptions. The product, Cobblestone, allows consumers to find their missing ­belongings and retrieve them. It is important that people feel a sense of security with their belongings.

cphtrackers.dk  Christian Olesen  co@cphtrackers.com

Craft Robotics

FutureBox The World's First Mortar Raking Robot that fits into existing workflows and logistics of construction sites.The robot works like any other tool, requires just 5 minutes of training to get started, but can make you finish your work 3x faster. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, our robots are capable of seeing the mortar and adapting to varying hardnesses, just like humans do.

craft-robotics.com  Rasmus Lundgaard  rasmus@craft-robotics.com  45 22401249 12


THANKS for giving back to the

DTU tech-startup ecosystem at DTU High Tech Summit Milestone and inQvation at “DTU Startup Fair” Roche – “Let’s make Denmark a leading life science start-up hub” Keystones Helping startups to prepare and match with investors and experienced co-founders

Inno-Sec Innovationsnetværk for Sikkerhed

Copenhagen Fintech - Startup Collaboration – “Building the Right Competencies for Innovation Partnerships” InnoSec and ESA Business Incubation Centre Denmark – “Space technology (1) Rocket science for industry (industry 4.0)” University Startup World Cup – “Meet the 40 best university Startups in the world”



RoboCluster and UAS Denmark – “The StartUp Hub and 3 Drone business cases”




FutureBox Dacoma develops, designs and builds ­s tabiliser systems for crew transfer v ­ essels (CTV) for the offshore industry. The patented Airkeel system provides bestin-class damping of wave motion of CTVs, which improves safety for and well-being of offshore service and installation crew.

dacoma.dk  Arnd Baurichter  ab@dacoma-dk.com


DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab Biodiesel with a higher blend ratio with diesel for transportation, zero sulphur emission, a higher storage life of 1 year’s time with respect to our present compe­ titors like ethanol. Ecooil highly focusses on the United nations 2030 sustainable developments goals by making SDG 7 Clean and Affordable energy and SDG 3 good health and well-being.

Mukesh Narendran   S171760@student.dtu.dk   +45 91 65 00 30


DTU Skylab FutureBox FlexLogical offers fully ergonomic MIS devices for surgeons at public and private hospitals.The devices are based on the hand’s neutral position and with our novel patented joint technology it is possible for the surgeons to maintain a neutral hand position during an entire surgery.

flexlogical.com  Emil Cederfeldt  ec@flexlogical.com  45 50 89 10 22 14



DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Tech Transfer Manufacturers of “thick liquids” can ­increase production capacity by 20%, save resources and strengthen quality.

www.fluidan.com   Anders L. Østergård   anders.ostergard@fluidan.com    +45 23 74 56 64

Free Scan

DTU Tech Transfer Our vision is to revolutionize the field of cancer diagnostics through a patented infrared hyperspectral imaging system combined with machine learning. This ­system will be a completely new tool for pathologist, capable of identifying potential malignancies in human biopsies, without the need of chemical staining, thus saving time, money and potentially human life.

Christian Pedersen   chrp@fotonik.dtu.dk   +45 46 77 45 08


DTU Skylab TUM, visitors from the EuroTech ­universities alliance Fusionbase is a B2B data management & analytics platform that allows analysts and data scientists to access, catalog, and shape internal and external data in hours instead of weeks. They can enrich their analysis with thousands of datasets in ­categories like natural hazard, demo­ graphics, crime, real estate and more.

fusionbase.io  Kevin Gossling  kevin.gossling@fusionbase.io  +49 1577 195 006 15


#HighTechDTU DTUGuest 16



Startup Pitch Competition




Go DoGo

FutureBox The Go Dogo system is a high-tech home entertainment system that provides mental workouts for dogs. Dogs enjoy earning their food, and through the Go Dogo system they can solve stimulating and fun challenges in exchange for treats. Founded by a group of engineers with help from some of the world’s leading experts in areas such as dog psychology,

Go-dogo.com  Hanne Jarmer  hanne.jarmer@go-dogo.com  45 4225254


DTU Skylab Skin diseases triggered by dysfunctional hair follicles are difficult to treat and globally debilitate many millions of patients today. Using enzyme-driven technology, Henlez is pioneering a novel pharma­ ceutical drug with the potential to fully prevent development of these diseases thus ­considerably improving patient lives.

henlez.com  Jeppe Mouritsen  jeppe@henlez.com  +60 536 539

More startups will be added closer to the event!



