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Issue No. 11

June 03, 2013

Back-to-school energy tips


re you thinking about the start of school year? For students, are you ready for another round of discussions, assignments, and problem solving? For parents, are you ready for another year of school expenses and other miscellaneous fees to come? Well, you can do some money-saving chores and save on energy and protect Mother Earth at the same time! Here are some practical pieces of advice to consider: •

Use reusable over disposable. Say goodbye to disposable utensils. They are simply addition to tons of garbage being thrown every day. For example, choose fabric napkins over paper tissues. Bring lunchboxes and stainless utensil than styrofoam and disposable containers. It is also good to bring water flask or water jug to prevent the use of throwables.

Walk, bike or use public transport. Always prepare the exact transportation fare and enjoy student or senior discount. If possible, make it a habit to walk or bike as means of transportation. Avoid riding on a cab unless needed.

Make it green and healthy. Teach your kids to eat organic and healthy foods rather than those that have been manufactured, which usually contain artificial nutrients and preservatives.

Do the dishes all at the same time. This will lessen water and soap consumption. Also, avoid water from running while washing the dishes; use two sets of washbasin instead.

Buy quality products. It might cost a little expensive but it can last longer. There are products sold in extremely cheap prices, but, quality wise, it fails to satisfy consumers. For example, buying a substandard bag over and over again, when computed, would cost more expensive than buying high-quality bag.

Moderate electric consumption. Minimize electric consumption during prime hours. Have a proper schedule when your kids can watch television or play computer games. Inculcate discipline in them by strictly imposing the house rules.

Use natural light during study time. Maximize sunlight; encourage your kids to study in the garden or in any open and comfortable area. Try to use light-emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs rather than the regular or incandescent light bulbs. On the other hand, use extra or used papers as scratch for mathematical computation and notepad to lessen paper garbage. Hand wash your clothes. Do the laundry early in the morning and let it dry under the heat of the sun to avoid using the dryer.

by: Emman Caleon

Published by the Trade and Industry Information Center (TIIC) for the DTI ENERCON Management Team in support of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program. If you have Enercon tips to share, other suggestions or requested topics, please e-mail us at

Enercon Tips 11  

A bi-monthly publication on energy conservation tips. "Back to School."

Enercon Tips 11  

A bi-monthly publication on energy conservation tips. "Back to School."