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Issue No. 10

May 24, 2013

Recycle your unwanted CDs and DVDs


ompact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs) are made from various lacquers and aluminium and sometimes gold; but by far most of their weight is the polycarbonate plastic – yet another plastic made from crude oil. Discarding these items sometimes creates a problem to the environment. Landfill is not a good option as these things will be around for hundreds of years to come. They do not break down readily and over time can release Bisphenol A, which has been in the news in recent times due to health implications. On the other hand, burning CD and DVD media releases toxic fumes. Instead of throwing them away or burning them, one can recycle them into reusable materials. Recycling them helps to conserve energy and resources. Below are some tips: •

Use CD/DVD fragments for mosaics.

Make a CD/DVD lamp, letter holder, or decorative wall hanging.

Drink coasters. You will never need to buy another coaster again.

Use as reflectors outside your house, along tracks and sidewalks.

Take old music and video CD/DVDs to a charity so they can resell them.

Birds attacking your flower garden? Thread a few on a string and hang them up – the flashing from the sun’s reflection makes them a great bird scarier.

If you’re handy with a crotchet hook, crotchet two circles the same size as the CD, place the CD in between and then stitch it up to make a pot or kettle pad.

Want a jazzed-up jewelry? You can create flashy and fab jewelry from your old CDs and DVDs. Flex your creativity and you’ll surely ditch your faux gems.

CDs and DVDs, when recycled properly, will stop unnecessary pollution, conserve natural resources, and help slow global warming Safety advice: If you need to destroy a CD or DVD, wear gloves and break it inside a container with either your head turned away or you wearing eye protection.


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Enercon Tips 10  
Enercon Tips 10  

A bi-monthly publication on energy conservation tips. "Recycle your unwanted DVDs"