Incept Sustainability

DTU Skylab

Incept Sustainability is an online learning and analytics site with simple and short guides introducing topics within the field of sustainability, designed to be shared and completed by an entire organization focusing on empowering employees while collecting insights, feedback and ideas from all corners of an organisation. inceptsustainability.com   Kathrine Jerl Jensen   Kjj@inceptsustainability.com   +45 25 53 07 63


DTU Skylab Inniti provides a platform and equipment, to automate experiments in the lab - including execution and data logging, using both inniti’s and 3rd party equipment. Control and monitor the experiment from anywhere without even entering the laboratory. It will free up time previously time and increase the quality of the ­experiments.

inniti.dk  Malthe Muff  mm@inniti.dk  +45 22 44 34 04


DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Link KiteX is making wind power cheaper and more accessible by developing an autonomous, flying turbine. It consists of a flying wing tethered to the ground, requiring a fraction of the material of a conventional system for the same power output. The system can be installed without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure.

kitex.tech  Andreas Okholm  andreas@kitex.tech  +45 22 17 43 31 DTU STARTUP FAIR



Kubell Audio

DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab Kubell Audio develops an intelligent audio interface, that makes it easy for everyone to setup proffesional audio systems - by automating the complex, and time consuming setup process

kubellaudio.com   Dennis Laust Sørensen   Dennis.Laust@kubellaudio.com   +45 51 90 51 58

Kvasir Technologies

DTU Link DTU Tech Transfer Kvasir Technologies develops a new disruptive technology for the transformation of whole non-edible biomass (e.g. wood or straw) into a CO2 neutral substitute for fossil crude. Kvasir’s bio-crude can be used directly as drop in fuel for large ships or further processed in a refinery to yield higher grade fuel products and chemicals

kvasirtechnologies.com  Joachim B. Nielsen  joachim@kvasirtechnologies.com  45 2211 077

Læsø Zostera

FutureBox Læsø Zostera has developed acoustic solutions made from Danish seagrass. The products have a negative CO2 footprint due to seagrass’ ability to store CO2. Seagrass contains minerals from the sea, that serve as a natural fire retardant, which makes it possible to make safe and healthy products.

zostera.dk  Kirsten Lynge  kirsten@zostera.dk 20



FutureBox MiWire RouDem er en banebrydende internetløsning, som giver dig internet, hvor andre giver op. MiWire Roudem er en automatisk retningsbestemt antenne, der bruger avanceret mobildatakommunikation, hvor den automatisk kobler sig på eksisterende mobilmaster og forbedrer signalet.

miwire.net  David Fleischer  david@miwire.net

DTU Skylab DTU Tech Transfer

Moleqular Quantum Solutions

SAFEPROPS is a property prediction tool to reduce the number of experiments needed for product and process development in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. It allows the users to generate predictive and quantum-mechanical based models from their data sets and provides uncertainty analysis to assess the reliability of the model. MQS.dk  Mark Jones  mark@mqs.dk  +45 42 77 34 59

Nanofluidic Sensor

DTU Skylab Our patent pending method, invented by Chalmers researchers, allows one to detect and study very small particles without the need of any labeling techniques which is seen as an obstacle in current methods. This open doors for new research in several fields where super resolution microscopy is used, such as biomedicine and nanoparticle studies.

