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Table of Contents 1.  Table of Contents 2.  Executive Summary 3.  Research 4.  Competition 5.  Marketing Overview 6.  Creative Strategy 7.  Campaign Introduction 8.  Print Ads 9.  Digital TV & Radio 10.  Social & Mobile 11.  Experiential & Earned 12.  Experiential & Earned 13.  IMC Plan 14.  Budget Breakdown 15.  Integrated Plan 16.  Measuring Success 17.  Conclusion 1

Executive Summary The A1 Opportunity § 


Build awareness of the A1 by capitalizing on ü  A1’s style and technology ü  Audi’s luxury brand image Establish the A1 as the best subcompact choice ü  For young urban lifestyle consumers ü  Relative to other subcompact options

The Up & Coming Urbanites

Two main segments of Up & Coming Urbanites the A1 wants to reach are: §  Young Millennials §  Rising Millennials

Life Stage Connection

Young city dwellers 18-24 and 25-34 are: §  Style conscious §  Technology natives §  Success oriented

The A1 Experience

Up & Coming Urbanites value style, success, technology, and drivability. This campaign will extend Audi’s prestigious brand image to the A1, and connect it personally to them through the media they opt into in their every day lives.

Lifestyle Intercept

This campaign will intercept the Up & Coming Urbanites in their day to day lives §  Campaign implementation will have heavy focus on digital, social, and experiental marketing §  Unique and fresh initiatives will generate significant earned media

The A1 Choice

A1 will become the preferred subcompact choice among Up & Coming Urbanites due to: §  Audi’s best-in-class brand image §  A1’s unique offerings which alligns with the 18-34 year olds desired attributes §  A cutting edge campaign which highlights A1’s stylish, technology forward, and successful personality


Research Objective §  § 

To Gain insight into the A1’s competitive advantage in the subcompact car market Learn about what 18-34 year old car purchase intenders desire in an automobile

Campaign Focus

Key Findings Young Millennials §  Independent §  Ambitious §  Digital Natives

Rising Millennials §  Value Conscious §  Career Oriented §  Family Consideration

With a $100,000 budget, it is essential that the campaign be intensely focused on those who are most likely to consider purchasing the A1: §  Young Millennials (18-24) and Rising Millennials (25-34), the Up & Coming Urbanites want: ü  Cutting edge technology ü  To express their personal style and individuality ü  A car that makes them feel successful


Competition Competitive Overview §  § 

Primary competition is Cooper Mini, being the only subcompact with luxury perception Secondary competitors are the Fit, Yaris, Fiesta, Accent, and 2 due to their more economical brand perceptions

A1 Perception

The Audi A1 will become the preferred car for Up & Coming Urbanites based on personalization and Audi’s luxury brand perception

Fully customizable, Successful car perception, cutting edge technology Moderate customization, standard technology, stale car perception Moderate customization, standard technology, feminine perception Limited customization, standard technology, “kid” car perception

A1 Advantage

Low customization, limited technology, “kid” car perception


Low customization, limited technology, economical car perception


Low customization, poor technology, economical car perception



Up & Coming Urbanites new car purchase consideration rose 8% in three years 29% of these consumers intend on purchasing a small car The Audi A1 encompasses the attributes the Up & Coming Urbanites desire in a vehicle

Marketing Overview Marketing Strategy

Develop a fully integrated 6 month campaign with strategic focus on 5 of the most influential cities in the United States that will increase A1 awareness and purchase consideration among Up & Coming Urbanites

Marketing Strategy

Position the Audi A1 as the subcompact that will deliver the best in style, technology, and luxury to the Up & Coming Urbanites.

Marketing Objective § 

Marketing Goals

Build awareness by connecting the A1 to young consumers urban lifestyles §  Grow to 6% subcompact market share by 2015 §  Increase dealership traffic for A1 by 20% §  50% Share of Voice in subcompact market §  Achieve 70,000 A1 test drives §  50,000 A1 App downloads


Use highly targeted, lifestyle oriented social media, digital, mobile to intercept and engage the Up & Coming Urbanites Allocate the $100,000 budget to generate earned media and PR by strategically placing highly experiential programs in America’s most influential cities.

