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No. 08.16.13  No. 2115 10.30.2008

Pinoys, 2nd most optimistic consumers in Q2 Filipinos are the world’s second most optimistic consumers in terms of confidence to spend and show growing focus on saving for the future, the latest Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions reported. The Philippines registered a three-point increase to 121, landing it on the second top spot next to Indonesia with an index of 124. The Philippines continued “to display economic resilience and on-going growth” and its second quarter performance was the highest for the country since 2010’s fourth quarter. T rade and Industry Information Center Makati City, Philippines Tel.: (632) 895.3611 Fax: (632) 895.6487

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“The high confidence levels continue to sweep across Southeast Asian consumers compared to the rest of the world,” Nielsen Philippines Managing Director Stuart Jamieson said.

“Similar to its neighbors in Southeast Asia, foreign investments are coming in and a growing number of consumers are entering the middle class in the Philippines, driving the positive outlook we are observing,” Jamieson said. Southeast Asian consumers are among the world’s biggest savers and Filipinos (70%) join an all-Asian top 10 list. Meanwhile, 19% of respondents said they used their spare cash to invest in shares and mutual funds while 31% spent it on new technology products compared to the global average of just 25%. “The decision of Filipino consumers on how they will spend their cash will remain to be strongly influenced by caution as financial security continues to be a high priority,” he said. Some 77% of Filipino respondents also said that job prospects over the next 12 months are good, making it the world’s most optimistic, followed by Indonesia (75%) and India (72%).

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"Pinoys, 2nd most optimistic consumers in Q2"