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Rowing the Arctic…….. with a Flavell waterproof notebook

Through their website, Flavell were contacted by BBC Scotland to supply explorer and cameraman Mark Beaumont with waterproof notebooks for his latest expedition - rowing the Arctic. A team of six led by Scottish explorer Jock Wishart, were planning to row to the Pole, an expedition rowing across the Canadian Arctic, from Resolute Bay to the Magnetic North Pole on Ellef Ringnes Island. The expedition equipment would have to survive the rigours of some of the harshest conditions on earth during the 4-6 week journey, including sub-zero temperatures and shifting sea-ice barriers. However, on 26th August this year, the team, and the notebooks, succeeded in their challenge and made dry land.

Tough Notes

The waterproof notebooks have given Flavell’s a new addition to their already very large range of gift stationery, complementing the diverse B2B commercial print they have been successfully supplying local, national and international clients with for over three decades. “Rowing the Arctic” should be aired by BBC Scotland in the near future.

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Issue 3 • December 2011

Flavell’s could instantly see the huge range of uses it could be put to in notebooks for architects, surveyors, divers, sailors, golfers, marine surveyors and insurers, in fact anyone who worked outside in the wet and needed to keep meticulous notes. What they couldn’t have foreseen was that the notebooks would end up travelling all the way to the Magnetic North Pole!

Wa t e r p r Gordon Flavell, oof owner of Flavell Print commented “It’s always really interesting to see what novel uses our stationery is put to. If our waterproof notebooks can survive in the when you nee Arctic, then read or w d to rite outsid e you can rest assured they www.flave can handle all the Scottish seasons can throw at them!”

The Falkirk forBusiness Magazine

Despite 36 years of commercial printing and wholesaling their own range of Scottish Stationery gifts, Flavell are constantly on the lookout for new and fresh ideas. Having visited the biggest European Trade Print show in Dusseldorf they came across a very unusual waterproof degradable paper that can be written on in the rain or even underwater… and it doesn’t turn to papier mache.


FforB InCommerce Issue 3 ISSUU  

The Falkirk for Business Magazine Issue 3 December 2011

FforB InCommerce Issue 3 ISSUU  

The Falkirk for Business Magazine Issue 3 December 2011