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January 2014

“ Based in New York and the Netherlands, Dot Time Records isn’t the vision of one producer and owner, but a team based on friendship, experience and mutual respect. More than anything, it is a modern label that has left the dusty image of the record mogul and entered the age of networking and collaboration. ” Jakob Baekgaard - All About Jazz

THE NEW LIGHT IN JAZZ Contact Details Head Office 666 Shore Road, Suite 4F Long Beach NY 11561 USA Phone: +1 570 604 3181 European Office Tuindorpstraat 61 7555 CS Hengelo (o) The Netherlands Phone: +31(0)74 760 0399 Web: E-mail:

“Jost is truly an exceptional singer, instrumentalist and arranger. He masters every thinkable nuance of the singer’s palette, from lightning-fast scatting to smoky, blues phrasings and elegant crooning.” - Jakob Baekgaard - All About Jazz

Paul Jost

BREAKING THROUGH DT9030 - Release date 15 April 2014

Paul Jost is a rare talent and one of the best kept secrets in the jazz world. He is an eclectic artist with great skill as a vocalist, drummer, composer and arranger. “Breaking Through” is his first solo release and features a well put together set of jazz standards, presented in a non-standard way. The CD’s title “Breaking Through” is highly appropriate. On this release Paul breaks through every boundary, tradition and convention producing one of the most exciting jazz CD’s of the year.

Performers Paul Jost, Vocal, Keyboards & Guitar | Frank Strauss, Piano | Steve Varner, Bass | Dan Monaghan, Drums | Mark Adler, Flute | Jim Ridl, Piano (Tracks 5 & 12) | Tim Lekan, Bass (Tracks 5 & 12) | Bob Shomo, Drums (Tracks 5,7 &12) Andy Lalasis, Bass (Track 7) | Tony Miceli, Vibes | Kevin MacConnell, Bass (Track 10) | Keith Hollis, Drums (Track 11) | Phyllis Chapell, Spoken Word

Track Listing 1. Singing In The Rain | 2. I Got Rhythm | 3. Waltz For Debby | 4. Days Of Wine And Roses | 5. This Nearly Was Mine | 6. Sweet Lorraine | 7. Blues On The Corner | 8. Book Faded Brown | 9. I Don’t Need No Doctor | 10, Waltz New | 11, Gentle Rain | 12, All Of You

CO MING RE L E ASE R el ea se date 15 Apr il 2014

“Hidden Roots” is a “must have” and a “must listen to” and in my opinion deserves a special place in the world of vocal jazz.” - David Linx

Julia K arosi

HIDDEN ROOTS DT9028 - Release date 15 March 2014

Julia Karosi is one of Hungary’s top jazz vocalists. After graduating from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Julia founded her own quartet in 2011. “Hidden Roots” is her second CD as a leader and the follow-up to the successful “Stroller of the City Streets” released in February, 2012. “Hidden Roots” contain’s a number of Julia’s new compositions and as the name eludes to, arrangements of Hungarian folk songs. The compositions are beautifully and intelligently written, performed with great inspiration, crossing all boundaries of jazz.

Performers Júlia Karosi, Vocal | Áron Tálas, Piano, Vocal | Ádám Bögöthy, Bass | Bendegúz Varga, Drums | Tobias Meinhart, Tenor Saxophone | Linda Kovács, Vocal

Track Listing 1. The Miraculous Deer | 2. Édesanyám rózsafája | 3. Noah’s Ark | 4. Imhol kerekedik | 5. Hidden Roots | 6. Floating Island | 7. Seed | 8. Race Against Time | 9. Szól a kakas már | 10. Sinus Motion 11. Hymn to Love

CO MING RE L E ASE R el ea se date 15 M a rc h 2014

D ef tr io

BUSHWICK’D DT9027 - Released 2014

Brooklyn based pianist and keyboardist, Mike Eckroth, has spent the past two years touring extensively with the John Scofield new quartet. His new group, Deftrio, is a collaboration with long time colleagues Greg Diamond and drummer Jeffrey Fegardo. “Bushwick’d” is the debut release from this innovative organ trio that has been described as deep, exciting, and grooving. All the tracks on the album were composed and recorded live in the studio. There are no overdubs or edits giving the album a spontaneous and live character. This album really kicks ass.

