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Issue No. 07

March 26, 2014

Things to do during Earth Hour


arth Hour is a worldwide campaign that raises environmental awareness. It makes people do small things for the environment. When these small acts are done by thousands or millions of people together, it can have a huge impact on the world. People will realize how much energy will be conserved just by turning the lights off for an hour. This year, think of fun-filled activities that can lessen energy-use while the lights are turned off. Here are some activities that you can do at home or even in your neighborhood: •

Camp out. Time to use those camping gears. You can camp with family, friends, and even with your neighbors. Bring out the kids in you. Set up that tent and catch up with your friends. Tell old and new stories.

Eat outside or have a candlelit dinner. Have a candlelit dinner fest inside the house or during your camping activity. Celebrate the hour with loved ones with tasty dishes over candle lights.

Go star-gazing. Get closer to nature while doing something for your well-being. Even if you don’t have a telescope, just ready a blanket, and hotdrinks. It will still be a perfect star-gazing hour.

Have an unplugged jam session. It is time to bring out your acoustic guitar and invite friends over. Unplug while you enjoy some in-house music.

Play traditional Filipino games outside. As you turn off the lights, drop those gadgets, unplug the television or anything that will consume more energy. Go outside and play patintero, moromoro or hide and seek. Reconnect with your favorite childhood games.

Enjoy board games by candlelight. Aside from the games outside, you can also enjoy board games with your friends. Have some fun seeing how easily you can swap your scrabble counters in the dark.

Workout, exercise. You can use the hour to pursue a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

Check your local Earth Hour site. Search for more suggestions of things you can do when the lights are turned off. You can also check there about tips on how you can conserve more energy.

Source: earth_hour/10_things_to_do/

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