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Technical University of Denmark ACCOMMODATION FORM For MSc Students This form must be filled out electronically and returned by e-mail to the Accommodation Office . . Deadline for applying for accommodation is May 1st for Autumn semester and November 1st for Spring semester. Be aware that we cannot guarantee you accommodation. We are sending inform ation to your DTU student e-mail ( so please check it! Questions can be addressed to (reply time can take up to one week during busy periods). CampusNet login number (student number) : First name (full name):

Family name (full name):


Date of birth:


___ / ___ / _____





Home address: (street/number)

(postal code, town)

If you are taking your mobile to Denmark, please indicate your number:



Information of special interest for the accommodation (smoker/non smoker, allergies, etc.) Also please indicate if you are bringing a car with you to Denmark): Sending university / country and specialization: If you are connected to a supervisor at DTU (for project work, individual course, etc.) please indicate name of professor and department: Priority list of accommodation (please notice this is only a guideline for the Accommodation Office, we cannot guarantee to fulfil your wishes). Fill with numbers 1-9 (1=highest priority), more information about rooms on Accommodation Office web-page ( ). Would you like to live: TĂĽsingegade Kollegiet

Room in a student house

Kagsaa Kollegiet

Room with a private host/family

Tingbjerg Kollegiet

Campus Village

Vilhelm Jørgensens Guesthouse

Halls of residence

Kokkedal student apartment

If you like to live together (double room) with a friend, please state the name and student number of the friend (friend must be DTU student):

If you like to live close to a friend, please state the name of the friend below:

I would like accommodation from ___ / ___ / _____ to ___ / ___ / _____. Please note that accommodation will be (day)


offered for max. 2 semesters, and for one person.


(day) (month)


Please indicate if you are participating in the introduction week (introduction week starts Tuesday, January 29th, 2013). Date sent (filled by student):

___ / ___ / _____ (day)



Date received (filled by Accommodation Office): ___ / ___ / _____

Master students accommodation form  

First and foremost, do not apply for a room until you have received an acceptance letter from our admissions office. You cannot apply to DTU...