Performers Mike Eckroth, Hammond B3 Organ | Grea Diamond, Guitar | Jeffrey Fegardo, Drums

Track Listing 1. Flashbulb | 2. A.B.S. | 3. Valence | 4. Prog ballad | 5. State of the union | 6. 1981 | 7. Ninja 8. Arcade | 9. JIV+ | 10. 5,000 licks | 11. Shattered premise | 12. Black diamond | 13. Al-andalus 14. Lifetime | 15. Seven-seven | 16.Solja | 17. Timeshift | 18. song-O

“Having travelled to and performed in ltaly for the last 35 years, I have met many ltalian rising stars and have seen them to go on to achieve international recognition. Chiara is one of those rising stars that I speak of. She has the talent, passion, devotion, musicianship, and professionalism that is required for success...� - Bobby Watson

Chiara I zzi

MOTIFS DT9026 - released 2013

Dot Time Records is proud to release the debut CD “Motifs” from young Italian vocalist Chiara Izzi. Chiara caught the attention of Quincy Jones and was awarded 1st prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition in 2011. Chiara together with Andrea Rea (piano), Nicola Corso (bass) and Gino del Prete (drums) have put together a impressive set that not only show’s her versatility, but also leaves no doubt that she will become a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Performers Chiara Izzi, Vocals | Andrea Rea, Piano | Nicola Corso, Bass | Gino del Prete, Drums

Track Listing 1. I get a kick out of you | 2. Travessia | 3. El Cacerolazo | 4. Another day | 5. It had to be you 6. Cantabile | 7. Segni del tempo | 8. My shining hour | 9. Il pescatore | 10. Stockholm sweetnin 11. Deep in a dream

“...Dickins’ vast experience allows her to feel at ease singing many different extraordinary balladeer...deeply rooted in the jazz tradition.” - Jazz Times

Er in Dick ins

J AVA J I V E DT9025 - released 2013

Carefully crafted over a two year period by a group of renowned musicians, “Java Jive” is produced by Jesse Frederick. With “Java Jive”, Dickins returns to her roots with a remake of the original Ink Spots’ hit, which she first recorded on the Manhattan Transfer album “Jukin”. As title track, Java Jive anchor’s the new release and features backing vocals by longtime friends Tim Hauser, Marty Nelson and Gene Pistill, the three male vocalists from the original Manhattan Transfer.

Performers Erin Dickins, Vocals | Rob Mounsey, Piano | David Finck & Francois Moutin, Bass | Ray Marchica, Drums | Bruce Watson, Bob Mann & Jesse Frederick, Guitar | Barry Danielian, John Fumo & Jesse Frederick, Trumpet | Lawrence Feldman, John Lissauer & Bob Sheppard, Tenor Sax | Birch Johnson & Charlie Morilles, Trombone | Anja Wood, Cello | John Lissauer, Nick Vincent & Rob Mounsey, Vibes & Percussion | Jesse Frederick, Kentavius Jones, Ed Shockley, & Erin Dickins, Background Vocals | Java Jive Back Ground Vocals by the original Manhattan Transfer: Tim Hauser, Marty Nelson, Gene Pistilli.

Track Listing 1. I just found out about love | 2. Je Cherche Un Homme | 3. Java Jive | 4. Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast | 5. Tain’t What You Do | 6. Walkin’ With Your Barefeet On | 7. Long Ago And Far Away | 8. Stayin’Is The Only Way To Go | 9. Can’t We Be Friends | 10. Loads Of Love | 11. I Must Have That Man | 12. Sometimes I’m Happy

The Jost Project is without a doubt one of the most creative bands I have heard for years and vocalist Paul Jost one of the best male jazz vocalists that I have heard since Mark Murphy.� Johan van Deeg — Jazz in Europe

The Jost Projec t

CAN’ T FIND MY WAY H O M E DT9024 - Released 2013

In case you’re new to The Jōst Project, they are a band devoted to jazz and hope to reach a whole new generation of rock fans in a style that will introduce them and pull them into our world. On this CD — “Can’t Find My Way Home” — they switch things up a bit. Instead of using jazz standards as their base, they interpret rock-related “standards” in a contemporary jazz format. What’s their goal? To create a whole new connection between the music of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Donovan, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys, and jazz.

Performers Tony Miceli, Vibes | Paul Jost, Vocals, Harmonics & Guitar | Kevin MacConnell, Bass Charlie Patierno, Drums

Track Listing 1. Walk This Way | 2. Daydream | 3. We Can Work It Out | 4. Can’t Find My Way Home 5. Bridge Over Troubled Water | 6. Sunshine Superman| 7. Kashmir | 8. Maybe I’m Amazed 9. In A Gadda Da Vida

“…one WOW after another. Oh! What a group! Time was upended, suspended, ingested and befriended.” - Monique Avakian,


Fe at ur i n g To ny M i ce l i

MEE TS TONY MICELI DT9023 - Released 2013

Dutch based Jazz quartet Thelonious4 plays compositions of Thelonious Monk in a truly unique way. The quartet features a international lineup with players originating from the Netherlands, Argentina and Germany. In 2012 Thelonious4 invited vibraphone player Tony Miceli from Philadelphia, USA to join the group for a tour and to record a new album. “Thelonious4 meets Tony Miceli� is the result of this collaboration.