Magdalena Lindén   magdalena.linden@gmail.com   46 70 06 23 390 DTU STARTUP FAIR



Nordic Firefly


NORDIC FIREFLY provides intelligent electronic devices that can store solar energy and reuse it to light up the night. NORDIC FIREFLY wants to contribute to the development of sustainable, well-designed and reliable lighting products of high quality based on solar energy and efficient LEDs.

nordicfirefly.com  Jørgen Kejlberg  jk@nordicfirefly.com  +45 42 92 53 00


DTU Skylab We’re building a SaaS eye tracking platform allowing developers and companies to easily utilize cross platform eye tracking control and data capture in their own apps.

obital.io/eyetell.io   Frederik Østergaard Neble   fn@obital.io   +45 22 84 15 57

OKTO Acoustics

FutureBox DTU Skylab OKTO has developed a low-cost dedicated IoT microphone with inbuilt detection algorithms that can be coupled to transformer stations and pylons etc. By processing data locally and only sending notifications at critical events, companies can gain benefits in data security, response time and bandwidth.

oktoacoustics.io  Golam Sadeghnia  golam@oktoacoustics.io 22



DTU Skylab Op2speed provides a versatile blue light therapy lamp to optimize circadian rhythm, avoiding jet lag and maximizing the performance for the athletes. Device was ­designed in collaboration with Team Danmark Olympic swimming team to ensure that it will fit in routines of the athlete.

Edgaras Stepukonus   edgarasstepukonis@gmail.com   +45 40 14 63 32


FutureBox DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab DTU Tech Transfer Optoceutics develops a potential Alzheimers treatment using 40 Hz ­flickering light that can induce brain waves and improve cognition. The light is combined in a unique way that makes the disturbing stroboscopic flicker non-perceptible and thus not hindering vision or causing discomfort. The current aim of Optoceutics is to clinically validate the light.

optoceutics.com  Jakob Hildebrandt  jak@optoceutics.com  + 45 60 51 51 10


DTU Skylab Paragit Solutions has developed a measuring tool, Paragit Sleeve, and in combination with our software helps neurologists provide a precise and objective assessment of Parkinson’s disease. Paragit Sleeve allows patients to be in the comfort of their home, while valuable data are being gathered noninvasively throughout the day.

paragit.com/   Li Ren Ou   liou@paragit.com   +45 61 79 91 38 DTU STARTUP FAIR




FutureBox PentaLock is a fully integrated locking device made for bike manufacturers, to ­upgrade their current bike models, no matter the design, to a "smart" bike. It is the most secure and convenient locking solution on the market, as the locking mechanism blocks the use of the pedals and combined with an alarm system, will scare off any thief.

pentalock.dk  Emil Norup  emil@pentalock.dk

Planet Nusa

FutureBox Planet Nusa makes ethical women’s sportswear made from rescued fishing nets and other ocean waste. Planet Nusa contributes to the social impact the charity Net-Works has established to collect these ghost fishing nets. By using regenerated fibres from the waste, the oceans get cleaner and the CO2 cost of the product is far more positive.

planetnusa.com  Mille Skat  mille@planetnusa.com

QIA Systems

DTU Tech Transfer We are developing an easy-to-use ­disposable device enabling fast detection of the most common pathogens responsible for wound infections. Our Quick Infection Analyser ­system provides concentration data, for each the pathogenic species, in a digital format. This information is used for direct visualization, storage, and advanced data analysis for wound infection diagnostics.

Susan Ibi Preus   suspre@dtu.dk   +45 26 79 920 24


Reshape Biotech

DTU Skylab FutureBox

Reshape Biotech develops robotic systems for biotech laboratories to help them automate workflows in order to save time and resources, allowing them to get better results with less investment. Smart people can then spend their time analysing data and coming up with new experiments while a robot does the repetitive, manual work. reshapebiotech.com  Carl Emil Grøn  ceg@reshapebiotech.com


FutureBox SCtronics has developed a new power switch that fits into a standard FUGA frame. The switch is Wi-Fi based and has built-in timers. Users can turn lights, electronics and heaters on/off through the app. The device is easy to install, and it eliminates unnecessary power consumption, saves money and is environmentally friendly

sctronics.dk  Steen Christensen  sc@sctronics.dk  +45 42 75 14 07


DTU Skylab Seasony is an indoor, vertical farming startup aiming to bring nutritious and sustainably grown produce closer to the consumer. In vertical farming we bring the farm indoors in a controlled environment, allowing for a 95% reduction in water use, zero pesticide use, and secure food supply all year round.

