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DTPSS DragonŽ Medical Practice Edition and government legislation: --HITECH Act: recent government legislation has led to the push of electronic health records (EHRs) for standardization of records and how they’re created and filed. The Act encourages medical practices to adopt technology to make EHR integration possible. Luckily, Dragon Medical Practice Edition makes integration even more simple than other software. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is medical dictation software, which empowers the user to do more with a computer and medical documentation. EHRs typically require 90 minutes of extra work for a practitioner, but medical dictation software gets rid of that extra work because the focus is now on speaking and not typing. With speech and voice commands, practitioners are able to do more within medical documents and EHRs, making the process more efficient. Dragon Medical Practice Edition makes standardization by the Act a quick and easy process. --Affordable Care Act: the Obama administration has pushed insurance companies to incorporate more people in hopes of reducing costs through insurance coverage. How does Dragon Medical Practice Edition play a part in this? Well, the software makes it possible to save time and money with medical documentation. Since practitioners will save time per document, they will be able to do more with their time and provide exceptional care. Also, with electronic documentation, medical practices can reduce transcription costs, which reduces overhead costs. A reduction in overhead costs over time will lead to more affordable care for patients. --HIPPA standards: protection of patient confidentiality is a crucial aspect of medical documentation and Dragon Medical Practice Edition protects all information used in EHRs and other documents. Using medical dictation software does not compromise HIPPA standards. Learn more about Dragon Medical Practice Edition and how it can enable you to comply with government legislation -

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