Performers Iman Spaargaren, Sax & Clarinet | Guillermo Celano, Guitar | Andreas Metzler, Double bass Jurjen Bakker, Drums | Tony Miceli, vibes

Track Listing 1. Nutty| 2. Played Twice | 3. Skippy | 4. Four In One | 5. Oska T | 6. Introspection | 7. Misterioso 8. Bemsha Swing | 9. Reflections | 10. Humph | 11. Green Chimneys | 12. Criss Cross

“…bring you back to the fifties and sixties, with 12 pieces recorded in one take. It’s like the musicians are playing live in a smoky jazz club.” - Hans Invernizzi - Jazzflits

Her man N ijk amp Jacco van S anten Q uar tet

SHOUTIN’OUT DT9022 - Released 2012

The Herman Nijkamp-Jacco van Santen Quartet is one of the Netherlands up and coming Jazz formations. This quartet takes the listener back to the 50’s and 60’s. One of the most interesting aspects of this release is the choice not to add drums, giving this CD a unique character reminiscent of the west coast cool jazz. Although a studio recording the fact that all tracks were recorded in one take gives this CD a live feel with a great deal of musical freedom and spontaneity.

Performers Herman Nijkamp, Vocals, Trumpet | Jacco van Santen, Alto Sax | Pieter van Santen, Piano Serge Bredewold, Double Bass

Track Listing 1. Angel Eyes | 2. Webb City | 3. Nature Boy | 4. Emily | 5. Tangerine | 6. Funk in Deepfreeze 7. My Romance | 8. Shoutin’ Out | 9. Lush Life | 10. Shifting Down | 11. You and the Night and the Music | 12. My Shining Hour

“Gubbiotti doesn’t play like a guitarist that needs to make his way in the world. He plays like a guitarist that has already made it and is able to reflect on the world through his music.” - Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz

Simone Gubbiotti

PROMISE TO MY FRIEND DT9021 - Released 2014

“Promise to my Friend” is a collection eight original tracks composed by Gubbiotti together with arrangements of two standards, “Who can I turn to” and the Irving Berlin classic “Always”. The CD was recorded in Los Angeles and features Peter Erskine on drums and Darek Oles on bass. Gubbiotti is in great form, and the subtle accompaniment from Erskine and Oles compliment his playing beautifully.

Performers Simone Gubbiotti, Guitar | Peter Erskine, Drums | Darek Oles, Bass

Track Listing 1. Tracks in the Sand | 2. Hope | 3. Promise To My Friend | 4. Pedro’s Blues | 5. Anger and a Bit of Tears | 6. Human Condition | 7. Looking at a Liquid Sky | 8. Who Can I Turn To? | 9. Portrait of the Day | 10. Always

“Andrew Read has already proved himself in many genres to be a great bassist however this evening it was clear that he is also able to put together a great band…” - Koen Edeling, Dagblad Tubantia

Andrew R ead Tr io

THROUGH THE YEARS DT9020 - Released 2012

Double bassist Andrew Read formed his trio in 1996 together with pianist Hans Kwakkernaat and drummer Erik Poorterman. Since then, the trio has performed throughout Europe both in trio format and as rhythm section for touring US and European soloists and vocalists. “Through the years” is a compilation CD that present’s a selection of the trio’s most popular recordings released between 2000 & 2004. The CD features guest performances from renowned Dutch jazz vocalist, Lils Mackintosh and saxophonist Wouter Kiers.

Performers Andrew Read, Bass | Erik Poorterman, Drums | Hans Kwakkernaat, Piano

Track Listing 1. East of the sun | 2. A2B | 3. Lover come back to me | 4. Sway | 5. Doxy | 6. Lament | 7. Blame it on my youth | 8. Willow weep for me | 9. If I were a bell | 10. Round Midnight | 11. Gee baby ain’t I good to you | 12. Then there eyes | 13. Caravan

“I really like this CD and if asked if I it’s worth buying, the answer is simple, In a New York minute.” Johan van Deeg - Jazz In Europe

Andrew R ead Tr io


DT9019 - Released 2012

Inspired by the great piano trios throughout history jazz, the trio’s style is rooted firmly in the American jazz tradition, however, European and Latin influences are never too far away. The trio’s repertoire consists of original compositions augmented with material drawn from the standard jazz repertoire. “A2B” is the fourth release from this Dutch based piano trio and includes a set of mostly original material along with new arrangements of “How my heart sings”, a raging version of “Night and Day” and “Blame it on my youth”.

