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Dita Pido A pisces. Graduated from design communication in 2018. A total dreamer, a trully Piscesian.

Glimpse of life 1996 Was born in this year 2014 Graduated high school from SMA Negeri 2 Tangerang Selatan 2018 Got my degree from Institut Teknologi Nasional in Communication Visual Design

Experience 2017 MicroAd Indonesia (Internship) Graphic Design corporate communication

2018 - 2019 PVRA Graphic Design

2018 - now SolarKita Graphic Design

Achievements 2013 Story telling Izada Senior High School

2013 Story telling Labschool Kebayoran Senior High School

2016 Top 5 in motion graphic for Indonesian Corruption Watch (KPK)

01 Branding Design 02 03 Content Social Media 03 04 Mobile Interface 04 05 Illustration

Branding Design

May, 2016 College task

Branding for X-Forest, travel agent for couple who wants to travel the forest and also experiencing new thing as extreme games.

Adventurous, Love, Earth. Tried to highlight the logo with combining the 2 axes and love to get the adventurous and the love. The tone color is using earth tone as green and brown, because the tour itself is taking in the forest.

February, 2016 College task

Re-branding Eliman Honey Cough and also did a re-design the packaging through their brand.

Health, Natural, Safe. Tried to highlight the natural ingredients of the cough syrup with putting them as the main things on the packaging to get the feel of the natural. And also I use white color to get the feel light and safe.

Content Social Media

019 2018 - 2

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August 2019 Instagram Content

Content Blishful for the 4 th Birthday. Instagram content.

Young & Cheerful. Using vector as the main asset sand also use bright colors to get the feel of young and cheerful.

2019 - Now SolarKita is a company that sells solar panel. Handling SolarKita’s Instagram content.

Environment & Friendly The brand itself is using green and yellow color, so I tried to put together the brand color through the content of their Instagram feed/ story. Using real photos to bring the realness to the environment and also vector to bring the friendly way.

TEDAPIS IPB: Tenda Darurat Pintar Bertenaga Panel Surya

Mobile Application

October 2019 - Now Application

SolarKita needs an application that helps the customer to check their solar panel.

Environment & Friendly.

July 2018 College Task

HiMom is a parenting application to educate all the new young mom 20-30 y/o about tantrum.

Easy & Fun Because dealing with tantrum itself is already tiring. This application is to help new young mom to understand about tantrum in fun and easy way.


May, 2016. College task Team: Dita, Aini, Ferry, Rahma

Re-design Monopoly for Illlustration class with a new theme.

Dark & Mysterious. With navy as the dominant color to get the feel of the darkness, also with gradient color, mixing the bright and navy to bring the mysterious feel.


Gerakan Nasional Penyelamatan Sumber Daya Alam

October 2016 Motion Graphic Competion Team: Dita & Ferry

Giving information to people about GNPSDA, KPK held a motion graphic competition. (For reel on link.)

Easy & Fun. To educate people with motion graphic about what is GNPSDA in a easy and fun way. Using vector as the assets, and also vibrant color to get the feel of easy and fun.

Giving information to people about GNPSDA, KPK held a motion graphic competition. (For reel on link.)

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