Tactics §  §  §  §  §  §  § 

This map indicates the 5 cities where experiential programs will have the highest impact §  New York- 4,386,508 Millennials §  Los Angeles- 3,262,509 Millennials §  Chicago- 2,294,797 Millennials §  Dallas- 1,620,281 Millennials §  Houston- 1,440,634 Millennials


Social Mobile Online Radio Digital TV Experiential Earned Media Non-Traditional “Print”

Creative Strategy Target Audience

The Up & Coming Urbanites are §  18-24 year old: Young Millennials §  25-34 year old: Rising Millennials

Desired Action

To make the Audi A1 the preferred subcompact car choice among Up & Coming Urbanites looking for the latest in style and technology in a luxury ride.

Barriers §  § 

Already established cars in the subcompact category Limited existing awareness, as the A1 is currently only available in Europe

Brand Personality §  §  §  § 

Stylish Classy Rich Intelligent

Key Insight

The Up & Coming Urbanites are driven and ambitious. They value their lifestyle and express it through the choices they make that enhance their style, individuality, and clout.


When I buy my next car, it will be and A1 because I know I will get the style, technology, and status I want.


Campaign Introduction I’ve got Truth in Style I’ve got Truth in Technology Up & Coming Urbanites are hungry for success. In I’ve got Truth in Success their every day lives- the style they rock, the technology they take with them, and the vibe they Truth in Engineering put out- these young consumers are defining their Truth In Your Life unique brand of success. “A1 Truth”- The Campaign



“The A1 Truth” will drive off of Audi’s internationally recognized slogan “Truth in Engineering.” It will relate to the target audience by connecting Audi’s existing campaign with their own truths




The “A1 Truth” campaign relates to Up & Coming Urbanites’ lifestyles and life stages by demonstrating that Audi understands what they want as a young, success driven consumer, and the A1 is the car that will get them where they want to go. The “A1 Truth” campaign will intercept today’s young urban lifestyle consumer throughout their daily lives.

Print Ads

Sidewalk Stickers Dealership Windows 8 Â

Digital TV/Radio

You’re Truth in Technology:06 (Vine) Announcer: You are cutting edge Experience the truth in technology Audi A1. Truth In Engineering.

@AudiA1 #mya1truth

Truth in Luxury:15 (Pandora)

Car unlocks, door shuts, car engine revs, car accelerates (portraying the sounds of a well build machine) Announcer: Hear the truth in Luxury Audi A1. Truth in Engineering.

9 Â

Social & Mobile Share Your A1 Truths

Truth in Synergy

The Up & Coming Urbanites will feel connected to the A1 campaign through the use of engaging content and conversation. They will be encouraged to share their own truths and win an A1 Drive Kit to be picked up at their local Audi dealership Twitter §  Tweet Your A1 Truth: the most retweetet truth weekly will win an A1 Drive Kit §  Will share relevant content and musings Facebook §  Post Your A1 Truth: the most favorited post weekly will win an A1 Drive Kit §  Tag users in A1 Valet & A1 VIP montages Instagram §  Caption Your A1 Truth: the most favorited picture weekly will win an A1 Drive Kit §  Users will share their custom A1 designs Pinterest §  Truth in Pinboards: Users will create their A1 pinboards, the user with the most new followers each month will win an A1 Drive Kit StumbleUpon §  Users will stumble upon A1 YouTube videos, blogs, and earned media

The A1 Microsite is one place where the Up & Coming Urbanites can access all things A1, including §  Audi A1 blogging §  Social media links to sharing info and contests §  Youtube videos

Truth in Mobility

Multi Functional App §  Dealership Locator §  A1 event alerts §  Design your own A1 §  “Earn Your Truths” game

Truth in Video

A1 YouTube channel will showcase A1’s features as well as video montages of experiential sections of the campaign


Experiential & Earned Earn Your Truths

The A1 App will feature an interactive game where participants earn their truths in order to win an Audi A1. Contestants will check in at specific locations in each of the 5 cities (example for NYC) §  Participants will follow tips to a specific location, find the A1 ad, and check in to narrow the radius of the virtual A1 ü  Truth in Style: Bedford Ave, Williamsburg (1 mi) ü  Truth in Success: Wall St., Manhattan (.5 mi) ü  Truth in Technology: Silicon Alley, Manhattan (.25 mi) §  Once all truths are earned, participants will try to grab the A1 ü  Truth in Engineering: When participants get within .10 mi of the A1, they can grab it. When a participant has the A1 for 4 days (representing the 4 rings) they will win the A1

Truth in the Night

A1 sponsorship will take over one VIP table each Saturday night in one club in each of the 5 cities. A regular club-goer will be chosen at random and be given the A1 VIP experience. Video montages will be produced and uploaded to the A1 youtube channel