Performers Andrew Read, Bass | Erik Poorterman, Drums | Hans Kwakkernaat, Piano

Track Listing 1. Adsent friends | 2. If I were a bell | 3. How my heart sings | 4. A2B || 5.Caravan | 6. Ease my mind | 7. Winter of my dreams | 8. No love lost | 9. Blame it on my youth | 10. Night and day

“…one of the leading voices in the vanguard of a new generation of Yiddish singers.” - Ahauzer Zeitung

Lucette van den B erg

BENKSHAFT DT9018 - Released 2012

It might seem like the Latin American standards and Lucette van den Berg’s Yiddish music are worlds apart, but in fact they’re more like kindred spirits. What they share is a deep sense of feeling and the ability to tell a story through music. “Benkshaft” is the third album from Lucette van den Berg. Here her congenial understanding of Yiddish balladry is allowed to shine. The accompaniment is sparse, but effective and the combination of guitar, upright bass, subtle percussion and classic Klezmer- instruments like violin and accordion provide the perfect foil for Van den Berg’s musical tales.

Performers Lucette van den Berg, Vocals | Reinout Vrijhoef, Guitar | Madelien Verheij, Violin | Sanne Möricke, Accordeon | Andrew Read, Bass | Ines Klink, Percussion

Track Listing 1. A kleyn wiglid far a groyse libe | 2. Ikh nob a shvalb gezen | 3. A toyb mit a toyb | 4. Wolekh Di waynshlbeymer blien | 5. Akaties-Wals | 6. Di freylekhe Kretshme | 7. Der wint fun berg 8. Khrizantemen | 9. Harbstike balade | 10. Fli mayn foygl | 11. Benkshaft | 12. Woz iz geblibn oyf der welt | 13. Ownt | 14. Lucette

“For those of you who have yet to discover the magic of Paula Atherton there has never been a better time to start.� - Smooth Jazz Therapy

Paula Ather ton

ENJOY THE RIDE DT9016 - Released 2012

Saxophonist/Singer/Songwriter Paula Atherton is proving herself to be quite the connoisseur of groove with her third CD, “Enjoy the Ride”. With its nine songs all recently composed specifically for the release, it is an exhilarating and focused set conceived to rock listeners’ worlds! New York-based Atherton moves from hard-driving instrumentals like “Turn it Up” and the JBs-esque “Catch Me If You Can” to the wistful soulful vocals “I Won’t Give Up” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” – all in a CD that flies by in the blink of a playfully batted eyelash.

Performers Paula Atherton, vocals, alto and baritone sax, flute | Chris Anderson, trumpet | Cindy Bradley, trumpet trombone | Darin Brown, keyboards | Deanna Carroll, background vocals | Eddie Cordew, bass | Emedin Rivera, percussion | Eugene Perez, bass | La Rita Gaskins, background vocals | Lionel Cordew, drums | Lou Gimenez, guitar | Maverick Gaither, background vocals |Nick Colionne, guitar | Roy DeJesus, bass | Schuyler Deale, bass

Track Listing 1. Herbie | 2. Can’t Get You Out of My Mind | 3. Sassy Strut | 4. Let It Be | 5. Rice and Beans | 6. I Won’t Give Up | 7. Catch Me (If You Can) | 8. Try It Again | 9. Turn It Up | 10. Can’t Get You Out of My Mind (instrumental)

“He (Strauss) plays with refined sense of feeling and sensitivity somewhere between Bill Evans and Frédéric Chopin and yet there’s also the charm of the pop song present”. Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz

Ar ik Strauss

M O S T LY B A L L A D S DT9015 - Released 2012

In 2010 Arik was chosen by Israel’s Ministry of Culture and Sport for a six months artist in residence program at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. During his Paris stay, Arik began collaborating with French musicians in trio format. Returning to Israel, Arik set about writing material for his first Trio recording, “Mostly Ballads”. Legendary drummer Buddy Rich said “jazz should be treated the same as classical music – it’s to be listened to.” His words certainly apply to this sterling effort from the Arik Strauss Trio.