seasony.dk  Christopher Thomasen  seasonycph@gmail.com  +45 22 63 11 91 DTU STARTUP FAIR



SEQO Solutions

DTU Skylab NTNU, visitors from the Nordic Five Tech universities alliance Temporarily abandoned subsea wells have a risk of oil and gas leakage, thus requiring yearly ROV-inspections. Seqo Solutions develops an autonomous, permanent seabed-to-surface communication system for monitoring these wells. This lowers the cost of inspection and enhances the quality of the surveillance by making it continuous.

Andreas Mauritzen   andremau@stud.ntnu.no   +47 94 25 73 2


DTU Skylab TUM, visitors from the EuroTech ­universities alliance SetBot develops, manufactures and sells robot modules. These can be assembled at the customer’s site to ideally suit specific tasks. After their use, they can be flexibly rearranged to form new modular robots for completely different tasks. Experience the world’s first completely modular, self-­ programming robots

modularrobotics.de  Roman Hölzl  roman.hoelzl@tum.de  +49 089 298 181 44

SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S

DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Tech Transfer SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S is originally a spin-out company from DTU. Two of our founders, Ph.d. Kristian Nielsen and Professor Ole Bang have developed a novel polymer optical fiber sensor system, enabling us to real-time monitor strain/ stress, humidity and temperature in points along a hair-thin optical fiber. Hence the name SHUTE.

shute.dk  Kristian Rode  kr@shute.dk  +45 23 38 67 28 26


SiCube Technology

DTU Tech Transfer The revolution in electronic devices led to an increasing demand for smaller power converters. SiCube Technology provides solutions based on a unique silicon manufacturing process. Our patented technology offers highly integrated power converters suitable for a wide range of products including hearing aids, headsets, and wearables.

Yasser Nour   ynour@elektro.dtu.dk   +45 45 25 57 18


DTU Link FutureBox A well-performing prosthesis is vital for the independence, mobility and quality of life of lower limb amputees. Each prosthesis is unique and arriving at a good fit is a complex and time-consuming ­process. Snapform provides the techno­ logy to d ­ rastically reduce the time and cost through advanced computer simulation and 3D printing.

snapformtech.com  Bo Esbech  bo.esbech@snapformtech.com


DTU Skylab FutureBox SoilSense offers an affordable and simple sensor solution that helps farmers in emerging markets optimise the growth of their crops, by intelligently suggesting when and where to water. Optimised watering can increase farming yields by 30% and the latest pilot project has proven water savings of more than 40%.

soilsense.io  Jesper Alkestrup  jesper@soilsense.io DTU STARTUP FAIR



SOWA Sound

DTU Entrepreneurship DTU Skylab Whenever an event needs professional audio you have cables to worry about - and cables are a hassle. SOWA is ­developing a battery-powered and 100% cable-free speaker system for events, that you can bring anywhere. Connect an unlimited amount of speakers wirelessly, and simply use a microphone for speeches or play music via Bluetooth.

sowasound.com  Villads Sørensen  villads@sowasound.com  +45 42 80 80 8

SubBlue Robotics

DTU Skylab FutureBox SubBlue Robotics is developing a remote-­ controlled robot that polishes ship ­propellers. The robot replaces divers, and increases the frequency of propeller polishing, which is necessary as it improves the ships’ fuel efficiency. There are also fewer cancellations due to weather, as there are no risks to human safety.

subbluerobotics.com  Michael Hermansen  mbh@subbluerobotics.com


DTU Tech Transfer Wiping out cmv infection in transplantation, a new treatment paradigm, providing major advance in transplantation quality. Synklino’s drug candidate holds promise: to prevent cmv-related disease, morbidity and mortality, and improve transplantation management and economics.

