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H Here are a ffew pictures i to illustrate ill another h splendid l did year.


Doreen goes from frontline to the office

Doreen Falls – Gets A Concussion! Yippee – no more 4 am starts!

Lionel Fishing The Queen Charlottes For Steelhead. Doreen Shopping with Robin in Vegas! Volunteering at the CPPS Mission Water Project for Tanzania

We Discover Yoga and d Love L It!!! We buy a new car and drive to the Kootenays for the Easter Weekend

A weekend k d in i Grande G d Prairie P i i tto celebrate l b t Mathew’s 18th Birthday

A weekend in Toronto

Mathew Graduates High School in Grande Prairie Lionel starts a new job with Tartan Engineering i i as a Senior i Project Coordinator

Lionel is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Airdrie Blood Donor Clinic. This is the 2008 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

Lucy becomes a Grandma - Again

Welcome Gardening And Landscaping Season!

Brandi, Doreen, Brandi Doreen and Michael jump into a glacier fed lake in celebration of Michael’s Birthday. Yes it was cold!!!

Lionel in the Canada Day Parade with the Knights of Columbus

Lionel Gets A New Boat!!

Las Vegas for a few days at 46*! A visit to Anita and Frank’s k’ in i Orland, l d CA Enjoying the new boat We become Godparents!

Two Weeks T W k in i Germany G (east and south)


Wittenberg – home of Martin Luther Berlin Wall

Jillian and Johanna come for a visit Doreen’s 5th Year as Breast Cancer Walk Team Captain Don ‘s 50th Birthday Party in St. Paul

Li Lionel l goes hunting h ti all ll b butt one weekend k d Doreen goes to visit Sam in Nanaimo Off to the Jasper Park Lodge with Debby and Tony Murphy Flowers from our garden Piece of the quilt made by Auntie Anita for us

Tanzania Tanzania,

Lionel continues to work on the basement Lionel is Grand Knight for the Airdrie Knights of Columbus Council for the next two years. Lionel goes hunting in -20*C for 4 days Doreen becomes the secretary for the Catholic Women’ss League in Airdrie Women Christmas with friends in Airdrie this year Next year – continue to enjoy the company of our family and friends, the basement, landscaping, gardening, yoga, volunteering, California, Hawaii , work on the to do list - those are the plans so far!

If you begin your day with love in your heart, the peace of Jesus in your soul, and truth in your mind, you not only benefit by their presence but also bring them to all those whose destiny draws across your path that day! Merry Christmas to you and Happy 2009! Love Doreen and Lionel

2008 in review  

pics of our year

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