Performers Arik Strauss, Piano | Tal Ronen, Bass | Dudu Kochav, Drums Sigal Adler-Strauss, Vocals

Track Listing 1. Paris Bossa | 2. Before | 3. Rising Monuno l | 4. Rising Montuno ll | 5. Aller-Retour 6. Revenir | 7. Jardin d’Amour | 8. Modulation Waltz | 9. My Father’s Song | 10. Aquarelle

“….an extraordinarily beautiful, harmonious and melodic sounding album. Outstanding!” - Rolf Polak – All That’s Jazz


ZANDSCAPE DT9014 - Released 2012

Zandscape is the brainchild of Dutch bassist Mark Zandveld. Teamed with vibraphonist Gunnar Graafmans (Holland/Sweden), guitarist Daniel “Tato” de Moraes (Uruguay) and drummer Enrique Firpi (Uruguay), he has found a combination that produces a unique sound, not only because of the less common instrumentation, and but also because the fresh variety of tunes each has its own distinct character. The music is melodic and adventurous, reminiscent of 70’s ECM sound by Corea, Burton, Jarret, Metheny and Swallow, but with a contemporary dressing.

Performers Mark Zandveld,bass | Gunnar Graafmans, vibraphone | Daniel “Tato” de Moraes, guitar Enrique Firpi, drums

Track Listing 1. Barhopping | 2. Wait Till the End | 3. Bobtopus | 4. Strangeness | 5. What a Diff ’rence the Bass Makes | 6. Herbal Brew | 7. Night Song | 8. Padoodedap | 9. Slow Funk | 10. Friday Morning 11. Bouncing Bubbles | 12. Joy Felt

“I see a promising shining future for this young talented singer” - Quincy Jones

“Sparkling debut! Mendes makes clear she has absolutely nothing to prove” - John Kelman All About Jazz

M ar ia M endes

A LO N G T H E R OA D DT9013 - Released 2012

An undeniable talented jazz singer with incredible inventive and unique vocal abilities, Maria is known for her crystal clear voice, creative and exciting phrasing and vocal virtuosity. These qualities make her singing stand out, showing elegance, charm and vivid charisma. Her culturally rich background has supplied her with the Bossa Nova’s gentle grooves, the Portuguese Fado’s melancholic singing, the American jazz swing of the early 50s and the richness of classical music. These natural abilities have won her international acclaim with rave reviews, winning significant awards and achieving a loyal following in each country she performs.

Performers Maria Mendes, Vocals | Wim Dijkgraaf, Harmonica | Karel Boehlee, Piano Clemens van der Feen, Bass | Jasper van Hulten, Drums

Track Listing 1. Love Dance | 2. Obsession | 3. Saia Preta | 4. Come Rain or Come Shine | 5. Olha So no Meu Olhar (Always and Forever) | 6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow | 7. So Many Stars | 8. horinho Pra Ele | 9. Vareo | 10. Comecar de Novo

“An exceptional pianist, who is obviously determined to make it on the jazz scene.� - Tony Hall, Jazzwise Magazine

M att Baker

UNDERGROUND DT9012 - Released 2012

Australian pianist-composer and recent New York City émigré Matt Baker surrounds himself with stellar talent on his fourth recording as a leader. Here he’s assembled some of NYC’s finest for a program of striking originals and a few un-hackneyed standards. Baker is an exceptional pianist, who is obviously going to be on the jazz scene for a long time.

Performers Matt Baker, Piano and Fender Rhodes | Joe Sanders, Bass | Gregory Hutchinson, Drums and Percussion | Jeremy Pelt, Trumpet | Dayna Stephens, Tenor Sax

Track Listing 1. If I Were a Bell | 2. Underground | 3. Mood Indigo | 4. Refuge | 5. Central Park North 6. Island of Many Hills | 7. The Gypsy | 8. Away

“ ..a hodgepodge of different influences, melding nicely into one superb package performed by a firstrate group of players.� -All About Jazz May 2012

Greg Diamond

CONDUIT DT9011 - Released 2012

The Greg Diamond Band is a collective of emerging NYC artists that interprets Latininfused contemporary jazz. Diamond puts forth a diverse array of original music that is fresh, innovative, and widely appealing. ‘Conduit’ is a session of contemporary modern jazz, infused with Latin rhythms and elements of jazz-rock fusion, funk, bebop and a touch of the blues. The music is a hodgepodge of different influences, melding nicely into one superb package performed by a first-rate group of musicians.

Performers Greg Diamond, Guitar | Seamus Blake, Tenor Saxophone | Brian Hogans, Alto Saxophone Mike Eckroth, Piano | Edward Perez, Bass | Henry Cole, Drums | Mauricio Herrera, Congas

Track Listing 1. Yvette | 2. Enertia | 3. El Martillo | 4. El Pozo | 5. Turbulence | 6. La Poor Sweet | 7. Song for Jerry (Mi Viejo) | 8. Chance


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