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Issue No. 12

June 10, 2013

Green office party tips


ilipinos are fond of celebrations and feasts. Offices throw one of the biggest bashes whenever it’s a holiday or an employee’s birthday. It gives the staff more opportunity to mingle and get to know their colleagues better. Yet, whenever there’s merrymaking, people tend to forget the environment. In the next office parties, we can give a more positive impact on Mother Earth by investing on more eco-friendly party stuff. Here are some things you’d like to consider on throwing an office party, which can contribute to saving not only on your pocket but also on energy: •

e-invites. Being creative attracts more partygoers but it will cost you more time and effort. It will also need different materials to make good invitations which often end up in the trash. Try to look for websites where you can create artistic and attractive email invites for free. Invited guests/ co-workers can also send regrets through email. You can save a large amount of paper when you initiate the e-invite.

Eco-friendly and reusable decorations. Avoid buying disposable decorations every other party. Lanterns, balloons, and other stuff will only be put into garbage when the party is over. Look for reusable streamers and banners or any party finds so that you can save time and cash for the next party.

Recyclable and biodegradable table wares. Dump the disposable plates, cups, and utensils and buy second hand party stuff on thrift stores. Another option is you can ask your officemates to donate some of their old but still usable table wares at home. Food and drinks. Parties nowadays focus on what’s more fast and practical. Fast foods and take-outs are the usual preparations in the party table.

Step back a little and work the old way. You or your co-employees can cook the food for the celebration. Try to find some organic ingredients that you can include in the menu. There are also available organic beers and wines in groceries and liquor stores. You can have a happy belly and will not feel guilty afterwards. •

Cleanup. Provide a nearby recycle bin so that the guests won’t just put their trash anywhere. Bring washable rags or recycled paper towels that you can use when you clean up after the party.

By Kit Andaya

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Enercon Tips 12  

A bi-monthly publication on energy conservation tips. "Green office tips."

Enercon Tips 12  

A bi-monthly publication on energy conservation tips. "Green office tips."