Truth in Experience

A1 will set up a red carpet valet at Sunday farmers markets in each of the 5 cities, allowing people to test drive the A1. Participants will be interviewed following their test drive, and every fifteen interviewees will be compiled into a video montage, tagged, and uploaded to Facebook


Experiential & Earned Truth in Refueling

One A1 food cart will travel to different corporate centers in each city offering urban professionals an opportunity to check out the A1, and a chance to grab lunch or a coffee

Truth in Media § 


The “A1 Truth” campaign will attract significant earned media for it’s highly experiential initiatives: ü  Truth in The Night ü  Truth in Experience ü  Truth in Cuisine ü  Truth in Relaxation ü  Earn Your Truths Game These programs will attract attention from a wide range of blogs as well as mass media outlets. Expected earned media will come from from sources such as:

Truth in Relaxation

Audi A1 will set up a Labor Day bbq in each of the 5 cities largest park. People will be able to stop by, listen to music, grab food and refreshments, and test drive the A1.


IMC Plan The “A1 Truth” Campaign is a national campaign with strategic focus on these 5 cities: §  New York, NY §  Los Angeles, CA §  Chicago, Il §  Dallas, TX §  Houston, TX


§  §  § 

Digital TV Online Radio Earned Media

§  §  § 

§  §  § 

Truth in Synergy Truth in Motion Truth in Relationships

Earn Your Truths Truth in The Night Truth in Experience


§  § 

Truth in Relaxation Truth in Cuisine


Budget Breakdown The “A1 Truth” campaign allocates the $100,000 budget heavily in experiential advertising in order to engage the Up & Coming Urbanites, and generate earned media in the channels they opt into.


Non-Traditional “Print”

28% 60%  

Social/Mobile Experiential/Earned


Integrated Plan

15 Â

Measuring Success The “A1 Truth” Campaign Goals §  §  §  §  § 

Grow to 6% subcompact market share by 2015 Increase dealership traffic for A1 by 20% 50% Share of Voice in subcompact market Achieve 70,000 A1 test drives 50,000 A1 App downloads

What We Will Measure §  §  §  §  §  § 

Audi A1 Test Drives Experiential Event Participation App downloads Earn Your Truths Game Participation Audi A1 Social Media usage (likes, retweets, favorites, shares) Earned Media (blogs, social media, news)

Building Awareness

“A1 Truth” is a multi platform campaign that will be measured by tracking qualitative and quantitative research. Research will be tracked through Google Analytics to ensure that the fully integrated A1 Truth campaign effectively connects with the Up & Coming Urbanites

Metrics §  §  §  §  §  § 

Dealership traffic for A1 by 20% A1 test drives Social Media followers Social Media amplification A1 Share of Voice Sentiment


Conclusion A1 Situation §  § 

“The A1 Truth”

The Audi A1 is brand new to the American market, and §  is the first Audi that will be priced in the $20,000 range A1 has a major opportunity to connect style, technology, and luxury as it translates to it’s driver’s feeling of success. § 

The A1 Audience

Young Millenails and Rising Millenials, the Up & Coming Urbanites are Audi A1’s best business opportunity. They: §  Represent over 25% of new car purchase intenders in 2014 §  Have the highest concentration of subcompact car purchase intenders §  Desire cars that are stylish, technologically equipped, and make them feel successful; A1 strengths

Truth in A1 § 


The A1 Choice

Audi A1 can differentiate itself from competition by establishing it as the subcompact that best fulfills the preferences of the young urban lifestyle with it’s §  Strong Truth in Engineering campaign §  Best-in-class brand image §  Highly customizable style §  Multitude of technology features §  Brand perception of success

“The A1 Truth” is a fully integrated campaign that will increase significant awareness for the A1 and create a buzz about the new subcompact option. The campaign connects the the most important purchase considerations for millennial new car purchase intenders who want the latest in technology and style in a luxury vehicle that makes them feel successful The two tier plan puts strategic emphasis on experiential programs in the 5 US cities with the highest concentration of millennials National communication will be represented through earned media, online, mobile, and social media

Truth in A1 §  § 


“The A1 Truth” campaign A1 the preferred subcompact automobile among millenials It is an idea that will be inserted into the culture and allow Up & Coming Urbanites to express their unique brand of success

Audi A1 Case  

Plansbook for the Audi A1