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well so, in turn, they can keep their businesses running well. And without running up a huge bill. Wallace says adding to the frustration of possibly losing his laptop for a week was the thought of a hefty repair bill: “Blake [Lertzman] not only had it back quickly, but it was a lot less money than I would have spent elsewhere.” According to Lertzman, he typically charges anywhere from 40- to 60-percent less than similar corporate outfits. And while performing computer tune-ups and removing viruses and spyware – as well as selling accessories like power cables, Iphone chargers and expanding laptop bags – provides the bulk of his business, there’s at least one thing that’s free at Dtown Tech: advice. With a wealth of knowledge about everything digital, Lertzman keeps a close eye on the latest trends and is happy to provide tips and guidance to his customers. He’ll be the first to tell you that a domain-based e-mail account might not be the best idea

if it’s through a provider like Verizon or Comcast, because if you drop that service, you lose your account as well. Lertzman recommends Gmail, not only because it is powerful, but also because it can synchronize your life by letting you access all your information from any computer, your phone or your favorite device. He’ll also tell you free anti-virus software is just as good as the more expensive alternatives. Always keeping cost in mind during a tough economic stretch, Lertzman’s dedication to the community is evident. “I am a local business, so I want to help support local business,” he says. “I’m hoping everyone in town sees that and thinks of me for their technology needs. We’re all in this together, and we have to support each other. That’s what it’s all about: forging friendships, gaining people’s confidence and growing as a community.” Go online at or call 267-463-6673. | 21

dtown magazine – issue 36  
dtown magazine – issue 36  

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