www.synklino.com   Thomas N. Kledal   tnk@synklino.com   +45 20 12 16 56 28


DTU Skylab FutureBox


SUND FORLUFT has created a plug and play solution to measure CO2 levels in the shape of a cloud that hangs on the wall and lights red if the indoor climate is bad, and blue when it is good. A good indoor climate in schools and workplaces makes pupils and employees more productive and increases their concentration levels. sundforluft.dk  Kristoffer Jensen  kj@sundforluft.dk


DTU Link T2O/P4O recycle all plastic with or without organic and tires into Syntesoil - which 100% go into the chemical industries for new products. T2O/P4O pyrolysis recycling machines, own design, do automatic ”tailor made solutions” which are safe, scalable and highly cost-effective solution and run 24/7 on its own energy. “MADE in Denmark”

Tire2oil.com  Lars Boysen  lbo@tire2oil.com  +45 28 77 68 69


FutureBox TechVolver offers collaborative robot ­solutions that handle manual pipettes, that are integrated into the universal robot ecosystem. This benefits lab technicians and their employers as they will have fewer sick days, the costs will be lower, and the efficiency will increase as robots can handle pipettes more accurately than people.

techvolver.com  Jakob F. Skjærlund  jfs@techvolver.com DTU STARTUP FAIR




DTU Tech Transfer Today, a large portion of the world’s total energy consumption is consumed by the Internet. TimeLens’ patent pending time lens technology can reduce the power consumption with more than 90% and multiply the capacity of optical access networks, all at a fraction of the cost compared to existing solutions.

Pengyu Guan   pengu@fotonik.dtu.dk   +45 45 25 38 76


DTU Skylab DTU Tech Transfer TransSense helps blind people improve their life quality by offering a novel hand-wearable device that can aid them with finding belongings and moving around. The device contains cameras and sensors, giving inputs to AI algorithms. The user can scan the surroundings with the hand to detect desired objects via haptic feedback from vibrators.

transense.ai   Andreas Baum, CEO   e-mail: andba@dtu.dk   +45 42 83 18 04


DTU Skylab FutureBox TREBO is a cleantech startup, developing a revolutionary technology for plastic sorting. We help the plastic industry reduce its carbon footprint by enabling access to sorted recyclable materials. Our invention is easy scalable and very cost-effective. We have the technology at hand and seek industrial partners to join us in our mission to protect the environment on a global scale.

trebo.dk  Andreas Bockhoff  hello@trebo.dk  +45 22 41 99 03 30



DTU Skylab VenomAid Diagnostics presents a solution for rapid diagnosis of victims bitten by medically relevant snakes. We are a young and dedicated team from the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen backed up by world-class advisors, partners, and collaborators.

venomaid.com   Jonas Arnold Jürgensen   Jajuergensen@venomaid.com   +45 30 48 27 47


Chalmers, visitors from the Nordic Five Tech universities alliance DTU Skylab We provide a technology that enables dyeing and removing color from cellulose-­ based textiles in a more sustainable way, opening up for many recycling possibilities. Bringing our method into the market will ultimately help the textile industry reduce water expenditure and lower the release of toxic chemicals into the environment.

Eric Henriksson Martí   erichen@student.chalmers.se


FutureBox Zenze has developed a mat that validate the effect of new medicine for ­Parkinson’s patients early in clinical trials thus saving cost in development and essentially provide better treatment for Parkinson’s patients.

Christian Haahr   chrbyghaahr@hotmail.com   +45 50 74 13 69 DTU STARTUP FAIR


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FUTURE MAJOR EVENTS Open Innovation X Green Mobility Finals, see the results of DTU Skilabs bi-yearly major corporate sponsored hackathon www.oi-x.dtu.dk

January 23 2020 Danish Tech Challenge Award Show, Meet the finalists of Denmark leading deep tech accelerator, and see them compete for the final award of 500.000 DKK. www.dtusciencepark.dk/futurebox/danish-tech-challenge May 6 2020

Danish IP Fair, at Industriens Hus Meet research spinout from the Danish Universities. www.dipfair.dk

Summer 2020

DTU Skylab opens additional 3000m2 innovation space for students, researchers and external companies including a new arena, a large ­developer floor, new Labs/workshops, co-working /office space and social spaces. www.skylab.dtu.dk


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