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Issue No. 22

Nov. 29, 2013

Eco-friendly Christmas


hristmas is always one of the most awaited holidays of the year. But, it also brings what seems like an environmentalist’s worst nightmare: tons of extra garbage, millions of chopped-down trees, and megawatts of flashing lights. Consumerism can also get a little out of hand during this time of the year. Energy use and waste per individual and household also increases; but, there are ways to save time, energy, and money. Here are some eco-friendly tips during the holidays:

• Decorate with candles. Christmas lights are nice, but so are candles. Set up luminaries along your walkway and lit candles throughout your home to achieve a beautiful holiday glow without adding to the electric bill. • Use fiber optic decorations. Fiber optic trees and decorations are the ultimate in energy efficiency. In most cases, they use a single light bulb located in the unit’s base to light the entire decoration, an energy- and budget-smart idea. • Limit the time lights are on. Wait until dark to turn on Christmas lights; then, turn them off before going to bed. Six hours or less of daily use is a good goal to aim for. Set a timer if you have trouble remembering to turn your lights on and off. • Turn off room lights when the tree is lit. Christmas tree lights should provide more than enough lighting to navigate around the room. Besides, the ambiance would be better when room lights are turned off and Christmas lights are lit. • Unplug phantom energy users before you go on vacation. Televisions, radios, digital video disc (DVD) players, computers, printers, and many other electronics use energy even when they are not turned on. Unplug these items before going on vacation and enjoy the energy savings.

• Talk a walk to see the Christmas lights. Leave the car in the driveway this year when you go out to look at Christmas lights. A walking tour of your neighborhood will be just as fun, and would not use any gas. • Buy gifts that do not use electricity or batteries. Most batteries are purchased during the holiday season. That’s a lot of money spent on batteries and a lot of energy used. Make a pledge to buy energy-free gifts and skip the expense entirely. • Invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger. If you buy or receive gifts that require batteries, consider buying rechargeable batteries and a charger. Recent advancements have made rechargeable batteries better than ever. Source: Save_Energy_During_Holidays.htm

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