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Winterproof Homes with Metal Roofing When winter comes, there is an ever-present danger that the roof may collapse. Packed snow puts a considerable amount of pressure on the roof and unfortunately, most homes’ roofs aren’t exactly capable of bearing such excessive weight. The danger doesn’t stop when the snow melts, as water may eventually find its way through the cracks and holes in the roof. These dangers are just some of the reasons many homeowners are turning to metal roofing as a solution to handle snow and frost during winter. Compared to traditional roofing materials, these are better equipped to handle the fury of winter.

Sheet Metal Roofing Unlike tiles, slates, or shingle roofing, metal roofing has better physical resistance and durability. Their sleek surface also sheds snow easier, while simultaneously sealing out water and bearing strong winds better. The design of sheet metal roofing in particular takes snow and water into account, allowing them to slip off the sides instead of accumulating on top. Another unappreciated benefit of metal roofing is that they are surprisingly lightweight, ranging from 50 to 150 pounds per square. Tile and concrete, on the other hand, usually range between 750 pounds to a staggering 900 pounds per square respectively. Metal roofing’s lightweight trait helps get rid of unnecessary strain on the foundations and walls holding up the roof, which are often exacerbated during heavy snow.

Versatility as a Material Metal roofing is surprisingly easy to maintain, and most sheets often have additional protective finishes to resist wearing, tearing, and even rusting better. Since they are relatively lightweight, they are also very easy to install. Many homeowners even apply metal roofing on top of their existing roofs, which is a testament to its versatility.

Perhaps the biggest draw to using metal roofing is that they are virtually immune to rotting and insect damage. Metal roofs usually have a 20 to 30 warranty, but when properly installed and cared for regularly, it can potentially last a considerably longer time. Metal roofs are the ideal roofing option not only for those who live in a snowy area, but also for homeowners who are looking for a stronger, more durable roof that needs little to no maintenance.


Winterproof Homes with Metal Roofing  

During winter, there's the ever-present danger of roofs collapsing due to snow and slate. Metal roofing is now seen as the way to combat sno...

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